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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Turkey is lost yet no real loss

Caroline Glick writes about how Turkey is going downhill in their backtrack to Islamofascism, and even reminds of something very dumb the Bush government once did:
Once the apotheosis of a pro-Western, dependable Muslim democracy, this week Turkey officially left the Western alliance and became a full member of the Iranian axis.

It isn't that Turkey's behavior changed fundamentally in recent days. There is nothing new in its massive hostility towards Israel and its effusive solicitousness towards the likes of Syria and Hamas. Since the Islamist AKP party first won control over the Turkish government in the 2002 elections, led by AKP chairman Recip Tayyip Erdogan, the Turks have incrementally and inexorably moved the formerly pro-Western Muslim democracy into the radical Islamist camp populated by the likes of Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, al Qaida and Hamas. What made Turkey's behavior this week different from its behavior in recent months and years is that its attacks were concentrated, unequivocal and undeniable for everyone outside of Israel's scandalously imbecilic and flagellant media.

Until this week, both Israel and the US were quick to make excuses for Ankara. When in 2003 the AKP-dominated Turkish parliament prohibited US forces from invading Iraq through Kurdistan, the US blamed itself. Rather than get angry at Turkey, the Bush administration argued that its senior officials had played the diplomatic game poorly.
That's right, don't forget one of the Bush administration's poorer steps there.
Initially, this week Israel sought to continue its policy of making excuses for Turkish aggression against it. On Sunday, after Turkey disinvited the IAF from the Anatolian Eagle joint air exercise with Turkey, and NATO, senior officials like Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and Opposition leader Tzipi Livni tried to make light of the incident claiming that Turkey remains Israel's strategic ally.

But Turkey wasted no time in making fools of them. On Monday eleven Turkish government ministers descended on Syria to sign a pile of cooperation agreements with Iran's Arab lackey. The Foreign Ministry didn't even have a chance to write apologetic talking points explaining that brazen move before Syria announced it was entering a military alliance with Turkey and would be holding a joint military exercise with the Turkish military. Speechless in the wake of Turkey's move to hold military maneuvers with its enemy just two days after it cancelled joint training with Israel, Jerusalem could think of no mitigating explanation for the move.

Tuesday was characterized by escalating verbal assaults on the Jewish state. First Erdogan renewed his libelous allegations that Israel deliberately killed children in Gaza. Then he called on Turks to learn how to make money like Jews do.

Erdogan's anti-Israel and anti-Semitic blows were followed Tuesday evening by Turkey's government-controlled TRT1 television network's launch of a new prime-time series portraying IDF forces as baby and little girl killers who force Palestinian women to deliver stillborn babies at roadblocks and line up groups of Palestinians against walls to execute them by firing squad.
Yep, that was one of the most vomit inducing stunts they could pull. The Jerusalem Post tells that no Israelis want to fly to Turkey now with the way things are going:
With a new wave of anti-Israel sentiment in Turkey, and a furious response in Israel, the once-booming tourism trade between the countries is already feeling the effects.

"I can't sell a Turkish Air ticket going via Istanbul," Mark Feldman, CEO of Zion Tours, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. Istanbul is a common stop-over point on the way to many other destinations.

"Nobody, but nobody, wishes to fly there... packages are very cheap, the airline is a good airline... [but] people are voting with their feet," Feldman said.

Relations with Turkey have recently been strained, due to Turkey's withdrawal from an international military exercise involving Israel, a series of verbal assaults from Turkish leaders, and the premiere of a new television series portraying IDF soldiers as murderers. The first episode of the series aired in Turkey on Tuesday evening and depicted IDF soldiers in the West Bank killing a baby and a young girl, and lining up Palestinians to be shot before a firing squad.

According to Feldman, "This [tourism decline] is getting intensified, and the television series will accelerate it. I expect this [Israeli tourist] boycott and this anger to last throughout the fall and winter."
Maybe even longer than that. But if I were him, I'd rather not rely on countries like Turkey to sell tickets for tourism. This is what happens when no serious attempt is made to make clear to a country with a horrific past like Turkey's that they must own up for their past evils and crimes and abandon all ideologies that could one day lead back to more of the same. That's why their backtrack is no real surprise, and come to think of it, their loss is yet no real loss. If they're going to boomerang to such mostrosities, it's hard for me to feel sorry to "lose" their alliance.

And if Jews in Turkey are afraid that the TV propaganda they launched will boost anti-semitic violence, which is quite likely to happen, that's exactly why they should start packing. No need to remain in a country that's backtracking to Islamofascism.

And Armenia's government made a serious mistake in accepting the deal to open wider relations with Turkey without their agreement to recognize the Armenian Holocaust in WW1, something I get the feeling much of the Armenian public is angry about, with good reason. I won't be surprised if it falls apart sooner or later, and if Turkey starts spewing similar racism against Armenians as well on their government controlled TV.


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What Does The Bible Say About Ethnocentrism?

The other day, my wife and I were talking about a black guy I saw at the LA County Fair with a t-shirt that depicted a black Jesus. Underneath the drawing, the t-shirt said, "Hair like Wool, Skin Like Bronze, You Do the Math. Revelation 1: 14-15."

My wife said, "Many Middle Eastern people have hair like wool." And I told her, "Truth is, I don't care what color Jesus was. But, I do love to point out to people that, more than likely, he looked something like Osama Bin Laden, given the area he came from.

Heck, Jesus was even known to wear a turban, if you believe the Prophecies about the Messiah in the Jewish Bible.

Anyway, the conversation turned a bit, and I said to my wife, "Well, you know, Moses' wife was black."

And, my wife said, "No, she was an Israelite. So, I would assume that she too looked like Middle Eastern people."

I replied, "Well, I know I read somewhere that she was black, and I counted the source as being pretty authoritative, but I don't remember it right now."

So today, since I have nothing better to do than to clear the detritus of my mind, I looked it up on one of my favorite Bible answer sites, "Got Questions?" (I link to Got Questions? over at CUANAS, because I sometimes use it as a resource.)

Anyway, here's what Got Questions has to say about Moses' wife, and black people in general in the Bible:

Question: "Are there any black people mentioned in the Bible?"

The Bible does not specifically identify any person as being black-skinned. The Bible also does not specifically identify any person as being white-skinned. The vast majority of the Bible took place in the Middle East, in and around Israel. Neither "black" nor "white" people are common in these regions. The vast majority of the people in the Bible were "Semitic," light to dark brown in complexion. Ultimately, it does not matter what skin color the people in the Bible were. Skin color is meaningless in the message of the Bible. We all need to take our eyes off of the skin and focus on the soul.

Some scholars guess that Moses’ wife Zipporah might have been black since she was a Cushite (
Numbers 12:1). Cush is an ancient name for an area of Africa. Some propose that Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11:3) was black. Some believe that the Queen of Sheba who visited Solomon (1 Kings 10:1) was black. The Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:37 may have been a black man. Ethiopians are mentioned around 40 times in the Bible, and the Prophet Jeremiah asked, "Can the Ethiopian change his skin ..." (Jeremiah 13:23). The "Simeon called Niger" in Acts 13:1 may have been black.

The Bible, though, does not specifically say that any of these people were black. Most Bible teachers believe that black people are descendants of Noah’s son Ham (
Genesis 10:6-20), but we cannot be sure since the Bible does not specifically say.

It does not surprise me that the Bible does not specifically address the color of the skin of the various characters in it's pages, because it doesn't really matter to the Biblical worldview.

And, on that subject, I thought this was interesting, once again, from "Got Questions?" ...

Question: "What does the Bible say about ethnocentrism?"

Ethnocentrism is the belief that a particular race or ethnic group is superior to all others and all other races and ethnic groups are to be subjectively measured in relation to that race or ethnic group. It is a system of belief that leads to extreme pride and lack of concern for others.
Simply put, ethnocentrism is another name for racism, which has been a plague on humanity for centuries and the cause of the death of millions.
There is no place among God’s people for the ethnocentric attitudes which lead to racism. Such attitudes are contrary to Scripture and displeasing to God.

Biblically, ethnocentrism is sin.
All men and women are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27,9:6), although that image is corrupted by sin. It is because we are created in His image that God does not show partiality or favoritism (Deuteronomy 10:17; Acts 10:34).
Jesus did not lay down His life for a particular race of people, but by His death He “purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9).
The Israelites were ethnocentric by virtue of being God’s chosen people, but His choice was not based on their merit, but on His mercy and grace. The Scriptures tell us that Jesus came to save the world, both Jews and Gentiles. Paul bears this out by saying, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28) and “there is no Greek or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all” (Colossians 3:11).

Jesus destroyed all barriers of race and ethnicity with His death on the cross. As Paul said in
Ephesians 2:14, “For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.”
Ethnocentrism, whether based on historical grudges or on the erroneous teachings of men, is wholly contrary to God’s Word. We are commanded to love one another as He has loved us (John 13:34), and such a command precludes any discrimination based on race or culture.

Yeah, I'd say that pretty much sums it up. That is the worldview which informs me and upon which I base my positions on whether we ought to ally ourselves with this or that Ethnic Nationalist Political Party.
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Prove Me Wrong

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Babaazee for removing the offensive HH photo from her earlier post and from her blog.

I would also like to point out, that its normal praxis to give a little note as to why some has been changed, removed or given a clarification about the picture.

The result of this is several hundred fans of Babaazee are now under the impression that the EDL are nazi,s because of that photo.

In one of the comment threads we see from some poster

I see them fighting British cops, making obscene gestures and running around with burning torches.

Well for the last six hours I have looking at hundreds of photos and videos and not one single photo or video can be found of anybody from EDL running around with burning torches, strange
because if there was it would have been all over the news, especially when the news is out to crucify EDL
So that only leaves one photo

In the photo at the end of my rant you notice they are not running with torches, but petrol bombs, and petrol bombs can cause very serious injury.

The football hooligans do have a very nasty and long history of violence, but as far as I recall, they have never used petrol bombs, where as I can bring forward several hundred photos of red fascists/moslem throwing petrol bombs every where from Athens to Malmo

Before I go any further I would like to say something just to let you know I an not talking out of my arse

I think I may have mentioned it here at ibloga in another post that during the eighties I was living in Copenhagen for a while and was involved with the squatter (BZ,er) movement and Autonoms. It was a crazy time marches against Israel, hashish, protests against South Africa, AFA skinhead bashing, taking part in street battles totally stoned, psycho disco, gasoline bombs and tear gas.

I have taken part in demos and running with the likes of UAF, to know what a UAFukker looks like



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A History of the Arab Slave Trade

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Dance With the Niqabs in Their Funky Islam-O-disco…….!

From Vlad Tepes:

Somewhere in a galaxy far far away
creatures in bags shake their booty

it’s right here on planet earth
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What Do You Know? Torture Does Work After All

I know it works for me.

But, that's a whole 'nuther story.

Not just 'enhanced interrogation techniques' but apparently the hardcore old school stuff as well.

(Jonathan) Evans, the director-general of MI5, said British lives had been saved as a direct result of intelligence received from overseas agencies in the years following the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

Speaking on Thursday night at a private event at Bristol University to mark MI5's centenary, he said they would have been "derelict in our duty" if they had not worked with foreign agencies in countering the threat from al-Qaeda.

...He stressed that it was not "just a theoretical issue" as al-Qaeda had actually laid plans for further terrorist outrages in the wake of the attacks on the twin towers in New York.

"Details of some of these plans came to light through the interrogation of detainees by other countries, including the US, in the period after 9/11; subsequent investigation on the ground, including in the UK, substantiated these claims," he said.

"Such intelligence was of the utmost importance to the safety and security of the UK. It has saved British lives. Many attacks have been stopped as a result of effective international intelligence co-operation since 9/11."

While there are certainly some lines we should not cross, I support what the US did in the aftermath of 9/11. Some of it was ugly but it was necessary. I don't think every schmuck we capture should be strapped down and waterboarded (and they weren't) but for guys like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who had tactical and systemic information? Yeah, everyday and twice on Sunday if it helps.

Evans makes it clear that the Brits would never dirty their hands in this way but are happy to reap the benefits of others who are willing to make the hard decisions. That's juvenile at best, cowardly at worst but at least he's honest that someone had to do it and that, despite what liberal say, it worked.

You'd think this will put an end to the 'torture never works' argument but it won't.

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Free Speech Whacks Obama and his Mao lovers

Obama Administration Drops 'Gag Order' on Private Health Insurer

U.S. health officials announced Friday that private insurers can send seniors information on health-related issues as long as they allow their members to opt out of receiving the communications, effectively ending its probe of Humana.

The federal government, in the face of allegations it was trampling on free speech, has closed its investigation of a major insurance company for allegedly trying to scare seniors with a mailer warning they could lose important benefits under President Obama's health reform plan.

U.S. health officials announced Friday that private insurers can send seniors information on health-related issues as long as they allow their members to opt out of receiving the communications, apparently ending its probe of Humana.


Republicans, who had slammed Obama officials for launching the probe, welcomed the news but still expressed concerns.

"I am relieved that the administration is no longer misusing its regulatory authority to prohibit plans from communicating to seniors factual information about the Medicare cuts in health care reform," Rep. Dave Camp, the senior Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, said in a written statement.

"However, I remain concerned that CMS overstepped in issuing its gag order as a result of undue political pressure to penalize anyone who dare speak out against the Democrats' health care bill," he said. "We still need to get the answers to how and why this gag order was issued."

The Health and Human Services Department launched its investigation of Humana after the Louisville-based company mailed a letter to patients enrolled in its Medicare Advantage plans -- private options that replace standard Medicare -- warning that Obama's health overhaul slash essential benefits of the program.
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Three Percenters

From Power and Control:

You may already know what an Oath Keeper is. But what is aThree Percenter?

Now, seeing the other tab and patch in the photo, you may ask “what is a three percenter?” The narrowest definition is that three percenters are hard-line gun owners who are done backing up and will not comply with more infringements of their right to bear arms. A broader definition would be that they are hard-line Americans who are done backing up and will not comply with further infringement of any of their rights. It also alludes to the three percent of the colonists who took to the field against the King during the Revolution, and the estimation that at least three percent of modern Americans will actively fight, if it comes to it, to preserve liberty. Read this essayfor more explanation.

Oath Keepers and Three Percenters are separate groups, but it is not a surprise to see people who consider themselves both an Oath Keeper and a Three Percenter. If you read the supplied links you will see why.

While we Oath Keepers have a specialized mission of outreach to current serving, focused on the oath and on refusing to obey unlawful orders, there’s lots of common ground and shared commitment to the Republic among both groups. Go here to read what the Sipsey Street blog has to say about that.

Go read the whole thing at Power and Control.
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CNN (And Other Major Networks) Shill For Obama - School Kids Singing for Healthcare Reform

"Obama says" "Obama says" "Obama says"

Say that three times, click your little red slippers together, and you are in Oz?

No, you're on CNN.

CNN was not airing Obama admin talking points when they aired this ObamaCare kiddie propaganda? Of course they were. Do these people even live in reality?

What about when CNN Protected Dear Leader Obama by fact checking Saturday Night Live?

Then there was CNN’s Susan Roesgen display of hypocritical superciliousness.

And…ABC the Obama state run media pulls this stunt: “During Healthcare ‘Special’ ABC Refuses Paid Ads That OpposeObamacare

Obama talking points galore! ABC- All Barack Channel: Networks balance reports on AMA speech, but ABC outrages public with week of health care coverage, ‘World News,’ ‘GMA’ to be aired from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Speaking of ABC. Video: In True MSM Subservient Fashion NBC’s Brian Williams Bows to Obama

And lest we forget there was Janeane Garofalo’s appearance on Keith Olberman.

The actress went on to bash the GOP on MSNBC Thursday because it had “crystallized into the white power movement” as well as Fox News, which she said has captured the “Klan demo[graphic].”

Olberman nodded in agreement to all of Garofalo’s ignorant charges. Video at link.

Yep all networks other than FOX are completely unbiased. As long as the Obama admin keeps pretending that is the case, all will be well in the Obama fantasy land of unicorns and rainbows.

I am not saying FOX does not tend to lean right but what I am saying is that all the rest mostly lean left.

Related: Former Hitler Youth Warns America

(Note, this is a clip from a Christian broadcasting network - the context of the interview is very Christian, but it is also enlightening, so my recommendation is sit and watch it.)

Go see the rest of the video and the post at Velvet Hammer.

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The Search for the Wikipedia Libelist (important update)

From the American Thinker:

Ralph Alter

Thanks to an intrepid blogger with the tag Trapdoc posting a letter to Mark Steyn, the search for the Wikipedia Libelist responsible for damaging posts to the Rush Limbaugh account has been narrowed to the IP address of a New York City law firm:

"The quotes were added by a user with the IP address of This address has been used mostly to make changes to the article about Rush, but also Karl Rove, Sean Hannity,.. James Dobson and Sara Palin from 2005 until earlier this year.

"While others have noted this in various forums, no one seems to have made the connection that this IP address is used as a gateway by the law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP (see here, for example) that all users from that IP address come from the pbwt.com domain.)"

The firm provides a wide array of legal services with a broad spectrum of politically correct causes served:
"It is one of the first major firms in New York City to elect a woman as managing partner. In addition to its Diversity Committee, a group of Patterson Belknap attorneys formed PAC -- Patterson Attorneys of Color -- to assist with the enhancement of workplace diversity and the recruitment, retention and promotion of attorneys of color. Another group, Out at Patterson, focuses on issues relevant to the firm's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, and Women Lawyers at Patterson (WLAP) focuses on women's issues."

Considering Rush's militant political incorrectness, there may be a large number of potentially culpable attorneys and/or staffers to choose from. However, a forensic data retrieval technician should surely be able to narrow the focus and identify the likely poster. Perhaps Rush can enlist the aid of PBWT alumni, Rudy Giuliani, Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau or firm partner, Edward F. Cox, (son-in-law of former President, Richard M. Nixon) in his search for justice.

There is no question that Mr. Limbaugh has been damaged by the salacious quotes added to his Wikipedia profile and their dissemination in the PC-stream media. Hope this helps, Rush.

You know they say the only cure for a lawyer is another lawyer.....

Ralph Alter blogs at Right On Target

Update from Thomas Lifson:

Well, well, well, lookee here (from the firm's own website)

Firm Establishes Sports Group
September 21, 2009

Growing Cross-Disciplinary Practice Handles Disputes and Transactions for Numerous Sports-Related Entities

NEW YORK, NY - September 21, 2009. Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP is pleased to announce the formal establishment of its interdisciplinary Sports Group. The firm's work in this area dates back decades and includes high-profile disputes and transactions involving professional baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis and golf, as well as the representation of sports-related media entities. Among other matters on behalf of various leagues, teams, and other sports-related entities, over the last several years our attorneys regularly have litigated complex commercial matters, handled sensitive internal investigations issues, and provided corporate, intellectual property and charitable giving advice both in high-profile transactions and as day-to-day legal advisors.

Our Sports Group attorneys' specific experience includes the representation of:

  • A leading sports news network as a defendant in a case in which the plaintiff argued that fantasy sports games offered on its website constituted illegal gambling. The court dismissed this case of first impression with prejudice.
  • Various investor groups as intellectual property counsel in their acquisitions and proposed acquisitions of Major League Baseball, National Hockey League and NASCAR teams.
  • A professional sports league in an investigation of and issuance of a report concerning allegations made by a member team that a rival team violated the league's anti-tampering rules.
  • A professional sports hall of fame as plaintiff in a trademark infringement litigation culminating in a successful settlement requiring a change to defendant's use of its mark.
  • A major U.S. professional soccer league in its formation and launch.
  • The seller of a Major League Baseball franchise in a breach of contract litigation with an investment bank.
  • A leading regional sports network in connection with its broadcasting rights agreement to license professional baseball and basketball games to localtelevision stations.
  • A professional basketball team's foundation in connection with its charitable activities.
  • A not-for-profit organization formed to further New York City's bid to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in connection with intellectual property matters.

Go read the whole thing.
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From Ilana Freedman:
The rapidly deteriorating situation in Pakistan was spotlighted this week by a series of bold and deadly attacks on government and civilian targets. Carried out under the Pakistan Taliban/al Qaeda umbrella, the growing incitement has global implications.

At mid-day today, a suicide car bomb was detonated near a Pakistani army check point, a Central Intelligence Agency building, and a mosque, leaving eleven people, including three policemen, known dead, according to the Pakistani Daily Dawn News. It was feared that children were among those killed by the blast.

This attack followed a violent, frontal assault yesterday on two police training centers and a federal investigations building, in which 19 police officers and at least eleven of the attackers were killed.

Three other major attacks occurred this past week, including one at a police station in the northwest city of Kohat, another in a residential complex in Peshawar, the capital of North-West Frontier Province, and a 20-hour siege against the army headquarters in Rawalpindi.

The increasing frequency and brazenness of these latest attacks indicate a dramatic deterioration in Pakistan's national security and a major threat to the country's political stability. According to our sources, the Pakistani government is becoming increasingly dysfunctional, rife with corruption, and unable to take critical decisions on national security and policy. It has been reported that political leaders have marginalized the parliament, making unilateral decisions that rightly belong to the legislators, and undermining the democratic process.

Several scenarios have been suggested by analysts following the deteriorating conditions, who foresee the potential for a complete breakdown of Pakistan's governmental infrastructure that could lead to the dissolution of the state in the very near future. One source suggested that the collapse could occur in a matter of days, not weeks or months.
The added possibility of the capture of Pakistan's nuclear facilities by Taliban forces should raise global concerns, because of the unfolding consequences. The implications of the current fighting is therefore significant and should be viewed with alarm.

America Gets Involved - The Controversial Kerry-Lugar Bill

On Thursday, President Barack Obama signed the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009, also known as the Kerry-Lugar Bill, into law. The bill triples our non-military aid to Pakistan, raising the figure to about $7.5 billion over the next five years. The fierce controversy which developed in Pakistan over the concern that the conditions of this bill would interfere with their own national sovereignty, compelled the US Congress to attach an explanatory statement to clarify the bill's intention. The statement provided the assurance that, "There is no intent to, and nothing in this Act in any way suggests that there should be, any US role in micromanaging internal Pakistani affairs, including the promotion of Pakistani military officers or the internal operations of the Pakistani military." No changes were made, however,in the text of the highly controversial bill itself.

The conditions that enraged so many Pakistanis come in the form of military as well as economic constraints. In any case, the bill comes at a time when the Pakistani government can barely look beyond the next few days, no less consider the next five years. In view of the current unrest, the ramifications of this bill may well be irrelevant.

Global Implications

The accelerated attacks throughout the country represent a significant escalation that signals a coordinated Taliban/al Qaeda push to destabilize Pakistan and gain as much control there as possible.

The potential ramifications of the rising tide of violence in Pakistan should not to be overlooked or minimized.
And the pledge of American dollars in the future will do little to stem the tide of violence against the Pakistani government today.

Whether Pakistan can survive the current onslaught is one of two existential questions. The second is whether Pakistan's nuclear facilities will fall into Taliban (and therefore al Qaeda) hands. Should this happen, India is likely to respond in what it perceives to be its own defense.

A pre-emptive attack on Pakistan, precipitated by these conditions, will represent an attack by a non-Muslim state on a Muslim state, and is likely to unleash another demon of global proportions.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has publicly stated that 40,000 trained suicide bombers have deployed in countries around the world, and are ready to strike in the event of an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. It remains to be seen if an attack by India on Pakistan will elicit the same response. It is an assumption we should not take lightly.

IntelAnalysis represents a summary of the deep research and analysis carried out by Gerard Group in support of national security initiatives in the public and private sectors. For more information about how Gerard Group's services can help your organization apply actionable intelligence to your strategic requirements, please visit our website at
www.gerardgroup.com. You may also contact us directly at 800-950-4213 or by e-mail tosupport@gerardgroup.com
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