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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Egads, enough politics and race baiting for today.

Guy Clark
Dublin Blues

Black Diamond Strings

Randall Knife

Townes Van Zandt
Pancho and Lefty

Tecumseh Valley


Doc Watson
Columbus Stockade Blues

Shady Grove


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Whatcha think now, fellas?


But it's ok. The Panthers didn't mean it literally.


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Vote Republican!

In the 2008 Presidential elections, many Republicans refused to vote. They were not happy with the candidates. Essentially said that it would be better to have Obama, then to have a wishy washy Republican.

They got their way. Thanks a lot!

Apparently, we are facing the same situation. Will Republicans again refuse to vote? If the pain of Obama for the last 4 years, hasn't been enough to soften their stuborness, how about what we are facing with regards to Iran and Israel?

Anybody who has followed the path that Iran is taking know's that Iran will have the bomb. In fact, if they don't have it by the end of Obama's current term, they definitely will have it during the next.

What's worse, a wishy washy Republican or Israel's and possibly our own, destruction?

Stubbornness has it's place. But allowing another Obama term could spell massive doom.

There is no excuse this time. Vote for whatever Republican that is nominated and get Obama out of office!!!

Why Iran Thinks America Won't Attack

Iranian agents have successfully infiltrated American think-tanks, universities, and our political system as part of a plot to keep the United States from attacking the Islamic regime as it continues to expand terrorism worldwide and pursue its nuclear weapons and missile programs.
The infiltration goal is to mold American opinion and create doubt about the advisability of attacking Iran's nuclear facilities -- all part of a longstanding strategy to pull the strings of America and the West.

Iranian leaders first successfully engaged U.S. forces in Iraq at a time when President Bush was in an offensive policy of confronting Islamists after 9/11. The Iranians correctly believed that if America got bogged down in Iraq, it would not want to open another front with Iran before stabilizing Iraq, buying Iran time for nuclear development.

Iran had already infiltrated the Shiite majority in Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War. At that time, I was working as a CIA spy in the Revolutionary Guards and was reporting their activities to America. When the U.S. went to war against Saddam, the Iranians began a campaign of terror in Iraq that not only crippled America financially by stringing out an unfunded war, but killed many U.S. soldiers.

The same infiltration policy was enforced in Afghanistan with the training and arming of Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters against NATO forces.

That strategy kept Iran's rulers out of harm's way, allowed them to pursue their nuclear and missile programs with impunity, and forced America to rethink its involvement in the region. They called their strategy a great victory over the "Great Satan."

Read more:

Obama is Fooling Lots of People on Israel

Commentary is a wonderful source of information and analysis, and Seth Mandel who is with Commentary is a gifted writer and a great thinker. That's why I was dismayed when I read the title of his article on Thursday: "Obama Still Not Fooling Anyone on Israel." That is absolutely not true.

After reading the article, I wondered how someone could choose such an inaccurate title. As usual, Mandel's analysis and conclusions are impeccable:

Under the previous two administrations-one Democratic, one Republican-the Israeli right, left, and center have all signed agreements, made final-status offers, or led Israel to make unprecedented sacrifices for the peace process. As Yossi Klein Halevi wrote recently: "Israelis still recall with disbelief how Obama refused to honor Bush's written commitment to Ariel Sharon-that the U.S. would support settlement blocs being incorporated into Israel proper. And never has an American president treated an Israeli prime minister with such shabbiness as Obama has treated Netanyahu. Indeed one gets the impression that of all the world's leaders, Obama most detests the prime minister of Israel."

Read more:

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I was wearing a necklace with a Star of David attached to it, someone barged into me. I said to him: 'You ought to excuse yourself!' All he said was that he didn't apologize to Jews

Big Peace:

Jews Flee France for Safe Haven of Israel

Although the recent attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, by a Muslim terrorist was a tragedy of immense proportions, it was not completely unforeseen.

Jews in France have long been facing hostilities from Arab immigrants in that country, and they have likewise long been looking for residences outside of France to which they can flee if the persecution becomes any worse.

It’s already “unbearable” on a day-to-day basis, according to one French Jew who prefers to keep her name a secret. She told Spiegel magazine that life in France has gotten rough for Jews: “Children are harassed on their way to school just because they're Jews. [And once, when] I was wearing a necklace with a Star of David attached to it, someone barged into me. I said to him: 'You ought to excuse yourself!' All he said was that he didn't apologize to Jews.”

In the midst of these rising tensions, French Jews are looking to Israel as a safe haven, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is quite pleased. He understands that “Israel was set up as a haven for Jews from just such threats.”

Netanyahu described the agony he felt in response the attack on the Jewish school in Toulouse: “I saw the depth of the grief and pain of a young mother who [was] feeding a baby, who lost her husband and two of her little children, the agony of life cut short and hope which was crushed… Those kids were our kids. They were French kids and also Israeli kids.”

Suffice it to say that Netanyahu is not alone in these convictions. The Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Absorption says a total of 100,000 French Jews have immigrated to Israel in recent years, and approximately 2,000 French Jews are “resettling in Israel each year” now. Tel Aviv real estate agent Yitzhak Touitou says, "About a third of my customers are Jews from France. Every French Jew who can somehow come up with the money is buying an apartment here.”

I am betting the Toulouse terrorist attack will only drive these numbers up exponentially. And it should. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be safe.


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Dear Mr Jackson and Farrakhan and Sharpton and Obama and Holder and liberal fucking media

Where is your fucking outrage now?!


Police look for two teens accused of setting 13-year-old old boy on fire

•By: Syed Shabbir

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An eighth grader at East High School says two teenagers used gasoline to light him on fire.

Allen Goin was walking home from the high school, which serves grades 7-12, when he says two older students began following him. When Goin got to his front door, he says one of the teenagers put him in a head-lock while the other grabbed a small gas can from Goin's front porch.

"He took his lighter and he lit it," Goin said. "It exploded the cap off and went all over my face."

According to the police report , the teen with the gas can told Goin, "this is what you get."

"Eyebrows gone. Eyelashes gone. Hair singed. That's kind of when I freaked out," Goin's father Dale Goin said.

Goin says he's been bullied in the past. He says he reported it to his dad who reported it to the school, but both feel Tuesday's assault shows the issue has not been settled.

"He isn't going back to that school. They'll have to lock me up or kill me," Dale said. "What kid you know can go to school everyday looking over his shoulder and be successful and learn something?"

Dale says he want's to transfer Allen to a different school, and he wants to press charges against the suspects.

Police say the suspects were black males near the age of 16. Police say both were wearing blue hats and blue jackets. One had blue shoes with the number 23 on the side, and the other was wearing glasses. They were last seen running north in the 2200 block of Quincy Avenue.

Police are asking anyone with information to report tips by calling (816) 474-TIPS.


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UK: Muslim Nurse Refuses To Help Dying Woman Because It Interfered With His Prayers

From the Telegraph:
Alzheimer's sufferer Dorothy Griffiths, 87, was found sitting down after staff heard a bang and a carer went to the office for help to lift her.
But agency nurse Abdul Bhutto, who was in charge, said they would have to wait.
Carer Zoe Shaw told the Sheffield hearing: "It took between five and ten minutes because he was praying upstairs in the office on his prayer mat. A staff member told me we had to wait for him to finish."
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Look at how this is America

(Jesse) Jackson said that there is a mistaken assumption in some corners of America that all racial problems went away with the election of President Obama. "There was this feeling that we were kind of beyond racism," he said. "That's not true. His victory has triggered tremendous backlash."

He added: "Blacks are under attack."

Very well, Reverend, if that's how you feel might I suggest we replace the black candidate this time around with whoever the white candidate is? In fact I'll go so far as to say I'll vote for the white candidate because he is white. Because he looks like me. And every other white in America should vote for the white candidate because he is white.

Because if not, Barack Obama may be one scary fucking nigger for the next four years.

What? That kind of language was used frequently in the streets when I was growing up. It's a term of endearment. Don't run from it.

Hey, we have to do whatever we can to get that black man out of there. And if that shows America's weak dark underside well, screw the country.

And screw your fucking civility.

Of course that's just the opinion of one bitter dumb Pennsylvania Polack clinging to my guns and religion and antipathy toward people who aren't like me.


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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Doors
The End

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Should Christians Kill Mark Thompson?

Mark Thompson, the head of the BBC, admitted in a public interview that his fear of Muslim retaliation causes him to treat Muslim stories with far more sensitivity than Christian stories.

In his most telling comment, Thompson said: "Without question, 'I complain in the strongest possible terms,' is different from, 'I complain in the strongest possible terms and I am loading my AK47 as I write.' This definitely raises the stakes."

He says he knows his fear creates censorship.

We applaud Thompson for his honesty. But his censorship creates more problems than it solves. A recent Spectator article goes into detail about some of the problems this kind of censorship can cause. Read the article here (and then share it with your friends, especially those friends who are fans of the BBC).

Watch Thompson's half-hour interview here.
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Obama Preps for a ‘Non-Emergency’ Named Iran

Ran across this very interesting post at NoisyRoom.net

It's not so much the news about the Executive Order, although I felt the same as him when I first heard about it.

It's all of the information regarding "military movements", that caught my eye.

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John Mayall & Albert King
Stormy Monday

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch. The show broadcasts live every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time, for 30 minutes.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870.

Our scheduled guest this week is IBA's IQ al Rassooli. We will be discussing the Sudan.

Listen to the March 23, 2012 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

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Toulouse jihadist now facing highest court

Mohammed Merah, the Muslim who murdered 4 Jews at a Toulouse school and 3 military officials earlier, has now been shot down by the authorities, and deservedly so:
TOULOUSE, France - A 23-year-old gunman suspected of killing seven people in southwestern France in the name of al-Qaida, jumped from a window to his death in a hail of bullets after police stormed his apartment on Thursday.

"At the moment when a video probe was sent into the bathroom, the killer came out of the bathroom, firing with extreme violence," French Interior Minister Claude Gueant said, adding that Merah was firing several guns at once.

"In the end, Mohamed Merah jumped from the window with his gun in his hand, continuing to fire. He was found dead on the ground," he told reporters at the scene. Two police commandos were wounded.

Special forces entered the five-story building in a suburb of Toulouse after besieging Merah since early on Wednesday.

Gueant said earlier police hoped to capture Merah, who had confessed to police negotiators to killing three soldiers as well as three Jewish children and a rabbi at a school, alive.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, whose already slim chances of beating off a Socialist challenger in next month's presidential election may be affected by his handling of the crisis, has vowed justice will be done and urged people not to seek revenge.
What about seeking how to best prevent violent crimes like this from happening again? That's what should really matter now, and if he wants to better his chances of winning reelection, he'd be advised to work on it.
Merah, a French citizen of Algerian origin who had been under intelligence surveillance for years, shot at police as they closed in on him in the early hours of Wednesday and later boasted to negotiators that he had brought France to its knees.

He said his only regret was not having been able to carry out more killings.
It's fortunate he failed, and a good thing he's now going to hell.
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compare and contrast islam and christianity in the present day

ok, so I run into many people who say through ignorance or moral relativism that all religions are the same. all of them can be used for evil. that christians are or have been just as bad as muslims and islam therefore its unfair to characterize islam as any worse than any other religion.

which begs the question without reaching back 700 years, where around the globe are the stacks and stacks of news stories detailing christian atrocities against innocent people for the purpose of subjugating or ethnic cleansing all non christians and done while shouting out christ’s name?

I mean their should be reams of stories by now huh?

and displaced people due to the religious persecution of non christians.

the news stories dont exist! you wont find any. but you will find stacks of news stories detailing the atrocities commited by muslims in the name of islam

there are now millions of refugees from the onslaught of muslim religious fundementalist zealots.

from the sudan to egypt to iraq and nigeria the murder and carnage done to put fear into the non muslims is staggering, and as the muslim population reaches critical mass in places like germany, france and the UK they will be coming for your women and children. they will be terrorizing your families you can take that to the bank. just this week this little french girl died a horrible terrifying death at the hands of a religious muslim.

here are some examples, find me the equivalent perpetrated by a fundamentalist christian. it isnt possible, the more religious a christian becomes the less inclined they are to violence.

the more religious a muslim gets the more inclined they become to murderous activities. why is it that when islam gets hungry innocent people and children are always first on the menu? almost like human sacrifice to a demon god heh?

below is the little french girl, a little girl murdered in cold blood by a very religious muslim. so religious that shooting an innocent terrified pretty little girl in the head didnt bother him in the least. as I post this he is hold up in his apartment besieged by the french police.

French Al-Qaeda Member Who Murdered Jewish School Children, a Rabbi and 3 Paratroopers Is Cornered in Toulouse (Video)

Toulouse shooting: Little girl cornered in school and shot in head

8-year-old Miriam Monsonego, daughter of school headmaster Rabbi Yaacov Monsonego, who was killed in a shooting
attack at the Ozar Hatorah School in Toulouse, France

and its not an aboration remember beslan? hundreds of russian school children murdered by muslims.

or these stories below, all celebrated by muslims as victories against the infidels. got that? all celebrated.

Palestinian Terrorists Stab Three Israeli Children and a Baby to Death While They Sleep, Gaza Residents Celebrate by Handing out Candy and Sweets…



(Ynet)- Gaza residents from the southern city of Rafah hit the streets Saturday to celebrate the terror attack in the West Bank settlement of Itamar where five family members were murdered in their sleep, including three children.

Residents handed out candy and sweets, one resident saying the joy “is a natural response to the harm settlers inflict on the Palestinian residents in the West Bank.”

The shocking attack occurred around 1 am as the terrorist entered the family home and murdered three children aged 11, 3, and a baby girl along with their parents. The victims were apparently sleeping as the killer came in.
below is a pic of the terrible israeli the heroic muslim palistian defeated in battle~~

Four-year-old Elad Fogel was stabbed to death in the attack.

“Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

“Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29Fogel Fogel Family HY”Dthiers

always an excuse and a reason for these muslim goblins to do thier killing

“Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29While CNN refuses to call this a “terrorist attack”, Hamas makes clear it was, indeed, Jihad:
below around the world were some other killings by islam. they are just the tip of the sword of islam there are thousands more.

heres what islam ate during christmas

He wandered among the corpses and the blood, following the terrorists around and admonishing them, ‘enough, enough, enough.’ According to witnesses, this continued for two hours until Adam was himself murdered.”

this is the difference between christianity and islam as shown by one small child.

and here is another example of islam in action below, what unadulterated evil….

the Hatuel family.

all murdered by palistinian muslim animals. goblins of the first rank.

they were said to have been practially orgasmic when they gleefully murdered these children.

The militant Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees, an umbrella group, claimed responsibility for the “heroic” attack in a call to The Associated Press.

Police said the white Citroen station wagon, carrying the family, spun off the road after the initial shooting, then the attackers approached the vehicle and shot the occupants at close range.

The car was riddled with bullets, and the carpet inside was stained with blood.

religion of peace and justice and mercy, spit*if your an apologist for islam your scum.

and from ryhmes with right, if you thought this was an aberation not condoned by islam read this look inside the mind of muslims here in america:

In George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm, all animals were equal – but the pigs became more equal than the rest. At Hartford Seminary, the latter reality applies to the Muslims, according to recent graduate Andrew Bieszad.

Hartford Seminary prides itself on its large number of Muslim students, both domestic and foreign-exchange. Among my first experiences with the Muslim students there was in a class on interfaith dialogue. I had done interfaith dialogue before, so this was not a new experience for me. We were separated into groups for the dialogue, and when I was permitted to speak, I said, “I am Catholic, and I do not believe in Islam.” Following me, one of the Muslim students spoke. She said that she was Muslim, and then she addressed me directly. In a soft, Arabic accented voice, she told me, “You are an infidel because you do not accept Islam” and that “according to Islam you do not deserve to live.” A second Muslim student heartily agreed, and after repeating the first student’s comments, she added that “in Islam, the Koran and the tradition of the prophet are very clear about this” and that “you deserve to die.”

This was one of several publicly-made threatening statements and insults that I would receive from Muslim seminary classmates for my open disagreement with Islam. In another incident, I was in a class on modern Islamic thought and an American male convert to Islam informed me in front of my classmates and the professor, “You deserve to die on account of your disagreement with Islam.” Another student, an American Muslim woman of Egyptian heritage, informed me that I was “dirty” on account of being a Christian. When I tried to address these and other incidents with the HS administration, I was told directly that I was “intolerant” of Muslims and needed to show a better “understanding of Islam” as a solution. No action was ever taken by the seminary.

What bothered me were neither the insults nor the menacing remarks, but the pervasive notion that respect for Muslims was conditioned upon intentionally avoiding criticism of Islam. Not a single classmate, Muslim or non-Muslim, ever spoke up in support of my opinion, even on the principle that different views should be respected. In class, non-Muslim students and even professors showed a disproportionate respect for Muslim students when speaking about Islam, would not criticize certain matters, and even apologized for asking questions. Muslim students, on the other hand, were free to speak critically and even condescendingly about Christianity without any objection from my classmates and professors.

This brings us to a rather simple reality – Muslims insist upon taking advantages of all the rights and liberties afforded to religions and religious believers under the First Amendment and laws made pursuant to it. However, these same Muslims insist that non-Muslims not trespass against Islamic teachings and the sensitivities of Muslim believers when others seek to avail themselves of these same rights and privileges – and our leaders and institutions are all too willing to oblige them by criticizing or suppressing that which offends the Muslims. We as Americans – of all faiths – must ask ourselves if such a situation is tolerable in a nation that claims to hold all religious believers to be equal and all religious beliefs to be tolerated. And if we will oblige the Muslims (a miniscule portion of our nation’s citizens) in the name of “sensitivity”, at what point have we effectively made Islam the established religion of a nation founded upon and predominantly populated by followers of the Judeo-Christian tradition?

finish at rhymes with right

and from sultan kinish a look into how islam and muslims treat animals.

acts of animal torture have been publicly broadcast on television from Syria, (I HAVE PERSONALLY WITNESSED THIS) with President Assad of Syria smiling and applauding these horrific acts – male and particularly female Syrian soldiers biting the heads off of snakes and kittens to show what they will do to the Jews.

When I saw this on only one news program, with Linda Ellerbee reporting it (completely shocked with it, herself), at around 2am, I wrote to every major news station. The replies I received were all the same: they didn’t want to show it because they didn’t think the American public could handle it, it was in bad taste or too violent. I was furious. I wonder what would have happened had they shown this widely, more than ten years ago, so America could see what the Arabs do. Maybe our news is negligent and contributes to such disasters as 9/11 by keeping the public ignorant or in denial. What do you think?

A cruelty that manifests itself toward animals and people. Animals in the Middle East are among the most mistreated in the world. Islam claims that an angel will not enter a home with a dog or a cat. Dogs in particular are considered unclean. ‘Kalb’ or dog is a common Arabic insult.

This is a culture where life has little value and causing pain is a form of entertainment. Compassion is a word without meaning. Sometimes someone notices. Sometimes a news story results. The video Rumsfeld posted will be treated by most as some kind of eccentric thing that has no connection to wider attitudes. The truth is that it does.

Andrew Bostom has a great article, which among other things… cites that dogs in Iran can distinguish between Muslims and Zoroastrians

In Sharifabad the dogs distinguished clearly between Moslem and Zoroastrian, and were prepared to go…full of hope, into a crowded Zoroastrian assembly, or to fall asleep trustfully in a Zoroastrian lane, but would flee as before Satan from a group of Moslem boys

…incidentally we could use some of these dogs to replace TSA agents

Certainly in the Yazdi area… Moslems found a double satisfaction in tormenting dogs, since they were thereby both afflicting an unclean creature and causing distress to the infidel who cherished him. There are grim…stories from the time

I myself was spared any worse sight than that of a young Moslem girl…standing over a litter of two-week old puppies, and suddenly kicking one as hard as she could with her shod foot. The puppy screamed with pain, but at my angry intervention she merely said blankly, ‘But it’s unclean.’

In the same way Muslims apathetically contemplate the deaths of millions of infidels. “But they’re infidels.”

Morality is not natural. We’re not born with it as children. It has to be taught. This is how Muslim children are raised. And there’s no reason to wonder at the beheading of animals and the beheading of Christians and Jews.

In Iran going out into the street with a dog is a crime punishable by lashes. And as Muslims have moved to Western countries, they have begun to terrorize dog owners as well.

The worst victims of this Muslim hatred of dogs have been the blind, who have been driven off buses by Muslim rage at the sight of a dog or denied cab rides by Muslim cabbies and bus drivers. Not just in the UK, but in the US as well.

In July 1997, for example, a New Orleans taxi driver, Mahmoud Awad, got so incensed at his passenger, Sandi Dewdney, trying to bring a dog into the cab that he physically yanked her out of it by the arm while yelling “No dog, No dog, Get out, get out.” He harmed her broken wrist. To this, CAIR replied by pointing out that “the saliva of dogs invalidates the ritual purity needed for prayer” and left it to the scholars of Islam to decide whether a guide dog should be allowed in a cab.

Should one be concerned about Sharia law in America when Muslim clergy now gets to decide who can enter a cab, or be physically abused?

One of the ugliest cases of Muslim dog hatred erupted only a few years ago in Minnesota’s Little Somalia where a disabled student-teacher was forced to leave over Muslim abuse of his service animal.

Moving on from the abuse of animals to the abuse of people, an Examiner article has an update on the Jessie Bender case, which just gets worse and worse

I learned through other family members that Mike was told two days before they were suppose to go to Pakistan, that Jessie was going to be married off to Mo’s brother over in Pakistan because he was in some trouble and they wanted to bring him over to the states. They were going to get paid $3000 for this.

3,000 dollars for a 13 year old girl. Is this the America we want?

Islam ALLOWS Muslims to kill us while we sleep according to Koran Chapter 7 (The Heights=Al-Araf), Verse 97:
“What! Do the people of the towns then feel secure from Our (not sic) punishment coming to them by night while they sleep?”

Not surprising that Muslims, per Koran and Mohammed are allowed to slaughter innocents as they sleep, as they are also allowed: Pre-Pubescent Child Rape (65:4), Sex Slaves (4:24), Rape (24:13), Amputation and Crucifixion (5:33), Beheading (8:12, 47:4), Wives Beating (4:34) and Wives Raping (2:223), Theft and Robbery (entire Chapter 8 of Koran called Booty), Extortion (9:29), Lying (3:28, 5:51), Stoning to Death for Adultery (Sahih Muslim 17.4206),..etc.

got that people? if you dont beleive in islam you deserve to die. and they have no compunction as to inflicting pain because islam has tought them not to be concerned with your pain or suffering, in fact it teaches them to relish and enjoy your pain and suffering becuase you are bound for hell, your dirty, less than an animal.

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Michael Brecker
Delta City Blues

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Los Angeles Times:

Poll: 'Anti-Semitic notions' on rise among French, other Europeans

The French have grown more likely to believe that Jews hold too much power in business or world finance, as well as other "classical anti-Semitic notions," according to a new survey from the Anti-Defamation League that compares attitudes in 2009 and 2012.

The poll, released Tuesday, found nearly half of the French people surveyed said they think it is "probably true" that Jews there are more loyal to Israel than France, an increase from years past. Asked if Jews "still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust," more than a third of the respondents agreed.

Bias against Jews is in the spotlight in France after a gunman killed a rabbi and three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday. The French interior minister said the alleged attacker, suspected to have links to a group associated with Al Qaeda, said he shot them in revenge for the killing of Palestinian children.

Attacks on French Jews fell last year, with 389 incidents ranging from violence to vandalism reported, but the aggressiveness of the attacks rose, said the Protection Service for the Jewish Community, which provides security for synagogues and Jewish celebrations, the Associated Press reported.

The new survey covered not only France but nine other countries across Europe. Nearly one third of the Europeans surveyed held "pernicious anti-Semitic beliefs," the Anti-Defamation League said. Five thousand telephone interviews were conducted across Europe for the poll, 500 in each country surveyed.

Though the killings at the Jewish school have focused attention on attitudes against Jews in France, the new poll indicated that such beliefs are markedly more common in Hungary, Poland and Spain than in France.

Anti-Semitism "infects many Europeans at a much higher level than we see here in the United States," said Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the league, which is based in New York City. "In Hungary, Spain and Poland the numbers for anti-Semitic attitudes are literally off the charts.”

For instance, 14% of French people surveyed said they agreed that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ; 38% of Hungarian respondents and 46% of Polish people surveyed said the same. While 45% of French people surveyed said Jews were more loyal to Israel, 72% of Spainards interviewed said so.


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NYPD says Iran has conducted surveillance in NYC

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Authorities have interviewed at least 13 people since 2005 with ties to Iran's government who were seen taking pictures of New York City landmarks, a senior New York Police Department official said Wednesday.

Police consider these instances to be pre-operational surveillance, bolstering their concerns that Iran or its proxy terrorist group could be prepared to strike inside the United States, if provoked by escalating tensions between the two countries.

Mitchell Silber, the NYPD's director of intelligence analysis, told Congress that New York's international significance as a terror target and its large Jewish population make the city a likely place for Iran and Hezbollah to strike. Silber testified before the House Homeland Security about the potential threat. Much of what Silber said echoed his previous statements on the potential threat, but he offered new details Wednesday about past activities in New York.

In May 2005, Silber said, tips led the NYPD to six people on a sight-seeing cruise who were taking pictures and movies of city landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge. In September 2008, police interviewed three people taking pictures of railroad tracks. And in September 2010, federal air marshals saw four people taking pictures and videos at a New York heliport. Interviews with law enforcement revealed that all were associated with the Iranian government, but they were ultimately released and never charged, Silber said.

U.S. officials long have worried that Iran would use Hezbollah to carry out attacks inside the United States. And Iran was previously accused in a disrupted plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. here last year, a plan interpreted in the U.S. intelligence community as a clear message that Iran is not afraid to carry out an attack inside this country.

In January, James Clapper, the top U.S. intelligence official, said some Iranian officials are probably "more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten the regime."

But government officials have said there are no known or specific threats indicating Iranian plans to attack inside the U.S.


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Humpday Blues

Jimi Hendrix
Red House

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hundreds of Hezbollah and IRGC agents in U.S. Waiting To Srike


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"Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?" De Niro asked at the top of his remarks at Locanda Verde restaurant as the crowd yelled “no.” “Too soon, right?," he said.

Sorry, folks, I find nothing offensive here. It might not be slap your knee funny but so what? This manufactured gotcha instant outrage shit is getting old. Let's worry abut something serious.

Then again, I wholeheartedly support Rush's original Sandra Fuck Fluke comments and second his call for her to release the sex tapes. We dirty old men ought to get SOMETHING for our money.


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Gateway Pundit:

Man Claiming to be Toulouse Gunman calls FRANCE 24 – Says This Is Just the Beginning (Video)

A man claiming to be Mohamed Merah, te Al-Qaeda member who murdered 3 Jewish children in Toulouse, called FRANCE 24 and said that this was only the beginning of the killing. The caller was adament that this was just the beginning of a much larger campaign.

French police continue to lay siege to an apartment block where a self-declared al-Qaeda militant suspected of committing a series of deadly attacks on troops and Jewish children is holed up.

More details emerging about the gunman from French prosecutor Francois Molins. He tells reporters that the US army sent the gunman back to France after he was arrested in Afghanistan. Afghan police detained Merah and then handed him over to the US army “who put him on the first plane headed to France,” Mollins says.


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White House Dossier:

Obama Campaign Likely Censoring YouTube Comments

by Keith Koffler on March 21, 2012, 9:47 am

President Obama’s campaign appears to be censoring viewer comments on the YouTube presentation of “The Road We’ve Traveled,” the 17-minute campaign documentary about the Obama presidency, with positive comments outnumbering negative by more than five to one.

Obama has staked a claim to conducting an “openness” presidency, with the White House frequently touting measures it says increase transparency. But not on his campaign’s YouTube channel.

As of 9 am ET this morning, 84 of the last 100 comments could be construed as supportive, while 16 were negative.

Many of the negative comments are benign. More than a third didn’t even directly criticize the president, arguing instead that General Motors should not have been bailed out by the government.

The positive comments were sometimes ecstatic in their support for Obama and the largely hagiographic video, which went up on YouTube March 15. Among the tributes are “My President is an amazing human being,” “Truly one of the greatest President’s ever,” “So majestic,” and “Thank God we have presidents like this.”

That the comments are being edited is clear because as of 9 am, the last one had been posted 12 hours before. Apparently, whoever is selecting comments took some time off to sleep.

In addition, several White House Dossier readers have complained that attempts to place negative comments about the video have failed.

By contrast, a nearly four-minute mini-documentary put up on YouTube by the Romney campaign March 3 – “A Love Story,” in which Ann Romney lavishly praises her husband – actually has more negative comments than positive by a balance 56-44 for the last 100 comments.

Another of 28 comments posted along with the last 100 were removed, with many flagged as “spam,” suggesting the Romney campaign is doing some editing too. But it clearly is allowing many more negative comments than Obama’s campaign, and some of the anti-Romney posts are quite vitriolic.

An effort by me to place a neutral comment about the Romney video immediately appeared, while an attempt to place the same comment about the Obama video was not – greeted instead with a message that the comment would have to await moderation.


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How's that working out for ya?

Compass Direct News:

Nuns Traumatized after School Attack in Egypt

One hospitalized for breakdown after sword-wielding Muslims converge.

CAIRO, Egypt, March 16 (CDN) — Two nuns in Upper Egypt faced “unimaginable fear” – with one later hospitalized over the emotional trauma – when 1,500 Muslim villagers brandishing swords and knives trapped them inside a guesthouse last week and threatened to burn them out.

The next day, the assailants frightened children at the school; attendance has since dropped by more than a third.

Accusing the nuns of building a church at the site, the throng on March 4 chanted Islamic slogans as they surrounded the guesthouse of a privately run, public school in the village of Abu Al-Reesh, in Aswan Province. Two nuns, volunteer teachers at Notre Dame Language Schools, barricaded themselves into the school’s guesthouse for about eight hours.

The women were “terrified,” said Magdy Melad, director of the school.

“No matter what I say, I cannot give a picture of the fear and the worry they had,” Melad said.

School workers hid a third nun from the mob in a separate building on the campus out of fear that the mob would attack her as well. While two of the three nuns are Egyptian, one with a French name holds both Egyptian and French passports.

Conservative Muslims began milling around the school and accosting school employees at 2 p.m. on March 4. A group of men with swords stopped one employee and accused him of “building a church, and we are coming to attack the place,” the employee told Melad, who was at the scene of the attack.

“Huge numbers of people with swords, knives and daggers were gathering,” Melad said. “All that was in my head was that I was worried about the nuns. So I called and told them not to open the door and not to move until I came to get them.”

The Muslims tried to push their way into the building as the nuns kept calling for help. The door to the guesthouse is made of heavy reinforced metal, according to Melad, which prevented the building from being breached. Members of the mob ransacked the entire building, stealing security cameras, electrical equipment and a satellite dish on top of the guesthouse, among other items.

From three mosques near the school, people began shouting over loudspeakers in minarets, summoning more Muslims to surround the guesthouse.

“People of Abu Al-Reesh, get down [there] – the Christians are building a church and building a monastery,” the loudspeakers blared, according to Melad Kamel Garas, owner of the school. “The Christians took our ancestor’s land and are building a church.”

School workers tried to get the nuns out of the building, but the Muslims sent them away.

“When we tried to get them out, they refused to let them out, and they wanted to burn them alive in the guesthouse,” Garas said.

School employees called police, but initially only three officers showed up, according to Melad. The mob set upon them. Four more trucks arrived with reinforcements, but authorities were still unable to control the mob.

Eventually, school workers began talking with moderate Muslims and were able, along with the police contingent, to get all the nuns out. As the women were pulled through the crowd, different men began shouting that they were “pigs” and “infidels” who wanted to “build a church,” according to Garas.

The two nuns suffered cuts and bruises in the attack, and one fainted during the ordeal, according to Garas. The women were taken to a Catholic church in Aswan, except for one, who suffered what Melad characterized as a “major” nervous breakdown and had to be transported on March 8 to Cairo, where she was hospitalized.

The three nuns, who range in age from 30s to mid-50s, were part of a volunteer contingent brought to the school to teach manners to younger students. The nuns have been there for a year and are certified teachers. They did not teach religious classes other than to Christian students; school officials inspected all of their course work and materials, and their texts were approved by the national Ministry of Education, Melad said.

“They are committed to teach what the Ministry of Education has told them to teach,” Melad said.

The next day, the mob started intermittently attacking the school itself.

“They scared the children in a very, very bad way,” Melad said. “The children were so scared, terrified.”

Notre Dame Language Schools enrolls about 560 students ranging from preschoolers to ninth graders. It is open to students from all faiths; roughly 360 of the students are Muslim, the rest being members of the Coptic minority. Having opened two years ago, the school has about 170 employees, 60 of them Coptic Christians and the rest Muslims.

After the nuns were removed from the guesthouse, members of the mob refused to let anyone inside, even after police inspected the building’s interior and found no place of worship.

Leaders of the mob told school officials that they were not allowed to use the guesthouse. They also said the school could no longer continue doing construction work around the guesthouse.

Eventually the Muslims left the school property, and police posted a guard outside the building. But now the Islamists have enlisted a group of children who mill around the guesthouse and tell them if anyone goes inside, according to Melad.

This poses a problem because the guesthouse is also the utility control room for the school; all electrical switches, and the valves for the school water supply, are located there. School workers find themselves in the strange position of having to ask people from the mob to use school property. Police, Garas said, have done nothing to regain control of the guesthouse.

As a result, attendance at the school has dropped by 34 percent, something Garas said he understands.

“All the loss in property, that can be replaced,” Garas said. “But all I am worried about is I don’t want to lose one of the children. Because God forbid, if in an irrational act like this, one of the children got injured or hurt, all the money in the world wouldn’t be able to fix or replace that.”

An attempt is underway to force school officials into a “reconciliation meeting,” which in Egypt usually results in Christians having to accept concessions with nothing in return. In September another group of Muslims in Aswan rioted outside another guesthouse, wrongly claiming that church officials were building a house of worship inside. In a reconciliation meeting, church officials agreed to remove the crosses outside the building and not to ring any church bells.

This wasn’t enough, and eventually Salafis and other hard-line Muslim villagers began rioting again. Ultimately church officials entered another series of reconciliation meetings. Altogether, the priests conceded to every major demand the Muslim villagers made but received no conciliatory offers in return. While the domes on top of the church building were being removed in accordance with the meetings, the villagers attacked and burned it to the ground.

The priest of the church was later charged with a building violation and sentenced to six months in jail. None of the Muslims who attacked the church building have been charged. The priest will appeal the sentence.

Reconciliation meetings are, in theory, arbitration meetings between two equal entities that are loosely based on traditional tribal councils. But most human rights activists in Egypt say that the reconciliation process works to deny rights to powerless groups while maintaining an image of legality and fairness.

All in all, Garas said, the persecution in Aswan echoes what seems to be an unofficial motto there, “No Christians allowed.”


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Occupy Unmasked

Starring Andrew Breitbart, Brandon Darby, Lee Stranahan

"Occupy Unmasked" goes deep into the Occupy movement and exposes its origins as well as the radical ideas behind "income inequality" that has become the centerpiece of the Obama re-election effort. 

Occupy Unmasked.com

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Jewish school shooting suspect is Al-Qaida linked jihadist.


French police in standoff with possibly Al Qaeda-linked suspect in school shootings

A gunman claiming Al Qaeda links and suspected in the killings of three Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi and three paratroopers barricaded himself in an apartment building Wednesday. He is surrounded by hundreds of police officers and has stopped talking to negotiators.

An early morning police raid to arrest the 24-year-old Frenchman of Algerian descent erupted into a firefight. Three police officers were wounded, Interior Minister Claude Gueant said. After hours of trying to persuade him to surrender, police evacuated the five-story building, escorting residents out by the roof and fire truck ladders.

The suspect told police he belonged to Al Qaeda and wanted to take revenge for Palestinian children killed in the Middle East, Gueant said. The suspect also said he was angry about French military intervention abroad, and had spent time in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Gueant said.

The suspect threw a handgun out a window in exchange for a communications device, but he has more weapons, authorities said. Gueant said weapons had been found in the suspect's car.

An Interior Ministry official identified the suspect as Mohammad Merah, who has been under surveillance for years for having "fundamentalist" views. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

Police swept in soon after 3 a.m. (0200 GMT; 10 p.m. EDT Tuesday) on the residential neighborhood in northern Toulouse where the suspect was holed up. At one point, volleys of gunfire heard around the neighborhood were exchanged. An elite squad was handling the negotiations.

It was part of a manhunt for a shooter who has killed seven people, including French soldiers and Jewish school children, in three attacks in the Toulouse area. In Monday's attack, the three young children and a rabbi were killed.

A few hours into the raid, Gueant said the suspect "is no longer talking." Earlier, he had promised several times to surrender in the afternoon, Gueant said, without explaining how negotiators were talking with him.

"Terrorism will not be able to fracture our national community," President Nicolas Sarkozy said, calling in a declaration on national television before heading to the funeral services for two paratroopers killed and another injured in nearby Montauban.

The series of attacks -- every four days since March 11 -- began with the killing of another paratrooper in Toulouse.

The interior minister, who was at the scene of the standoff, said the suspect tossed from his window a Colt 45 used in each of the three attacks. He has other weapons, like an AK-47 assault rifle.

"The main concern is to arrest him, and to arrest him in conditions by which we can present him to judicial officials," Gueant said, explaining authorities want to "take him alive ... It is imperative for us."

A judicial official said the suspect's mother, his brother and a companion of the brother were detained for questioning. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak publicly.

The interior minister had said the suspect's brother "is also engaged in the Salafi ideology," a reference to a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.

The suspect "said he wants to avenge the deaths of Palestinians," Gueant told reporters, adding that he is "less explicit" about why he killed French paratroopers. The paratroopers were of Muslim and French Caribbean origin, but the interior minister said the suspect told them the ethnic origin has nothing to do with his actions. "He's after the army," Gueant said.

Police, who were still questioning people elsewhere, have followed every lead and hypothesis from Islamist terrorist to a deranged ex-soldier or someone following in the footsteps of Norway's Anders Behring Breivik, the rightist extremist who killed 77 people in a rampage last year.

Sarkozy had said that a "monster" was on the loose in France and vowed to track him down. Sarkozy has played up nationalist themes in his bid for a second term in upcoming elections. He raised the terror alert in the region to its highest level ever Monday, which put hundreds of reinforcements into the area.

Cedric Delage, regional secretary for a police union, said a key to tracking the suspect was the powerful Yamaha motorcycle that he has used in attacks.

Delage confirmed reports that the motorcycle was a dark gray one that had been stolen March 6. The frame was painted white, the color witnesses saw in the school attack.

According to Delage, one of the suspect's brothers went to a motorcycle sales outfit to ask how to modify the GPS tracker, raising suspicions. The vendor then contacted police, Delage said.

The shooter has proved to be a meticulous operator. At the site of the second paratrooper killing, police found the clip for the gun used in all three attacks -- but no fingerprints or DNA on it.

Police studied the online communications by the first paratrooper killed. He was shot March 11 after posting an announcement online to sell his motorcycle, the police official said, and investigators believe the gunman responded to the ad and lured the paratrooper into an isolated place to kill him.

The schoolchildren killed, all of French-Israeli nationality, were buried in Israel on Wednesday. Relatives sobbed inconsolably by the gravesides.

In Paris on Wednesday, a package bomb exploded at the Indonesian Embassy on Wednesday, causing minor damage, but no injuries, police said. The source of the package was unclear. Indonesia's foreign minister said it was too early to say whether there was any link between the mail bomb and an attack on the attacks in southern France.


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Absolutely Appalling…Obama Uses Banks to Control Catholic Church

From Gateway:

A core component of Marxism is to destroy organized religion.  So, Obama’s new attack on the Catholic Church should be no surprise.  First, it was the unprecedented effort to destroy the church’s rights of religious conscience through a contraception benefit mandate.  Now, Obama is abusing the power of the Executive Branch by using the banks to control the Catholic Church.  Following up on his directive to put the Vatican on the Money Laundering List, Obama is, now, meting out his punishment.
Via The Blaze,
JPMorgan Chase is shutting down the Vatican’s bank account with its Milan branch due to a “lack of transparency,” according to Reuters.
“The Vatican bank, also known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), is having its account phased out and closed by March 30,” Business Insider’s Julia La Roche reports, “because it apparently ‘failed to provide sufficient information on money transfers.’”
…last year the Vatican formally adopted internal laws to comply with international standards on financial crime and they now comply with the rules of the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF), according to Reuters.
Moreover, the IOR has created an internal Financial Information Authority (FIA) and has “committed to comply with international anti-money laundering standards and liaise with the group and law enforcement agencies,” according to the report.
Which brings us back to the question: why did JPMorgan decide that now was the time to “phase out” the account? Investigations haven’t presented any new information, the Vatican has enacted major reforms, and talk of money-laundering and tax fraud are still just allegations.
Perhaps JPMorgan chose to close the account after the U.S. State Department decided to include the Vatican on its “financial crimes” list.
“For the first time, the Vatican has found itself on the U.S. State Department’s list of potential money-launderers,” The Blaze’s Billy Hallowell reported last week.
“According to the State Department, the Vatican made the list because it is considered vulnerable to laundering and because it had recently put a program into place to prevent financial abuses,” he added.
But much like JPMorgan’s decision to close the Milan account, some found the timing of the State Department’s inclusion of the Vatican on its “financial crimes” list a little odd: “Clearly, there are issues of concern, but the Catholic Church is taking measures to address these elements.”
Were either of these decisions aimed at the Holy See’s finances really necessary?
Considering the fact that the Catholic Church is currently engaged in a culture war with the Obama administration (and the world at large), a few critics believe we are witnessing much more than a mere pursuit of “financial transparency.”
Wake up, people!  Obama is no Democrat.  He’s just a conventional Marxist using executive powers to achieve Marxist goals on the way to his Marxist Utopia.
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Joe Satriani
Satch Boogie

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That's gonna leave a mark

When you've lost Jeffrey Immelt. . .

New York Post:

Bam’s angry adviser

Immelt appalled at O’nomics

Back when he agreed to advise the Obama administration on economics, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt told friends that he thought it would be good for GE and good for the country. A life-long Republican, Immelt said he believed he could at the very least moderate the president’s distinctly anti-business instincts.

That was three years ago; these days Immelt is telling friends something quite different.

Sure, GE has managed to feast on federal subsidies, particularly the “green-energy” giveaways that are Obamanomics’ hallmark.

But Immelt doesn’t think he’s had anywhere near as much luck moderating the president’s fat-cat-bashing, left-leaning economic agenda of taxing businesses and entrepreneurs to pay for government bloat.

Friends describe Immelt as privately dismayed that, even after three years on the job, President Obama hasn’t moved to the center, but instead further left. The GE CEO, I’m told, is appalled by everything from the president’s class-warfare rhetoric to his continued belief that big government is the key to economic salvation.

Or, as one friend recently put it to me, “Jeff thought he could make a difference, and now realizes he couldn’t.”

Immelt’s conversion from public Obama supporter to a private detractor is important: It shows how even businessmen who feast off his subsidies worry about his overall economic agenda and its long-term impact on the economy.

Don’t expect Immelt to say anything publicly about the downside of president’s economic agenda anytime soon: He’s still serving as what is considered the top outside economic adviser to the White House. (A GE spokesman insists that the reports I’m sharing here about Immelt’s private criticism of Obama are “ludicrous.”)

GE has too much to lose for Immelt to publicly ’fess up to his disdain. The president now routinely talks up his desire to tax businesses that create jobs overseas, and GE overseas expansion is well-documented. Nor does the company want to put all its green subsidies at risk.

And of course the last thing Immelt or his shareholders need is for the president to turn his class-warfare fire on them, as he did to his erstwhile pals in the banking business.

Yet friends report that Immelt’s displeasure with the president’s economic policies is real and palpable in private settings.

Back in 2008, the GE boss gave both to GOP presidential nominee John McCain and, in the Democratic primaries, to Hillary Clinton; he’s said that he voted for McCain. But GE as a whole was one of candidate Obama’s top donors. As noted, Immelt joined the new president’s team, first as a member of Obama’s Economic Advisory Recovery Board and later as head of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Yet even as Immelt continues to dispense advice to the president, friends tell me, he’s privately rooting for Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination and defeat Obama in the fall.

A GE spokesman says simply, “Mr. Immelt has not decided to support Gov. Romney.” OK — but the GE “community” sure has. In 2008, GE execs (who often take their giving cues from the guy at the top) gave over five times more to Obama than to McCain. This time around, GE executives have raised nearly twice as much for Romney as for Obama, and Romney isn’t even the nominee yet.

I’m told a clue to Immelt’s disenchantment with the president can be found in GE’s annual letter to shareholders, in which the CEO laments, “We live in a tough era in which the public discourse, in general, is negative . . . American companies, particularly big companies, are vilified,” when “we need to work together to find a better way.”

Sure doesn’t sound like an Obama booster to me.


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King Crimson
In the Court of the Crimson King

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Old Juarez

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Monday, March 19, 2012

So just how dumb to you have to be to walk into a bank dressed like the masked marauder and announce it's a robbery everyone hands in the air. Then to find out one of those people is actually an on duty plain clothes cop who decides not to comply, draws his sidearm and tells you to freeze. Then, instead of re-evaluating your plans for the day, you complicate matters by telling the man with the gun drawn on you that you have a bomb, thus assuring your day is pretty much ruined and a career change will shortly be in order.

Pretty damn dumb it seems.


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Michael The Compassionate

You know, if I ever win the lottery I'll open a soup kitchen for the homeless and make sure it runs without any government funding or help. Fuck 'em.

I've seen some of the hungry around my town and they don't care where their next meal is coming from. They're just grateful to have it.

New York Post:

No Kugel for you!

Mike’s homeless-gift ban

So much for serving the homeless.

The Bloomberg administration is now taking the term “food police” to new depths, blocking food donations to all government-run facilities that serve the city’s homeless.

In conjunction with a mayoral task force and the Health Department, the Department of Homeless Services recently started enforcing new nutritional rules for food served at city shelters. Since DHS can’t assess the nutritional content of donated food, shelters have to turn away good Samaritans.

For over a decade, Glenn Richter and his wife, Lenore, have led a team of food-delivery volunteers from Ohab Zedek, the Upper West Side Orthodox congregation.

They’ve brought freshly cooked, nutrient-rich surplus foods from synagogue events to homeless facilities in the neighborhood. (Disclosure: I know the food is so tasty because I’ve eaten it — I’m an OZ member.) The practice of donating such surplus food to homeless shelters is common among houses of worship in the city.

DHS Commissioner Seth Diamond says the ban on food donations is consistent with Mayor Bloomberg’s emphasis on improving nutrition for all New Yorkers. A new interagency document controls what can be served at facilities — dictating serving sizes as well as salt, fat and calorie contents, plus fiber minimums and condiment recommendations.

The city also cites food-safety issues with donations, but it’s clear that the real driver behind the ban is the Bloomberg dietary diktats.

Diamond insists that the institutional vendors hired by the shelters serve food that meets the rules but also tastes good; it just isn’t too salty. So, says the commissioner, the homeless really don’t need any of the synagogue’s food.

Glenn Richter’s experience suggests otherwise. He says the beneficiaries — many of them senior citizens recovering from drug and alcohol abuse — have always been appreciative of the treats he and other OZ members bring.

It’s not just that the donations offer an enjoyable addition to the “official” low-salt fare; knowing that the food comes from volunteers and community members warms their hearts, not just their stomachs.

So you can imagine Richter’s consternation last month when employees at a local shelter turned away food he brought from a bar mitzvah.

He’s a former city Housing Authority employee, and his wife spent 35 years as a South Bronx public-school teacher, so they’re no strangers to bureaucracy and poverty. But an exasperated Richter says, “This level of micromanagement is stunning.”

Says Rabbi Allen Schwartz of Ohav Zedek, “Jews have been eating chulent and kugel for a long time, and somehow we’ve managed to live long and healthy lives. All we want to do is to continue sharing these bounties with our neighbors.”

This is very different from another recent high-profile food-police case. When a North Carolina prekindergarten aide took away a 4-year-old’s home-packed lunch last month, the school defused the incident by blaming a teacher’s bad judgment.

Here, there’s no teacher to scapegoat. The ban on food donations is the direct result of work by many city agencies, all led by a mayoral task force.

Fine, the city’s making enough nutritious food available to our homeless. (Court mandates require it.) But that’s no excuse for turning away charity that brings a tiny bit of joy into these lives.

The Bloomberg administration is so obsessed with meddling in how we all live that it’s now eating away at the very best that New York citizens have to deliver.


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