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Saturday, May 25, 2013


I can't breath.

My heart's pounding in my ears.




Blood pressure off the charts.

I wonder if she'll marry me, , ,



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RealClearWorld prints the unvarnished reality in Sweden

Swedish Multiculturalism Goes Awry

Hundreds of Muslim immigrants have rampaged through parts of the Swedish capital of Stockholm, torching cars and buses, setting fires, and hurling rocks at police.
The unrest — a predictable consequence of Sweden’s failed model of multiculturalism, which does not encourage Muslim immigrants to assimilate or integrate into Swedish society — is an ominous sign of things to come.
The trouble began after police fatally shot an elderly man brandishing a machete in a Muslim-majority neighborhood. Although the exact circumstances of the May 13 incident remain unclear, police say they shot the 69-year-old man (his nationality has not been disclosed) in self-defense after he allegedly threatened them with the weapon.
Two days later, on May 15, a Muslim youth organization called Megafonen arranged a protest against alleged police brutality and demanded an independent investigation and a public apology.
On May 19, Muslim youths initiated a riot in Husby, a heavily Muslim suburb in the western part of Stockholm where more than 80% of the residents originate from Africa and the Middle East.
At least 100 masked Muslim youths set fire to cars and buildings, smashed windows, vandalized property and hurled rocks and bottles at police and rescue services in Husby. The riots quickly spread to at least 15 other parts of Stockholm, including the districts of Fittja, Hagsätra, Kista, Jakobsberg, Norsborg, Skaerholmen, Skogås and Vaarberg.
After two nights of spiraling violence, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt appealed for calm, condemning the riots as hooliganism. But his plea (“Everyone must pitch in to restore calm — parents, adults”) failed to prevent more nights of unrest, during which Muslim youth set fire to two schools, a police station, a restaurant, and a cultural center, and burned more than 50 cars and buses.
The unrest — which has many parallels to the Muslim riots that occurred in France in 2005 — has shocked Swedes who have long turned a blind eye to immigration policies that have encouraged the establishment of a parallel Muslim society in Sweden.
Although there are no official statistics of Muslims in Sweden, the US State Department reported in 2011 that there are now between 450,000 and 500,000 Muslims in the country, or about 5% of the total population of 9.5 million.
Muslim immigration to Sweden has been fostered by open-door asylum policies that are among the most generous in the world.
During the early 1990s, for example, Sweden granted asylum to nearly 100,000 refugees fleeing the wars in the Balkans. Sweden has also been a magnet for refugees from Iraq; as a result of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), the Gulf War (1990-1991) and the Iraq War (2003-2011), there are now more than 120,000 Iraqis living in Sweden. In fact, Iraqis (both Christians and Muslims) now make up the second-largest ethnic minority group in Sweden, second only to ethnic Finns.
More recently, Sweden has granted asylum to thousands of refugees from Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria, as well as from Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Yemen.
Sweden is forecast to receive some 54,000 asylum seekers in 2013, according to the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket), the highest level since the 1990s. In 2012, Sweden accepted 44,000 asylum seekers, up by nearly a half from 2011.
Sweden is expected to receive at least 18,000 Syrians in 2013 alone. Since September 2012, asylum seekers have arrived in Sweden at the rate of 1,250 per week, far more than the Migration Board’s capacity of between 500 and 700.
Sweden is a prime destination for asylum seekers because the country offers new immigrants free housing and social welfare benefits upon arrival. But many immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East are poorly educated and have great difficulty finding a job in Sweden.
As a result, many immigrants are segregated from Swedish society and often live in areas where much of the population comes from countries other than Sweden. This in turn has encouraged the creation of parallel societies and the establishment of so-called no-go zones, parts of Sweden that are off limits to non-Muslims.
In some areas, no-go zones function as microstates governed by Islamic Sharia law where Swedish authorities have effectively lost control and are unable to provide even basic public aid such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services.
In the southern city of Malmö — where Muslims make up more than 25% of the population — fire and emergency workers refuse to enter Malmö’s mostly Muslim Rosengaard district without police escorts. The male unemployment rate in Rosengaard is estimated to be above 80%. When fire fighters attempted to put out a fire at Malmö’s main mosque, they were attacked by stone throwers.

In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, Muslim youth have hurled petrol bombs at police cars. In the city’s Angered district, where more than 15 police cars were recently destroyed, teenagers have been pointing green lasers at the eyes of police officers, some of whom have been temporarily blinded.
In Gothenburg’s Backa district, youth have been throwing stones at patrolling officers. Gothenburg police have also been struggling to deal with the problem of Muslim teenagers burning cars and attacking emergency services in several areas of the city.
At the same time, Muslim immigrants are becoming increasing assertive in demanding special rights and privileges for Islam in Sweden.
In February, for example, a mosque in Stockholm received final approval from the mayor’s office to begin sounding public prayer calls from its minaret, the first time such permission has ever been granted in Sweden.
A majority of the members of the city planning committee in the southern Stockholm suburb of Botkyrka voted to repeal a 1994 prohibition on such prayer calls, thereby opening the way for a muezzin to begin calling Muslims to prayer from the top of a 32-meter (104-foot) minaret at a Turkish mosque in the Fittja district of the city.
The issue was put to a vote after Ismail Okur, the chairman of the Botkyrka Islamic Association (Islamiska föreningen i Botkyrka), filed a petition with the city in January 2012 demanding permission to allow public prayer calls at the mosque.
In an interview with the Swedish newspaper Dagen, Okur said earlier generations of Muslim immigrants “did not dare” to press the issue, but that he represents the “new guys” who are determined to “exercise their right to religious freedom” in Sweden.
When told that Sweden has historically been a Christian country, Okur responded: “So it was perhaps before, during the 1930s and 1940s. Now it is a new era. We are more than 100,000 [sic] Muslims in Sweden. Should we not have our religion as well, especially here in Botkyrka, where we are so many?”
Swedish multiculturalists agree. The Multicultural Center (Mångkulturellt centrum) in Botkyrka recently called on Swedes to “separate whiteness from Swedishness in order to be a socially sustainable future Swedishness.”
On the other hand, a growing number of Swedes are beginning to have second thoughts about the long-term sustainability of multiculturalism and mass immigration.
Immigration Minister Tobias Billström recently marked a turning point in the debate when he told the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter that Sweden needs to tighten rules for asylum seekers and other would-be immigrants to reduce the number of people coming into the country.
“Today Sweden is one of the countries that receives the most immigrants in the EU. That’s not sustainable,” Billström said. “Today, people are coming to households where the only income is support from the municipality. Is that reasonable?” he added.
Reflecting the unease about immigrants among many voters, an anti-immigrant party, the conservative Sweden Democrats, have risen to third-place in the polls ahead of a general election set to take place in September 2014.
But the riots in Stockholm imply that the damage has already been done. The fatal flaw of Swedish multiculturalism has been to grant asylum to hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have no prospect of ever finding a job or making a meaningful contribution to Swedish society. Many immigrants are, and will remain, wards of the state.
The Malmö-based Imam Adly Abu Hajar, in an interview with the newspaper Skånska Dagbladet, recently summed it up this way: “Sweden is the best Islamic state.”
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the highest-earning 7% of the population saw their net worth grow by 28% between 2009 and 2011, while overall the net worth of the remaining 93% of Americans dropped by 4%

Pew Research Center
And the man presiding over this got re-elected.
That someone else was not regarded as a better choice should be sobering… to some people.
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6th Night Of Jihadist Rioting In Stockholm, Sweden

The Muslims are Restless

Immigrant Youths Riot For Sixth Night in Sweden

Immigrant rioting continued in Sweden last night, a country where 15 percent of the population is now foreign born.
A car set on fire burns, following riots in the Stockholm suburb of Kista late May 21, 2013, in this picture provided by Scanpix. The scene of Sweden’s worst riots in years, Husby is on the surface at least a typically neat suburb of colorful playgrounds, manicured parks and low rise apartment buildings. Riots that began in Husby have spread across Stockholm over the last four nights in scenes reminiscent of London in 2011 and Paris in 2005 – outbursts with their roots in segregation, neglect and poverty. (REUTERS/Fredrik Sandberg)
Stockholm experienced a sixth straight night of riots early Saturday.
Britain and the United States warned against travelling to the hotspots.
The Local reported:
Stockholm experienced a sixth straight night of riots early Saturday, with cars torched in several immigrant-dominated suburbs, as Britain and the United States warned against travelling to the hotspots.
Nearly a week of unrest, which spread briefly Friday night to the medium-sized city of Örebro 160 kilometres west of Stockholm, have put Sweden’s reputation as an oasis of peace and harmony at risk.
The unrest has also sparked a debate among Swedes over the integration of immigrants, many of whom arrived under the country’s generous asylum policies,
and who now make up about 15 percent of the population.
An AFP photographer witnessed a car engulfed in flames before firefighters arrived in the Stockholm district of Tensta. Cars were incinerated in three other areas of the capital as well, according to the Swedish news agency TT.
“I’ve never before taken part in anything that lasted so long and was spread over such a wide area,” police spokesman Lars Byström told TT.
Another police official said earlier that Stockholm police were about to receive reinforcements from Gothenburg and Malmö, the country’s second- and third-largest cities, but declined to disclose how many would arrive.
In the city of Örebro, police reported a fire at a school as well as several cars ablaze, but quiet had returned around midnight. The unrest in Stockholm had “rubbed off”, police told TT.
About 200 right-wing extremists were reported to cruise around Stockholm suburbs in their cars late Friday, but intense police surveillance apparently prevented any kind of serious violence.
The nightly riots have prompted Britain’s Foreign Office and the US embassy in Stockholm to issue warnings to their nationals, urging them to avoid the affected suburbs.
Firefighters were dispatched to 70 fires the night between Thursday and Friday, extinguishing torched cars, dumpsters and buildings, including three schools and a police station, the fire department wrote on Twitter. This was down from 90 blazes the night before.

Swedish Citizens Take to Streets to Defend Property From Rioting Immigrants

swede vigilantes

Group of Swedish vigilantes on night patrol May 24. (FriaTider)
Immigrant rioting continued for the sixth night on Friday.
FriaTider reported:
Faced by another night of terror at the hands of predominantly immigrant rioters,Swedes grown tired of the police’s inability to put an end to the unrest took to the streets Friday night to defend their neighborhoods.
The vigilantes were described as a motley crew of homeowners and concerned citizens, as well as neo-Nazi activists and football hooligans.
In the Stockholm suburb of Tumba the police decided to abandon their earlier non-intervention policy as a large group of police officers rounded up and dispersed a group of vigilantes trying to fend off rioters.
The decision to round up vigilantes while, according to Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Löfving, ”doing as little as possible” to stop rioters, met with a wave of protests in various social media and on the Internet. Representatives of some vigilante groups contacted Fria Tider to give their view of last night’s events.
– The number of police officers on the streets is simply staggering. The police appear to have focused all their resources on stopping the Swedes, Fredrik Becklin, spokesman for the nationalist youth organization Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth), said Friday night.
– It makes me sick to see the police clamp down on us Swedes with full force and without warning, using nightsticks and tear gas, while they don’t do a damn thing about the immigrants. We are only trying to help maintain order, while the immigrants set cars and buildings on fire, said a young man who wished to remain anonymous.
The police, however, rejected the accusations as unfounded.

'As Predicted' - FRENCH SOLDIER STABBED IN THROAT by a bearded man of North African origin outside Paris

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

It would be Impolitique to assume we understand The Other

'As Predicted' - FRENCH SOLDIER STABBED IN THROAT by a bearded man of North African origin outside Paris.(Reuters).
A French soldier patrolling a business neighbourhood west of Paris was stabbed in the neck on Saturday by a man who quickly fled the scene and is being sought by police, President Francois Hollande said.

The soldier was patrolling in uniform with two other men as part of France's Vigipirate anti-terrorist surveillance plan when he was approached from behind around 1800 p.m. and stabbed in the neck with a knife or a box-cutter.

Hollande, in the Ethiopian city of Addis Ababa, commented on the stabbing to say that the man was still on the run and police were exploring all leads.

"We still don't know the exact circumstances of the attack or the identity of the attacker, but we are exploring all options," Hollande told journalists.

Pierre-Andre Peyvel, police prefect for the Hauts-de-Seine area, said the soldier had lost a considerable amount of blood but would survive, and was being treated in a nearby military hospital.
"The wound appears to be quite serious, but it's not life-threatening," he told iTele news television.

Peyvel said the man was able to flee into a crowded shopping area in the La Defence business neighbourhood before the two other soldiers, who were walking in front of him, were able to react.

French daily Le Parisien cited a police source as saying the suspected attacker was a bearded man of North African origin about 30 years old, and was wearing an Arab-style garment under his jacket.Read the full story here.More Updated news here.
Hmmmm......May 24 Th - MFS : As i said earlier in a comment today: "This is just the beginning expect similar ' attacks' in Paris , Brussels and all the main European capitals. When we warned about the potential danger we were called 'Islamophobes , racists , Crusaders'...... But who's doing the killing?" 
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A sharia zone rises in The Hague

The Irish Times says that in Holland, there's a Muslim stronghold that's taken a foothold in a neighborhood of The Hague:
There have been calls for an urgent debate in the Dutch parliament about the integration of Muslim immigrants amid claims that one area of The Hague, known locally as “the Sharia triangle”, is being run by a form of unofficial Sharia police.

The claims relate to the district of Schilderswijk, about two kilometres from the city centre, where an almost entirely Muslim population of some 5,000 people surrounds the El Islam mosque, fuelling criticism that the government has failed to ensure a proper ethnic mix in schools and local housing. One recent investigation, in which local people were extensively interviewed, concluded that Schilderswijk had become “orthodox Muslim territory” which was now largely ignored by the city authorities, by politicians and even by the police, on the grounds that it had become self-regulating.

The investigation found that orthodox Muslims had become so dominant that they were dictating what people in the neighbourhood wore and how they behaved.

“The norms of the majority are beginning to take over,” it said.
The chief of police claims they haven't any indication of sharia in the area, but only unmasks himself as an ignoramus. Geert Wilders has taken a visit to Schilderswijk, and he'll hopefully make some noise in protest of this enclave.
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To the Citizens of Britain

The beheading of a British soldier in broad daylight in front of his barracks is a shocking development in Britain.  Mark Alexander who was on our show yesterday was stunned at the beheading. He said that there hadn’t been a beheading in Britain for hundreds of years.
In spite of this new level of jihad, the government and the press have stuck their heads in the sand and denial and madness has replaced reality – they are either mad or too frightened to face the truth.
So, citizens of Britain. I give you Mr. Howard Beale - not a stranger to madness - who can phrase a response better than I.
'We're not talking about eternal truth or absolute truth or ultimate truth. We're talking about impermanent, transient, human truth. I don't expect you people British to be capable of truth, but god-dammit, at least you're capable of self-preservation!'”
Are you, citizens of Britain. Capable of self-preservation?


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Why Didn’t Anyone Come To The Defense Of The British Soldier Who Was Hacked To Death?

Excuse me there, chap, 
might I somehow convince you to 
put down the meat cleaver and engage 
in a bit of dialogue?

From the Daily Caller:
The recent attack on a British soldier by assassins wielding meat cleavers while bystanders looked on raises the question: “Why didn’t anyone try to help the victim?”
Because British citizens are prohibited from carrying objects that could be used as “offensive weapons.” 
While it is well known that Brits cannot carry guns, a lesser known law prohibits any subject of the Queen from carrying a knife of consequence, pepper spray or a stun gun.
According to the United Kingdom government website, the online storehouse of British government regulations, it is illegal to:
  • sell a knife of any kind (including cutlery and kitchen knives) to anyone under 18
  • carry a knife in public without good reason – unless it’s a knife with a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less, eg a Swiss Army knife
  • carry, buy or sell any type of banned knife
  • use any knife in a threatening way (even a legal knife, such as a Swiss Army knife)
Folding knives, regardless of blade size, with a locking mechanism are illegal in the U.K. for carry in public and are referred to as “lock knives.” According to British law, “The maximum penalty for an adult carrying a knife is 4 years in prison and a fine of £5,000.”
Pepper spray is also illegal under section 5(1)(b) of the Firearms Act 1968, which prohibits “any weapon of whatever description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing.” 
It is illegal to import pepper spray or a stun gun because British law expressly states that pepper spray and stun guns are classified as firearms. Blow guns are classified as “offensive weapons” and are prohibited to own, except for veterinarians or registered animal handlers. 
According to the UK website, “Having an offensive weapon in a public place without lawful authority or a reasonable excuse can also lead to a fine and/or up to four years in prison.”
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the era of American dominance in international affairs may well be coming to an end..deep social and intellectual transformation underway in Asia promises to catapult it from economic power to global leadership. China, which remains a closed society in many ways, has an open mind, whereas the US is an open society with a closed mind.”

Kishore Mahbubani is Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore.
Read more at http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/the-denial-of-american-decline-by-kishore-mahbubani#12pPshXKKLHc4iw2.99 
Sorry, decline is a choice, dude
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Duped! But now what?

Charlie Cook of the National Journal (relatively dead center), is one of those people like Nate Silver who, interpreting EVERYTHING as political and politically motivated never the less find truth in numbers, if not in motivation.
Here’s your key quotes…

No Wonder Republican Criticism of Obama Isn’t Working

They’re attacking the president where he’s least vulnerable at a time when they have minimal credibility.

Henny Youngman, the late borscht belt comedian, told hundreds of politically incorrect jokes. One of them was his response when asked, “How’s your wife?” “Compared to what?” he’d say.
What’s most telling is where Obama scores well with voters and where he does not. When asked whether they thought each of seven phrases did or did not apply to Obama, he rated best with “is likable,” at 79 percent.

On “honest and trustworthy” and “is a decisive leader,” respondents scored the president at 58 percent. “Is not a typical politician” came in next, at 54 percent

His bottom three ratings were “can manage the government effectively” (52 percent said it applied, 47 percent said it did not); “generally agrees with you on issues you care about” (51 percent to 47 percent); and “generally agrees with your views on the size and power of government” (48 percent to 50 percent).
Basically, Republicans are attacking Obama where he is least vulnerable and at a time when they have minimal credibility. It isn’t working. By trying to turn everything into a scandal rather than saying Obama’s policies are wrongheaded—and rather than fixing their own image problems with minority, female, younger, and moderate voters—Republicans are focusing on attacking a guy whose name will never again appear on a ballot.
This article appears in the May 25, 2013, edition of National Journal as A Glass House.

SunnsteinAxelrod, and Carney all unintentionally made the case the republicans  it seems should be making.
Who among the republicans today can be likable enough to explain why a large govt, the ENTIRE underpinning of today’s progressive dem party, will always lead to where we are?
We have to remember that in the ~1850’s the republicans were regarded as disgusting radicals, and the extremist moral police whose election to power came about as a result of a three way national split.
The issue then?
Only slavery.
Today the SEEMINGLY modest repressions of a huge out of control monster whose lightest footstep crushes opposition and becomes self sustaining despite party are SEEMINGLY less dangerous than the issues then because we can just go out to dinner  grab a joint, or have a G&T, and watch cable or satellite while we think about the BBQ this Memorial Day.

The repubs have to find a way to break thru to the lowinfos

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What is Our Goal in the Counterjihad Movement?

Clearly something is wrong. Orthodox Islam is spreading, and great numbers of non-Muslims around the world are ignorant, confused, or blinded by an indiscriminate multiculturalism, which is allowing orthodox Islam to spread relatively unimpeded.

Those of us who have discovered the disturbing nature of Islamic doctrine (and the growing threat of its spread) want to do something about it. But what? The emotions provoked by this are intense, of course. Many of us are frightened or horrified or angry or frustrated — and some of us feel all of these and feel them strongly. We want to stop this madness we see spreading over the world. But what can we do? What should we aim at? What is our goal?

We've been at this a long time. We started Citizen Warrior about a month after 9/11. Our comments on this site are "moderated," which means we read every comment before publishing it, and we've been doing so since the beginning. We also have a Facebook page, and we read every comment there, too. So we've heard many emotionally aroused counterjihadists saying things like "we should nuke the Middle East" or "send them all back where they came from" or "ban Islam." Understandably upset, people want to do something about Islam's growing threat. But of course, nuking the Middle East is irrational, morally unacceptable, and wouldn't solve the problem anyway. You can't nuke an ideology. Many of the Muslims now living in the Middle East would defect from Islam if they had a chance. Millions are children. Nuking the Middle East is a ridiculous proposition arising out of intense feelings of helplessness. We can't "send them back" either because many of them were born in our countries. These kinds of solutions are impotent; full of sound and fury, signifying nothing but frustration.

What kind of language should we use to describe the counterjihadist's goal? On Citizen Warrior here we have characterized it a number of ways over the years: Defeating the third jihadthwarting Islam's prime directivestopping orthodox Islam's relentless encroachmentreversing jihad, etc. None of these are really adequate either.

After thinking about it for awhile, we've come up with the language we'd like to use, and we want to know what you think of it. Either email us or leave it as a comment below. This is our goal:

To marginalize, discredit, and disempower
orthodox Islam.

We can't really get rid of Islam. But we can make it so weak and maligned, so cut off from resources and shunned that it no longer poses a serious threat to the free world.

The Ku Klux Klan was once a growing movement in the U.S. They had millions of members, some of whom were in high places. They had a massive demonstration in Washington DC in 1925. Fifty thousand Klansmen were in the parade, dressed in their white robes. Just as an aside, did you know the Klan had a Kloran? I kid you not. Here's a PDF version of it.

What happened to the KKK? Why didn't they grow into a national party or take over the country? They were marginalized, discredited, and disempowered, and remain so to this day. They are still around. It's an ideology. You can't really get rid of an ideology. But you can make it something that few people want to be associated with.

How can we do that with orthodox Islam? There are many ways:

1. The first and most important is getting more people to understand that Islam is unlike other religions in important ways and that the "extremists" are not doing anything but following the written creeds of their religion. They're not "picking and choosing" passages from their texts to justify what they're doing. They're not "taking things out of context" or "misunderstanding" the Koran. It is the Koran itself and the example of Muhammad that is incompatible with modern society. We need to effectively reach people. Once enough people understand the situation accurately, the rest of this list will be relatively easy.

2. Cut off oil money to OPEC, which is the main power behind Islam's current expansion in the world.

3. Stop the oppression of women in Muslim lands (and everywhere else, including Muslim enclaves in free nations). The more power and freedom and rights women have in Muslim countries, the less orthodox those Muslims will become. 
4. Prevent Sharia law from worming its way into our legal system — passing legislation that explicitly forbids it.

5. Stop Muslim immigration into free societies, or at least limit it for Muslims, limit it from Muslim countries, test Muslim immigrants for their level of orthodoxy, or something along these lines.

6. Prevent the construction of mosques inside our borders.

You've learned about the terrifying brilliance of Islam and you want to do something about it. Excellent. Here's what to aim for: To marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam everywhere in the world. Each one of the actions on the list has a link. Follow the link to find out how you can begin to make this goal a reality.
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UK Standard: Woolwich suspects were 'hunting soldiers' in weeks before attack, claims neighbour

The Woolwich suspects were “hunting for soldiers” in the weeks leading up to the atrocity in which drummer Lee Rigby was killed, it was claimed today.
Neighbour Paul Ramsamy, 46, claimed the pair confronted him after apparently mistaking him for a squaddie because he was wearing combat trousers and boots.
The father of two said Michael Adebowale, 22, and Michael Adebolajo, 28, had followed him in the street in Greenwich as he walked home.
He claimed: "They followed me for about 50 metres and approached me together. They looked very serious, like they meant business.
"They looked at my camouflage trousers and boots. I then thought they just wanted me to buzz them into the flat block but that was obviously not the case."When I saw what happened in Woolwich I recognised them and realised how lucky I have been.
“They must have been hunting for soldiers to attack when they followed me.

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Death of an Empire: The UK Pays Terrorists $38k/yr… While Soldiers Earn Only $24k/yr

From Gateway Pundit:
You get what you pay for.
Choudary tells his followers to take welfare to fund the jihad.

Choudary takes a reported sum of £25,000 ($37,770) per year.
UK soldiers can expect to start in the army on a salary of around £16,000 ($24,172).
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UK Guardian: Universities crack down on the preachers of hate 

Universities asked to draw up guidelines on handling preachers with track record of inciting hatred in aftermath of attack in Woolwich.

---isn't that nice. LE can't legally justify arresting these pious instigators so they take their time 'drawing up plans' yet LE have no problem with the legal justification to immediately arrest 83 year old woman ranting at a mosque?
Read the next article to see if you better understand this old lady's outburst:
Woolwich attack: Al Muhajiroun linked to one in five terrorist convictionsThe group, founded by the Islamic fanatics Omar Bakri Mohammed and his deputy Anjem Choudary, was eventually banned in 2010 but not before radicalising a wave of British Muslims. 

*both Bakri and Choudary boast of their influence with the two savages of Woolwich.


via twitter, two discussions worth mentioning:

28-year-old man (@AbuNusaybahUK) who had named London hacker on twitter has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police.

Abu Nusaybah @AbuNusaybahUK 8h Did u know #Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was approached by MI5 Just over 6months ago to work as a Spy, He refused ? #NOMORELIES #UK

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