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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dennis Prager: The Iran Deal

(Hat tip to Mustang of A Texas View)

Excellent analysis:

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""He said that raping me is his prayer to God." -- ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Repeateldly RAPED US Hostage Kayla Mueller

Religion of Animals

Rapist as Prayer Warrior.

I wonder if Muslims will get up in arms about this?

Or maybe they will just worry about a "backlash".

The Islamic State’s barbaric boss treated American hostage Kayla Mueller as his personal sex slave before she died earlier this year, according at a report published Friday. 
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi repeatedly raped and tortured the 26-year-old Arizona aid worker while she was being held captive in Syria, counter-terrorism officials told ABC News. 
"We were told Kayla was tortured, that she was the property of al-Baghdadi," Kayla's parents, Carl and Marsha Mueller, told ABC News. 
The shadowy Al-Baghdadi went so far as to personally delivered Mueller to the home of ISIS commander Abu Sayyaf, officials said. 
On multiple occasions, Al-Baghdadi returned to the house where Mueller was imprisoned to sexually assault her, the officials told ABC News. 
She was inadvertently killed when the US launched a missile strike at an ISIS site; ISIS sweetly sent over the pictures of her dead body. It seems that death might have been a welcome release. 
Meanwhile, this ghastly story at PJ Media, quoting the New York Times, is worse. 
"He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God... He said that raping me is his prayer to God." 
These extraordinary statements come from girls who were kept as sex slaves by jihadis of the Islamic State, as reported in a lengthy and revealing New York Times piece that was published Thursday. 
Not only does the piece illustrate the horrifying ordeal that Yazidi and other non-Muslim women endure --most surprisingly -- the article explains in detail how these monsters believe they are pleasing their bloodthirsty god by destroying these girls. 
Reported the Times' Rukmini Callimachi: In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her -- it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted.  
"He said that raping me is his prayer to God."

Tammy Swofford adds -
Two separate texts in my personal library address the issue of "concubinage" during time of war. These concepts were the kalam (creed) of a nascent Islamic State. The actions of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi are not misinterpretation, rather application, of Islamic text. They are not "narrow interpretation" (as being reported by one media outlet) but rather, broadly understood application of the same. Rape of female captives, and the slave trade of the same, were common practice in the seventh century Islamic cradle . The booty of war was divided among Islamic men with the booty skimmed off the top by a man who called himself "the praised one". 
I have discussed this issue with two Islamic lawyers. One man is part of an Islamic Tribunal. The second, received his law degree from Damascus. These rulings are applicable in a modern age. There was no backing down, when I pressed hard for a logical explanation. The age of nine years was also given as a legal age for men to have intercourse with little girls. In discussing the issue of childhood female genitalia, pelvic girth, possible tissue damage - there was no clear means of reconciling issues of physical trauma induced from childhood rape. 
You cannot tamper with "divine revelation" according to these men. Logic is thrown out the window. Logic is trumped by Allah. As a Christian, I am required to speak the truth with love. When speaking with the lawyers, my love for little girls was met with a cold and harsh reality. What kind of a man and what kind of a God? These are the questions which must be asked when sorting out the story of a praying rapist. 
Tammy Swofford
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The Federalist:

Megyn Kelly Shows How Low Our Political Discourse Has Sunk
We should return to the debate formats of Lincoln's day.
Since presidential debates started in 1960, the journalists who are supposed to “moderate” them have increasingly set the agenda and determined the substance of what the public sees. In the first 2016 presidential debate, Fox News’ “moderators” focused on what might embarrass candidates rather than on their record or proposals. Also, they indulged the Republican Establishment’s animus against its least favorite candidate. Though this made for an exciting show, the biggest loser was the public’s interest in understanding candidates and issues. The public interest would be best served were candidates to question one another. That’s how it was done in Lincoln’s day. We could and should get back to that.
Choosing the president of the United states on the basis of short answers to questions formulated or chosen by journalists was always a bad idea. It has only gotten worse. Limited to two minutes, as in the League Of Women Voters debates (Fox’s limit was one minute answers and 30 second rebuttals) the candidates can only reprise their canned talking points or the cleverish ads that are the foul staples of modern campaigns. Such parodies of debates demean the candidates, and all of us who watch. Along with the candidates, we the people become pawns in a game between the political consultants, the “moderators,” and the commentators who then tell us who played best.

The Myth Of The Moderator

Because no one ever doubted that “moderators” would influence the outcome of presidential debates, much effort went into giving the impression that the persons chosen were such as whom all would consider objective and super partes. Trust in the media’s impartiality, however, had vanished long before “moderator” Candy Crowley helped Barack Obama sustain a lie in 2012’s second presidential debate by instantly and counterfactually “fact checking” Mitt Romney. How, not whether, Mainstream Media “moderators” push the agendas of the Democratic Establishment they represented is the only question. Indeed, by 2012 it was difficult to avoid the sense that the media, Fox News included, was focusing negative coverage on the most conservative candidate who happened to be leading in the polls at any given time.
A public official’s oath, after all, is to “the Constitution of the United States,” not to party bosses.
So, as Megyn Kelly’s team prepared for the first debate of the 2016 cycle, and as trumping Donald Trump’s challenge to the Republican Establishment became that Establishment’s overriding concern, it was clear that Fox’s “moderators” would be the most intrusive ever, and that their push of their employers’ agenda and their “take down” of their least favorite candidate would be explicit. In both regards, the Fox team broke new ground and established precedents that should lead us to scrap the post 1960 format.
The team began by demanding that whoever might not support the Republican Party’s eventual nominee raise his hand. Who, one wonders, empowered these “moderators” to demand an oath of loyalty to the Party hierarchy? A public official’s oath, after all, is to “the Constitution of the United States,” not to party bosses. Then came questions to the candidates that were one version another of “when did you stop beating your wife?” Donald Trump, first target for elimination, was baited particularly. Next time, it will be someone else’s turn. The time after that, yet PAGE 1 another’s. Fox News’ treatment of presidential candidates has less to do with public policy than with the extent to which they match the Republican Establishment. This differs from the rest of the media’s treatment of politics only to the diminishing extent to which the Democratic and Republican Establishments differ.

Why ‘The Establishment’ Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Meanwhile, as the American people have become increasingly estranged from both Establishments, they look for someone, anyone, who takes seriously their concern with issues that these Establishments, jointly, have taken out of political play. These issues are big, heavy, and not articulable in sound bites.
The Fox News debate showed the depths to which our political discourse has sunk.
What shall we do about immigration laws, many of which are not even enforced, that are changing this country’s way of life? What shall we do about a financial system that manufactures literally trillions dollars and channels them through banks and other institutions in ways that benefit a few while putting us all at risk? Is it a good idea to redefine marriage? That seems to have happened. Shouldn’t we have a say in that? Did any of us vote to treat unborn babies as humans for the purposive harvesting their hearts and livers but not human for the purpose of letting them be killed in the first place? Why and how have such questions been taken out of our hands as citizens? Is it not our right and duty to take them back? Such questions demand consideration in depth ­ jointly by candidates and by citizens.
The Fox News debate showed the depths to which our political discourse has sunk and that its epitome, the presidential debates ­sound bites orchestrated by inevitably biased “moderators”­ is irremediable.
Any candidate possessed of enough testosterone could distinguish himself by withdrawing from any further such shows and declaring his intention of challenging opponents to Lincoln-­Douglas style debates for the broadcast of which he would raise the cash. Might enough citizens support restoring American politics to the intellectual and moral level of 150 years ago?


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Friday, August 14, 2015

Arthur Blythe Trio
Lenox Avenue Breakdown

Faceless Woman

Night Song

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ISIS Kidnaps Priest, Cuts Him into Pieces and Sends Him Back Home in a Box

From the Christian Post:
Hundreds of kidnapped Arab Christians have been ransomed, tortured, beheaded and killed over the past year, including a priest who was chopped into pieces, in attempts to raise funds for radical Islamic terror groups and to strike fear into the hearts of Christians across the Middle East and throughout the world. 
“Christians have become a form [of] currency in this tragedy,” John Newton told The Christian Post. Newton is spokesman for Catholic relief agency Aid to the Church in Need. 
“I know of one priest who was kidnapped for two months … they asked for a ransom of $120,000, which the family managed to raise and deliver. … But hours later, the priest was killed and his body cut up, with pieces of him sent in a box to the family.” 
The process of trying to free kidnapped priests poses a difficult challenge. In many cases, Christian organizations are left in the dark with little information on who the kidnappers are or where the victims are being held. 
The Syriac-Orthodox and Greek-Orthodox Metropolitans of Aleppo, Archbishops Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yazigi, were kidnapped on the road between Aleppo and the Turkish border in April 2013. 
At the time they had been negotiating for the release of two other priests, Michael Kayyal and Maher Mahfouz, who were themselves kidnapped in February 2013. 
“No one knows who took the archbishops, nor what their fate was, but the two priests they were trying to free have since been executed,” explained Newton. 
Catholic Franciscan Priest Dhiya Aziz is another clergyman who was kidnapped by armed men in the Idlib Province of Syria last month. 
He was released a few days later; however, the whereabouts of his companions, Catholic Priest Jacques Mourad and a colleague kidnapped with him, are still unknown. 
In 2006, Catholic Priest Father Douglas Bazi was kidnapped by Islamists who struck his back, broke one of his legs, shot him, punched his teeth out, and deprived him of water for four days until a ransom was paid. 
He understands the trauma that many families have experienced and how stress and depression can deprive people of hope.
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Satmar overlord sides with Iran

One of the Satmar leaders opened his big mouth again:
The Satmar Rebbe, Reb. Zalman from Williamburg, strongly condemned Israel’s Haredi parties as being responsible for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign against the Iran nuclear deal.

“The Haredim are responsible for the program of incitement the Prime Minister is running against the President [Barack Obama],” the Rebbe told his followers at the anniversary of the passing of the Dvrei Yoel of Satmar, in the village of Kiryas Joel, Monroe, Tuesday evening.

“It is extremely blasphemous that the whole world knows observant Jews are those who stand behind the Prime Minister and provoke the nations, in the program that he runs horribly against the exalted American president,” the Rebbe asserted. “While the prime minister came to speak against the US president’s in his speech in Congress, the Haredim in Israel worked to create a coalition with him. The Haredi parties bear the direct responsibility for provoking all the world leaders, and puts Klal Yisroel in grave danger.”

“American Jewish politicians who claim to represent the Haredim in the United States are going to lobby Senators and Congressmen to vote against the president. While all generations knew and demanded the good of the government, even when governments in those days were not so good for the Jews, even more so for a country like the US which is good for the Jews. How can you wage war against the president? ” he asked.
Funny he's got a problem with those political parties when they follow the same socialist path as he does. And downright offensive he's backing Iran by proxy, because his complaints are part of the reason why Iran's been able to get as far as they have: cowardice and victim-blaming.

And no doubt, the Satmar clan must've given their bloc-vote to Obama in the last 2 elections. Pure disgraces they are.
The 26th day of the month of Av marks the 36th yarhtzeit of the Satmar Rebbe, Reb Yoilish, who was also known by the moniker “The Anti-Zionist Admor.” Reb Yoel fought with strength and determination against the Zionist establishment and its partners, viewing it as a detriment to the coming of Moshiach and the root of all evil in this world.

His older brother, the Satmar Rebbe, Reb. Aharon from Kiryas Joel, also addressed the debate over the Iran deal. In a speech to his followers on Tuesday, the rebbe said that while he had not studied the deal, it is not incumbent upon religious Jews to have a say on how Congress would vote on the deal. “If the agreement gets rejects and we are forced to go to war, who if not us will be blamed for the military casualties?” he asked.
Of course, it's just like somebody of his kind not to study these deals with the devil; he probably didn't even get any copies. And it's just like him to fall back on victim-blaming. They're only doing their damndest to ensure danger will strike in the worst ways possible.
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Email Probe Includes Hillary Clinton Top Aide Huma Abedin

Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin is already a person of interest to investigators, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch to learn more about her highly irregular employment arrangements at the State Department, and her possible abuse of paid leave time.
Among the many eyebrow-raising features of the Abedin story is the State Department’s assertion that she simply never received multiple requests, sent both electronically and by surface mail, to hand over all of the government documents in her possession.
This is one of the most famous women in Washington – once a celebrated rising star, groomed to be Hillary’s Mini-Me, a duchess in the Clinton royal court, subject of a hundred fawning profiles in political and pop-culture magazines – and the Obama Administration claims it could not successfully send her a letter. Furthermore, it’s a letter they shouldn’t have to send. Why do Clinton and her persons of hench think they can sit on documents belonging to the American people for as long as they please?
Vlad Tepes blog comments:
This may lead square into the awful truth of this administration.
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ISIS releases hitlist of British Foreign Office and council officials online

ISIS (Islamic State) claim to have hacked the personal information of hundreds of military, political and diplomatic personnel and released it online in a reported ‘hitlist’.
The list, in the form of a spreadsheet and shared by the so-called ‘Islamic State Hacking Division’, contains the private details of 1,400 individuals.
In a shocking warning to those named, an accompanying message reads:  ‘Know that we are in your emails and computer systems, watching and recording your every move, we have your names and addresses, we are in your emails and social media accounts.’
‘We are extracting confidential data and passing on your personal information to the soldiers of the khilafah, who soon with the permission of Allah will strike at your necks in your own lands!’

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“Today, no Arab feels safe in his country, ironically, the sole exceptions are Palestinians in the West Bank because they know Israel will defend them if ISIS attacks.”

This is how a prominent Arab writer, Walid Abimerchid, started his latest newspaper column last week, going on to describe a “growing fatigue with the whole Palestine issue.”

Even in Gaza, most people secretly believe that Israel is their ultimate protection against ISIS fighters trying to strike roots in the Sinai

Even WEIRDER by far….

“Today, it is Iran and not Israel the Arabs ought to worry about,” says Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, leader of the Afghan Hizb Islami (Islamic Party) who was sheltered, financed and armed by Tehran for decades.

ps - Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is the former Prime Minister of Afghanistan and founder and active leader of the Hezb-e Islami political party, and a designated “global terrorist” by the United States.
Not surprisingly, Iran’s leaders try to keep the Palestine issue on the front burner by casting themselves as the “liberators of Jerusalem.”
That was the theme of the “Jerusalem Day” events last week presided over by President Hassan Rouhani and inaugurated with a message from “Supreme Guide” Ali Khamenei. Both men promised to “liberate Palestine” and wipe Israel off the map.
But their show attracted less attention than at any time in the past 30 years. The Khomeinist regime’s TV station in Tehran complained that global media had ignored “Jerusalem Day” but could hardly restrain its jubilation when reporting a small pro-Iran gathering in Jerusalem itself, where some posters of Khamenei were distributed among visitors to the Al Aqsa Mosque.
The Khomeinists missed the irony of Israel being the only government in the Middle East, outside Iran itself, to allow such a demonstration.
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Al Qaeda Leader Pledges Allegiance To New Taliban Chief

Wow! Big news. And it's nowhere in the MSM. Nowhere!

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ISIS Organizing Small Armies Inside America

From Investors:
The FBI's arrest of a group of New Jersey and New York Muslims trying to organize a "small army" for the Islamic State leaves little doubt we are facing a full-blown Islamic insurgency inside our borders. According to a just-released federal criminal complaint, five young Muslim men tied to IS were busted conspiring to recruit a small army for the terror group in New Jersey and New York. 
The busts bring to 70 the number of IS-inspired terrorists arrested in this country in homeland plots. 
Meantime, the FBI reports that all 56 of its field offices have active investigations against other IS suspects. 
It's now clear we're besieged by a Fifth Column. Yet the White House fatuously insists these are unrelated, unconnected, isolated, one-off "lone wolf" incidents. 
Federal agents don't see it that way. They see all these "lone wolves" running in the same religious pack.
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The BIG MISS in Foreign Affairs, a Middle East KRAZY-NATO

Why Are Jordanian F-16s Suckling Gas From Israeli Tankers On Way To U.S.?
Foxtrot Alpha’s contacts in Europe have noticed some interesting movements heading west out of the Middle East. Apparently, five Israeli Air Force F-15C/Ds and five F-15Is, along with five Jordanian Air Fore F-16s, have been dragged across the Mediterranean to Lajes Field by Israeli Air Force KC-707 Tankers.

Although Israel and Jordan are security partners, having Jordanian F-16s ferried around the world by Israeli tanker aircraft, and alongside IAF F-15s, seems to indicate a new level of military cooperation operation between the two nations. This development comes shortly after the news that Israel has donated AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters to Jordan to be used for border security and against ISIS threats.
So when we are told there is no alternative EXCEPT WAR to the Iran nuke deal, a deal executed with the CLEAR tacit permission for Iran to be a nuke power on day 3651, and to take over the US position as the killer of the salafi freak organizations throughout the middle east in the meantime….
there is a GOOD ONE. But it’s one a risk averse population would not elect a risk averse man to carry out.

But never mind that, it is the PRESIDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to act for the safety of the American people, and that safety is maximized by MINIMIZING the power and influence of the mullahs of Iran, and keeping them concerned with themselves.

That is achieved by helping to align and organize, Israel, Jordan, KSA, UAE, Oman, and Egypt (at the least) AND THE KURDS - to both threaten overtly and covertly Iranian goals and in a single unified (certainly for that purpose only) FORMAL alliance. This is a diplomatic, and military goal worthy of the kind of effort that was expended with Iran to NO GAIN in actual policy changes.

At the worst Israel and the Kurds would be left together, and let the Turks DEAL.

Why is it that this kind of ACTIVE, PRO-AMERICAN, PRO-ALLY effort is never made?

Even if we failed at this, we would leave behind tacit, organized contacts for these nations to act in a coordinated manner, to DESTROY the mullah lead genocidal and racist government we have instead organized with OURSELVES to allow them to PURSUE all their regional and WORLD goals while convincing ourselves with all the power of denial we are doing some kind of good.
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Servergate Heating Up: Tech Company That Maintained Hillary’s Server Was Sued For ‘Illegally Accessing’ Database And ‘Taking Over White House Military Advisers’ Phone Numbers’

Hillary!!! What difference does it make?

From the Daily Mail:
The Internet company used by Hillary Clinton to maintain her private server was sued for stealing dozens of phone lines including some which were used by the White House. Platte River Networks is said to have illegally accessed the master database for all US phone numbers. 
It also seized 390 lines in a move that created chaos across the US government. 
Among the phone numbers which the company took – which all suddenly stopped working – were lines for White House military support desks, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy, a lawsuit claims. 
Others were the main numbers for major financial institutions, hospitals and the help desk number for T2 Communications, the telecom firm which owned them. 
A lawsuit filed on behalf of T2 claims that the mess took 11 days to fix and demands that Platte River pay up $360,000 in compensation. 
The claims raise questions about the competence of Platte River, which is based in Denver, Colorado, to handle Mrs Clinton’s highly sensitive personal information while she was Secretary of State. 
The Secretary of State’s emails would have been potentially a target for foreign espionage. 
Mrs Clinton installed the system at her home in Chappaqua, upstate New York, and did not even have an official email address until the year she left office. 
Earlier this week it emerged that she has handed over the server to the FBI which is investigating her and a number of her top aides. 
Mrs Clinton acted after the Inspector General for the intelligence community said that he had found four emails that were stored on it were classified and two of those were Top Secret, the highest level of classification.
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More and more heading to The Church


Food banks struggle to meet surprising demand

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Food banks across the country are seeing a rising demand for free groceries despite the growing economy, leading some charities to reduce the amount of food they offer each family.
U.S. food banks are expected to give away about 4 billion pounds of food this year, more than double the amount provided a decade ago, according to Feeding America, the nation's primary food bank network. The group gave away 3.8 billion in 2013.
While reliance on food banks exploded when the economy tanked in 2008, groups said demand continues to rise year after year, leaving them scrambling to find more food.
"We get lines of people every day, starting at 6:30 in the morning," said Sheila Moore, who oversees food distribution at The Storehouse, the largest pantry in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and one where food distribution has climbed 15 percent in the past year.
Across the country in Gloucester, Massachusetts, The Open Door food pantry has given away 7.6 percent more food this summer than last, said the organization's executive director, Julie LaFontaine.
"There's always a real hustle and bustle," she said. "People coming and going."
James Ziliak, who founded the Center for Poverty Research at the University of Kentucky, said the increased demand is surprising since the economy is growing and unemployment has dropped from 10 percent during the recession to 5.3 percent last month.
However, many people who have found jobs are working only part-time or for low wages, and others have stopped looking for work.
"People who have low-wage jobs, who aren't receiving regular raises, are finding those earnings stretched thin," Ziliak said.
The drop in food stamp rolls by nearly 2.5 million people from recession levels could be contributing to the food bank demand, he said, because people who no longer qualify for the government aid may still not earn enough to pay their bills.
According to the U.S. Labor Department, wages and salaries rose only 0.2 percent in the second quarter of the year.
Feeding America spokesman Ross Fraser said a recent study by his organization estimated that 46 million people sought food assistance at least once in 2014.
Feeding America, which coordinates large food donations for 199 food banks nationwide, has seen donations of food and money to the Chicago-based organization climb from $598 million in 2008 to $2.1 billion in 2014. The group coordinates donations from larger retailers, like Walmart, while local food banks also seek food from smaller businesses and buy groceries with donated money.
The recession helped boost public awareness of food banks, which helped increase donations but also may account for more people seeking assistance.  
Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Food Banks, who has been working in food charities since the 1980s, said that when earlier economic downturns ended, food demand declined, but not this time.
"People keep coming earlier and earlier, they're standing in line, hoping they're get there before the food runs out," Hamler-Fugitt said.
In Iowa, two years of 20 percent increases in demand forced the Des Moines Area Religious Council Food Pantry Network on Aug. 1 to reduce the food given out at its 12 pantries from a four-day supply to three.
The council's executive director, the Rev. Sarai Schnucker Rice, said Iowa's low unemployment rate, at 3.7 percent, hasn't made a difference.
"The economy is really not getting better for low-income people," Rice said.
That includes Peggy Bragg, 56, of Des Moines, who has been out of work for months. Bragg, who lives with her daughter, says the pantry bridges the gap for four or five days a month when no money is left for food.
"I know what people go through," she said. "You have to choose between food and bills."
In Fort Smith, Arkansas, the monthly food giveaways at a local park by the River Valley Regional Food Bank draw about 1,000 families.
"When people are willing to stand in 100 degree weather for hours, that tells you something," said Ken Kupchick, the food bank's marketing director.
Demand is growing even in areas with booming economies, such as Austin, Texas.
Hank Perrett, president and chief executive officer of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, said the influx of new residents has been part of the problem, pushing up housing prices. Low-skill jobs often pay $10 an hour or less.
"It's impossible to live that way in Austin, Texas," said Perrett, whose group has doubled the size of its operation to meet the surging demand.


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(Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana)
Hungry Ghost

Sleeping Giant

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China Explosion Footage - With Extra Scary Sauce

Are Americans drunk or high all the time, no matter where they go in the world?

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hillary Handed Over Blank Server To FBI

From the Washington Examiner:
Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, now in possession of the Justice Department, contains no data from her time as secretary of state. The emails it once contained were shifted onto a different server in June 2013 after Clinton tapped a Denver company to manage the system, according to a report from the Washington Post. 
Platte River Networks assumed responsibility for the controversial email network after Clinton left her State Department post in 2013. 
The FBI visited Platte River’s offices last week as part of its investigation into the arrangement. The technology firm transferred the server Clinton had used to host government communications from the basement of her Chappaqua, N.Y., home to a data center in New Jersey, where the FBI ultimately acquired the now-blank server late Wednesday afternoon.
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Islamic State Using Rape as Recruiting Tool and Points to the Koran for Justification

From PJM:
Just when you think Islamic State can’t do anything that would outrage civilized humanity any more than we already are, along comes this story in the New York Times that goes into excruciating detail about how rape is being used to recruit ISIS members and the twisted justification for it that ISIS says comes directly from the Koran. 
The report also details how the sex slave market works — its bureaucracy, its logistics, and its organization. 
The article starts with a horrific description of an ISIS fighter raping a 12 year old girl.
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Nail The 95 Piles of Feces To The Door

Jim Hoft comments:
Catholics are starting to push back against the Communist direction of the Church.
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The Islamic Mind vs. The Church/White Guilt/Colonialism/White Man's Burden

The Muslims Are Restless***

Four thoughts. The first three from commenters at Gates of Vienna:

From Rita Malik:
I am an Iranian ex-pat, and I want to tell you my perspective on these issues as an outsider to Western culture: 
As I have observed you Westerners now for close to twenty years that I have lived amongst you, I have learned that you are a people that think you are responsible for all the things that go on in the world. 
You are obsessively solution-oriented people, which means you think for any problem that we have in this world, there must be a solution, and you implement various solutions to international problems that you see around you. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. 
You also are a highly responsible people, and when even the slightest thing goes wrong, you are very angry and indignant about it and you quickly want to find the one responsible for it and punish him. You quickly look for someone to sue. 
Being a guilt-oriented culture (as oppose to shame- and honour- oriented) also you are very quick to take responsibility when you feel (real or imagined) that you did something wrong and quickly start to beat your chests in a public mea culpa and engage in proverbial self-flagellation. 
All of the above make you incapable of understanding people from my neck of the woods, and your and our tendencies have made a really toxic combination on the world stage. 
Why? Because we in the Middle East are a very irresponsible and fatalistic lot. When things go wrong for us (as they often do) we never fuss too much over why they went wrong. We expect things to go wrong all the time as part of the natural process of things, and when they do we don’t try to find the guilty party to sue him. Analysis and self-reflection and making sure it will never happen again and stuff like that are highly alien activities to us. 
Unless of course what went wrong causes us shame and embarrassment, in which case we will do anything possible to deflect blame from ourselves, especially if we have a hunch that it actually was our fault. We will make a lot of noise, give lots of excuses and engage in a lot of blame-shifting. We roll up in a fetal position and pretend that we are actually the prime victims of what went wrong, all the while knowing full well that we have caused the damned thing to go wrong ourselves! 

All of that dysfunctional behaviour is highly exacerbated if there is a willing person (or country or culture) who is gladly taking all the blame for our behaviour on himself and has the peculiar tendency to totally disregard our role in what went wrong. 
Now this toxic mix applies to the politics and wars in the Middle East and in the Third World in general in this following way: 
We in the Middle East have a problem. For example we have a brutal dictator like Saddam. Then you see that we are suffering and people are being tortured in his prison and you wonder how you could help. Then Saddam invades Kuwait. You decide, enough is enough, and attack and free Kuwait, but you decide not to go all the way in and remove Saddam. Then Saddam, angrier than ever, lashes out even more at his own people and kills lots of dissidents and gasses the Kurds. 
Now all of this becomes your fault, because you didn’t finish the job and didn’t remove Saddam. Then Saddam continues his bad behaviour and now he is even trying to develop WMDs. This time you say, enough is enough, and you go in and remove him. You offer democracy and financial aid on a platter to the Iraqis. Now in post-Saddam Iraq, Shias and Sunnis start to fight and chaos starts to reign, and no matter how much you try you cannot properly pacify the country. 
So now all of this chaos becomes your fault. Everybody says that you should not have intervened and removed Saddam because even though he was brutal, he was keeping everyone in line and preventing Shias and Sunnis from killing each other. So now what do you do? You say OK! Enough is enough, we leave and won’t intervene again because we just made a mess. So you pull out your troops, and now what? The Shia vs. Sunni fight is exacerbated, and even war and chaos spreads to the rest of the region. In Syria you decided not to intervene and now ISIS has taken over. So now you assume that the rise of ISIS was somehow your fault as well. But had you actually intervened and tried to put in a regime that was a bit more manageable than ISIS, you would have been blaming yourself for having installed a puppet regime that would predictably torture everyone and make people miserable and want to leave their country. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t seems to be the destiny of any policy that you pursue in the Third World. 
People are still blaming the West for not having intervened in Rwanda in the ’90s when 800,000 people were killed, while simultaneously blaming the West for intervening in Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere. 
In all of these blame and regrets one thing is missing: assigning responsibility to the people of the Third World themselves, who are actually the primary causes of the chaos and mayhem in their own countries. As if we are passive objects that if you push the wrong button in us we will inevitably act in a certain way. The West was notat fault for the genocide in Rwanda! The Rwandans were! The West is not at fault for the chaos in the Middle East, we Middle Easterners are! We are the ones who have a bloodlust and long to shed each other’s blood for silly reasons. Your “failure” to stop us from destroying ourselves IS NOT YOUR FAULT!! We are a confusing and hard to deal with lot! Please get that!! 
In dealing with us, the people of the Middle East, you have had, and will have one long series of lose-lose options. There are no win-lose options! None! When dealing with irresponsible and bloodthirsty cultures you cannot have good outcomes, no matter how much you wrack your heads and try to come up with a policy that would work and bring peace and prosperity to us. It will not happen! We are the ones who have to change and do some self-reflection and soul-searching in order to maybe… just maybe, learn to be a bit more civilised! 
Meanwhile, all that I ask of you is that, whether you decide to intervene or not in our affairs, keep your expectation of the outcome low. Accept no responsibility for the outcome. Put the blame for the negative outcome of whatever policy you pursued where it belongs (on us!) so that we won’t have the chance to save face despite our countries’ being in an embarrassing mess, and feel like victims when we should be soul-searching. And, for the sake of anything that you hold holy and dear, please don’t wreck your nice and orderly and civilised societies and advanced cultures by taking millions of refugees, in order to save us from the mess that has nothing to do with you and came about despite your best efforts, that we have caused with our own hands, and given half the chance, we will cause in your countries as well as soon as we settle down here, or even sooner!
 The second:
MC in Sderot: The ‘Christian white male’ is guilty until proven innocent, this is the ‘prime directive’ of the federation. Think of a new National Socialism but on a worldwide scale, but for Jews and Slavs, substitute the ‘Christian white male’ ( It is difficult to see the problem clearly when you ARE the problem, because YOU caused all the wars, and YOU stole all the resources….). 
So what will be the final solution to the ‘Christian white male’ problem? Well, we get the white male ‘Judenrat/papacy’ to collaborate by collating and assigning all white Christian males to economic ‘debt’ ghettos, we then bankrupt/liquidate each ghetto piecemeal, and in turn, replacing the ‘Christian white males’ with the more desirable brown or black pagan males. 
Problem solved, world peace reigns…..
Second third:
I have noticed the collective western narcissism which used to manifest itself as imperialism (“we are superior, so lets invade all these mismanaged areas as bring our superior order to those places”) and now tend to manifest as some sort of colonialist guilt which works like this: We are superior, all powerful, and everything revolves around us, so if there is a problem in the world then we are guilty 
because either: 
1) we didn’t do anything to stop it or 
2) we must have caused it ourselves 
This attitude is common at universities where every single conflict or problem anywhere is blamed on “colonialism”. In other words, white people must have caused all problems. 
About 2 years ago met a girl who was an “International Studies” major about to graduate She was from a wealthy family, and had even lived in different countries. I asked her why she majored in international studies. Did she want to work for the state department? 
No. She wanted to go negotiate peace between groups in Africa. She had been there to see the dead bodies. 
She started talking about some essay she had written and I mentioned: “you know, these sorts of conflicts have been going on there for thousands of years.” She immediately had nothing more to say, probably because this would involve a politically incorrect discussion about how every problem in Africa might not be caused by white people, but various cultural problems might be present there. 
I imagine that the people in Africa that she was talking about would be laughing their [nether regions] off at the idea of some white princess showing up to negotiate peace. I mean, what does some white girl have to do with anything? Then if she did show up they’d be thinking this person has nothing to do with this, but maybe we can exploit this situation somehow to better achieve our objectives, crush our enemies, etc. 
With no structural-functional understanding of what was going on, her Marxist conflict theory beliefs would just be exploited by people who didn’t buy into such ideas except as something else to exploit. 
Anyway, the psychology of this person, after sufficient indoctrination, was probably something like: 
1) I’m white and wealthy 
2) everything happens because of white wealthy people 
3) therefore everything is my fault 
4) therefore I should fix it and go negotiate peace in Africa 
This narcissistic causality belief is typical of very young children, but westerners seem to have embraced it at a cultural level. Whether the idea is one of conquering the world or saving it, both are based on the narcissistic notion that the whole world is somehow the responsibility of white people. 
The other thing that is going on is that major powers like the U.S., China, and Russia are fighting it out with each other. So if some sort of action is desired somewhere in order to combat Russian influence, it becomes easy to use “we need to save the people of X!” as a casus belli that the average western citizen will accept. People in smaller countries are always ending up stuck in a conflict between major powers who either don’t know what they’re doing, don’t care, or both aside from how it affects the other major power.
And then this, from Midnight Rider:
There is an old quip that goes "I'm Catholic. I can feel guilty about anything." You can substitute Christian for Catholic and it applies to Western civilization. It comes from 2 millennia of the Church's fathers and thinkers (often misguidedly) interpreting the teachings of the Old and New Testaments often to fit their own needs and in centuries past keep a control on the people and keep them from thinking on their own. We may now be more enlightened" but that thinking and teaching has permeated our very DNA. 
You can apply Malik's comment in a microcosmic way: 
2 families. 1 often arguing and possibly physically abusive father (or mother). Should the other family sit back and do nothing or alert authorities (or step in on their own if it's dire enough) to bring an end to the abuse? And when they do, and the children say "You made them take our father away" do you feel guilt for causing such action or tell yourself had the man behaved like a civilized person this would not have happened. He caused it I didn't. Or perhaps in that same family we have some particularly squirrelly characters who for one reason or another don't like you and yours. It comes to your attention that they are planning on setting fire to your home or attack and beat your wife as she is walking to her car. Do you wait for them to do it and retaliate or do you preemptively attack them (or bring it to authorities attention)? And then would you feel guilty about doing so because these squirrelly characters, possibly breadwinners, have been removed form the family and now the family is having financial problems? 
Is that your fault or theirs? 
Of course you can flip that around and it's your family. And you are having a loud (but non-physical) argument with your spouse. A neighbor decides to knock on your door or have the cops do so. What's going on here? they say. Possible try to take the kids away. How do you respond? Give them the details or tell them it's none of their fucking business? Knowing that as soon as the threat is to your family you and the spouse are likely to put away your petty grievance and unite against the ones interjecting themselves into something that is not theirs to worry about? 
Now of course if your argument escalates and you start waiving a pistol around the neighborhood pointing it at passersby then you absolutely ought to expect to be put down AND THE FAULT IS ALL YOUR OWN. 
In none of the above scenarios should you feel guilty about you actions, even if financial ruin comes to the family because the abuser and breadwinner is cooling his/her heels in the county prison. But you will. 2,000 years of teaching have taught us we are our brother's keeper, the strong should defend the weak but also we are responsible for our actions and their consequences. 
So we'll feel guilty if we do nothing and something bad happens to someone in that family and we'll feel guilty if we do something and our actions precipitate something bad happening to that family. And we ignore the third option that none of this would have happened IF the abuser was not abusive or IF he settles down and allows calm to remain. 
Yours is a REACTION to his action, not the action that causes it. Knowing and being comfortable with the difference is crucial. Reaction (even preemptive) is often necessary for our survival or that of others but we are reacting, not acting, and therefore not causing the problem or it's consequences. 
All of this, of course, has nothing to do with being white other than western culture is largely white. And it has nothing to do with being wealthy other than we have had the gumption over the years to use our culture to make us wealthier and thus stronger. 
Neither of these should we fell guilty about. But we do, of course, because the Church has drilled into us that Jesus loved the meek. Lived and dined among sinners. Detested the rich folks. Which, of course, to anyone who reads the New Testament is rubbish. He just wants everyone, rich poor young old etc to behave as normal decent human beings.
*** And we need to stop thinking of ourselves as Martyrs upon whom the guilt of the world is laid.

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More Footage of Explosion in Tianjin, China - Closeup

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Mark Levin on EPA-created Pollution disaster to justify SuperFund budget

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Hillary Clinton Emails Show She Requested Book On How To Email, Had Chapter Titled “Delete Something So It Stays Deleted”

From ABC News:
The last batch of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department included one from Clinton asking to borrow a book called “Send: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better,” by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe. 
Clinton has not said why she requested the book, but it includes some advice that is particularly interesting in light of the controversy over her unconventional email arrangement at the State Department and her decision to delete tens of thousands of emails she deemed to be purely personal. 
The copy that ABC downloaded for $9.99 had some interesting revelations. Take, for example, Chapter Six: “The Email That Can Land You In Jail.” The chapter includes a section entitled “How to Delete Something So It Stays Deleted.” 
“Some people are hoarders, some are checkers,” the authors write. “The main thing to consider is that once you do decide to delete, it’s like taking the garbage from your kitchen and putting it in your hallway. It’s still there.” 
The chapter advised that to truly delete emails may require a special rewriting program “to make sure that it’s not just elsewhere on the drive but has in fact been written over sixteen or twenty times and rendered undefinable.” 
But Shipley and Schwalbe warn that deleting emails could lead to future legal troubles.
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Norse Attack Map Tracks Internet Attacks In Real Time

Here's a link.

Check it out. It's fascinating.

I do not have too much time this morning, so I'm going to offer some quick thoughts.

1) There are an awful lot of attacks against the United States.

2) at any given time, 20-40% of the attacks against the US are emanating from the US.

3) most of the time, there are few attacks against Europe, and few attacks emanating from Europe. Europe is relatively dark.

4) as can be expected, a large number of attacks against the US originate in China.

5) someone is Los Angeles (and periodically a group of people in Southern California) is hitting Hong Kong hard at this time. I wonder what that's about.


this chart reminds me of brain activity.

The internet can be viewed as a representation of the human hive mind. There is a sense in which humans act as one in the same way as bees or ants do. On a global scale, we are representing that hive mind with the internet.

This is a map of attacks. Therefore, this would be akin to a brain doing analysis. In other words, a brain looking at it's own products. This brain has a lot of information coming out of one central area (the United States) and a lot of other areas of the brain/hive mind are looking at that information, and responding with some sort of analysis.

These thoughts are very incomplete, and may be highly inaccurate as a metaphor.

I thought I'd throw them out there, however, just to see what else people might come up with.


An Anonymous commenter left this:
As to the hack locations - I have no clue 'why' certain locations are so heavily targeted. Back on July 8th, some lead stories:*NYC subway system suffered an atrocious commute, some trains stranded in stations for long periods.*Website "The Dissolve" folded today*United Airline was forced to ground all of its flights after it's computer system mysteriously stopped working.*The NYStock Exchange suspended trading today after its computerized trading system mystreiously stopped working*Immediately after, the WSJ website mysteriously stopped working.*More than 2,500 people in DC mysteriously lost power
Thats just some of the headlines...the hacks however targeted the St Louis, MO region. Why? Some suggested the region has a huge clearing house for data storage and there is a Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis. ChiComs are probably trying to interfere with global markets to soften their slide, so no one could sell anything anywhere.Another commenter posted: "in the weeks after the OPM hack, the Chinese equity market has collapsed and lost 3.7 trillion dollars - 30% of its value. China blames America and claims it's retaliation for the OPM hack. They have also told Russia that, under the terms of their cybersecurity defense pact, a state of war now exists with the USA." 
Interesting times, wouldn't you say?

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This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

Our scheduled guest is IQ al Rassooli.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Listen to the August 14, 2015 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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America, then and now

As the ships of the depleted US Navy approached what would become Ironbottom Sound, between Savo Island, Tulagi and Guadalcanal for the invasion, 8/6/1942:
Here is Col Clifton Cates, the dapper commander of 1st Marines, who has been to the wars, who has been gassed in the trenches in France, and who has had honors bestowed upon him for being among the bravest of the brave at Belleau Wood. His words are in a sober, sobering vein: “We’re fighting for a just cause, there is no doubt about that. It is for right and freedom. We have enjoyed the many advantages given us under our form of government and, with the help of God, we will guarantee that same liberty and free­dom to our loved ones and the people of America for generations to come." 
“When American history is told by the winners, by white people who were in charge, it looks one way,” said Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former senior State Department official in the Obama administration. “When American history is told by people who are every bit as patriotic, but who saw a different side, of course it is going to change.”
There are some words to die with or fight for, and here are some more:
“The core fact — and this is a fact — is that military power alone will not heal what has been unleashed,” said Samantha Power, Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations. “That’s not humility. It’s pragmatism.”
And the ‘long march through the institutions‘ has finally yielded this:
70% of U.S. adults agree “the world would be a better place if Americans acknowledged America’s shortcomings”
General Social Survey
Funny, I thought WE ALWAYS DID. Is there a bigger mea culpa than, for instance, 600,000 Union casualties form 1861-65?
R Reagan-a Vietnamese boat person who had flagged down a Navy vessel in the South China Sea several years earlier. “Hello, American sailor,” the refugee cried out to his rescuer. “Hello, freedom man!”
“Those who only understand exceptionalism as preserving the past; who deny our faults or inequality; who say love it or leave it; those are the people who are afraid,” Obama said, according to Keenan’s notes. “Those are the people who think America is some fragile thing.”
Mr. Obama you have managed to demonstrate in a VERY short time how fragile the IDEA of this place is, especially the UNIFYING idea of E Pluribus Unum.
You were elected the 1st non white person to be president. And you took your ideology, rooted in your contempt for private property (which isolated, is UNDERSTANDABLE) and used it to divide the people in every way you could.

So understand this, the same idea you encompassed above, in a more AMERICAN VISION - it is NOT America which has faults and inequality, it is HUMAN NATURE.

It is AMERICA, and her ideals which give the best and LAST chance to OVERCOME the faults and inequality of humanity by ensuring in law equal opportunity for every person REGARDLESS of any other consideration based in their own thought, work, and dedication through the FREEDOMS  we are all born with.

Why has this been LOST to you and so many of those who support you?
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But if they violate, we will SNAP BACK!

Kerry says no sanctions snap-back for Iran arms, missile violations
According to Reuters:
Violations of an arms embargo by Iran or restrictions on its missile program would not force an automatic reinstatement or “snapback” of United Nations sanctions under a landmark nuclear deal, although other options would be available, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday.
“The arms embargo is not tied to snapback,” Kerry said. “It is tied to a separate set of obligations. So they are not in material breach of the nuclear agreement for violating the arms piece of it.”
The U.N. arms embargo and ballistic missile sanctions were the most difficult sticking points toward the conclusion of marathon negotiations between Iran and six world powers last month.
Iran, backed by Russia and China, had wanted those restrictions to be terminated under the nuclear agreement, which was completed on July 14, but a compromise was struck under which the arms embargo would remain for up to five years and the missile restrictions for up to eight years.
COMMENTARY: Some of the language being used by Kerry in his explanation regarding Iran arms and missiles appears similar to that used by Zarif in selling JCPOA to Iran’s conservatives and military leadership.
It has to be admitted the negotiators at Vienna came up with a clever means of settling what was considered an insurmountable roadblock to an agreement: the issue of Iranian arms transfers and missile development.
Mainstream media is always quick to point out the troubling issue of Iranian arms transfers to Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraqi Shia militias, however very seldom mentioned are Iranian arms transfers to the Iraqi Army and Kurdish Peshmerga.
So if that pesky place they think of as a settlement, otherwise known as Tel Aviv lies in ashes, will we snap back then, if it is done by 1,000 x 1,000KG missiles? Or do they HAVE TO use a nuke?
How about if is done with Russki U-235 and delivered by HAMAS? Does that count?
Maybe if Khameinei signs it and delivers it by Zeppelin at 40 mph for the press (and domestic consumption, of course)?
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Iran to buy 150 J-10 (Lavi?) Fighters from China..will have largest Air Force

What can a sudden $150bn cash infusion do for you?

A lot.

Oh and if you are good for irony, this is the Israeli designed Lavi Fighter.
Some people think Israel sold the design to China for the J-10

Chinese fighter jet deal could make Iran top regional air power

Multiple sources in Russia and Israel have reported the near completion of one of the largest arms transactions in recent history. 
Iran plans to buy 150 Chinese supersonic J-10 multi-role jet fighters, likely thanks to the soon-to-be unfrozen Iranian assets in the United States.
Iran is the second country after Pakistan that will receive Chinese J-10 fighters.
The estimated unit cost for the J-10 is about $28 million, which may make this Iranian-Chinese deal worth a whopping $4.2 billion.
The Chinese J-10 has been reported to be a hodgepodge of western technologies, but experts have proven that it is almost a replica of the Israeli jet fighter known as the Lavi, which the Israelis sold to the Chinese in the 1990s.
The technology transfers were stopped by Washington subsequently on account of the fact that the Lavi incorporated some American avionics.
The Iranians originally opted to buy a new fleet of fighters from Russia, but Moscow snubbed Teheran earlier this year by refusing to deliver the S-300 missiles purchased by Iran due to international sanctions on the Iranian nuclear weapons program.
The J-10 is a single seat, all-weather modern jet, with a 340-mile combat radius, and a top speed of Mach 2.2.
The only country outside of China that flies the J-10 is Pakistan, which bought some 3 dozen nearly ten years ago under President Pervez Musharraf.
If and when the deal is completed, experts say Iran will have the strongest air force in the region.
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Tianjin, China: Massive Explosion - More Footage

The Explosion

The Aftermath

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Federal Government Warns States Not to Defund Planned Parenthood

From Reuters:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government has warned states moving to defund women's health group Planned Parenthood that they may be in conflict with federal law, officials said on Wednesday. 
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a federal agency, was in contact with officials in Louisiana and Alabama this month, said a spokesperson for the agency's parent, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 
The agency warned those two states that their plans to terminate Medicaid provider agreements with Planned Parenthood may illegally restrict beneficiary access to services, the spokesperson said in a statement.
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Fuck Kanye West

She's The One


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Humpday Blues

Howlin' Wolf
Smokestack Lightnin'

Shake For Me

Evil (is going on)

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Muslims on Twitter: “US is crying over how forces failed to take back Ramadi. Soon it shall CRY OVER LA & NY”

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED --- Massive Explosion in Tianjin, China - Cause Unknown - Size is Approximately 21 Tons of TNT - Hazardous Chemicals?

"By today's standards the two bombs dropped on a Japan were small -- equivalent to 15,000 tons of TNT in the case of the Hiroshima bomb and 20,000 tons in the case of the Nagasaki bomb." Nuclear energy, often mistakenly called atomic energy, is the most powerful kind of energy known.





There is, as the BBC's clip of a report from China says, "confusion" as to the cause.

This occurred in Tianjin, a port city to the southeast of Beijing.

This is a city of approximately 15 million people.





video taken from another angle reveals there are at least two towers (like a lighthouse) visible (ff 1:09) flashing emergency lights in the foreground relative to the explosions. . .suggesting this is a secure area, not your average shipping port. The blast area is vast and the fires are rapidly spreading in these videos.

YouTube compilation of multiple angles of blasts including heartbreaking video footage of child using cell phone of two unresponsive injured on ground.


There have been quite a few recent unexplained events in China - Uighurs?

Coal mine explosion kills 10 in sothwest China
At least 10 people have been killed and 40 others missing in two separate accidents at coal mines in China, state media reported on Wednesday. Ten people were killed in a gas outburst at a coal mine in southwest … via The Indian Express · 16 hours ago
300 injured in China gas explosion
The state-run Beijing News said on its website that between 300 and 400 people had been admitted to hospitals in the city, east of Beijing. It says the explosion shattered windows and knocked off doors of buildings in the area. The official China Daily ...via KOMO News · 38 minutes ago
Water park dust explosion death toll increases to 11
TAIPEI, A woman died Wednesday of injuries she sustained in a fiery dust explosion at a water park in New Taipei on June 27, bringing the death toll from the incident to 11, according to a local hospital. The woman …via The China Post · 2 hours ago
Explosion Kills Dozens at Eastern China Plant
BEIJING — At least 68 people were killed Saturday morning when a blast tore through a metal products factory in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province, state-run news media reported. According to the national broadcaster CCTV, 187 others were injured in the ...via NYTimes · ByAndrew Jacobs · 8/2/2014
31 injured in explosion in China university
At least 31 people, mostly students, were injured today when a gas explosion ripped through a six storey building in a Chinese university. The explosion took place in a dormitory at China's northwest Lanzhou University in Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province ...via Deccan Herald 7/20/2015
Explosion in eastern China kills two, suspected attacker also dead: Xinhua
The report said the blast, late on Monday evening, killed a suspect named as 33-year-old unemployed villager Xie Xingtang. The Xinhua report did not mention a reason for the attack. Photos circulating on Chinese microblog Sina Weibo showed police cordons ...via Reuters · By Michael Perry andAdam Jourdan · 7/21/2015
Explosion at fireworks warehouse in China kills 15
BEIJING (AP) — A warehouse containing fireworks exploded in northern China, killing 15 people, a local authority said Monday. The explosion Sunday morning happened in Ningjin county in Hebei province, which borders Beijing, and also left two other people ...via bigstory.ap.org · 7/12/2015
Plant explosion in China refuels public concern over PX
An April 6 explosion at a paraxylene plant in Zhangzhou, Fujian province, is the second safety incident at the highly controversial PX facility in China. Six people were injured in the blast, which, according to local media, started around 7 p.m. local ...via Plastics News · 4/7/2015

Mention of "mushroom cloud" may not be appropriate for this blast ...but another type of cloud is...
They have high tech research facilities in Tianjin Helix Nebula (CERN collaboration)


Early reports from our activist contacts in China are saying:

The explosion scene is at the Dongjiang bonded Harbor area near the seventh gate of a hazardous chemicals, warehouse.

People need to close all Windows and doors nearby, is likely to have secondary damage in the form of toxic gasses.
via CNN video at YouTube


The blast was so powerful it blew out windows up to six miles away.

There appear to have been at least two explosions, the first wth a 2.3 degree magnitude and the following with a 2.9 degree magnitude, according to reports from the China Earthquake Networks Centre and reported by CCTV. That second blast was "equivalent to 21 tons of TNT", or about 19,000 kilograms, according to CCTV.

It is the third massive blast in recent months in eastern China.
Earlier this month, a powerful explosion ripped through a factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, killing at least 68 people and injuring more than 187 others.It is the third massive blast in recent months in eastern China.
Earlier this month, a powerful explosion ripped through a factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, killing at least 68 people and injuring more than 187 others.
While an explosion hit part of an oil storage facility at Dragon Aromatics, an independent petrochemical producer, in April.


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