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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Explosion Near White House - Took Place During Security Sweep, As Obama Leaving White House

NBC says it was a small explosion:
It appears a small explosion and fire broke out at a food vendor location near the White House, while there was a lockdown and a Secret Security sweep of the area. Photos from Will Sweet show heavy smoke from one of the food locations in the 400 block of 15th Street, Northwest on Saturday morning. D.C. fire officials said the fire was extinguished and one person was evaluated on the scene, but not transported to a hospital. The White House press pool was out on the South Lawn for the departure of President Barack Obama and his family around the same time as the fire. Secret Service moved the press back into the White House and initiated a lockdown of the building. During a sweep of the area, a K-9 unit hit on a vehicle in the 1600 block of Constitution Avenue. The White House remains on lockdown while authorities check out the vehicle. It is unknown if the two events are related despite their proximity in time.

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Two Muslim(?) Brothers Charged In Murder Of Philly Cop

From Philly.com:
Officer Robert Wilson III’s son had a birthday coming up. And so the eight-year member of the force, on duty Thursday in the 22d District, parked his patrol car outside a GameStop store on Lehigh Avenue. 
He’d pick up a gift there, and do a security check in the meantime. Such checks are routine in the 22d District, where robberies are so common that business owners often keep logbooks to track officers’ visits. 
Wilson was at the counter when two brothers walked in and announced that they were robbing the place.
Muslims are awesome, aren't they?
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Afghan men wear burqas and march to support women's rights

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“At this time there appears to be no nexus to terrorism”

FBI special agent Michael Leverock
So, next time you wonder why terrorism is succeeding, remember the official position when a Muslim Honduran comes to the USA and attempts to wreak havoc at Miami Intl Airport.

ISIS and Hezballah, they have NOTHING to do with terrorism around the world. Al Qaeda and the IRGC .. non players.

Sayd Qutb and his ilk?

Deviants. right?

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What Muslims Are Good At

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The official resolution reads (in part):
Whereas flags not only serve as symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism, but also construct cultural mythologies and narratives that in turn charge nationalistic sentiments. 
Whereas the American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism. 
Whereas symbolism has negative and positive aspects that are interpreted differently by individuals. 
Whereas designing a culturally inclusive space is taken seriously by ASUCI 
Whereas the removal of barriers is the best option at promoting an inclusive space. 
Whereas it is a psychological effect for individuals to identify negative aspects of a space rather than positive ones. 
Whereas freedom of speech, in a space that aims to be as inclusive as possible can be interpreted as hate speech. 
Let it be resolved that ASUCI make every effort to make the Associated Students main lobby space as inclusive as possible. 
Let it further be resolved that no flag, of any nation, may be hanged on the walls of the Associate Student main lobby space. 
Let it be further be resolved that if a decorative item is in the Associate student lobby space and issues arise, the solution will be to remove the item if there is considerable request to do so.
Last month, UC Schools voted to "divest from America".

America, and it's State Governments should divest from these schools.

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"A Menendez indictment will be a departure for Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder, who has previously refused to prosecute sitting members of Congress.”

The National Legal and Policy Center
Menendez does not sound thrillingly clean, but I have the horrible feeling he is no worse or better than most. 
However, as is the CASE with this administration, where every breath is another chance to politicize, polarize and divide, Menendez, in telling Obama he sounded as if he was uttering ‘talking points written in Teheran’, and then addressing AIPAC in a similar tone, SEALED this action.
Chicago rules.
It’s done little good for this nation, which now finds every typical police dept under a baleful eye of ‘statistics’ of arrests, traffic tickets, stops by race, religion, ethnicity, and LGBT values and who knows what else. Even the LACK of such stats are probably the cause for, as the president put it yesterday “COLLECTIVE ACTION”, since avoiding this monitoring by federal authority would mean evading federal authority by guilt.
Interesting choice of words and view. “COLLECTIVE ACTION”
Even the punishments of kindergarten and pre-k schools have been divided by color in this nation, and attracted the attention of Mr. Holder, REMEMBER?
Of course, outright voter intimidation DID NOT.
Full disclosure. I have now, recently been compelled to the conclusion that everything this admin has been doing they are not doing out of naivety, or inexperience, or attention to our better angels.
No doubt, Mr. Menendez is convinced as well.
Interesting, that in all this not ONE WORD has been heard from Chuck Schumer.
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Memphis Sun

Rival Sons

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War Pigs

Black Sabbath


Faith No More

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Target Has "Sharia-Compliant" Stores?

From BNI:
According to recent reports, Target stores have implemented a new policy that specially caters to Muslim cashiers. 
The national retailer recently announced that those who object to ringing up products that contain pork are being shifted to other positions within the organization. 
The retailer notes that some Muslim cashiers had refused to scan products like bacon because it would interfere with their religious beliefs. 

Reportedly, Muslim employees would ask other cashiers and coworkers to ring up the purchases. Some even went as far as asking the customers to scan the items themselves. 
“We are confident that this is a reasonable solution for our guests and team members,” said Target spokeswoman Paula Thorton-Greear about the decision to offer Muslim cashiers the options of wearing gloves or shifting to other positions. 
Greear said the problem was only taking place in a specific area. “It is not an issue in most of our stores in the Twin cities,” Greear claimed in an email. 
“There is also no indication that is an issue in the Minnesota market overall or nationwide.”
Additional information.

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The (Not So) Newfound Alliance Between Feminism, Marxism, And Radical Islam

From Return of Kings:

After my previous article, I received a lot of hate mail from social justice warriors, white knights, and feminists who threw a plethora of ad hominem attacks at me, calling me names such as “bigot,” “homophobe,” “fascist,” and the list goes on; however, I personally enjoy reading hate mail from enemies, so I want to add to my “notch count” of insults hurled at me via hate mail, and this time I am guessing it will be Islamaphobe.
The DePaul Feminist Front, the Apex of Feminism and Marxism. I would like to put in a facetious comment if I wasn’t at such a loss of words.
After watching a recent youtube video created by the DePaul Feminist Front showing their open support for DePaul Divest (which unfortunately has been taken down), I became intrigued with the dynamics of the liberal and feminist alliances.
One of these alliances that has been formed on all college campuses across the country is between feminists, Marxists, and radical Islamists on the issue of Boycotts Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), which is a movement where these radical islamist groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) try and get their respective universities to boycott companies that do business with or in the state of Israel, based off Israel’s human rights abuses towards the Palestinian people.

Its completely hypocritical

Now let’s disregard the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and focus on the issue of this video to start off. In the video that has been recently taken down, the DePaul Feminist Front claims that Israeli “methods of occupation historically target women, through violence, kidnapping, and rape” and that “Israeli forces target queer folks with blackmail.”
Now I want ROK readers of this article to soak in the fact this is coming from feminists in conjunction with Muslims speaking about Israel’s human rights violations. Let us get one thing straight—you may be able to argue that Israel abuses human rights, but you really cannot argue that Israel is the worst human rights abusers against women and homosexuals.
So if the goal is to divest from human rights abusers, shouldn’t feminists and Marxists want to start with countries that have committed the worst human rights atrocities against women and homosexuals? If so, we would have to start with the plethora of Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, that stone homosexuals to deathdo not allow women to drivedo not allow women to wear anything else but a burka, andhave incredibly perverse legal systems when it comes to violence against women.
However, this would not be liked by their newfound friends who are pushing the divest agenda, because their idiotic sense of prioritization comes from one of two things. Either Students for Justice in Palestine is completely oblivious to the rest of the world, or they are sympathetic to these theocracies that subscribe to their religion, and through that religion engender some of the worst human rights abuses ever to occur on this earth. I would put my money on the latter.


As long as you can make the case that you are a victim, you will be loved by feminists and liberals.

Why do these Marxists and feminists even bother?

I believe feminists do intrinsically understand this notion that I just laid out, but they act the way they do for a purpose. The reason why these idiotic feminists have joined up with radical Islamists is because it has been a tactic of Marxists for a very long time. The idea is to rally every possible fringe element to distort your numbers as much as possible so that your agendas look more to be more serious and have more manpower than they actually are.
This is why in Occupy Wall Street you saw a slew of Communists sitting side by side with Anarchists, two political philosophies diametrically opposed to each other, but happy as can be to join a mutual cause. They go by the tactic “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and whoever is fighting the “man” (whether it’s Jews, Christians, whites, males, heterosexuals, etc), these groups become best buddies.
This is why these groups have moved to join the Divest movement, because these fringe groups look at mutual support as “scratch my back I will scratch yours, while helping a good cause.” Furthermore, it helps that Muslims in this day and age have learned to attract these groups by playing the victim card so well, which help feminists and Marxists become entranced with this “struggle of Muslims and the Palestinian people.”
However, the have made a grave miscalculation: radical Islamists will never scratch the back of groups that has members that support homosexuality, atheism, and nihilism (alcohol, drugs,etc), much less members with neon green eyebrows.

The long game

What these feminists and Marxists haven’t done is think about the long game their behavior causes. This is typical because many of these acolytes of Marxism have only one concern: “taking down ‘the man.” They really do not care what the hell comes after, and this has terrible repercussions for the rest of society.
When these radical Islamists have gotten more power in the past, they have started to flex their muscles in other aspects of culture. One example is in the aftermath of any mass killing in the name of defending Muhammed, these cultural slime turn the tables on a pathetically weak west, trying to say we are intolerant and ignorant because of increases in anti-Islamic violence and rhetoric increases after.

Radical Islam vs. the west
If only this were a funny depiction of fantasy, and not the cold hard truth.
I do know one thing—Islam has a long history of having a very strong cultural dominance through forceful suppression of other cultures, which is why they will never move back. The Muslim crowd comes from a culture that has the archaic mindset of conquering distant lands to create a caliphate, and they are well on their way to doing so with their astronomically large birth rates that will eventually tip the scales in their favor.
Christianity had become this way for a while, but we outgrew it, and have become a relatively passive religion that can handle being insulted by liberals, without having the urge to commit mass beheadings. Islam still has no signs of widespread maturity in the Middle East or anywhere else at that, and I would not count on it happening any time soon.
If feminists think the neophytes of this very strong, inexorably manifesting culture will yield to political correctness and tolerance, the radical islamists will laugh as they cut your head off for being a homosexual if they could. Just like feminists have been trying to defeat the status quo culture for the past 50 years, the radical islamists have recently started their long game in western America, and we are already seeing the consequences.
When the feminists win their long game over the last vestiges of our dying culture, the process for Islamic cultural domination will come that much faster, and when it does come, I don not want to be around to see what happens.

Hannibal’s personal advice

Now, I have a soft spot for the androgynous wildabeasts DePaul Feminist Front, and would like to personally offer them some advice, because I heard they read my last article.

Here is my advice to all feminists and Marxists at DePaul and around the world: you can ally with people you disagree with, but make sure that you fit somewhere into their endgame, because unless you don’t, when you do take total control of our vapid culture you will have previously empowered your current enemies, which is never a good idea. 

Please learn how to factor in what happens after you win because if you don’t things will get drastically worse for everyone when you do not.

If your groups are so concerned about dealing with human rights, I would suggest along with promoting the ban on Israel, include Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and other Muslim nations that have some of the worst human rights records in the world, demonstrably worse than Israel. But it will never happen because any person with common sense knows what these groups truly are.
These groups are invaders from a distant land looking to destroy us from within. You can truly tell the moral fiber of a group by the way they act and who they affiliate with. The radical Islamist groups I have encountered cause havoc by shutting down parts of campus, by intimidating other students, and by associating with convicted terrorists,
Murphy’s law states that anything that has a possibility of happening will happen, which means that if we tolerate these groups in our own homeland, ourselves or our posterity will live to see the day when radical islamists will not tolerate us.
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Friday, March 06, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: John Boehner is Now The Democratic Speaker of the House

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

From the Hill:
A number of right-wing Republicans, long wary of Boehner's commitment to GOP efforts attacking President Obama's policy priorities, have openly considered a coup in an attempt to transfer the gavel into more conservative hands. 
But Democrats from across an ideological spectrum say they'd rather see Boehner remain atop the House than replace him with a more conservative Speaker who would almost certainly be less willing to reach across the aisle in search of compromise. 
Replacing him with a Tea Party Speaker, they say, would only bring the legislative process — already limping along — to a screeching halt. 
“I'd probably vote for Boehner [because] who the hell is going to replace him? [Ted] Yoho?” Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) said Wednesday, referencing the Florida Tea Party Republican who’s fought Boehner on a host of bipartisan compromise bills.
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Plant, Page and The Egyptian Orchestra

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More Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

In the continuing series of lies and misrepresentations from our gov't, BLS and the media I give you today's unemployment report...


US added 295,000 jobs in Feb vs. 240,000 est; unemployment rate at 5.5% vs. 5.6% est

Job creation boomed in February by 295,000 despite the brutal winter conditions, and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.5 percent, the Labor Department said Friday.
Despite the strong month, the picture was essentially the same for the American worker: Pay rose just 3 cents an hour, representing a 2.0 percent annualized gain as wage inflation remained elusive after a big jump in January. The average work week was unchanged at 34.6 hours.
Bars and restaurants represented the biggest growth area, adding 59,000 positions, while professional and business services grew by 51,000. Construction added 29,000 and health care increased 24,000.
The total actually represented a decline from the previous month, which was unrevised at 329,000. December's number fell from 239,000 to 257,000.

Which of course is not the whole story as Zero Hedge points out:

Americans Not In The Labor Force Rise To Record 92.9 Million As Participation Rate Declines Again

For those (very few now, with even the Fed admitting the unemployment rate has become a meaningless, anachronistic relic) still wondering why the unemployment rate dropped once again, sliding from 5.7% to 5.5%, the reason is that while the number of unemployed Americans dropped by 274K thousand while those employed rose by 96K, the underlying math is that the civilian labor force dropped from 157,180 to 157,002 (following the major revisions posted last month), while the people not in the labor force rose by 354,000 in February, rising to a record 92,898,000 (people who currently want a job rose to 6,538K) matching the all time high number of Americans not in the labor force.
End result: the labor force participation rate dropped once more, declining to only 62.8%, which as the chart below shows is just off the lowest print recorded since 1978.




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Report: Lois Lerner's Emails Show Obama's Justice Department Assisted IRS in Targeting Conservatives

From Breitbart:
After a year and a half of investigating, Congress has finally gotten to see a large number of the “missing” emails form IRS administrator Lois Lerner. 
Some of these emails seem to show that Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) was involved in the IRS targeting of conservative groups, a Forbes report says. 
Despite the government’s refusal to release over 800 pages of Lerner communications, some documents that have been released show that she was discussing the targeting of conservative groups with members of the DOJ two years before the IRS even admitted that its actions were improper. 
“Ms. Lerner,” Forbes columnist Robert W. Wood wrote, “met with top officials from the DOJ’s Election Crimes Branch in October of 2010. 
Although Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the DOJ, the DOJ coughed up dirt only on court order. Even then, the DOJ handed over only two pages of heavily redacted emails.” 
The documents show that Lerner worked with the DOJ on targeting conservative groups and even show that Lerner sent the DOJ a “1.1 million page database of information from 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations” that contained confidential tax records. 
On November 22 it was announced that some 30,000 IRS emails that had previously been deemed “unrecoverable” had been “found” by the IRS Inspector General. 
The emails extend from 2009 to 2011, when Lerner headed the IRS’s exempt-organizations division. 
While investigators have yet to comb through this mountain of information, other key documents were finally revealed in a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by government watchdog group Judicial Watch. 
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said that the documents show that Obama’s DOJ was “up to its neck in the IRS scandal” and remarked in outrage that the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section, which is supposed to be investigating such abuse of authority, is “now implicated in the IRS crimes.” 
“It is shameful how Establishment Washington has let slide by Obama’s abuse of the IRS and the Justice Department,” Fitton said. 
“Only as a result of Judicial Watch’s independent investigations did the American people learn about the IRS-DOJ prosecution discussions of Obama’s political enemies and how the IRS sent, in violation of law, confidential taxpayer information to the FBI and DOJ in 2010. Richard Nixon was impeached for less.”
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Gay man surprised that onlookers just stand there and watch as muslims drop homosexuals from building and stone them

Gay man surprised that onlookers just stand there and watch as muslims drop homosexuals from building and stone them
CNN -The photographs released by ISIS in its stronghold of Raqqa are dated March 2015.  
The first ones show a large crowd, mostly men, but also among them a handful of women and children, all looking up. 
Three men on top of a building, faces covered in black balaclavas, stand on either side of their victim, while a fourth seems to be taking a photo or video. 
Their victim is thrown off the building. In the last photograph, he is seen face down, surrounded by a small crowd of men, most carrying weapons, some with rocks in their hands. T 
he caption reads "stoned to death." 
The victim brutally killed because he was accused of being gay. 
There are at least half a dozen documented cases of men being similarly killed by ISIS. 
What's even more sickening for Nour, a gay Syrian man, is the onlookers' reaction. 
"It's too much to watch, and people are just standing there in these images and watching, and they are not doing anything, and their facial expressions are really scary because they are not even scared of what is going on," says Nour, who's also an LGBT rights activist. 
"They might be a little bit excited or maybe happy to get rid of homosexuals in the city."
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Another car jihad attack in Jerusalem

This one took place near a border patrol police HQ at the Simon the Just neighborhood:
ZAKA reported Friday morning that a rampage terror attack occurred a short time ago near the Border Patrol's base in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood in Jerusalem.

A police statement clarified that the Arab terrorist attack was conducted in a private car that approached the base from Zaks Junction before going up on the sidewalk and running over five people, of whom four were from the security forces.

The suspect continued driving but was shot by forces stationed at the gate of the base, at which point he got out of the car with a knife apparently in his hand.

He was shot by officers and serious wounded, after which he was evacuated to the hospital for medical treatment.

"A young man rammed his car (into pedestrians), and then got out and tried to stab people" before being shot and wounded by an armed security guard, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement.

"Four people were injured," she added. Three policewomen were among the injured and listed in mild to moderate condition. The terrorist is listed in serious condition and is being treated at Hadassah Ein Kerem medical center.
If the terrorist dies, he'll deserve it. And for now, he should be refused any access to Korans and Hadiths, since that's where he gets his twisted mindset from.
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UPDATED --- Clarification on Why I Say, Hilary Clinton's Email Address and Server Are Hosted by a Muslim-Owned Company

I received an email this evening saying I need to source my assertion that Hilary's Email is hosted by a Muslim company.

Ok, here:
 I did a (paid) reverse lookup on the tech support number (via Intellius) and got a report that the (415) number is owned by Media.Net Advertising FZ-LLC:

This appears to be this firm: http://www.media.net/aboutus. Said firm appears to be based out of DubaiThis strongly suggests that Confluence Networks is owned by, or at least closely tied to Media.Net Advertising FZ-LLC.
PASTORIUS ASKS: Who are Confluence Networks?

Well here:

Confluence Networks has a remarkably primitive, uninformative, and unhelpful websitethat includes misspellings and shows a copyright date of 2012. I’ll reproduce it here in its fullness:
Yep, that’s it. This is the website of the firm that (according to DomainTools.com) has hosted clintonemail.com for over 3 years. 
But wait! It gets better. 
According to whois records, 
Confluence Networks has a business address in… 
the British Virgin Islands: 
OrgName:        Confluence Networks Inc 
CNAddress:        3rd Floor, Omar Hodge Building, Wickham 
Address:        Cay I, P.O. Box 362 
City:           Road TownState 
Prov:      TortolaPostal 
Code:     VG1110 
Country:        VG 
RegDate:        2011-04-07 
Updated:        2011-07-05 
Ref:            http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/CN

If a company is based in Dubai, it is not a leap to assert the company is owned by Muslims.

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. It is governed by Sharia Law, and it is 80% Muslim.

There is, of course, a chance the company is not owned by Muslims.

What do you think? You think I'm skating on thin ice?

I could be. Another country Media.net seems to do a lot of business in is India, in Mumbai, specifically.


Epaminondas said...
If you stick a server in your house as I did, it does not MATTER who is listed as some 'host' for many purposes.
For mee you might find deerfield, host24, or what not.

The guys you send your cable check to count (Verizon, TWC, COMcast) .... UNLESS you contract directly with company who lays a T1 or T3 line right into your house, or business, but then THAT line hooks in somewhere to the big trunks like UUNET.
Now she might have web site IP address linked to a hosted name and THAT is under the purview of these guys, but that's not going to make much difference to what she does, as this just reserves some NAME linked a numeric IP address.
So I don't think we have much here.
Frankly, where is the Subpoena to get in that house and take the servers themselves, not the emails?
Frankly where is the subpoena to the NSA which YOU CAN BE CERTAIN has every single email at every address on those servers, going in and out?

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This. Is. Epic.

Deep Purple w/ Ronnie James Dio, The London Symphony Orchestra & friends
(none of which are Clapton or Zep as title states)
Smoke On the Water

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Thursday, March 05, 2015

American Inventor’s Anti-Terror Invention Uses Pig’s Blood To Stop Suicide Bombers, Called “Deeply Offensive”

From the Express:
An American inventor has unveiled an offensive “anti-terror” system designed to spray Muslims with pig blood. 
The highly controversial device is the work of tinpot tinkerer Franklin R Lacy, who works in Tampa, Florida. 
He has applied for a patent on a “system for protecting against terrorist and illegal invasion” which cruelly exploits the Islamic ban on eating or even handling pork.   
“It will keep suicide bombers from blowing themselves up near the container of pig blood because they believe that they would be guaranteed not to go to heaven,” Lacy wrote. 
Fiyaz Mughal, director of the interfaith group Faith Matters, said the device has “been created by someone who seeks to humiliate specific faiths”. 
“The patent is particularly troubling if used against Jews or Muslims, because it would be deeply offensive and insulting to their faith and beliefs,” Mughal continued.
This weapon is brilliant because it works on two levels:

1) It might*** actually stop terror.

2) It makes Muslims own up to the fact that believe in Jihad. Every protestation against this weapon is a n admission that Muslims believe it is their duty to kill Infidels.

*** I say "might" because I have a feeling we will soon see a Fatwa that says it's ok to be covered in pig's blood if the Jihadi is dying in a Martyrdom operation.

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This Week On The Gathering Storm: Open Mic!

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Listen to the March 6, 2015 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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UPDATED --- About Hillary's Private Email Server Built to Erase Messages (But Not For Security) ... Yeah, You Guessed It, It's Owned By a Muslim Company

The Demons Aren't Protecting Me Anymore

First, there's this:

Clinton’s E-Mail System Built For Privacy Not Security, Along With The Ability To Erase Messages Completely

To summarize: according to DomainTools.com, the domain clintonemail.com has been hosted by Confluence Networks since 12/22/2011, more than three years. Confluence Networks, based out of the British Virgin Islands, has only existed as a domain (confluence-networks.com) since April 2011, appears to be closely related to a Dubai-based media advertising firm, and has always had its domain name managed by PrivacyProtect.org, a registration privacy firm that lists addresses out of Luxembourg and Australia, but gives a phone number apparently out of Denmark, and that shows up repeatedly in connection with fraud, scam, and spam-related domains. 
No, no questions or issues there.

You think by any chance Huma would use the same E Mail server?

My guess is negotiations over what I will call "The Huma Initiative" were the reason for this Private Server.


Tie this in with the essays "The Betrayal Papers" over at Gates of Vienna...RICO and TREASON are the first words that come to mind...unfathonable treason which Jekyll Islanders couldn't achieve alone, may actually succeed with Muslim Brotherhood tactics.


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Obama and Iran, Sitting In A Tree ...

From PJM:

Obama ... needs Iran to get him out of the jam caused by his feckless withdrawal from the region. ISIS  flourished in the resulting vacuum and daily humiliates the president with publicized outrages. With Obama powerless to prevent it, he needs someone who can pull him out of the quicksand.
But as the Daily Beast notes the price will be steep. “The bargain for making a deal with Iran, these critics say, has allowed Iran a free hand to assert dominance in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.” Having spent years campaigning against American military action Obama has essentially left himself no other choice but to rely on  someone else.  ”Such an approach is also politically unfeasible due to American war weariness and scepticism of any mission with shifting goalposts.
And Iran is charging him an arm and a leg for yanking him out of the hole.  Yemen, next-door-neighbor to Saudi Arabia has now been partitioned between an Iranian client state which has as its capital Sana’a — from which the GCC embassies have evacuated — and Aden, to which they will be moving as the new capital of Sunni recognized Yemen.
Obama’s own efforts to establish “moderate rebel” forces in the region have ended in ignominious defeat, having accomplished nothing but showcase his pitiful incompetence. One of the main Obama-backed groups has just folded up and joined the enemy.
BEIRUT (Reuters) – One of the main western-backed rebel groups announced on Sunday that it had dissolved itself and joined a larger Islamist alliance, weeks into a battle which saw it lose ground and men to more powerful al Qaeda insurgents. Hazzm is one of the last remnants of non-jihadist opposition to President Bashar al-Assad in northern Syria, much of which has been seized by the Nusra Front and Islamic State, an offshoot of al Qaeda that controls roughly a third of Syria.
All hope of independent action is fading fast. Micah Zenko at Foreign Policy is calling the debacle Obama’s Bay of Pigs in the Desert. The Obama administration has effectively destroyed its own credibility, by the ample display of stupidity, possibly past the point of recovery. As a Brookings Institution article puts it “If America leads, will anyone follow?”
even if the United States is still willing and able to lead, and even if other major powers accept that it does so, Washington will likely confront the growing problem of followership. President Obama made clear in his 2014 West Point speech that future interventions by the United States in overseas conflicts will be a function of the willingness of “partners” to lend a hand. In fact, Washington has always depended to some extent on other nations to supplement its efforts, but the question for the future is whether this operating principle remains feasible.
Who wants to join the club where Obama’s the leader of the band? Not unless you want a knife in the back.

And, here's another really interesting article on the geopolitics of the Iranian deal

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London: Professor halts immigration debate to blast Muslim leader as ‘Islamist who supports stoning’

Or, in another words, he's an example of exactly WHY we must not only have this debate, but put an end to Muslim immigration.

Hundreds of people are watching a YouTube video of a London professor interrupting a university conference on immigration to protest against the presence of “an Islamist who supports stoning to death and sharia law“. 
Professor Reza Moradi interrupted a talk organised by the University and College Union (UCU) held at the London Metropolitan University, to criticise the decision to invite Mohammed Kozbar, vice president of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), to take part in the discussion panel. 
“MAB is what is known as a ‘soft’ Islamist organisation, normalising and justifying terrorism, the Caliphate and sharia rules,” Moradi wrote on his Facebook page after the incident. 
“I am outraged that my union would share a panel with an Islamist organisation, despite its links with the Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, its defence of death by stoning for adultery and support of the death penalty for apostates such as me.

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