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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A graphic novel about Medz Yeghern

I've found that if anything, there's a graphic novel out there based on the Armenian Genocide by the Islamic Ottoman Empire of Turkey during WW1. Trouble is, Broken Frontier, in reviewing the comic, may have handed it a negative take deliberately. I can't really understand what they're driving at when the reviewer says:
There's an attempt at a storyline where a friendship is formed between an Armenian on the run and a young Turk who does not agree with the minister of Internal Affairs' genocidal policies but even there, motivation is left to the side in order to just get the story going. The story of the German soldier [Armin T. Wegner], rebelling against Germany's involvement also misses its mark due to the lack of motivation; the German soldier going against the grain simply because it is the 'right thing to do'. Throughout the whole book there's an incessant need for to infuse character motivation.
Just why is it that when someone does a good deed because it's the right thing to do, that only registers as black and white? Point: if the German soldier who did pictorial reporting is based on one from real life, is that not enough to figure that here was one of the few people in Germany at the time with common sense? I suppose there's even a problem with making a bio of Oskar Schindler because of "lack of motivation"? Or maybe they're obscuring the possibility that the GN does allude to how the soldier was raised on a decent education?

The only problem I might have with this GN is whether it fails to acknowledge that jihad played a role in this horror of the early 20th century. Beyond that, the GN's Italian writer is doing us all a favor by working out even a comic book about the subject, and BF should be ashamed of themselves if they're trying to sabotage this (I don't think this was ever covered by most other comics sites, and we can only guess why).

If you can find this GN, I'd say to give it a look and see just how successful or not the scripting is (it's published in Dutch and sells for almost 20 euro). Broken Frontier isn't doing many favors if they're trying to undermine it.
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1%? Members of Congress have bought stock in companies while laws that could affect those companies were being debated in the House or Senate


It just keep on growing….Tea Party MAD AS HELL ready to occupy?

(CBS News)

Martha Stewart went to jail for it. Hedge fund honcho Raj Rajaratnam was fined $92 million and will go to jail for years for it. But members of Congress can do the same thing -use non-public information to make stock trades — and there’s no law against it. Steve Kroft reports on how America’s lawmakers can legally make tidy profits on information only they know, simply because they won’t pass a law against themselves. The report will be broadcast on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Among the revelations in Kroft’s report:

* Members of Congress have bought stock in companies while laws that could affect those companies were being debated in the House or Senate.

* At least one representative made significant stock purchases the day after he and other members of Congress attended a secret meeting in September 2008, where the Fed chair and the treasury secretary informed them of the imminent global economic meltdown. The meeting was so confidential that cell phones and other digital devices were confiscated before it began.

If senators and representatives are using non-public information to win in the market, it’s all legal says Peter Schweizer, who works for the Hoover Institute, a conservative think tank. He has been examining these issues for some time and has written about them in a book, “Throw them All Out.” “[Insider trading laws] apply to corporate executives, to Americans…If you are a member of Congress, those laws are deemed not to apply,” he tells Kroft. “It’s really the way the rules have been defined…[lawmakers]have conveniently written them in such a way as they don’t apply to themselves,” says Schweizer.

Efforts to make such insider trading off limits to Washington’s lawmakers have never been able to get traction.

Former Rep. Brian Baird says he spent half of his 12 years in Congress trying to get co-sponsors for a bill that would ban insider trading in Congress and also set some rules up to govern conflicts of interest. In 2004, he and Rep. Louise Slaughter introduced the “Stock Act” to stop the insider trading. How far did they get? “We didn’t get anywhere. Just flat died,” he tells Kroft. He managed to get just six co-sponsors from a membership of over 400 representatives. “It doesn’t sound like a lot,” says Kroft. “It’s not Steve. You could have Cherry Pie Week and get 100 co-sponsors,” says Baird.

Glen Hubbard anyone?

When the people who are corrupt cannot even conceptualize their own guilt THE ENTIRE SOCIAL STRUCTURE IS AT RISK… so…



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Front Page Mag:

The IAEA Report: What Now?
Posted by Rick Moran

The report issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Tuesday that provided strong, “credible” evidence that Iran is building a nuclear weapon was not a surprise. It simply confirmed what the US, Israel, and much of the west has been saying about Tehran’s clandestine nuclear program for a decade or more. More to the point is why the IAEA chose to make the most definitive statement on Iranian nuclear intentions at this time and what was included in the report that led to this 180 degree change in the UN nuclear watchdog’s conclusions.

Equally important as the revelations regarding Iran’s nuclear intentions contained in the report is the question of what can be done about it? It is here that the world divides, with some nations advocating airstrikes against Iranian facilities, while most prefer to increase the severity of sanctions.

Much of the intelligence gathered for the report has been in the possession of the IAEA for years, and many observers believe that the previous head of the agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, deliberately softened IAEA reports in order to entice Iran to negotiate a settlement. Indeed, a large part of the report released on Tuesday is culled directly from a secret paper written in 2008 for the IAEA that ElBaradei never published, but which provided much of the impetus for the agency’s current conclusions about the Iranian program.

“The level of detail is unbelievable,” said a Western diplomat, quoted in the New York Times. Indeed, the IAEA seemed particularly careful in providing documents, transcripts of interviews with scientists both in and outside of Iran, and publicizing intelligence gleaned from 10 different countries in order to assuage fears in the international community that the evidence was provided mostly by the CIA and Mossad.

For example, Reuters reports that two member states passed along intelligence showing that Iran had carried out computer modeling studies “relevant to nuclear weapons” as recently as 2008-09. “The application of such studies to anything other than a nuclear explosive is unclear to the agency,” the IAEA said.

Read more »


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At Least 15 Soldiers Killed in Blast at Iranian Ammunition Depot

TEHRAN – An accidental explosion at a Revolutionary Guard ammunition depot west of Tehran killed at least 15 soldiers on Saturday, officials said.

The explosion occurred while military personnel were transporting munitions at a base, said Guard spokesman Gen. Ramazan Sharif. The base is located outside Bidganeh village, 25 miles southwest of the capital.

The Guard is Iran's most powerful military force.

"My colleagues at the Guard were transporting ammunition at one of the depots at the site when an explosion occurred as a result of an accident," Sharif said.

At least 15 Guard members were killed, state TV reported. The semi-official ISNA news agency said 10 people were injured and hospitalized. Sharif said some of them were in critical condition.

Lawmaker Parviz Soroori ruled out sabotage.

"No sabotage was involved in this incident. It has nothing to do with politics," Soroori was quoted as saying by the parliament's website, icana.ir.


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US Army War College:neither the White House nor Congress would support aid to an Egyptian regime controlled by Brotherhood

Actually I believe that the White House WOULD support continued aid to Egypt to continue ‘influence’ through ‘dialog’. After all a complete break in *this level of cooperation with Egypt would be regarded as a major american loss and setback, which is impossible under the dialectic of the left.

Bill Gertz:

WASHINGTON — The United States envisions the election of the Muslim Brotherhood as a worst-case scenario that would end military cooperation with Egypt, a report said.

The report by the U.S. Army War College asserted that neither the White House nor Congress would support the continuation of the $1.3 billion inannual defense aid to an Egyptian regime controlled by either the Brotherhood or the military.The study by the college’s Strategic Studies Institute was completed before the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in February and dismissed the prospect of the rise of the Brotherhood, termed a worst-case scenario.

“This scenario would be the most alarming for U.S.-Egyptian strategic relations because a Brotherhood-dominated regime would likely scuttle the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, aid Hamas, and lessen, if not end, military ties with the United States,” the report, titled “Presidential Succession Scenarios In Egypt And Their Impact On U.S.-Egyptian Strategic Relations,” said. “Although there may be more moderate elements of the Brotherhood who would want to take a measured approach to these issues, this scenario envisions hard line elements of the organization taking over.”

Authored by Gregory Aftandilian, a former congressional adviser on foreign policy, the report, dated September 2011, warned that a Brotherhood takeover of Egypt would end military cooperation with the United States. Aftandilian, who also worked as a State Department adviser on the Middle East, said a Brotherhood government in Egypt would end U.S. Navy rights to cross the Suez Canal and flights over the Arab League state.

“The United States military would likely lose its overflight and transit rights through the Suez Canal, and joint military exercises would end,” the report said. “In addition, cooperation on anti-terrorism would end because the Brotherhood would not want to be seen aiding the U.S. fight against Islamists, even though the Brotherhood would likely remain opposed to Al Qaida.”

The report said any Brotherhood government would not harm the Egyptian military, meant to confront Israel in any future war. Aftandilian said the emergence of an Islamist government would lead to a decision by Congress to sever military aid to Cairo. The U.S. aid was said to comprise up to 80 percent of Egypt’s military procurement budget.

“Some of the remaining elements of the Egyptian military, even those with Islamist sympathies, would be wary of ending the U.S. military assistance program entirely, especially since the Egyptian military relies heavily on U.S. military equipment,” the report said. “However, certain dynamics would likely come into play if a Brotherhood-dominated regime were to come to power in Egypt, namely that the U.S. Congress would be hard-pressed to continue funding military aid to Egypt if the Brotherhood were to take power.”

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No Depression

We're in this situation now for the last couple months.

Daughter # 2 has a decent job but not one that will make her rich, so she still lives at home.

Her only overhead is a car loan and student loans so she has taken over buying the groceries for the family and I do not know how we would do it if she didn't.

And my on aunt and uncle come by every couple weeks with several bags of groceries, sometimes funded by my 96 year old grandmother.

Although I'm grateful you cannot imagine how it galls me to have to accept that, having been the primary breadwinner all these years and the type of parent who has always said his daughters could stay here rent free for as long as they want. My wife feels the same way.

And yet I still consider myself fortunate compared to so many others out there.

Long term un(der)employment does far more than just financial damage to a person.


More Americans Struggling to Buy Food - Gallup

Friday, 11 Nov 2011 12:16 PM
By Forrest Jones

More Americans are finding it harder to buy food these days, approaching levels not seen since the Great Recession of a few years ago, a Gallup polls finds.

The percentage of Americans who say they did not lack money for food in 2011 fell to 79.8 percent in October from 80.1 percent in September, continuing a decline that began in April, the polling company reports.

"The record low was in November 2008, at the start of the economic crisis, when 79.4 percent reported that they had enough money to buy food for themselves or their families," Gallup reports.

Don't blame rising food prices, either, as the poll shows the problem may be home grown.

"In 2008, fewer Americans reported that they had enough money to buy food in August and November than in October, likely affected by high gas prices in the former case and the onset of the economic crisis in the latter," Gallup says.

"Still, this October finds fewer Americans saying that they had enough money to buy food over the past year than in each October for the past three years."

The news does not bode well for the U.S. economy, of which consumer spending accounts for 70 percent of total output.

While economic indicators may point to improvement, such as more robust gross domestic product rates, slight upticks in consumer spending and less demand for unemployment benefits, consumer sentiment remains low, and when the latter occurs, robust economic growth remains elusive.

"It’s the hangover from the Great Recession," says James Russo, vice president of global consumer insights for Nielsen, the Washington Post reports. "People feel the economy not at the macro level but at the micro level."


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Fundamentally transforming, end of the old way , new politics, transparency…

No bid single sourced contract for smallpox vaccine of questionable need awarded to … BIG DONOR.

LA Times

Over the last year, the Obama administration has aggressively pushed a $433-million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or will work.

Senior officials have taken unusual steps to secure the contract for New York-based Siga Technologies Inc., whose controlling shareholder is billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, one of the world’s richest men and a longtime Democratic Partydonor.

When Siga complained that contracting specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services were resisting the company’s financial demands, senior officials replaced the government’s lead negotiator for the deal, interviews and documents show.

When Siga was in danger of losing its grip on the contract a year ago, the officials blocked other firms from competing.

Siga’s drug, an antiviral pill called ST-246, would be used to treat people who were diagnosed with smallpox too late for the vaccine to help. Yet the new drug cannot be tested for effectiveness in people because of ethical constraints — and no one knows whether animal testing could prove it would work in humans.

Dr. Thomas M. Mack, an epidemiologist at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, battled smallpox outbreaks in Pakistan and has advised the Food and Drug Administration on the virus. He called the plan to stockpile Siga’s drug “a waste of time and a waste of money.”

Negotiations over the price of the drug and Siga’s profit margin were contentious. In an internal memo in March, Dr. Richard J. Hatchett, chief medical officer for HHS’ biodefense preparedness unit, said Siga’s projected profit at that point was 180%, which he called “outrageous.”

In an email earlier the same day, a department colleague told Hatchett that no government contracting officer “would sign a 3 digit profit percentage.”

In April, after Siga’s chief executive, Dr. Eric A. Rose, complained in writing about the department’s “approach to profit,” Lurie assured him that the “most senior procurement official” would be taking over the negotiations.

“I trust this will be satisfactory to you,” Lurie wrote Rose in a letter.

In an interview, Lurie said the contract was awarded strictly on merit.

Strictly on merit.

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Harvard to #occupy: Occupy some other yahd, you rabble

Howie Carr:

So let me get this straight: Harvard students are “occupying” the Yard to protest how the 1 percent keep the 99 percent in economic servitude. But the Crimson protest against capitalist oppression is by invitation only, and all the gates on campus have been locked, chained and padlocked to keep out the real 99 percent?

Occupy Harvard? It’s more like Occupy Gated Community.

The pampered pukes are saying their faux encampment of Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean tents is “symbolic.” It sure is — symbolic of the breathtaking hypocrisy of these limousine liberals.

Harvard claims they locked the yard to keep out non Harvard students.


Now nobody can walk across the Yard unless he has a Harvard ID. They tried something like this in Arizona, and as I recall everyone at Harvard denounced SB 1070 as racism, as in, “They’re checking papers in Arizona!”

Now the moonbats are checking papers in Harvard Square. Let us all chant together.

Why does this remind me about conservative black men being painted by the same types as predatory gropers while their apron clad wives are busy making tuna sandwiches back in the kitchen?

Don’t get me wrong, the confused, by now dirty, bathroom deprived, semi stoned occu-scouts of america, are hardly welcome by their neighbors anywhere and for good reason. At least when I did this we were on a farm in the Catskills and there were 400,000 of us, and it worked, BUT WE WENT HOME IN 3 1/2 days.

But with academia falling over each other, along with the slide alongs who move back and forth between govt and universities who together form 2/3 of the american political class … one cannot help but note how comical the reality really is.

Especially when the 1% millionaire Jay-Z sells $10 t shirts to the fools and KEEPS THE $.

Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Jay-Z, Michael Moore …?


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Chuck Berry

Roll Over Beethoven

Memphis Tennessee

Promised Land

Johnny B Goode

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Daughter #2 saw this & sent it to me


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Friday, November 11, 2011

Diana Krall

Cry Me A River

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That they even need to establish a "safe haven" for women, "rape free zone" speaks volumes about these putzes.

These same dumbass punks who demanded the homeless should not be eating in THEIR kitchen then turn around and ask those same homeless for tips on cold weather survival and if they can share the homeless shelters' showers cots and **GASP** their hot meals.

Just like the Tea Party. . .


2 deaths at Occupy protests in Calif. and Vermont
The Associated Press

OAKLAND, Calif. — Police are investigating a fatal shooting just outside the Occupy Oakland encampment in Northern California and the apparent suicide of a military veteran at an Occupy encampment in Vermont's largest city.

The Oakland killing is further straining relations between local officials and anti-Wall Street protesters. A preliminary investigation into the gunfire Thursday that left a man dead suggests it resulted from a fight between two groups of men at or near the camp on a plaza in front of Oakland's City Hall, police Chief Howard Jordan said.

Investigators do not yet know if the men in the fight were associated with Occupy Oakland, but they are looking into reports that some protest participants tried to break up the altercation, Jordan said.

Burlington, Vt., police said preliminary investigations show a 35-year-old military veteran fatally shot himself in the head Thursday at an Occupy Wall Street encampment. The name of the Chittenden County man is being withheld because not all of his family has been notified.

He shot himself inside a tent in City Hall Park. Mike Noble, a spokesman for the Fletcher Allen Health Care hospital in Burlington, confirmed that the man had died. Noble said he could provide no other details.

Deputy Chief Andi Higbee in Burlington told reporters the shooting raised questions about whether the protest would be allowed to continue.

"Our responsibility is to keep the public safe. When there is a discharge of a firearm in a public place like this it's good cause to be concerned, greatly concerned," Higbee said.

That's also the feeling with some people in Oakland.

With opinions about the ongoing demonstration and its effect on the city becoming more divided in recent days, supporters and opponents immediately reacted to the homicide — the city's 101st this year.

Camp organizers said the attack was unrelated to their activities, while city and business leaders cited the death as proof that the camp itself either bred crime or drained law enforcement resources.

Mayor Jean Quan, who has been criticized by residents on both sides for issuing mixed signals about the local government's willingness to tolerate the camp, issued a statement Thursday calling for the camp to shut down.

"Tonight's incident underscores the reason why the encampment must end. The risks are too great," Quan said. "We need to return (police) resources to addressing violence throughout the city. It's time for the encampment to end. Camping is a tactic, not a solution."

For their part, protest leaders said the shooting involved outsiders and was only connected to their ongoing protest of U.S. financial institutions to the extent that poverty breeds violence.

"This one heinous immoral crime should not overshadow all of the good deeds, positive energy and the overall goals that the movement is attempting to establish," Khalid Shakur, 43, who has a tent in the encampment, said.

Before the shooting, protesters were planning to have a party to commemorate the encampment's one-month anniversary with music, dancing, a slide show and donated cakes. Instead, they opened a microphone for participants to talk about where the movement is headed.

"It's not a celebration anymore, but a period of reflection," said Leo Ritz-Barr, a member of Occupy Oakland's events committee.

John Lucas, 52, part of an Occupy Oakland medic team, said a fistfight involving several men preceded the gunfire.

"Several people went after one guy, and the group got larger, and they beat him and he ran," Lucas said. "There were six or seven shots. Everyone starts running ... and there was another shot."

Lucas said he and other medics rushed to the wounded man and tried to tend to him until paramedics arrived.

"He was not breathing and there was no heartbeat," he said. "We started CPR."

Jordan said the victim was hit by one bullet and he was pronounced dead at a hospital.

No suspects have been identified, said Jordan, who asked people participating in the protest who may have taken photographs or video that captured the shooting to contact authorities.

The violence came a day after a group of Oakland city and business leaders held a news conference demanding the removal of the encampment, saying it has hurt downtown businesses and has continued to pose safety concerns.

Councilman Larry Reid said that even if the men involved in the slaying were not regular participants in Occupy Oakland, the large crowds and attention the protest has drawn also has invited weapons and brawls. The camp, which has about 180 tents, sits in the middle of the plaza and is ringed by a transit station and ground-floor shops.

"We did have a shooting (near the plaza) once before, a couple shootings around some nightclubs but not right here in front of City Hall because this is attracting a totally different element to our downtown area," Reid said. "This is a public space, and people have a right to enjoy it."

Shake Anderson, an Occupy Oakland organizer who has slept at the camp since it was erected exactly a month ago, said the man who was shot could not be associated with the protest because he did not recognize him. Just before the shooting, a group of strangers ran into the encampment as if they were looking for someone, Anderson said.

"The person on the ground was not part of the occupation," Anderson said.


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"To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations."

Woodrow Wilson


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It happens, jews try masonic secret rites at Giza, #occupy Cheops complete

Tragicomedy in the Middle East goes on....




Egypt’s antiquities authority closed the largest of the Giza pyramids Friday following rumors that groups would try to hold spiritual ceremonies on the site at 11:11 A.M. on Nov. 11, 2011.

The authority’s head Mustafa Amin said in a statement Friday that the pyramid of Khufu, also known as Cheops, would be closed to visitors until Saturday morning for “necessary maintenance.”

The closure follows a string of unconfirmed reports in local media that

unidentified groups would try to hold “Jewish” or “Masonic” rites on the site to take advantage of mysterious powers coming from the pyramid on the rare date.

Amin called all reports of planned ceremonies at the site “completely lacking in truth.”

The complex’s director, Ali al-Asfar, said Friday that an Egyptian company requested permission last month to hold an event called “hug the pyramid,” in which 120 people would join hands around the ancient burial structure.

The authority declined the request a week ago, al-Asfar said, but that did not stop concerned Egyptians from starting internet campaigns to prevent the event from taking place.

“It has been a big cause now on Facebook and Twitter for many people to write about,” al-Asfar said.

The closure was unrelated to the rumors, he said, adding that the pyramid needed maintenance after the large number of visitors during the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday last week.

The rest of the complex, which includes two other large pyramids, numerous tombs and the Sphinx, remained open Friday, though security appeared to be heavier than usual.

Dozens of police officers and soldiers were posted throughout the complex. Some patrolled on camel-back. One soldier stood next to his machine gun near a souvenir shop selling miniature pyramids.

Speaking by phone from the pyramids after 11:11 had passed, al-Asfar said he’d seen nothing out of the ordinary.

“Everything is normal,” he said. “The only thing different is the closure of the Khufu pyramid.”

Khufu is credited with building the Giza complex’s largest pyramid, now one of Egypt’s main tourist attractions. Khufu founded the 4th Dynasty around 2680 B.C. and ruled Egypt for 23 years.

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