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Saturday, November 10, 2012

"They now recognize that those offices were created to build personal contacts, the most durable and useful way to gain voters”

That from an article titled “Why Romney never saw it coming”

This is about WHAT TO DO

Perhaps Barack Obama does not care for people or contact, or the political game, but he is the title character in a movie produced by Steven Spielberg, directed by Scorcese, and with special effects by Pixar, and Lucas.

This is a lesson for the Republicans in a way that is unanticipated, and a problem compounded by being last at the party.

I was not the only one by a long shot to notice that Latinos voted Obama 2-1, and Blacks more than 9-1, and Asians by about 7-1. Nor was I the only one to notice that voters < 30 showed up in numbers greater than 2008, and went Obama 3-2.

The WSJ, on the day of the election noted that if the % of white voters was 72% or less Obama wins. It was 72%, and as low as it has ever been. So it didn’t matter that less Americans who happen to be Jewish voted for Obama..in fact near or at an all time low vote for democrats. His vote there decreased by 30% from 2008. It didn’t matter if independents broke solidly for Romney as he planned, and JUST AS HE WISHED. In numbers which pleased.

The Romney campaign thought Obama’s base had lost its affection for its candidate. They believed Obama would win only if he won over independent voters. So Romney focused on independents and the economy, which was their key issue. The Republican ground game was focused on winning those voters. “We thought the only way to win was doing well with independents and we were kicking ass with independents,” says a top aide. 

We have no way knowing what proportions will be present in future elections, but I can tell you that from 1845-1924 all proportions changed RADICALLY. Then we had the Irish beginning in the 1840’s, Asians just after, and then the great European immigration in waves from about 1880 to 1924 when congress changed the laws.

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign was openly dismissive of the Obama ground game. Why are they wasting so much money with neighborhood offices, they asked? (In Ohio, for example, Obama had almost 100 more offices than Romney.) In retrospect, the Romney team is in awe and full of praise of the Obama operation. “They spent four years working block by block, person by person to build their coalition,” says a top aide. They now recognize that those offices were created to build personal contacts, the most durable and useful way to gain voters.

If the Republicans BELIEVE in their message then they had better be convincing  folks at ground level why their message is the right one. It IS the message of the founders, after all. I don’t think Valerie Jarret’s Alinsky-istas were propounding why these values were the ones which would help the people every day, and then seeing to it that these principles DID SO. The SEIU doesn’t help poor people by empowering them to empower themselves with the inner strength of achievement. They simply demonstrated the values in BULLYING and got economic end of things done.

But first the Republican Party NEEDS is to YIELD to and then ENCOMPASS the ideals of pre 1924 immigration as THE THING which built the backbone of what men like Vanderbilt,  Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Edison, and Tesla were able to achieve. 

THE THING which supplied the men who broke the back of Germany and Japan. 

THE THING which yielded the children who destroyed the Soviet union, invented the items for and engineered the flights to the moon.

THEN the Republicans need to establish the ground level effort to ensure those people who, REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER CONSIDERATION deserve to be forwarded BY THE EFFORT OF THE PARTY to the jobs which will build the backbone this nation so desperately needs. 

THEN the Republicans need to establish ONE neighborhood at a time they are NOT a bunch of old white guys with money for commercials every 4 years, but the PROPONENTS of those ideas which will ensure the success of these people and their families across more than the length of their unemployment checks, and the next congressional fit over welfare programs.

That’s JUST STEP ONE. And it’s not about 2016. It’s about MORE THAN A GENERATION of American voters. Voters who not only make the success of the party, but underlines the success of the nation which changes the world, AS A HABIT.

We all know what kind of effort a marriage takes. Obama’s method should have taught us THIS IS THE SAME. Obama’s team is the Bill Belichek, and Billy Beane of politics.

Accept it.
There is no alternative.

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A French demonstration against Islamofascism in Paris

From the Washington Post/AP, news of a positive development:
PARIS — Hundreds of French nationalists have demonstrated in Paris against Islamist extremism, chanting the French anthem and saying the religion has no place in the country.

Protester Romain Cyiril says, “France was always a welcoming country, but for the first time we have to deal with a religion which can’t and doesn’t want to integrate itself.”

Three weeks ago, dozens of far-right French activists stormed an unfinished mosque to protest immigration policies that have made France home to Western Europe’s largest population of Muslims. There are an estimated 5 million or more Muslims in this nation of 65 million, although under French law the government does not track religion.

The French government has denounced anti-Islam extremists.

Saturday’s protest was organized by a nationalist group called the Republican Resistance.
If the government isn't going to respect the public's right to protest totalitarian religions, they should be ashamed of themselves. This is very good that now there's a movement standing up to this monstrosity of a "religion" and making themselves heard and seen. For this, they should be congratulated.

Update: Reuters reports that pollster Ifop found much of the public feels that Islam is too influential in France.
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The November 19, 2012 edition of Newsweek depicts "America" (Click directly on the image to enlarge it, and read the titles of some of the articles):

Is this the image they are trying to depict?

Haitian General 

Toussaint Louverture

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Latest White House Petition: Peacefully Grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the USA …Update: Texas Too

They only need 23,000 more signatures.
Here’s the latest White House website petition:
Peacefully grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.

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Did the Wall Street Journal Take the Wrong Pill?

They see compromise in the air between the House and the President. Perhaps it is my cynical gene, and the words of Ellsworth Toohey but where I thougth I heard Boehner say revenue increases via other methods, but NOT TAX RATE INCREASES were on the table, I heard Obama HECTOR him him that with his huge mandate (51.5% and not as large as Bush in 2004) he would accept only tax rate increases.
President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner signaled Friday a willingness to compromise on tax positions that have led to a budget stalemate, in a bid to defuse partisan tensions before talks next week to avert a year-end fiscal crisis.
Mr. Obama, in his first statement on the fiscal cliff since winning re-election Tuesday, said any deal must include tax increases on “the wealthy.” He also called on the House to immediately pass a Senate bill that would extend the Bush-era tax cuts on household income under $200,000 a year for individuals and below $250,000 for couples.
Despite his urging for a bipartisan deal, Mr. Obama intends to force Republicans to defend their opposition to Democrats’ bill in the Senate that extends those cuts. He will continue to press his case in coming weeks, administration officials said.
Obama did not appear before the press, but before an adoring, cheering uncritical crowd (as usual these days) to announce his confrontation in a repeat of what exactly set off the lack of cooperation in 2009. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES, is what he said.
I think the rich can pay more.
Talk to me when unemployment  is back to the avg from 2000-2008, 4.9%, and we have grow in GDP greater than that which supports normal population growth.
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“Upon hearing the initial shots and explosions, Lt. Col. Raible grabbed his body armor and pistol and began to lead the counterattack”

Marine Harrier Pilot Rable on Sept 14th, amid a Taliban surprise attack in American uniforms on our airbase which the caused the greatest american loss since Vietnam, takes the initiative. He lead by example. All Marines are RIFLEMEN.

Where do we get such men?

A Harrier Jet Pilot True to the Creed, ‘Every Marine a Rifleman’
The lieutenant colonel took care of his Marines, whether at home in the States or at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.
By MARC ‘VINO’ WEINTRAUBA memorial service was held recently for Lt. Col. Chris “Otis” Raible at my former Marine base in Yuma, Ariz. It was a moving ceremony that required overflow seating outside the chapel. Even in Yuma’s 100-degree heat, not a chair went empty.
Lt. Col. Raible’s fellow commanders and most of the Marine Corps’ leadership on the West Coast were in attendance. Fellow Marines of all ranks and ages, and civilians from the local community all took time to pay their respects. Wives and children of Marines still deployed wept not only for Donnella Raible and her three children, but also for this painful reminder that their loved ones are still in harm’s way.
The tributes were poignant. Col. Michael Gough, Marine Air Group 13 commander and Lt. Col. Raible’s boss, described him as the consummate leader, whether in taking care of his Marines at home in Arizona or leading from the front to mount a counterattack to defend his base. Quite simply, Col. Gough said, “he led.”
imageLt. Col. Chris ‘Otis’ Raible (1972-2012).
One of the more touching tributes was given by Chief Warrant Officer Two Robert J. Lopez. He told the gathering about a time, prior to this deployment, when he faced some extraordinarily pressing family matters and was given the option of deploying or remaining in Arizona. Lt. Col. Raible, knowing that this Marine would agonize over the decision and wouldn’t want to let down his squadron mates, called him into his office, sat him down, and told him that he would remain behind in Arizona as part of the squadron’s rear party.
Lt. Col. Raible took the burden of the decision out of the chief warrant officer’s hands and made the burden his own. He did what a commanding officer does; he took care of his Marines.
While Lt. Col. Raible’s story has certainly permeated the Yuma community, it’s doubtful that much of the rest of the country, beyond the Marine Corps circle, knows about him or his death on Sept. 14 at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The media coverage of the insurgent attack on Camp Bastion was wholly inadequate. Beyond news that several aircraft were destroyed that night, the reporting tended to focus on the fact that Prince Harry was in the area with British forces but was unscathed.
Here is what happened, and how Otis Raible died. About 15 insurgents wearing U.S. Army uniforms breached the perimeter of the airfield. They were armed with weapons including suicide vests, rocket-propelled grenades and crew-served machine guns. The insurgents succeeded in destroying six U.S. Marine Corps Harrier attack jets, severely damaging two others, and putting a light transport plane out of commission. The losses were worth more than $200 million. The attack on Camp Bastion represents the largest loss of military equipment and capability in a single day since the Vietnam War.
That much information made the news. But you might not have heard much about who defended the rest of Camp Bastion, including buildings that housed hundreds of Marines and dozens more aircraft; and you might not have heard much about who commanded them.
Marine Attack Squadron 211 (VMA-211) took the brunt of the hit. Upon hearing the initial shots and explosions, Lt. Col. Raible grabbed his body armor and pistol and began to lead the counterattack, which his squadron Marines had already undertaken.
As the night unfolded, the insurgents were pinned down in a fight that lasted more than two hours. All insurgents but one were killed. While Marines proudly claim “every Marine a rifleman,” and there certainly is some truth to that, these men were aviation maintenance Marines and attack-jet pilots led by their commanding officer.
They don’t train to this mission. They fix and maintain highly complex aircraft. They fly missions at 500 knots in the skies over Afghanistan in support of ground operations. And yet they performed heroically, killing the enemy on a dark confusing night. But during the course of the fight, Lt. Col. Raible and one of his men, Sgt. Bradley Atwell, were killed by explosions of rocket-propelled grenades.
We have since learned that the insurgents were not only targeting aircraft but also intended to blow up housing facilities in order to kill as many Marines as possible while they slept. Otis Raible and the VMA-211 Avengers, as they are known, thwarted the plan.
The VMA-211 Avengers have had their legacy defined for the past seven decades by their heroic actions in the battle of Wake Island in World War II; now they can add Camp Bastion to that storied legacy.
Over the past decade, the fighting being done by U.S. forces on behalf of the country has been given too little attention—by our leaders in Washington, by the national press and, in turn, by many Americans. If there is ever a time to remember and appreciate the sacrifice of soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, it is on Veterans Day. But beyond thinking about such matters on Sunday, please also vow to reserve some attention for the military the rest of the year.
Indifference, from Washington or the public, is disquieting for those in uniform, who know that the enemies of civilization never rest. Luckily, Lt. Col. Raible and tens of thousands like him are manning the front lines. Rest in peace, Otis, your brothers will take it from here.
Maj. Weintraub retired in 2011 after serving 20 years as a U.S. Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier pilot.
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As I was saying, the CIA is a tool, not a telescope and it is ours

As the General with the tastes of all powerful men has discovered. Powerful men who find the rewards of power, find them as rock stars have found drugs, more than their heretofore human defenses allow.
As we well know.
You will observe there is, in the end nothing to see here. Other who communicate to you will tell you this.
Now, you didn’t think Ms Ryan’s divorce records happened in a vacuum did you?
On June 18, 2004, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider agreed to release the custody files. The decision generated much controversy because it went against both parents’ direct request and because it generally reversed theearly decision to seal the papers in the best interest of the child. It was revealed that six years previously, Jeri had accused Jack Ryan of asking her to perform early decision to seal the papers in the best interest of the child. It was revealed that six years previously, Jeri had accused Jack Ryan of asking her to perform sexual acts with him in public, and in sex clubs in New YorkNew Orleans, and Paris.Jeri Ryan described one as “a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling.” Jack Ryan denied these allegations. Although Jeri Ryan only made a brief statement, and she refused to comment on the matter during the campaign, the document disclosure led Jack Ryan to withdraw his candidacy; his main opponent, Barack Obama, then won the 2004 United States Senate election in Illinois.
We know all such men have these weaknesses.
Now comes this man Petraus who imagined himself above us in what he termed honor. There is no such thing. There is only power and its use. He was not amusing, but this denouement certainly has some human comedy beyond schadenfreude doesn’t it.
Consider these pairings, Mrs above and not Mrs. below and their talents. All too easy. Too easy to miss? Or too easy to arrange?
Does it matter?
Very amusing to us.
Did he really imagine that the commanding general in Iraq, and then Afghanistan, then of the CIA would NOT be tracked by our OTHER TOOL, the FBI while he sought release and self actuation? We thought we might tempt him, but it wasn’t even needed, was it? Or maybe it was? No Matter, the result is the same.
Any imagined role he had in this nonsense Benghazi drama is now diluted or gone, and he went out of his way at the end to be cooperative, while humiliating his wife before the entire nation, and the result was that it was all to our benefit.
Perhaps there are videos. Now I don’t know, you see. But the FBI was on him. Yes, yes, he did very fine service for the nation, but there are always others, and a cooperative servant at 60% efficiency is always better than some self starter with fantasies of duty.
This is a fact of power.
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"America" will affect the entire world

From the Daily Mail on November 7, 2012 (hat tip to Mark Alexander of A New Dark Age Is Dawning):
New dawn? This looks more like a new dusk

...The most sensible policy – which a Romney administration would have pursued – is deficit reduction. Instead, the second Obama term will increase the deficit, further diminishing America’s economic power and credibility....


Obama’s supporters claim the worst is over, and the best is yet to come.

Such clichés patronise not merely the American public who, by re-electing him, have chosen the soft option rather than a confrontation with economic reality. They also patronise a substantial part of the developed world that, even if it no longer looks to America for political leadership, relies for its standard of living on the US being economically strong.

On the evidence of the past four years, notably Mr Obama’s record of serial economic incompetence, the next four are going to be exceptionally trying – and, sadly, not just for Americans.

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"I Won't Back Down"

As I embark upon refusing to accept "America" as my lot:

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The Fate Of Dissidents

Let's take a look at the fate of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Remember that their cause succeeded.

Think about this:
[T]he methods of communication in the 18th century American life may have helped keep their identities secret. "It would have been very difficult for a member of the British troops to actually find out in any given place who in that community had something to do with the Declaration of Independence because of the complete lack of communication," co-author Denise Kiernan said. Their actions deemed treasonous, some were imprisoned and treated as "high value prisoners," while others, who enjoyed great wealth in their prime, died penniless. A few emerged from the revolution to live long and happy lives...
As we few embark upon the new role of this blog, we need to go into this with our eyes wide open.

I've made my decision to throw my lot in with what matters most: American principles, not "American" principles.

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What will "America" look like?

We have posted on the topic a lot, I know. Much of the time, we've posted with anger and hyperbole.

Still, I ask the questions below in all seriousness.

1. What will "America" look like in one year?

2. In two years?

3. In four years?

4. In ten years?

5. What will happen to us as individuals and as families, not merely as a nation as a whole?

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Janiva Magness
I Won't Cry  

Things Left Undone  
Make It Rain

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Joss Stone
Son Of A Preacher Man  
w/ Jeff Beck
I Put A Spell On You

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Girl In A Coma
Walkin After Midnight

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Madeleine Peyroux
I'm All Right
Don't Wait Too Long

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Beth Hart
Bang Bang Boom Boom  

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The Voters of "America" Have Decided on Bronco Bama

Just for knowin', "Chickadee" is not married.

Of course not, right?

Fucking retards.

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Keep On Swinging

The Lord Helps Them Who Help Themselves

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Sour Times

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You say the hill's too steep to climb,
Climb it!
You say you'd like to see me try,
Climb it!
You pick the place and I'll choose the time
And I'll climb
The hill in my own way
Just wait a while, for the right day
And as I rise above the treeline and the clouds
I look down hear the sound of the things you said today
Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd, smiling
Merciless, the magistrate turns 'round, frowning
And who's the fool who wears the crown
Go down in your own way
And everyday is the right day
And as you rise above the fearlines in the frown
You look down
Hear the sound of the faces in the crowd
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Friday, November 09, 2012

Obama Moves To Shut Down1.6 Million Acre Shale Oil Development In Western U.S.


The Interior Department on Friday issued a final plan to close 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West originally slated for oil shale development.

The proposed plan would fence off a majority of the initial blueprint laid out in the final days of the George W. Bush administration. It faces a 30-day protest period and a 60-day process to ensure it is consistent with local and state policies.

After that, the department would render a decision for implementation. Interior’s Bureau of Land Management cited environmental concerns for the proposed changes. Among other things, it excised lands with “wilderness characteristics” and areas that conflicted with sage grouse habitats.
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Ain't That "America"

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North Mississippi Allstars
Rollin' n Tumblin'

Jellyrollin All Over Heaven

Hear My Train A Coming


Hear The Hills


Po Black Maddie


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And if they complain, we shall merely say ‘It was already planned’, and mock them - once more

Here in TooheyVille yesterday we noted the plaintive offers of a fig leag leaf compromise of sorts by Messrs. Boehner and McConnell towards raising govt revenue in order to avoid this fiscal cliff they are so worried about.
We demonstrate over and over our true feelings about this sort of thing but somehow the boys from AEI and Weekly Standard and their serving minions fail over and over to understand the unmistakable message we send.
It’s very amusing.
Today I described one scenario we are considering regarding this.
It is 7 weeks until this scenario kicks off, and of course the congress people are beginning to run about nervously since there is little time to settle anything, let alone everything. We have a pool going here in TooheyVille as to when these Republican children at all this will begin to bid against themselves. With all the time off they all take for themselves, I mean it is important for them to have their family time, is it not, well there are probably about 3 weeks.
There is no time, the issue is critical (at least to some) and we are going off. Once more. Toodle-OOO!
Newly re-elected President Obama resumes personal diplomacy next week with a planned Asia trip that includes the first-ever visit by a U.S. president to Burma.
The trip to Burma — also known as Myanmar — is designed to encourage the nation’s tentative steps toward democracy.
Obama will also travel to Thailand and Cambodia, which is hosting an Asian economic conference.
White House press secretary Jay Carney made the formal announcement:
“The President will travel to Bangkok, Thailand; Rangoon, Burma and Phnom Penh, and Cambodia.
Watch for our post cards, will you?
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Obama Moving Quickly On His Agenda

Two recent items from the Washington Times:

1. Gun ban back on Obama’s agenda:
That didn't take long. Less than a day after President Obama's re-election, the administration breathed new life into the United Nations' previously comatose treaty regulating guns.

Last July, the U.N. General Assembly began formal discussion of the Arms Trade Treaty, which seeks to establish "common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms." Talks on the controversial agreement were put on indefinite hiatus after the United States requested an extension to the time allotted to negotiate the agreement. Gun rights supporters blasted the treaty as it inched toward approval, and many suspected U.S. procedural maneuvers were intended to delay the treaty so it wouldn't become a topic of discussion during the election. It appears these suspicions were correct since "indefinite" turned out to mean until hours after Mr. Obama was re-elected....
Read the rest HERE.

2. Keystone pipeline pushed to forefront:
With a second term now in hand, President Obama no longer can delay a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline and must either side with environmentalists within his party or greenlight a major step toward North American energy independence.

The pipeline decision could be an early sign for the direction of Mr. Obama's green agenda for the next four years, after a campaign in which he sparred with Republican opponent Mitt Romney over the pipeline and on issues such as subsidies for alternative energy companies, the future of the coal industry, and drilling policy on federal lands and along the nation's coasts.

Green-energy and environmental groups said Wednesday that they were buoyed by the president's re-election and that they think it will kick off another chapter for clean energy in America. Mr. Obama's previous attempt to tackle carbon emissions, the ill-fated and unpopular "cap-and-trade bill," died in the Democrat-dominated Congress during Mr. Obama's first two years in office, but many of the president's supporters see his re-election as an opportunity to resurrect it....
Read the rest HERE.

We frequently hear that we will see a President's real agenda in that President's second term because he no longer has to consider tempering his policies so as to get re-elected.

The above two items are just the beginning of the Obama Agenda.  In his 2012 victory speech, he uttered, "The best is yet to come."

We're about to discover what he means by the best, and the meaning will become clear with great alacrity!

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Communist Party USA Celebrates Obama’s Victory: “We Won!”

Not too long ago this would have upset a majority of Americans…
The Communist Party USA celebrated Barack Obama’s win on Tuesday.
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