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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Al Qaeda Obtains Surface To Air Missiles In Libya

From this source:
AL-QAEDA'S offshoot in North Africa has snatched surface-to-air missiles from an arsenal in Libya during the civil strife there, Chad's President says.

Idriss Deby Itno did not say how many surface-to-air missiles were stolen, but told the African weekly Jeune Afrique that he was "100 per cent sure" of his assertion.

"The Islamists of al-Qaeda took advantage of the pillaging of arsenals in the rebel zone to acquire arms, including surface-to-air missiles, which were then smuggled into their sanctuaries in Tenere," a desert region of the Sahara that stretches from northeast Niger to western Chad, Deby said in the interview.

"This is very serious. AQIM is becoming a genuine army, the best equipped in the region," he said.

His claim was echoed by officials in other countries in the region who said that they were worried that al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) might have acquired "heavy weapons", thanks to the insurrection....
An insurrection that the Obama administration supports in the name of humanitarianism.

One more excerpt from the article cited above:
The Chadian leader described the international military intervention in Libya, launched a week ago by the United States, France and Britain, as a "hasty decision".

"It could have heavy consequences for the stability of the region and the spread of terrorism in Europe, the Mediterranean and the rest of Africa," he cautioned...

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And they will turn up on Rulers Bar Hassock


AL-QAEDA’S offshoot in North Africa has snatched surface-to-air missiles from an arsenal in Libya during the civil strife there, Chad’s President says.

Idriss Deby Itno did not say how many surface-to-air missiles were stolen, but told the African weekly Jeune Afrique that he was “100 per cent sure” of his assertion.

“The Islamists of al-Qaeda took advantage of the pillaging of arsenals in the rebel zone to acquire arms, including surface-to-air missiles, which were then smuggled into their sanctuaries in Tenere,” a desert region of the Sahara that stretches from northeast Niger to western Chad, Deby said in the interview.

“This is very serious. AQIM is becoming a genuine army, the best equipped in the region,” he said.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/al-qaeda-snatched-missiles-in-libya/story-e6frfku0-1226028543204#ixzz1HjqKgTku

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This Is London

If any of our UK readers or contributors (RAY!) would like to weigh in with more first hand info please do.

The Independent:

Up to 500,000 protestors attend anti-cuts demo
By Alan Jones, PA

Organisers of a huge protest against the Government's public spending cuts tonight hailed the demonstration a "fantastic success" after hundreds of thousands of people joined the biggest event of its kind for over 20 years.

Between 400,000 and 500,000 teachers, nurses, firefighters, council and NHS workers, other public sector employees, students, pensioners and campaign groups from across the UK marched through central London to a rally where union officials and Labour leader Ed Miliband condemned the "brutal" cuts in jobs and services.

Violence flared away from the rally when a group of hundreds of activists, not connected with the union protest, clashed with police. They set off fireworks, threw paint and attacked shops in Oxford Street, Regent Street and Piccadilly.

Topshop and HSBC had their windows smashed, while paint and glass bottles were thrown at a Royal Bank of Scotland branch.

Covering their faces with scarves, they fought with police and disrupted traffic, throwing lightbulbs filled with ammonia at officers and lighting a fire.

Nine arrests were made and some police officers were injured.

UK Uncut, an anti-cuts direct action group, later occupied the Fortnum & Mason store in Piccadilly, claiming the firm had "dodged" paying taxes.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said he "bitterly regretted" the violence, adding that he hoped it would not detract from the massive anti-cuts protest.

He told the Press Association: "I don't think the activities of a few hundred people should take the focus away from the hundreds of thousands of people who have sent a powerful message to the Government today.

"Ministers should now seriously reconsider their whole strategy after today's demonstration. This has been Middle Britain speaking."

Mr Barber said unions would now step up pressure on the Government, especially MPs in their constituencies, and launch a series of protests next week in defence of the NHS."

London Ambulance Service said 30 people were treated for injuries throughout the day, 11 of whom were taken to hospital, ranging from assault to collapsing with illness.

Commander Bob Broadhurst said: "The main march has gone very well. Their estimates are 250,000 - maybe more - have come to central London and protested peacefully. That has gone as we expected.

"Unfortunately, we have had over 500 criminals effectively attacking premises in the Oxford Circus area, causing damage.

"We anticipated there would be some problems. We have minimised the damage caused. We'll never have enough officers to protect every building in central London. it cannot be done.

"The actual march has gone according to plan. Those damaging buildings have had nothing to do with the TUC."

Mr Miliband, who did not take part in the march, told protesters at the mass rally in Hyde Park that he was proud to stand with them, adding that the Government was wrong to make such deep cuts in public services.

He was heckled by a small number of protesters when he said that "some cuts" were needed, but most people applauded his speech.

"The Tories said I shouldn't come to speak here today but I am proud to stand with you. People are here from all walks of life and different backgrounds, speaking for mainstream Britain.

"Our struggle is to fight to preserve, protect and defend the best of the services we cherish because they represent the best of the country we love.

"We know what the Government will say: that this is a march of the minority. They are so wrong. David Cameron: you wanted to create the Big Society - this is the Big Society.

"The Big Society united against what your government is doing to our country. We stand today not as the minority, but as the voice of the mainstream majority in this country.

"There is a need for difficult choices, and some cuts. But this government is going too far and too fast and destroying the fabric of our communities."

Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite, told the protesters they were bearing witness to services closing, old people going without care, libraries, swimming pools and parks going to ruin" and young people heading for a life on the dole.

"But you represent a spirit of resistance in every workplace and community that says we are not going to have our way of life killed so that the rich and greedy can live as they please."

Mr McCluskey said that every time Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg stepped out of doors it cost police £2 million to protect him, adding: "We cannot afford that any more - if you were to go on a national tour we'd be bankrupt."

The Unite leader attacked the Government's "assault" on the NHS, warning ministers that privatising the health service would spark the same protests as those against the poll tax when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

He also urged Labour MPs to hold the Government to account rather than simply waiting for the next general election.

Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, said the turnout was "absolutely enormous" and showed the anger of ordinary working people at the Government's cuts".

"We always expected a huge turnout because Unison alone has laid on 500 coaches and a number of special trains but the numbers are simply incredible.

"These are ordinary families and working people, many with their children to send a strong message to David Cameron to halt the damaging cuts which are leading to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and the closure of services including libraries and care homes."

Demonstrators started arriving in London hours before the march was due to begin, turning the Embankment into a sea of colour with banners, balloons and entertainers filling the banks of the Thames.

Steel bands, choirs, performers and dancers practised at the head of the march as tens of thousands of people, many with their children in tow, blew horns and whistles waiting patiently to march through central London to Hyde Park.

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls was heckled by some protesters when he turned up to speak to union leaders at the head of the march this morning.

He said Labour was determined to continue campaigning against the spending cuts and would create jobs and build houses if they got back into power, but several people shouted out at him "what are you going to do for us Ed?"

Education Secretary Michael Gove acknowledged the public concerns about the planned cuts but insisted that the Government would not be deflected from its strategy.

"Of course people will feel a sense of disquiet, in some cases anger, at what they see happening, but the difficulty we have as the Government inheriting a terrible economic mess, is that we have to take steps to bring the public finances back into balance," he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

He said that there were "really big dangers" for Mr Miliband in addressing the rally at the end of the march.

"One is that people will say 'You are calling for a plan B from the Government, you don't even have a plan A.' More than that, you are associating yourself with a march which could, I'm afraid, move from being a family event into being something darker," he said.

A spokesman for civil liberties group Liberty said: "There can be no doubt that the official trade union-led demonstration was overwhelmingly civil, peaceful and good-natured and that the policing response was generally proportionate.

"However the demonstration appeared to have been infiltrated by violent elements who periodically separated from the main route in order to attack high profile commercial properties and the police before melting into the demonstration once more.

"This minority presented significant challenges for the police and trade union stewards alike and at times jeopardised both the safety and ability to protest of those with peaceful intent."

A Scotland Yard spokesman said five officers were injured during the protests.

Four were treated for minor injuries and one was taken to hospital with a groin injury.

Labour leader Ed Miliband tonight condemned the violence which erupted away from the march, saying: "Hundreds of thousands of people peacefully protested today.

"They are the true voice of today's march.

"I unequivocally condemn those who have committed acts of violence. There is no excuse for it. It is unlawful and wrong."

Treasury Minister Justine Greening was adamant tonight that the Government would not change course as a result of the protests.

"We do have to get on with tackling the financial problems we have been handed by the Labour Party," she said. "We are going to stick with the course that we have set."

pictures from The Daily Mail:


Civil disobedience: Demonstrators throw a road sign at a window of the Ritz Hotel

A policeman splashed with paint in Oxford Street during the anti-cuts protest

Officers clashing with demonstrators in Oxford Street

Melee: Police clash with anarchist protesters in the centre of London

Mass movement: The Trades Union Congress organised the march to Hyde Park, before holding a rally


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Obama: ‘We’re Succeeding in Our Mission

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So Tell Me. . .

IF, as we have been reporting for several days Al Qaida fighters are among the Libyan Rebels and IF Obama and his administration continue to provide military support and now possibly arms to the rebels and SINCE it was Al Qaida who attacked us on 9/11 and who is among those we are STILL fighting in Afghanistan THEN



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AL QAEDA FIGHTERS JOIN LIBYAN REBELS  3000 Americans spin in their graves


3000 Americans spin in their graves

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Biden : Paying Taxes is Patriotic (?)


The company reported worldwide profits of $14.2 billion, and said $5.1 billion of the total came from its operations in the United States.

Its American tax bill? None. In fact, G.E. claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion.

Well, maybe there is more to learn….

Didn’t I read something about Geoffrey Immelt GE’s CEO and Obama?

President Barack Obama named Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric Co.’s chief executive officer, to head his outside panel of economic advisers, replacing former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.

In announcing Immelt’s appointment to take the helm of the newly renamed President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, Obama said the economy is “in a different place” from where it was during the financial crisis when Volcker was brought on, and new ideas are needed to keep the momentum going.

Immelt’s business strategy for profit:

The company (GE) has been cutting the percentage of its American profits paid to the Internal Revenue Service for years, resulting in a far lower rate than at most multinational companies.

Its extraordinary success is based on an aggressive strategy that mixes fierce lobbying for tax breaks and innovative accounting that enables it to concentrate its profits offshore. G.E.’s giant tax department, led by a bow-tied former Treasury official named John Samuels, is often referred to as the world’s best tax law firm.

As we read about our resistance to those who wish God to be sovereign over the Constitution being characterized as ‘overseas contingencies operations’ and attacks on Libya characterized as ‘kinetic’ manifestations of the motion of aircraft, can there be anything the least surprising, or more disgustingly cynical today than recalling just what it is this administration defines as PATRIOTIC, while they advance those who actions tell us the REAL WORLD DEFINITIONS?

The ACTIONS of this administration, and the way they try to redefine what is obvious, is so completely corrupt in it’s self serving multi standards of garbage, that APATHY towards all they do is all that can follow the rage they create.

The apathy and rage will coalesce in the privacy of the voting booth

2012 is going to be a VERY bitter surprise to the people who have followed men like FDR, HST, HHH and Henry Jackson. It is going to be a far larger and more foul tasting pill to those overseas who think the people of the USA actually WANT what these CRIMINAL PERVERTERS of REALITY have been trying to prescribe.

The govt of the USA today COULD NOT BE MORE ORWELLIAN.

These are all self serving men whose venal, cynical and putrescent words and actions are designed to gull the american people, ever more struggling and poorer, BY THEIR ACTIONS AND WORDS, to give up more hope and fear more their political opposition .. so that they and their FRIENDS can keep, gain and share POWER AND MONEY.


If the Republicans are 5% LESS CORRUPT, the nation will gain in 2012.

Just give us 5% Mr’s. Boehner and whoever…


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Obama Is Awesome!

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More Dueling Headlines That Ought To Scare The Hell Out Of Any Thinking Person

US May Supply Gaddafi Rebels With Weapons

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

They. Have. Lost. Their. Fucking. Minds.

So, if you'd be so kind, repeat the mantra, please. . .



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Friday, March 25, 2011

Has Anyone Ever Said It Better?

Congressman Allen West Answers A Constituents Concerns About Islam

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Bela Fleck, Tony Rice & Friends
Freeborn Man

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Dueling Headlines That Ought To Scare The Hell Out Of Any Thinking Person

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The Muslim World and the Left Turn on Barack Obama

The Muslim world is going Ceaucescu on Obama


Meanwhile, the Left is accusing Obama of being Sarkozy's Poodle, etc.
Check out Zombie's site. It's awesomely awesome, and wicked funny too.

The Crazy Never Stops: Anti-War Protest in L.A.

by Zombie

Any visit to an "anti-war" rally will reveal that it's not war the far-left opposes, but rather any action that promotes America's interests. As photographs found by Zombie graphically illustrate, this past Saturday's protest in L.A. was no exception.
READ bullet
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Wedge Between The United States And Saudi Arabia?

With a hat tip to Mark Alexander of A New Dark Age Is Dawning, citing the Miami Herald:
The United States and Saudi Arabia — whose conflicted relationship has survived oil shocks, the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the U.S. invasion of Iraq — are drifting apart faster than at any time in recent history, according to diplomats, analysts and former U.S. officials.

The breach, punctuated by a series of tense diplomatic incidents in the past two weeks, could have profound implications for the U.S. role in the Middle East, even as President Barack Obama juggles major Arab upheavals from Libya to Yemen.

The Saudi monarchy, which itself has been loathe to introduce democratic reforms, watched with deepening alarm as the White House backed Arab opposition movements and helped nudge from power former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, another long-time U.S. ally, according to U.S. and Arab officials.

That alarm turned to horror when the Obama administration demanded that the Saudi-backed monarchy of Bahrain negotiate with protesters representing the country's majority Shiite Muslim population. To Saudi Arabia's Sunni rulers, Bahrain's Shiites are a proxy for Shiite Iran, its historic adversary.


In a speech Sunday in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former ambassador to Washington, said the Gulf countries now must look after their own security — a role played exclusively by the United States since the 1979 fall of the Shah of Iran....
What will happen if Saudi gets really pissed off and persuades OPEC to no longer accept U.S. dollars as payment for oil?

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The Fourth Horseman

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature, saying: Come, and see. [8] And behold a pale horse, and he that sat upon him, his name was Death, and hell followed him. And power was given to him over the four parts of the earth, to kill with sword, with famine, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Revelations 6: 7,8

Between Libya and Japan scant little attention is being paid in the MSM, and thus a large part of society, to the rest of the Mideast recently. Whether that is by design or pure ignorance and arrogance on their part I'll let each decide for themselves but either way it is a dangerous mistake. Because we may be headed for The Great War of the Middle East.

Glenn Beck devoted his program to this last night and while I don't necessairly agree with all his conclusions (a Soros funded conspiracy) there is enough else there to give anyone paying attention to something besides American Idol and Charlie Sheen pause.

Israel has been under a sustained rocket attack from Gaza (as noted below) and Bibi has finally said enough is enough and is vowing a forceful massive retaliation which may start this weekend.
But now that the military has taken control in Egypt and the MB is stirring up their street, it's expected that Egyptians are not going to take kindly to this and call for an intervention by the Egyptian Army, thus ending the Camp David accords. Some reports are that they already have stopped restricitng the flow of supplies into Gaza over their border (remember an arms shipment stopped a few weeks ago?) and that arms and material are already flowing into Gaza to Hamas & Co. since Mubarak fell.

The Egyptian military is no match for Israel, especially in a prolonged conflict. So as Israel steps it up to put down both Hamas and the Egyptian army a "humanitarian crisis" will develop in Gaza (at least that's how the media wll portray it) and the call will go out to the world to protect the innocent Palestinian citizens from the big bad wolf Israel.

Just like is being done in Libya.

Ok, remember the 2,200 marines of the 26th MEU we talked about yesterday? Initially I believed it was just the air combat unit heading to the ME. Apparantly it was more than that. The marines are sitting on ship, off shore in the Med. The thinking is they will be called upon to go into Gaza to protect the Palestinians, alongside of NATO forces, and they were sent there with this in mind, not Libya.

Whether this happens or not the ME is on fire, Bahrain is calling for a day of rage today, Syria has massive problems and has been firing on it's own citizens today. Protests are starting up in Jordan, the Yemeni president and top general may soon be stepping down. Despite their adventuring into Bahrain last week, the Saudis are not strong enough to roll in and put down all these rebellions, especially with troubles of their own. And the U.S. is stretched thin enough right now and cannot be peacekeeper to the world right now. So they have to pick and choose. Libya puts them in position to station troops close enough to Gaza to quickly intervene. And as all these countries go up in flames, oil will skyrocket.

Some of this is conspiracy theory stuff but you can decide that yourself. Enough of the facts are there that none of it is beyond the realm of possibility. And if so, and especially if we come down on the side against Israel, life here is about to change forever.

The links below, and the Beck video, tell the story better than I can.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope John Galt is wrong. I hope Glenn Beck and Alexander Munch and Will are wrong.

But I don't think so.

The ground is about to fall out from under our feet. The Abyss yawns before us.

You better hold fast.

from John Galt:

Is this the Weekend The U.S. Turns Against Israel Fulfilling Zechariah 14?

Alexander Munch's take here
Glenn Beck's Show last night:

I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee, and IN THEE shall all the kindred of the earth be blessed

Genesis 12:3

[3] And Jonas rose up to flee into Tharsis from the face of the Lord, and he went down to Joppe, and found a ship going to Tharsis: and he paid the fare thereof, and went down into it, to go with them to Tharsis from the face of the Lord. [4] But the Lord sent a great wind into the sea: and a great tempest was raised in the sea, and the ship was in danger to be broken. [5] And the mariners were afraid, and the men cried to their god: and they cast forth the wares that were in the ship, into the sea, to lighten it of them: and Jonas went down into the inner part of the ship, and fell into a deep sleep.

[6] And the shipmaster came to him, and said to him: Why art thou fast asleep? rise up, call upon thy God, if so be that God will think of us, that we may not perish. [7] And they said every one to his fellow: Come, and let us cast lots, that we may know why this evil is upon us. And they cast lots, and the lot fell upon Jonas. [8] And they said to him: Tell us for what cause this evil is upon us, what is thy business? of what country art thou? and whither goest thou? or of what people art thou? [9] And he said to them: I am a Hebrew, and I fear the Lord the God of heaven, who made both the sea and the dry land. [10] And the men were greatly afraid, and they said to him: Why hast thou done this? (for the men knew that he fled from the face of the Lord: because he had told them.)

[11] And they said to him: What shall we do to thee, that the sea may be calm to us? for the sea flowed and swelled. [12] And he said to them: Take me up, and cast me into the sea, and the sea shall be calm to you: for I know that for my sake this great tempest is upon you. [13] And the men rowed hard to return to land, but they were not able: because the sea tossed and swelled upon them. [14] And they cried to the Lord, and said: We beseech thee, O Lord, let us not perish for this man's life, and lay not upon us innocent blood: for thou, O Lord, hast done as it pleased thee.

[15] And they took Jonas, and cast him into the sea, and the sea ceased from raging.

Jonah 1:3-15


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I understand why they would do this(the tenants of Gitmo aren't mirandized) and understand what a domestic terrorist is.

But do Holder and his goons?

Wall Street Journal:

Rights Are Curtailed for Terror Suspects

New rules allow investigators to hold domestic-terror suspects longer than others without giving them a Miranda warning, significantly expanding exceptions to the instructions that have governed the handling of criminal suspects for more than four decades.

The move is one of the Obama administration's most significant revisions to rules governing the investigation of terror suspects in the U.S. And it potentially opens a new political tussle over national security policy, as the administration marks another step back from pre-election criticism of unorthodox counterterror methods.

The Supreme Court's 1966 Miranda ruling obligates law-enforcement officials to advise suspects of their rights to remain silent and to have an attorney present for questioning. A 1984 decision amended that by allowing the questioning of suspects for a limited time before issuing the warning in cases where public safety was at issue.

That exception was seen as a limited device to be used only in cases of an imminent safety threat, but the new rules give interrogators more latitude and flexibility to define what counts as an appropriate circumstance to waive Miranda rights.

A Federal Bureau of Investigation memorandum reviewed by The Wall Street Journal says the policy applies to "exceptional cases" where investigators "conclude that continued unwarned interrogation is necessary to collect valuable and timely intelligence not related to any immediate threat." Such action would need prior approval from FBI supervisors and Justice Department lawyers, according to the memo, which was issued in December but not made public.

Matthew Miller, a Justice Department spokesman, said the memo ensures that "law enforcement has the ability to question suspected terrorists without immediately providing Miranda warnings when the interrogation is reasonably prompted by immediate concern for the safety of the public or the agents." He said "the threat posed by terrorist organizations and the nature of their attacks—which can include multiple accomplices and interconnected plots—creates fundamentally different public safety concerns than traditional criminal cases."

Attorney General Eric Holder suggested changing the guidelines last year after dust-ups over Miranda's use in two major domestic-terror arrests. The suspect in the Christmas Day 2009 bombing, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was questioned by FBI agents for less than an hour before being read his rights. Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad was questioned for three hours.

In both cases, the administration said suspects provided valuable information to the FBI despite being advised of their rights. But the decision nonetheless provoked criticism from Republicans and some Democrats who said an opportunity to gain time-sensitive intelligence was lost.

The new guidelines could blunt criticism from Republicans, many of whom have pushed for terror suspects to be sent to military detention, where they argue that rigid Miranda restrictions don't apply. But many liberals will likely oppose the move, as might some conservatives who believe the administration doesn't have legal authority to rein in such rights.

The Justice Department believes it has the authority to tinker with Miranda procedures. Making the change administratively rather than through legislation in Congress, however, presents legal risks.

"I don't think the administration can accomplish what I think needs to be done by policy guidance alone," said California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. "It may not withstand the scrutiny of the courts in the absence of legislation."

New York Republican Peter King, chairman of the House homeland-security committee, is among the lawmakers who welcomed Mr. Holder's call to change Miranda. At a hearing last year, Mr. King said, "It's important that we ensure that the reforms do go forward and that at the very least the attorney general consults with everyone in the intelligence community before any Miranda warning is given."

The administration suggested legislation last year to alter Miranda but was rebuffed by Congress, administration officials said. Its proposals faltered due to objections from Democrats, who had no appetite for tinkering with Supreme Court precedent, and Republicans who aired civil-liberties concerns or rejected civilian custody for terror suspects.

The Miranda protocols have been controversial since the high court formalized a practice that was already in use by the FBI, albeit not uniformly. Conservatives have long argued that the warning impedes law enforcement's ability to protect the public.

President Barack Obama has grappled with a web of terrorism policies cobbled together since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Before becoming president, Mr. Obama had criticized the Bush administration for going outside traditional criminal procedures to deal with terror suspects, and for bypassing Congress in making rules to handle detainees after 9/11. He has since embraced many of the same policies while devising additional ones—to the disappointment of civil-liberties groups that championed his election. In recent weeks, the administration formalized procedures for indefinitely detaining some suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, allowing for periodic reviews of those deemed too dangerous to set free.

The Bush administration, in the aftermath of 9/11, chose to bypass the Miranda issue altogether as it crafted a military-detention system that fell outside the rules that govern civilians. Under Mr. Bush, the government used Miranda in multiple terror cases. But Mr. Bush also ordered the detention of two people in a military brig as "enemy combatants." The government eventually moved both suspects—Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen, and Ali al-Marri, a Qatari man—into the federal criminal-justice system after facing legal challenges. In other cases, it processed suspects through the civilian system.

An increase in the number of domestic-terror cases in recent years has made the issue more pressing.

The Miranda change leaves other key procedures in place, notably federal rules for speedy presentation of suspects before a magistrate, normally within 24 hours. Legal experts say those restrictions are bigger obstacles than Miranda to intelligence gathering. The FBI memo doesn't make clear whether investigators seeking exemptions would have to provide a Miranda warning at the time of such a hearing.

Also unchanged is the fact that any statements suspects give during such pre-Miranda questioning wouldn't be admissible in court, the memo says.


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Libya Vs. Iraq

From Casting Pearls Before Swine (Click directly on the image to enlarge it):

Read the post "Who's the Cowboy Now?" HERE.

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Victim of bombing was Scottish bible translator

The UK Telegraph (via The Jawa Report) tells that Mary Jean Gardner, the women murdered by the terrorist bombing on Wednesday, was a bible translator from Scotland:
Mary Jean Gardner, 55, was caught in the bomb blast at the central bus station in Jerusalem.

She was the only person to die in the attack which left up to 30 others wounded.

Miss Gardner, who was a well-regarded Bible translator, came to Israel at the beginning of the year to study Hebrew and took courses at Hebrew University.

She had come to Israel to hone her Hebrew skills before embarking on a translation of the Old Testament into Ife, one of the languages spoken in Togo, West Africa[...]

Mrs Ronning said students were taken from and to the Hebrew University by bus every day for their own security, but that Miss Gardner had a day off and had gone into town to meet an Irish friend who had just arrived in the city with a tour group. Miss Gardner was heading to a restaurant to meet her friend and happened to be passing the bus stop on foot when the bomb exploded.
Our condolences must go to her and her family.
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Melanie Phillips is in trouble for calling Jihadist murderers "Savages". Because, apparently it would be better if she just considered it acceptable course of human events that people would stab a three month old baby to death.

In FrontPage this morning Robert Spencer discusses the latest challenge to the freedom of speech in Britain:
Last week British columnist Melanie Phillips wrote a blogpost at the Spectator entitled “Armchair barbarism,” discussing the brutal jihad murders of the Fogel family in Israel. Her references to the “moral depravity” of the Arab “savages” who committed the crime have gotten her in hot water with Britain’s hyper-PC Press Complaints Commission, which has launched an investigation.

Phillips is being investigated, ironically enough, for writing that “the moral depravity of the Arabs,” as she chose to term the murderers of the Fogels and those in Gaza who celebrated those murders, “is finding a grotesque echo in the moral bankruptcy and worse of the British and American ‘liberal’ media.” And as if on cue, the watchdog organization in Britain of that liberal media swooped down upon her.

The irony was compounded by a further statement in Phillips’ column: “Overwhelmingly, the media have either ignored or downplayed the atrocity – or worse, effectively blamed the victims for bringing it on themselves, describing them as ‘hard-line settlers’ or extremists.” In this case, however, they were not blaming the victim, but blaming the columnist who spoke forthrightly about the nature of the murderers.

After the column was published, the P.C. Commission received two complaints about it: one from Engage, a group that is dedicated to advancing Muslim participation in British society, and from one of Britain’s most prominent Muslim leaders, Inayat Bunglawala, the chairman of Muslims4UK. Bunglawala fumed that Phillips’ words “went far beyond just denouncing the killings. It was a far more generalised racist outburst against Arabs as a whole.”
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