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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Both the funniest and most red flag story of the day

More than several times I have written that in international strategic alliances things need not always remain as they are.
We have the 1939 alliance between the USSR and Germany (which made secure the outbreak of WW2)
Iran in 1953 and 1979.
Egypt in 1973 and 2011-2012.
Tunisia, Libya and now Syria.
We should all remember also that in 1948 the USSR was one of the staunchest supporters for the partition of Palestine and the birth of Israel, an issue the US Sec State resigned from government over (George Marshall). And we should remember that until 1967 the USA enforced and arms embargo where Israel was concerned behind the flag of the entire middle east (the rest of which was being armed the USSR).
I have warned here than prior to very recent events Israel and China got along very, very well, and that Russia was very interested in acquiring not only Israeli avionics, but in Israeli reconnaissance and weapons carrying drones, AND in selling combat aircraft (many of which the Chinese have now cloned for their own manufacture).
That makes this event a very neat piece of ju jitsu.

China backing Israel’s strategic rail-port route as alternative to the Suez Canal

East-Asia-Intel.com, February 27, 2013

TEL AVIV — Israel is drafting a project meant to challenge Egypt’s Suez Canal which would be financed in part by China.
Industry sources said the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was supporting a plan to make Israel into a strategic passage from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.
The southern entrance of Egypt’s Suez Canal.
The sources said the plan envisioned long-term instability in Egypt, which could threaten ships in the Suez Canal.
“Shipping companies are nervous because most of the violence now taking place in Egypt is near the canal,” a source said. “It would take one major attack to shatter confidence in Egypt’s ability to protect the canal.”
Under the plan, Israel would expand its port facilities along the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts. The two seas would be linked by a modern railroad that could transport cargo within hours. The passage through the Suez Canal takes up to 15 hours.
The sources said China has been supporting the Israeli plan. They said Beijing planned to finance the construction of a second port near the Israeli city of Eilat as well as a railway to the Mediterranean port of Ashdod.
India was also said to have favored the plan, estimated to cost up to $5 billion. The sources said construction of the port and railroad could begin in 2013.
“For Egypt, the Suez Canal is an essential artery for economic survival,” Eran Feitelson, an Israeli analyst, said. “We are trying to create 
This month Barack Obama will visit Israel.
Any questions?
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Black Chamber of Commerce CEO: Obama is Tyrannical ‘Borderline Communist’ 

From Gateway Pundit:

Black Chamber of Commerce CEO Harry C. Alford slammed “borderline communist” Barack Obama in an interview this week.

Black Chamber of Commerce CEO on Obama: ‘I had hopes because he was black, shame on me’
National Black Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Harry C. Alford told The Daily Caller that he “ignored” President Obama’s “spread the wealth” comment in 2008 and “had hopes” for him “because he was black.”
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Bob Woodward Agrees With Hannity: Journalists Should Ask Obama About Bill Ayers

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

"I Love the smell of Blood?" Bob Woodward Agrees With Hannity: Journalists Should Ask Obama About Bill Ayers.(Fox).The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward appeared on Fox News’ Hannity on Thursday evening to complain about National Economic Council director Gene Sperling’s email disputing his characterization of the White House’s role in shaping the mechanism known as the sequester — the automatic across-the-board budget cuts that will go into effect on Friday.

Over the weekend Woodward claimed that the White House was trying “to move the goalposts” by replacing sequestration with a deficit reduction package that includes new revenues, a notion Sperling disputed in emails with the famed Watergate journalist. “I do truly believe you should rethink your comment about saying saying that Potus asking for revenues is moving the goal post,” Sperling wrote to Woodward. “I know you may not believe this, but as a friend, I think you will regret staking out that claim.”

During his interview with Sean Hannity, Woodward claimed that he had been “roughed up” by Sperling and agreed with the host’s characterization of the Washington journalists as liberals who are disinterested in challenging the president with Bill Ayers, an education advocate who was part of the group the Weather Underground:

HANNITY: The fact that the president was never asked a lot about the 6 trillion in debt that he accumulated prior to this election, in this first election wasn’t asked about his association with Bill Ayers was troublesome to me, I think we’ve got a media that’s not as critical as perhaps it once was in, for example, the days of Watergate.

WOODWARD: Well, I agree with that. We need to be very aggressive and it’s one of the judges that said democracies die in darkness and I really think that’s true.

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Obama's Playbook

From "Can Obama Be Stopped?" by Daniel Greenfield:
The big mistake of the last election was assuming that public dissatisfaction with Obama would be enough to remove him....


Obama’s worldview did not win. Not in 2008 or 2012. His tactics did....


Obama has a very simple playbook. 1. Create anxiety about an issue. 2. Demand action on it. 3. Hammer the Republicans for their inaction. Every morning the news stories are largely a reflection of one of the three phases of that strategy.

In this game, Republicans can either take the initiative or defend their lack of action on the Obama agenda. What we are seeing lately is a Republican Party that is constantly on the defensive, trying to explain why they haven’t yet done what Obama wants them to do and how they would have done it already if he didn’t keep on interrupting them....
Americans SHOULD be able to see that playbook for what it is. But they don't! And the GOP isn't even making a dent in Obama's playbook.  Even people who should know better are whining and running scared as sequestration looms.

From Obama's perspective, the recent sequestration "crisis" is all about destroying the GOP majority in 2014.  If he is successful, we'll see a replay of 2008-2010.  On a bigger scale.

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Smack My Bitch Up

The Prodigy


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The Prodigy

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World's on Fire

The Prodigy

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Friday, March 01, 2013

Miles Davis
In A Silent Way/New Blues

Time After Time


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Hamas Issues Ultimatum To Obama

From the Washington Times:
Designated terrorist group Hamas has warned President Obama against visiting the holy Temple Mount site in Jerusalem when he visits Israel next month, saying the action would be "a diplomatic catastrophe."

Mr. Obama hasn't confirmed a visit to the Temple Mount. But Muslim leaders have heard rumors and have issued a blunt statement nonetheless, The Times of Israel reports.

Hamas said a visit by Mr. Obama to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is located just on the southern side of the Mount, would be "an imminent danger which the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem have never faced," according to The Times of Israel. Hamas — which has been designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. State Department since 1997 — also called any visit by Mr. Obama to the site of "the Zionist occupation" an act of danger.

Ekrima Sabri, who heads the High Islamic Council in Jerusalem, said his group "insist[s] on Muslim sovereignty over the Temple Mount," according to The Times of Israel report.
Will Obama take heed of this warning?

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From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:


"Dead in the water" : Obama’s military, no chance of a strike against Iran.

"Dead in the water" : Obama’s military, no chance of a strike against Iran.(LibertyUnyielding).Great piece By J.E. Dyer.
Two to three years ago, the United States Department of Defense had enough military forces on station in, or readily deployable to, the Persian Gulf region (the “CENTCOM AOR” – area of responsibility – or Southwest Asia, as it is called in the military) to execute a limited strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities without asking Congress for special funding. The military could have performed such an operation “out of hide,” as quickly and seamlessly as the president wanted it to.

Four to five years ago, moreover, the U.S. had the regional political capital to use our bases in the local nations (e.g., Qatar and Bahrain) to launch and direct such a strike campaign.

Both of these conditions have now changed.

But as of 2013, with the funding issues inherent in the long-term budget stand-off, that option can no longer be performed out of hide. The Navy has already had to cancel a carrier strike group deployment that it couldn’t project being able to pay for, and we can no longer assume that the Air Force will have the ready aircraft and aircrew – not to mention the fuel – to perform a bomber campaign against Iran.

These are the questions raised by a Times of Israel report from today (which, of course, may or may not be valid). Quoting a TV segment from Monday, it says that the Obama administration will tell Israel next month that it is gearing up for a “window of opportunity” to strike Iran in June.

Gearing up with what? The carrier that isn’t deployed? The Air Force aircraft that will run out of flying hours in May?

We don’t have the forces deployed to conduct this strike campaign, nor can they be deployed – assuming the sequester kicks in, and/or that there is no comprehensive continuing resolution agreed to in the next couple of months – without Obama making a big political noise, by running the whole plan through Congress and asking specifically for money to fund it. What are the chances Obama is going to do that?

I’m betting Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t think he will. If the quoted claim really did come from the Obama administration, it is an egregious instance of promising to do something we obviously are making no preparations to do. (I am reminded – painfully – of a press interview Obama did almost exactly a year ago, when he said, on the topic of the Iran nuclear threat: “As president of the United States, I don’t bluff.”)

Even if the claim about the U.S. administration’s intentions in Israel is invalid, the TOI report is as good a pretext as any for making it clear to the American people that our defense situation has already changed. We cannot do today what we could have done three years agoAs long as Obama makes no provision for conducting a crippling strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the threat of doing so carries no weight. That is today’s reality – and it is Obama’s legacy. 

But it is unconscionable of Obama to handle the sequestration threat the way he has. The sequester was, we should remember, Obama’s ideaRepublicans have offered him flexibility in tailoring the cutsto minimize the worst impacts on defense, and Obama has rejected the proposal. The president alsodeclined in September 2012 to meet the sequestration plan’s deadline for reporting out on how the cuts would be taken in the federal departments. According to official testimony in July 2012, DOD had beengiven no directive to plan for the cuts imposed by the sequester. This was months after Leon Panetta described the sequestration cuts, in November 2011, as “devastating” to the military – suggesting a minimal competence question, at the very least, regarding the Obama administration.

The president has had the authority all along to guard the defense capabilities he considers most important, and Congress has offered to bolster – even expand – that authority. If the ability to credibly threaten Iran is not one of those priorities, I don’t know what is. No one wants to attack Iran, but a key component of the strategy to avoid doing it is to ensure that the threat is credible. Today, it’s not. Obama is playing too many games of “chicken” – and he hasn’t been guarding defense capabilities. What that means is that at the moment, vis-à-vis Iran, he’s not carrying a big stick.Hmmm.......If he really wanted to destroy America as a 'superpower' would he do anything different?Read the full story here.

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I see Pat Caddell has been reading this blog

“In my lifetime, Barack Obama is the only president who comes close to rivaling Richard Nixon for fundamental disingenuousness.”

From Jimmy Carter’s MAIN POLLING GUY, Gary Hart’s, and Joe Biden’s
Obama is the closest thing to Nixon we’ve seen in 40 years
It is not without a bit of irony that, in the 40 years since the explosion of the Watergate story, Bob Woodward would again be under attack from the White House for trying to tell the truth. But this time the attack is coming from a Democrat. 
While Barack Obama may not share the Nixon pedigree, he and his White House are the closest thing to the Nixon regime of any that we have seen since then — both in the extent of their paranoia and their willingness to suppress the truth and push the boundaries of law.
In my lifetime, in over 40 years in national politics, Mr. Obama is the only president who comes close to rivaling Richard Nixon for fundamental disingenuousness.

However, some things never change, just as Woodward and Bernstein were attacked then by the establishment mainstream media for daring to question a president — or do a story that they wouldn’t touch — they are once again attacking Woodward the way they did when he and  Carl Bernstein pursed Watergate.
As the youngest person on Nixon’s enemies list in 1972, I am particularly sensitive to a White House where they have utter disregard for trampling on dissent and on the rights of individuals.
Since Benghazi, when I raised the alarm about a media that was not only willing to blatantly support one political party or one political a candidate but for the first time seemed willing to suppress or ignore the facts and truth as related to a disaster of American foreign policy, my fear has been that we are now on a slippery slope. Almost everything since then has helped to realize that fear. Chuck Hagel, the sequester, Mr. Obama’s speeches — all of these have revealed a mainstream press that has absolutely decided to wear its bias openly as outriders of the Obama administration. Except for one issue — when the president refused to allow reporters to cover him and Tiger Woods playing golf together.
Great, but then he points the laser and razor at DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS
During Watergate, there were a number of Republicans who were willing to stand against the president of their party in defense of the United States of America.
Sadly, as as Democrat, I must confess, that today there is no Democratic Senator or member of the House who appears to be willing to publicly put the country ahead of Barack Obama’s White House.
As important as these other issues are, however, nothing rivals Benghazi. 
During the Chuck Hagel confirmation fight, it was revealed that to this day, neither the public nor the Congress know the names of those who were evacuated out of Benghazi. Nor have we ever seen the transcripts of the interviews which were conducted immediately after the event.
The White House’s excuse, that this information cannot be revealed because of an FBI investigation, is eerily and frighteningly similar to Nixon telling H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman to “turn off” the Watergate investigation as it threatened national security.
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"As in the Great Depression, millions are suffering unemployed—but this time they’re invisible”

Mort Zuckerman, presidential aide to SEVERAL presidents and Editor of US News and World reports, and not exactly a flaming right winger.
Why does this president REFUSE to consider any practical solution set outside his ABSURD ideology which is clearly not just failing, but causing the disintegration of those tendons which hold the USA together?
Why doesn’t he care for any other solution than a larger govt, collecting more taxes, and sending out more checks, controlled by growing administrative power?
We have all seen the ghost towns created when an in-town area is hit with the small blight as a mall opens where land for parking and concentration of shopping is available on the fringes. Too many times the towns unprofessional councils have responded by raising taxes and parking on the businesses and people left creating a death spiral which empties out the centers of formerly vibrant towns in less than a generation.
Low labor cost nations ARE the malls to the USA’s downtown.
And WE are stuck downtown.
Until we move.
The USA is an idea and if the idea is lost…. BYE. That IS how it will be.

Mort Zuckerman: The Jobs Picture Is Far Worse Than It Looks

As in the Great Depression, millions are suffering unemployed—but this time they’re invisible

We think of the iconic images of the Great Depression as representative of a uniquely miserable period, long vanished from American history. The bread lines and soup kitchens of those abnormal times have gone. So, too, has the sight of thousands of men (there were very few women among them then) waiting all day outside a factory in a forlorn quest for work.
But they’re there still, in the many millions across the country—little changed in their total since the 1930s: 12.3 million today are fully unemployed, compared to 12.8 million in 1933 at the depth of the depression. The difference is that now they’re invisible, because we’ve organized relief differently. In our “recovery,” the millions are being assisted, out of sight, by the government, through unemployment checks, Social Security disability checks, and food stamps. More than 47 million Americans are in the food stamp program, some 15 percent of the total population, compared with the 7.9 percent participation in food stamps from 1970 to 2000. Then there are the more than 11 million Americans who are collecting checks from Social Security to compensate for disability, a record. Half of them have signed on since President Obama came to office. Twenty years ago, one person was on disability for every 35 workers; today, the ratio is one for every 16. Such an increase is simply impossible to explain by disability experienced during employment, for it is inconceivable that work in America has become so much more dangerous. For many, this program is another unemployment program, only this time it is without end.

But the predicament of our times is worse than that, and worse in its way than the 1930s figures might suggest. Employers are either shortening the workweek or asking employees to take unpaid leave in unprecedented numbers. Neither those on disability nor those on leave are included in the unemployment numbers. The labor market, which peaked in November 2007 when there were 139,143,000 jobs, now encompasses only 132,705,000 workers, a drop of 6.4 million jobs from the peak. The only work that has increased is part-time work, and that is because it allows employers to reduce costs through a diminished benefit package or none at all.

There’s more.
Altogether, the broadest measure of unemployment today is approximately 14.5 percent, way above the 7.9 percent headline number you read about. The figure encompasses not only the unemployed but also the 8 million people who are employed part time because their hours have been cut back or because they have been unable to find a full-time job, and the more than 7 million people who have either stopped looking for work or are only “marginally attached” to the labor force.
Indeed, the labor force participation rate, which measures the number of people in the workforce and reflects discouraged workers who have dropped out, has dropped to the lowest level since 1984. If it were not for the dropouts, the formal unemployment rate would be around 9.8 percent. If the percentage of people looking for work now were the same as on the day that Obama was elected, the unemployment rate would be almost 11 percent.
Sometimes the announced employment numbers are not understood. January was supposed to have created 157,000 jobs, provoking relief and even enthusiasm. But that news was based on seasonally adjusted numbers. The real unadjusted figures show that 2.8 million jobs actually disappeared in January, slightly more than the 2.6 million lost last January. This new number of 157,000 was cheered, though it was less than the 311,000 of January 2012, because most commentators didn’t understand the effects of seasonal adjustment.
So there is no solace in the statistics.

One study by researchers at the American Enterprise Institute and the Center for Economic and Policy Research shows that a worker between the ages of 50 and 61 unemployed for over a year has only a 9 percent chance of finding a job in the next three months and only a 6 percent chance if he or she is 62 years or older. At the current growth rate, it will take almost seven years to restore the jobs lost. Jobseekers are only one third as likely to find a job as they were seven years ago, and a record number of households have at least one member looking for a job, which affects everyone. The recession has clearly shown that employers now think they can make do with fewer workers. Over 20 percent of companies now say that employment in their firms will not return to pre-recession levels

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Action Needed

Charles Martel has alerted us that Fethullah Gullen is trying to establish another one of his "charter schools", this time in the very heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country: Lancaster, Pa.

Who is Fethullah Gulen you may ask?

Read on.

A petition has been started to stop this school from being approved.

Go here if you'd like to sign and help stop this madrassah, er, school..


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Tedeschi Trucks Band
Midnight In Harlem

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The ‘Progressive’ dialectic compels that anything to THEIR right, which includes the center and left of center, is THE ENEMY

Lanny Davis is as close to a Hubert Humphrey/Henry Jackson as exists today in the Democratic Party.
WMAL EXCLUSIVE: Woodward’s Not Alone - Fmr. Clinton Aide Davis Says He Received White House Threat
WASHINGTON — Bob Woodward isn’t the only person who’s received threats for airing the Obama administration’s dirty laundry.  It seems anyone is a potential target of the White House these days - even former senior members of the Clinton administration. 
A day after Woodward’s claim that a senior White House official had told him he would “regret” writing a column criticizing President Obama’s stance on the sequester, Lanny Davis, a longtime close advisor to President Bill Clinton, told WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall Thursday he had received similar threats for newspaper columns he had written about Obama in the Washington Times.
Davis told WMAL that his editor, John Solomon, “received a phone call from a senior Obama White House official who didn’t like some of my columns, even though I’m a supporter of Obama. I couldn’t imagine why this call was made.”  Davis says the Obama aide told Solomon, “that if he continued to run my columns, he would lose, or his reporters would lose their White House credentials.”
Davis says he does not know if the White House official involved in his case is the same one who is alleged to have threatened Woodward, but he says the language used in both cases is very similar.  In any case, Davis says his editor, Solomon, was not worried by the threat.   
“He didn’t take it seriously, because he didn’t think that could ever happen.  He thought it was bluster,” Davis told WMAL. “I called three senior people at the White House, and I said, ‘I want this person to be told this can never happen again, and it’s inappropriate.’  I got a call back from someone who was in the White House saying it will never happen again.”
As we can all see, well,  …. er, …. They are all lying sacks of excrement right up to the top.
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TO The States, or any one of them, or any city of The States,  

Resist much, obey little

Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved; Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.

 --Walt Whitman--


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Attention Must be Paid

The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.Madame de Stael
HAT TIP: mikaelsplayground
The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.
Madame de Stael
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This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Listen to the March 1, 2013 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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"Remember Mussolini?" - Italy's New Leader: Here is What He Says on Israel

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

"Remember Mussolini?" - Italy's New Leader: Here is What He Says on Israel.(INN).By Giulio Meotti.
In Italy, an inexperienced comedian-turned-politician has won an upset victory. Except that he is also a pro-Iran anti-Semite.

Beppe Grillo, the comedian turned politician, has just become the leader of Italy's largest party, the "Five Star Movement" in an upset victory.
This populist Europhobe got one fourth of the popular votes. He is the idol of Italy's youth. He is the anti-corruption crusader. He is the guru of the Internet.
But Beppe Grillo is also a demagogue with a virulent hatred for Israel and the United States. And his popularity, despite his despicable remarks, shows that the word "Jew" has become an accepted insult once again in Europe's public square.

Mr. Grillo does not hesitate to say that “talk of Israel is a taboo, as is talk of the euro. Just touch it, they will tell you that you are racist and anti-Zionist”.He declared that “all that in Europe we know about Israel and Palestine, is filtered by an international agency called Memri. And behind Memri, there is a former Mossad agent. I have the evidence: Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London, has used Arabic texts with independent translations and he discovered a completely different reality". Then he goes on, alluding specifically to a 'Jewish conspiracy' and the need to "check" all information on the Middle East.

Grillo also said that his Iranian father-in-law explained to him that “the translations were not accurate …”, referring to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s expressed desire to erase Israel from the map.

According to Grillo, Ahmadinejad’s regime is not like the one described by the Western media: "Those who escape, are opposed to it. But those who remained do not have the same concerns that we have abroad. The economy there is okay, people work. It’s like South America: before it was much worse. I have a cousin who builds highways in Iran".

On the executions ordered by Ahmadinejad: "One day I saw a person hanged on a square of Isfahan. I was there. I asked: what is this barbarity? But then I thought of the United States. They too have the death penalty: they put one on a diet, before killing him, because his head is not shrinking. And then: what is more cruel?".
During a show, Mr. Grillo declared: "There is a saying that 'where Attila has passed through, no grass will grow'. We can say 'where the Israelis have passed, no Palestinian will grow''".

The chairman of Milan's synagogue, Davide Romano, recently pronounced that "Grillo has a problem with the Jews".

Grillo's Facebook page and weblog, which is one of the few non-English language platforms that has become wildly popular worldwide, is full of anti-Jewish attacks from Grillo's readers, fans and supporters: "Israel is like Nazi Germany", "I hope that someone will use any means to stop this killer state", "The Jews are God's cursed people", "Zyklon B for you, peace and justice in Palestine", "the Israeli leaders are monsters", "Hamas is much better than all the Zionist governments"... 

During the 2009 Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Mr. Grillo wrote of Israel: "The killer of children is an assassin that must be put on trial for crimes against humanity".

Mr. Grillo even defended Mel Gibson's rant on the Jews: "Israel is scary, her behavior is irresponsible", the politician said. "I said it. And I'm not drunk. I'm just scared for my children. Israel is behind the United States or the United States is behind Israel, which is the cause and which the effect?".

Mr. Grillo has attacked "the Holocaust industry". During a show in Rome, Grillo invited Iraq's Saddam Hussein to point his rockets on a precise point on the map which was then Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's house near Milan.

Grillo has called George W. Bush "the greatest serial killer in US history". Last week, the politician tweeted: "Al Qaeda should bomb Rome". 

People laugh all the time at Grillo's shows and speeches. His obscene sneer, which conquered the most popular spot in Italy's elections, shows a primitive hatred for Israel and Western values.

Behind this orgy of Judeophobic vulgarities you find Europe's old anti-Semitic hatred resurrected by a clownish trifle.Hmmmm.....Just what the doctor ordered for 'ailing' Italy.Read the full story here.

The writer, an internationally known Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", that researched the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary. He is at work on a book about the Vatican and Israel.
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Dissecting the Burqa

This Islamic garment is a symbol of oppression for a variety of mostly straightforward reasons, and as such is morally reprehensible. What I just said shouldn’t be controversial at all to uphold, were it not for the raging storm of political correctness that has swept through our culture lately. So I’m not going to go through the ideological reasons of how and why the burqa sucks, because to me it’s so trivial. Plus I don’t even invoke any of that when I see a woman in a burqa: the silent war of cultures, the sickening throwback to a savage era of female subjugation to men, etc…
burqa coffin
My immediate reaction whenever I spot a burqa-girl comes as an intimate shocking shudder down my spine. What an awkward and obtrusive image! It ironically generates the same kind of silent tension in common social settings as would the presence of a completely naked person sitting next to you in the bus, or nonchalantly walking into a bank or a restaurant. Whether one tries to mingle with people while naked or hermetically covered from head to toe, the absurd contrast to what everyone else is wearing screams out loud at the crucial subtleties we commonly take for granted in the spectrum of human relations.
Laura Bush next to the burqa babe
Our clothes keep us warm, seal off and protect our most delicate body parts from environmental damage, conceal our genitals and breasts so as to not rub in everyone’s faces our crude sexual attractiveness or lack there of, but also allow us to invent a public identity through a personalized combination of designs, accessories, and possibly symbols and slogans. So our clothes enhance our individuality but it’sour face that forms the epicenter of our public persona: we cognitively anchor the representation of anyone’s personality to that person’s unique facial features. We are prone to recognize faces out of random mixes of objects whenever possible, so our brains are primed for this. The face takes up a disproportionately large chunk of our mental representation of human beings as children’s drawings illustrate. Eye contact and facial expressions play an important role in how we relate to others during conversations and even in how we warm up to strangers.
The role of the face in children’s drawings
The burqa is a monstrous device because it effectively shaves off the most basic and accessible dimension of identity: the face. The woman hiding underneath it is dehumanized in the eyes of her beholders: she is reduced to an indeterminate object of unspecified form and features. A horse can hide under a burqa, or a clown, or a monkey, or a coffin, or a thief, or a ghost, or a mummy, or a giant noodle. Not only does the burqa erase the wearer’s most human and recognizable trait, her face, but it also razes to the ground all other external symbols of identity: the distinctive combinations of clothing items, styles, accessories, jewelry… How can I empathize with someone in a burqa if all I see is a monochromatic faceless shapeless bag? The wearer is practically interchangeable with anyone else wearing a burqa. There is zero potential for deep or subtle interpersonal relations through such a discomforting barrier. It’s alienating on a human level to be the one who is fully open and exposed while your interlocutor is hiding behind an opaque veil. This makes any kind of interaction with burqa-girls intrinsically awkward.
Laura Bush next to the burqa babes
The burqa has also a perverse X factor that elicits laser beams out of my eyes: in its underhanded way it’s so self-righteously slutty! The entire rationale for it is that you need to fully cover every square inch of your face and body lest any random male passerby spontaneously breaks down and starts to compulsively drool (or worse) all over you. You really think you’re such hot shit that it’s a big deal whether anyone can see your hair or face? Nobody cares! Nobody is aroused by your stupid hair! Get over it!
Not only does wearing the burqa imply an overly sexualized sense of self, but it also silently spells out a moral condemnation of all women who do not abide by such anal and self-demeaning standards of “modesty”. If your standards for socially proper attire are so far removed from the norm that you are practically living in your own moral planet, and that planet is collapsing into a black hole under its own warped field of ‘judgmentality’, there will be a point where the principle of general cultural relativity breaks down in an asymmetric fashion: As viewed from the PC planet, your style is kind of weird and no fun, but perfectly equivalent to whatever they’ve got over there, and while they might not go out of their way to bond with you for one politically correct excuse or another, you must surely be a great girl underneathand the PC crowd wishes you all the best in life. As viewed from your planet, however, the PC crowd is roaming with lustful immodest sluts who seduce every male in their path by flaunting their face and hair, and are so going to burn in hell for it.

burqa coffin
The burqa is eerie, alienating, judgmental, demeaning, dehumanizing, and is calling everyone else a whore.
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Impressions of wearing niqab (the muslim face-veil)

From I Eat Sacred Cows:

“Because you hang your bum out, it doesn’t mean you want someone to stick something in it. And it doesn’t mean you want anyone to touch it – I don’t mind people looking but don’t touch. It’s like saying every woman that wears a miniskirt is asking to be raped.” – Pete Burns
Monday, April 11, 2011, was the day France banned the burqa or niqab, the Muslim woman’s face-veil. I decided to try wearing it for myself. Here is what I discovered:
It’s like a steam bath. I cannot “get used” to breathing with it no matter how long I wear it, although georgette and chiffon are said to be “breathable” fabrics. The most favorite reply to the question<”But aren’t you hot wearing that?” by Muslimas is,”Hellfire is hotter.” but I really don’t see how unnecessary suffering and inconvenience is a virtue.
Obviously, its wear restricts the woman to a low level of outside activity, since she not only cannot breathe well nor feel comfortable in the heat, but cannot do things like exercise and swim as her hijabi sisters would with a sports hijab or burqini.
It is akin to peeking out of a hole but not really being “in” the world, and less able to connect to people. We communicate with body languages, gestures and facial expressions that are subtle but powerful nuances of emotions and emphasis, that give color and character to our communication. It is creepy to be with someone whose face you cannot see; a covered face is suspicious, and the natural reaction is to be alarmed.
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