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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Should Christians And Jews Eat Halal Meat?

Roland Shirk, from Jihad Watch, has a very good point here:

Why should Christians care if they're eating halal meat? Predictably, cultural masochists and stealth jihadists will insist that such a concern is the fruit of "Islamophobia" and bigotry. I'm hardly the most ecumenical Christian in the world, but the only reaction I've ever had to eating a kosher hot dog has been to think "Oh good. This probably doesn't have so much junk in it." But the more I've learned of Islam, the harder it has been for me to buy those tasty-looking shish-kebabs that are offered from carts by hard-working (and no doubt peaceful) Muslims in New York City. Why is that?

For one thing, halal meat is slaughtered to the accompaniment of ritual prayers to Allah—and the more I learn about how Islam depicts him, the less I can conceive of him as in any way the same God worshiped by Christians and Jews. Instead, he seems to me a wicked idol, which would make the meat that was slaughtered in his name the one thing St. Paul forbade Christians to eat: Meat offered to an idol (1 Corinthians, 8:7).
Go read the whole thing.

Epaminondas raised a in important point, which can be summed up like this,

"Who gives a crap? It's only food."

And verily, it is true that God is not a fool. He does not concern himself with random and petty rules. He is concerned with the heart, and He would like that we prepare our hearts to help one another, so that when help is needed, we do, indeed, help one another out of a true sense of Gratitude to Him for the strength, Light, and Love we have in our own lives.

So, let's look at the larger context of the verse:
Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience, 26 for, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.”[f]
 27 If an unbeliever invites you to a meal and you want to go, eat whatever is put before you without raising questions of conscience.
28 But if someone says to you, “This has been offered in sacrifice,” then do not eat it, both for the sake of the one who told you and for the sake of conscience. 29
I am referring to the other person’s conscience, not yours. For why is my freedom being judged by another’s conscience?
30 If I take part in the meal with thankfulness, why am I denounced because of something I thank God for?
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"The father of the Muslim woman was killed by his cousin because he did not kill his daughter to preserve the family's honor, which led the woman's brother to avenge the death of his father by killing the cousin. The village Muslims blamed the Christians."

Just think about that paragraph, in all its various parts, for awhile.

"Nearly 4000 Muslims Attack Christian Homes in Egypt, Torch Church," by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA, March 5:
(AINA) -- A mob of nearly four thousand Muslims has attacked Coptic homes this evening in the village of Soul, Atfif in Helwan Governorate, 30 kilometers from Cairo, and torched the Church of St. Mina and St. George. There are conflicting reports about the whereabouts of the Church pastor Father Yosha and three deacons who were at church; some say they died in the fire and some say they are being held captive by the Muslims inside the church.
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The freedom of speech survives, for now, in Sweden. Do you think Carl P. Herslow would have been put on trial for a poster mocking Jesus Christ?
"Politician on trial for nude Muhammad poster," from The Local, March 3:
A Swedish politician facing charges for producing a poster depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad naked together with his nine-year-old wife was found not guilty by a jury in Malmö on Wednesday.

Carl P Herslow, leader of the Skåne Party (Skånepartiet), a small right-wing populist regional party, is charged with agitation against an ethnic group (hets mot folkgrupp).

The poster included the text: 'He is 53 and she is nine. Is this the kind of wedding we want to see in Skåne?'.
Herslow admits producing the poster but contested the charges. He said the aim of the poster was to stimulate a debate about Islam, which he argued was incompatible with democracy and equality.
Go read the whole thing.
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Eroica Trio
Brahms Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 8

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Commander Warns US against Military Intervention in Libya

TEHRAN (FNA)- Chief of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi warned the US officials of the fatal consequences and aftermaths of Washington's military intervention in Libya.

"Any kind of US measure and interference in Libya will not only stabilize Islamic Revolutions in the region and further clarify their path and direction, but also cause a severe blow to the US economy and increase their (Americans') debts and budget deficit," Firouzabadi cautioned in his remarks on Saturday.

He dismissed the Washington and Pentagon officials' explicit hints about an imminent US military intervention in Libya, and said, "The Libyan people have risen and shown that they can liberate their country and they are much different from the Iraqi and the Afghan people."

The top military official noted that the capitalist system is seeking to develop its strategies in the wealthy and Muslim states which possess abundant oil wells and resources, and mentioned, "The reality is that the US wants to stage a military intervention to find control over Libya's oil wells as it did in Iraq with the Iraqi oil."

The US has said it is closely monitoring the situation in Libya and is in constant touch with its allies like NATO on possible actions against the Gaddafi regime, as it dispatched two military aircrafts to the region.

The Pentagon, which has dispatched considerable air and naval assets to the region along with 400 marines, said it is closely monitoring the situation in Libya.

He said the Pentagon is in constant contact with its other allies, including NATO and Europe.

"We are still with options on the table. The overall operation is called Operation Odyssey Dawn," Lapan said.


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You're not allowed to talk about what's happening in your country,

Fox News:

Ex-Rep, 'Gopher' Leaves Radio Show After Pressure Over Islam Comments
By Judson Berger
Published March 5 2011

Fred Grandy, the former "Love Boat" star who served several terms in Congress before landing a gig as a radio host, resigned from his show this week after he was pressured to stop talking so much about radical Islam, his wife, Catherine, told FoxNews.com.

Catherine Mann-Grandy, who spoke with FoxNews.com extensively about the details of their split with WMAL management, confirmed that the couple's critical commentary on radical Islam was the driving factor behind Grandy's resignation.

"You're not allowed to talk about what's happening in your country," she said.

Fred Grandy, best known for his role as Gopher in "The Love Boat," had been on air as a host at Washington, D.C.'s WMAL since 2003. He worked most recently as host of "The Grandy Group" -- his wife made regular appearances on that show under the nickname "Mrs. Fred."

But while both of them started devoting more and more segments to the subject of Muslim influence in America over the past year, it was Catherine's comments that apparently led to an ultimatum.

Mann-Grandy, who did a regular segment called "domestic terrorism 101," hit a string of topics on their show last Friday. Though the segment was taken off the radio's site, she described it. She said that, on air, she quoted a rabbi who compared radical Muslims to Nazis, complained that President Obama was not doing enough to help Israel, warned that "Shariah-compliant" individuals work in the government and discussed several other Islam-related topics.

Perhaps sensing she might have stepped over a line, she warned on air about the possibility that she might not return the following week.

Sure enough, she didn't.

Mann-Grandy said her husband told her Tuesday that management told him she could no longer be on the show. Further, she said her husband was told to "really tone it down on the Islam stuff."

In response, Fred Grandy resigned.

Though he was not able to discuss his departure in detail for legal reasons, Fred Grandy also confirmed to FoxNews.com "it was my decision."

A representative with WMAL could not be reached for comment.

WMAL issued a brief statement about Grandy this week, saying the former Iowa congressman "has informed WMAL of his intention to resign from the station and its morning program, 'The Grandy Group.'"

"WMAL remains committed to its goal of providing a forum for discussing a broad spectrum of issues while delivering compelling programming," the statement said.

The sudden departure immediately triggered rumors that the Council on American Islamic Relations, the country's largest Muslim advocacy group, was somehow involved -- a charge CAIR denied. Mann-Grandy said she thinks that's what happened, though she doesn't have evidence.

"That is just my gut instinct," she said. Fred Grandy said he had "no conclusive evidence."

WMAL, which carries several programs featuring conservative pundits, dumped host Michael Graham several years ago following comments he made about Islam and a subsequent campaign against the station's advertisers by CAIR.

James Lafferty, chariman of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force, accused WMAL of becoming "the first Shariah-compliant radio station in America."

Reached for comment, Lafferty said the host was told to tone it down and keep his wife off the program.

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper attributed the charges against his group to the "extreme anti-Muslim blogosphere."

"That claim is as credible as any other claim these hate mongers make," he told FoxNews.com. "They make it up out of whole cloth."

Hooper said CAIR had not even made any complaints to the station about Grandy.

The Washington Post reported that Grandy's ratings had also been trailing those of other right-leaning hosts.

But Lafferty alleged that WMAL caved to pressure. The group called on listeners to call the station Monday and Tuesday to demand Grandy and his wife return to the show.

Mann-Grandy, claiming she and her husband have gotten hundreds of e-mails of support, said she doesn't think they'll be asked to return but suggested she'd go back on air.

"I would be happy if someone else did that segment ... but nobody's doing it," she said.


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Pastorius & The Dirt Bags!

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Multiculturalism and Islamification in Britain, Part 1

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I Think I May Have Fixed The Comments Problem

We have been having a lot of commenters leaving comments which have, unfortunately, not been posting in our threads.

I know we're getting these comments, because they come to me via email.

However, Blogger/Google has been kicking removing them, instantly, so the comments don't appear.

Apparently, this is some sort of Spam feature that Blogger/Google was kind enough to create for us, but never advised us how to use.

Now I think I know how to over-ride the problem.

Please let me know if you have any trouble posting comments here.


Pastorius and his "Goddesses".

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Friday, March 04, 2011

1600 Copperhead Road

Dear Uncle Barry.

Best watch out for them rev'noors.



The Hill:

Obama as beer-brewer-in-chief
By Daniel Strauss - 03/04/11 11:33 AM ET

Barack Obama will go down in history as, among other things, the first president to brew his own beer in the White House.

The blog Obama Foodorama reported this week that the president's Super Bowl party featured a selection called "White House Honey Ale,” brewed right at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The blog said the president and first lady Michelle Obama bought the equipment with their own funds (an aide did not specify when) in advance of serving it at the February gathering.

The "honey" part of the beer comes from Michelle Obama's garden beehive. The beehive is also a White House first.

Foodorama notes that Obama is the first president since George Washington to homebrew beer, and the very first to offer the brew at the White House. (Washington was a perennial self-brewer, the blog said, but he’s the only president who didn't live in the White House.)

The news sparked a small flurry in the blogosphere given that Obama, who has previously settled friendly bets between world leaders with beers like Goose Island's 312, had not shown a predilection for do-it-yourself beers. Obama settled a World Cup bet last summer with British Prime Minister David Cameron by giving his English counterpart a bottle of 312. And during 2009's so-called "beer summit" with Vice President Joe Biden, Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Massachusetts Police Sgt. James Crowley, Obama drank a Bud Light.

Although the White House isn't ready to release the recipe yet, a spokesman told Foodorama that “White House Honey Ale” isn't a one-time thing.

"It is very safe to assume that there will be more White House beer in the future," White House East Wing spokeswoman Semonti Stephens said.

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Average Total Yearly Compensation For Milwaukee Teachers: $101,000

From Ace of Spades:

It's hard to make ends meet on that.

There is always the cry that teachers have to buy "supplies" for their students out of their own pockets. I can't help but think there's a reason for that -- that each year, a greater proportion of dollars earmarked for education goes to salaries, and is deducted from supplies.

$60,000 in actual money salary plus $41,000 per year in benefits package.
The stat is about Milwaukee teachers, not Wisconsin-wide teachers, as I first wrote.
But other districts in Milwaukee county pay their teachers even more:
That was lower than eight other school districts in Milwaukee County, including Greendale, Greenfield, Shorewood, Cudahy, Fox Point, South Milwaukee, Franklin and Nicolet, which was highest at just over $103,000.

Go read the whole thing.
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Islam Is A Golden Shower of Wisdom and Enlightenment

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Infidel Task Force Interviews Pastor Terry "Burn the Koran" Jones

 Terry Jones has a new idea.

From ITF:

First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak to the viewers of the Infidel Task Force.
It is quite an honor to have you here.
 Dr. Terry Jones:
Thank you.
You have designated Sunday March 20th to be “International Judge the Koran Day”. On what basis do you feel the Koran should be put on trial?
 Dr. Terry Jones:
 Yes that is true. We have designated March the 20th as International Judge the Koran Day. We are accusing the Koran of murder, rape, terrorist activities around the world. We believe that the following of the Koran, sooner or later, leads to terrorist activities.

 "I can guarantee that this event will not be changed, this event will not be canceled, we will put the Koran on trial on March 20th. "
What do you expect to hear from the American people when Islamic apologizers constantly make excuses for their radical extremists?
  Dr. Terry Jones:
 We believe that there will be indeed an uprising from the American people as they examine the Koran. Many people around the United States, Muslims within the United States and especially the Islamic world constantly apologize or make excuses for the radical element of Islam.
 International Judge the Koran Day will show that the Koran, when strictly followed, does lead to violence. The American people will see that and realize that. Especially as they see what takes place around world, when they see how people are treated, or when they see how Non-Muslims are treated in countries dominated by Islam.
 Go read the whole thing.
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“This isn't England. You're Messing with Americans!”

From Roland Shirk at Jihad Watch:
I believe with all my heart that a spirit did indeed appear to Muhammad and inspire the Qur'an. I accept his account of how that spirit guided him to make its early suras amiable and uplifting, and then as his military power grew, ever darker and more intolerant. When I read how Muhammad sometimes showed some humane scruples—for instance, about stealing his stepson's wife—and the spirit urged him to go ahead and seize what he wanted... I believe that spirit was real. I think it is still with us, that Muhammad's private “bin Screwtape” still abides and watches over the mass movement he created.

Whenever we score a victory, he is enraged, and he afflicts us—where he can, by goading us into extreme statements or unjust actions that will discredit our cause with decent people. When we fall for that, when we lower ourselves to the level of our enemies, we do more than make some tactical mistake; we begin, I believe, to serve in some way the same spirit of hatred that inspired the Verse of the Sword. Even if we convince ourselves we are aiming that sword at Islam, in fact we are beginning to be mesmerized by it. Mirroring Islamic intolerance, and aiming it at Muslims, is at once a crime and a blunder. Let's remember that it wasn't the fanatically anti-German bigots of the Action Francaise who in fact formed the Resistance after 1940; members of that group disproportionately became instead collaborators.

Since most of us aren't actually prone to genuine hatred, the next tactic “bin Screwtape” tries is to grind us down with defeatism, to convince us that the struggle is unavailing, that the blindness of our fellow Westerners and the lazy, pleasure-loving short-sightedness of our society will never be a match for the disciplined, fertile fanatics whom he urges to enslave us. This too is a grave temptation. It pays to remember that anti-Communist hero Whittaker Chambers was wrong when he said he feared he had joined the losing side of history, that Moscow's fighting faith would prevail against the flaccid and hedonistic West. As early as 636, Abu Bakr warned the Persians he was attacking, “I have come to you with an army of men that love death, as you love life.”

Let's resist the urge to romanticize such evil, and grant it a power it doesn't really have. Remember that the fatalistic, samurai culture of Japan that inspired the kamikazes was utterly crushed by the America of Benny Goodman, the Lindy-Hop, and Abbott and Costello. The Carthaginians, who sacrificed their infants to ask their gods for victory, were defeated by Roman family farmers who fought to defend their Republic. The power that evil seems to grant us is in the long run an illusion, like the "high" one gets from a hit of coke or a joyride in a stolen car. Reality has its revenge.

Yes, fecklessness and weakness, cowardice and short-sighted selfishness can doom a culture—and make it prey to neighbors with sharper teeth and more fertile wombs. But such a victory isn't inevitable. There are enough signs of life left yet in the West—and to prove my point I'd like to show you one.

The video below appeared in Salon under the hysterical headline: “This is What Anti-Muslim Hate Looks Like.”

The video depicts a patriotic rally held outside a fundraiser for the Islamic Circle of North America, which supports the imposition of sharia law in the U.S. The keynote speakers for the evening—supposedly meant to raise money for women's shelters—were Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Amir Abdel Malik Ali. As the Orange County Register reported:

Wahhaj is an imam at a mosque in Brooklyn. A U.S. attorney named him and 169 others as co-conspirators in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.... Malik Ali is a Bay Area Islamic activist who spoke at 'Israeli Apartheid Week' at UC Irvine in 2010. There he said he supports Hezbollah, which the CIA labels a terrorist group.

The footage was shot by the local chapter of Hamas-linked CAIR—who were strongly motivated to find the ugliest images and most obnoxious quotes they could.... And this is the best they could do: A group of Americans peacefully gathered behind a barricade, chanting to the suited men and hijabed women who trooped into the event, “No sharia!” and “Go home!” Given that the event featured foreign-born supporters of terrorism and sharia law, these were not outrageous sentiments for Californians to express. Anything less would amount to servility. 
Go read the whole thing.
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Herbie Hancock

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Somali Piracy: Another Islamic War Front

Guest Commentary by Edward Cline:

On February 22nd, four Americans were executed by Somali pirates as a U.S. warship bore down on the yacht they had hijacked. The U.S. government and the military are not saying much about why the pirates killed the Americans, but it just might have something to do with the fact that the two retired couples were on a private missionary voyage around the world to distribute Bibles in Third World villages and spread Christianity. All Somali pirates are Muslims. Very likely, even after having command of the yacht for three days and in the midst of negotiations for the hostages’ release, it had something to do with the Bibles the pirates found on board the yacht.

On Tuesday, Somali pirates shot and killed four American hostages. A single hostage intentionally killed by these pirates had been almost unheard of; four dead was unprecedented….

Exactly what happened Tuesday is still murky. Pirates in the Arabian Sea had hijacked a sailboat skippered by a retired couple from California, and when the American Navy closed in, the pirates got twitchy. Navy Seals rushed aboard but it was too late. It’s still not clear why the pirates would want to kill the hostages when their business model, which has raked in more than $100 million in the past few years, is based on ransoming captives alive.
But I suspect that if the pirates had instead found cartons of Playboy Magazine on the yacht, the Americans would have suffered the same fate. It would demonstrate the grip Islam has even on criminal Muslims.

It is unlikely that the pirates expected to collect much of a ransom from the murdered Americans. It is likely that they were holding the U.S. government hostage, by demanding it pay the pirates the ransom instead. Two of the pirates were aboard the warship “negotiating” when pirates on the yacht fired at the warship, and then gunfire on the yacht itself was heard.

The big money is in hijacking commercial vessels, such as super-tankers and super-cargo ships, and holding them and their crews hostage until ransoms are paid. Because of the murders, however, I believe the Somali pirates have adopted a new tactic: kidnap smaller private vessels whose owners are unlikely to be able to pay million dollar ransoms, and hold the captured nationals on them hostage until their governments pay up.

The pirates have sent an unmistakable message to the U.S. and other Western governments: they mean business. Does the U.S. mean business? Is it willing to pay millions in “tribute” to Islamic pirates (a.k.a. Islamic jizya) as Americans were not willing to pay Napoleon to stop raiding American vessels?

The hijacking of a private Danish yacht several days ago suggests this new strategy. The promise to execute the Danes, a mother, father, their three teenaged children, and two other adults if a rescue attempt is made, suggests this new tactic, as well.

Most hostages captured in the pirate-infested waters off East Africa are professional sailors. Pirates rarely capture families and children, but a 3-year-old boy was aboard a French yacht seized in 2009. His father was killed in the rescue operation by French navy commandos. Two pirates were killed and four French citizens were freed, including the child.

The Danish family was captured along with two adult crew members, also Danes, when their sailboat was seized by pirates Thursday, the Danish government said.

Mohamed [a spokesman for the pirates] said that any attack against the pirates would result in the deaths of the hostages, and he referred to the killings last week of four American hostages captured by pirates on their yacht.
Jihad Watch reports on the natural and logical connection between Islamic jihadists and the pirates, who, being Muslims waging war on the West, act as a kind of guerilla contingent. But this is not officially acknowledged. The West dare not convict or indict Islam, lest Islamists cry foul. But Somali Jihadists are now demanding their cut of any ransoms paid, and the cut is strictly by the book – the Koran.

"And know that whatever ye take as spoils of war, lo! a fifth thereof is for Allah, and for the messenger and for the kinsman (who hath need) and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, if ye believe in Allah and that which We revealed unto Our slave on the Day of Discrimination, the day when the two armies met. And Allah is Able to do all things." -- Qur'an 8:41
The West, however, is not able to do anything. Its hands are tied by a fear of offending Muslims by naming the moral culprit. It refuses to acknowledge that the pirates are proxy allies of the jihadists. It prefers to treat the pirates as mere criminals.

The piracy “crisis” off the Somali coast can be solved easily and quickly – the West certainly has the means to do so – but with some regrettable risks and consequences. The situation, after all, is of the West’s own making. Western governments have dithered and bitten its nails for years over what to do, not only because the pirates still hold ships and hostages, but because the pirates are Muslims.

That is what is stopping any concerted action – such as blasting every pirate ship and every pirate port and safe havens to atoms, and shooting to kill on sight any pirate with no chance of “trial” in any Western nation. When pirates were captured in the West ages ago, they were summarily tried and hanged.

“But,” one might object, “they’ll just execute the hostages or they’ll be killed during an attack. That isn’t very humane. It’s better to just dither and negotiate. To attack the pirates would be barbarous, especially because they aren’t as well-armed as we are. What would the world think?”

It is not bad enough that “Just War” theory reigns supreme in our military. It apparently reigns supreme when dealing with gangs of pirates.

During World War II, when the Allies decided to bomb German and Japanese cities to accelerate the surrender of the Nazis and the Japanese and to bring the war closer to an end, doubtless strategists knew that some “innocent” German and Japanese civilians would be killed as well as those who actively or complicitly supported and sanctioned the Nazi and Imperialist regimes. When American bombers attacked Japanese cities, they also did so knowing that American POW’s were being used as slave labor in those cities, and that they, too, might be killed.

This is also a risk the West must take with the pirates’ hostages if it is ever going to erase the pirate jihadists off the map. The moral conundrum is possible only because the West has refused to acknowledge the nature and identity of its enemy: Islam. The piracy “problem” is a direct consequence of especially the U.S.’s “war on terror.” It is a direct consequence of not eliminating states that sponsor terrorism.

What is the alternative? Allowing the hostages to remain in captivity until they rot away, or are killed because no ransom was collected or likely to be collected, and perpetuating the commissions of crime on the high seas. Is not acting decisively against the pirates a more humane policy? Is allowing the hostage sailors to remain hostages, still living at the whim of killers, who are now resorting to torturing the hostages, a more humane policy? No.

I am sure that Western governments have every Somali pirate port and village pinpointed. It should simply give a single warning, broadcast to the pirates, that all hostages are to be released, unharmed, immediately, and all hijacked vessels abandoned by the pirates. If all we got in reply were threats to kill the hostages, or actual executions, or if they reply with a wish to “negotiate,” Western naval vessels should simply commence erasing the ports, the villages, and every pirate vessel afloat; the “mother ships” especially should be sunk as well, and no attempt made to rescue survivors. Let the sharks claim them. No mercy should be shown to any pirate. The Somali pirates show none for Westerners or anyone they take hostage. Remember the four Americans executed by them just a few weeks ago?

Would this action violate the sovereignty of Somalia? No. There is no such country as Somalia. It is a region of anarchy with no true government, and one to which the U.S, incredibly, is paying to simply exist, with no power to punish the pirates.

Somalia’s central government collapsed more than 20 years ago, and now its landscape includes droughts, warlords, fighters allied to Al Qaeda, and malnutrition, suffering and death on a scale unseen just about anywhere else.

The United States and other Western powers are pouring millions of dollars into Somalia’s transitional government, an appointed body with little legitimacy on the ground, in the hope, perhaps vain, that it can rebuild the world’s most failed state and create an economy based on something like fishing or livestock. Young men then might be able to earn a living doing something other than sticking up ships.
The Times aptly describes the kind of country Somalia is:

Piracy Inc. is a sprawling operation on land, too. It offers work to tens of thousands of Somalis — middle-managers, translators, bookkeepers, mechanics, gunsmiths, guards, boat builders, women who sell tea to pirates, others who sell them goats. In one of the poorest lands on earth, piracy isn’t just a business; it’s a lifeline.
It is time the West extinguished that bandits’ economy and to severed the lifeline, but enacted no Marshall Plan to help Somalia back to its economic and political feet. Victims do not owe their subdued victimizers anything.

Remember that the Somali pirates are Muslims and that they are obeying the commands of the Koran. During WWII, the Allies did not stay their hand because they could point to some “benign” passages in Mein Kampf [or that Shinto had been "hijacked"]. The Somali coast is as much a war front as Western Europe was during WWII. But the West must first acknowledge that Islam has declared war on the West, and that the Islamic jihadists have declared war on it and make no distinction between military and civilian targets. Or were the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the London subway, and the Madrid train station, and the Bali resort, et al., all figments of our imagination?

The Somali pirates hold between 600 and 800 hostages, and still have under their guns between 50 and 80 vessels of various sizes, some of which they have converted into “mother ships” that can range far beyond Somali’s coast to launch “swift boats” to attack private vessels and commercial shipping. The sea lanes between the Gulf of Aden and in the Arabian Sea have become “seize lanes.”

The West has the air power, the firepower and the navies in place to accomplish the end of Somali piracy. All it needs are the will and the moral certainty to get on with it.

And while we are on the subject of thievery and extortion, one must ask: Is there any difference between Somali piracy and, say, Saudi, Libyan, or Venezuelan extortion of Western wealth in oil in the Western oil fields developed by Western companies? Somalis are not the only pirates. The entire membership of OPEC is a club of pirates, extortionists, and thieves – of Western wealth.

At the very least, a military strike against the Somali pirates would send a clear message to Islamist jihadists everywhere: This particular reign of terror is over. One should wholeheartedly agree with William R. Hawkins when he stresses that it is the pirates, like any criminal who initiates force, who should be mindful of the risks, chiefly that they may forfeit their lives if retaliatory force is employed.

It is a strategic mistake to appease aggressors. It is the pirates who must be put at risk, and learn the harsh lesson that their raids will only result in their own destruction.

And punitive attacks against pirates should not mean "nation building" or any prolonged involvement in the country. Indeed, any deep intervention in a place as wild as Somalia is to be avoided. The mission would simply be to teach the brigands that "crime" doesn't pay with an application of armed might beyond anything they can imagine or endure.
It the West cannot or will not deal with so lesser a threat as pirates, then it is doomed to extinction, and the Islamists will have won.

Crossposted at The Dougout
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Infidel Women Must Cover Up During Ramadan?

From special swimming sessions for Muslimas to all women must cover up! That's the push now in Australia, so as not to offend Muslims during their so-called holy season (hat tip to Bunkerville):

Get ready, fellow infidels! This could be coming to the United States sooner than we can possibly imagine.

Hell, before you know it, we infidel women here in the United States will have to cover up during Ramadan just to run errands in certain communities.

It's all about establishing Islamic supremacism in the West. Muslims are not satisfied to confine their supremacism to their own countries.

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The Unemployment Numbers Game. March 4 Edition.

Upfront let me state that the official non-seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for February as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is 9.5%.

That said, Gateway Pundit:

Unemployment Rate at 8.9% or 10.3% in February?
Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, March 4, 2011, 6:37 AM
Worst. President. Ever.

Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.
The unemployment rate for the month of February finally fell to 8.9% after 21 straight months of a 9.0% unemployment rate or higher.

However, Gallup has the unemployment rate hitting 10.3% in February.

Here’s the AP’s report:

The dollar is mixed after a report showing the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 8.9 percent last month, the lowest since April 2009 — a good sign for the economy. The U.S. currency is falling against the euro but rising against the yen and the pound.

The government says the economy added a net 192,000 jobs last month, with 222,000 in job gains from private employers. The unemployment rate has fallen sharply since it was 9.8 percent in November.

Obviously, these are very different trends being reported today.
Maybe someone can explain this.


Gallup has a slightly different modeling method and is usually a week or two ahead of the Fed. You can read the entire Gallup report here.

But, if you're like me and been out here more than 6 months, then this will really depress you.

Hot Air:

ABC: Long-term unemployed “the new Irish”

posted at 10:58 am on March 4, 2011 by Ed Morrissey

Earlier today, I noted that the level of civilian participation in the workforce has reached a generational low of 64.2% the last two months, the lowest seen since March 1984. ABC’s look at the job market suggests that it will be a long while before that rate rises significantly. Hearkening back to an era of bigotry, Alan Farnham says the long-term unemployed have become “the new Irish“:

In the bad old days of the 1800s, when it was legal for employers to discriminate against anyone they pleased, job postings used to say things like: “No Irish Need Apply.” Now the unemployed, it seems, have become the new Irish: In advertisement after advertisement, employers come right out and tell them they’re not wanted.

Right now CareerBuilder, one of the biggest job sites on the web, has a posting for an entry-level engineer. The candidate, it says, will perform structural analysis of telecommunications cell towers. A civil engineering degree is required, an undergrad GPA of at least 3.4 as is knowledge of AutoCAD. Some travel is required.

Oh, and there’s one other thing: “No layoff candidates.” …

Look anywhere that jobs are posted and you’ll see more examples. This discrimination isn’t subtle. It’s not covert. It’s right out in the open, stated in the listings: A phone manufacturer looking to fill a marketing job stipulates “No unemployed candidates will be considered at all.” An electronics firm looking for an engineer says it will “Not consider/review anyone NOT currently employed regardless of the reason.” A Craigslist posting for an assistant restaurant manager in New Jersey says all applicants “Must be currently employed.”

So prevalent is this new form of discrimination that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in February held hearings on it. The EEOC press release announcing them bore the catchy title “Out of Work? Out of Luck.”

The analogy is far from perfect, mainly because Farnham confuses discrimination based on ethnicity and the normal discernment of employers based on experience and job history. As a hiring manager for 15 years, I can attest that under normal conditions, the long-term unemployed are higher risks for problems in employment and for long-term performance. That is one of many factors that came into play when looking for new hires, but at both companies for which I ran call centers, it was considered an important factor. When exceptions were made, we usually had trouble with performance as a result.

That period of time differs from the current work environment in a couple of key ways that impact on this trend. During my years as a hiring manager, unemployment never got above 7.8%, and most of that period stayed in the 5% range. Under those conditions, finding stable employment histories for entry-level applicants was difficult, and we had to take more risks to keep staffing at appropriate levels. Indeed, we also had to significantly raise entry-level pay several times over the last ten years in which I worked in that field just to get applicants in the door.

That meant that applicants with spotty work histories were more suspect, since employment was easily found in that period. However, it also means that employers now have a much wider applicant base and can afford to be more selective. With so many new workers entering into the economy and not enough jobs to go around, it has become a buyer’s market, which means that employers don’t need to take risks in staffing decisions. While employment track records may be less indicative over the last three years of high unemployment, it’s still an issue that raises red flags about commitment and performance.

Eventually, the economy will recover enough to drive the available labor base down to a level where employers will have to take risks again, and the long-term unemployed will find opportunities at that point. Fortunately for them, they can stop being risks in that area far easier than the Irish could stop being Irish, blacks could stop being black, or women could stop being women.


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Charlie Sheen Is Awesome!

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The fallacy of 'democracy'

Many have been the criticisms of the 'ideology', if it exists, as a coherent plan, of 'neoconservatism'.

We see the critics point out Gaza, Iraq, the primacy of the apostasy laws in Afghanistan, the recent terrorist, and religously inspired murder of Shabbaz Bhatti, the Pakistani Minister for Religious Minorities, who happened to be Catholic.

In opposition we can point to Greece, specifically the Peloponese after the battle of Lecutra, Eastern Europe, Japan, and Germany.

While  each nation is a specific case, and each people are different, critics of what is PERCEIVED of as neoconservatism DISPUTE that all people want democracy.

Or more specifically want OUR democracy.

The idea of democracy horrified the Persians (and still might) becuase to them it meant the mob. Of course the sovereignty of the majority to make a decision must be acknowledged in order to have a democracy, but that is only the most minimal requirement for THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.


The most basic limit on the mob is the First Amendment.

Without that most basic limit all one has done is to replace Mubarak with the mob.

With that limit in place comes the rub and the big question of what is perceived of as neoconservatism.

I personally believe that given the sovereignty of the majority, they will eventually (define that term !!) settle on the governing group which can provide a better life ON THIS WORLD for the people and their children. Schools. Roads. Jobs. The future HERE.

But that doesn't speak to this limit, and that is where I think neoconservatism ends.

For if the basis of the most menial description of the American way of life, that 1st Amendment, is to be taken to heart in the Islamic world, IT WILL REQUIRE Muslims to DEFEND the right AT ALL COSTS of those they despise, and have been ordered to limit, tax offensively, and kill, to practice openly, proselytize, build, convert and live in complete religious freedom.

Of course, as we all know, the highest expression of the american way of life is to tell authority to go to hell and leave you alone.



There is NOWHERE in the Islamic world where the most basic lowest level limit of the mob as I have described it can occur.

Americans have FAILED to explain the difference between majority sovereign rule without limits, and the American Way of Life.

The former can certainly be described as democracy, BUT IT IS NOT FREEDOM.

For a people to want freedom, they must be prepared to defend what they despise at all costs to protect what they love most. 

"A free people [claim] their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate." 

"[Our] principles [are] founded on the immovable basis of equal right and reason."

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This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch. The show broadcasts live every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time, for 30 minutes.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870.

Callers welcome!

Listen to the March 4, 2011 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

March 11: IQ al Rassooli
March 18: Midnight Rider
March 25: IQ al Rassooli

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13-year-old California girl flees family to avoid arranged marriage in Pakistan

The story was first reported here, but I think the UK Daily Mail (via Big Peace) has better coverage:
A 13-year-old schoolgirl who was missing for more than a week ran away because she was terrified by her mother and stepfather's alleged plot to send her to Pakistan for an arranged marriage, police claimed today.

Jessie Bender's parents are accused of keeping their plan secret from detectives after reporting that she had disappeared from their California home.

Their claim that Jessie was abducted by a Facebook predator was proved false after she was discovered hiding with a relative at a hotel about 30 miles from her home in Hesperia, California.

Speaking to MailOnline, Hesperia Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Roxanne Walker said Jessie's stepfather, Mohammad Khan - who is from Pakistan - and her American mother, Melissa, were planning an arranged marriage for the teen.

'There was something to that effect in the works and the daughter was scared.

'She was found with the uncle who was protecting her from the parents,' said Ms Walker.

Detective Gerald Davenport was carrying out interviews today to determine whether the parents will face prosecution.

One line of inquiry is whether there was any intention to involve Jessie in an arranged marriage in Pakistan while she was under age.

Police also slammed the Bender family for 'misleading' them over Jessie's disappearance, wasting time and resources.

Mrs Walker added: ‘Bender family members misled detectives and withheld critical information and as a result delayed the investigation and recovery of their daughter Jessie Bender.'

Jessie's family had reported her missing on February 22.

They told police they feared she had been abducted by a man she met on Facebook.
It later emerged her mother Melissa admitted to police that the family were set to go on a two-month trip to Pakistan on February 23.

[...] Jessie and her three siblings have been taken to child protective custody by county social services, and no arrests have been made.
Of the parents? Well I will say that they should both be, and definitely ostracized by the neighborhood they live in, for attempting to sell their daughter into slavery, and the mother has pegged herself as complicit in perversion and deviation from western values. As you'll see when you read the article in full, they raised a lot of ruckus for nothing through their conspiracy of silence unto the police, whom they didn't have the courage to admit their true intentions. They should both be jailed for attempted abuse of an underage girl.
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Controversial "Racy Reader" pro-masturbation fliers take over Skidmore College

These girls, whether they know it or not, have hit upon a brilliant way to piss off Jihadis while, ostensibly, supporting them.

Infidel Babes of the Week?

From Nerve:

New York's Skidmore College has been buzzing since 300 copies of a flyer called "The Racy Reader," encouraging masturbation as "a great way to relieve some of the stress that comes with classes, finals, and the never ending homework," were posted in bathrooms on campus. The Your-Body-Is-A-Wonderland Edition of "The Racy Reader" was the brainchild of Skidmore's Center for Sex and Gender Relations, an advocacy program with trained students on staff.

The fliers - advising students to "spend time thinking about what really gets you going, and spend your day thinking about situations that get you turned on" - were also posted in dorms, classroom buildings, and the library, setting off conflicting opinions. Some students were rubbed the wrong way by the onanistic encouragement, while others were like, whatever. Junior Warren Bianchi said, "I think it's generally harmless, especially if it's in the bathroom," while fellow Junior Evan Gorman stated, "I think it's better to have a discussion to make topics like that less taboo and bring them out into the open." Senior Brian Connor had a "why bother?" reaction to the how-to guides: "To put out a flier on masturbation is pretty redundant," he said.
Skidmore is a pretty progressive liberal arts college, so it's not like it's a shocking turn of events, but it does have some creepy undertones in its suggestion of mood-setting, advising self-gratifiers to light massage candles, play some music, buy some lingerie, everything short of strewing rose petals at your feet. A college spokesperson indicated that the fliers were intended to target singles around Valentine's Day, and would be taken down soon. In the meantime, you can check them out here.
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Keith Jarrett
Don't Worry 'Bout Me

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Among the stupidest politicians ever to draw breath

John Kerry:

Sen. Kerry: We Need To Be Careful Not To Americanize The Movement In Middle East

Yes, of course because we wouldn’t want to to contaminate what will surely result in a more populist, but FAR more Islamist outcome across the Levant, northern Africa, and western Asia, with :

The Govt shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I would hate to see any American influence change conversion to Christianity or any other religion meaning DEATH, into JEFFERSON, thus ruining the authenticity of the revolts

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Just had to put it here again...

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Amnesty Intl. goes easy on Iran

IsraeliGirl writes about how the disgraceful and pretentious Amnesty International is lenient on Iran.

It's no surprise for anyone who's done long time research on their double-standards. They've let Hamas off the hook, so why should it seem strange when they do the same with Iran?
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Meet Andy Khouri, a showbiz writing variant on Edward Said

People with long memories may recall the case of the late Edward Said, a Columbia University professor and contributor to The Nation, not to mention an anti-Israelist, whom Prof. Justus Weiner discovered a decade ago had faked his autobiographies. Said was an Arab of Christian faith, and sadly, left-wing faith, who took the side of the Islamic entity that wants to destroy Israel and refused to recognize the Jewish inheritance of the Land of Israel.

I thought about this while looking at the works of a writer for the AOL-owned Comics Alliance named Andy Khouri, who wrote an obnoxious, unhinged rant a few months ago where he seethed with rage he probably won't admit that people like me and Warner Todd Huston would ever dare criticize his favorite other religion (which he rather predictably confuses with race) when DC Comics and British writer David Hine did their propaganda stunt in Batman, and this week has written another entry for them where he talks about a podcast they have of an interview one of their writers did with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. His current blather is actually amusing in a sense, since it's fairly erratic as his seething apparently got the better of him. For example, he says:
Already compromised from more than a decade's worth of desperately fraudulent and cynical political cycles, unspeakably violent, wholly invented wars and ceaseless psychic attacks in the form a duplicitous media fueled by ruinous prophets masked as journalists and a relentless celebration of the depravity and wastefulness of the nouveau riche, the structural integrity of western culture had no chance of withstanding a new reality in which these two things are irrevocably true: there are people who are genuinely furious that there is a fictional Muslim person running around a fictional version of Paris wearing the grim mantle of the greatest fictional superhero, and there is a real-life person who makes a living as a "professional Batmanologist."
There are some interesting things to ponder in this part, which was surely written while steaming like a train smokestack with hatred. For example, I assume he's alluding to the war in Iraq as invented. And then, he makes it sound like 2 things at once: on the one hand, he's complaining that conservatives are up in arms about a fictional character. While the character is fictional, and even I realize that really, it's the writer who's to blame for anything wrong, he fails to consider that what we're bothered about is how he's characterized as a follower of a religion that contains verses like Sura 2:223, but which he'll probably deny. If Nightrunner were characterized as a Christian or an apostate, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Khouri even acts as though, because this is allegedly a fictional version of Paris, we're wasting our time too. How naive. It's not that simple. Whitewashing a violent religion and then appointing it the "savior" of a people it's sought to persecute is not an especially nice thing to do.

At the same time, I can't help but wonder if he's suggesting we should be worried about real Islamofascists, suggesting he really is attempting moral equivalence and contradicting his pro-Islam bias. Alas, maybe not.

At the end of the article, he even says:
Right now someone is being paid to warn us of the dangers of a fictional Muslim dressed up like a Bat. [...] ComicsAlliance is the most popular comic book website in the United States.
No kidding. I'm sure not getting paid for this, and don't want to. I'm doing this all for free, because I care about the cohesion a once great art form has lost as today's contributors succumb to political correctness, and dhimmitude. And if Comics Alliance doesn't have any visible stats on their site, I'm not sure they can lay claim to being the numero uno comics site so easily either.

I found Mr. Khouri's own website and discovered another very telling item, giving a clue what he's like: he describes a conversation with his father supposedly about a casino, and this comes up between them:
I negotiated the sea of sad bastard gamblers and old Asian waitresses with their trays-on-wheels and found my father at one of the Texas Hold ‘Em tables. Right away, he announced to his opponents that i was his son, and they quite rightly didn’t give a shit. “You know,” Dad began in his whispered I’m-About-To-Say-Something-Fucked-Up voice. “This casino is owned by a Jewish doctor—”

“Oh, God…” I moaned.

“This Jewish doctor takes all his profits and sends them to organizations in Israel that buy up Palestinian land in Jerusalem!”

“Oh, shit, really? That is pretty fucked up, I guess…”

“Pretty fucked up, huh? You’re damn right it’s fucked up!”
Wow, now that is really startling, to say nothing of foul-mouthed! Is he saying that Jews swindle money? Oh dear. I think he's alluding to Irving Moskowitz, an American Jewish businessman who owns and is developing property in eastern Jerusalem. If this tells anything, he clearly denies the Jewish right to Jerusalem, and I won't be surprised if he harbors the same ill sentiments towards Rami Levy, who thankfully secured the deal on Nof Zion.

But there's another something here that really amazes me: as Bob Spencer notes here, "khouri" is Arabic for "priest", and as I realized, Mr. Khouri, who may have lived in the UAE, is surely of a Christian background, very much like Edward Said was.

When I realized this, I almost felt sorry for him, for being a dhimmi type who would ally himself with the very religion that long-term would wish to force him to bend to their will. But not sorry enough, as he displays only so much hostility towards conservatives to boot. But it does raise a facinating mystery that's long puzzled me: why would someone as hateful of Israel as Mr. Khouri may be ever want to have anything to do with the products of the Jewish community by its members in the United States? Specifically, the comic books he reads, and that can even include Batman, whose co-creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger are Jewish too? Why would he ever want to read the works of Julius Schwartz, Stan Lee, Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, the former who can be seen with his family in the picture above, Jack Kirby and Marv Wolfman, among plenty of others? Kirby for one, while far from being a conservative, was never hostile to Israel, nor is Wolfman, and if not, why Mr. Khouri would ever want to read their contributions to a once fine industry is beyond me. Isn't that otherwise legitimizing a society he may despise? Why indeed would he want to honor our creations by buying, reading and promoting them if he's biased against us?

I've also noticed that Mr. Khouri writes about video games at times, and wonder, if he plays games from Taito Corp, why would he want to play games from a company whose founder, Michael Kogan, was a Russian Jew, and which designed the classic Operation Thunderbolt? Like I said, isn't that legitimizing those he despises? And if Citroen, whose own founder was Jewish too, ever decides to sell their cars and trucks in the USA again, will he buy their foxy automobiles? Oh wait, if his stance on the Bat-muslim issue is any indication, he's probably so biased against the French, he wouldn't even buy from Renault, whose own founder by contrast was a traitor during WW2.

And when he signals his hate for conservatives and opponents of Islamofascism as badly as he does in the article for Comics Alliance, one can only wonder: do his negative sentiments extend towards 9-11 Families for a Safe & Strong America and the brave Debra Burlingame? Do they extend towards the Armenians who wish of Congress to recognize the genocide Turkey's Ottoman empire committed during WW1, or even the Copts persecuted by Islam in Egypt? Do they extend towards gays and lesbians who were attacked by Muslims? And, does he deny Malik Nidal Hasan's own actions stemmed from devout worship of the RoP?

Why someone with leftist opinions as venomous as Mr. Khouri's got would ever remain one of comicdom's most stalwartly reliable customers is beyond me, but like I said, it's one of life's biggest mysteries.

Mr. Khouri's done people like me and Warner Todd Huston as much an honor by calling us "right-wing racists" as the Daily KOS has for Pamela Geller by calling her the same, while simultaneously suggesting he cannot distinguish between religion and race. Imagine that, and after all I wrote in past years where I tried to help slaves in Africa, including Egypt, by writing about their horrifying situation...and people like Mr. Khouri simply cannot appreciate it. A real shame. But that's the sad world of leftism, where they spend much of the time with their heads in the sand.

And if that's how he's going to act, maybe that's why someday, I should buy a house in Nof Zion.

On a side note, I'd like to say that, while Comics Alliance does have a few writers who're okay and decent, for the most part, they're just not worth it, and are little different from Comic Book Resources, which is just as knee-jerk in their support for industry establishment, not to mention boilerplate leftist. So I really don't see much need to bother about them for the most part.
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Minister Farrakhan Thinks Rihanna Is Filthy, Rihanna Responds

From BET:
The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gave a very dishonorable review of Rihanna. 

In a four-hour speech that saw the Nation of Islam leader defend both Scientology and Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, he roasted the singer for being “filthy.” 

He also had things to say about her fans and members of the gay community.

Via the Chicago Sun-Times :  

He also criticized the sexually charged performances of pop star Rihanna, saying they were “filthy” and that people who enjoyed such antics were “swine,” a description he also applied to homosexuals and lesbians. He also criticized immigrant Muslims in the Chicago area for moving to white suburbs and being patronizing toward Black Muslims. 

No worries, Rihanna responded by way of Twitter.

Now some people feel as though Rihanna’s out of line for responding to her elder in that manner. However, Rihanna is being far more respectful to Farrakhan in her retort than he was in his criticism. 

First they came for Rihaana...." 

Read the full story here.
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New Bob Lee Swagger Novel, Dead Zero Declares, "The way of Islam is the only way, the predestined way..."

From American Digest:

An excerpt from Stephen Hunter's new novel,Dead Zero: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel 


I am no Lee Harvey Oswald, surly and bitter and luxuriating in his own self-imposed bitterness. I am no John Wilkes Booth, full of grandiloquence, theatrical self-dramatization, narcissism, and insanity. I am no Leon Czolgosz, an idiot.

I’m just a man who sees the future, understands what it must be, and humbly aspires to facilitate it as mercifully and swiftly as possible. I did what I did because the West is no longer worth defending. It has been destroyed by the people it was built to protect: its women.

The West lasted from AD 732, when Charles Martel defeated the Muslims at Tours, until 1960, where it fell without a battle. In 1960, the birth control pill became widely available. Many think of it as heaven, sexual nirvana, the route to self-expression, wish fulfillment, and liberation for millions of women. I think of it as Auschwitz in a bottle. It was and is genocide, as, using it, the women of my generation happily traded off 1,200 years of unparalleled growth, wealth, security, stability, scientific and ethical progress for a second BMW in the garage. The West ceased producing at a sustainable rate, while Islam continued to populate the world. You may look elsewhere for the demographics. This fact cannot be avoided: we Westerners currently may be analogized to upper-class Brits on the deck of the Titanic, April 12, 1912. My, my, why is the great ship tilting a bit? Why, dear, it’s probably some minor malfunction that the handsome young men will soon fix. Meanwhile, may I have another aperitif, steward?

But not only did the pill doom the West from without by limiting population, it destroyed the culture from within by destroying the gyroscope of civilization-that is, the balance between the sexes. The sexes had existed for that glorious 1,200-year span in a kind of brilliant equipoise: men provided and protected, women nourished and nurtured. It was a sublimely efficient system, if harsh. The result was generation after generation of bold, intelligent, hardy risk takers, driven by their fathers’ sense of duty but made compassionate by their mothers’ mercy. They were afraid of nothing, committed to a larger thing than themselves, all united in their confident sense of destiny. The men did what they had to do, the women did what they had to do. Together, they built a thing called civilization. In all realms, from the scientific to the industrial to the aesthetic to the military to the intellectual and the medical, Western thought and culture prevailed. It was extraordinary and it seems even now absurd that we threw it away in a single generation.

After 1960, the dominos fell quickly. Once the size of a family could be controlled, it shrank; women returned to the workplace. Soon-believe me, I am not arguing that they are “dumb” or in any way “inferior”-they were making equal or even more than the males, so male authority was challenged and, metaphorically, that leveraged and ultimately destroyed the whole concept of authority. Simultaneously, with small family size, more was invested in each of 2.4 children, so that the death of one meant a shattering emotional wastage. Soldiers could no longer die in the thousands, much less the hundreds. Without defenders, we are doomed.
Thus the only question that remains for a serious man: with the West gone, what system of governance best serves the most people of the world?

If the West can no longer be defended, the East can no longer be denied. The answer to the question, “What is next?” has to be Islamic theocracy. It alone has the harshness of temperament to control the feminism that doomed the West. At its purest, Islam is simply masculinity emboldened, masculinity without moderation, hesitancy, compassion, and introspection. That force alone can save us.

You say: Islam is submission, it is barbaric in its jihad against infidels. True enough.

But once Islam has achieved hegemony and exists without challenge, all that will change. That is what truly lies ahead: Islamic hegemony over the earth, based on masculinity-self-discipline, faith, obedience, and duty. That is the system of governance that will best serve the most people and make the most people the happiest. The intellectuals and ironists will never be satisfied; wisely, Islam will execute them. They do harm far disproportionate to their numbers in any society and must be eliminated without mercy. That is the system that will finally yield the dream of paradise of economic and spiritual equality where the state has withered away and each gives from his ability and receives to his need.

The way of Islam is the only way, the predestined way, and I engineered my event to convince the West of the futility of resistance, its need to immediately abandon its adventuring in Muslim territories and to begin to study for the arrival of the Universal Caliphate.

Allah Akbar, God is great.
You can find the book on Amazon here.
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