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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Alice Walker walks herself right off my list of recommended authors

Actually, I can't say I've ever read any of her books, but those with common sense, her current intentions should raise some eyebrows. From the AP/LeHigh Valley Express-Times:
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — Pulitzer-prize winning author Alice Walker, who wrote "The Color Purple," is traveling to Gaza along with other female activists to highlight the devastation of the Israeli offensive on Gaza's residents.

"I feel that what is happening in the Middle East is very important because the situation is so volatile," said Walker, speaking by telephone Saturday from the Rafah border crossing as her group waited to travel into Gaza. "I love people, and I love children and I feel that the Palestinian child is just as precious as the African-American child, as the Jewish child."

Walker is part of a group of about 60 women going to Gaza to deliver aid and meet with NGOs and residents. The trip, organized by the U.S. anti-war group Code Pink, is intended to push both Israel and Egypt to open the borders into Gaza, said Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink who helped organize the trip.
Aw gee, what a shame she doesn't have the courage to voice her concerns about how Muslims in Gaza or elsewhere raise their children for jihad. No need to waste time on this naive anti-warrist's works then.

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They are WORSE than who we thought they were - Obama Ponders Outreach to Elements of the Taliban

SUNDAY's NYT (No less...watch the justifications and backpedaling):
WASHINGTON -- President Obama declared in an interview that the United States was not winning the war in Afghanistan and opened the door to a reconciliation process in which the American military would reach out to moderate elements of the Taliban, much as it did with Sunni militias in Iraq.
Sorry but the Sunnis in Iraq did not attack NY and Washington. Ideas of 'more moderate elements' of the Taliban are those who won't BLOW UP ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS FOR GIRLS? We suppose?

Is there to be any hope for this president?


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National Intelligence Council Nominee: 'What 9/11 Showed is That If We Bomb People, They Bomb Back'

From Little Green Footballs:

Martin Kramer has a post today on the Obama administration’s nominee to head the National Intelligence Council—Saudi puppet Chas Freeman: Chas Freeman and 9/11.

How important has resentment of Israel been to Al Qaeda’s terrorism? Here is one side of the argument, by an American who knows Saudi Arabia well:

The heart of the poison is the Israel-Palestinian conundrum. When I was in Saudi Arabia, I was told by Saudi friends that on Saudi TV there were three terrorists who came out and spoke. Essentially the story they told was that they had been recruited to fight for the Palestinians against the Israelis, but that once in the training camp, their trainers gradually shifted their focus away from the Israelis to the monarchy in Saudi Arabia and to the United States. So the recruitment of terrorists has a great deal to do with the animus that arises from that continuing and worsening situation.
And here is the opposing view, by an American who knows the Kingdom equally well:
Mr. bin Laden’s principal point, in pursuing this campaign of violence against the United States, has nothing to do with Israel. It has to do with the American military presence in Saudi Arabia, in connection with the Iran-Iraq issue. No doubt the question of American relations with Israel adds to the emotional heat of his opposition and adds to his appeal in the region. But this is not his main point.
So now you’ve heard two sides of the debate. Who made the first statement? Charles “Chas” Freeman, former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the Obama administration’s nominee to head the National Intelligence Council (NIC). Who made the second statement? Charles “Chas” Freeman, former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the Obama administration’s nominee to head the National Intelligence Council (NIC).

The first quote dates from January 2004, the second from October 1998. The difference between them is 9/11, when it became the Saudi line to point to Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians as the “root cause” of the September 11 attacks.

Freeman’s weird statements don’t stop with these contradictions either:

Does Freeman really believe that Israel’s actions caused Bin Laden’s terror? Who knows? He’s put forward two completely contradictory explanations. One would like to believe that in his heart of hearts, he still knows what he knew in 1998, that Bin Laden’s “campaign of violence against the United States, has nothing to do with Israel.” One would like to believe that in 2006, he was cynically shilling for the Saudis when he blamed 9/11 on “our unflinching support and unstinting subsidies of Israel’s approach.” Because if he wasn’t just cynically shilling, he’s gone off the rails. (Actually, there is a third Freeman explanation for 9/11, so bizarre that I don’t know quite how to categorize it. Parse this: “What 9/11 showed is that if we bomb people, they bomb back.”)

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From Reliapundit at the Astute Bloggers:




AP: Analysis: Obama Recovery Plans Sowing Some Unease

President Barack Obama offered his domestic-policy proposals as a ''break from a troubled past.''

But the economic outlook now is more troubled than it was even in January, despite Obama's bold rhetoric and commitment of more trillions of dollars.

And while his personal popularity remains high, some economists and lawmakers are beginning to question whether Obama's agenda of increased government activism is helping, or hurting, by sowing uncertainty among businesses, investors and consumers that could prolong the recession.


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Facebook Anti Israel - Pro Jihad

Protest Launched Against Facebook for Being Pro-Jihad, Anti-Israel

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is calling upon all supporters of freedom of speech and of Israel to join in its protest against Facebook, the Internet social networking site. Facebook has allowed a group of hackers who openly support the terrorist group Hizballah to take over and destroy what was once the largest pro-Israel site on Facebook. In a blunt act of internet censorship, Facebook added insult to injury by disabling the account of that site’s creator, 14-year-old Todd Snider.

Snider established the Facebook group called “I Wonder How Quickly I Can Find 1,000,000 People Who Support Israel,” in July 2008. By February 2009 it was Facebook’s largest pro-Israel site, with over 180,000 members.

But on February 15, 2009, Snider’s Facebook group was hacked and destroyed by a pro-Hizballah group calling itself “Lebanese Shee’a Hackers.” The hackers completely erased the original site content and replaced it with threatening, obscenity-laced pro-jihad, anti-Israel propaganda datelined Bint Jbeil, South Lebanon: “DEAR ADMINS, DON’T WASTE MY AND YOUR TIME , LEAVE THIS GROUP ITS BETTER FOR BOTH THIS IS THE LAST TIME ILL EDIT YOU INFO , NEXT TIME…”

Facebook allowed the hackers to destroy Snider’s site, answering his repeated entreaties for help with blandly evasive form letters.

And now, after the appearance on March 6 of an article about the incident in FrontPageMagazine.com (“Facebook Jihad” by Robert Spencer), Facebook has taken the additional step of disabling Snider’s account altogether, capitulating to the jihadi hackers and accusing Snider himself of “misusing” Facebook’s “features.”

Facebook’s outrageous action is not only an assault on free speech and internet freedom and a breach of its own social networking protocols, but also appeasement of a group of hackers who have invaded Facebook’s space and who openly avow their support for the jihad terrorist group Hizballah.

We therefore urge all Facebook members who oppose Islamist terror and internet censorship to contact the site administrators through the Facebook contact form, and all others to join us in protesting against Facebook’s outrageous behavior by writing to abuse@facebook.com.

David Horowitz
Robert Spencer

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Hey Obama, Isolate Iran, or Engage Them - Make Up Your God Damned Mind

From Jonathan Tobin at Commentary:

Following the Obama administration’s foreign policy isn’t easy. The president appears to be simultaneously pursuing both dialogue with and outreach toward Iran, while also trying to isolate the Islamic Republic.

A willingness to talk to the Iranians was a hallmark of the president’s campaign pitch, and the invitation to Tehran to take part in talks on Afghanistan is consistent with that way of thinking.  On the other hand, Obama’s not-so-secret letter to Russia, offering to pass on the installation of missile defenses in former Soviet-bloc satellites in exchange for Moscow’s help in stopping the Iranian nuclear program, shows that the administration is aware of the Iranian danger (even if this gambit was absurd in its abandonment of our Eastern European allies or expectation of any aid from Putin). The idea of an opening to Syria (ably explored by Bret Stephens in the March issue of COMMENTARY) is also supposed to be part of the isolation strategy. So, too, was Hillary Clinton’s tough talk about Iran during her tour of the region this week.

Obama apologists will say that exploring all these options is merely prudent. It shows Tehran that we are flexible enough to engage them if they want to talk and tough enough to isolate them if not.

But the problem with this is that the conflicting messages that Washington is sending will most likely convince the Iranians that we aren’t really serious about doing what we must to halt their nuclear ambitions. Do the ayatollahs take Obama seriously? No one thinks this administration will ever use force to stop Iran. And there are indications that, far from being ready to join in a more concerted effort at tougher and more meaningful sanctions, our European allies seem more interested in pushing Israel to talk to Tehran’s ally, Hamas, than doing anything about Iran.

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The New Intolerable Acts

Guest Commentary by Edward Cline:

There are qualified parallels between what American colonists protested and rebelled against in 1774-1775, and what modern Americans ought to be rebelling against today. As Congress passes legislation intended to take over the economy, the British Crown passed legislation intended to take over that of the American colonies. President Barack Obama’s proposed budget is specifically worded to accomplish the near total nationalization of the economy. A succession of Acts of Parliament which virtually assured revolution and war were what were called the Intolerable or Coercive Acts.

The TARP and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Acts are more massive in scope than any of the Intolerable Acts -- which were mercantilist in nature, not socialist -- but not dissimilar from the British Acts in their specific ends: to achieve a captive economy intended to serve statist purposes.

A letter to the editor of The Tennessean of February 5, in the form of a letter to the IRS advising it that the writer would be late in paying his income tax, lists all the taxes the individual paid in the daily course of his life:

I have paid these taxes: accounts receivable tax, building permit tax, CDL tax, cigarette tax, corporate income tax, dog license tax, federal income tax, unemployment tax, gasoline tax, hunting license tax, fishing license tax, waterfowl stamp tax, inheritance tax, inventory tax, liquor tax, Medicare tax, city, school and county property taxes (up 33 percent the last four years), real estate tax, Social Security tax, road usage tax, toll road tax, state and city sales taxes, recreational vehicle tax, state franchise tax, state unemployment tax, telephone federal excise tax, telephone federal, state and local surcharge tax, telephone minimum usage surcharge tax, telephone state and local taxes, utility tax, vehicle license registration tax, capital gains tax, lease severance tax, oil and gas assessment tax, Tennessee property tax, Kentucky, Mississippi, Virginia, Georgia and Alabama sales taxes, and many more that I can’t recall but I have run out of space and money.
The average American citizen could also report an equal or greater number of taxes he pays, regardless of his state of residence.

A host of British and even colonial taxes burdened American colonists (in Virginia, for example, there was a local tax on carriages and their wheels) in the decades leading up to passage of the one that lit the fuse of rebellion, and then of revolution: the Stamp Act, passed by Parliament in March 1765. Its repeal almost exactly a year later by Parliament taught the Crown government nothing. Aside from the Revenue or Sugar Act of 1764, which was intended to reduce smuggling rum and goods from the West Indies and the European continent, the Act of Parliament which first proved “intolerable” was the Stamp Act. It is the Stamp Act which best parallels the situation of Americans today. The Intolerable or Coercive Acts of 1774-1775 were chiefly punitive in nature and not intended to raise Crown revenue.

The Stamp Act was chiefly a wholesale levy on the commercial and legal structure of the colonies. Its gross effect was to encompass virtually every action taken by the colonists in their daily lives. An American colonist could not move without encountering a tax. Hardly a commodity -- tea, hats, furs, lumber, and so on -- could be purchased as either a necessity or a luxury that was not directly taxed or whose price reflected a tax paid by another party and passed on to the purchaser; often, both taxes added to the price.

Here is a sampling of some of the Stamp taxes**:

Ÿ A three-pence tax was imposed on “declarations, pleas, replications, rejoinders, demurrers, or other pleading, or any copy thereof, in any Court.”

Ÿ A four-pence tax was imposed on “bills of lading, for any kinds of goods for exportation, or any Cockett or Clearance granted within the Colonies and Plantations of America.”

Ÿ A one-shilling tax was imposed on “monitions, libels, answers, allegations, inventories, or renunciations in ecclesiastical matters in any Court…informations or other Pleading in any Admiralty Court.”

Ÿ A two-pound (£) tax was imposed on “donations, presentations, collations or institutions to any benefice, or registers, entries, testimonials or certificates of any degree taken in any university, academy, college or seminary of learning.”

Ÿ A four-pound tax was imposed on “licenses for retailing wine, grants, appointments or admissions to any public beneficial office….” [A three-pound tax was imposed on the renewal of a license to retail wine.]

Ÿ A one-shilling tax was imposed on “every pack of cards sold or used within the Colonies and Plantations of America.”

Ÿ A ten-shilling tax was imposed on dice. [Packs of cards and dice were wrapped to accommodate the stamps, which were already affixed to the wrappers. Today, for example, state tax stamps are printed on packs of cigarettes and other tobacco products.]

The taxes which most outraged colonists were the ones imposed on newspapers, almanacs, and calendars, ranging from two to eight pence, depending on the item. Newspapers especially would have been crippled, since all newsprint (the paper on which newspapers were printed) was by law restricted to British-made and imported newsprint, for which a hefty premium was charged. Colonists regarded these taxes as taxes on knowledge. And the catch was that all stamp taxes had to be paid in British sterling or specie only, of which very little circulated in the colonies because most of it remained in Britain under the credit arrangements with British merchants in the mercantilist system. The average colonist handled little more than two or three pounds in one year.

Today, Americans pay a “stamp” sales tax on their newspapers, periodicals, and books, pay the numerous taxes passed on to them by the publishers of these things, in addition to taxes on virtually everything they buy and consume.

Whatever one’s verdict on the Crown’s failed Stamp Act, British politicians were counting on the Americans to keep producing in order to sustain the mercantilist system (chiefly as suppliers of raw materials; other legislation discouraged or prohibited development of manufacturing in the colonies). But one cannot say that about TARP and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The ARRA and Obama’s budget proposal are designed to drain all private capital into federal coffers. Obama and his Congressional allies cannot help but realize that this would destroy what capitalism -- or freedom -- is left in the U.S.

The first “bailout” was intended to sustain the creations or beneficiaries of a mixed economy. Ayn Rand pointed out in her 1972 article, “The Establishment of an Establishment,” that:

In business, the rise of the welfare state froze the status quo, perpetuating the power of big corporations of the pre-income tax era, placing them beyond the competition of the tax-strangled newcomers. A similar process took place in the welfare state of the intellect. The results, in both fields, are the same.***
Thus General Motors, AIG, Bank of America, and many other older companies which grew to mammoth size not only have benefited from the rise of the welfare state, but are the beneficiaries of federal favors. (AIG, or the American International Group, I should remark here, is especially culpable; together with Armand Hammer and other amoral Western businessmen with connections to government trade officials, it had close dealings with the Soviet Union and helped to sustain that totalitarian regime.)

The Obama regime aims to buy “stakes” in nominally private entities for the purpose of “socializing” them by directing their purposes and revenue. This is what happened in Fascist Italy and in Nazi Germany. Fascism and Nazism are hardly “right wing” political systems, as left-wingers claim; they are left-wing to the core. Presidents Clinton and the two Bushes prepared the way for Obama and Company with their own legislation; Obama and Company are ready to finalize the destruction of this country.

There is another noteworthy parallel. In 1763, at the end of the French and Indian War, George III issued a proclamation prohibiting colonial settlement in the lands west of the tramontane, or the Allegheny Mountain range, the better to regulate, control and tax the American colonists. A similar move is brewing in Congress to cut off the escape of private capital from federal taxation and confiscation to offshore banking havens, such as the Bahamas and Switzerland.

Captive economies such as that contemplated by Obama, Congress and their supporters outside of the government remain command economies for very brief periods of time -- unless they are buttressed by relatively freer economies. It explains the longevity of such totalitarian regimes as the Soviet Union, Red China, Cuba and North Korea, which for decades benefited from loans, subsidies and “trade” agreements granted by Western governments. Otherwise, such economies, if left to their own devices, simply atrophy and ultimately collapse. They are naturally asphyxiated by the absence of freedom.

The only American colonies to generate revenue for the Crown from the Stamp Act were Georgia, East and West Florida, and the Canadian and West Indian colonies. In all the other colonies Americans rebelled and refused to pay the taxes. Shipments of stamps were burned or were warehoused by distributors until they could be sent back to Britain. Royally appointed governors were impotent to enforce the Act. Every Crown-appointed stamp distributor was compelled to resign his commission. The rebellion was an overture to the Boston Tea Party of 1773 and ultimately to Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, and to the Declaration of Independence.

Whether or not the recent, numerous “tea parties” held across the country in protest against Obama’s and Congress’s plan to guile Americans into accepting slavery or servitude will have any lasting consequence or effect on Washington, remains to be seen. Whether or not the stock market continues to refuse to “rally” in response to Obama’s economic agenda, also remains to be seen.

But the fact that they have occurred is evidence there are countless Americans who regard recent and proposed legislation as intolerable. At the moment, it is hard to gauge if they possess the moral stamina required to consistently confront the behemoth of federal power. They will need intellectual guidance as well as courage. They will need ideas to let them know they are right. They will need the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

It is not enough for Americans to merely sense that the only moral and practical “stimulus” to economic recovery is freedom. They must know it. Only philosophy can give them that certitude.

And it is hard to judge if Obama, Congress and the collectivists will have the malice and vengeful bottom to call for their own Coercive Acts in answer to such resistance. Having come so close to conquering America, they may be tempted to try it. Just as the Crown, long before the Stamp Act was even enacted, was contemplating turning the American colonies into one huge camp of indentured servants, the “progressives” in this country have for decades plotted and drooled over the chance to achieve the same end.

Americans, beware! Obama, Congress and the collectivists are not the rattlesnakes that appeared on American militia flags, but together one stalking monitor lizard that bites its prey, poisons it with the venom of altruism, and waits for it to die of it before feeding on the carcass.

Long live Lady Liberty!

*Source: English Historical Documents: American Colonial Documents to 1776, ed. Merrill Jensen. London: Eyre & Spottiswoode (1964).
**The 1765 Tax Stamps for America, ed. Adolph Koeppel. American Revenue Association (1962).
*** In Philosophy: Who Needs It. New York: Signet softcover (1982), p. 170.

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International Women’s Day

Tomorrow, Sunday March 8th, is International Women's Day. Although this is a day to support all women, in all countries, I want to bring a group of women into focus who I feel need it the most.

In most countries, in particular the US, there are laws against violence to women. But, Muslim women, even some in our own country, are abused and killed in the name of their religion and do not have the same rights and laws.

Islamic honor killings take center stage
Women's rights group warns of beatings, executions

Posted: March 05, 2009
9:04 pm Eastern

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

A human rights organization says it's not enough for Americans to adopt "resolutions" opposing violence when Islamic girls are stoned for being victims of gang-rapes and warns that such violence already has moved into the United States, with beatings and murders – including a recent beheading – documented.

The result is a plan for a public rally on March 8, International Women's Day, at the Capitol Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C., according to the organization Responsible for Equality and Liberty.

"Every day, women are under attack by Islamic supremacism that supports and approves of oppression, mutilation, and murder of women. According to leaders and followers of Islamic supremacism, they have the right to commit violence against women. Islamic supremacism views oppression of women as a legitimate 'right,' violence against women as a legitimate 'right,' and murdering women as a legitimate 'right,'" the organization announced.

The organization cited the U.S. Senate response – a resolution – when not even a year ago a 13-year-old girl, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, was stoned in front of an African crowd of 1,000 as "punishment" for being the victim of a gang rape.

According to a BBC report, while she begged for mercy, those stoning her said they were doing the will of Allah.

But the Senate failed to even acknowledge the "Islamic supremacist ideology" behind the attack in Somalia, a nation which now is ruled by Islamic Shariah law from border to border, the group charged.

That same "ideology," now has arrived in America, too, the group warned.

"Being 'sorry' is not enough. Politicians' 'condemnations' are not enough. Ignoring the Islamic supremacist ideology behind the slaughter and oppression of women in America and around the world is not enough. … If we don't speak out, if we don't demand more of our national and international leaders, more women will be murdered by Islamic supremacists."

According to the organization, the effects – so far – on American women have included one case in which a Muslim TV network founder honored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations was accused of beheading his wife. Authorities there decided that the suspect should only be charged with second-degree murder.

There also have been cases of beatings, a woman told she would be treated "like a dog," a death threat for "defaming" Islam, a daughter in Atlanta murder for "honor," and two Dallas teenagers killed for the "crime" of having boyfriends, the group said.

"We demand that American government leaders acknowledge the existence of Islamic supremacism and act on the threat of Islamic supremacism to women. Now," the group said.

"This global threat against women must be confronted by both men and women, not just by being 'sorry' about random violence or about 'extremist' actions against women, but by demanding that our representatives acknowledge that Islamic supremacism threatens them, and by calling for global action against Islamic supremacism," the group said.

The campaign also has been taken up by the United Nations, where its rapporteur, Yakin Etruk, has warned against the "growing crisis."

"Women must demand that their governments implement agreements on women's equality, rights and an end to violence against women, which have been signed but have yet to be carried out. In these countries, those who speak on behalf of Islam still justify things like stoning or killing a woman for this or that reason as being part of their religion," she said.

According to the Associated Press, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said seven women who were shot in the head in "honor killings" deserved their deaths.

They had "loose morals," he told reporters, and rightfully were shot by male relatives.

REAL also reported a Canadian girl was murdered for "honor," in France and Germany Muslim women are set on fire, and in Israel Arab women are poisoned or strangled for defying Islamic supremacist traditions.

"We rightly recognize and remember the 3,000 victims of the 9/11 terrorism attacks, but the 5,000 victims of 'honor killings' have no day set aside to remember them, and many of our world leaders would just as soon forget about them," wrote Jeffrey Imm, of REAL.

The organization is assembling a petition that calls upon both U.S. and U.N. officials "to recognize the global threat of oppression and violence to women from Islamic supremacism."

It demands national and international condemnation of Islamic supremacism as a threat to women everywhere, as well as measures to protect the women of the world.

Please sign the petition and if you are in the DC area, try to attend the Rally.

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Leviticus Er-wrecked-us - Ain't That America?

Yesterday, I asked BabbaZee to put up a post here on a recent bill that was passed in Colorado which bans the printing and distribution, by private businesses, of a passage in Leviticus which is condemnatory of homosexuality. 

In Babba's words:

After 400 years of religious freedom for those who wanted to own and distribute Bibles on their own property in America, the Governor of Colorado has put an end to it. SB08-200, signed into law last week will prohibit the issuing, circulating, and distributing of Leviticus 20:13:
If  a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
While churches are exempted for now, Christian schools, Christian book stores, private business, etc. are not.

I asked Babba to add a comment of mine to the main body of the post. Here was my comment:

I asked Babba to repost this article because I believe this bill is a travesty, and is in violation of the Separation of Church and State. We here at Infidel Bloggers Alliance are supporters of gay rights, and accept gays as fellow Infidels (because, we are all co-targets of the Islamic Jihad). That being said, fuck every single seditionist asshole who voted for this bill, and fuck the Governor for signing it into law. I hope you choke to death on a copy of Constitution as you attempt to devour it.
Midnight Rider contributed some words of wisdom in the comments thread which I believe added some nuance (a word we usually don't exactly dig around here at IBA) to the discussion:

Let me state at the top I am against any legislation of morality, sexuality etc. The Constitution is clear when it separates Church and State. And my classic Libertarian leanings tell me you do what you want, I'll do what I want, as long as no one gets hurt it's all good. And the government has no business in it.

Now, reading the bill (and I don't think it is it's final draft as signed) I don't see the church and state issue here. In fact it states this shall not apply to churches, synagogues etc seemingly to avoid that very issue.

To me it reads more like an anti-discrimination bill. It prohibits anyone from saying we won't rent/serve gays, blacks, Catholics etc. nor can you, as an owner of a hotel, restaurant etc have printed material that says we won't serve gays, blacks, Catholics etc. nor say anything or print anything that demeans or otherwise makes them feel uncomfortable for being gays, blacks, Catholics etc. In that I would say it is Banning Hate Speech Lite, as Epa proposes. It's not prohibiting the printing of the Bible or Torah or Tanekh or passages from them. It is saying you can't print them then start shoving them in peoples faces saying "Look - the Bible says gay people like you are going to go to hell and I don't want you in here" IF THEY OWN A PUBLIC BUSINESS WITHIN THAT BUSINESS (which is a First Amendment Free Speech Issue).

For Heaven's sake if that's what it said then Border's, Barnes and Noble et. al. would have to close down their religion section.

Maybe I'm just dunderheaded today but I'm not reading it the same way Babba Zee is.

But let me state again I'm opposed to the bill or any such as a whole. Gov't has no business legislating morality and (using gays ONLY AS AN EXAMPLE) either protecting or prohibiting protection of gay rights.

I don't care if you're white black red yellow gay straight bi trans Jewish Catholic Hindu I really don't give a fuck it makes no difference to me you have the same rights I do as a person.

If more folks would just live and let live we wouldn't be having these discussions.

But the mean old world doesn't work that way.
... it flies in the face of the 1st amendment Free Speech.
(the bill) does not prohibit the printing of it (the verse from Leviticus). That would violate the church section and the free speech. It prohibits printing it and using it as a tool to discriminate. My understanding of that is you can say Hey, you might be interested in reading this. But can't say Hey, you might be interested in reading this because you're a fag and I don't want you in here. You can't print a sign no fags allowed, no niggers allowed etc. I don't see the church and state issue because it is not limiting it to speech tied to religion. It is saying any speech. I may just not like gays because they're gay, not because I find it morally reprehensible.

Now, that said, again I would oppose this anyway. But if you want to ban hate speech, as Epa suggests, then how do you go about it and not trample on the First Amendment one way or another and how can you be opposed to something like this? 

I sent Midnight Rider's comment over to Babba yesterday. I told her that it seemed to me that her reading of the law might be a little off. 

Her response was, 

"It is what it is..." 

which in Babba-speak means she's absolutely-fucking-right about everything in the world. 

 I love Babba, but she's one of the most dogmatic fucks that God has ever graced the planet with. And, coming from me, I think that's saying quite a bit. 

But anyway, this issue is a kind of toss-up to me, and I'll tell you why. I have nothing against gay people. What are you kidding? I'm practically gay myself. I've spent my entire life in entertainment and media, and a lot of my friends of gay, and I love poetry, and I garden, and I love pretty scents, and all kinds of girlie crap.  

I believe the whole gay thing is a continuum, and if I'm right about that, then I'm just barely on the hetero side of the homo/hetero continuum. I'm not saying I'm bi, but I am saying that I was born with a larger feminine side than most men (large male apparatus notwithstanding).  


I also love watching mixed-martial arts. I love watching boxing. I love watching one man punch another man in the head until he loses consciousness. 

I love War movies, gangster movies, Grand Theft Auto, and all manner of violence and mayhem. 

The Lakers are the thing that keeps me going when I'm depressed. I'm a baseball statistic nerd. I collect Lord of the Rings action figures, etc. etc. 

And sad to say, but true, I have a visceral hatred of fairy-type behavior, and when I see it, I am repulsed, and sometimes want to just kick the guys ass for being such a "fag". I think this is instinct at work. 

But, the point is, God gave us Law. He gave us The Word. We are to rise above our animal natures/instincts by living by the Word which becomes alive in us when we have a relationship with Him. 

I do not believe it is Godly to kick the crap out of a fairy-type guy for being less than manly. And, I do not think it is Godly to discriminate against gay people for being gay. 

By the way, I think it is clear I believe gay people are BORN THAT WAY. I've seen too much of it to think differently. Guys who were just total fairies from the very beginning of their lives. Playing tiddly-winks and four-square with the girls, instead of football with the boys. I knew one kid whose was a fairy, and his brother was one of the toughest kids in school. They were one year apart.  

There's just no other explanation for it than that they are just born that way. 

So, if they are born that way, then why should we discriminate against them? 

All this being said, say you're a guy who owns a little hotel, in a little town, and you run it with your family. Maybe you are a Bible-thumping Christian, and you don't want your children to be exposed to two men carrying on their gay life at your little hotel. 

Ain't that America? 

I mean, that's why we invented America, so all of us freaks can live our lives the way we fucking want to live them, without government interferenece. 

So, what's the answer here?
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From Carlos Echevarria at the Astute Bloggers:

Source: Atlas Shrugs

Click here to witness more victims murdered and maimed in the most barbaric fashion, all carried out in the name of Islam, their prophet, Muhammad & the nefarious legal code he instituted.

Crossposted@ Let's Get It Right

«To: U.S. Government and United Nations 
We call upon America's government representatives and the international representatives of the United Nations to recognize the global threat of oppression and violence to women from Islamic supremacism. We demand that they pass national and international resolutions condemning Islamic supremacism as a threat to women everywhere. We demand that these world leaders recognize the existence of Islamic supremacism, and we demand that they take measures to protect the women of the world from the Islamic supremacist ideology. Women are being oppressed, beaten, murdered in America and around the world in the name of Islamic supremacism. Being "sorry" is not enough. We call upon the leaders of the world to take responsibility to SAVE WOMEN NOW from this cruel, vicious, and deadly ideology of Islamic supremacism. 


The Undersigned»

Click here to sign the petition.

Islamic honor killings take center stage
Women's rights group warns of beatings, executions

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United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror

Ronald Radosh from FrontPageMagazine.com, has written an article regarding the book "United In Hate" by Jamie Glazov. He includes his own scathing opinion and evidence that,

the left is our enemy within.

March 5, 2009
By Ronald Radosh

After 9/11, the social-democratic political philosopher, Michael Walzer, asked the readers of Dissent magazine a tough question: "Can there be a decent Left?" His essay was in reality an appeal for its creation, since Walzer was smart enough to realize that so many who spoke in the name of the Left that horrific year were anything but. But now, so many years later, little has changed. If anyone has any doubts about this, there is no better place to start than Jamie Glazov's important new book, United in Hate.

Glazov discusses both the philosophical underpinnings of the leftist world-view and the current form it's taking in the U.S. Starting from the premise that existing reality in democratic America has to be destroyed and that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," large segments of the left today seek to forge an alliance with America's enemies, once the Communist world, now the forces of radical Islam. Glazov traces and seeks to analyze the causes of this movement from the left's support of "the red flag of proletarian revolution" to that of the "black flag of Islamic jihad."

In many cases, Glazov shows how the same people who once sang the praises of Stalin as an anti-fascist leader now praise Islamic terrorists who seek to attack the West. While many learned from 9/11 that the West had real and very dangerous enemies, major figures of the once pro-Soviet Left apparently felt rejuvenated, viewing the attack on the twin towers as the revenge of the masses for American oppression of the Third World. For these people, Glazov writes, 9/11 was a "personal vindication," since they saw "only poetic justice in American commercial airplanes plunging into American buildings packed with people."

Now, they hoped that the project they thought had failed -- the replacement of democratic capitalism with a revolutionary socialist society -- might again have legs. Somehow the fact that radical Islam seeks to return the world to the seventh century as the basis of the social order, does not seem to faze them. Now, at least, they had a movement they could support which would enable them to realize the goal they once had -- the destruction of capitalism and the collapse of the United States.

You can read the rest here.

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OBAMA'S VOTES- RASMUSSEN:34% Agree You Can’t Earn Living in U.S. Without Government Help

George Lakoff, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, recently stated that "the moral mission of government is simple: no one can earn a living in America or live an American life without protection and empowerment by the government."

Thirty-four percent (34%) of voters nationwide agree with Lakoff's assertion while 46% disagree in a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Twenty percent (20%) are not sure.

Half (51%) of Democrats agree with the professor while Republicans and unaffiliated voters strongly disagree. Republicans reject Lakoff's statement by a 3-to-1 margin, unaffiliateds by a 2-to-1 margin.

With a 34% base, is it any wonder why Obama is elected and and feels empowered to act as what he is, THE MOST LEFTIST POLTICIAN THAT WAS IN THE US SENATE?

Worse, what on earth can possibly change that 34%'s minds?

That's the number of people who feel that the govt (us) OWES THEM, and that if they don't get it, something is wrong and needs to be changed.


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From the Astute Bloggers:

The Obama cabinet doesn't have a single businessman in it.

Not one has ever been in or run a private profit-seeking enterprise.

Not Geithner. Or Locke. Or Hillary. Or Summers. Or Solis. Or Napolitano. Or Holder. Or Biden. Or Obama.

Obama couldn't find one suitable businessman.

No wonder they have made misstep after misstep.

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Israeli Plans ? Multi front war, NO US SUPPORT REQUIRED, thank you

TEL AVIV -- Israel's General Staff has ordered the drafting of studies that would determine the feasibility of an Israeli strike on Iran and Syria.

Officials said the studies would assume that Israel would operate alone in a multi-front war directed by Iran.

"An axis of evil coordinated between Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas will require Israel to wage a campaign against it that will require our best efforts and abilities," Israel Navy commander Vice Adm. Eliezer Marom said on Feb. 22.

Officials said the military plans reflect an assessment by the Israeli intelligence community that the United States would not confront Iran and Syria, regardless of their threat to the region.

I'd say that was an accurate assessment

The assessment envisions that President Barack Obama would suspend or lift sanctions from Iran and Syria as part of a U.S. reconciliation with Damascus and Teheran.

"Israel will take no option off the table," Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the Israeli Cabinet on Feb. 22.

At this point, officials said, the General Staff has been divided over the feasibility of any attack on Iran without U.S. assistance. They said several generals, including Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi and military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, were skeptical over Israel's military capability to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons capability.

"Ashkenazi believes that the cost of a strike against Iran would be massive and could harm Israel for years to come," a military source said.

The military effort has also sought to assess U.S. help in any future war against Israel. The source said both the General Staff and the Defense Ministry were preparing for a reduction in U.S. military aid to Israel under the Obama administration.

Yadlin has also expressed support for U.S. plans to conduct a dialogue with Iran. Officials said Yadlin and other Israeli generals have concluded that Israel could relay messages to Teheran through such a U.S. effort.

Still, the Defense Ministry has drafted a document that was to be relayed to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to Israel on March 3. The Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the document urged the Obama administration to impose harsh sanctions against Iran even as Washington seeks reconciliation. The Defense Ministry, in a document drafted with the Foreign Ministry, also demanded that the reconciliation effort be limited.

"A time limit must be set for the talks to prevent Iran from merely buying time to complete its nuclear development," Haaretz said. "The talks should also be defined as a 'one-time opportunity' for Teheran. Timing is critical, and the United States should consider whether it makes sense to begin the talks before Iran's presidential election in June."

The military has assessed that Iran could direct Hizbullah and its Palestinian allies to escalate attacks against Israel from Lebanon. Officials said Hizbullah was being equipped and trained for a war with Israel that could include Syria.

In any war with Teheran or its proxies, officials said, the military has assessed that its bases would be leading targets of Iranian and Syrian missiles. The military has established a unit in the General Staff authorized to ensure the protection of bases.

The military effort has been coordinated with Barak as well as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. On Feb. 22, Barak, Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni conducted a review of Iran's nuclear weapons program and Israeli options.

Officials said much of the discussion focused on Obama's policy toward Iran and Syria. They said Barak, regarded as the most pro-U.S. minister in the Cabinet, expressed the hope that the Obama administration would exhaust its attempt to reconcile with Iran by 2010.

"I estimate that an Iranian dialogue will be launched with the Obama administration, and that each time there is a real chance for military action we will see Iranian gestures aimed at delaying the matter," Barak said. "In the background, there is an Iranian effort to also reach deeper fortification and a better protection of their systems."

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On Harsh Techniques/Last Things

In the post below Christine rightly and righteously takes umbrage at what some candy ass limp dicks are calling "harsh interrogation techniques."

You want harsh? I'll give you harsh.

You're an eight year old girl on your VERY FIRST AIRPLANE RIDE! and you're GOING TO DISNEYLAND! and you've told all your friends you're going to see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and Pluto and stay in a big hotel that has it's very own swimming pool and be able to order breakfast in the room and bring back presents for everyone Daddy went with you to the airport this morning you wish he could come along but he has to work and you're going to miss him but will buy him presents and take pictures and call him every night from the hotel and tell him all about your day but you wish mommy and daddy hadn't argued about the trash this morning it always makes you sad when they argue but you got to wave to him from the window of the airplane as it started to move and you could see him smiling and standing at the big window of the airport waving at you But now some very mean men with knives stabbed some people slapped your mommy and made you go to the back of the airplane with everyone else and they keep yelling at everyone and hitting them when they didn't do anything wrong at all Your mommy keeps hugging you telling you everything is going to be okay but you wish your daddy was here to stop these men because he's big and can protect you and you just want to go home because it's suddenly very loud very bright and feeling very hot even hotter than that time you got too close to the grill and. . .

You're a mom taking your child on their first airplane ride and taking them to Disneyland You wanted it to be a surprise but just couldn't hold it in and told her days ago She's been so excited ever since she's hardly slept and has been bouncing all over the house, telling all her friends she's going on an airplane to Disneyland and she's going to see Mickey Mouse and Cinderella and Goofy and she's going to bring presents back for daddy because he can't go because of work and she's a little sad but will bring him something nice And she wants to bring something nice for her best friend too But now your jaw is sore from the whack you just took from some middle eastern men who've taken control of plane But this doesn't feel like any hijacking you've ever heard or read about Everyone's in the back of the plane and the hijackers are flying it, not forcing the pilot to do so You wish you could talk to your husband and get his opinion on what's happening and really wish you hadn't had that spat with him this morning over forgetting to take the trash out And you see the fear and confusion in your little girl's eyes she's so scared and you try to comfort her but she keeps calling for daddy says she just wants to go home she doesn't even care if she goes to Disneyland or sees Cinderella can't they please just let us go home And then suddenly you see you're flying very low and a Tower is looming and the terror hits you all at once with the guilt of oh my god I've made a terrible mistake my little girl is going to die and it's all my fault and these evil men are cheering and saying something about Allah as the world is suddenly a deafening roar glass and steel slicing your flesh and you have no time to cry or pull her closer as you watch as a giant fireball consumes your little girl right next to you just before your world. . .

You're a dad a little late for work this morning because you had to drop your wife and little girl off at the airport your little sweetheart your little sugarplum was so excited to be going on her first airplane ride to Disneyland you thought you could see the jet bouncing up and down with her glee as you waved them off from the terminal window you knew she was in the jet but had no idea which window but waved anyway maybe just maybe she saw you now you're stuck in traffic trying to get to work you can see your building from the highway what the hell is all that smoke pouring out of the top floors. . .



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CIA destroyed 12 harsh interrogation tapes


WASHINGTON – The CIA destroyed a dozen videotapes of harsh interrogations of terror suspects, according to documents filed Friday in a lawsuit over the government's treatment of detainees. The 12 tapes were part of a larger collection of 92 videotapes of terror suspects that the CIA destroyed. The extent of the tape destruction was disclosed through a suit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against the government.

Heavily redacted papers filed in the case indicate a dozen destroyed tapes show so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques."

Let's see, the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques are:

1. The Attention Grab: The interrogator forcefully grabs the shirt front of the prisoner and shakes him.

2. Attention Slap: An open-handed slap aimed at causing pain and triggering fear.

3. The Belly Slap: A hard open-handed slap to the stomach. The aim is to cause pain, but not internal injury. Doctors consulted advised against using a punch, which could cause lasting internal damage.

4. Long Time Standing: This technique is described as among the most effective. Prisoners are forced to stand, handcuffed and with their feet shackled to an eye bolt in the floor for more than 40 hours. Exhaustion and sleep deprivation are effective in yielding confessions.

5. The Cold Cell: The prisoner is left to stand naked in a cell kept near 50 degrees. Throughout the time in the cell the prisoner is doused with cold water.

6. Water Boarding: The prisoner is bound to an inclined board, feet raised and head slightly below the feet. Cellophane is wrapped over the prisoner's face and water is poured over him. Unavoidably, the gag reflex kicks in and a terrifying fear of drowning leads to almost instant pleas to bring the treatment to a halt.


Not a single machete or blindfold in the list.

Continuing on,

The CIA's enhanced interrogation methods are secret, but they once included waterboarding, which simulates drowning. (Simulates drowning?)

Secret? I got the list from ABC. Which by the way, was written in an article back in 2005.

As part of the Bush administration's response to the 2001 terror attacks, the CIA held fewer than 100 prisoners at secret sites and used harsh interrogation methods on about one-third of them, according to agency officials. Former CIA director Michael Hayden has acknowledged that waterboarding was used on three suspects.

So enhanced wasn't HARSH enough for you. Had to change the wording to get your point across, I guess.

The criminal investigation includes interrogations of al-Qaida lieutenant Abu Zubaydah and another top al-Qaida leader.

Oh please!

Please Mr. Jihadi man, tell me everything you know. I have a nice cup of tea for you.....

Seriously, these are NOT US citizens. They are NOT your common criminals. They do NOT care if they die. The above techniques are NOT harsh. The jihadis spend some of their time in training learning how to overcome these pansy techniques. They whine about them when they know someone is listening. And yes, unfortunately their are those in our country who want these maniacs out on the street. The ignorant lefties who need to grow up and STOP smelling the flowers.

We're dead meat.

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One More For The Road

silly silly man. Everyone knows my Grandmom is THE Chairman of the Board. This guy, well, he's just Old Blue Eyes.

So for those of you who aren't out painting the town like a certain counter-jihad blogger we all know & love. . .

Did you know that when they laid Frank to rest it was with a pack of Camels in one pocket, a Zippo in the other and a bottle of Jack Daniels?

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From Atlas Shrugs:

First posted here at Atlas: MUSLIM TO JEWISH STUDENT AT TORONTO UNIV: “Shut the F**ck up or he’ll saw his head off”.

An eyewitness:

Tonight at the U of T [Israeli Apartheid Week] event, two Jewish students were assaulted by the Palestinian “Security” team for being “disruptive” (asking a legitimate question “does Israel have a right to exist”) The Palestinian “security” smacked a student in the head and grabbed him by his neck, while another “security” officer told a second Jewish student to “Shut the F**ck up or he’ll saw his head off”…All of this was done in a crowded lecture room with over 100 witnesses!!

I was there, there are no pictures, filming and taking pictures was prohibited (they seem to have a problem with the general public hearing what they say) it was reported to the police who chose (as usual) to do NOTHING…

Atlas has the full story from a courageous student who was there. Here are some images from last night. I will not run the name of the student reporter. I don't want them to get their skull cracked by the adherents of the religion of peace.

While last night had higher profile anti-Zionists and anti-Semites, what with Naomi Klein and Sid Ryan, tonight had greater righteous indignation of the "oppressed Fakestinians".

Notably, with Jews visible in the audience, the audience was repeatedly told from the dias that no photography or recording of any type was allowed by anyone without "media clearance".

On a number of occasions organizers tried to force me to depart with my camera, though I had not taken even one shot. i told them that when everyone with a cell-phone leaves or gives up their phone i will give up my camera too.

Later, during questions, organizers, " security", surrounded the area where visible Jews were seated. A Jew asked a question: "Is Hamas's charter racist "? That question then become the focus of vitriole, the "security" closed in around the Jews, security then started to push the Jews, then the dias demanded that the Jew leave the room. The Jew replied out loud that he would not depart unless told to do so by the Police. They came in from the lobby, and that ensued.

While this went on, I pulled out my camera and started to shoot. All manner of people closed in around me, and tried to obscure my lens. I got a few shots, and left for the lobby to catch the newly-evicted Jews' fate. Organizers were demanding my photos, and my name. They got neither, though it will be next to impossible to be anonymous tomorrow.

For my efforts, a Police Sergeant came up to me and pushed me out the front doors using his chest and flack-jacket against my chest. I asked him why i was being pushed out the doors and he said that. "you know why". Why? Because I look Jewish? Because I was photographing the altercation started by the islamo-fascists?

Pamela has the photos. Click here to see them.
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Melanie Phillips: Dangerous new alliance between jihadists and anti-Israel Christians

From Jihad Watch:

A new unholy alliance. "Beware the new axis of evangelicals and Islamists," by Melanie Phillips in The Spectator, March 4:

Last weekend the Revd Stephen Sizer, vicar of Christ Church, Virginia Water appeared at an anti-Israel meeting with an Islamist called Ismail Patel. Patel has not only accused Israel of ‘genocide’ and ‘war crimes’ but considers Disney to be a Jewish plot and supports Hamas, Iran and Syria.

Sizer is a virulent opponent of Christian Zionism and of Israel, which he has said he hopes will disappear just as did the apartheid regime in South Africa. He has also applauded Iranian President Ahmadinejad for having ‘looked forward to the day when Zionism ceased to exist’. Nevertheless, the appearance of an Anglican churchman on a pro-Islamist platform in Britain is a new and significant development. 

The Church of England recently banned its clergy from joining the BNP; should it not equally ban them from siding with the forces of Islamofascism?

Sizer’s participation, however, must be seen in the context of a disturbing realignment in the services of the forces of darkness against the free world: the emergence of an axis between a body of evangelicals, the hard left, the Islamists — and the far right.

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