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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Video: Hillary delete it

With a hat tip to FJ, who made me aware of these videos:

Can Hillary successfully stonewall, and lie her way out of what she's done? She's doing her best to make the unthinkable happen: another Clinton occupying the Oval Office.

Parody version:

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Defiant Merkel Says Refugees Not Taking Away Benefits From Germans because "Germany Has Discovered a Well of Inexhaustible Funding For Their Government"

Refugees = Young Men Who Might Be 
So Horny As To Fuck Merkel

Ok, I admit it: THE QUOTE IS NOT REAL.

But she is essentially asking Germans to pretend to be so stupid as to believe that.

From Reuters:
BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose conservative party faces possible defeat in an election in her home state on Sunday, rejected charges by anti-immigrant critics that her government was spending less on Germans due to a large influx of refugees. 
In an interview published in Saturday's edition of Bild newspaper, Merkel also strongly defended her decision, one year ago this weekend, to open the door to hundreds of thousands of refugees mostly fleeing conflicts in the Middle East. 
"We did not reduce benefits for anyone in Germany as a result of the aid for refugees. In fact, we actually saw social improvements in some areas," Merkel said. 
"We took nothing away from people here. We are still achieving our big goal of maintaining and improving the quality of life in Germany," she said, a day before a critical vote in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
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21 Days in August: World War M - PART 3

A few years ago, I wrote a series of posts on how World War IV - or what some call World War M - could begin through the eyes of a blogger. 

Here is PART 3. PART 4 and conclusion is tomorrow.

I started thinking about how the coming world war would play out if we took random opinions and news items and stitched them together portraying, over a 21 day period, one scenario of how World War M will enfold. Granted there are others, but this one, as an escalation process, I believe is most likely grounded in what pundits are saying the coming war would look like. It's interesting that I had to make so few changes from that time.

I'll run the first 2 parts of 4 today and part 3 and 4 tomorrow. It starts a few years out, but the scenario could begin to unfold tomorrow.

Day Eleven: 7:30 AM PST
It didn’t take long. The day after NATO troops were withdrawn from the mid-East, Hezbollah launched long range rockets from Lebanon deep into Israel. Debka reports that Iranian rocket crews are manning the Zelzal-2 missiles on their mobile launchers and were deployed along the Syrian side of the Syrian-Lebanese border. When the order was given the rocket crews crossed the Lebanese/Syrian border and launched on cities just north of Tel Aviv. Israel warned that it will strike at the missile launches inside Syria to halt the attacks. Debka writes that this plays into Syria and Iran’s hands. If Israel attacks Syria, Iran said they will “Wipe the Zionist pigs from the face of the earth”. The President of the US pledges that if Israel is attacked by Iran, “We will support our ally” and warns Iran in the strongest terms not to enter the war with Israel.

Day Twelve: 9:10 AM PST

Iran raises the ante today. Iran Watch reported the Iranian government’s response to the US warning. "The White House's 80 years of exclusive rule are likely to become 80 seconds of hell that will burn to ashes. Those who resist Iran will be struck from directions they never expected. Iran will cause the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization. There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S.and in the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them."

Maverick News Media reports this quote from an Iranian Revolutionary Guard officer, “Iran's missiles are now ready to strike at Western targets, and as soon as the instructions arrive, we will launch our missiles at their cities and installations." The warning was written off by the President saying there are no reports of Iran having ballistic missiles that can reach the US. The public is not assured. It could all be bluster but I told my wife to go down to Costco and stock up on canned goods and other household supplies, including bottled water. I told her it was just a precaution but I knew things were about to get dicey.

Just heard that Homeland Security raised the terrorist threat level to ‘Extreme’. The cable news channels all report that HomeSec has intelligence of an imminent terrorist attack. They ask citizens to be aware of suspicious activity by individuals and report it immediately to their local police or FBI. The Counter Terrorism blog reports of Hezbollah cells ordered to activate by Iran. I call my wife and tell her to double the amount of toilet paper.

Day Thirteen: 6:10 PM PST

It happened. What Israel experiences every other day has arrived in America. Five suicide bombers entered the Mall of America and 4 other popular large malls in Chicago, New York, WashingtonDC, Los Angeles and San Antonio and detonated themselves. Hundreds of back to school shoppers are killed or maimed. The TV channels show what they can but the scenes at the malls are a gruesome bloody mess. YouTube posts some nasty scenes and they are passed around the Net infuriating the public. Then, within the next hour, the New York subway, DART in Denver, BART in the Bay Area, and MART in Atlanta are also hit. This time with backpack bombs timed to go off simultaneously. The TV and radio stations run continuous news on the tragic events even canceling all prime time shows on the network channels. Some clueless viewers complain to their local stations for preempting ‘American Idol’. You wonder where some people’s heads are at.

Day Fourteen: 7:10 AM PST

Woke up to video news footage of several burned out mosques in the European cities that were attacked. The cable news channels are running ‘Man in the Street’ interviews with Muslims – when they can find them. Jihadist web sites chant that this is only the beginning of Jihad in America. CAIR puts out a general release charging the government with collusion in the persecution of Muslim-Americans and demands action. The President responds saying the charges are absurd and have no basis accusing CAIR and other Muslim organizations for inciting hatred. The President says the government will protect Muslims in this country.

Day Fifteen: 12:00 PM PST

I’m afraid the Presidents words now ring hollow. A small EMP device has detonated outside of the Pentagon. Where the hell did that come from? How did terrorists get their hands on that? Reports are sketchy but the EMP device was large enough to knock out most communication at the Pentagon with military commands overseas not to mention several hundred people whose brains were fried when the weapon went off. HotAir reports that the EMP weapon was smuggled in through an unnamed New Jersey seaport.

This just in. More suicide bombers have detonated their bombs in local restaurants during lunch time in several medium size cities including Des Moines, Kansas City, Billings, Trenton, and Portland. And this chilling report from MSNBC. In a raid on a terrorist safe house in the Washington DC area, the FBI located a dirty bomb ready to be used.

Final Part tomorrow.


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Man Prays, Calls Fellow Passengers, "Unbelievers", and Wears Backback Throughout Duration of Flight - Media Leaves His Behavior Out of The Story

From The Rebel:
According to several eyewitness accounts, the man wore a backpack for the duration of the flight, spent three hours praying, called people on the plane unbelievers and asked them to kill him as he wandered back and forth in the aisle. 
The man was eventually restrained by passengers and held at the back of the plane after the frightened flight crew asked for help controlling him before the plane landed in Edmonton. 
The media is reporting the motive for the man’s behaviour is unclear. Really?
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Canada: Justin Trudeau’s short term strategy of appealing to both muslims and people muslims hate, seems to be proceeding predictably

Things inside the liberal tent began to overheat by late June and early July as Gay Pride Parades throughout Canada began to send out dignitary invitations.  The hard-line muslims inside caucus apparently make no secret about their disapproval of LGBT lives.  In numerous muslim dominated states in the Levant gays are regularly and summarily executed upon detection.  To the muslim caucus members, seeing Trudeau take such an enthusiastic and active role in numerous “Pride” parades was taken as an affront and betrayal.
Trudeau was merely utilizing the formula used to gain office.  Identify with a minority group, become their “champion” and you can count on their votes.  In essence, the liberals had used divisiveness as an electoral tool. Voters were asked to vote for him, not the result of any specific policy or platform but in hopes of holding control of the party or (at least) influence after the election.

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Hillary Testified That, DUE TO CONCUSSION, She Could Not Remember Having Had Any Security Briefings, or Instructions on Preserving Records, Claimed She Didn't Know Files Marked "C" Meant Classified

This woman was in charge of the State Department.

Now she wants to be President of the United States of America.

From Reuters:
Hillary Clinton told the FBI she did not recall all the briefings she received on handling sensitive information as she made the transition from her post as U.S. secretary of state, due to a concussion suffered in 2012, according to a report released Friday. 
The Federal Bureau of Investigation released a summary of the July 2 interview it conducted with the Democratic presidential candidate, as well as other details of its investigation into her use of a private email server while heading the State Department. 
Clinton, who is challenging Republican Donald Trump for the White House in the Nov. 8 election, has been dogged by the fallout from her private email account for more than a year. 
Republicans have repeatedly attacked Clinton over the issue, helping drive opinion polls that show many U.S. voters doubt her trustworthiness. 
Clinton has said that in hindsight she regretted using a private email system while secretary of state. 
Said the report, “Clinton said she received no instructions or direction regarding the preservation or production of records from (the) State (Department) during the transition out of her role as Secretary of State in 2013. 
“However, in December of 2012, Clinton suffered a concussion and then around the New Year had a blood clot (in her head). Based on her doctor’s advice, she could only work at State for a few hours a day and could not recall every briefing she received,” the report said. 
According to the report, Clinton told the FBI that she did not set up a private email server to sidestep the law requiring her to keep her business communications a matter of public record.

Report: Clinton Told FBI She Didn’t Understand Classified Intel – Thought “C” Marking Was For Alphabetical Order…







After NYT First Reported On Clinton Private Email AND House Subpoenas Issued, A Big Wipe Of Her Emails Occurred


Total Number Of Emails Hillary Failed To Turn Over To The FBI: 17,448


Ace of Spades comments:
For the sake of the nation, to preserve the Rule of Law, the corrupt crony-protecting cover-up apparatchik James Comey must be impeached. Even if he cannot be removed from office, his reputation should be blackened forever with an impeachment from the House. 
First: James Comey knows full well that the "I didn't know breaking the law was illegal" defense is most often bullshit, and even where it is not bullshit, ignorance of the law is no defense. 
He has prosecuted CEO's, I'm sure, for failing to make legally-required disclosures, and I'm sure those CEO's offered up the Clinton Special defense: "We didn't knowingly know what we doingly did." 
He has, I'm sure, made judgment calls about how plausible such self-interested self-exculpatory excuses were. 
If a CEO, who is sophisticated as to both finance and the laws regarding finance, claims he does not know something elemental -- something a total naif and outsider to the field would know -- I'm sure James Comey has deemed such a claim implausible and not declined to prosecute based soley on such a self-created Defense of Implausible Ignorance. 
Does James Comey believe it's plausible that the CEO of the State Department did not know that "NOFORN" meant "NO FOReigN exposure"? Or that "(C)" means classified? 
And she's claiming she can't remember the details of her security briefings, which covered all this, because of a convenient patch of brain damage which arrives to grant her an alibi but then departs in time to permit her to be Commander in Chief? 
That is not plausible. That is a clear lie. 
And yet James Comey falsely testified to Congress that there was "no indication" that Clinton had lied in her interviews. 
Second: The safekeeping of foreign intelligence is so critical to this nation's security that the law itself specifically removes the "I didn't know the most basic things about the law" defense. That's the whole point of the charge only requiring a showing of negligence in handling secret information -- not intent. 
The law forbids such a defense -- by not requiring the government to prove intent -- because it is so easy to claim "Oh I didn't know," and concommitantly so hard for the government to prove the contrary 
If someone is testifying, essentially, that they are an ignorant careless individual who is shit at reading the basic employee handbook for his job, how do you disprove that? 
Congress therefore specifically made the charge provable without proof of intent -- it only requires mere negligence. 
But James Comey, to finagel a Get Out of Jail Free card for Mrs. Clinton, read such a demand into the law anyway, on his own alleged authority. 
And furthermore, this most be read alongside the first point made above: He not only claimed the law required intent, but then he gave credence to Hillary Clinton's utterly implausible "I didn't know I couldn't just fling SAP intelligence around like I'm sending Cat Gifs through my email" as sufficient evidence to prove her lack of intent. 
James Comey must be impeached.
America will not survive Congress' failure to punish such an obviously corrupt individual for failing in his most basic and most important function -- patrolling govermnent officials for corruption and safeguarding America's secrets. 
The FBI is, after all, the nation's counter-intelligence service, the service charged (more than any other) with protecting American secrets from foreign pilferage. 
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UPDATED - George Soros: ‘Donald Trump Will Win Popular Vote’ in Landslide – But Clinton’s Selection as President a ‘Done Deal’

From Gateway Pundit:
Soros told Bloomberg that Western Civilization is doomed and that Donald Trump will win the popular vote in the general election in a landslide. 
He added that Hillary Clinton’s win is already a “done deal”. 
I think it is going to lead to a landslide for Donald Trump in the popular… The popular vote will be a landslide. 
He then agrees with the reporter that Hillary Clinton will be elected.
Note also his "joke" about how the Electoral vote will go to Hillary because of "Paid Political Announcements", and "because we are a small minority of extremists."


What does that mean?


InfoWars suggests this video clip was altered from a January World Economic forum event.

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Friday, September 02, 2016

Prinsengrachtconcert 2013
Tchaikovsky- Overture 1812

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21 Days in August: World War M

A few years ago, I wrote a series of posts on how World War IV - or what some call World War M - could begin through the eyes of a blogger. I started thinking about how the coming world war would play out if we took random opinions and news items and stitched them together portraying, over a 21 day period, one scenario of how World War M will enfold. Granted there are others, but this one, as an escalation process, I believe is most likely grounded in what pundits are saying the coming war would look like. It's interesting that I had to make so few changes from that time.

I'll run the first 2 parts of 4 today and part 3 and 4 tomorrow. It starts a few years out, but the scenario could begin to unfold tomorrow.

Day One: 4:05 PM PST
This time it’s real. I’m sure of it. And although today’s news coming out of Germany might not be seen as the spark that ignites WWIII, most wars start when people are not ready for it. There’s been other ‘conflicts’ that could have sparked a world war like the war between Israel and Hezbollah inLebanon a few years back. A cease fire was called when Europe and the US eventually agreed to send in NATO forces as armed peacekeepers in a 20 mile no-mans land in southern Lebanon. But all that just shaped the battlefield, so to speak. Lebanon’s conflict between Israel and Hezbollah made Hezbollah stronger and more popular than ever and resulted with Hezbollah gaining majority power in the election. This and the newly formed Islamic governments in Iraq and Afghanistan helped Iran reach its dream of a Shiite Islamic empire stretching from Pakistan to the Mediterranean. The fall of Syria into the hands of the Shiites and the installation of the new Caliphate completed their goal.

Besides, the war between Israel and Lebanon would not be enough to bring Europe into the conflict which would be necessary for a world war – even though it was reported that NATO forces did have several ‘incidents’ with Hezbollah. Yes, one pundit said that a world war could not begin untilFrance surrendered but in my opinion, Europe’s entry into a world war would come when, and only when, the oil supply to them is cut off.

But that was then, this is now. This latest crises feels different so I’ve decided to start this blog as a diary of events as they happen.

It’s funny that the last two World Wars came out ofGermany. And now, it’s happening again. A rape and murder of two German teenagers by, what the European press called ‘North Africans’, brought retaliation by a gang of German youths who firebombed the Multi-Kultur-Haus association center in the southern town of Neu-Ulm in Bavaria and abducted and hung three Muslim males found there. The Multi-Kultur-Haus association was long known for promoting extremist ideas and armed "holy war” so the connection was pretty much understood. The press wrote it off as just another hate crime that has plagued European cities over the last year or so. The rape epidemics by Muslim immigrants that started in Sweden and spread throughout Europe, though not attended by murder, have been reported before.

But what the press did not report was a parchment nailed to the Multi-Kultur-Haus association center’s front door. The attack was claimed by Nationale Liste, a once banned now reconstituted neo-Nazi group, whose agenda was to ridGermany of the Muslim immigrant scourge. "Deutschland für Deutscher - Ausländer Raus!" - Germany for Germans - Foreigners out – was written in bold letters on the parchment and threatened to attack more immigrant hostels throughout the country as they did in the previous few months.

Though not revealed publicly, but posted on the Danish blog On the Wing, German and EU officials feared that this retaliation and the future threats against immigrants were not like those of the past. Here was a group that freely admitted this attack and those over the last few months. On the Wing reported that this was not a knee-jerk reaction of some isolated crazed individuals as the main stream press was reporting. They were organized.

Day Two: 8.40 AM PST

Just what I feared. The Nationale Liste is just one group of a larger anti-immigrant organization in Europe. This was reported in the Blog Islam in Europe. Most of these groups regularly work together, and their leaders frequently hold cross-memberships in several organizations at once. Some of the groups have clear ties to openly racist organizations, and even some espouse thinly disguised bigotry. There was some chatter in the bloggosphere about a combined organization called Euro Liste reported first bythe Center for Vigilant Freedom. They were proved right.

Euro Liste hacked into the home pages of the BBC, LeMonde, De Telegraaf , Jyllands-Posten, Der Spiege, Göteborgs-Posten, andBrussels Journal and posted their manifesto demanding the removal of all Muslim immigrants from the EU and the cessation of dhimmitude in Europe. They accused the EU leadership and European countries of unfettered immigration and ‘funding our own colonization’. “Do something about it – or we will” was there final demand. To punctuate their demands and in a coordinated effort, hostels in Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden andHolland were attacked last night. All of the attacks were claimed to be the actions of the Euro Liste.

The Euro Liste was now very public. But the EU leadership tried to calm the Muslim population with platitudes and promises to protect them from the “anti-democratic racist reactionaries” who seek to destroy the peaceful coexistence of multiculturalist Europe. It was the usual PC position of addressing the results and not the causes of the tensions.

Day Three: 3.40 PM PST

It was the hack that did it. Massive demonstrations in Europe by every conceivable Muslim organization gridlocked the cities of Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, London,Amsterdam, and Madrid. The protesters carried signs callingEurope racist. The extremist fringe was out too, carrying signs and shouting that Europe will fall and soon become an Islamic state. To make matters worse, anti-protesters egged on, then attacked, the Muslim demonstrators. Riots ensued in cities outside of the capitals of the affected European cities and as of this post, the rioting has not been contained. Pundits from the different European media claim the riots are 100 times worse than the French Riots of 2006. Others claimed that the riots in the different cities were not centrally organized but “sympathy riots’.

Not so for the anti-protesters. The 910 Group claims the anti-protesters are members of the Euro Liste who are intentionally creating these confrontations to support their position that Muslim immigrates are an inherent danger toEurope and must be thrown out.

Day Four: 10.40 AM PST

Rioting continues in Europe. And it’s getting nasty. The fearful public is demanding harsh government action. Some governments act but others are paralyzed and are incapable of taking action causing citizens to defend themselves. The BBC reports that mosques are being burned in some cities in Europe. Many men with a turban and a beard or a woman in a veil have been attacked in broad daylight. The Infidel Bloggers Alliance is doing a good job of compiling reports from around Europe on the rioting. It seems the main stream media is playing down the worst aspects of the riots and still will not call the rioters Muslims even as they shout “Alah Akabar” as they run through, what has come to look like, war torn streets.

European blogger, Fjordman, was interviewed by Atlas Shrugs and said that this was the opening salvos of civil war in Europe. And it was going to get worse. In the interview he said, “I predicted a several years ago that immigration will trigger wars in Europe. This continent has simply lost control over its own borders, and the native population is being replaced at an astonishing rate in many of its major cities. Europe has a rather violent history, and migrations of this magnitude have usually triggered wars between the original population and the newcomers:” It appears that Fjordman is being proved right. If these riots are not contained and stopped, will Europe enter a civil war between Muslim and non-Muslim populations? It doesn’t look good from the USA.

Day Five: 11.15 PM PST

It escalates. The local police can not control the riots. This evening the news from Europe was bleak. Pictures of flames illuminated an eerie glow framing the Eifel Tower. The beautiful Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen looks like a battlefield. Muslims supporters have occupied the Gardens and the Muslim neighborhoods in many European countries have been ‘no-go’ zones for the local police. The military has been committed to the streets of Europe. News pundits bemoan the fact that Europe is on the brink of civil war between two fascisms - Euro-Fascism vs. Islamo-Fascism.

Day Six: 9:05 PM PST

This was not unexpected. No surprise here. Daily Briefing on Iran quoted the Iranian President that Iran condemns the persecution of “our Muslim brothers and sisters”. But even more ominously, the Daily Briefing reported that they would support them in the struggle – no idea yet on what that means. Daily Briefing was told by unknown sources that the statement was a warning to be taken seriously.

Then this a little while ago. MosqueWatch reports that mosques throughout Europe were raided by the military and many were found to have weapons and ammunition stored there. EU authorities admit that the open borders of the EU countries made it too easy for Jihadists to move weapons into mosques all aroundEurope. These reports added fuel to the fire and Gates of Vienna reported more mosques were raided and desecrated by elements of the Euro Liste. Up to now, Britain has been spared most of the civil war in Europe because of the Channel. They were able to quickly close entry to the island and contain the terrorist cells and restore some semblance of order by arresting the worst of those causing the civil strife. A very disturbing rumor from Churchills' Parrot said that the British government has set up internment camps in northern Scotland.

Day Seven: 12:35 AM PST

A very disturbing report from Jihad Watch today. There are reports that Iran, using Hezbollah cells in Europe, are smuggling in sophisticated weapons through Bosnia. A little known piece of news reported by Jihad Watch claims that Russia had found chemical weapons in raids on Chechnya strongholds. Russia declined comment. Turkey withdraws from the EU and more rumors fly that it is supplying weapons to the Muslim separatists in several European cities.

Day Eight: 6:10 PM PST

This is not good! Egypt’s Grand Mufti, visiting EU offices inBerlin to help quell the riots, was shot dead outside the Berlin Hilton. The killer yelled "Deutschland für Deutscher - Ausländer Raus!" as he was subdued by police. Muslims and non-Muslims alike are stunned. EU authorities and PMs of several European countries condemned the assassination “in the strongest terms”. Muslim organizations throughout the EU demand that the Euro Liste members be hunted down and executed. The Muslim street in the Middle East is aflame with hate calling for the destruction of “European pigs and apes.”

Day Nine: 6:10 PM PST

The words of the EU authorities have done little good. The violence is out of hand. Today a wave of terrorist attacks has spread across Europe. The media across Europe are asked by governments – sounded like 'pleaded' to me - to report these incidents without raising undue alarm.
Yeah, right.

The Counter-Terrorism blog reports that car bombings outside restaurants and other public places and suicide attacks on the centers of Europe’s transportation networks have forced people to lock themselves in their homes, afraid to venture out. Once popular and packed European landmarks and entertainment areas are ghost towns. More NATO troops are called unto the streets. Several major cities in Europe become large Sarajevos. Many cities are under Martial Law.

The European intelligence agencies are looking desperately for some kind of central control who may be directing the Muslim riots. But the jihadists are not centralized. They cannot always control the actions of their diverse cells or lone fanatics. Sooner or later someone will go too far.

Day Ten: 7:30 AM PST

The unthinkable has happened. At the height of the work day rush to office, several chemical bombs go off killing thousands in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Moscow and Madrid. Hugh explosions damage or destroy symbolically important targets, the cathedral at Charters, the Louvre, the Kremlin, and the Channel Tunnel. Europe in under siege. Martial Law is declared throughout Europe. To make matters worse, right wing demagogues prowl the streets demanding that any and all Muslims be rounded up and interned to prevent further terrorist attacks. Political opportunists in the now impotent EU, play to these right wing fascist elements to gain political power in their countries. The EU as a functioning entity is dead. The UN continues to debate the term ‘terrorism’ and what to do about the crisis in Europe. DAFKA reported that all NATO forces are recalled from their peace keeping duties In the Mid-East. This does not bode well for Israel.

Parts 3 and 4 tomorrow.

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