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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egypt Orders Arrest of Satirist Over Skits on Islam and Morsi

CAIRO — Egypt’s public prosecutor on Saturday ordered the arrest of a popular television satirist on charges that included insulting President Mohamed Morsi and denigrating Islam, the state news agency reported, a move that amplified criticisms that the Islamist government is moving aggressively to stifle freedom of expression.
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Green Cars Have a Dirty little Secret

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:
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Despite Explosion of Federal Spending, Household Income Falls Dramatically Under Obama 


Despite the Federal government taking more and more money from citizens, somehow their incomes are falling.

It's hard to believe, isn't it, Honey Boo Boo.

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Black slavery in Muslim countries today

Dr. Charles Jacobs notes how enslavement of blacks in Muslim countries continues unaddressed even as Israel Apartheid Week is fully condoned by anti-Israel campus dwellers:
Meanwhile, however, in Sudan and Mauritania, racist Arab societies enslave blacks. Today. Most of the slaves are African Muslims. Yet there is no Arab Apartheid Week on American campuses. Why not?

One might think American student activists would be upset about Mauritania, the West African country with the largest population of black slaves in the world – estimates range from 100,000 to more than a half-million. In Mauritania, slaves are used for labor, sex and breeding. The wholly owned property of their masters, they are passed down through generations, given as wedding gifts or exchanged for camels, trucks, guns or money.

Surely, life is not so good in a Palestinian Arab refugee camp– no matter who is to blame, but it’s undeniably a whole lot worse for Mauritanian slaves. According to a Human Rights Watch/Africa report, routine punishments for slaves in Mauritania – for the slightest fault – include beatings, denial of food and prolonged exposure to the sun, with hands and feet tied together. More serious infringement of the master’s rule (in American slave-owning parlance, “getting uppity”) can lead to prolonged tortures known as “the camel treatment,” in which the slave’s body is slowly torn apart; the“insect treatment,” in which tiny desert insects are inserted and sealed into the ear canal until the slave is driven mad; and“burning coals,” a torture not fit to describe in a family newspaper.

The cases that the rights groups focus upon are not determined by the nature, extent or degree of suffering by the victims, but rather by the identity of those thought to be the oppressors.

Perhaps the reason for silence on campuses about these things is that the story of black slaves and their Arab masters remains unknown there. It would, of course, be a sensitive topic: slavery has existed in Mauritania since the 12th century, when Arab tribes from the Arabian Peninsula invaded and conquered North Africa. Raiders then stormed African villages to the south, pillaging, enslaving and converting the indigenous peoples to Islam.

While the Koran forbids the enslavement of fellow Muslims, just as in the West, in North Africa racism trumped religious doctrine. The descendants of those Arab invaders are today’s slave owners. The descendants of those captured as slaves in jihad raids are in human bondage today. These are, then, black Muslim slaves – who, for racist reasons, aren’t allowed to touch the Koran with their black hands, who can’t marry without their owners’ permission, and whose children belong to the master.

Not all blacks in Mauritania are slaves. But all are oppressed by Arab colonialism. Arab Berbers (or “White Africans”) constitute less than a third of Mauritania’s population of 3.5 million people, but they control the government and military, as well as the education and the court systems.
An important reminder that Arabs, whatever their religions, are as white as can be, regardless of whether they're lighter or darker complected. Yet they're apparently allowed to maintain slavemongering by the leftarded crowd simply because of their Religion of Peace. I have a hard time believing that the subject is literally unknown to the left. Their belief system is the problem.
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Muslim “Secret” Courageously Outed

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Muslim “Secret” Courageously Outed.(TCJR).By Douglas Murray.
“As a community, we do have a ‘Jewish problem.’ There is no point pretending otherwise.” — Mehdi Hasan, British Muslim journalist.
How rife is anti-Semitism among Muslims? Well if you poll the so-called “Muslim world, ” as Pew and other organizations have done, the answer is: very rife indeed. Take Pakistan for instance. In 2006 only 6% of the population had a “favorable” attitude towards Jews. In 2011 when that question was polled in Pakistan again, favorable attitudes towards Jews had gone down to just 2%. 

Of course if you were to cite this figure, you would get an inevitable set of responses, such as claims that the figure was so worrying because “everyone knows” that Pakistan is a somewhat “challenging” country in that regard.

So take a nice moderate Arab country such as Jordan, for instance. After all, it has a peace treaty with Israel and everything. 

Alas, the news is not much better. In 2006, just 1% of Jordanians polled had a positive attitude towards Jews. But there is some good news: when they were polled again in 2011, this number had soared to an amazing 2%. So if Pew could just hang in there for another couple of decades, Jordanian attitudes towards Jews might climb to the giddy heights of philo-Semitism enjoyed in Pakistan back in 2006.

Of course the problem of discussing this, or even mentioning it, is that even just citing the figures is likely to get you condemned for being “Islamophobic.” It is the same with everything else in the area. If you mention that a startlingly small number of people think that Arabs, as opposed to Jews, carried out the 9/11 attacks, you will be thought of as at best somebody with startlingly bad manners. Go on to extrapolate the lessons one might draw from all this and you will be treated as some knuckle-dragging racist.

So how interesting it was this past week that a prominent British Muslim writer, for perhaps the first time – certainly in his own career – attempted to tackle this subject.Read the full story here.
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Iran said advancing ‘at murderous pace,’ could have bomb by July, Obama ‘threw sand in Israel’s eyes’

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Iran said advancing ‘at murderous pace,’ could have bomb by July, Obama ‘threw sand in Israel’s eyes’.(TOI).
Iran could have the capability to build a nuclear bomb by July, unnamed security sources said in a report published Friday.
The sources added that Israel’s leadership had been mollified by US President Barack Obama’s visit earlier this month, which saw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemingly cotton to Washington’s later timeline on when Iran could have a nuclear bomb. The security sources, said to be close to Netanyahu’s talks with Obama, claimed that after seeing North Korea wield nuclear weapons despite heavy Western opposition, Tehran’s leadership had also decided to break out toward the bomb, which could be ready between July and September.

The Iranians aren’t messing around after North Korea. What Kim Jong Un has Ahmadinejad has,” a source told the Israeli daily Maariv, referring to North Korea’s and Iran’s respective leaders. “At the end of 2012 the Iranians carried out a simulation of a nuclear explosion and since then have been advancing at a murderous pace every day.
However, the sources said Obama’s charm offensive had managed to “buy” Netanyahu — and Israel ended up losing out, with Jerusalem’s hands now tied on Iran.

The president threw sand in our eyes and now we are reaping the storm,” one source said. ”They bought us with flattery and displays of friendship, but managed to evade any responsibility for a strike.”Read the full story here
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Boston University: "Be a Muslim for a day"

So as to experience the joys of Islam, of course.

From Bare Naked Islam, citing this source:
...Like all of the other activities planned for Islam Awareness Month, the hijab challenge emphasized a theme of “common ground” and aimed to “dispel some of the stereotypes and misconceptions attached to Islam,” Hassanali said, “and answer some of the questions people have about the religion.”

The women, who signed up at their dorms or at the George Sherman Union Link, were given links to instructional videos and pink buttons that read “BU Hijab Day Challenge—Ask Me About My Hijab.” Hassanali said that while some of the women “got negative comments from friends and colleagues, most of them got positive feedback.”...

Full-time tuition at Boston University ranges from $42,000-$62,000. Getting one's money's worth of dhimmitude, huh?

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North Korea Declares War – Promises Nuclear War on Official State Website

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, March 29, 2013, 8:12 PM
The North Korean regime promised, on it's official state website, an “all-out war and a nuclear war”with South Korea and America, in response to any perceived provocation.
North Korea Declares State of War – Promises Nuclear War on Official Website
war drudge
Here’s a screengrab from the North Korean website:
korean war nukes
A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) on Thursday issued the following statement:
Shortly ago, the U.S. and south Korean puppet group cooked up a “joint plan to cope with the provocation of a local war,” escalating the danger of a war.
The joint plan signed by the commander of the U.S. forces in south Korea and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of south Korea calls on the U.S. forces to automatically get involved in the conflict in case of the north’s “provocation of a local war” and thus jointly counter it together with the south Korean puppet army.
The plan for aggression elaborates on the contents of the operation and proposals on joint counteraction.
In this regard, the south Korean puppet group claims that a legal and institutional mechanism has been provided to ensure the U.S. forces’ automatic involvement in the local war, the U.S. agreed with the principle on striking not only the base of provocations and supporting and commanding forces and that it has become possible to make a prompt and decisive counteraction against any provocation by the north.
All these facts brought the U.S. hypocrisy to daylight and proved that the U.S. and south Korea are the root cause and chieftain of the provocation of a local war.
The above-said joint plan is a very dangerous document for invading the DPRK and an open declaration of a war of aggression against it.
Any conflict on the Korean Peninsula will immediately lead to an all-out war and a nuclear war, not confined to a local war.
The Armistice Agreement, the north-south agreements on nonaggression and the joint declaration on denuclearization of the peninsula were totally nullified due to the grave provocations of the U.S. and the puppet group. Consequently, there is no mechanism to deter a war.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

March 29, 2013
| Security
| Asia and the Pacific

North Korean threats made after two U.S. B-2 stealth bombers flew over South Korea yesterday have raised tensions to a dangerously high level. North Korea placed its rocket units on standby to fire on American bases in South Korea and the Pacific after the B-2 flights.  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un responded by saying it is time "to settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists."
While the B-2 bomber flights were a demonstration of U.S. military power and an attempt to stand up to North Korea’s recent threats, LIGNET believes these flights probably were a mistake and increased the potential for military conflict.
While North Korean officials could be ramping up their rhetoric to score points at home and to press for a resumption of multilateral talks and aid, this upsurge in rhetoric is looking similar to 2010 when North Korea shelled a small South Korean island and torpedoed a South Korean naval ship. The difference this time is that unlike three years ago, the South Korean military is likely to respond to such provocations, which could spur a full-scale war.
The B-2 bombers flew more than 6,500 miles from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and flew over South Korea. The B-2s dropped dummy munitions about 50 miles from the North Korean border before flying back to the United States. This is the first mission of its kind for the stealth bombers and was intended to demonstrate the ability of the United States to conduct long-range, precision strikes “quickly and at will,” according to a statement issued by the U.S. military command in South Korea. 

North Korea declares a state of war as attack plan glimpsed in background

NORTH Korea has announced it has entered a "state of war'' with South Korea and will deal with every inter-Korean issue accordingly.
"As of now, inter-Korea relations enter a state of war and all matters between the two Koreas will be handled according to wartime protocol," the North said in a joint statement attributed to all government bodies and institutions on Saturday.
"The long-standing situation of the Korean peninsula being neither at peace nor at war is finally over," said the statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).
The two Koreas have always technically remained at war because the 1950-53 Korean War concluded with an armistice rather than a peace treaty.

Click title to read more.
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New Medicare Benefit?

Apparently, Medicare is now considering paying for sex-change operations:
For the first time since 1981, when it dubbed sex-change operations "experimental," Medicare has opened the door to covering transexual operations, adding to the growing list of operations that would be allowed under Obamacare.

Acting on a new request, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said it is starting a new analysis that could lift the spending ban for sex-change operations with a goal of making a decision two days after Christmas and on the eve of Obamacare kicking in Jan. 1.....
From comments at the first link above and the same reaction that I had:
Forest Miller • 3 hours ago

I would say this is unbelievable but it's just been one shocking thing after the other over the past four years and I'm becoming numb. My tax dollars are going to pay for this? My God.
Another commenter observed:
Chris Gilbert • 3 hours ago

Medicare/Obamacare doesn't cover most dental work, but they're thinking about covering sex-change operations?
About sex reassignment surgery:
...If surgical candidates are socially or emotionally unstable before the operation, over the age of 30, or have an unsuitable body build for the new gender, they tend not to fare well after gender reassignment surgery....

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Cadbury Goes Halal

Kraft now certifies its Cadbury products to be halal. This means that the candy is certified to be manufactured according to Islamic dietary standards. This is one more way products that conform to Sharia law are inserted into our stores. All the lamb from Australia and New Zealand sold in Costco stores is halal. It is a stealthy compliance with Sharia law.

Sharia law's prime directive is that Islamic norms dominate all other cultures. Sharia law aims to be the sole law governing all human beings on earth.

Below is a list of the products, directly from Cadbury’s web page, that comply with Sharia’s halal practice.

Halal Products at Cadbury

Orthodox Muslims don’t even recognize Easter or Christmas. If you buy Cadbury products, you will be supporting the creeping insertion of Sharia law. Islam is a ratchet. It only goes one way.

Read more:

Concessions to Orthodox Islam are the Establishment of Sharia Law

Eleven Reasons to Reject Sharia Law in Any Form

Waging Jihad By Gaining Concessions
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Arvo Part

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The Infidel World Vs. The Muslim World

In the Infidel World, we are busy inventing cures for Cancer:

Stanford: Cancer Drug Kills Every Kind of Tumor

In the Muslim World, meanwhile, Jihadists have invented bombs which kill every kind of human being.
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Cadbury pastry panders to Muslims

The Cadbury pastry company is making halal products, all for the sake of multiculturalism:
As Cadbury ramps up its inventory for Easter, a little-known fact has come to light about its candies — many are sharia-compliant.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, halal certification has become a big business as sharia law continues to extend throughout Australian culture.

Cadbury’s halal certification includes 71 products which are halal, ranging from Cadbury mini eggs to Caramello Koalas to Red Tulip chocolates. The website also states: ”We do not have any kosher-certified products.”
I guess it's either kosher or halal, since it can't be both at the same time. That's definitely sharia-compliant. All concerned Australians should avoid Cadbury if this is how blatant they're going to act. Another unfortunate revelation is that Nestle is also kowtowing to this as they helped sponsor a halal forum in Malaysia last year.
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Nation of Islam prison inmates want their own services

So many things are ludicrous about this article:
Commonwealth Court has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a state prison inmate who claims that prisoners who belong to the Nation of Islam are being denied their religious rights behind bars.

Kevin Mobley, who is serving a life term for murder in the state prison at Fayette, contends in his suit that instead of allowing Nation of Islam members their own religious services, state prison officials require them to worship with other Muslim groups that are hostile to their beliefs. [...]

Mobley, who is acting as his own lawyer, is trying to pursue the suit as a class action that would cover all prisoners who are adherents of the Nation of Islam, an Islamic sect founded in Detroit, Mich., in 1930 with a stated aim of improving the lot of African-Americans.
Just what did they do anyway? Nothing but make them a potential danger, and possibly turning them to socialism, the very ideology that hurt many blacks to start with. Malcolm X only made things worse for blacks after he took up such a poor example.
In his suit, Mobley contends that instead of allowing Nation of Islam inmates their own worship services, they are being lumped in with Sunni Muslims.

That is a hostile mix, he claims, because Sunnis believe the tenets of the Nation of Islam to be blasphemy and that Nation of Islam members aren't true Muslims. He seeks a court order requiring prison officials to allow separate services and religious materials for inmates who follow the Nation of Islam.
Sure, many Muslim sects can be hostile to one another, but that doesn't mean any of them deserve the privileges at all, and they don't. No matter what Muslim sects are in jail, there's the danger of jihad recruitment among all of them, and the influence alone is dangerous. This is exactly why some lawmakers have taken issue with allowing this kind of religious prayer to go on in jails.
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Her Royal Whyness writes to tell me that IBA is banned at all Disney properties, theme parks, hotels,etc.


Apparently, we are a hate site.

Who knew?

Anyway, I used to do a lot of business travel, and it was common for me to find that IBA was not accessible via the wireless in, say, the public area of an Embassy Suites.

But, I was always able to access IBA from my room.

This total banning is something new, or at least it is to me.

I love Disneyland, and I have friends and relatives who work for Disney in various capacities. It really is one of my favorite places in the world.

But, you know, Fuck Disneyland. If Islam were to become dominant in the US, Disney would be no more.

The Disney brand is nothing if not a pure Idolatry. Princesses would never mouth off to their father's in adolescent Feminist self-righteousness ever again if Islam has it's way.

If Disney does not know what is good for it's corporate brand, well, that's just sad.

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Strange Sightings, Weird Tales, Wild Rumours
and Unconfirmed Reports. . .

Whispers of weapons whiskey weed and dark eyed wimmen. . .


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Janiva Magness
There It Is & I Thought You Knew

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Israeli Film Director Beaten Unconscious by Muslims at French Film Festival

Director Yariv Horowitz beaten unconscious by Muslim youths in France.

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This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

This week's scheduled guest is IQ al Rassooli.

Listen to the March 29, 2013 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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Humpday Blues

Ry Cooder
Jesus Is On The Mainline

Vigilante Man

How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Expert: Eurozone to follow suit with CYPRUS to ROB people of their SAVINGS

From Gateway Pundit:
Experts say the Eurozone will follow suit with Cyprus and rob people of their savings.

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Obama Leaves US Border Open and Guardless After Sequester

He's breaking his Oath Of Office. That's an impeachable offense, is it not?
Barack Obama has decided to leave the US border open to criminals for hours at a time since his administration was forced to cut spending. This is despite having the money to pay for the border guards.
William La Jeunesse at FOX News reported:
“The border is about to become 25% less secure. Agents will no longer work a full ten hour shift. Thereby leaving the border unattended, naked, for up to two hours at a time during each shift change.”

Barack Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Section 4, Article 4 of the U.S. Constitution clearly reads,
“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”
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Secretary of State John Kerry's 'Background' demonstrates why Huma Abedin’s background mattered

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Secretary of State John Kerry's 'Background' demonstrates why Huma Abedin’s background mattered.HT: Shoebat.

When folks like Andrew McCarthy articulated why our findings about then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s close adviser Huma Abedin were important, his camp was smeared as being discriminatory.His argument had nothing to do with discrimination or Islamophobia. It had everything to do with Abedin’s familial ties compromising her judgment and allegiances to the U.S. Constitution.

Here we have an example that demonstrates this reality further and it comes via Kenneth Timmerman, who has picked up on the fact that the new Secretary of State – John Kerry – has a son-in-law with family still living in Iran. This reality could conceivably affect how Kerry deals with the Iranians.

Via the Daily Caller:

In a greeting to the Iranian people on the occasion of the traditional New Year (Nowruz) holiday last week, Secretary of State John Kerry exposed a secret that journalists and academics have been agonizing over for the past six weeks: the fact that his daughter has married an Iranian-American who has extensive family ties to Iran.

I am proud of the Iranian-Americans in my own family, and grateful for how they have enriched my life,” Kerry said in the official statement. Kerry also said he was “strongly committed to resolving” the differences between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran, “to the mutual benefit of both of our people.”

Politicians like to keep their families off-limits to the press, a decorum enforced vigorously when it comes to politicians who are in favor with the national media but ruthlessly discarded for others. But in Kerry’s case, there could be larger ramifications.

Since its inception, the FBI has vetted U.S. government officials involved in national security issues, and it generally won’t grant clearances to individuals who are married to nationals of an enemy nation or have family members living in that country, for fear of divided loyalties or, more simply, blackmail.

There it is. Certainly, even leftists can comprehend this concept without inserting race into their thought processes (oh, wait). Imagine a scenario in which a representative of Iran’s mullahs approaches the State Department with a list of demands that, if not met, could have serious consequences for Kerry’s in-laws living in Iran.

In the current political construct, such demands could conceivably involve the U.S. withholding money, weapons, or aid earmarked for a country like Egypt as tensions in the Middle East escalate. While that may not sound like a bad idea to those of us who understand the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood,shouldn’t our Secretary of State’s sole interest be in lockstep with the interests of the United States?

Last year, Abedin’s familial ties to the Brotherhood prompted calls to see her Form 86, which she would have had to fill out in order to gain a security clearance. If she did not, we have a problem. Similarly, if Kerry did not, we also have a problem.

Who would have thought that two consecutive Secretaries of State would have to deal with such controversy?

Then again, enough people have to care in order for it to actually be a controversy.Hmmm.......Kerry: I Will Implement 'President Obama's Vision For The World'. Read the full story here.
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Professor Says, Turks in Germany are a Time Bomb

From Vlad Tepes Blog:

“The Turks in Germany are a time bomb, at least the majority of them”. This is the statement with which Peter Cohen, an American visiting professor at Munich University, concludes his recent study in Germany. 
Three million Turks live already in Germany already, while 2.5 million of them have German nationality, and the majority of them are conservative Muslims.
Are they integrated in the German society? Not really. 
The majority of them speak broken German, especially the elderly. 
“They don’t want to integrate in the German society,” says Hartmut, who doesn’t want to be identified for fear of reprisals by violent Turks. “They even hate to be called ‘migrants’. They feel very Turkish. They happen to be in Germany as the elderly generation in the 1960s had been recruited to work in the car and coal industries. Now, culturally the majority of Turks, even the young, here in Germany feel very Turkish. ” Adds Hartmut, who is a social scientist at a German university. 
Professor Cohen subscribes to what Hartmut says about Turkish migration, “In the USA, for instance, migrants usually integrate in the American society, latest when the second generation is there. My survey indicate that the majority of Turks insist on keeping their Turkish identity and their cultural heritage. They feel at home in the Turkish culture.” 
Very few Turks in Germany have a regular job; about 20%. The other 80% live on the so-called Hartz IV (state social benefits). 70% of their children have no GCSE; they left school before they finished their basic education.
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The Rich Are The Problem After All - TAX THE GOVERNMENT

From Sultan Knish:

The top 10 wealthiest men and women in America barely have 250 billion dollars between them. That sounds like a lot of money, until you look at annual Federal budgets which run into the trillions of dollars, and the country's national debt which approaches 15 trillion dollars. And that's not taking into account state budgets. Even Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union, with a population of barely a million, has a multi-billion dollar budget.

As the 10th richest man in America, Michael Bloomberg wields a personal fortune of a mere 18 billion dollars, but as the Mayor of the City of New York, he disposes of an annual budget of 63 billion dollars. In a single year, he disposes of three times his own net worth. A sum that would wipe out the net worth of any billionaire in America. That is the difference between the wealth wielded by the 10th wealthiest man in America, and the mayor of a single city. And that is the real concentration of wealth. Not in the hands of individuals, but at every level of government, from the municipal to the state houses to the White House.

While liberal pundits pop on their stovepipe hats, fix their diamond stickpins and cravats, and trade in 19th century rhetoric about the dangers of trusts and monopolies-- the power in 20th century America lies not in the hands of a few industrialists, but with massive monopolistic trust of government, and its network of unions, non-profits, lobbyists and PAC's. The railroads are broken up, offshore drilling is banned, coal mining is in trouble and Ma Bell has a thousand quarreling stepchildren-- now government is the real big business. 

How big?

The 2008 presidential campaign cost 5.3 billion dollars. Another 1.5 billion for the House and the Senate. And that's not counting another half a billion from the 527's and even shadier fundraising by shadowy political organizations. But that's a small investment when you realize that they were spending billions of dollars to get their hands on trillions of dollars.

Do you know of any company in America where for a mere few billion, you could become the CEO of a company whose shareholders would be forced to sit back and watch for four years while you run up trillion dollar deficits and parcel out billions to your friends? 

Without going to jail or being marched out in handcuffs. A company that will allow you to indulge yourself, travel anywhere at company expense, live the good life, and only work when you feel like it. That will legally indemnify you against all shareholder lawsuits, while allowing you to dispose not only of their investments, but of their personal property in any way you see fit.

There is only one such company. It's called the United States Government.

It wasn't always this way. There used to be limitations on executive and legislative power. But those limitations are gone along with the top hat and the diamond stickpin. Under an ideological cloak of darkness, politicians act as if they can do anything they want. Public outrage is met with alarmist news stories about the dangers of violence, as if this were the reign of the Bourbon kings,  not a democratic republic whose right of protest is as sacrosanct as its flag and its seal. Instead the republic is dominated by political trusts, party machines, media cartels, public sector unions and a million vermin who have sucked the cow dry and are starting in on its tender meat.

Consider that in 2008, Obama pulled in 20 million from the health care industry. (McCain only 7 million). Afterward, he conspired to pass a law which mandated that every American be forced to buy health insurance from the industry. There is no definite figure for how much money the industry will make from this, but it will be a whole lot more than the mere 20 million they invested in him. During the days of the robber barons, the government never mandated that everyone must buy a product from them. Private companies might have contrived such control over the marketplace, but the IRS was never enlisted to collect their bills for them.

Every New York Times columnist who summons up the ghost of T.R. to mewl about the "concentration of wealth" should hang his head in shame. If Theodore Roosevelt were to come to life and behold such a connivance between the government and the industries it created, at the expense of the people, whether it is HMO's or the mortgage market, is there any real doubt that he would seize his big stick and bust some trusts.

How much money has flowed from the Obama Administration to its friends in the private sector in just the last year alone? And how much of that money was used to secure jobs for its allied unions, money which is then kicked back to liberal politicians running for office? Entire states are going bankrupt because of political trusts formed by politicians and public sector unions which pass money back and forth to each other in the plain sight of God and the American taxpayer.

This is not the mere concentration of wealth, but the ruthless concentration of power. The real money isn't coming from that top 1 percent, it's coming from unions, lobbies and companies which use political power to extract public money. And that money goes to the party which is so determined to keep on extracting that money no matter what it takes.

The big government left keeps playing the class warfare card, but for all their murmuring, it is not the top 1 percent that robs the middle-class blind and then sends them the bill. Even the worst company in the world isn't as larcenously extortionate as the politicians who spend and kick back, and then cry poverty and raise taxes. They shout that we need to raise taxes on the rich, and supposing that we do, where will that money go? Even if we strip that 1 percent of all their wealth and dress them up in barrels, is there anyone who does not believe that those in power will still contrive to spend it all and run up huge deficits anyway?

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