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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why are Western nations sabotaging home sourced and alternative energy options?

From Her Royal Whyness

Now three recent articles beg the question . . .Why are Western nations sabotaging home sourced and alternative energy options?

Feinstein seeks block solar power from desert land   enews.earthlink.net

WASHINGTON - California's Mojave Desert may seem ideally suited for solar energy production, but concern over what several proposed projects might do to the aesthetics of the region and its tortoise population is setting up a potential clash between conservationists and companies seeking to develop renewable energy.

Nineteen companies have submitted applications to build solar or wind facilities on a parcel of 500,000 desert acres, but Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Friday such development would violate the spirit of what conservationists had intended when they donated much of the land to the public.

Feinstein said Friday she intends to push legislation that would turn the land into a national monument, which would allow for existing uses to continue while preventing future development.

The Wildlands Conservancy orchestrated the government's purchase of the land between 1999-2004.

Obama threatens to bankrupt the coal industry, blocks leases to American drilling interests and now from the UK . . .

Government halts solar energy grants

Campaigners say closure of solar energy scheme makes mockery of pledge to build low carbon economy

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Jews Is Bad - Tell Your Dad

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A Great Idea

March 22, 2009: Dubai, UAE. Behind every bomb and drug-sniffing dog at the Dubai Police is a hardworking and patient handler
Fatima now takes Razan anywhere she goes and trains it to sniff out different types of bombs. Well so much for them fucking wimps who sit in there taxi,s waiting for fares but refuse to transport a blind person with a guide dog

I suggest that any taxi driver that refuses to pick up a fare because it is against his faith, should be sent to sniff for bombs, why should we risk the lives of mankind best friend
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Pope: We Should Have Googled Williamson

Yeah, maybe, huh?

(CNN) -- The pope has admitted making mistakes over the lifting of the excommunication of a Holocaust-denying bishop, saying the church will make much greater use of the Internet in the future to help avoid such controversies.

In a letter to church leaders, Pope Benedict XVI says the church should have been aware of the views of Bishop Richard Williamson.

"I have been told that consulting the information available on the Internet would have made it possible to perceive the problem early on.

"I have learned the lesson that in the future the Holy See will have to pay greater attention to that source of news."

Before the pope's decision, Williamson said in an interview with Swedish television that he did not believe that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler deliberately set out to murder Jews or that there were gas chambers at the Auschwitz death camp.

The church said Benedict was not aware of Williamson's views on the Holocaust when the excommunication was lifted even though it was widely available on the Internet, and ordered Williamson to recant.

I don't think I'm telling tales out of school when I point out that the Pope is really, really old.
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The Revolution Is Here

If you've wondered to yourself, "WTF does Obama think he's doing?" Well, Doug Ross believes he knows exactly.

Barack Obama's profligate spending programs, in aggregate totaling many trillions of dollars, translate to the act of printing money at a rate never seen in human history. Experts, from the Congressional Budget Office to independent economists, assert that these plans put America on a glide-path to catastrophe.

Consider the tactics: a stimulus bill that sends billions of taxpayer dollars to a "criminal enterprise" like ACORN and spews hundreds of billions to pork-laden construction projects. A budget that includes 9,000 earmarks. Mortgage rescue packages for deadbeats and real-estate flippers. Trillions of dollars going out the front door and the back door of the Federal Reserve.

The national debt just hit $11 trillion, which reflects only the "on-the-books" amount. The true debt -- including Social Security and Medicare -- is now $56 trillion. This translates to:

$483,000 per American household

That amount of debt is, quite obviously, unsustainable.

Whether the outcome is rampant inflation (devaluation of the currency); an inability to sell U.S. debt to foreigners (China has already warned us about our spending); or the federal government's inability to make payments on the debt (bankruptcy), Barack Obama's troubling behavior should come as no surprise.

* * *

Obama's mentor Frank Marshall Davis -- the veiled figure known only as "Frank" in Barack Obama's memoir Dreams from my Father -- was openly sympathetic to Communists. His affiliations with a variety of hard left groups were open. At that time, the Communist Party had tens of thousands of members, some of them clandestine Soviet officials who had penetrated government and industry. It received covert subsidies from the Soviet Union itself. In 1949, Davis himselfpredicted the collapse of Capitalism:

"Democracy today lies weak and slowly dying from the poison administered by the divident doctors in Washington and Wall Street who have fooled a trusting public into believing that they are the specialists who would save us from the dread diseases of socialism and communism. . . . They hope to hand us fascism disguised as the healed democracy." (Honolulu Record, July 28, 1949, p. 8)

Bill Ayers, who worked closely with Barack Obama on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and the Woods Fund, wrote an eerily similar missive in 2008. It plainly predicts the death of Capitalism:

"Capitalism played its role historically and is exhausted as a force for progress: built on exploitation, theft, conquest, war, and racism, capitalism and imperialism must be defeated and a world revolution—a revolution against war and racism and materialism, a revolution based on human solidarity and love, cooperation and the common good—must win."

Jeremiah Wright, Obama's self-described spiritual advisor, mentor and family friend, offered a similar theme in over two decades of their relationship. Hostility to Capitalism and America itself make steady appearances in Wright's sermons and his writings.

Wright views the United States as a criminal nation. Here is a typical passage: "Do you see God as a God who approves of Americans taking other people's countries? Taking other people's women? Raping teenage girls and calling it love." ...Implicitly drawing on Marxist "dependency theory," Wright blames Africa's troubles on capitalist exploitation by the West, and also on inadequate American aid: "Some analysts would go so far as to even call what [the United States, the G-8, and multinational corporations] are doing [in Africa] genocide!"

According to Wright, America's alleged genocide in Africa, as well as its treatment of "Africans in the Western diaspora," both leads to and flows from a single underlying truth: "White supremacy is the bed rock of the philosophical, ideological and theological foundations of this country." So for Wright, it's really not a question of correcting America in the spirit of a loving patriot. America, to Wright, is a kind of alien formation, scarcely less of a "cage" for "Africans in the Western Diaspora" than it was during the days of slavery: "[T]his country is built off, and continues to exist on, the premise of white supremacy... ...White supremacy undergirds the thought, the ideology, the theol-ogy, the sociology, the legal structure, the educational system, the healthcare system, and the entire reality of the United States of America.

In 2008, Wright, like Ayers, predicted that a revolution would destroy Capitalism as a force in the world.

A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth. With righteous indignation, it will look across the seas and see individual capitalists of the West investing huge sums of money in Asia, Africa, and South America, only to take the profits out with no concern for the social betterment of the countries, and say, 'This is not just.'

* * *

This theme is a consistent message of Obama's mentors and spiritual advisers: Capitalism is invariably dying as an economic, organizing force. Expediting the collapse of Capitalism is therefore an act of goodness.

If you concede that Barack Obama is a bright man -- and with Columbia and Harvard educations under his belt, it's hard to dispute that notion -- then only one conclusion is possible. Barack Obama, at the helm of the world's strongest country, is fulfilling his promise to his mentors. Barack Obama is intentionally destroying the American economy.

The Revolution is Here.

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Norooz Is Not Islamic

Here we go again, as you all know, I like to add pictures with my posts, well I do quite a bit of surfing to find interesting pictures. Sometimes it happens that I stumble upon something that is "outside the box"

In my previous post there was some brilliant artwork, which I have posted also over at my blog, well while looking for pix to bridge from the beauty of the first picture to to the ugliness of islam I came across this

Girls dance on stage at a Spring Break dance contest

An Afghan woman along with her children watch a celebration of the Persian New Year Nowruz outside the Kart-e-Sakhi shrine in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, March 21, 2009. Nowruz, the Farsi-language word for 'new year,' is an ancient Persian festival, celebrated on the first day of spring in countries including Afghanistan and Iran
An Afghan man sits with their children as they hold toy guns to celebrate the Persian New Year Nowruz outside the Kart-e-Sakhi shrine in Kabul, Afghanistan
No harm if they are enjoying themselves

Afghans gather to celebrate Afghan New Year in Kabul March 21, 2009.

Afghans raise the holy mace at Sakhy Shrine during a celebration of the Afghan New Year in Kabul March 21, 2009. Afghanistan uses the Persian calendar which runs from the vernal equinox. The calendar takes as its start date the time when the Prophet Mohammad moved from Mecca to Medina in 621 AD. The current Persian year is 1388.

REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

What we see here is Reuters blatantly trying to give the impression that Norooz is a moslem celebration, when in fact it date thousands of years before the sand pervert

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Stone all gays, says Islamic nutjob

“If a man likes another man, it can happen, but if you go on to fulfil your desire, if it is proved, then there is a punishment to follow [. . .] There are some people who are attracted to donkeys but that does not mean it is right.”

These are the hate words of one Anjem Choudary, whom I blogged about on Pink Triangle last Saturday after a (London) Standard article had drawn attention to his wish to see “the flag of Allah flying over Downing Street”.

Today, it’s the UK’s Daily Mail that is drawing attention to the madman’s words of vituperative hate for all things Western, under the headline, All homosexuals should be stoned to death, says Muslim preacher of hate.

The Mail says, “Under [sharia], adulterers and homosexuals would be killed by stoning. Asked if that would include anybody – even a Cabinet minister such as Business Secretary Lord [Peter] Mandelson – Choudary responded with an astonishing diatribe.”

It then quotes the words that begin this post.

If gay people or anyone else were holding a press conference to denounce Muslims for being Muslims and practising Islam, would the police not be in there like a shot?

“If a man fancies the idea of Islam, it can happen,” one might have said. “But if you go on to fulfil your desire and practise Islam, and if it is proved, then there is a punishment to follow.

“There are some people who are attracted to all kinds of superstitions, but that does not mean it is right.”

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement’s Rev. Sharon Ferguson is quoted in Sam Greenhill’s Mail piece as saying, “This is appalling. The police should look very closely at what has been said to see if there is any action they should be taking.”

Quite. Having an opinion about homosexuality is one thing and I would defend the right of, say, a vicar to hold up the gay lifestyle against what he perceives to be biblical proscription of that lifestyle, and thus condemn the gay lifestyle. It’s up to him or her. It’s an opinion, and he/she wouldn’t, we assume, be recommending a rock-flinging death for gay people caught daring to love one another.

What this nutjob is doing is tantamount to incitement.

The press conference, in London, was arranged by Muslim extremists to justify their protest in Luton last week against soldiers returning home from Iraq.

I've blogged quite a lot on Pink Triangle about the threat of creeping sharia (just put the word into the search box there). It’s worrying. I don’t think for a moment that we are on the verge of it in the UK, but speech such as this has to be denounced with ferocity and ridiculed at the highest levels – and that means that the supine British government, made up, as it is, of shoddy, third-rate careerist politicians who care more about the Muslim vote than freedom of expression, should be very firm very soon.

Some more recent posts on Pink Triangle (two of them by my blogging colleague Diesel B) that may interest IBA readers are to be found here, here and here.


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Lest We Not Forget

A Happy Ostara to You Crazy infidels

After months of the Winter stillness a miracle occurs and the Earth begins to dance again. Deep down inside each of us stirs an uncontrollable desire to take part in this whimsical dance. We long to be outside and feel the warmth and light through the depths of our being.
Spring has delivered the message of hope generation after generation, after seeming death comes rebirth. Each year spring brings into our lives the sheer delight of rebirth and rediscovery. Both young and old look at the world through childlike eyes hoping not to miss the blessings in this turn of the wheel.


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Australian Sheik Vadalizes Own Mosque

Hat tip, JW.

Australian Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali, of "uncovered meat" infamy, has been caught vandalizing by the security camera of his own mosque. He then calls the cops and files a false claim against someone else.

Yeah... trick camera, that's the ticket!

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I Like This Guy

This post contains Two articles from the Daily Mail

The first is
"Last updated at 10:29 AM on 19th March 2009"

I'm standing up for Britain, says Sri Lankan postmaster who won't serve migrants who won't learn English

There's a huge Union Flag flying proudly outside Deva Kumarasiri’s house and it’s been there so long the edges are tattered and torn.

Nearby, another one flutters from the back of his favourite Land Rover as he drives to work as the local cornershop postmaster.

In case it’s not immediately clear, the Sri Lankan-born father of two – who fulfilled a dream to come to this country 17 years ago and took citizenship to make his life here – is proud to be British.

A matter of pride: Deva Kumarasiri outside his shop in Nottingham

So proud, in fact, that he’s insisting all his fellow immigrants embrace our culture with the same enthusiasm as he does. Yesterday Mr Kumarasiri, who taught his two daughters every word of the National Anthem, introduced a controversial regime at his post office counter.

If his customers can’t be bothered to learn English, he tells them, they must go away and learn it before he serves them.

His bold stand against nonintegration has sent a shudder of political correctness down whatever spine the post office has these days, and infuriated some local do-gooders who accused him of inciting division among the community.

But a few minutes spent with the 40-year-old Liberal Democrat councillor are about all it takes to establish his motives are pure – and that he’s driven only by a passion for the country he loves.

‘Nobody stands up for anything in Britain any more,’ he said.

‘It’s the best country in the world as far as I’m concerned, but the great country I once called Great Britain has changed a lot since I came here.

‘All I’m doing is telling people if they want to live in Britain, be British. Don’t boo our soldiers when they come home from Iraq. Don’t live your life without embracing our culture. Don’t stay here without making any effort to learn the language. And if you don’t want to be British, go home.’

Last updated at 4:56 PM on 20th March 2009

Sri Lankan postmaster who refuses to serve non-English speakers faces calls from Muslims to be sacked

The postmaster who banned customers who can't speak English from his branch today faced calls for him to be sacked from angry local Muslims.

Sri Lankan-born Deva Kumarasiri introduced the ban this week because he believes all immigrants in Britain should learn the language and take pride in the new homeland.

Mr Kumarasiri, who runs Sneinton Boulevard Post Office in inner-city Nottingham, moved here 18 years ago and says everyone should embrace British culture.

But the chairman of the local Mosque confirmed that a petition was circulating among Muslim residents calling for Mr Kumarasiri to go.

Aurangzeb Kahn said: 'There has been concern that people can be denied Post Office services because they can't speak English.

'There is a strong feeling among some local people that this is wrong.

'A single employee should not have the right to make that decision, especially if he is an employee of what is a public facility provided by the Government.'

Mr Kahn confirmed that local Muslims have started a petition calling for Mr Kumarasiri's dismissal but stressed the move had no connection with his Mosque,

He added that the Mosque wanted to investigate the issue moire fully before making any further comment.

The controversial ban was a major talking point among many Muslims attending prayers today in an area of Nottingham with a large Urdu-speaking Pakistani community.

One man, who refused to be named, said: 'There is a lot of anger about this.

'We understand his point but it can take years to learn English and there are some elderly people who are too old to learn.

'A lot of people think he is wrong and want him gone.'

Mr Kumarasiri, who was inundated with cards and messages of support from across the UK said: 'I don't expect everyone to agree with me.

'It was inevitable that those who don't want to be fully integrated into this country would do something like this.

'For me it proves that there are elements out there who have no intention of ever [becoming] integrated.

'But I've had dozens of letters, cards and phone calls all supporting my stand.

'I'm really pleased with some of the letters which are from immigrants who came here without a word of English but taught themselves the language because they are determined to be British.'

A steady stream of well-wishers have also travelled to the 40-year-old father-of-two's post office to voice their support.

Police have also been keeping a discreet eye on the premises to ensure he did not attract the wrong sort of attention from people who may resent his new found celebrity status.

Mr Kumarasiri added that he understood that his employers, Newrose Personnel Ltd, had discussed his ban but he had heard nothing from them about his future.

Yesterday a spokesman for the employment agency refused to comment and referred all calls to the Post Office.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: 'Post Office branches are a vital part of all communities and are open to all customers.

'We are taking steps to ensure that this happens at Sneinton Boulevard Post Office.'

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats distanced the party from Mr Kumarasiri, who claims to be a Lib Dem member on his local Gedling Borough Council.

A spokesman for the party said: 'Mr Kumarasiri has not been a party member since October 2007 when his membership lapsed.'

Just more proof that the moslems do not want to integrate but that can be expect from them, what is so fooking disturding here is the Liberal Democrats who just happen to be very anti BNP, are distancing themselves from Mr Kumarasiri, and taking sides with moslems, and looking for their vote.

Now this stinks, and more proof that the Lab/Lib/Con are just a bunch of fascist liars.

After a little googling we can find that our hero is still a councillor

The proof is here

Councillor and Committee Information

Members of the Liberal Democrat.

D.I.A. Kumarasiri (Lib Dem.)
56-58 Valley Road, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 1LT
Tel: 0115 940 0169
Email: deva.kumarasiri@virgin.net

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Keep Up The Pressure

BACK IN January, we published a few articles about Geert Wilders. The following is a special update from SITAmnesty:

The international SITA action in support of Geert Wilders began on January 21st, 2009 and to date (March 20th, 2009) is a success. 3500 visits have been registered to the site http://sitamnesty.wordpress.com/ for the 4 proposed actions. That totals hundreds of letters (as reported by the Dutch newspaper,
De Telegraaf) which have arrived at the Court in Amsterdam, at the offices of lawyer Spong and at the Dutch Justice Ministry. These letters resulted in the visit of the Ministry for Justice to the SITAmnesty — proof that they are disturbed by our SITA mailings.

A drop of water which falls regularly on the same spot manages to penetrate the hardest rock.

Our SITA mailings must continue to sow doubt and uncertainty among the dhimmis of Amsterdam. Now it is necessary to break down their morale by maintaining a regular flow of letters; not necessarily in great quantities but on a regular basis because they must not be allowed to believe that mailings will decrease and eventually stop and that people will end up forgetting
Geert Wilders. Let them be surprised that the flow continues!

So we invite all those who took an active part in this action to reactivate it. Bear in mind that there are always new readers who do not know about SITAactions and some who don't even know about Geert Wilders’ predicament.

What Should We Do Now?

1. As soon as you come across an article about
Geert Wilders, choose from this page: http://planete-sita.bravehost.com/soutienwilders.html the message you want to use and copy and paste it in the comments section of the article you came across (about Geert Wilders). Let's get this information more widely available.

2. Send letters, SITAmnesty-style, directly to key people in the Netherlands. Get names and addresses and read more about exactly what to do here.

3. For the owners of sites or blogs who have already relayed our action they can act according to their own wishes. Either they can republish their first article, or rewrite a new one, or simply choose from this page: http://planete-sita.bravehost.com/soutienwilders.html the message urging action on their web sites.

Reminder: The two actions in support to Geert Wilders are available at these pages:
http://tinyurl.com/CBBMQ6 or http://tinyurl.com/CooXBH

Read more about Geert Wilders' predicament

Watch an interview with Geert Wilders.

Find out how to take SITAmnesty actions.

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For Andre79

Sweet dreams of childhood my friend. (found them here, at CMT of all places. ALL of the good ones)

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Kristallnacht will begin at Starbucks - And it will be soon

I think Vlad hits the nail on the head here.

From Vlad Tepes Blog:

Readers of Vlad will know we follow two threads especially. Artists and Islam and for very important reasons, not the least of which, is that artists like gay groups which are famously liberal (as are we at Vlad) have somehow been conned into joining the most illiberal forces on earth today masquerading as human rights groups or ‘peace’ groups. This tactic is what destroyed an otherwise pretty decent Iran. And the Jihad against starbucks. Initially it was a kind of curiosity to us. How the left and militant Islam had joined forces to try and destroy Starbucks. We have seen Starbucks locations destroyed in Europe during pro Hamas demonstrations and various locations of Starbucks in Canada and elsewhere have had peculiar protests and memo’s from head office. Muslims with a motive of pure anti semitism have managed to co-opt students leftists and basically anyone stupid or uneducated enough to wear a Che T shirt, to attack Starbucks for the ‘anti corporate’ agenda so fashionable with kids who do not have to pay their own bills. Kristallnacht will happen again, it will happen soon, and it will start at Starbucks.

Now we have this in Lebanon…

From The Lebanon Daily Star Beirut:

Activists protest against Starbucks, drive off customers
By Marc Abizeid 
Special to The Daily Star
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Activists protest against Starbucks, drive off customers

BEIRUT: About 25 young activists belonging to the Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth (ULDY) demonstrated outside a Beirut Starbucks Monday evening to protest the Seattle-based coffee shop’s ties to Israel. Members handed out leaflets and shouted slogans outside the store, catching the attention of passers-by and virtually ending all traffic heading in for a drink. A handful of police officers guarded the entrance of the store while two army trucks unloaded about a dozen soldiers across the street in anticipation of violence.

“It’s not just Starbucks that we’re demonstrating against,” 25-year-old ULDY member Hassan Zeitouny said. “It’s a demonstration against all that send aid to Israel, especially those that give money to Israelis to return back to Israel.”

ULDY - a leftist organization with ties to the Lebanese Communist Party - organized a similar demonstration outside the Hamra Starbucks during Israel’s devastating 22-day assault on Gaza in January. The group is also active in the larger campaign to boycott other American products and companies which it accuses of supporting Israel such as CocaCola and Phillip Morris.

The activists held signs up to the cafe’s windows with one displaying a drawing of a Starbucks’ cup overflowing with blood while another carried a mock-menu offering “coffee to kill my family,” and “espresso to knock down my house.”

Cheers were sung as each customer left the shop. After the last customers exited quietly, the cafe was left empty except for a few discouraged-looking employees sitting around a table drinking their own product.

“It’s good that people are leaving. I think they understood something - they understood this shop here is against Lebanon,” Zeitouni said. “Some citizens don’t know that Starbucks gives money to Israel while others know but don’t want to understand how much this flies in the face of what we stand for.”

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All homosexuals should be stoned to death, says Muslim preacher of hate

These guys are just asking to be thrown in prison for sedition. 

From the Daily Mail:

All homosexuals should face stoning to death, a Muslim preacher of hate declared yesterday.

Anjem Choudary, the firebrand cleric who wants to see Britain ruled by Sharia law, said such a regime was the only way to fix the country's ills.

Under it, adulterers and homosexuals would be killed by stoning. Asked if that would include anybody - even a Cabinet minister such as Business Secretary Lord Mandelson - Choudary responded with an astonishing diatribe.

Enlarge Choudary

Hate, hate and more hate: Anjem Choudary (centre), flanked by two cohorts, prepares to give a press conference on Friday in which he says homosexuals should be stoned to death

He said: 'If a man likes another man, it can happen, but if you go on to fulfil your desire, if it is proved, then there is a punishment to follow. You don't stone to death unless there are four eyewitnesses. It is a very stringent procedure.

'There are some people who are attracted to donkeys but that does not mean it is right.'

Choudary was speaking at a press conference in London arranged by Muslim extremists to justify their protest in Luton last week against soldiers returning home from Iraq.

His incendiary remarks immediately prompted calls for him to be investigated by police. Tory MP Patrick Mercer said: 'These statements show the depravity of this man's beliefs. They must incite hatred and encourage terrorism, and I would encourage the Metropolitan Police to investigate them as rigorously as possible.'

The Rev Sharon Ferguson, chief executive of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, said: 'This is appalling. The police should look very closely at what has been said to see if there is any action they should be taking.'

Contempt: Muslim protesters at Tuesday's parade in Luton

Contempt: Muslim protesters hurl insults at the homecoming parade of British soldiers in Luton

Police were not at the press conference but a Scotland Yard spokesman said officers would investigate if a complaint was made.

Only last week, Choudary, a self-styled 'judge of the Sharia Court of the UK', was defending the shameful protests against soldiers parading through Luton after a tour of duty in Iraq.

Yet a week ago, the Daily Mail exposed fundamentalist Choudary's student days when he was pictured swigging beer, cavorting with women and puffing on a cannabis joint - offences for which he would be lashed and stoned under his version of Sharia law. Yesterday he sheepishly confessed:

'Yes, I was not always practising Islam. Certainly in my student days I was not a practising Muslim.'

Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammedi

Wake-up call: Omar Bakri has warned of another 7/7-style attack

Yesterday Choudary, 42, was flanked by two fellow firebrands at the press conference at the Express by Holiday Inn Hotel in Chingford, East London.

It started with warning from fellow hate cleric Omar Bakri, who warned that Britons should 'wake up before it is too late' or suffer another 7/7 terror attack.

The preacher threatened that ordinary Muslims living here would rise up and retaliate for the 'evil' acts of British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bakri, banned from Britain four years ago, broadcast his threats from his Lebanon bolthole over a speakerphone.

In London, sitting alongside Choudary was Ishtiaq Alamgir, another ringleader of the Luton protests, who accused British soldiers of torture, rape and murder. He said: 'Those British soldiers have blood on their hands.'

A third firebrand, Abu Abdullah, 30, branded the British Government 'tyrannical' and warned: 'Do not relax, do not recline, or you will be touched by the fire of hell.'

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Apartheid Discourse Spreading

From Nizo's Blog [Christine note: A gay Palestinian]

Nizo: I heard you just came back from Israel and Palestine, did you enjoy your trip?

Jamaican woman: I really enjoyed Bethlehem

Swiss woman: The Church of the Nativity must have been beautiful

Jamaican woman: The people were even more beautiful, and kind and generous. The Palestinians that is... not the other people.

Swiss woman: Oh, you mean, them

Nizo: The Israelis!

Jamaican woman and Swiss woman look around nervously

Jamaican woman: Yes, they are an arrogant people, and the way they treat the Palestinians is a disgrace.

Swiss woman: Well if Hamas didn't push Israel so much, Israel would be kinder to the Palestinians.

Jamaican woman: The Israelis are taking out their anger over the Holocaust at the Palestinians. They cage them like animals. Look at me, I'm black, I don't take out my anger at white people, even if they once owned black slaves.

Nizo: The territories were more open before the bombs were going off in the buses.

Jamaican woman: It's collective punishment! They should just go after the terrorists.

Swiss woman: I heard some areas are turning into South Africa at the time of apartheid

Nizo: Well, the historical circumstances are quite different though, considering all the wars between Israel and her neighbors..

Jamaican woman: No she's right, it's apartheid all over again! I saw it with my own eyes!


At this point I realized how silly I looked as a Palestinian defending Israel. Fuck Israel, what have they done for me lately? I'm joining in the fun!


Nizo: And we'll never hear about Israel's abuses because the pro-Israel lobby controls the media! and Hollywood! And if you dare criticise them you're branded an anti-semite!

Both women nod emphatically


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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Chicken Ranch

A Song About the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

Hey! You Crazy Jihadis! Make sure you have your dark shades on and hat pulled low or someone may spot you going in here. Your pencil dick bosses wouldn't like that too much.

I read an interview in Guitar Player long ago where Billy Gibbons said he often uses a quarter or a peso as a pick to get that thick fat sound. Hell on the strings, though.

ZZ Top

La Grange

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Been a tough week both in Infildelphia and here at the cube farm. Need a spirit changer.

And they don't come any better than this.

from Woodstock
Crosby, Stills and Nash
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

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Go Ahead. Pick any 4 politicians you want. Imagine them in the pillories here. Begin to smile.

I'll be collecting rotten produce for hurling.

(why, yes, I did swipe the picture from Maggie's Farm. What of it?)


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United In Hate: Why the Left Loves and Glorifies Tyranny

From SaberPoint:

I just got from Amazon.com my copy of Jamie Glazov's book, "United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror." I also heard Glazov on KSFO radio (San Francisco) talk about the book.

Glazov notes that the Left always supports the tyranny du jour. First they supported Fascism; then Soviet Communism; and today they support violent Islam and Jihad. This is not an exaggeration. Jonah Goldberg, in his book "Liberal Fascism," gives historical facts about the liberal dalliance with fascism in the 1930s (they liked it -- a strong central, socialist government where the interests of the state superseded that of the individual. What's not to like?).

The left's romance with Soviet tyranny is something I observed first hand, having lived through a few decades of that history. Basically, they wanted unilateral disarmament, meaning, we would prove to the Soviets that we loved and trusted them by eliminating or severely reducing our nuclear stockpiles, thus making them feel secure and voila, they would eventually follow suit by reducing their nuclear capability as well. Furthermore, we wouldn't oppose their subversion and conquest of other nations because those nations would be better off under communism anyway. Some idiots even suggested that we send great sums of money to communist third-world despotisms who hated our guts. Sort of like Obama is doing today with regard to Hamas, pledging to send them almost a billion dollars.

Today radical Islam is the new fad. Leftists throughout the West are importing millions of hostile Muslims and changing their laws and customs to suit the newcomers. The Left hates Jews and so admire the fanatical Islamic anti-semitism

Go read the whole thing over at Stogmeister's place.
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Obama Wants You to Sign a Pledge

This tears it. This is absolutely over the fucking line.

Accost me in a parking lot or at my door and there will be trouble.

at American Thinker:

Obama wants you to pledge loyalty to him tomorrow
By Lona Manning

They have taken a pledge of loyalty to Obama, and they say they are coming tomorrow for yours. Organizing for America, the Obama-for-President campaign morphed into Obama-for-Maximum-Leader army, will hit the streets for their "Pledge Project Canvass," knocking on doors and accosting folks in parking lots and sidewalks to ask them to sign a pledge to support Obama's policies for health care, energy and education reform.

Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee, is variously described in the media as [President Obama's] "own version of a lobbying firm", "a parallel organization to the Democratic National Committee" and "an independent force to lobby for Obama's goals" (Houston Chronicle); "an independent group" (Dayton Daily News); Obama's "citizen army," and a way of building public opinion" (The Bergen County Record); "a grass-roots lobbying group," (Roll Call), "Obama 2.0" (Newark Star-Ledger), "a joint partnership," (DNC press release), and as a "political bully," (AP).

According to Mitch Stewart, Director of OFA, the organization will be "getting out in front of Washington and asking our elected officials to lead the charge on energy, education and health care this year."

So one might suppose that all the names and emails collected this weekend will be sent to our lawmakers in Washington in the form of a petition. Except that David Plouffe, Obama's former campaign director and an "advisor" to OFA, has emphatically stated that they will do no such thing.

Plouffe "stressed that Organizing for America is not aimed at twisting the arms of members of Congress but meant to keep activists engaged on issues such as health care, energy and the economy."

Syndicated columnist Dick Polman reported on January 29 that:
"Mr. Obama's aides emphasized that the effort was not created to lobby directly
or pressure members of Congress to support Mr. Obama's programs... ‘This is not
a political campaign,'' Mr. Plouffe said. ''This is not a 'call or e-mail your
member of Congress' organization.''"

Whoops! Looks like Plouffe is out of the loop on that one. The OFA website prominently asks people to call Congress and helps them look up their representative's name and number. It even provides a script.

Now, it is confusing to see the Democratic National Committee asking for help to persuade the Democrat-led Congress and the Democrat-led Senate.

But according to OFA Director Stewart, ordinary folks like you are needed to combat "a Washington establishment that doesn't welcome change.... It's up to you to show Washington that Americans are demanding this new direction."

Okay, so who in Washington, exactly? Is the DNC going to give the names and emails to lobbyists? To Washington bureaucrats? That's doubtful. The sign-up sheet to be used for the pledge drive does not mention any privacy policy.

It does reveal (at the very bottom) that OFA is a project of the DNC. This might come as a surprise to dedicated Obama supporter Janine Poppa, who told the Dayton Daily News, "It is a nonpartisan effort, and I hope people believe it's nonpartisan, because we truly do need each other to move it forward."

Poor Ms. Poppa might be disillusioned to learn that the Florida Democratic State machine unabashedly bragged to the St. Petersburg Times that they were "preparing to tap into Barack Obama's grass roots machine to build the biggest political operation ever seen from the state party."

"The million-dollar question is how to translate the activism and enthusiasm that Barack Obama was able to create and translate it down the line,'' said Steve Schale, a Democratic consultant who managed Obama's Florida campaign. "That's the challenge, but fundamentally the state is better for Democrats than ever before because of what Barack Obama was able to do. It's still up to candidates to have compelling messages and drive up enthusiasm."

No doubt the Florida Dems will be getting another memo from Plouffe to remind them that OFA a movement "not to win an election, but to change this country."

Phillip Elliott reported in January that the extensive OFA email list is not even being shared with the DNC: "Party officials had hoped Obama would transfer his list of supporters to the party, a move that would put them in control of one of the most extensive campaign organizations in politics. Instead, Obama decided to keep ownership of that enormous campaign and install his own loyalists to run it." This was done, Obama's aides insisted, in the name of being "post-partisan."

And Stewart and Plouffe, those idealistic grass-roots campaigners, stress that OFA is all about getting feedback from the Obama followers: "Mitch... believes so strongly in feedback, so we want to hear from you!"

The website is all about making "sure your voice is heard."

So tut-tut to Macon Phillips, the 30-year-old White House director of New Media, who told the New York Times that the OFA website "would give the White House another way to reach the public without having to rely on the mainstream news media." Doesn't he know that OFA is for people to communicate with their Leader, not for the Leader to send messages to his people?
Turns out even commenters at the Daily Kos are skeptical of the post-campaign uses of a campaign database.
"A small concern... again, small, but I need to voice it. I'd love to work like this to push for certain issues and policies I want to see enacted......however...I don't want to see this turn into some type of "permanent campaign". If anyone knows how the Obama administration is drawing that line I'd like to hear about it."

"There's no more campaigning to do. We won. Now it's up to us to usher in Obama's Age of Responsibility by working together to help fix America. The new goal is in service projects, not electioneering."

"I think it would be nice to include a smidge of something somewhere about the difference between governing and campaigning - it'd not only help answer any
critics, but it would again draw another difference between the Obama administration and 8 years of Bush."

Whatever OFA is, David Plouffe at least thinks ''[t]his has obviously never been undertaken before. So it's going to be a little trial and error.'' As we noted on Wednesday, it seems as though OFA's organizers are ignorant of the lessons of history and of the sinister ambitions of leaders who created their own private organizations, loyal only to them.


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