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The Right of the People to be Secure in their Persons, Houses, Papers, and Effects,
Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures,
Shall Not Be Violated


Saturday, November 09, 2013

November 9 1938



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From the Astute Bloggers:




  1. "No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people… If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what." (2008)
  2. "I am running to tell the lobbyists in Washington that their days of setting the agenda are over. They have not funded my campaign. They won't work in my White House." (2008)
  3. “...when I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.” (2008)
  4. "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure." (2006)
  5. "I'm going to have all the negotiations around a big table. We'll have doctors and nurses and hospital administrators. Insurance companies, drug companies -- they'll get a seat at the table, they just won't be able to buy every chair. But what we will do is, we'll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies. And so, that approach, I think is what is going to allow people to stay involved in this process." (2008)
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“I hope that the ‘western democracies’ make the most out of this exceptional opportunity that the Iranian nation has offered”

Iranian president Hassan Rohani, Saturday.




Quote from the Iranian Nation News Agency
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Satmar meets with Muslim bigwigs to talk about opposition to Israel

The Satmar's spiritual leader got cozy with a pair of Muslim billionaires from the UAE:
Raising money to fund anti-Israel ads to protest against the Government of Israel, has led the Satmar Rebbe (Reb. Ahron) to meet with two Muslim billionaires, the brothers of the Hani-Al-Kassab family in UAE, who own giant companies in Dubai and oil fields in the Emirates.

According to a report in Behadrei Haredim, the two brothers came to the U.S. to explore joint investments with some Orthodox Jewish partners.

The brothers, who came across Satmar’s advertisements against Netanyahu, were curious to learn more about Satmar’s ideological opposition to the State of Israel. The Jewish partner referred them to Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Teitelbaum, the grandson of the Satmar Rebbe in Kiryas Yoel, to request a meeting with the Rebbe.

The Rebbe expressed his willingness to meet with them, claiming it would sanctify God’s name.
The shame. It only hurts the Lord to associate with scum who wish to see Israel annihilated.

Teitelbaum told them just what they'd like to hear:
“Our opposition to Israel is not due to political considerations, but a biblical prohibition to found a Jewish State in the land of Israel before the redemption,” the Rebbe explained. ”The State of Israel is a big contradiction to the Jewish religion and to our real hopes. So, even if the day comes and the Israelis sign a peace agreement with the Arab world, our opposition to Israel will stand.”
Just like the Muslim world's. Teitelbaum violates the Commandment of Thou Shalt Not Lie when he claims their opposition is "biblical". If it were, we wouldn't have even left Egypt.

I won't be one bit surprised if this is the start of an ugly friendship between two very sick movements who both oppose Israel, one from Koranic beliefs, and the other from a false, distorted perception of what Judaism is meant to be about. This is just why the Satmar should be added to the list of groups dangerous to Israel.
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Hopper Updated

from here


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The boxer and the rugby player who capitulated

The Australian Daily Telegraph wrote about a boxer who converted to Islam, and influenced a rugby player to follow suit:
TROUBLED rugby league star Blake Ferguson has been converted to Islam by controversial boxer Anthony Mundine.

The NRL bad boy made the commitment to his new Islamic faith at Zetland Mosque on Friday, hoping it can help to save his ailing career.

The State of Origin star was photographed praying beside Mundine, who also converted rugby league superstar Sonny Bill Williams to the Muslim faith five years ago when Williams was going through a difficult period in his life.

[...] Ferguson has previously vowed to give up alcohol - as required by the Muslim faith - but failed.

[...] "He's just looking forward to changing his direction in life. At the moment he's in good space - no drinking, no drugs, no parties.

"He's got the colour back in his face. He wants to be a better person but he'll still have his faults, like we all do."
How can be a better person by following the Religion of Peace? Look at this:
Ferguson's rugby league career has been in limbo for several months after he was dumped by the Raiders over a number of off-field incidents.

He is facing charges of indecent assault on a woman at a Cronulla nightspot and was also caught speeding and driving while suspended before having his $400,000 NRL contract terminated.
Now how do we know he won't keep doing this as he follows the ummah? He could also continue speeding on the highway; that's not something the Koran has any problem with, certainly not if it involves jihad. What a shame no Christian or even Judaist had the sense to confer with him about the possibilities of joining their movements. This brings to mind how I'm actually mad that some synagogues don't try to offer their services to sport players like the rugby player, since they could make people proud of them. And it could help bolster Judaism's profiles significantly.
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What triumph is there in these contradictory depictions of the "new" middle east?

Bloomberg wrote about "Arab superwomen" in graphic novels coming from Islamic-dominated regimes, whose authors unfortunately remain stuck on the very religion that's cast them into hellish lives:
It wasn’t Egypt’s police force that saved Layla from sexual assault, it was Qahera, a sword-wielding, female superhero in a long black hijab.

Groped by the comic strip’s villains, Layla’s hopes of police assistance are dashed when an officer castigates her for wearing inappropriate clothing -- trousers and a sweater. Back on the street, she’s confronted by another gang of tormentors and is saved only when Qahera appears, beating them with a stick and then stringing them by the scruff of their necks from the police station railings.

Qahera is emblematic of a new breed of Arab comic superheroine emerging as liberals and conservatives dispute the legacy of the 2011 uprisings. Young artists are focusing on as yet unresolved issues in the Middle East and North Africa, which have left male-dominated cultures largely intact.

“Female superheroes and leading characters show women filling the gender gap and highlight governments’ neglect of women’s rights,” said Lena Merhej, a Lebanese artist researching visual narratives at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany, in an interview. The new breed of comic characters “fulfill their dreams and aspirations for a better life.”
How can they get a better life when Islam will only make their lives horrible? If the heroine named Qahera wore a mask so the thugs wouldn't know her identity, that's fine enough, but wearing a long hijab - symbolizing belief in a religion whose name translates in English as "submission" only defeats the aspirations. By upholding such a horrific belief system, that only ridicules whatever good intentions the author supposedly has.

On a related note, there was an animated cartoon broadcast on Pakistani TV recently called "Burka Avenger", and legitimate arguments were raised about whether this is the right way to address the issue of Islamofascists who wish to deny women an education:
While the TV series is prompting dialogue about education and women's rights worldwide, the Pakistani public is just learning about it due to limited distribution. As news spreads, some are reacting reacting more strongly to her crime-fighting outfit of choice -- a burka -- than to her message. The burka is a conservative outfit that many view as a symbol of oppression.

Human rights activist Marvi Sirmed told Brennan she feels the cartoon wrongly glamorizes the burka, which she calls "a tool of oppression."

"[It is] a symbol of submission of women. It cannot be used as a tool of empowerment," Sirmed told Brennan.
I think she's right. If the character wore a ski mask outfit, that would probably be the best way to hide her identity. Wearing a burka or niqab, realistically speaking, makes it difficult to fight and even see ahead well. These graphic novels and cartoons may ostensibly have good intentions, but so long as they absolve the Religion of Peace of any blame for the oppression it's led to, that only ruins whatever messages they're allegedly publishing.
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CBR's Brett White thinks diversity is far more crucial than good writing

The CBR contributor Brett White has fawned over the new Muslim character in the role of Ms. Marvel, and he says:
Contestants on "Check Your Privilege" are exclusively angry comic book fans hailing from the town of Yesterday who describe their favorite hobbies as buying comics that make them angry, trolling and just generally "bein' a hater." They have a tenuous grasp on gender and global politics -- a fact that only makes them yell louder -- and their life's ambition is "upping their snark game." This week's "Check Your Privilege" grand prize is the knowledge that you'll eventually have to explain your Internet presence to your ashamed children and watch popular opinion leave you behind! Now, let's play the "Privilege!"
This sounds like an attempt to obscure the real issues at hand, and maybe he should look at himself in the mirror to see who's got the tenuous grip.
This is a game that we thankfully -- yes, thankfully -- play with regularity nowadays. I say thankfully because that means that comic book companies are actually shaking things up from the status quo they've been operating under since the '60s. Marvel Comics has particularly shown a commitment to diversity that puts the competition to shame. Miles Morales, Captain Marvel, the all-female "X-Men" team and "Mighty Avengers" are just a few of the big initiatives that have gone a long way to make the 616 universe a much more inclusive place. Now we can add Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel, to the list. And no matter how angry I'm sure people are in every comment thread on the Internet, it's the right move.
Adding a Pakistani to the list, yes, but a Muslim, no. Definitely not without being honest and transparent about the core beliefs of the Religion of Peace, which he hasn't referenced any more than any other mainstream news outlet.

He's also making a fool of himself by boasting about diversity while showing a disinterest in whether Marvel's shown a commitment to good storytelling. And by whitewashing the Religion of Peace, they're not. And how can this be diverse if they won't create Pakistani Christians and other non-Muslim protagonists as leads?
With Kamala Khan, the daughter of Pakistani immigrants living in Jersey City, Marvel Comics has shown yet again that it wants to include groups of the American population that have yet to be personally inspired by their heroes. Unlike previous Muslim superheroes, like Monet from "X-Factor," or Dust from various teen X-Books, the new Ms. Marvel has her own ongoing series and will bear a very prominent superhero moniker, one previously owned by Carol Danvers.
I'm not sure how just instantly launching a new character in her own starring book these days without even testing the waters to see if she'd become popular with a wide audience makes for good strategy. Birds of Prey only became an ongoing series after the success of a number of miniseries/specials that preceded it. And there's questions to be raised about whether most Muslims actually consider Marvel's heroes an inspiration. Yes, there may be some Muslims who actually read the creations of a company that was founded by Jews, but how many, really? And how many of them even develop respect for the racial background of the founders? White proceeds to say:
As a white dude, I can't really imagine the joy that the entire Muslim and/or Pakistani readership felt yesterday when they learned that after years of Marvel fandom they'd finally gotten a leading character of their own. But also as a white dude, I can't really imagine what's happening in the brains of other white dudes that makes them take to comment threads and partake in a round of "Check Your Privilege." What's going on, guys?

I'll address the haters for a bit: So "Ms. Marvel" won't feature a protagonist that looks like you. This is not a bad thing. It's not like they're taking away one of the white male books to make room for "Ms. Marvel"; Marvel didn't say, "We were going to keep 'Daredevil' going but 'Ms. Marvel's' taking his spot!" This book is not affecting your comic book buying habits at all. The only way it will is if you buy it, which -- maybe you should. This anger you're showing, hater, shows a fundamental lack of empathy and understanding for people that don't look like you. Isn't it crazy how comic books can bring this out of people? Yeah, it's true! Us white dudes find it super hard to understand the importance of having heroes that look like you or come where you come from because there are thousands of white male protagonists in all of fiction. Muslim readers now get one leading character in all of comicdom; chill out and be excited.
And I'll address this leftist apologist for a bit. Since when did I ask that the protagonist actually be like myself? What really offends me is that a religion whose beliefs include violence towards women is presented in a whitewashed POV without acknowledging its darkest corridors. And since the new girl doesn't dress exactly in the way a lot of totalitarian Muslim regimes do, I'm not sure the entire Muslim readership - assuming there even is one - will really care. Some might not even support having a girl protagonist rather than a boy at all.

I find it facinating he's being so distorting: without providing any clear evidence, he claims "haters" are against having a title with a woman in the lead. Absolutely not. Those of us with common sense do find it objectionable, however, to give a false portrait of a violent religion. Something he must be too scared to acknowledge. And why does he act as though a lot of the world's Muslims aren't white too?

And he's not the least bit disappointed that the new Ms. Marvel isn't of a more challenging background like Romanian or Armenian heritage? On that note, I'm curious if he'd say anything about such a premise if Marvel's editors actually greenlighted it.
Kamala's big debut in the New York Times is being criticized for including the character's religion in the headline, with people saying that it shouldn't be a big deal. These people are trying to sound informed and socially progressive while ignoring the actual truth of the situation: It's a big deal to have a Muslim superhero because our culture has made it a big deal. It's actually a shame that our media is still so homogenous that any deviation from straight white male-ness makes headlines -- but that's the reality of the situation.
Now isn't that rich coming from somebody who fits the category of "progressive"; in other words, a PC leftist. I wonder why leftists like him have no problem insulting a mainstream press that is on their side and isn't as homogenous as he's claiming. And he should look at himself in the mirror before telling people the dissenters are trying to sound informed. It's not our culture so much as it was a dishonest left-wing movement in the press and showbiz that made it a big deal for the wrong reaons.

As for a "big debut", that's only because the liberal media thinks it's oh-so important, as though it hadn't been done already. But after a while, all the fuss they're making about it is only bound to drift away.
Maybe I'm a bleeding heart liberal (maybe?), but I'm incredibly excited for this book. I'm excited to read G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona's take on what being a superhero means to someone who isn't a white man, or even a white woman. I'm excited to learn more about this culture that I know very little about. You can make your ignorant "keep politics out of comics" argument all you want, but the truth is that comics are where we learn a lot about other cultures. I truthfully don't know how okay I would have been with my gayness if I hadn't had decades of X-Men comics preaching tolerance -- at times specifically mentioning homosexuals -- ingrained in my brain. Cultural awareness is incredibly important, and reading stories about different cultures are where the seeds of empathy and understanding flourish. If you know nothing about people of the Muslim faith outside of how the media has portrayed them since 9/11, I bet you'll be surprised by what you read in "Ms. Marvel." You might even be able to relate to her!
He doesn't think he's a bleeding heart liberal? How strange. And I don't think homosexuality was ever explicitly brought up as an issue in X-Men until the turn of the century, so I don't see what he's driving at. It wasn't until the 90s that LGBT activists started trying to hijack the X-Men in their push to require everyone to accept poor mentalities. But if he really believes in his lifestyle, and wants to know more about Muslim culture, then I don't suppose he'd care to ponder that many Muslims are homophobic in ways that Judeo-Christian dissent can't even hold a candle to? And, maybe he'd even like to study some of the Koranic verses condoning violence against gays and lesbians?
Diversity is important in comics, and it's so important that it's not going anywhere. If it wasn't for Marvel editor Sana Amanat's own personal experiences growing up as a Muslim American, "Ms. Marvel" might not be here today. The Marvel editors might have never even thought to introduce a character like this if they all came from the same basic background. That's what's so cool about diversity and story telling; different people tell different stories, and it baffles me that some readers want to put up arbitrary restrictions on storytelling potential. Amanat's childhood experiences are just as worthy of exposure as mine -- and mine can be seen in dozens of sitcoms and movies already. I want a new story, and I'm excited to read one.
If he really wanted a new story with diversity, he'd pine for one about Arabs and Pakistanis from non-Muslim backgrounds. Amanat's "experiences" are bound to be more like taqqiya.
Did we learn anything on this week's round of "Check Your Privilege"? I hope so, but I also have a feeling we'll be firing up the spinning wheel when-not-if Marvel unveils another character created to give an underrepresented group a voice (trans*, asexual, an incredibly long list of ethnicities). But if this imagined game show goes hand in hand with the ongoing diversification of comics, then I'm glad to keep hosting it.
All we learned is that White is one very dishonest left-wing ignoramus. I've got a feeling that if he did learn about the contents of the Koran, he wouldn't even say a word, which would make him a coward and suggest he's decided Muslims get the pass he wouldn't give to Judeo-Christians. So why is he wasting his time lecturing us?
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Nazi-Like Golden Dawn, and Far Left Party, Would Win Greek Elections, Were They Held Today

A regular Slog source late last night furnished me with updated opinion/voting behaviour research carried out secretly by senior political players in Greece. Astonishingly, the study has the Far Right Golden Dawn Party in first place, followed closely by the Leftist Party Syriza. 
As I predicted last month, the attempt by Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to frame neo-Nazi Party Golden Dawn in the case of the murder of a young Leftist has backfired. 
The last poll from this source had GD in 2nd place. The Party has now taken over the top spot. Between 25-29th of October, 1,423 Greeks were polled about their voting intentions. Golden Dawn scored 22%, followed very closely by Syriza. New Democracy (the governing Party in Coalition with PASOK) came a very poor third. Men and older respondents are significantly more likely to vote Golden Dawn than women and the young. 
Two Golden Dawn members were murdered last week, after the Poll took place. It is likely that this will have strengthened rather than weakened sympathy among traditional Greeks for the Far Right Party. The Slog has been travelling into, out of, and around Greece since last March. 
While I am surprised by the size of the Golden Dawn revival, I am not remotely surprised by the confrontation now boiling up between the Hard Left and the Hard Right. 
Middle class and skilled working class Greeks talk openly about the possibility of Civil War and/or a military putsch. Senior professional and other well-off Greeks still seem to be living in a bubble – as are the bureaucratic and political classes.
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Anti Israeli “BDS Movement” Putting Yellow Stickers On Israeli Products

From Ynet:

Remind you of anything?

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“Long before a nuclear deal was in reach, the U.S. was quietly lifting some of the financial pressure on Iran”

Eli Lake, longtime security analyst, and the LEFT OF CENTER, Daily Beast
All of this surprises NO ONE who has watched Obama as president. In fact he can reach an agreement in which a dangerous and religiously racist power whose very leader has threatened to kill one of our major allies, FOR RELIGIOUS REASONS, but he cannot reach an agreement with Americans who happen to be REPUBLICAN?
He can purposefully deceive the American people about their HEALTH CARE in order to win an election, but he must achieve this deal with the MULLAHS while telling Americans again THIS IS GOOD?
All we can do is hope Israel is determined to remain free to exercise their own judgment and action against existential enemies, and in doing so push forward REAL FREEDOMS in this world.
Hezballah (and their actions in THIS HEMISPHERE)
Oil and it price worldwide
Sanctuary for terrorists who mean HARM to the american people
The Obama administration began softening sanctions on Iran after the election of Iran’s new president in June, months before the current round of nuclear talks in Geneva or the historic phone call between the two leaders in September.
US Iran Timeline
Rouzbeh Jadidoleslam/AP
While those negotiations now appear onthe verge of a breakthroughthe key condition for Iran—relief from crippling sanctions—began quietly and modestly five months ago.
A review of Treasury Department notices reveals that the U.S. government has all but stopped the financial blacklisting of entities and people that help Iran evade international sanctions since the election of its president, Hassan Rouhani, in June.
On Wednesday Obama said inan interview with NBC Newsthe negotiations in Geneva “are not about easing sanctions.” “The negotiations taking place are about how Iran begins to meet its international obligations and provide assurances not just to us but to the entire world,” the president said.
If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan
One way Obama has pressured Iran is through isolating the country’s banks from the global financial sector, the networks that make modern international commerce possible. This in turn has led Iran to seek out front companies and cutouts to conduct routine international business, such as selling its crude oil.
In this cat and mouse game, the Treasury Department in recent years has routinely designated new entities as violators of sanctions, forcing Iran to adjust in turn. In the six weeks prior to the Iranian elections in June, the Treasury Department issued seven notices of designations of sanctions violators that included more than 100 new people, companies, aircraft, and sea vessels.
Since June 14, however, when Rouhani was elected, the Treasury Department has only issued two designation notices that have identifiedsix people and four companiesas violating the Iran sanctions.
When an entity is designated as a sanctions violator it can be catastrophic. Banks and other investors almost never take the risk of doing business with the people and companies on a Treasury blacklist because of the potential reputational harm and the prospect they could lose access to U.S. financial markets.
“Sounds like Obama decided to enter the Persian nuclear bazaar to haggle with the masters of negotiation.”
A Treasury spokesman contacted by The Daily Beast said the effectiveness of sanctions should be measured by their results and not the number of entities designated. (A White House spokesman declined to comment, directing inquiries to the Treasury.) The Treasury spokesman also said that the significant financial pressure on Iran in recent years changed the calculus of the country’s leaders and led to the election of Rouhani, who is a former nuclear negotiator and is considered more moderate than his predecessor.
“In the months since the Iranian election we have continued to pursue our unwavering goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” the spokesman said. “We have not let up on vigorous sanctions enforcement one iota. This includes new designations of sanctions evaders as well as other steps to address potential sanctions evasion.”
But the enforcement of sanctions, experts said, is very different than the process of designating new violators. To start, sanctions enforcement means the levying of fines or other legal measures against those people and entities already designated by the Treasury Department as a violator.
Iran will not agree to halt its nuclear enrichment rights under any deal with the West, according to the country’s lead negotiator, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran makes no deal over its right,” Zarif toldreportersafter daylong negotiations with the West in Geneva over Iran’s disputed nuclear program, according to Iran’s state-run Fars News Agency.
Zarif’s insistence on Iran’s right to enrich uranium, the key component in a nuclear bomb, comes as Western sources suggest that a nuclear deal could be reached as early as Friday.
The debate over Iran’s enrichment rights has been a key sticking point for negotiators on both sides.
U.S. lawmakers and the Israelis argue that Iran will continue its nuclear weapons work if it retains the right to enrich uranium. The Iranians say they will not give ground on the issue.
Zarif’s remarks indicate that Iran could be getting most of what it wants in the deal. He and other officials have praised the talks and the progress each side is making
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VIEWS CONTINUE DECLINE. WHY? Data.healthcare.gov views of Market Premium Estimated Rates TODAY, 11-9:

Data from HERE
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Proof positive of idiocracy — at Northeastern Illinois University:

More information HERE.

More proof of idiocray (hat tip to Bloviating Zeppelin):

"Mizled"? Are you kidding me?

At the University of Florida, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. Please take a moment to look at the list of distinguished alumni of Omicron Delta Kappa.

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Friday, November 08, 2013

Case Of Missing Teen Reopened After 10 yrs --- Police Reveal She Was Sexually Abused By More Than 100 Men Before 2 Muslim Pedos Chopped Up Her Body & Put It In Kabobs

From the Halal Pork Shop:

A murdered schoolgirl who vanished ten years ago was sexually abused by as many as 100 men in the run-up to her death, it emerged yesterday. Charlene Downes, 14, had been a victim of child sex gangs in Blackpool, many of them centred on takeaway restaurants.

Yesterday it was claimed that her parents turned a blind eye to the some of the abuse which is alleged to have taken place in the family home.

In 2007 two business partners were tried for murdering Charlene and disposing of her body using a mincing machine, before putting it into kebabs.

However, a jury failed to reach a verdict and a retrial collapsed. Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi later received six-figure compensation sums for false imprisonment.


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Janelle Vaesa, an expert on health behavior, published an article in September this year in which she referenced our report on the one Syrian rebel who ate a man’s lung and on the other who barbequed a man’s head. She forewarned that an extremely rare and 100 percent fatal disease, called kuru, will arise due to this barbaric practice:
If Syrian rebels are reportedly barbequing their enemies’ heads and eating hearts on video, are they putting themselves in danger? … Kuru, also known as the “laughing disease,” can be transmitted from person to person [when they] engage in cannibalism due to prions in the brain.
Her warning is now coming to fruition. As first reported by Arabian news source Zaman al-Wasal and by Orient News Television, there are between eight and 20 cases of kuru in Syria, which, as doctors have confirmed, can only result from eating human flesh.
Two of the infected were sent from Syria to a hospital in Ghazi Antab in Turkey for further examination and were subsequently transferred to another hospital in Germany. One of the two is now dead, since kuru is 100 percent fatal.
Kuru is contracted primarily from eating human brains, as reported by the New York Times:
Kuru is a very rare disease. It is caused by an infectious protein (prion) found in contaminated human brain tissue.
Kuru is found among people from New Guinea who practiced a form of cannibalism in which they ate the brains of dead people as part of a funeral ritual.
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From the Halal Pork Shop:

Yahya Hassan was about 10 years old when cartoonistKurt Westergaardattracted passionate criticism from Muslims world-wide with his cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb as his turban. It ran in a Danish newspaper.
Hassan – the 18-year-old son of Palestinian immigrants who are Muslims – is now creating his own brand of controversy in Islamic circles and elsewhere with a new book of poetry that was published in Denmark last month. The writing student’s self-titled book contains around 150 poems, many of which are severely critical of the religious environment he grew up in.
His book has been a surprise strong seller since it hit the relatively small Danish market Oct. 17, with 32,000 copies being sold in about two weeks. The publisher, Gyldendal, says books of poetry in Denmark are lucky to hit 500 copies. In televised interviews, Hassan has been anything but tempered in his comments about what he views as a culture of hypocrisy underpinning Denmark’s Muslim population. His words have prompted arguably the largest debate on religion in the small Scandinavian nation since the Westergaard cartoon.
Like Westergaard, Hassan’s safety is on the line.
After reciting one of his poems, titled “LANGDIGT,” or “LONG POEM,” (he writes in capital letters only) on a Danish television station a few weeks ago, he received 27 death threats and police are investigating what they perceive as the most serious ones.
“There’s something wrong with Islam,” Hassan, a self-proclaimed atheist, says. “The religion refuses to renew itself.” It needs a “reformation.”
His poems carry titles like “CHILDHOOD” and “DISGUSTED,” dealing with issues like the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, child abuse, and the interplay between violence and religion. Profanity and vivid analogies help carry his work.
A translated excerpt from “LONG POEM:”
“You don’t want pork meat,
may Allah praise you for your eating habits, 
you want Friday prayer till the next Friday prayer,
you want Ramadan till the next Ramadan, 
and between the Friday prayers and the Ramadans, 
you want to carry a knife in your pocket, 
you want to go and ask people if they have a problem, 
although the only problem is you.”
Hassan’s biggest complaint seems to be with his own peer group. “There is a massive group of Arabs – Muslims — – that commit crime on a big scale. They steal things, they sell stolen things, or they deal hash. But how can you call yourself a Muslim if all this is forbidden?”

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Michael Stürzenberger of Germany’s Freedom Party quotes leading muslims in the public square

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Tommy Robinson: Racist, Bigot, Or Hero?

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How Is Dressing As Seal Team 6/Killing Bin Laden Racist?

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Lincoln, Nebraska: Muslim Man Attacks Relative With Crowbar In Anti-Gay Hate Crime

What we need in this country is more Muslims

From the Journal Star: 

A 20-year-old man allegedly attacked a relative with a crowbar Thursday evening because she’s marrying a woman, Lincoln police said.
Ahmed Mohammed Tuma, 5312 Tipperary Trail, and a friend went to the woman's home near 27th and O streets about 5 to confront her about being engaged to a woman, said Officer Katie Flood.
“He feels this is a disgrace upon their family,” Flood said.
Police believe religion motivated Tuma, who is Muslim, Flood said.
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"as many as 52 million Americans could lose or have lost old insurance plans”

The McClatchy Newspaper group (not exactly a right wing center of political thought):
Even as President Barack Obama sold a new health care law in part by assuring Americans they would be able to keep their insurance plans, his administration knew that tens of millions of people actually could lose those their policies.
“If you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. Period,” Obama said as he pitched the plan, the unqualified promise he made repeatedly.
Yet advisers did say in 2010 that there were large caveats and that anyone whose insurance plan changed would lose the promised protection of being able to keep existing plans. And a report in 2010 said that as many as 69 percent of certain employer-based insurance plans would lose that protection, meaning as many as 41 million people could lose their plans even if they wanted to keep them and would be forced into other plans. Another 11 million who bought their own insurance also could lose their plans. Combined, as many as 52 million Americans could lose or have lost old insurance plans.
Some or much of that loss of favored insurance is driven by normal year-to-year changes such as employers changing plans to save money. And many people could end up with better plans. But it is not what the president pledged.
Obama insisted anew Thursday that the problem is limited to people who buy their own insurance. “We’re talking about 5 percent of the population who are in what’s called the individual market. They’re out there buying health insurance on their own,” he told NBC.
But a closer examination finds that the number of people who have plans changing, or have already changed, could be between 34 million to 52 million. That’s because many employer-provided insurance plans also could change, not just individually purchased insurance plans
Administration officials decline to say how many employer-sponsored plans could change. But those numbers could be between 23 million to 41 million, based on a McClatchy analysis of estimates offered by the Department of Health and Human Services in June 2010.
Obama aides did acknowledge around the time the law was enacted in 2010 that some people could lose their coverage if their plans changed after the law was passed.

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OMFG: Nearly One Million Drop from Labor Force in October – Lowest Participation Rate Since Carter

The unemployment rate rose to 7.3% in October.
The US labor force participation rate, plunged from 63.2% to 62.8% in October. Zero Hedge added that the number of people not in the labor force exploded by nearly 1 million, or 932,000 to be exact, in just the month of October.
participation rate chart fail
It is the lowest participation rate since 1978 – during the Carter years.
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Former MSNBC Host And #Occupy Supporter Dumped By Health Insurance Company

From Gateway Pundit:

Former MSNBC host and public supporter of the violent Occupy movement, Dylan Ratigan, took to Twitter last night to lament that he lost his health insurance thanks to Obamacare.
“Thnx Mr. President”


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Of Hijabs, Burqas, And Rickets

Muslimatoon on Fleet Street in London

As mentioned back in 2007:
Hijab and burka-wearing Muslim women are putting their health at risk because they do not get enough sunlight, doctors have warned.

An alarming number of Muslim women who wear headdresses such as the hijab, which covers the head, neck and shoulders, and the burka, which covers everything except the eyes, are suffering from bone deficiencies due to lack of vitamin D.

Most of the body’s vitamin D, which helps calcium absorption and prevents the bone disorder rickets, is obtained through sunlight acting on the skin. Only a very small amount comes from food.

Women with darker skin are most at risk because it takes their bodies longer to produce the vitamin.

The NHS wants to encourage women from communities that embrace the hijab, such as those from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Somalia, to increase their vitamin D intake.

A Department for Health spokesman said: ‘For ethnic groups there is an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency.

Studies have shown low levels in Asian women in the United Kingdom – particularly among those who cover most of their skin for cultural reasons.’...
Now in 2013:
LONDON (AP) -- Rickets, the childhood disease that once caused an epidemic of bowed legs and curved spines during the Victorian era, is making a shocking comeback in 21st-century Britain....
No mention this time of hijabs and burkas. Mustn't ever insult Muslims, you know.

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Chick Corea Trio
Tbilisi Jazz Festival 2012
Concert and Jam Session

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Cancer Patient Has His Insurance Cancelled Because of Obamacare, New Plan So Expensive He’s Going To Pay Mandate Fine And Let “Nature Take Its Course”

Even worse, he voted for Obama.

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Thanks Jenny McCarthy

Stupid celebrity who probably should have stuck to using her mouth to give blowjobs to Producers, 

instead, gets it in her mind that she actually knows something, 

and may end up contributing to the deaths of millions of children.
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Don't Freak Out But the First 3D-Printed Metal Gun Totally Works

From the Atlantic of all places:
It reads like a plot of a dystopian novel: People develop a technology that allows them to manufacture—themselves, in the privacy of their own homes—working guns. Law enforcement is unable to regulate firearms. Chaos ensues.

When a design for The Liberator, the open-sourced and 3D-printed gun, was released last year, worriers could take some solace: The gun wasn't entirelycomposed of 3D-printed materials. The gun's firing pin—the thing, essentially, that put the fire in the firearm—was made of metal. And metal is extremely difficult to use as a material for 3D printing.
Until ... it's not. 
A company called Solid Concepts, which specializes in direct metal laser sintering, or DMLS, has created a gun, it claims, that is composed entirely of 3D-printed metal. The gun is not only fully metal-made; it is also capable of firing multiple rounds. (Liberator-style guns made of extruded plastic, on the other hand, are at this point able to fire one shot—ever.) The gun Solid Concepts is testing—and, indeed, using as a proof-of-concept—can fire 50 rounds. And be ready for more.
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A very unusual statement from the Israel prime minister on the eve of a possible nuclear detail between the U.S. and Iran:

"I met Secretary Kerry right before he leaves to Geneva," said Netanyhau. "I reminded him that he said that no deal is better than a bad deal. That the deal that is being discussed in Geneva right now is a bad deal. It’s a very bad deal. Iran is not required to take apart even one centrifuge. But the international community is relieving sanctions on Iran for the first time after many years. Iran gets everything that it wanted at this stage and it pays nothing. And this is when Iran is under severe pressure. I urge Secretary Kerry not to rush to sign, to wait, to reconsider, to get a good deal. But this is a bad deal--a very, very bad deal. It’s the deal of a century for Iran; it’s a very dangerous and bad deal for peace and the international community."


Iranian state television broadcast simulated missile attack on Israel...


Obama secretly lifted Iran sanctions months ago...

In other words, Obama is a snake. Is that a surprise?

And remember what I told you yesterday.

UPDATE - A friend of mine sent an email commenting on this subject:

My view is that the left *wants* Iran to be nuclear-armed, as a 'counterweight' to Israel. They want Iran to be a stronger chess-piece. But they just can't admit that for domestic political-viability reasons so they have to pretend to care about all these sanctions, 'deals', and such. At some point Iran will be acknowledged to be a nuclear power and they'll be like 'well, we tried'.
That's just my baseline assumption about what's always going on with Iran. So, I assume that's what's happening here, in particular.
My answer to him:
The idea of thinking of Iran as a rational piece in an international nuclear chess game seems insane, on an apocalyptic level, to me.
I must not be crazy. You know why? Someone asked Obama a few years ago, "What keeps you up at night as President of the USA?"
His answer: "Pakistan."
We've already got one totally insane Islamic regime with nukes. Another only compounds the problem.

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