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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Someone Up There is Pissed

First a crane collapses on the Grand Mosque killing over 100 people

Then hundreds more are killed in haji stampeded.

Now the grand mosque in London – biggest in England, is on fire.

All within a week or so.

Ah…the will of allah
Somebody up there is pissed off.
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Vienna Concert from Keith Jarrett

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And yes, he was a HORRIFIC SecDef, as 186 (left) F-22′s PROVE



Everyone Who Wanted More F-22s Is Being Proven Right
As if they suddenly came to an epiphany, the United States Air Force brass is now admitting what many of us have been screaming about for so long: We didn’t build nearly enough F-22s, and the F-35 cannot simply pick up the slack. So why aren’t those who pushed so hard to cancel the F-22 program being held accountable?

By the mid 2000s, the F-22 was finally entering the fray as the world’s first true stealth fighter, offering a quantum leap in capability and performance when compared with anything else on the battlefield. It was a thoroughbred weapon system meant to shape the battlefield by vanquishing anything in the skies and neutering enemy air defenses, so that less capable combat aircraft could survive over the battle space. It was a high-end door kicker, the ultimate “anti-access” fighter.
At the same time that the Raptor was coming online and proving itself, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, of both the Bush and Obama Administrations, was calling for the F-22’s demise. This was said to be due to the aircraft cost and use as “only” an air-to-air, destruction of enemy air defense, and deep strike platform.
Gates’s push for the Raptor’s demise came at the same time as the cost of examples of the jet were rapidly dropping. For the last batch of 60 of the super-fighters, the unit cost per jet was $137 million, which is pretty close to the cost of an “affordable” F-35A today – at a time when a similar number of F-35s have been built as F-22s, about 165 compared to the F-22’s 187.
Costs were slated to have continued to drop if another lot of about 53 jets were built to meet the Air Force’s stated minimum fleet size requirement of 243 airframes. But it never happened.

Instead the F-22 was cast off and all of the USAF’s fighter chips were put into the very much unproven F-35 bucket. Gates justified chopping the F-22 as he wanted aircraft to “fight the wars we are in today, and the scenarios we are most likely to face in the years ahead.” Considering air superiority and destruction of enemy air defenses is an absolute must for any conflict (aside for ones with totally permissible airspace), this was a very near-sighted evaluation, and as it turns out, prediction of the future.
Gates further rationalized his decision:
To sustain U.S. air superiority, I am committed to building a fifth generation tactical fighter capability that can be produced in quantity at sustainable cost. Therefore I will recommend increasing the buy of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
A misleading statement if there ever was one, as it’s impossible to build something in quantity at a sustainable cost when you’re not willing to build it in great enough numbers so that a sustainable cost is achievable. It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario, but at some point, the costs eventually balance out.
For the F-22, that point was rapidly approaching.
The F-22 was by many accounts on the verge of a cost breakthrough that would have sent its unit cost plunging well below the $100 million line. Gates later said:
We have fulfilled the program. It’s not like we’re killing the F-22. We will have 187 of them… The military advice that I got was that there is no military requirement for numbers of F-22 beyond 187.
Considering that the minimum the Air Force said they could operate with was 243, this statement seems less than true. And that number was last ditch compromise, the real bottom-line fleet size the USAF required of the F-22 was around 339 jets, which itself was dropped drastically from the original number of around 750 jets originally envisioned. At 339 examples it was hoped that the F-15C/D force could have been retired.

Yet Gates was not alone in the push to cancel the F-22. The Bush administration was guilty of it too, although they were able to punt the final decision to the Obama administration, who demanded it be cancelled with a sharp veto threat.
Everyone Who Wanted More F-22s Is Being Proven Right

Key Congressional figures like Senator John McCain also wanted the Raptor line shutdown. Their justifications ranged from the program’s expense, which was largely sunk costs for research and development over the aircraft’s 30-year gestation period, to statements proclaiming that China would not unveil a stealth fighter until late in the next decade, with no chance of it being operational until the mid to late 2020s. Today, China has two stealth fighters flying, the first one, the J-20, getting airborne well before the last F-22 even left the production floor. The timing of the J-20’s first flight also occurred while Secretary Gates was in Beijing meeting with top-level government officials. The event was a well planned propaganda affair that aimed to make Gates look bad for underestimating Chinese technological capabilities.

For F-22 supporters it was an unwanted vindication.
Another common argument against the F-22 was that the idea of America meeting Russian, or any near-peer state fighter aircraft, head-on in battle was a relic of the Cold War, and had no place in 21st century. Because of this, less potent, multi-role platforms were more of a necessity. Fast forward a half decade, and that statement is far from accurate. In fact, the F-22 just made its first deployment to Europe as part of a security package to deter Russian aggression and to reassure our NATO allies. The F-22 has also been regarded as a force multiplier in the air war against ISIS, itself attacking many targets with great precision from the first night of air strikes in Syria on.
Everyone Who Wanted More F-22s Is Being Proven Right
Back in the Gates years, naysayers, like embattled Air Force Chief of Staff General Michael Mosley and Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wayne, both supporters of the F-22, were gotten rid of. Mosley has since reiterated his frustration with the F-22 decision, stating that the shutdown of the F-22 program “will prove to be one of the most strategically dislocated decisions made over the last 20 to 25 years.”

He also said that follow-on batches of F-22s were quoted as costing well below $90 million per copy fly-away cost, which is about 25 percent less than the cost of an F-35A today.
Nowadays it seems that everyone laments the premature F-22 line shutdown, from late-to-the-scene defense commentators to those at the very top of the USAF, including Air Combat Command chief Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, whoe was quoted in National Defense Magazine as saying:
“We don’t have enough F-22s, that’s a fact of life. We didn’t buy enough; we don’t have enough.” However, the Air Force is going to make do with the Raptors it does have, Carlisle said. “You’re going to need the Raptors” for a high-end fight, he said. “So you’re still going to have to do that and we’re going to do it with the 180 or so F-22s we have.”
Because only 187 F-22s were built, with only about 125 of the jets setup for assignment to combat units at any given time, even fullfilling small detachments of F-22s to the Pacific, Middle East and European theater may be troublesome. As such, the F-15C/D force, which less than a decade ago was suffering from mid-air breakups resulting in a year-long grounding, has had to stay online to supplement the relatively tiny F-22 force.
Everyone Who Wanted More F-22s Is Being Proven Right
At the time of the F-15C/D fleet’s grounding, the talk was that the Eagles needed either deep and costly refurbishment or replacement. Now these jets are slated to serve for decades to come in an attempt to fill the gap left by a curtailed F-22 production run. In order to do so, the “Golden Eagle” fleet of around 200 aircraft will require billions worth of upgrades, including both structural and major capability enhancements.
Boeing Touts New 16 Air-To-Air Missile Carrying F-15 Eagle Configurations
The annual Air Force Association conference will kick off outside of Washington next week, where…
Read more
With all this in mind, if we built enough F-22s to eradicate the enemy’s defenses, both in the air and on the ground, and improved the aircraft over time, perhaps even stretching it into an FB-22 with F-35 like avionics, would the USAF need an F-35A at all?

Instead, the force could be filled in by other high-end capabilities currently in the works, like a new long-range stealth bomber, stealthy standoff weapons and unmanned combat air vehicles. On the low-end side of the equation, plentiful, relatively cheap and proven platforms, like the F-16 and A-10, among others, could be available once air dominance has been achieved, or for lower-end conflicts that do not require the F-22’s high-end anti-access capabilities.
What makes things worse is that the floundering F-35 program has sucked funds for much needed upgrades on existing systems, including the F-22. In fact the F-22 lacks relatively standard technologies found on all of America’s fighter fleet, thus needlessly handicapping America’s “tip of the spear” fighter.
Why It’s Sad That The F-22 Just Fired Its First Guided AIM-9X Sidewinder
34 years ago, the USAF set out to build a fighter that could guarantee American air superiority for …
Read more
So what exactly happened here? If we clearly do not have enough F-22s today and it seemed nobody really thought we had enough at the time of its cancellation, aside from those with the power to kill the program, and the jet was passed over for the F-35, an aircraft that the USAF itself admits cannot fill the high-end role like the F-22, somewhere along the line disinformation was passed along to decision makers, or worse. So why don’t we pull those key decision makers in and have them explain exactly how they understood the situation at the time, what information and intelligence were they going off of, and who gave them that information and when?
Everyone Who Wanted More F-22s Is Being Proven Right
The F-35 is said to be the biggest weapons program of all time, literally a $1.5 trillion income proposition over its lifetime. As such, it has a tremendous amount of special interest, Congressional and corporate “momentum” behind it. During the period of the F-22’s cancellation, the F-35’s problems were just becoming so serious that they could no longer be denied. Any competition threatened its existence, including the F-22, Lockheed’s own product. For the USAF, why dive into a pit of unknowns and cost and timeline overruns when you already had the best fighter in the world in production?
Yet given what we know now now publicly, the limitations of the F-35, especially in the air-to-air realm, could have made the decision to end the F-22 production much tougher. Especially as claims about the jet’s maneuverability were far more exaggerated compared to reality. Which is something even the Air Force has admitted to now.
The Official Response To The F-35’s Dismal Dogfight Report Is Misleading
The F-35 Joint Program Office countered a leaked report describing the jet’s dismal performance.…
Read more

Since there appears to be little will in Washington to correct the error in judgement that ended the F-22 line by putting an improved F-22 back into production, we need to learn from this very expensive mistake. This is especially relevant considering nearly $30 billion of the F-22’s nearly $70 billion program cost was spent to just develop the fighter. By better understanding what they knew and when they knew it, and above all else, where the information for their conclusions came from, we can at least try to avoid such procurement and strategy blunders in the future.

Contact the author at Tyler@jalopnik.com
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She's Not Wearing a Burqa, She's Begging To Be Raped

From Front Page Magazine:
From the "If you don't go out on a date with me, I'll kill you and your whole family" school of propositioning. 
Take a few million of these people... or they'll turn into terrorists and kill you. And hope they don't do that anyway. At which point you'll be stuck with a whole lot of terrorists anyway. 
Jordan’s Queen Rania has used a speech in Berlin today to call upon Europe to help more Syrian refugees – and not to ‘bolt the door for fear of the unknown’. 
That's a great speech coming from the queen of a country that refuses to give its own "Palestinians" citizenship. Europe isn't supposed to "bolt the door for fear of the unknown". 
That's a privilege reserved for her Hashemite kingdom. But then again she and her husband know exactly what they're bolting the door against. Europe isn't supposed to. 
The royal, who has consistently spoken out about the perils of extremism, also warned that refusing to help could lead to a ‘disillusioned generation’ who would prove easy prey for terrorist recruiters. 
‘Denying refugees their basic rights risks creating a defeated and disillusioned generation,’ she said, ‘who, at their most desperate, could be susceptible to extremists’ ideology.’ 
Jordan is currently home to an estimated 1.4 million refugees – 20 per cent of the country’s population – many of whom are living in camps close to the Middle Eastern country’s northern border. 
Jordan, which denies refugees basic rights, is warning Germany not deny them basic rights. Jordan doesn't want to take in their own people. They want Europe to do it. 
And Queen Rania is warning Europe that if it doesn't take in a whole lot of Muslims... they'll turn to terrorism.

Fuck her in the ass with Mohammed's corkscrew shaped putz.
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HOW FUCKING RETARDED: CAN YOU GET?: The New Yorker Says, Ben Carson Shattering Stereotypes About Brain Surgeons Being Smart

Scene From The New Yorker's Offices Right Before This Article Was Disgorged In A Diarrhetic Blast

From The New Yorker:
Brain surgeons, long burdened with the onerous reputation of being among the smartest people in the world, are expressing relief that the Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson is shattering that stereotype once and for all. 
In interviews with brain surgeons across the country, the doctors revealed the enormous pressure they felt to live up to their profession’s inflated renown for intelligence before Carson entered the race. 
“When people found out I was a brain surgeon they would always assume I was some kind of a genius,” said Harland Dorrinson, a neurosurgeon in Toledo, Ohio. “Now they are beginning to understand that you can know a lot about brain surgery and virtually nothing about anything else.” 
Dorrinson said that acquaintances used to view him as a source of wisdom on a wide range of subjects, but added, “Ever since Ben Carson said that prisons make people gay, that’s really fallen off.”
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Germany In A State of Siege

We paid a trafficking agent for false visas to fly here to Germany,’ says 34-year-old Atif. ‘We claimed asylum and came to Giessen camp with other migrants. Three weeks ago, because we had families, they gave us a proper home.’
Atif is well-dressed and speaks perfect English. He used to be a transport manager at Karachi airport and is from a well-to-do family. Between mouthfuls of curry, he adds: ‘But there is violence between political gangs in Karachi. Lots of people are leaving for Europe. The trafficker decided that Germany was the place for us because it is welcoming refugees.
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New World Order: Unanimous Vote At The UN

The tool for the global redistribution of wealth:
Obama Ambassador to UN Quotes COMMUNIST to Push New Socialist UN Sustainable Development Goals

It’s official. On Friday morning [September 25, 2015] the United States, and 192 other nations, unanimously adopted the new United Nations Sustainable Development goals. These “goals“, designed to eradicate world poverty and fight Climate Change, include the Socialist ideals of universal healthcare, universal education, universal employment, and wealth redistribution, all of which must in place by 2030.
Read the rest HERE.

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L.A. Cops: Saudi Royal May Have Raped 5 Women

Los Angeles authorities say as many as five women may have been sexual assaulted by a Saudi prince inside his massive Beverly Hills compound.

As many as five victims may have been sexually accosted by a Saudi royal inside his massive Beverly Hills rental compound, The Daily Beast has learned from Los Angelesauthorities.
When cops arrived at the residence along Wallingford Drive, in Beverly Hills, to check out a disturbance call that came in around 12:45 a.m. on Wednesday, they discovered a horde of people milling about in front of the $37 million, 22,000-acre gated mansion.
After conducting interviews, the police officers arrested Majed Abulaziz Al-Saud, a 28-year-old Saudi prince, for allegedly trying to force at least one unidentified woman to perform oral sex against her will. What’s more, “four more victims allege the same crimes committed—including criminal threats [by Al-Saud],” an LAPD police spokesman told The Daily Beast, noting that all the alleged victims and witnesses who were interviewed said the alleged attacks occurred on the same day.
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Day By Dey

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Sweetheart of the Rodeo

The Byrds

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Morgan's Motion

Cecil Taylor - Piano
Tony Williams - Drums

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Friday, September 25, 2015

USA: Muslim Mob Attacks Man Who Rips Up A Koran

This is supposed to have taken place at Wesleyan University.
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Family Of Muslim Teen Behind “Clock” Hoax Says He Has Been “Severely Traumatized,” Hires Lawyer For Possible Lawsuit

From WFAA:
The family of a 14-year-old Irving student arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school earlier this month has retained lawyers and is seeking to regain his science project from the Irving Police Department. 
Ahmed Mohamed’s parents say they’ve un-enrolled their three children from the Irving School District “because of religious persecution” and have decided to home-school them. Mohamed’s arrest made national headlines, prompting invites from the White House, Facebook and other tech companies. 
“The family says that Ahmed has been severely traumatized. The family wants justice and to ensure no family will ever have to experience what Ahmed went through again,” a press release sent Wednesday stated. 

Ahmed Mohamed: ‘It Was Kind Of Cool’ Getting Arrested
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Cool Heated Water Skiing Vest, Mohammed - How About You Bring That To The White House

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ISIS Turning Churches Into Torture Chambers To Force Christians To Convert To Islam

From the Mirror:
Christians are being barbarically tortured by ISIS in their own churches to force them to convert to Islam. Religious persecution watchdog Christian Freedom International reports those who defy the militants have had limbs cut off or have been crucified -even children. 
“ISIS has a stated goal to wipe out Christianity,” Jay Sekulow, of the American Center for Law and Justice told the Jerusalem Post. 
“This is why they are crucifying Christians — which includes children — destroying churches and selling artifacts. The reality is, this group will stop at practically nothing to raise funds for its terrorist mission.”
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Camp Of The Saints Plays Out In Slovenia Today

This is Slovenia today, they are trying to make their way into Germany. And if we here in the US think for just one moment that we will be immune you are making a big mistake. Please SHARE because you will not see this in the mainstream media.
Posted by American Bikers United Against Jihad - ABUAJ on Sunday, September 20, 2015
This is Slovenia today, they are trying to make their way into Germany. And if we here in the US think for just one moment that we will be immune you are making a big mistake. Please SHARE because you will not see this in the mainstream media.
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Saudi Prince Arrested in Gated L.A. Compound for Alleged Sexual Assault

From the Hollywood Reporter:
A Saudi prince was arrested at a gated L.A. compound after allegedly trying to coerce a worker in the home into performing a sex act on him, 
The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of forced copulation with an adult, a Los Angeles Police spokesperson told THR. 
The Los Angeles Times was first to report the news. 
The arrest took place at an estate within the gated Beverly Glen community, located on Wallingford Drive, after a caretaker in the home called police. 
The prince was booked and released on $300,000 bail on Thursday. 
Police say Al-Saud, who was renting the home, does not have diplomatic immunity in this situation, the Times reports.

Just a couple weeks ago, another Arab ran into trouble with the law:
Driver told police arriving shortly afterwards he had diplomatic immunity 
When confronted by a video journalist he allegedly said 'F*** America' 
He then warned 'he could have him killed' and 'flicked a cigarette at him' 
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Ahmed the clock faker admits he plugged in the clock-in-a-case and set it to go off

Ahmed the clock faker admits he plugged in the clock-in-a-case and set it to go off
Ahmed Mohamad, the teenager who skyrocketed to fame based upon claims that he was a victim of islamophobia due to his temporary detention by police as a result of bringing what he described as an innocent clock that he claims he invented to school, reveals more details of what actually happened.  

Based upon previous reports, he showed his supposed invention to an engineering teacher in the morning. Who subsequently warned him that the device looked suspicious and not to show it to anybody else. Apparently rather than heed his warning, according to reports, he then showed his invention to teachers in the next six classes who voiced similar concerns to him. In the sixth period he apparently, without the English teachers knowledge plugged the device into the wall with the intent to set off the timer on the device. 

at :53
Ahmed: um the teacher, the clock in fact was plugged in during the classroom, so it didn't go off in my backpack, it was plugged in, and i set a timer on there and i showed a student next to me, and uh, it went off, and the teacher looked around and said "what was that noise", and i just unplugged it immediately 
Ali Velshi: and then what happened?, when did they call, the security people at the school? 
Ahmed: um, the security people were called sixth period, well that's when i got called out of class, but after the students left the classroom i did show the teacher my clock, and i did show it to her, that's when she took, that's when she confiscated it from me 
Ali Vleshi: now is that the particular teacher you wanted to impress, was that your engineering teacher, or was that a different teacher? 
Ahmed: that was a uh different teacher, but i wanted to impress all of my teachers

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Abdul Shalabi Released From Gitmo

Abdul Shalabi: Osama bin Laden's and Kalid Sheik Mohammed's bodyguard

While the media were oohing and aahing over Pope Francis's visit to the United States, Abdul Shalabi was released from Gitmo and is now in Saudi Arabia:
...Shalabi, who was captured by Pakistani forces in 2001, was once deemed (by the Bush administration) “too dangerous to release” but under the Obama administration has been repatriated by U.S. officials on Tuesday [September 23, 2015].

An Obama military review board released a report [Must-read link!] that cleared Abdul Rahman Shalabi for release. Shalabi has been sent to Saudi Arabia where he will be placed into a “rehabilitation program” for militants. The review board said the effectiveness of the Saudi rehabilitation program was an important factor in its decision. The board also noted the detainee’s “credible desire” to re-integrate into society and participate in the rehabilitation program, but it “acknowledges the detainee’s past terrorist-related activities.” A statement that he was likely to still have sympathies to extremists was also made by the panel who recommended his release....
According to CNN:
...Shalabi's transfer from Guantanamo was the second announced in less than a week, leaving 114 detainees at the naval base that the Obama administration is pushing to close.

"The United States is grateful to the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its willingness to support ongoing U.S. efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. The United States coordinated with the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure this transfer took place consistent with appropriate security and humane treatment measures," the Defense Department said in a statement.

It announced last week that Younis Abdurrahman Chekkouri had been transferred to Morocco.

The remaining 114 detainees being held at Guantanamo fall into two categories: Those who can be transferred to other countries and those who the United States must continue to hold.

In August, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said that Pentagon teams were looking at U.S. sites to house the detainees....
About Younis Abdurrahman Chekkouri:
Alleged to be associated with the Moroccan Islamic Fighting Group and Jama'at Al-Tablighi.
Emptying Gitmo is another of Obama's campaign promises which he intends to keep. Come hell or high water.

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Ahmed, the clock faker, an inspiration to us all!

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Colt Ford
Cut 'em All

Answer To No One

Dirty Side

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

"God Damn, We Got a Terrorist Here": The Story of Ahmed and His "Clock"

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Imagine This Was The Cemetery of Your Loved Ones

By the way, we commonly hear that the "migrants" are all young men.

This is not the first video that shows that that is not true.

What we see here are families, replete with children, sleeping in a cemetery. I'm guessing this was not their first choice of where to sleep. Would you want to sleep in a cemetery?

I wouldn't.

That being said, they are throwing their trash all over the place. Presumably they are also urinating and defecating in the Cemetery, unless some sort of portable facilities are being provided.

In the background at about the 0:26 mark, we see a man standing in a uniform near a tombstone. Is that man a soldier standing guard to protect the cemetery? Or is he a man who has come to pay respects to his dead loved ones?

Imagine how you would feel if you had lost someone you loved, and you went to the Cemetery to visit and pray, and this is what you found.

Would Muslims allow Christians to sleep in their Cemetery?

What do you think the answer is to that question?


Nico comments:

If we leave sugar, honey or anything sweet out for a long time pretty soon we get an ant or a cockroach problem. The behavior that I've seen in such unwanted bugs is that even if you remove what attracted them, they wait it out for a while in the hope that they'll get some more. 
When Germany said "we'll take all who make it to Germany", all the vermin in the middle east saw "honey" and ran toward it. Not every Muslim who is making their way to Europe right now is part of an "invasion force". In fact, most of them are not. However, once they sit down, get a minute to breathe, they will be the most effective pool of people from which to recruit from. One has to be totally blind not to be able to see that. 
So honestly it doesn't matter whether its all men or all women and children. Neither does it matter that they're staying in cemeteries which, undoubtedly, are not their first choice for a home. But they think that if they wait long enough, they'll be able to get to that "honey" that's not only waiting for them but is rightfully theirs. 
When it comes right down to it though, if Germany faces some problem, do you think these leeches are going to unite together to make Germany better? No, they'll band together to strip Germany and Germans of every last dime they've got. And the same with the rest of Europe. Lets not forget that it didn't take a sophisticated force to destroy Rome, it was the weakening of Rome from within and the barbarians at its gates. Europe today is no different except for the fact that the Romans never threw their gates wide open for the barbarians. 
And these leeches though they're not the invasion force themselves will be ready recruits for Muslims who do want to take over Europe. Muslims always side with Islam in the end, whether they're moderates, alcohol drinking, bacon eating, or cemetery living leeches or hardcore terrorists. Add in the weakening Europe with no hint of a strong culture, or pride, and you rile up Muslims even more.

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The Real Reason We Need to Stop Trying to Protect Everyone’s Feelings

From the Observer:
Like every kid, I was forced to read Fahrenheit 451 in high school. If you’d asked me what it was about before last week, I would have told you: “Firemen who burn books.” 
And if you’d asked me why on earth they did that, I would have answered just as confidently: “Because a tyrannical government wanted them to.” 
There is a trend afoot to conveniently remember the works of authors like Ray Bradbury and Aldous Huxley as warnings against distant totalitarianism and control. But this only scratches the surface of what these books are about.
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This Week On The Gathering Storm: Open Mic

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Listen to the September 25, 2015 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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Extremists in Bangladesh publish global hit list of bloggers and writers, two American bloggers included ...

The Muslims Are Restless

Extremists in Bangladesh publish global hit list of bloggers and writers:
“Islamic extremists in Bangladesh appear to be taking their war on secular writers and bloggers beyond the South Asian country’s borders. 
A hit list purporting to be from the militant group Ansarullah Bangla Team has been sent out threatening people in Europe and North America. 
“Let Bangladesh revoke the citizenship of these enemies of Islam,” a statement accompanying the list says. “If not, we will hunt them down in whatever part of God’s world we find them and kill them right there.” T 
he list contains nine people in the United Kingdom, eight in Germany, two in the United States, one in Canada and one in Sweden. CNN isn’t reporting any of the names on the list…”
Two people in the United States?

My guess is, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.
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NYC Public Schools Take Day Off For Islamic Holiday Eid

NYC Mayor De Blasio In His Purple Shirt and Rainbow Flag

Step by step, my friends:
New York marks a milestone in the fight for equality Thursday (Sep 24) when 1.1 million children in America’s largest school district will take the day off to mark Eid al-Adha. 
It is a small but hard-won victory at a time when American Muslims complain of growing Islamophobia and worsening anti-Muslim rhetoric following the 9/11 attacks in 2001. 
For the first time, more than 1,800 public schools in New York will close for the Muslim feast of sacrifice, a day after also closing for Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. 
Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled the new policy in March, announcing that New York public schools would get two days off for Eid al-Fitr, which falls during the summer, and Eid al-Adha, in addition to major Christian and Jewish holidays. 
Since then, city hall has added a further day off – February 8, 2016 – for Lunar New Year, celebrated by Asian-Americans. 
“It is a huge victory to actually see the day come,” says Linda Sarsour, a member of the Coalition for Muslim School Holidays and a New York activist with three children. 
“As an imam as well as a parent I am very happy,” agreed Imam Shamsi Ali, director of the Jamaica Muslim Center in Queens. “I’m sure this kind of policy from the government side will push Muslims further to feel a sense of belonging,” he said.
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Hajj Stampede Kills At Least 717 Muslims

Allah is a very thirsty god:
MINA, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A horrific stampede killed at least 717 pilgrims and injured hundreds more Thursday on the outskirts of the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the deadliest tragedy to strike the annual hajj pilgrimage in more than two decades. 
At least 863 pilgrims were injured in the crush, said the Saudi civil defense directorate, which provided the death toll. The tragedy struck as Muslims around the world marked the start of the Eid al-Adha holiday. 
It was the second major disaster during this year's hajj season, raising questions about the adequacy of measures put in place by Saudi authorities to ensure the safety of the roughly 2 million Muslims taking part. A crane collapse in Mecca nearly two weeks earlier left 111 people dead. 
Saudi Arabia takes great pride in its role as the caretaker of Islam's holiest sites and host to millions of pilgrims annually. But the hajj poses an immense logistical and security challenge for the kingdom given the sheer number of hundreds of thousands of people — from differing linguistic and cultural backgrounds, many of whom have saved for years for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — intent on following the same set of rituals at about the same time. 
Thursday's crush happened in Mina, a large valley about 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Mecca that has been the site of hajj stampedes in years past. Mina is where pilgrims carry out a symbolic stoning of the devil by throwing pebbles against three stone columns.
I guess that whole "Stoning of the Devil" thing didn't work out that well.


At least 29 killed in attack in Yemen mosque during Eid prayers

About the Stoning of the Devil:
The Stoning of the Devil (Arabic: رمي الجمرات‎ ramī aj-jamarāt, lit. "stoning of the jamarāt [place of pebbles][1][2][3]") is part of the annual Islamic Hajj pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Muslim pilgrims fling pebbles at three walls (formerly pillars), called jamarāt, in the city of Mina just east of Mecca. It is one of a series of ritual acts that must be performed in the Hajj.   
On Eid al-Adha (the 10th day of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah), pilgrims must strike only one of the large jamrah with seven pebbles. After the stoning is completed on the day of Eid, every pilgrim must cut or shave their hair. On each of the following two days, they must hit each of the three walls with seven pebbles, going in order from east to west. Thus at least 49 pebbles are needed for the ritual, more if some throws miss. 
Some pilgrims stay at Mina for an additional day, in which case they must again stone each wall seven times. The pebbles used in the stoning are traditionally gathered at Muzdalifah, a plain southeast of Mina, on the night before the first throwing, but can also be collected at Mina. 
The ritual re-enacts Abraham (Ibrāhīm)'s pilgrimage to Mecca as explained by the Muslim historian al-Azraqi: "When he [Abraham] left Mina and was brought down to (the defile called) al-Aqaba, the Devil appeared to him at Stone-Heap of the Defile. 
Gabriel said to him: "Pelt him!" so Abraham threw seven stones at him so that he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to him at the Middle Stone-Heap. Gabriel said to him: "Pelt him!" so he pelted him with seven stones so that he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to him at the Little Stone-Heap. Gabriel said to him: "Pelt him!" so he pelted him with seven stones like the little stones for throwing with a sling. So the Devil withdrew from him."[5] 
All three jamarāt represent the devil: the first and largest represents his temptation of Abraham against sacrificing Ishmael (Ismāʿīl); the second represents the temptation of Abraham's wife Hājar to induce her to stop him; the third represents his temptation of Ishmael to avoid being sacrificed. He was rebuked each time, and the throwing of the stones symbolizes those rebukes. 
The stoning of the jamarāt also represents the repudiation of man's self (an-nafs al-'amāra, literally the "internal despot") and the act of casting aside one's low desires and wishes. As one Islamic theologian states: "If one is able to crush al‑nafs al‑'amāra during the stoning of Jamrat al‑ʿAqaba (the Jamrah of Aqaba), then one has taken the next step in attaining closeness to Allah, and since between the servant and Allah there is no more than the distance of one step, if one has been able to take this step and make it past one's own low desires and wishes, then that which follows is the level of closeness to Allah. " 
During those two or three days after the Eid that one is in Mina, one must stone the three jamarāt, meaning that one must trample upon his internal despot (an-nafs al-'amāra), the external despot of the Shaitan from the Jinn (Iblīs and those like him), and the Shayṭān from among the Humans (the enemies of religion and of humanity). "The stoning of the three jamarāt is, in essence, the trampling upon the despots and waging war against all of them. 
When one focuses on them and the hatred for them, then one automatically focuses with complete attention upon one's self – and rightfully so – while stoning the jamarāt, one must focus entirely upon one's self.[6] 
Incidents during the Hajj 
The Stoning of the Devil ritual is considered the most dangerous part of the pilgrimage, as sudden crowd movements on or near the Jamaraat Bridge can cause people to be crushed. 
On several occasions, hundreds of participants have suffocated or been trampled to death in stampedes. 
An important step in managing crowds is the recent replacement of the jamarāt pillars by walls to ease and speed up the stoning. The bridge has also been widened in recent years to accommodate the ever-growing number of pilgrims who perform the Hajj each year. 
Crowd conditions are especially difficult during the final day of Hajj, which is the day pilgrims leave the valley of Mina and return to Mecca for the farewell Tawaf (the final circumambulation of the Kaaba). According to hadith, Muhammad's last stoning was performed just after the noon prayer. 
Many scholars feel that the ritual can be done any time between noon and sunset on this day; however, many Muslims are taught that it should be done immediately after the noon prayer. This leads to people camping out until noon and rushing out then to do the stoning. 
These two factors are felt to be most responsible for a recent tragedy during the Hajj of 2006, in which a stampede killed at least 346 pilgrims and injured at least 289 more. This was despite several attempts by the authorities to inform pilgrims about the permissibility of staggering their visits to the jamarāt as well as instructing them to leave their luggage at their tents. 
Adding to the confusion involved in the tragedy is the lack of co-operation on the part of pilgrims who do not leave the jamarāt area by the proper route, and therefore interfere with the movements of others who are arriving. 
Another more severe and tragic stampede occurred in September 2015, when at least 717 people were killed and 863 others were injured at Mina, just outside the holy city. The stampede occurred when several groups of pilgrims converged at the intersection of two streets. This is the worst disaster of its kind in 25 years. The Saudi government began a $21 billion expansion project to increase capacity at the Grand Mosque in Mecca to 2.5 million people.

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Hungary defeated at EU

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EU to Start Labeling Israeli Products to Target Them for Boycott

EU to Start Labeling Israeli Products to Target Them for Boycott
The European Union will start labeling Israeli products that are manufactured in Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights next month, reports United with Israel, singling them out for boycotts. 
An unnamed EU official said that the program has been under deliberation for two and a half years and will finally take effect in October after some technical and legal details are ironed out. 
He also threatened that if the Israeli government boosts construction in Judea and Samaria in response to a boycott, that “We will continue with our moves against the settlements, and the labeling of products will only be the beginning.”
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Ben Carson: Money pouring in after Muslim remarks

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Humpday Blues

Robert Belfour
Breaking My Heart

You Got Me Crying

44 Blues

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Clockmed's Dad, Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed Had Meetings in DC in Early 2015

Cool Clock, Ahmed

This article suggests Clockmed's dad had meetings in DC early in 2015...

PakistanDailyTimes: Mohamed Elhassan: Strong on the Stalk
"Let me bring you up to speed and give a bit of an update on Mohamed Elhassan. He is my friend and we have shared many thoughts regarding his campaign. He is currently engulfed in the presidential race and is on the ground in Sudan. We spend time together between trips from Dallas to Sudan. I sat with him and assisted with crafting his policy voice before his recent meetings in Washington DC, Saudi Arabia and for the current trip to Sudan."
Glenn Beck's iinterview with the mayor of Irving TX reveals Obama congratulated Clockmed before the story/images of his 'invention' hit the msm:

Mayor Van Duyne & Glenn Beck re: Clockmed
ff 18:33 Mayor Van Duyne: “...I know that we had, the school and the city each had meetings with the family on Tuesday. The family cancelled. They were rescheduled for Wednesday at 2:40 they were to meet with the school district. They didn’t. They were just no shows. At 3:30 on Wednesday they were supposed to meet with our police chief and I was going to be at. At the exact same time that they were supposed to be meeting with us they were on their front lawn in a press conference. We had another meeting scheduled on Friday and they were no-shows.”

Glenn Beck: “This is not about getting answers. This is about –“

Mayor Van Duyne: “No. I, we have tried to reach out to the family a number of times, and this was before it ever even hit the paper on Wednesday. The child was arrested, the teenage was arrested on Monday. On Tuesday there was a meeting scheduled, we were told that the meeting was cancelled. They rescheduled it for Wednesday bringing CAIR representatives with them and again, no showed.”

Jim Hanson: “Shocking. CAIR was there ready. They were there ready with hashtags, lawyers, and everything. The kid wouldn’t answer questions when the school was asking them or when the police were asking them but the second the cameras and the microphones turn on, he’s like ‘it’s because my name’s Ahmed. It’s because I have brown skin. It’s because I’m a Muslim.’ the kid was coached.” 

Glenn Beck: “Did you find it interesting that the president was on a story about a school in Irving, Texas – he’s on that story before most of America is even aware of it?”

Mayor Van Duyne“We never even got a call from anybody from the White House asking to verify any of that information. 

In fact, I don’t even think the picture of the ‘hoax bomb’ was released before he tweeted out ‘Cool clock, kid’. ”

NBC: Ahmed Mohamed: Texas Boy's Family Hires Legal Counsel to Get Clock Back

If the school district, mayor/city decide to press charges for fraud does the clock become evidence?
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Chicago TV Station Marks Yom Kippur Using Same Yellow Star Of David Nazis Forced Jews To Wear During Holocaust

Idiocy or Jew-Hatred?

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Ahmed's Sister Says She Was Suspended From School, Someone Reported She "Wanted To Blow Up The School" ... Something She Insists She "Had Nothing To Do With"

Quote (Note: Eyman is Clockmed's sister): 
"After the MSNBC segment, Eyman and I sit down in the hallway where she says the same thing happened to her as Ahmed. 
“I got suspended from school for three days from this stupid same district, from this girl saying I wanted to blow up the school, something I had nothing to do with.” 
Eyman talks with the slightest lisp, almost imperceptible, but it becomes stronger as she gets emotional.  
“I got suspended and I didn’t do anything about it and so when I heard about Ahmed, I was so mad because it happened to me and I didn’t get to stand up, so I’m making sure he’s standing up because it’s not right. So I’m not jealous, I’m kinda like—it’s like he’s standing for me.” 
Eyman said her suspension was in her first year of middle school, “my first year of attempting middle school in America. I knew English, but the culture was different, the people were different.”
That is very tricky language from Eyman.

Think about what she said. She said she was suspended from school because someone said SHE wanted to blow up the school.

She IMPLIED by what she said that SHE DID NOT WANT to blow up the school.

Let's take her at her word on that.

My question is, why did she follow up her implication that she did not want to blow up the school by tagging the following onto her sentence, "SOMETHING I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH"?

Does this mean she had knowledge that SOMEONE DID WANT TO BLOW UP THE SCHOOL?

If that is not what she is saying, then why did she not simply say, "That's ridiculous. Why would I want to blow up the school? I resent even having to address such an accusation."

That's how a normal person would respond were they accused of doing something that was completely out of character.

However, IF a person hangs around with people who DO make threats about blowing up a school, and they get accused of wanting to blow up the school, THEN IT WOULD MAKE SENSE for them to say the following things in this order:

“I got suspended from school for three days from this stupid same district, from this girl saying I wanted to blow up the school, something I had nothing to do with.”


Can you think of any other reason she would have constructed her sentence that way?
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The School Day Before Ahmed Brought His "Clock" Was 9/11 - That Day There Was a Bomb Scare at a High School in Plano, Just 25 Miles Away

This may not be Ahmed's first rodeo with suspicious "inventions" too....
CNN: "In middle school, Ahmed said, he had been called "bombmaker" and a "terrorist."" 
Ahmed's voluntarily professed statement suggests he's also been accused of this before. 
KEEP IN MIND, the school day just prior to Ahmed's stunt was Friday, Sept. 11 
Coincidentally....a nearby high school in Plano was the subject of a publicized and frightening bomb scare on 9/11/2015
Ahmed had to have known that his clock would look suspicious. 
He knew it looked like a bomb. 

Ahmed Mohamed told the Dallas Morning News, “I closed [the ‘clock’] with a cable, I didn’t want to lock it to make it seem like a threat … so it won’t look that much suspicious.”
This family refuses to sign a release of official and school records, yet they keep voluntarily releasing enough details to suggest enough reason to bring suit for fraud and possibly obstruction - since they also publicly revealed they are in NY hoping to obtain travel visas to Mecca (likely hoping to enter with some celebrity recognition).
I'm assuming an open investigation could hinder their VISA application process. On the other hand, I don't know that I would want to hinder their permanent exit from this nation.
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It's History: Teach Kids About Mohammed Cartoons, Demand European Politicians

Oh, d-d-d-dear, Why Do They Hate Us So?

Teach Kids About Mohammed Cartoons, Demand European Politicians
The controversy began after the new Danish schools curriculum called for the 2005 Mohammed cartoons controversy to be taught. 
Two parties instantly leapt to the defence of the initiative, remarking that not only should that significant episode in Denmark’s history, which saw violent protests worldwide and set in progress a chain of events which led to the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris this year, but that it should be taught with the original source material.
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How To Build A "Clock"

Epa might know of another way to build a clock. If he does, maybe he could inform us.

After all, he's the most Sciency-type guy on this blog. AOW, MR, and I are all Liberal Arts types.

What do you say, Epa?
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Irving Mayor: Ahmed Mohamed’s Family Blocking Release of Records; Obama Tweeted Support Even Before “Clock” Pic Released

Irving Mayor: Ahmed Mohamed’s Family Blocking Release of Records; Obama Tweeted Support Even Before “Clock” Pic Released

How did Obama come to know about this story so quickly?

Last night, Irving Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne revealed that the family of Ahmed Mohammed has repeatedly refused to meet with city officials, refused to released records exonerating police conduct, and that President Obama had tweeted about the case even before pictures of the so-called “clock” were publicly available.
Appearing on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV, Van Duyne noted how reporting on the interaction between Mohammed and police had been remarkably one-sided, in part because the Mohammed family refused to release records noting:
“As a juvenile, they can not release those records. The school district, a number of times, has asked the family, to release the records, so that you can have the balanced story out there. The family is ignoring the request from the ISD.”
Van Duyne told Beck it would “help to describe why it progressed as it did” if the records were available. “Nobody is going to walk in and say, ‘oh you’re a 14-year old child, you’re totally cooperating, we have all the answers we need, let’s arrest you,’” Van Duyne added.
A spokesperson for the Irving Police Department has said there have been multiple open records requests for the full police reporting, but that those requests remained in the hands of the city’s legal advisor. The available police report describes the event only as, “…Arrestee being in possession of a hoax bomb at MacArthur High School.”
Van Duyne said that according to the information she had seen, Mohammed had been “non-responsive” and “passive aggressive” in response to questions from police officers.
The refusal to amiably resolve the situation continued as the family rushed to bring Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) representatives into the case, and repeatedly cancelled meetings with the school district and city officials before finally speaking to the media.
“We had tried to reach out to the family a number of times; this was before it ever even hit the papers on Wednesday,” Van Duyne said pointing out that the family repeatedly canceled attempts to discuss the matter.
“At the exact same time they were supposed to be meeting with us, they were on their front lawn with a press conference,“ she said.
Van Duyne also pointed out that President Obama, like many others, had rushed to judgment before the facts in the case had become available.
“We never even got a call from anybody at the White House asking to verify any of that information. I don’t think the picture of the hoax bomb was even released before he tweeted ‘cool clock kid.’” Van Duyne said.
Van Duyne said she was “shocked” when she saw the President’s tweet to Ahmed Mohammed. “It seems to be an underlying habit that [President Obama] is going to second guess police officers without any kind of information.”
Van Duyne said that the Irving police chief, whom she called “a wonderful man”, was receiving death threats as a result of the case, as were other police officers, teachers and school administrators, in response to the controversy.
Van Duyne was joined on the Glenn Beck program by Jim Hanson, a former Special Forces Sergeant and Vice President of the Center for Security Policy, who pointed out CAIR’s documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist group Hamas, and that the Mohammed family were members of a mosque tied to an Irving Sharia Tribunal which Mayor Van Duyne had publicly opposed.
“I don’t think there’s any question that this latest event was a PR stunt, it was a staged event,” Hanson said, saying the device did look like an explosive. “I’ve built briefcase bombs and blown them up, that’s what they look like,” Hanson pointed out referring to his time with Special Forces.
“They basically took a situation that the police handled properly, the school handled properly and all of a sudden everyone involved is a hater,” Hanson added.
Van Duyne also pointed out that the “teacher was reacting to the device not the student” stressing, “If something had happened, and nobody had spoken up, people would be livid. Can you imagine if you were a parent, at [Irving School District] and no one said anything?”
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The Muslims Are Restless

I'm quite sure that "knife" is a fucking sword. Yeah, but whatever, huh?

A knife attack orchestrated by alleged “separatists” at a coal mine in northwestern China’s troubled Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has resulted in at least 40 casualties, including the deaths of five police officers, and several suspects are believed to be on the run, according to local security officials.
The attack began at around 3:00 a.m. on Sept. 18 when a group of knife-wielding suspects set upon security guards at the Sogan Colliery in Aksu (in Chinese, Akesu) prefecture’s Bay (Baicheng) county, Jamal Eysa, the chief of state security police at a neighboring mine in the county seat told RFA’s Uyghur Service Monday.
“The attack started at security gate of the colliery, which was watched by some 20 security guards at the time,” he said.
“The residence of the colliery owner was the second target and, at the end, [the suspects] attacked police as they approached the area to control the situation.”
Eysa said he received a phone call from the mayor of Bay township later that day ordering him to patrol area streets and prepare for a potential attack against the Bay Colliery where he is stationed, around 20 kilometers (12 miles) away from the Sogan Colliery in Terek township.
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