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Saturday, October 02, 2010

From the Moderate Muslim Nation Of Indonesia

"Homosexuality is an abuse of Human Rights", top Muslim body says

Indonesia's top Islamic body said Friday homosexuality is an abuse of human rights and demanded the government ban an ongoing gay and lesbian film festival. (yes, you have read correctly...).
It also condemned foreign cultural centres for showing the films at private screenings, three days after angry Muslims held protests outside the venues.
"We reject the screening of the films which contain gay and homosexual lives as they are against Islamic and Indonesian cultural values," Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI) chairman Ma'ruf Amin said.
"The foreign representatives including the German and French cultural centres must show their respect for our sovereignty. They should not bring their culture which goes against our local values," he said.
Members of the hardline Islamic Defenders Front — some wearing masks, white robes and turbans — chanted anti-gay slogans and said the movies were blasphemous. 
So the Ulema Council is as "hardline" (in this matter at least) as the Islamic Defender Front 
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Brooklyn Tea Party Fights the Voorhies Mosque

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Mahatma Gandhi Was a Fool, Not A Hero



He urged the British to surrender, and suggested that the Czechs and even the Jews would have been better off committing heroic mass suicide.
Even as late as June 1946, when the extent of the Holocaust had emerged, Gandhi told biographer Louis Fisher: “The Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs.”
Gandhi’s funny sex ideas
When Gandhi was 16, he was having sex with his wife at the very moment his father died. The trauma seems to have led him to develop some odd ideas about sex. He thought married couples should only have sex three or four times … in total. In fact, Gandhi credited his spiritual powers to his ability to avoid ejaculation, and one morning he flipped out on discovering that he’d had a nocturnal emission.
Gandhi also had an unusual way of testing his celibacy. As an old man, he would ask the local hotties to spend the night lying naked beside him. His wife was no longer temptation enough, apparently, and he described her as looking like a “meek cow.”

(Pastorius note: It's funny that he would disparagingly refer to his wife this way, considering he wanted all of us to live like meek cows. I fucking hate Gandhi. I would kill him if he were alive today.)
Gandhi, family man
Gandhi’s opposition to modern technology, including modern medicine, took odds turns. He didn’t want his wife to take life-saving penicillin, because it would be administered with a hypodermic needle. He did, however, allow himself to be treated with quinine and even to be operated on for appendicitis.
He refused to allow his sons to get a formal education, and also tried to force his oddball sexual ideas on them. He so disapproved of the wife of his eldest son that the Mahatma disowned him. This son broke from the family and became an alcoholic. In rebellion against everything his father stood for, Harilal Gandhi even announced at one point that he had converted to Islam.
The Mahatma also had trouble with his second son, Manilal, who had an affair with a married woman. Dad made the matter a public scandal and pushed the woman involved to shave her head. Manilal was also briefly exiled from the family for lending money to fellow black sheep Harilal.
Gandhi and the bathroom
In the movie, Gandhi is seen fighting with his wife over her refusal to clean the latrine in the ashram.
This just scratches the surface of the one of the strangest elements of the Mahatma’s makeup … a fixation on bodily excretions that he pushed whenever he could on his family and disciples.
Gandhi seemed to be almost as interested in Indian sanitation as he was in Indian freedom. At his ashram, he designed latrines and ran latrine drills. “The bathroom is a temple,” he once said. “It should be so clean and inviting that anyone would enjoy eating there.”
Gandhi also took a great deal of interest in the bowel movements of his friends, and life at the ashram was marked by daily enemas. He also experimented with diet, to see what effect different types of food had on excretions.
Weirdest of all, it seems he also made a habit of drinking his own urine.
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US to issue terror alert to travelers to Europe

(AP) The Obama administration is considering telling U.S. citizens to be vigilant as they travel in Europe, updated guidance prompted by fresh al-Qaida threats, American and European officials told The Associated Press on Saturday.

Such a move could have negative implications for European tourism if travelers fear there's a possibility of terror attacks.

The State Department may issue a travel alert as early as Sunday advising Americans to stay vigilant as they travel through Europe because of fresh threat information, U.S. officials told the AP.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley declined to comment on the matter. But he said the administration remains focused on al-Qaida threats to U.S. interests and will take appropriate steps to protect Americans.

A European official briefed on the talks said the language in the U.S. alert is expected to be vague. It won't address a specific country or specific landmarks, the official said.

Click on the title to get the whole story.
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One Nation Rally:'I'm sick and tired of these people who want to make a profit"

ayn rand stamp.jpgJust came over TV

What more can be said?

Profit is the problem.

Profit causes unhappiness

Profit is responsible for the national difficulties.

Profit caused GM to fail, and Chrysler

Profit caused the AIG and Bear Stearns and Lehman catastrophes

Profit makes it impossible to get health care

Profit causes unemployment

Profit is evil

This nation is sick.
Profit heals.
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From Atlas Shrugs:
More observations on the diabolically audacious design of the Ground Zero mega mosque revealed this week. I thought this was a very good observation on the dreaded Ground Zero mega mosque; it Raufgazm2was left in the Atlascomment section by TieDye:

Regarding the visual design of the facade of the mosque: Yes, there are many Stars of David, and as well, there are pentagons. They are stylized, but definitely there: the "clusters" of very thick framework within the design are all groupings of pentagon shapes.
Also, the "dip" in the roofline has the eye seeing two buildings, and the varying light and darker areas do give the impression of smoke - all this besides the sloped rows of Stars of David.

And hasn't anyone else wondered why these islamists chose this particular view for their news release?  Not just looking at the building - the eye is looking UP at an angle at the perceived height - just as were the most familiar photos of the towers of the World Trade Center.

Finally - considering what this building is, and where it is to be - there is not even the smallest possibility of the visual impression being coincidental.  And no such "mistakes" would just "happen" to occur.  This is so obviously a deliberate islamic victory design that I would venture the further possibility that if each and every one of those tiny-to-large openings, and/or design "lines" were counted, the total would reflect the total number of those slaughtered on 9/11/01.
In Islam, symbolism is all-important. Yes, the presence of the big sky ...... allah FUBAR :)

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Lash ramadan
Photo: Foodstall owner Murni binti Amris wincing as she is whipped by Shariah πolice after Friday prayers in Jantho, Aceh Besar. (EPA Photo)
While the clowns in the West continue to make silly, dishonest excuses for the most radical, intolerant ideology on the planet, the shariah advances. Anecdotes are irrelevant - it's the ideology, stupid. This is what happens as Islam advances.

Click on the title to read the whole thing at Atlas Shrugs.
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9/11 conspiracy theories rife in Muslim world

From Associated Press:

ISTANBUL – About a week ago, Iranian President MahmoudAhmadinejad declared to the United Nations that most people in the world believe the United States was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
To many people in the West, the statement was ludicrous, almost laughable if it weren't so incendiary. And surveys show that a majority of the world does not in fact believe that the U.S. orchestrated the attacks.
However, the belief persists strongly among a minority, even with U.S. allies like Turkey or in the U.S. itself. And it cannot be dismissed because it reflects a gulf in politics and perception, especially between the West and many Muslims.
"That theory might be true," said Ugur Tezer, a 48-year-old businessman who sells floor tiles in the Turkish capital, Ankara. "When I first heard about the attack I thought, 'Osama,' but then I thought the U.S. might have done it to suppress the rise of Muslims."
Compassion for the United States swept the globe right after the attacks, but conspiracy theories were circulating even then. It wasn't al-Qaida, they said, but the United States or Israel that downed the towers. Weeks after the strikes, at the United Nations, President George W. Bush urged the world not to tolerate "outrageous conspiracy theories" that deflected blame from the culprits.
However, the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan provided fodder for the damning claim that the U.S. killed its own citizens, supposedly to justify military action in the Middle East and to protect Israel. A 2006 survey by the Pew Global Attitudes Project found that significant majorities in Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan and Turkey — all among the most moderate nations in the Islamic world — said they did not believe Arabs carried out the attacks.
Two years later, a poll of 17 nations by WorldPublicOpinion.org, an international research project, found majorities in nine of them believed al-Qaida was behind the attacks. However, the U.S. government was blamed by 36 percent of Turks and 27 percent of Palestinians.
Such beliefs have currency even in the United States. In 2006, a Scripps Howard poll of 1,010 Americans found 36 percent thought it somewhat or very likely that U.S. officials either participated in the attacks or took no action to stop them.
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Norwegian Publisher Cancels Biography of Muhammed

by Rita Karlsen
The book had already been listed in last year's catalog. Why was it pulled?
READ bullet
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Marketwatch: US on brink of 2nd Revolution

Audi automobile with the license plate "A...

Image via Wikipedia


Paul B. Farrell

Sept. 28, 2010, 12:01 a.m. EDT

America on the brink of a Second Revolution

Commentary: 2010 elections guarantee gridlock, anti-capitalist class war

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. (MarketWatch) -- "What's distinctive about the Tea Party is its anarchist streak -- its antagonism toward any authority, its belligerent self-expression, and its lack of any coherent program or alternative to the policies it condemns," warns Jacob Weisberg in Newsweek. But why not three cheers for the Tea Party Express?

Admit it, something historic is brewing. And yes, it's good for America, even the anarchy. Revolution is renewal. Tea-baggers want to take on both parties, "restore honor" and "take back the country." Bring it on, the feeling's mutual.OK, maybe most Americans just silently mimic the words, "we're mad as hell, won't take it any more." But watch out: After November the campaign's shrill rhetoric explodes into action.

Tea-baggers are kicking the revolution into high gear. Debt is sinking America. Both parties are to blame. So vote out incumbents. Spare no one. We need new leadership, another Reagan or Truman. Congress better get the message: Cut that budget, or they'll dump the rest of you in the coming Great Purge of 2012.

Unfortunately they're tone deaf. Congress cannot see past the election. All that changes in November.

So thanks Tea Party, Vegas odds must favor a Second American Revolution. Actually, the revolution is already roaring, hot, it's about time. The GOP and the Dems had more than a decade. But America's worse off. We need a real revolution to restore sanity ... or we can kiss democracy and capitalism good-bye, permanently.

Warning: Another revolution will cost investors 20% more losses

Yes, big warning, the Second American Revolution will extract painful austerity, not the "happy days are here again" future touted by tea-baggers. For years it'll be impossible for most of America's 95 million investors to develop a successful investment or logical retirement strategy.

Why? Political chaos will translate into extreme volatility and a highly unpredictable stock market. Result: Wall Street will lose another 20% of the value of your retirement portfolio in the next decade, just as Wall Street did the last decade. So if you think you're "mad as hell" now, "you ain't seen nuthin' yet!"

Here's the timeline:

Stage 1: The Dems just put the nail in their coffin by confirming they are wimps, refusing to force the GOP to filibuster the Bush tax cuts for America's richest.

Stage 2: The GOP takes over the House, expanding its war to destroy Obama with its new policy of "complete gridlock," even "shutting down government."

Stage 3: Obama goes lame-duck.

Stage 4: The GOP wins back the White House and Senate in 2012. Health care returns to insurers. Free market financial deregulation returns.

Stage 5: Under the new president, Wall Street's insatiable greed triggers the catastrophic third meltdown of the 21st century Shiller predicted, with defaults on dollar-denominated debt.

Stage 6: The Second American Revolution explodes into a brutal full-scale class war rebelling against the out-of-touch, out-of-control greedy conspiracy-of-the-rich now running America.

Stage 7: Domestic class warfare is compounded by Pentagon's prediction that by 2020 "an ancient pattern of desperate, all-out wars over food, water, and energy supplies would emerge" worldwide and "warfare is defining human life."

What's behind our 2010-2020 countdown? It became obvious after reading the brilliant but bleak "Decadence of Election 2010" report by Prof. Peter Morici, former chief economist at the International Trade Commission. He sees no hope from America's political parties, just a dark scenario ahead.

Here are the 10 points we see in his message:

1. Expect nothing positive from Dems, the GOP or Tea Party

Yes, we're all "justifiably ticked off." But "Democrats, Republicans, and yes the Tea Party offer little that is encouraging." Earlier Morici warned: "Democratic capitalism is in eclipse. ... Politicians have deceived voters," and are "suffering from delusions of grandeur, self deception and good old-fashioned abuse."

2. Democracy has become too-big-to-govern ... by anyone

"The current economic quagmire is a bipartisan creation." Bush failures led to a "Great Recession ... reckless Wall Street pay and fraud, a breakdown in sound lending standards by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac ... Countrywide, and a huge trade deficit with China and on oil" leaving "Beijing and Middle East royals with trillions of U.S. dollars that they invested foolishly" in bonds "financing the housing and commercial real estate bubbles."

3. Clinton, Bush, Obama policies all feeding revolutionary flames

Even before Bush, "all was set in motion by bank deregulation engineered by Clinton ... Secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers ... Clinton's deal to admit China into the World Trade Organization" handed "China free access to U.S. markets" while blocking exports. Earlier Dems blocked "domestic oil and gas development" and froze "auto mileage standards." Obama "finally imposed higher mileage requirements," but after pushing offshore drilling, he "punished the entire petroleum industry" for the BP disaster.

4. Bush's biggest mistake: Goldman CEO Hank Paulson

Morici admits: If Bush is "culpable for anything, it was to not see the gathering storm on Wall Street." Worse, his Treasury picks were disasters: [John] Snow was clueless, Paulson devious. He conned a clueless Congress into bailout trillions, "believing banks could borrow at 3% and lend at 5 and pay MBAs three years out of school five-million-dollar bonuses to create mortgage backed securities." Greed drove the Bush Treasury.

5. All partisan political leaders are destined to sabotage America

One thing is clear to Morici: Not only were America's leaders a "bunch of second-rate incompetents" on both the Clinton and Bush teams, "Obama's ratcheting up government spending and taxes won't fix what's broke, and neither will the GOP prescription of tax cuts and deregulation." Get it? Democracy is in a classic double-bind, no-win scenario.

6. America's democratic capitalism trapped in systemic failure

Morici simply dismisses "Obama's two signature initiatives -- health-care reform and financial services reregulation." They "simply don't work." Why? Politicians "failed to address the root problem, Americans pay 50% more for doctors, hospitals and drugs, than subscribers to national health plans in Germany, France and other decadent socialist European countries." Yet, insurers hate reform, will self-destruct America first.

7. Wall Street's insatiable greed is a virus that never sleeps

Wall Street banks are "back to their old tricks," warns Morici, "hustling municipal governments into the kind of quick-fix budget schemes, like selling parking meters and airport fees." Why? Wall Street's "hustling shoddy corporate bonds that lack adequate collateral and may never be repaid" to justify their absurd mega-bonuses. And they'll keep doing it till the revolution creates a new non-capitalist banking system.

8. New political leaders offer no hope -- Wall Street rules America

GOP's next leaders will fail: "Cutting taxes and mindless deregulation are not the answer." We need the revenue. They have no real plan to trim "$1 trillion from federal spending ... few believe deregulation will fix health care or Wall Street." The GOP has no "effective government solutions to health care, Wall Street, fixing trade with China, and dependence on foreign oil." And the Tea Party "only offers a purer form of failed Republicanism. Tax and spend less, and turn the country over to the robber barons."

9. Praying for a messiah, we're sleepwalking till the revolution

Morici's solution: America "needs a prophet, another Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan." But we'll never get one, until a catastrophe hits. Wall Street's so greedy, so corrupt, so untouchable, so much in control, they will bankroll and control all future "prophets."

10. The Second American Revolution coming

Yes, extreme austerity: "Americans must accept fewer government-paid benefits -- for the rich, the poor and those in between -- and must acknowledge the market works best most of the time, but it is not working in health care, banking, China, and oil." Huh? Sounds like classic economist's double-speak: "The market works most of the time" ... except the market doesn't work at all in the four biggest economic sectors? Fuzzy thinking?

Morici warns, we need "new approaches to regulating, yes regulating, what the medical industry charges, bankers pay themselves, what Americans tolerate and buy" and "guiding big oil and car companies to sustainable solutions."

Holy cow, he suddenly sounds more like a liberal politician than conservative economist. Yes, he's reflecting the total chaos coming on the short road to the Second American Revolution.

In the end, however, you have to admit the good professor does make a lot of sense: "Sounds radical but running the world has never been a choice between statism and anarchy," says Morici.

Choice? Unfortunately, he offers a false choice: Running America effectively means accepting "that the private sector is not the enemy and government is not evil, but neither can serve the other, and us, if value is not seen in each."

Laudable, but impossible because once the GOP Tea Party of No-No is back in power, compromising is not on their agenda, "gridlock" is. So anarchy is the only choice -- they will never, never work with Democrats ... until forced by the Second America Revolution when the middle class finally rises up and overthrows the greedy wealth conspiracy of Wall Street, Washington, CEOs and the Forbes 400.

Till then, anarchy rules as the conspiracy keeps looting Treasury, stealing from taxpayers, conning us all.

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Bolton 2012? Plays Coy, Biden feels clots forming, bulging

John R. Bolton

Image via Wikipedia

Am Spectator, today:

John Bolton for President?

UN Ambassador John Bolton is "very seriously" considering running for president in 2012, Townhall's Guy Benson reports.

In an interview, Bolton told Benson that he's even taken the step of "consulting with high-level campaign operatives to discuss feasibility and logistics."

Bolton has had a lot of fans among conservatives ever since his bitter confirmation battle during the Bush administration. Though he's unlikely to have a broad enough appeal to capture the nomination, he could still have an impact on the race. He's consistently been one of the most articulate voices for a muscular U.S. foreign policy, and a leading critic of the current administration when it comes to international affairs, dubbing Obama our first "post-American president."

Should he enter the GOP race, he could help generate more discussion about foreign policy so that it doesn't get ignored at a time of economic challenges.

Follow here a very interesting chain of links....

Finally from a progessive commenter a name that should STICK for Bolton...
"Captain Kangaragnarok"

If only he'd do it, just think of what this would do to the debate, the positions he would compel the democrats to defend, even if he is so despised PRECISELY because he compels such ends. Just look at the article titles below !!

Check out the Atlantic Wire

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DOJ Drops Charges Against Indicted Islamic Terrorist

In a stunning reversal, the Obama Justice Department has asked a judge to drop charges against a suspected Middle Eastern terrorist considered so dangerous by the government that prosecutors fought to deny him bail after his indictment last year.

Suddenly, this week, the feds want the case dismissed against the Afghan-born man (Ahmadullah Sais Niazi) who authorities say planned to blow up buildings and refers to Osama fin Laden as “an angel.” 

Niazi, who lives in southern California, is also the brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden’s body guard.Charges against Niazi include perjury, naturalization fraud, misuse of a passport obtained by fraud and making a false statement to a federal agency. He faces a maximum sentence of 35 years in federal prison and a $1.25-million fine.

His trial, which has been postponed several times, is scheduled for November if the judge doesn’t grant the government’s request.

Prosecutors have refused to further explain the mysterious about face, but the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a national organization that serves as the U.S. front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, has taken much of the credit. In a statement praising the government’s motion, CAIR points out that its request to investigate the “FBI’s coercive and unlawful tactics” in Niazi’s case ultimately led the Justice Department to drop all charges.

Read the full story here.

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ABC Whitewashes Islam

ABC’s 20/20 show on Islam was a complete whitewash. Diane Sawyer pretended to show both sides by allowing critics to raise questions about Islam’s defects only to have Muslims reply “oh, no, that’s not true.” There was no examination of the texts or references to experts on Islam, either pro or con. I won't bore you with the usual apologetics consisting of comparisons with Deutoronomy, downplaying Mohammad's behavior in Medina, denying abrogation, lying about taqiyya, etc.

Early in the show Sawyer made it clear how ignorant Muslims are of their religion (most shown not even knowing the Five Pillars) therefore Islam is only what lax and ignorant Muslims claim it is. Here, we have always distinguished between Muslims-in-name-only and Islam, the religious philosophy. Those who are lax don't define the philosophy. We've gone over this time and time again.

Sawyer's banality consisted of cliches like Muslims are nice because they have children and they go to work like you and me. Several Muslims regurgitated the Bush line about Islam being hijacked and “it’s only a few.” For the last 9 years Muslims have been allowed to lie about supporting jihadi attacks on civilians. A good interviewer can usually expose this lie by asking if they support the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas or Hezbollah. This allows an honest “moderate” to distinguish themselves from the “radicals” or not. Phony moderates are exposed by their support for these groups.

The general message was: forget the Koran, Hadith, and Sira you bigoted Islamophobe; ignorant and lax Muslims define Islam.

More comments by Geller.
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Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Ass

Sanchez joins Helen Thomas.

Is This All There Is To Be?


CNN's Sanchez Fired after Calling Stewart a Bigot
Friday, 01 Oct 2010

NEW YORK (AP) — CNN says that anchor Rick Sanchez has been fired, a day after he called Jon Stewart a bigot while on a radio show.

Sanchez said on a satellite radio program Thursday that Stewart is bigoted toward "everybody else that's not like him." The Comedy Central "Daily Show" host has frequently poked fun at Sanchez on the air.

Also in the interview, Sanchez had mocked a suggestion that Jews are a minority. Stewart is Jewish.

The statement from CNN says Sanchez "is no longer with the company." In it, the network also thanks Sanchez "for his years of service" and wishes him well.


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Niqabitches: When French Moonbats Play Muslim

(Telegraph UK) — Two French female students have made a film of the pair of them strolling through the streets of Paris in a niqab, bare legs and mini-shorts as a critique of France’s recently passed law.

Calling themselves the “Niqabitches,” the veiled ladies can be seen strutting past prime ministerial offices and various government ministries with a black veil leaving only their eyes visible, but with their long legs naked bar black high heels.

Bemused passers-by can be seen gawping at the pair or asking to take photographs in the clip.
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Posted on October 1st, 2010 




Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

A study from Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill maintains that the terrorist threat posed by radical Islam has been greatly exaggerated.
The study has captured front page headlines in Arab News and newspapers throughout the Muslim world.
Charles Kurzman, one of the co-authors of the study, maintains that fewer than three dozen murders have been committed by American Muslims on American soil.
What Kurzman fails to take into acount are the number of murders committed by non-American Muslims on American soil and the homicides perpetuated by members of the Nation of Islam.
The actual figures show that Islamophobia is a justifiable stance since Muslims have been responsible for the murders of 5,000 Americans in the past fifty years.
This number includes the nearly 3,000 Americans killed on 9/11 and the hundreds of victims of the so-called Zebra killings that took place in the 1970s.
Kurzman and his crew also neglect to point out that the number of Muslims in America, according to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, is almost statistically insignificant. Of roughly 4.6 million Muslims in the Americas, more than half live in the United States and make up less than 0.8 percent of the population.
Yet Muslims have wrecked more death and destruction on American soil than the combined toll of all political, social, and religious hate groups, including the Ku Klux Khan.
The following is a very short list of incidents of Islamic violence that have taken place within America since 9/11



Posted on September 30th, 2010 





Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

The mere act of criticizing Islam has become an act of politically incorrect hate speech, a media analyst and free-speech advocate told Fox News this week, citing several incidents in recent weeks where people have been lambasted publicly for their remarks against Muslims.
“We’re living in a ‘here and now’ where no one’s allowed to say anything bad about Islam, it seems,” said Dan Gainor, vice president of business and culture at the Media Research Center.
The most recent transgressor is Marty Peretz, the editor-in-chief of The New Republic and a former Harvard professor, who wrote on September 4: “Muslim life is cheap, most notably to Muslims,” and questioned whether Muslims deserved protection from the First Amendment.
Peretz was forced to apologize for the statement nine days later, saying he deeply regretted the statements and that he was genuinely embarrassed. But the apology did not stop Harvard students, faculty and alumni from writing an open letter to Harvard President Drew Faust in which they protested Peretz’s appearance, scheduled for Saturday, at a Harvard anniversary ceremony.
Is Islamophobia a mental disorder caused by irrational fears?
Do Americans really have anything to fear from Muslims?
Is Islam really a religion of peace?
Put aside the Fort Hood shootings, the Trolly Square Mall massacre, the killings by the Beltway Snipers, and the events of 9/11, it’s time to remember the hundreds of inncoent Americans who were slaughtered by Muslims during a rampage known as “the Zebra murders.”
The killings began on October 19, 1973 when members of elite group within the Nation of Islam (NOI) known as the Death Angels kidnapped Richard and Quinta Hagueas they were taking a stroll near their home on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. The Muslims forced the couple into a white van and began to sexually molest the 28 year-old Quinta. When Richard protested, a member of the squad smashed his jaw with a wrench. Following the molestation, the Muslims proceeded to decapitate her with machetes. The cuts severed her cervical spine and ripped through her carotid arteries, jugular veins, epiglottis, and hypo pharynx. “That girl’s wounds screamed out hate,” SFPD detective Earl Sanders later recalled. “Whoever cut her didn’t just cut through flesh, they cut through bone. They cut deep.”[1] The killers next turned their attention to Richard, smashing his skull with the wrench and hacking away at his face and neck with their machetes.[2]
Ten days later, Frances Rose, a 28 year-old physical therapist, was shot in the face at point blank range by Jesse Lee Cooks, a member of the Death Angels, who blocked her car and demanded a ride as she drove up to the entrance of the University of California’s Extension Campus on Laguna Street.[3]
Within the next two months, seven additional attacks took place on the streets of San Francisco, including a hit on Art Agnos, a member of California’s Commission, and the murders of Ilario Bertuccio, an 81 year-old maintenance man, Paul Dancik, a 26 year-old street junkie, Saleem Erakat, a 53 year-old grocer, and Marietta DiGirolamo where he worked as a janitor.[4]
On December 22, a member of the Death Angels gunned down 19 year-old Neal Moynihan in front of the Civic Center Hotel. Moynihan had just was purchased a late-minute Christmas gift – - a teddy bear for his kid sister. The assassin fled down a nearby alley to Gough Street, where 50 year-old Mildred Hosler was waiting at a bus stop. He shot her four times in the left breast and then continued to jog down the street. The killer had eliminated two whites within three minutes.[5]
On Christmas Eve, the Angels captured a homeless white man and transported him to the Black Self Help Moving and Storage Company, a business owned by the NOI, where they butchered him while he was still alive and trussed up his remains like a Christmas turkey, which they tossed into San Francisco bay. The body was so mutilated that the SFPD has never been able to come up with the name of the corpse. He remains known as John Doe #169.
The attacks by now had become so commonplace that the SFPD reserved radio frequency “Z” for communications related to the killing spree. For this reason, the crimes became known as the “Zebra Murders.” It proved to be an ironically prescient handle since the incidents involved random attacks by black militants on white victims.
The killings stopped for five weeks only to resume on January 28, 1974, with the murders of Tana Smith, a 32-year old secretary; John Bambic, 84, an avid junk collector; Jane Holly, 45, a social activist; and Vincent Wollin, who was celebrating his 69th birthday by treating himself to a doughnut and a cup of coffee. The rampage continued with the shooting of Roxanne McMillan, a 23 year-old housewife and mother of a four-month old baby, who would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, and Thomas Bates, a 21-year old student who was shot three times while hitch-hiking near Emeryville.
On April 1, a Death Angel stalked and shot Thomas Rainwater, 19, and Linda Story, 21, as they walked away from the Salvation Army School for Officers’ Training, where they were first-year cadets. Rainwater, who was plugged three times in the back with a .32 caliber, was dead at the scene. Story was shot twice, while she sought to escape from the killer’s clutches. The bullets narrowly missed her spine and she later recovered.[6]
On Easter Sunday, April 14, the Black Muslims killed 19 year-old Ward Anderson and wounded 15 year-old Larry White, on the corner of Fillmore and Hayes, where the teenagers were waiting for a bus. Two days later, they executed Nelson T. Shields, 23, heir to a prominent Dupont executive, in the Ingleside district of the city.[7]
The break in the case came after the SFPD posted a $30,000 reward for any information leading to the arrests of the killers. Anthony Harris, a worker at Black Self-Help, took notice. He was struggling to support a wife and baby, and $30K was a lot of dough to him. A few hours after he dropped a dime from a pay phone, detectives took him into custody for questioning. Harris spilled his guts, telling the cops about the Death Angels and the point system within the NOI for killing white people.[8]
Angels, according to the system, gained their “wings” upon killing four white children and five white women, or, if they preferred, nine white men. Upon attaining this quota, a photo of the Angel was taken aith a pair of black wings affixed to his back. The photo was mounted on a board along with pictures of other successful candidates, and the board was displayed on an easel at Black Self-Help Moving and Storage.[9]
In the pre-dawn hours of May 1, more than 100 cops carried out simultaneous pre-dawn raids. Forty officers were deployed to an apartment building at 844 Grove Street, where J.C. X. Simon lived in Apartment 2, and Larry Green in No. 7. Twenty cops charged into Black Self Help Moving and Storage Company on Market Street, where two suspects lived. None of the men arrested in the raid offered resistance.[10]
San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto held a press conference to announce that the men taken into custody were members of NOI’s Mosque #26, where they aspired to become “Death Angels.” John Muhammad, the leader of Mosque #26, expressed indignation and demanded that the Mayor apologize for his racist remarks.[11] Muhammad, however, refused to explain Lesson #10 of the NOI as penned by Elijah Poole (Elijah Muhammad):
Lesson Number Ten: Why does Muhammad and any Muslim murder the devil [the white man]? What is the duty of each Muslim in regard to four devils? What reward does a Muslim receive by presenting four devils at one time? Answers: Because he [the devil] is 100 percent wicked and will not keep and obey the laws of Islam. His ways and actions are like a snake of the grafted type. So Muhammad learned he could not reform the devils, so they had to be murdered. All Muslims will murder the devil because they know he is a snake and also if he be allowed to live, he would sting someone else. Each Muslim is required to bring four devils, and by bringing and presenting four at a time his reward is a button to wear on the lapel of his coat. Also a free transportation to the Holy City, Mecca, to see Brother Muhammad.[12]
Muhammad was not the only African American to express outrage at the Mayor’s remark. The Black Liberation Army sent a communiqué to FM rock station KSAN which called for an armed uprising of all radical groups, including the SLA, the Weather Underground, and the Death Angels – - against the racist municipal government.[13]
The uprising never took place and the proceedings took place without the spilling of blood. Of the seven suspects taken into custody, three were later released. The remaining four – - Larry Green, J. C. X. Simon, Manuel Moore, and Jesse Lee Cooks were found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.
Black Self-Help was managed by Tom Manney, an NOI member and former St. Ignatius High School and City College football star. Manney lent his black Cadillac to the murderers, who used it to hunt down their victims, and an illegal .32 pistol that was used in several of the killings. He was taken into custody only to be released for lack of evidence.[14]
In October 1973, when the killing spree started, there were fifteen divisions of the Death Angels within California. The California attorney general’s office had compiled a list of 71 execution-style murders committed around the state, either with a machete or a pistol, in which the killer or killers was always a well-dressed and groomed youngish black man, and the victim always white. In addition to San Francisco, the murders were carried out in Oakland, San Jose, Emeryville, Berkeley, Long Beach, Signal Hill, Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, Pacifica, San Diego, Los Angeles, and in the counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Ventura and Alameda. The NOI genocide campaign had actually begun approximately three years before the San Francisco killings.[15]
It took law enforcement officials several years to come to terms with the real enormity of the crime. From 1970 to 1974, the NOI was responsible for “just under 270” black-on-white murders in California alone.[16] How many killings occurred throughout the country has yet to be calculated.
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