VIDEO: Imam Calling for War against France, Muslims March Screaming "Death to the Jews!"

Maxine Lepante just sent me this shocking video with these remarks:
We have just released a new and very shocking video, made in Paris last Friday, September 16th, in the islamized district of Barbès (18th district of Paris).

Days before this Friday, the French Interior Minister (Claude Guéant) had said publicly, on TV, that all the public Muslim prayers are for now on forbidden in France.

So, we sent a special reporter in the streets where, each Friday, for 15 years, the Muslims had been praying illegally on the ground. Our reporter videotaped a salafist preacher calling for war against France, in front of the Polonceau mosque (in the 18th district of Paris), and calling for the death of the French police and the French people "pigs".

Then, he videotaped pro-Hamas extremists marching in the streets of Paris with a big Hamas flag, and screaming "Death to the Jews !" And, then, he videotaped the Muslims praying on the ground in front of a barracks that had been renovated by the French authorities for them. (of course, this renovation was illegal, since it is forbidden to give public funds to a religion)

This video is in French. If someone wants to translate it into English, please don't remove our logo at the end of the video, and give the link to our original video, to our YouTube channel ( and to our organization's website (
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UPDATE: Armaros said:
I have no time for a detailed translation but here s the gist of it:

The guy with the long hair and keffiyeh is basically warning of an uprising in at least 5 boroughs.
He clearly states "It will explode" a number of times.

Usual threat of violence... what else is new...

He accuses France of supporting Israel and alleges that the Le Pen led FN (far right party) is the most pro Israel in France (totally false, Jean Marie Le Pen minimized the holocaust and was known as a fascist racist)

The man then attacks France claims that prayer is their right as citizens and that because they pay taxes, they have the right to pray in public ( I guess he never went to school in France because no other country makes the faith-state separation more clear than France)

Then the Hamas marchers come and chant the usual, Kill the Jews and Allah Akbar .... 
The film maker notices that there are no women in the Muslim crowds and that this was the "first day without street prayers in Paris" sarcastically.