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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Vester Flanagan, Jihadist? - Roanoke On-Air Killer "Closely Identified With" 9/11Attackers

"Closely Identified With" Jihadists

Considering that, it is often the case that the authorities tell us, "this is not terror-related,", or, "this has nothing to do with Islam,"

the fact that, in this case, they are openly speaking of his identification with Al Qaeda,

really means something.

What? We don't know.

Is he a full-on Mohammed-professing Muslim?

We don't know.

And I doubt we ever will.
The Virginia gunman who executed two of his former colleagues on live television associated himself with the 9/11 attackers in rambling letters found inside his home and getaway car, authorities revealed Friday. 
“Based on careful scrutiny of those writings and evidence seized from his apartment, it is apparent that Flanagan very closely identified with individuals who have committed domestic acts of violence and mass murder, as well as the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S.,” a statement from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said, describing a large number of documents left behind by Vester Lee Flanagan II, the man who gunned down WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward.
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We must all keep opposing the Iran deal

David Weinberg says the deal has to be made politically toxic, and also points to Obama's view of America:
For decades, two tenets have informed U.S. policy in the Middle East. The first is that U.S. interests there are best served by the position of unquestioned American pre-eminence. The second is that military might holds the key to maintaining that dominant position. (In this context, Israel has been an important U.S. regional ally).

This approach is what Bacevich calls the "Big Enchilada" -- the America-as-top-dog approach that Obama is seeking to overturn.

Obama rejects this notion, since he essentially views America's preponderance in world affairs as arrogant and sinful. He feels that American "bullying" has brought about disastrous results.

Most telling was Obama's infamous lament in 2010 about America as "a dominant military superpower, whether we like it or not." In other words, he really doesn't like it at all. No statement could be more revealing of Obama's disgust for American global leadership.

In the context of the current deal with Iran, Obama has been equally clear as to how he expects this play out. If successfully implemented, the agreement that slows Iran's nuclear program will also end Iran's isolation. This will allow Tehran, over time, to become a "legitimate" and "extremely successful regional power" and a "powerhouse in the region." These are Obama's own words.

All this leads, of course, to American retreat -- blessed retreat from Obama's perspective -- from the projection of power in the region. Replacing America will be a revanchist, greatly emboldened, anti-Semitic and genocidal (toward Israel), Islamic Republic of Iran. Poof goes the Big Enchilada.

Obama has been mostly dismissive of Iran's "bad behavior," as he flippantly calls it. He says that he "hopes to have conversations" with Iranian leadership that might lead someday to their "abiding by international norms and rules"; that he "hopes and believes" that Iranian "moderates" will leverage their country's reintegration into the global economy as an opportunity to drive kinder, gentler and less revolutionary foreign policies.

Whether Obama himself believes such nonsense is moot. The rub is that Obama doesn't view American behavior in the region over past decades as any more moral or legitimate than Iran's behavior. Consequently, the main thing for him is the humbling and retreat of America.
He's already become one of America's worst presidents, and one of the most apathetic. It's just plain awful.
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Cruz And Trump Teaming Up?

According to the The Hill:
Trump, Cruz to hold joint anti-Iran rally on Capitol Hill

Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) are jointly hosting a rally on Capitol Hill on Sept. 9 to protest the nuclear deal with Iran.

The event, being organized by Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy and the Zionist Organization of America, will be staged on the West Lawn of the Capitol, the groups said in a statement.

Cruz, the keynote speaker, invited Trump to speak, the statement said.

The joint event underscores the strengthening ties between the two Republicans....
Read the rest HERE.

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Republican Party, R.I.P. (1854 – 2016)

From Red State:
“[I]f Donald Trump fades away the party leaders will conclude they beat him and the crazy base. They will, like the Bourbons of France, learn nothing and forget nothing.” In 1854, confronted by the moral evil of slavery and the inability of the Whigs to provide clarity against it, the Republican Party formed. Whig Party leaders either shifted their party allegiances or quit politics altogether. Even Abraham Lincoln got out of politics for a time. 
By 1858, the Republican Party had majorities in almost all Northern States even without a Southern presence. The party won the Presidency for the first time in 1860 and commanded the White House throughout the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century. 
With the rise of Soviet evil after World War II, the Republicans again commanded the White House repeatedly until the collapse of the Berlin Wall. 
The Republican Party has most often come to power at times of crisis starting with slavery. But in the great moral crises now, the Republican Party finds itself infested with charlatans, conmen, louts, and Donald Trump. 
The Republican Party of 2015 more often than not responds to the fierce urgency of now with palms outstretched waiting for the highest bidder to purchase its policy positions while running from any fight that might get it criticized by a Washington press corps increasingly composed of former leftwing activists masquerading as objective journalists. 
After eight years of broken promises and Republican collaboration in Barack Obama’s agenda to expand government, the Grand Old Party has been confronted with a moral evil in Planned Parenthood. Undercover, unedited videos show Planned Parenthood officials laughing about harvesting organs from babies. The CEO of StemExpress, a business that was willing to pay extra for fifty human baby livers a week, bragged on film about her “socially liberal” sister advising Republican Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% on health care.
Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A%’s response has been to call for more investigations while keeping federal dollars flowing to Planned Parenthood. 
Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 58% have kept federal dollars flowing to all areas of Barack Obama’s agenda. 
From Obamacare to the IRS to Obama’s immigration expansion, the Republicans have chosen not to use any of their constitutional powers to restrain executive overreach. Instead they will let judges sort through everything. 
Privately, some Republicans support the President’s agenda and are glad he has left them from having to take positions that might further enrage their base. 
The repeated betrayals of Republican leaders have led to the rise of Donald Trump. 
The petulance of the party’s congressional leaders who have spent more energy fighting conservative attempts to hold them to their word than fighting Barack Obama now have to fight to wrest control from Trump. 
Trump, at least presently, is immune from establishment attacks because the party leaders have lost all their credibility. 
A party that will not stand up to stop tax payer funds going to an organization that pulls whole children out of freezers to sell as scrap is not a party with the moral clarity to tell Donald Trump he is fired. 
But there is more to this than meets the eye. More and more polling shows the biggest group of voters who hate the Republican Party are the Republicans’ own conservative voters. 
In growing numbers they have driven down the popularity ratings of Congress. Instead of trying to recover popularity with their base, the Republicans have convinced the Chamber of Commerce to spend millions of dollars defeating conservative Republican “troublemakers” in the 2016 primary cycle. 
Why join the base when the GOP thinks it can beat its base? 
This then is why the Republican Party as we know it is coming to an end ...
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Portland Man Savagely Beaten to Death By Three Muslim Men Who Were His "Friends" - It Appears He Was Murdered Because He Was a Christian

Freddy Akoa - Family Photo

Freddy Akoa, the Portland man found dead in his Cumberland Avenue apartment this month, had been beaten, kicked and bashed in the head with furniture by his drinking companions during an assault that went on for hours.
Akoa, 49, had 22 rib fractures from the savage attack, cuts and bruises all over his head and torso, and a lacerated liver when his accused killers left him on his living room floor in Apartment 18 at 457 Cumberland Ave. on the morning of Aug. 10.
The affidavit had been sealed at a prosecutor’s request for one week after three accused killers appeared in court, each on a charge of murder by depraved indifference. The three – Abil Teshome, 23, Osman Sheikh, 31, and Mohamud Mohamed, 36 – are eachbeing held without bail at the Cumberland County Jail.
A neighbor said he believes the Muslim men got into an argument, “objecting to the victim’s religion”. This is corroborated by the heartbreaking thing police found next to Akoa’s head: the victim’s own King James Bible, drenched in his blood.
Police would not respond to questions about whether the victim was beaten with his own Holy Book.
In fact, not only are the the local police are refusing to say that this is a hate crime perpetrated by Muslims who hate Christians, but the Maine media as well is refusing to even mention the national origin or religion of the murderers. 
One detective, cornered by a reporter, acted as though he had a gag order on him:
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Benghazi Witness: U.S. Provided Arms to Jihadists Who Killed Americans in 9/11 Attack

EXCLUSIVE— Benghazi Witness: U.S. Provided Arms to Jihadists Who Killed Americans in 9/11 Attack
The Obama administration may have provided the weapons used by some Islamist extremists to kill four Americans at the United States’ compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, according to a Libyan source who told Breitbart News he witnessed the attack first hand.   
Breitbart News’s Tera Dahl spoke to the witness, whose identity cannot be revealed due to threats against his life, but lives near the former U.S. compound in Benghazi and was present when the attack took place. 
Libya’s al-Qaeda-linked militia group known as the February 17th Martyrs Brigade was reportedly hired by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department to provide security at the Benghazi compound, but failed to so the whole day of the attack, according to the witness.
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"Republican leadership is ready to let Iran deal go and get to their real priorities - growing government, passing corporate welfare, and passing cronyist programs like the Export-Import Bank"

Ted Cruz
I think he’s been talking to some REPUBLICANS outside DC, and watching reaction to Mr. Trump
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Trump: Hillary, Huma And The ‘Perv’, Anthony Weiner

What a speaker this guy is. Man, oh man. Imagine if he becomes our President.

Wouldn't that be a giant "FUCK YOU" to all the snobby Eurosuck-breaths in the world.

The scuzbutz in the UN would melt.

It would be fucking awesome.
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Teen Town

And oh how much it helps to have a good band.

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More Early, Rare Jaco - BALLYE DE NINA, LIVE 1973!





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Jaco Pastorius Plays With "Little Beaver" - 1974

This is before Jaco was known. Before his first album. Before playing with Pat Metheney. Before Weather Report.

The singer is very good. Jaco's playing is more restrained than it was a couple years later. I'm sure he felt the need to blend in. However, his style is there. It's different than anyone who was playing at the time.

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Peggy Noonan's Thoughts on the Donald Trump Phenomenon

I Will Win You Over With My Weird, Wacky Ways

From WSJ:

So, more thoughts on Donald Trump’s candidacy, because I can’t stop being fascinated. 
You know the latest numbers. Quinnipiac University’s poll this week has Mr. Trump at a hefty 28% nationally, up from 20% in July. Public Policy Polling has Mr. Trump leading all Republicans in New Hampshire with 35%. A Monmouth University poll has him at 30% in South Carolina, followed 15 points later by Ben Carson.
Here are some things I think are happening.
One is the deepening estrangement between the elites and the non-elites in America. This is the area in which Trumpism flourishes. We’ll talk about that deeper in.
Second, Mr. Trump’s support is not limited to Republicans, not by any means. 
Third, the traditional mediating or guiding institutions within the Republican universe—its establishment, respected voices in conservative media, sober-minded state party officials—have little to no impact on Mr. Trump’s rise. Some say voices of authority should stand up to oppose him, which will lower his standing. But Republican powers don’t have that kind of juice anymore. Mr. Trump’s supporters aren’t just bucking a party, they’re bucking everything around, within and connected to it. 
Since Mr. Trump announced, I’ve worked or traveled in, among other places, Southern California, Connecticut, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey and New York’s Long Island. In all places I just talked to people. My biggest sense is that political professionals are going to have to rethink “the base,” reimagine it when they see it in their minds. 
I’ve written before about an acquaintance—late 60s, northern Georgia, lives on Social Security, voted Obama in ’08, not partisan, watches Fox News, hates Wall Street and “the GOP establishment.” She continues to be so ardent for Mr. Trump that she not only watched his speech in Mobile, Ala., on live TV, she watched while excitedly texting with family members—middle-class, white, independent-minded—who were in the audience cheering. Is that “the Republican base”? I guess maybe it is, because she texted me Wednesday, saying: “I registered to vote today! I am a Republican now!!!” I asked if she’d ever been one before. Reply: “No, never!!!”
Something is going on, some tectonic plates are moving in interesting ways. 
My friend Cesar works the deli counter at my neighborhood grocery store. He is Dominican, an immigrant, early 50s, and listens most mornings to a local Hispanic radio station, La Mega, on 97.9 FM. Their morning show is the popular “El Vacilón de la Mañana,” and after the first GOP debate, Cesar told me, they opened the lines to call-ins, asking listeners (mostly Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican) for their impressions. More than half called in to say they were for Mr. Trump. Their praise, Cesar told me a few weeks ago, dumbfounded the hosts. I later spoke to one of them, who identified himself as D.J. New Era. He backed Cesar’s story. “We were very surprised,” at the Trump support, he said. Why? “It’s a Latin-based market!” 
“He’s the man,” Cesar said of Mr. Trump. This week I went by and Cesar told me that after Mr. Trump threw Univision’s well-known anchor and immigration activist, Jorge Ramos, out of an Iowa news conference on Tuesday evening, the “El Vacilón” hosts again threw open the phone lines the following morning and were again surprised that the majority of callers backed not Mr. Ramos but Mr. Trump. Cesar, who I should probably note sees me, I sense, as a very nice establishment person who needs to get with the new reality, was delighted.
I said: Cesar, you’re supposed to be offended by Trump, he said Mexico is sending over criminals, he has been unfriendly, you’re an immigrant. Cesar shook his head: No, you have it wrong. Immigrants, he said, don’t like illegal immigration, and they’re with Mr. Trump on anchor babies. “They are coming in from other countries to give birth to take advantage of the system. We are saying that! When you come to this country, you pledge loyalty to the country that opened the doors to help you.” 
He added, “We don’t bloc vote anymore.” The idea of a “Latin vote” is “disparate,” which he said generally translates as nonsense, but which he means as “bull----.” 
He finished, on the subject of Jorge Ramos: “The elite have different notions from the grass-roots working people.”
OK. Old style: Jorge Ramos speaks for Hispanic America. New style: Jorge Ramos speaks for Jorge Ramos. Old style: If I’ve lost Walter Cronkite, I’ve lost middle America. New style: How touching that an American president once thought if you lost a newsman you’d lost a country. 
It is noted that a poll this week said Hispanics are very much not for Donald Trump. Gallup had 65% with an unfavorable view of him, and only 14% favorable. Mr. Trump and Mr. Ramos actually got into that, when Mr. Ramos finally questioned him after being allowed back into the news conference. Mr. Trump countered with a recent Nevada poll that has him with a state lead of 28%—and he scored even higher with Nevada’s Hispanics, who gave him 31% support.
I will throw in here that almost wherever I’ve been this summer, I kept meeting immigrants who are or have grown conservative—more men than women, but women too. 
America is so in play.
And: “the base” isn’t the limited, clichéd thing it once was, it’s becoming a big, broad jumble that few understand.


On the subject of elites, I spoke to Scott Miller, co-founder of the Sawyer Miller political-consulting firm, who is now a corporate consultant. He worked on the Ross Perot campaign in 1992 and knows something about outside challenges. He views the key political fact of our time as this: “Over 80% of the American people, across the board, believe an elite group of political incumbents, plus big business, big media, big banks, big unions and big special interests—the whole Washington political class—have rigged the system for the wealthy and connected.” It is “a remarkable moment,” he said. More than half of the American people believe “something has changed, our democracy is not like it used to be, people feel they no longer have a voice.” 
Mr. Miller added: “People who work for a living are thinking this thing is broken, and that economic inequality is the result of the elite rigging the system for themselves. We’re seeing something big.” 
Support for Mr. Trump is not, he said, limited to the GOP base: “The molecules are in motion.” I asked what he meant. He said bars of support are not solid, things are in motion as molecules are “before combustion, or before a branch breaks.”
I end with this. An odd thing, in my observation, is that deep down the elite themselves also think the game is rigged. They don’t disagree, and they don’t like what they see—corruption, shallowness and selfishness in the systems all around them. Their odd anguish is that they have no faith the American people can—or will—do anything to turn it around. They see the American voter as distracted, poorly educated, subject to emotional and personality-driven political adventures. They sometimes refer to “Jaywalking,” the old Jay Leno “Tonight Show” staple in which he walked outside the studio and asked the man on the street about history. What caused the American Civil War? Um, Hitler? When did it take place, roughly? Uh, 1958?
Both sides, the elites and the non-elites, sense that things are stuck.
The people hate the elites, which is not new, and very American. The elites have no faith in the people, which, actually, is new. Everything is stasis. Then Donald Trump comes, like a rock thrown through a showroom window, and the molecules start to move.
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Friday, August 28, 2015

FBI ‘A-team’ leading ‘serious’ Clinton server probe, focusing on defense info ... Under ESPIONAGE ACT

From Fox News:
An FBI "A-team" is leading the "extremely serious" investigation into Hillary Clinton's server and the focus includes a provision of the law pertaining to "gathering, transmitting or losing defense information," an intelligence source told Fox News. 
The section of the Espionage Act is known as 18 US Code 793. 
A separate source, who also was not authorized to speak on the record, said the FBI will further determine whether Clinton should have known, based on the quality and detail of the material, that emails passing through her server contained classified information regardless of the markings. 
The campaign's standard defense and that of Clinton is that she "never sent nor received any email that was marked classified" at the time. It is not clear how the FBI team's findings will impact the probe itself. But the details offer a window into what investigators are looking for -- as the Clinton campaign itself downplays the controversy. 
The FBI offered no comment.
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Raise Your Glass

Set The Fire

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The Guardian Says, "Pope Francis sends letter praising gay children’s book" - Vatican Issues "Denial"

At what would it be reasonable to have a conversation with one's child about sexual orientation?
Italian book that explores different family types including same sex was banned by mayor of Venice, but pontiff becomes unlikely supporter 
The book, however, was met with disapproval by Venice’s new mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, who in June banned Piccolo Uovo and about 50 other titles from schools. 
The decision led more than 250 Italian authors to demand their own books be removed from the city’s shelves, a move one writer described as a “protest against an appalling gesture of censorship and ignorance”. 
Now Pardi has found an unlikely supporter in Pope Francis, who through his staff has written to the author praising her work. 
“His holiness is grateful for the thoughtful gesture and for the feelings which it evoked, hoping for an always more fruitful activity in the service of young generations and the spread of genuine human and Christian values,” wrote Peter B Wells, a senior official at the Vatican secretariat of state. 
The letter, dated 9 July and recently seen by the Guardian, was a response to a parcel of children’s books sent by Pardi to the pontiff in June. 
The collection from her publisher, Lo Stampatello, including seven or eight books which deal with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues (LGBT), was accompanied by a heartfelt letter from the author describing the attacks she has come under in recent months.
Vatican denies encouraging gender theory with author letter
Missive to Francesca Pardi ‘was supposed to remain private’ 
(ANSA) – Vatican City, August 28 – The Vatican on Friday denied encouraging gender theory via a letter from Pope Francis to an author who writes about gay marriage. 
“In no way does the letter from the Secretariate of State mean to endorse behaviour and teachings not in line with the Gospel,” the Vatican press office said. 
It said the letter to Francesca Pardi, in response to a letter from her to the pope after Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro banned ‘gay’ books from the city’s schools, was meant to remain private, something which “unfortunately did not happen”.
“In no way does the letter from the Secretariate of State mean to endorse behaviour and teachings not in line with the Gospel ...”

You do realize that those words strung together in that order are not a denial of anything. 

I've never liked Pope Francis. But I've always believed him to be a sincere man.

Now I'm starting to believe he is a duplicitous scum of a human being.

I really hope more information comes out on the books that were sent to Pope Francis. I'll bet you one of the books in that collection deals with the children's sexual orientation.

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The Roterham Scandal - The Rape and Coverup of Thousands of Children in the UK

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Curt Schilling And Islam

On August 25 2015, Major League Baseball star Curt Schilling posted the Tweet below, which he deleted after approximately ten minutes and for which he apologized:

Because Schilling posted the above, ESPN pulled Schilling from the network's Little League World Series assignment.

Additional reading...Curt Schilling and the Death of Free Speech: He told the truth. He apologized. It still wasn’t enough.

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Islamic State takes new ground near Turkish border

Intense attacks began overnight and on Thursday morning IS fighters had mostly encircled the rebel-held town of Marea, some 20 km (12 miles) from the Turkish border, a rebel leader fighting against the group in the area said. 
Another insurgent commander battling Islamic State said his men were fighting back in earnest to stop the jihadists from taking Marea, in clashes that had killed at least two dozen fighters on each side. 
IS used "toxic gases" while shelling the town, he said. Medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres recently said it had treated a family from Marea suffering symptoms of exposure to chemical agents. 
The assault on Marea could prove disastrous for rebels fighting Islamic State, which has overrun swathes of Iraq and Syria over the past year. 
"If its progress continues, the northern countryside of Aleppo could fall," one rebel told Reuters. 
"If Marea falls, it means the fall of an important symbol of the groups fighting Daesh," he said, using an Arabic acronym for the group. 
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based group tracking the war, said IS had wrested control of five villages from other insurgents, including two near the Turkish border. 
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told Reuters on Monday his country and the United States would soon launch "comprehensive" air operations to flush IS fighters from the border region.
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French intelligence fears Islamist ‘missile strike on airliner’ or 9/11-style attack

French intelligence fears Islamist ‘missile strike on airliner’ or 9/11-style attack

Army prepares for civil unrest as Islamist threat grows amid fears of September 11-style attack or missile strike on passenger airliner
French security forces are bracing for the eventuality of civil unrest and fear there could be a missile strike on a passenger airliner or a September 11-style attack, according to sources close to French intelligence.
“Airlines have been warned of a possible attack on a plane with an anti-tank missile,” a source told The Telegraph. “But pilots are unsure how to take evasive action.”
After Friday’s thwarted attempt to massacre passengers on an Amsterdam-Paris train and a series of terrorist attacks and attempted killings in France this year, President François Hollande warned the nation to prepare for more violence, considered inevitable as the Islamist threat grows.
The army has made contingency plans for the “reappropriation of national territory”, meaning to win back control of neighbourhoods where the population become hostile to the security forces and where guns are easily obtainable, according to the source.

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Hey Jorge, You're Outta Here!

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Full Metal Jacket: The Culturist Implications

Here is my problem: I am promoting a culturist version of Darwinian literary studies and very few political activists see an urgent and vital connection between Darwinian literary studies and their patriotic cause.  Fortunately, Stanley Kubrick’s powerful Vietnam War film, Full Metal Jacket, makes the connection clear.

Kubrick’s film follows the career of one recruit ‘Joker’ (Matthew Bodine) go from boot camp to the war, wherein he works as a reporter / propagandist for the military newspaper.  In this position, Joker sardonically parodies the war. But, after the Tet offensive, the propaganda chief panics that newsman Walter Cronkite will go say the war is unwinnable.  At this point, the chief stops humoring Joker and sends him into combat.  
We all know how disagreement over the Vietnam War’s meaning tore up the United States.  But, we must also come to see the importance of narrative in current politics.  Black Lives Matter, foreign aid, and the resettling of refugees into the West are justified by a narrative that paints the West as having sins for which to atone.  These would all come to a halt if the publicly largely believed the West were a unique cultural gem that needed protection.

Famously, Full Metal Jacket portrays raw indoctrination in boot camp.  The opening shot shows the recruits getting their heads shaved: their old self is to die, so that they might be reborn.  The drill instructor then proceeds to call them ‘gay,’ ‘ladies,’ and ‘fat bodies,’ while mercilessly running them through drills and routines. This continues until the recruit called ‘fat body’ kills the drill instructor and himself. 

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ISIS Hacker Involved in Garland Attacks on Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Bosch Fawstin KILLED DEAD BY US DRONE STRIKE

A US drone strike in Syria Tuesday reportedly killed a fugitive British computer hacker who had become one of ISIS’ top online recruiters. 
The Wall Street Journal reported the death of Junaid Hussein late Wednesday, citing two people familiar with the operation. 
The officials said Hussein was killed by a targeted airstrike near the Syrian city of Raqqa, the de facto capital of ISIS’ self-proclaimed “caliphate.” 
Hussein was a native of Birmingham, England, who fled Britain for Syria in 2013 after serving prison time for hacking the email of a former aide to British Prime Minister Tony Blair and publishing Blair’s personal information online. 
Adopting the name Abu Hussain Al Britani, he repeatedly called for young, computer-literate Muslims to come to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. 
“You can sit at home and play call of duty or you can come here and respond to the real call of duty… the choice is yours,” Hussein tweeted in 2014, referencing the popular video game. 
In recent months, officials told the Journal that Hussein had tried to use social media to recruit would-be jihadis to carry out attacks against US service personnel. 
The paper reported that Hussein would frequently post the names, addresses and photos of US troops on his Twitter feed and urge his followers to find the serviceman or servicewoman and kill him or her. 
US officials believe Hussein was also involved in plotting terror attacks over this past July 4 holiday.
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Seven Mary Three

Water's Edge

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

US and Canada ONLY Developed Nations to Offer Birthright Citizenship, UK, France, Ireland Threw Out the Law

No European country grants birthright citizenship to any person born on its soil.
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EVEN more on the Iranian detente and a more moderate Iran

U.N. Nuclear Watchdog: Iran May Have Built Extension at Disputed Military Site

VIENNA (Reuters) – Iran appears to have built an extension to part of its Parchin military site since May, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said in a report on Thursday delving into a major part of its inquiry into possible military dimensions to Tehran’s past atomic activity.
A resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Parchin file, which includes a demand for IAEA access to the site, is a symbolically important issue that could help make or break Tehran’s July 14 nuclear deal with six world powers.
The confidential IAEA report, obtained by Reuters, said:
“Since (our) previous report (in May), at a particular location at the Parchin site, the agency has continued to observe, through satellite imagery, the presence of vehicles, equipment, and probable construction materials. In addition, a small extension to an existing building appears to have constructed.”
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More on the NEW DETENTE with a changed, happy Iran

Senior Iranian Official Says ‘Israel Must Be Annihilated’

The Iranian parliament speaker’s international affairs adviser has said that his country’s “ultimate slogan” is that “Israel should be annihilated.”

“Our positions against the usurper Zionist regime have not changed at all; Israel should be annihilated and this is our ultimate slogan,”

Hossein Sheikholeslam told reporters on Tuesday, Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency reported.
The Iranian official was protesting the British foreign secretary’s contention earlier this week that Iran’s position on Israel had changed.
According to past media accounts, Sheikholeslam was among those who took American diplomats hostage in Tehran in 1979.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly pointed to the Iranian leadership’s aspirations to destroy the Jewish state as one of several reasons he believes the Iran nuclear deal spearheaded by President Barack Obama is dangerous.Indeed, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei earlier this month tweeted his support for “resistance groups” fighting Israel, a euphemism for armed groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.
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Jorge Ramos’ Daughter Works For Hillary Clinton, Univision’s Chair Pledged ‘All Might’ To Help Hillary

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Christianity Is The Religion of War

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Hungarian police fire tear gas at migrants to prevent them leaving refugee processing centre

Hungarian police fire tear gas at migrants to prevent them leaving refugee processing centre
Hungarian security forces have fired teargas to prevent around 200 migrants leaving the country’s main refugee processing centre near the southern border with Serbia, a police spokesman says. 
Key points 140,630 migrants have crossed into Hungary this year Barbed wire, four-metre high fence used to stop refugees ‘Border hunters’ to patrol Hungary’s southern border Germany’s Angela Merkel booed by far-right protesters. 
The spokesman, Szabolcs Szenti, said police used the tear gas to disperse migrants who had refused to be fingerprinted and tried to leave the processing centre at Roszke near the southern border, along which Hungary is erecting a fence. 
“Police are trying to calm the situation, but the migrants are continuing to shout,” Mr Szenti said.

Bulgaria: Soldiers deployed to block refugees at Macedonian border
Dozens of heavily armed Bulgarian soldiers and a Humvee were deployed to the Macedonian border near the Gyueshevo checkpoint, Wednesday to prevent refugees and migrants entering the country.

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Samantha Power: “No religious beliefs justify throwing individuals off of buildings or stoning them to death because of who they love”

From Jihad Watch:

Samantha Power is Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations. At the first UN Security Council meeting on LGBT rights, she did the absolutely predictable thing: dissembled about the root causes of why the Islamic State persecutes gays. “No religious beliefs,” she asserted confidently, “justify throwing individuals off of buildings or stoning them to death because of who they love.”
Oh really? Here is a quote from a manual of Islamic law, al-Siyaasah al-Shar’iyyah, as reproduced atIslamQA.com:
Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Abbaas said: The highest point in the town should be found and the homosexual should be thrown head first from it, then stones should be thrown at him.
Ibn ‘Abbaas derived this hadd punishment from the punishment that Allaah sent upon the homosexuals of the people of Loot.
“Loot” is the Biblical figure Lot. When this says that the punishment of throwing homosexuals off high places and stoning them is derived from the punishment of Allah upon the homosexuals of the people of Lot, it is referring to this Qur’an passage:
“And Lot when he said to his people, ‘Do you commit such immorality as no one has preceded you with from among the worlds? Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women. Rather, you are a transgressing people.’ But the answer of his people was only that they said, ‘Evict them from your city! Indeed, they are men who keep themselves pure.’ So We saved him and his family, except for his wife; she was of those who remained. And We rained upon them a rain. Then see how was the end of the criminals.” (Qur’an 7:80-84)
This “rain” that Allah rained down upon them is generally understood by Islamic authorities as referring to a rain of stones, as per this Qur’an passage:
“By your life, indeed they were, in their intoxication, wandering blindly. So the shriek seized them at sunrise. And We made the highest part its lowest and rained upon them stones of hard clay. Indeed in that are signs for those who discern. And indeed, those cities are on an established road.” (Qur’an 15:72-76)
Samantha Power ignores this, and probably doesn’t know about it. But the Islamic State does.
“Making History: The First UN Security Council Meeting on LGBT Rights,” by Samantha Power,Medium.com, August 24, 2015 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):
…But crucial and unprecedented as this step is, condemning ISIL’s violent and systematic targeting of LGBT individuals is the easiest step we can take today. Because while today’s session is focused on the crimes against LGBT persons committed by ISIL, we know the scope of this problem is much broader. Consider the report released in June by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights — a report that found that thousands of people have been killed or brutally injured worldwide because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. According to the report, “the overall picture remains one of continuing, pervasive, violent abuse, harassment and discrimination affecting LGBT and intersex persons in all regions…often perpetrated with impunity.”
We are all horrified by ISIL’s videos of men being thrown to their death. But what is it about these crimes that so shocks our collective conscience? At its essence — it is the denial of a person’s most basic right because of who they are. It is ISIL deciding that, because of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, they do not deserve to live.
Yet if these crimes feel utterly unjust and wrong to us, we must also ask: Why is it acceptable to deny LGBT persons other human rights? Why should LGBT persons be imprisoned for who they are? Why should police be allowed to refuse to investigate attacks or threats against LGBT persons? Why should we accept LGBT persons being turned away from schools or jobs or social services because of who they love? The answer to all of these questions is the same: We should not accept it. But too often we do.
No religious beliefs justify throwing individuals off of buildings or stoning them to death because of who they love.
No cultural values excuse refusing to investigate a killing, assault or death threat because the victim is gay. These are not Western-imposed rights, or the North trying to force its values on the South.
Yet in too many parts of the world, denying LGBT rights is still seen as moral and just. Laws are used to criminalize LGBT persons, rather than to prosecute the people who violate their rights. That must change.
That change begins by working to stop attacks against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. And by taking steps to ensure that those who commit these heinous and brutal crimes are held accountable, whether the perpetrators belong to ISIL or police forces or are members of our own communities….
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Train Gunman Watched Jihadi Video Before Attack: French Prosecutor

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Humpday Blues

Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Born With A Broken Heart

Shotgun Blues

Shame, Shame, Shame

Midnight Rider

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It would be bad if Daniel Barenboim played music in Iran

The Israel-hating musician Barenboim might be allowed to enter Iran just so he can play philharmonics with a German group:
Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev demanded on Wednesday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel cancel talks of a possible performance in Tehran staged by the Berlin Philharmonic and its musical director, the world renowned pianist Daniel Barenboim.

Barenboim, the Argentinian-born Israeli, has earned a reputation in recent years as one of the harshest critics of government policies in the territories. [...]

"The conductor, Daniel Barenboim, a citizen of Israel, will perform in Iran together with the Berlin Philharmonic," Regev wrote. "Barenboim has taken an anti-Israel stance and he makes sure to slander Israel while using culture as leverage in order to state his political opinions against the State of Israel." [...]

"Daniel Barenboim's concert in Iran hurts Israel's efforts to prevent the nuclear agreement and boosts the delegitimization efforts against Israel," Regev wrote.

"Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism," she wrote. "It supports Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas, and its leaders have blood on their hands. I believe that Germany would do the right thing if it would cancel the performance."
That any German medium would willingly go to Iran at a time like this when they're still dominated by pure evil only says they haven't learned a true lesson. Their association with monsters like Barenboim speaks volumes.
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Mike Grell's uninformed view of Islam and Yugoslavian war

I found an old interview Westfield Comics did in late 2001 with artist/writer Mike Grell on the Internet Archive, from the time he'd written Iron Man for about a year - and a very poor job at that - where he wrote up a story that whitewashed Islam. It was in issue 50 of the second volume (post-Heroes Reborn), and what he had to say was pretty distasteful:
Westfield: What can we look forward to in upcoming issues?

Grell: Storywise, the angle I'm taking is I want to, first of all, deal with the character. To me, the stories are not necessarily secondary, but the character development itself is always the important thing and the stories build around the character. So, one of the first things that I'm doing is restoring the human frailty aspect of Tony Stark having to recharge his heart on a regular basis, or an irregular basis, which is even more alarming for him. Depending on how much energy he uses during the course of the day, he gets somewhere between a 24 and 48 hour charge on his heart before he begins to weaken. So we're adding that one aspect back into his character. Then, going on from there, one of the things that I'm dealing with is the fact that Tony's spent an awful long time involved in one aspect or another of weapons development. Basically what he's done is, he's developed this super powerful weapon that, if it were to fall into the wrong hands or if it were to be misapplied, could cause more harm than good. It's one thing when you're young and you're approaching things from an academic standpoint, more or less on the angle of a mental exercise, "can I do this?" as opposed to "should I do this?" It's quite another thing when something you might have developed in the past jumps up and bites you in the butt. That's the direction that I've taken him in the very first storyline that I'm doing. In issue #50, I'm very pleased to say, given the state of the world and everything else, I took the problems in Eastern Europe of Kosovo and Bosnia and rolled them into a situation with a character that I call Milos Radanovic (a very, very slight take off on Slobodan Milosevic), and put Tony Stark into the situation where he has to deal in a country where the leader is conducting ethnic cleansing, which is a thinly veiled term for genocide, against the Muslim population. At this stage in the game, given recent events, I think a lot of the readers are gonna be surprised and a little startled to find that my romantic lead in here is a Muslim woman, which I'm actually very pleased about. (Of course this story was written months before the 9/11 attack.) I took Tony over there with the express intent of separating him from his armor and forcing him to deal with the issues at hand as an ordinary man. The way the story develops from there, I think, is both logical and interesting for the reader to see what happens when a guy who's come to rely on this super powerful armor, this ace in the hole that he always has, is forced to deal with it on a one-to-one human basis.
Boy, this man sure didn't sound like he wanted to be informed at the time, and no telling if he's changed even now. Milosevic may not have been a saint, but if he thought the Serbians started the Yugoslavian war, he should take a look at the following info by Andy Wilcoxen:
...Alija Izetbegovic, the war-time President of the Bosnian-Muslims, and his Defense Minister, Hasan Cengic, were both outspoken jihadists.

Izetbegovic is the author of a book entitled the Islamic Declaration, which he wrote in 1970 and published in 1990. In his book, Izetbegovic advocates Sharia law, asserting that “the Islamic movement should and can, take over political power as soon as it is morally and numerically so strong that it can not only overturn the existing non-Islamic power, but also build up a new Islamic one.”

Izetbegovic brands Western feminists “a depraved element of the female sex” and says, “There can be neither peace nor coexistence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic social and political institutions.” Izetbegovic asserted that “means of mass influence — the press, radio, television and film — should be in the hands of people whose Islamic, moral, and intellectual authority is indisputable.” And he advocated banning “casinos, night clubs, dance halls and all other forms of entertainment incompatible with the moral tenets of Islam.”

In 1983, Izetbegovic and Cengic were tried and convicted by the Yugoslav authorities for attempting to incite an Islamist uprising similar to the Islamic Revolution that gripped Iran in 1979.

According to the 1983 trial judgment, “Alija Izetbegovic asserted that Islam must be a state system or social system in all countries where the population is Muslim, and that the necessary conditions should be created to turn Bosnia and Herzegovina into an Islamic republic with Islamic laws.”

The judgment also quoted Izetbegovic as saying “Our imams should be armed and they should interpret and apply Islam following the example of Iran’s Shiite imams.” The judgment quoted Cengic saying, “The goal of the Islamic revolution in our country is the creation of a unified Islamic state comprising the area of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sandzak, and Kosovo.”

The judgment went on to quote Cengic’s view that “Jihad should be pursued to its final outcome in order to exterminate the enemy and the infidels.” He said, “We should not wait for a challenge or a provocation. Muslims must invent a challenge. They must be the ones who produce the challenge, and the goal will then come by itself.”

Cengic believed that “The Muslims should be prepared for self-sacrifice to achieve their goals.” The judgment quoted him admonishing Muslims, “do not take an infidel as your friend. Do not be friends with your fathers or your brothers if they favor the absence of our faith.” He said, “A Muslim woman should not nurse the children of a non-Muslim woman. A Muslim cannot receive the blood of or give blood to a non-believer. Muslims must be superior to all others, and every effort should be made to create an environment in which everyone will be of pure Muslim blood.”
So who really started the war and held the most morally reprehensible visions? A few years ago, a Bosnian woman was arrested in Kentucky for torturing/murdering Serbs (H/T: Pamela Geller):
According to court documents, [Azra] Basic is charged with fatally stabbing a prisoner in the neck in 1992 during the bloody conflict in the Balkans.

Court documents accuse her of numerous other atrocities, including: Setting a prisoner ablaze, pulling out prisoners' fingernails with pliers, ripping off a man's ear with pliers and carving crosses and the letter "S" into another man's flesh.
The federal courts have ruled last month that Basic can be extradited for her repulsive crimes. Gee, these are the kind of people Grell thought were perfect saints? I lost respect for Grell after he penned his propaganda piece in Iron Man, which conflicts with the premise he wrote for Jon Sable, who witnesses the terrorist atrocities at the 1972 Munich Olympics in the titular series from the mid-80s. What if it turned out Grell even bought into all the anti-Israel propaganda depicting Israel as "aggressor" against the so-called palestinians? The PLO, the very terrorist gang who conducted the invasion at the Olympics, takes its name from the "race" even Golda Meir said was non-existent. I found his bragging about being "pleased" with the setup he wrote insulting too. He just proved himself another leftist who always goes for the easiest path.

Still, he got punished in a way: the overall writing in his run was very sloppy, including the storyline where Tony Stark unmasks and goes public about his identity as IM, which involved getting into armor so he could rescue a cat. IM is the kind of heroic role whose wearers like Tony I don't think should go public about their IDs. The run also saw a weak battle between Tony and the son of the Mandarin, who fought without rings. It was pretty lame too. And the unmasking was all but ignored soon after. Also, the story with the Muslim woman named Aisha (which was the name of the child bride of Muhammed), was soon forgotten too, though not before Grell insulted everyone's intellect. As noted, his run was only a year at best and then he was let go.

He also defended his angle in an interview posted at Alvaro's Comic Boards. First though, here's something he had to say about the delay of a new Jon Sable story:
Q: There was some potential movie stuff with your character Jon Sable, but then that got placed to the side due to 9-11 stuff. Has that situation changed?

A: Not anything right at this moment, but there is continued interest. Sept 11 did factor in there. We were close to a green light in March of 2001, and the company was trying to push production ahead in light of the potential Screen Actors Guild strike. They would have had to start shooting March 15 so that they could have it in the can to have it released in October of 2001, but when it became a tight fit, they decided that rather than rush it into production they would wait. If you saw some of the movies that came out around that time you can tell they were rushed and not great movies. They felt Sable was a good enough project that they wanted to spend the right amount of time on it so they put it on hold and planned to start shooting parts of it in October.

Then 9-11 happened and the funding for the features just evaporated. Lots of the capitalization was European and it just vanished, it wasn’t anything personal and it certainly wasn’t anything against the character. The producer, Gene Simmons of KISS, was a big admirer of Sable and loved the character for years and years and felt really bad that it happened, but Sable wasn’t the only project of his that got axed. So we are still looking.
And still are; I don't think there's ever been a Sable movie, and with the dominant politics today, there's no chance there ever will be. Now for the part about his propaganda part in IM:
Q: Does fan reactions and comments factor into what you decide to do with the titles you are on?

A: I think it effects the editors more than the writers, because when I have a character and story in mind--when I have formulated the plot and the relationships and decided the direction everything is going and begun that journey--by the time it gets to the fans I have already gone 5 steps beyond. My lead time on most of those stories was around 5 months. As a matter of fact issue 50, where I featured a Muslim woman as the primary romantic interest and made her into a reoccurring character, had nothing to do with 9-11. I had no political axe to grind whatsoever. In hindsight people would look at that and the timing- especially since the issue that followed that involved firefighters trapped in a burning building- and say, “It is all connected to 9-11”. Nothing could be further form the truth. It was a story line that was pursued for the drama of it and the development of the character. It had nothing to do with what was going on in the world because I was already so far ahead at that time. What the reader reaction does effect on a very quick ongoing basis is other directions publishing companies elect to take from the stand point of sales.
"Nothing to do with 9-11", yet everything to do with his perception of the Yugoslavian war, which was doubtlessly informed only by mainstream papers who long made up their minds they were on the side of the Islamofascists. It makes no difference whether it was before or after 9-11; what he wrote would've been ludicrous and galling anytime, and an insult to many innocent victims of jihad past and present. Grell did nothing more than reveal himself as somebody with a bad grip on reality and no interest in doing deeper research on challenging issues.

And interesting that a Jon Sable movie would be shelved, but his IM story was given full approval. This certainly says a lot about how mainstream editors (and film producers) are thinking. And it likewise tells how questionable Grell's view of the 1972 Olympic massacre could be. I hope he's learned his lesson since then. But chances are he didn't.
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Real Signs of DETENTE in a changing Iran

Iran unveils extended range Fateh ballistic missile
Iran has made significant progress in its ballistic missile programme if its new Fateh-313 ballistic missile has a range of 500 km as claimed.
The missile was unveiled during a 22 August Defence Industry Day ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani. The Iranian media reported that it has a range of 500 km, is highly accurate, has been successfully tested, and would enter mass production.
Despite the new designation, the Fateh-313 is a continuation of the Fateh-110 series. The early versions of the Fateh-110 had a range of 200 km, but this was extended to 250 km and then supposedly 300 km for the third-generation model that was unveiled in August 2010. The fourth-generation Fateh-110-D1 unveiled in August 2012 was said to have a more accurate guidance system, but the same range.
A 67% increase in range from 200 km to 500 km would be a major step forward for Iran’s missile programme. It would allow Iran to target more military facilities in the Arab Gulf states with solid-fuel short-range ballistic missiles, allow targets to be attacked from different angles, and/or increase the amount of Iranian territory from where the missiles could be launched, making their transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicles harder to locate and destroy.
Given that Iran claims to have developed an anti-ship missile variant of the Fateh-110, the unveiling of the Fateh-313 raises the possibility that it will be able to field an anti-ship ballistic missile with a range of 500 km.
The limited amount of imagery of the Fateh-313 suggests it is the same size as the Fateh-110. If this is the case, the additional range must have been achieved by improving the missile’s flight characteristics so it benefits from more aerodynamic lift; using a more powerful and efficient propulsion system; and/or reducing its weight, with the most obvious savings coming from decreasing the size of its warhead and constructing its airframe from a lighter material.
The available photographs of the Fateh-313 displayed on 22 August shows the missile is different in several aspects to previously displayed Fateh-110s. The rear fins are shorter and the finlets in front of them are a different shape.
The guidance unit appears to be larger, but this has come at the expense of the nose section that carries the warhead, not the propulsion section. This would suggest the Fateh-313’s payload is less than that of Fateh-110, which is generally said to be 500 kg.
In one of the photographs the Fateh-313’s nose cone appears to be made of a composite material that is different from the metallic material used for the rest of the missile’s body, but that could be attributable to the use of a dummy warhead section for the ceremony.
President Hassan Rouhani and other senior Iranian officials stand in front of a Fateh-313 during the missile’s unveiling ceremony. (Iranian President’s Office)
President Hassan Rouhani and other senior Iranian officials stand in front of a Fateh-313 during the missile’s unveiling ceremony. (Iranian President’s Office)
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