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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Taliban In California?

From the February 21, 2009 edition of the Houston Chronicle:
SANTA ANA, Calif. — The brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden's former bodyguard was arrested Friday on charges that he lied about ties to terrorist groups on citizenship and passport papers, authorities said.

An anti-terrorism task force comprised of federal and local law enforcement agents arrested Ahmadullah Sais Niazi, 34, at his home in Tustin early Friday, according to the U.S. attorney's office.

Niazi has lived in the U.S. since 1998 and became a citizen in 2004.

A grand jury indictment unsealed Friday charged Niazi with perjury, procurement of naturalization unlawfully, passport fraud and making a false statement. He could face up to 35 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

According to search warrant affidavits, Niazi's sister, Hafiza, is married to Amin al-Haq, who prosecutors say is a high-ranking al-Qaida member. Al-Haq was named a "specially designated global terrorist" by the United Nations Security Council and U.S. officials in 2001, according to the indictment.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Deirdre Eliot said al-Haq was believed to have been bin-Laden's bodyguard around and after Sept. 11, 2001, prompting the terrorist designations.


Niazi also is accused of associating with the Taliban and a terrorist organization called Hezb-e-Islami that fights international and U.S. troops in Afghanistan....
More at the above link.

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Alchohol, Lady Cops and Cricket

Sounds like a fun afternoon in England, but today's update of the List of Things That Offend Muslims is a hat trick of offenses to Islam.

Most of you probably know that drinking is forbidden in Islam, but this Imam is saying it's forbidden even when used in fuel.

A Saudi imam has issued a fatwa or religious edict, banning the use of alcohol as a fuel substitute for petrol. "I warn Saudi students that live abroad not to use alcohol as a cheap substitute for petrol, because the prophet has cursed not only who drinks it but also those who use it for other purposes," said the Saudi imam Mohammed al-Najimi, quoted by Saudi daily, Shams.

"The prophet has cursed whoever uses alcohol, not only for drinking but also other purposes."

Al-Najimi, who is also a member of the Saudi Islamic jurists, said that using alcohol falls within the 'jurisdiction' of what Islam's prophet Mohammed said.

"For this reason, I warn Saudis who live abroad and who use alcohol instead of petrol that this case is related and falls within the parameters of what the prophet said."

The Saudi daily claims that many students and researchers who live in western countries use alcohol as an alternative source of fuel, because it is cheaper, pollutes less and many automobiles lately have been made to run with alcohol.

Clearly, Mohammed would only drive a gas powered vehicle to pick up his 6 year old wife Aisha from school. Ha! Just kidding, girls are forbidden to go to school.

Speaking of females, next on the list is the great offense of Muslim men being arrested by female cops.

Norway: Islamic Council says female agents shouldn't arrest men

Female Muslim police agents should primarily not arrest men, thinks imam Ahmed Esmaili, head of the imam committee at the Islamic Council of Norway (IRN).

"If she must arrest, and she is alone or together with other women, then she can do it. But if Url she is together with other colleague, who can take this part of the work, she isn't required to do it," says Esmaili to VG.

The reason being that Muslims shouldn't have physical contact with people of the opposite sex who are not family.

According to justice minister Knut Storberget's (Labor) letter to the police directorate 'covering of the hair will be given a humble scope'. That's not enough, thinks Esmaili.

"It's not enough with just a headscarf. Hijab is a garment which covers the entire body, except the hands and face. It's an obligation and a decree from Allah," says Esmaili.

Considering most crimes are committed by men, the Imams are basically saying that a female cop is forbidden to do her job properly. It's pretty easy to see where that will eventually lead.

Our last item added to the List takes to Jolly 'ole England where the madrasses are discouraging anything that is English.

Some Islamic schools are promoting fundamentalist views and encouraging children to despise Western society, a report warns.

An investigation by the Civitas social policy think-tank found websites of some of the UK’s 166 Muslim schools are spreading extreme teachings, while a handful had links to sites promoting jihad, or holy war.

Actually, jihad means struggle, like Mein Kaumf means "My Struggle".

Examples include web forums forbidding Muslims from reading Harry Potter books, playing chess or cricket and listening to Western music.

Harry Potter and chess are already on the list, but I was bit surprised to see cricket. The Islamic world is certainly no stranger to sport, so why cricket? I think here lies your answer.

Examples include the website of the Madani Girls’ School in East London which stated: ‘Our children are exposed to a culture that is in opposition with almost everything Islam stands for.

‘If we oppose the lifestyle of the West then it does not seem sensible that the teachers and the system which represents that lifestyle should educate our children.’

So why would a devout Muslim immigrate to England in the first place?

Qur'an:8:39 "So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world)."

Ishaq:324 "He said, 'Fight them so that there is no more rebellion, and religion, all of it, is for Allah only. Allah must have no rivals.'"

Naaaah, couldn't be that, it's probably just for the nice weather.

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"Tea Party" Santelli Attacked by Dunderhead Blowhard With Restless Leg Syndrome

And comes out on top.

Dunderhead toad even questions who he voted for. Santelli answers the question while telling him it's none of his business.

h/t Gateway Pundit


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California: Man With Possible Links to Al Qaeda Arrested

Orange County Register h/t Bulldog


Man with possible tie to bin Laden is arrested
Man lied about Pakistan trip, officials say, to cover connections.

TUSTIN A local man lied to obtain citizenship, a U.S. passport, and about a trip to Pakistan in 2005 – information he is believed to have falsified to hide alleged connections to terrorists and terrorist organizations abroad, authorities said.

Ahmadullah Sais Niazi, a 34-year-old man from Tustin who was born in Afghanistan, was taken into custody by federal authorities this morning in the 13000 block of Charloma Drive, officials said.

He is facing several charges, ranging from perjury to naturalization fraud, misuse of a passport obtained by fraud and making a false statement to a federal agency. Court documents also show that Niazi and his wife, Jamilah Amin, had been investigated by federal authorities since at least June 2008, for several suspicious financial transactions in the Unites States and financial transfers to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

While Niazi is not facing any terrorism-related charges, officials said he made several false statements to cover up what they allege are connections to organizations such as al-Qaida, Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin and the Taliban.

According to a federal indictment unsealed today, Niazi hid his alleged connections with terrorist groups when he applied for residency, citizenship and a U.S. passport. The arrest comes after months of investigation conducted by the Orange County Joint Terrorist Task Force, said Laura Eimiller, spokeswoman for the FBI.

According to the unsealed indictment, on Feb. 24, 2004, Niazi lied in his naturalization application by not stating other names he used in the past and lying about being associated with terrorist organizations.

“In truth, and in fact, as defendant Niazi then well knew, he was associated with one or more terrorist organizations, namely al-Qaeda, HIG, and/or the Taliban,” the indictment reads

In 2005, Niazi is also believed to have traveled to Pakistan, where he met with Dr. Amin al-Haq, who has been identified by the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control as a global terrorist, according to officials. Al-Haq, according to the indictment, is believed to be Osama bin Laden’s security coordinator.

Niazi identified al-Haq as his sister’s husband. According to the search warrant affidavit, al-Haq was a member of the Afghan mujahedeen who fought the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Niazi said his family disapproved of his sister’s marriage and that he knew al-Haq was a member of Hezb-e-Islami, but that he didn’t know if he was a member of al-Qaeda.

Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, said he could not comment on why Niazi would have met with al-Haq.

According to the indictment, Niazi was born in Afghanistan and lived in Pakistan from 1991 to 1995. He attended the Islamic University of Malaysia from 1995 to 1998 and married in 1997. He first migrated to the United States in 1998.

Niazi and his family were cordial neighbors, said Kathe West, who lives in the neighborhood. She said Niazi said hello to neighbors as he walked his daughters around the block.

On Friday, neighbors watched as federal agents walked out with bags with evidence.

Federal agents had searched Niazi’s home before in June 2008, where authorities seized several documents that showed that he and his wife used an unlicensed money-transfer system to make several transfers totaling $16,400 to Peshawar, Pakistan and Kabul, Afghanistan, between 1999 and 2006, according to a search warrant affidavit.

According to the affidavit, more than $30,000 was also deposited to the couple’s bank account in a five-month period beginning in Sept. 2007. Niazi was currently involved a company named California Food Channel, which distributed fruits, nuts and berries from overseas to California markets, but his compensation was not made in cash.

Authorities also investigated transactions between Niazi’s account and another accounts under the names of his wife and his in-laws, accounts that investigators believe showed a pattern of transactions made to evade Currency Transaction Reports, which financial institutions must make when transactions greater than $10,000 are made. One of those accounts showed that almost $600,000 was deposited into one account in about a year’s time – almost a third of it was made in cash.

The indictment also alleges that Niazi lied about a two-week trip he took to Pakistan in May 2004.When he returned from Pakistan, Niazi is alleged to have said that he had traveled to Qatar to visit family.

If convicted, Niazi faces a maximum sentence of 35 years in jail.

-- Register staff writer Elysse James contributed to this report.


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Guantánamo Meets Geneva Rules, Pentagon Study Finds

Barry and his minions aren't going to be happy about this.

NYT h/t Dr. Bulldog

Guantánamo Meets Geneva Rules, Pentagon Study Finds

Published: February 20, 2009

A Pentagon report requested by President Obama on the conditions at the Guantánamo Bay detention center concluded that the prison complies with the humane-treatment requirements of the Geneva Conventions. But it makes recommendations for improvements including increasing human contact for the prisoners, according to two government officials who have read parts of it.

The review, requested by Mr. Obama on his second day in office, is to be delivered to the White House next week.

The president’s request, made as part of a plan to close the prison within a year, was widely seen as an effort to defuse accusations that there were widespread abuses at Guantánamo, and that many detainees were suffering severe psychological effects after years of isolation.

The report, by Adm. Patrick M. Walsh, the vice chief of naval operations, describes steps that could be taken to allow detainees to speak to one another more often and to engage in group activities, the government officials said. For years, critics have said that many detainees spend as many as 23 hours a day within the confines of cement cells and often were allowed to exercise alone in fenced-off outdoor pens.

The report is being presented to a White House that some government officials have described as caught off-guard by the extreme emotions and political crosscurrents provoked by its plan to close the Guantánamo prison. Some critics said the report’s conclusions could intensify the debate about the prison, and put the Obama White House for the first time in the position of defending it.

The report came as officials separately said on Friday that the Obama administration had decided on the transfer of the first Guantánamo detainee since the president took office, a former British resident, Binyam Mohamed. Lawyers for Mr. Mohamed had drawn wide attention with accusations that he was tortured in Morocco on instructions from American intelligence agencies.

Mr. Mohamed, who is to be returned to Britain, was originally charged with plotting to detonate a radioactive “dirty bomb” inside the United States. But the Pentagon official in charge of the Bush administration’s military commission system for conducting war-crimes trials dismissed those charges in October.

Also on Friday, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. announced the creation of a task force to begin reviewing the cases of the remaining 245 detainees. The group, which is to include representatives of military, intelligence and other agencies, is to be led by a career federal prosecutor, Matthew G. Olsen, who has been a senior Justice Department lawyer dealing with national security issues.

The administration’s plan to close Guantánamo includes a new effort to decide whether detainees can be released, transferred to the custody of other countries or prosecuted. In the report on the conditions at Guantánamo, Admiral Walsh reviewed many accusations of abuse that critics have made about the prison, said one Pentagon official who has seen the report.

The report concluded that the Pentagon was in compliance with the requirements of the Geneva Conventions. The review included some of the most contentious issues, including the forced feeding of hunger-striking detainees and claims that many prisoners were suffering from psychosis as a result of conditions in the detention center.

According to one official, the report noted that some detainees had difficulty communicating from cell to cell, a contention that many detainees’ lawyers have also made. The Pentagon has long insisted that no detainees are held in solitary confinement. Military officials have said instead that the prisoners are held in “single-occupancy cells.”

Some Pentagon officials have continued to press the case that the Bush administration’s approach to detainee issues — and the Guantánamo Bay prison itself — should not be abandoned. The report is likely to accelerate that behind-the-scenes struggle.

The White House had no comment Friday.

One Pentagon official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivities involved in challenging the White House plan to close the prison, argued that the report showed that the Bush administration had created a humane detention camp. Speaking of the remaining detainees, this official said the report showed that if the men were moved, they might “go from a humane environment to a less humane environment.”

Critics of the Guantánamo Bay detention center, which is on the grounds of the American naval base at the eastern end of Cuba, have been preparing for Admiral Walsh’s report. They said they were concerned that the new administration would use it to avoid major alterations to the Guantánamo detention camp during its final year.

Gitanjali Gutierrez, a lawyer for Guantánamo detainees at the Center for Constitutional Rights, said that she and other lawyers found that conditions have remained bleak since the start of the new administration.

Ms. Gutierrez said that a report by the rights center, to be released next week, asserts that two major Guantánamo prison buildings, known as Camp 5 and Camp 6, should be closed immediately. She said prisoners there continue to be held in isolation for as long as 24 hours a day, that psychological difficulties are treated as disciplinary infractions, and that many cells are windowless.

Ms. Gutierrez said detention camp officials have recently increased detainees’ opportunities for recreation and social interaction. She said detainees’ lawyers have been concerned that some of those moves were in anticipation of visits now being made by senior members of the new administration. The attorney general is to visit Monday.

“This is really running the risk that the review is just a big whitewash,” Ms. Gutierrez added, “and we expect more of the new administration.”


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What does losing really mean?

The Church of Our Dear Lady in Dendermonde, Flanders (Belgium) features a late 17th century pulpit, sculpted in wood by Mattheus van Beveren, upheld by angels who are treading underfoot the false prophet Mohammed, who is leaning on the Al-Koran.

A very interesting read
Dr. Vernon Chong, Major General, USAF, Retired wrote:
Our country is now facing the most serious threat to its existence, as we know it, that we have faced in your lifetime and mine (which includes WWII).

The deadly seriousness is greatly compounded by the fact that there are very few of us who think we can possibly lose this war and even fewer who realize what losing really means.

First, let's examine a few basics:
1. When did the threat to us start? Many will say September 11, 2001.

The answer as far as the United State is concerned is 1979, 22 years prior to September 2001, with the following attacks on us:
* Iran Embassy Hostages, 1979;
* Beirut, Lebanon Embassy 1983;
* Beirut, Lebanon Marine Barracks 1983;
* Lockerbie, Scotland Pan-Am flight to New York 1988;
* First New York World Trade Center attack 1993;
* Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Khobar Towers Military complex 1996;
* Nairobi, Kenya US Embassy 1998;
* Dares Salaam, Tanzania US Embassy 1998;
* Aden, Yemen USS Cole 2000;
* New York World Trade Center 2001;
* Pentagon 2001.
(Note that during the period from 1981 to 2001 there were 7,581 terrorist attacks worldwide).

2. Why were we attacked?Envy of our position, our success, and our freedoms.
The attacks happened during the administrations of Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2.
We cannot fault either the Republicans or Democrats as there were no provocations by any of the presidents or their immediate predecessors, Presidents Ford or Carter.

3. Who were the attackers? In each case, the attacks on the US were carried out by Muslims.

4. What is the Muslim population of the World? 25%.

5. Isn't the Muslim Religion peaceful? Hopefully, but that is really not material.
There is no doubt that the predominately Christian population of Germany was peaceful, but under the dictatorial leadership of Hitler (who was also Christian), that made no difference. You either went along with the administration or you were eliminated. There were 5 to 6 million Christians killed by the Nazis for political reasons (including 7,000 Polish priests). (see http://www.nazis.testimony.co.uk/7-a.htm )

Thus, almost the same number of Christians were killed by the Nazis, as the six million holocaust Jews who were killed by them, and we seldom heard of anything other than the Jewish atrocities.

Although Hitler kept the world focused on the Jews, he had no hesitancy about killing anyone who got in his way of exterminating the Jews or of taking over the world - German, Christian or any others.Same with the Muslim terrorists.

They focus the world on the US, but kill all in their way -- their own people or the Spanish, French or anyone else. The point here is that just like the peaceful Germans were of no protection to anyone from the Nazis, no matter how many peaceful Muslims there may be, they are no protection for us from the terrorist Muslim leaders and what they are fanatically bent on doing -- by their own pronouncements -- killing all of us "infidels."

I don't blame the peaceful Muslims. What would you do if the choice was shut up or die?

6. So who are we at war with?
There is no way we can honestly respond that it is anyone other than the Muslim terrorists. Trying to be politically correct and avoid verbalizing this conclusion can well be fatal.

There is no way to win if you don't clearly recognize and articulate who you are fighting.

So with that background, now to the two major questions:

1. Can we lose this war?

2. What does losing really mean?

If we are to win, we must clearly answer these two pivotal questions.We can definitely lose this war, and as anomalous as it may sound, the major reason we can lose is that so many of us simply do not fathom the answer to the second question - What does losing mean?

It would appear that a great many of us think that losing the war means hanging our heads, bringing the troops home and going on about our business, like post Vietnam. This is as far from the truth as one can get.

What losing really means is:

We would no longer be the premier country in the world. The attacks will not subside, but rather will steadily increase. Remember, they want us dead, not just quiet.

If they had just wanted us quiet, they would not have produced an increasing series of attacks against us, over the past 18 years. The plan was clearly, for terrorist to attack us, until we were neutered and submissive to them.

We would of course have no future support from other nations, for fear of reprisals and for the reason that they would see, we are impotent and cannot help them.

They will pick off the other non-Muslim nations, one at a time. It will be increasingly easier for them. They already hold Spain hostage. It doesn't matter whether it was right or wrong for Spain to withdraw its troops from Iraq. Spain did it because the Muslim terrorists bombed their train and told them to withdraw the troops. Anything else they want Spain to do will be done. Spain is finished.

The next will probably be France. Our one hope on France is that they might see the light and realize that if we don't win, they are finished too, in that they can't resist the Muslim terrorists without us.

However, it may already be too late for France. France is already 20% Muslim and fading fast!

If we lose the war, our production, income, exports and way of life will all vanish as we know it. After losing, who would trade or deal with us, if they were threatened by the Muslims.

If we can't stop the Muslims, how could anyone else?

The Muslims fully know what is riding on this war, and therefore are completely committed to winning, at any cost.

We better know it too and be likewise committed to winning at any cost.

Why do I go on at such lengths about the results of losing? Simple. Until we recognize the costs of losing, we cannot unite and really put 100% of our thoughts and efforts into winning.

And it is going to take that 100% effort to win.

So, how can we lose the war?

Again, the answer is simple.

We can lose the war by "imploding." That is, defeating ourselves by refusing to recognize the enemy and their purpose, and really digging in and lending full support to the war effort if we are united, there is no way that we can lose.

If we continue to be divided, there is no way that we can win!

Let me give you a few examples of how we simply don't comprehend the life and death seriousness of this situation.

President Bush selects Norman Mineta as Secretary of Transportation. Although all of the terrorist attacks were committed by Muslim men between 17 and 40 years of age, Secretary Mineta refuses to allow profiling.

Does that sound like we are taking this thing seriously?

This is war!

For the duration, we are going to have to give up some of the civil rights we have become accustomed to. We had better be prepared to lose some of our civil rights temporarily or we will most certainly lose all of them permanently.

And don't worry that it is a slippery slope. We gave up plenty of civil rights during WWII, and immediately restored them after the victory and in fact added many more since then.

Do I blame President Bush or President Clinton before him?No, I blame us for blithely assuming we can maintain all of our Political Correctness, and all of our civil rights during this conflict and have a clean, lawful, honorable war.

None of those words apply to war. Get them out of your head.

Some have gone so far in their criticism of the war and/or the Administration that it almost seems they would literally like to see us lose. I hasten to add that this isn't because they are disloyal. It is because they just don't recognize what losing means.

Nevertheless, that conduct gives the impression to the enemy that we are divided and weakening. It concerns our friends, and it does great damage to our cause.

Of more recent vintage, the uproar fueled by the politicians and media regarding the treatment of some prisoners of war, perhaps exemplifies best what I am saying.

We have recently had an issue, involving the treatment of a few Muslim prisoners of war, by a small group of our military police. These are the type prisoners who just a few months ago were throwing their own people off buildings, cutting off their hands, cutting out their tongues and otherwise murdering their own people just for disagreeing with Saddam Hussein.

And just a few years ago these same type prisoners chemically killed 400,000 of their own people for the same reason. They are also the same type of enemy fighters, who recently were burning Americans, and dragging their charred corpses through the streets of Iraq.

And still more recently, the same type of enemy that was and is providing videos to all news sources internationally, of the beheading of American prisoners they held.

Compare this with some of our press and politicians, who for several days have thought and talked about nothing else but the "humiliating" of some Muslim prisoners -- not burning them, not dragging their charred corpses through the streets, not beheading them, but "humiliating" them.

Can this be for real?

The politicians and pundits have even talked of impeachment of the Secretary of Defense. If this doesn't show the complete lack of comprehension and understanding of the seriousness of the enemy we are fighting, the life and death struggle we are in and the disastrous results of losing this war, nothing can.

To bring our country to a virtual political standstill over this prisoner issue makes us look like Nero playing his fiddle as Rome burned -- totally oblivious to what is going on in the real world.

Neither we, nor any other country, can survive this internal strife. Again I say, this does not mean that some of our politicians or media people are disloyal.

It simply means that they are absolutely oblivious to the magnitude, of the situation we are in and into which the Muslim terrorists have been pushing us, for many years.Remember, the Muslim terrorists stated goal is to kill all infidels!

That translates into ALL non-Muslims -- not just in the United State, but throughout the world.

We are the last bastion of defense.

We have been criticized for many years as being 'arrogant.' That charge is valid in at least one respect.

We are arrogant in that we believe that we are so good, powerful and smart, that we can win the hearts and minds of all those who attack us, and that with both hands tied behind our back, we can defeat anything bad in the world!

We can't!

If we don't recognize this, our nation as we know it will not survive, and no other free country in the world will survive if we are defeated.

And finally, name any Muslim countries throughout the world that allow freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, equal rights for anyone -- let alone everyone, equal status or any status for women, or that have been productive in one single way that contributes to the good of the world.

This has been a long way of saying that we must be united on this war or we will be equated in the history books to the self-inflicted fall of the Roman Empire .
If, that is, the Muslim leaders will allow history books to be written or read.

If we don't win this war right now, keep a close eye on how the Muslims take over France in the next 5 years or less.

They will continue to increase the Muslim population of France and continue to encroach little by little, on the established French traditions.

The French will be fighting among themselves, over what should or should not be done, which will continue to weaken them and keep them from any united resolve.

Doesn't that sound eerily familiar?Democracies don't have their freedoms taken away from them by some external military force.

Instead, they give their freedoms away, politically correct piece by politically correct piece. And they are giving those freedoms away to those who have shown, worldwide that they abhor freedom and will not apply it to you or even to themselves, once they are in power.

They have universally shown that when they have taken over, they then start brutally killing each other over who will be the few who control the masses.

Will we ever stop hearing from the politically correct, about the "peaceful Muslims"?I close on a hopeful note, by repeating what I said above.

If we are united, there is no way that we can lose. I hope now after the election, the factions in our country will begin to focus on the critical situation we are in, and will unite to save our country.

It is your future we are talking about!

Do whatever you can to preserve it.

After reading the above, we all must do this not only for ourselves, but our children, our grandchildren, our country and the world
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EU President Vaclav Klaus Speaks - EU Members Walk Out

The video at the bottom of this post is a must-see. It's only about one minute long. Watch it.

From Vlad Tepes Blog:

Below please find the text of a very benign speech by Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech republic and currently the president of the E.U. During this speech he was chided derided and walked out on. Afterward, a UK member of the EU parliament gave the speech you see in the video below. The people of Europe should be very afraid when a basic little speech about the importance of freedom in terms of political conscience as well as economic free markets is this harshly treated at the EU. It bodes not well for a free people of Europe. Something is amiss in the EU indeed.

It is worth noting that one of the components which received the most harsh reaction was the notion that governments work better when there is opposition. Clearly the very notion of opposition is unacceptable to the EU bureaucratic machinery. Again, cause for deep concern.

Here is a link to an article on the Guardian UK’s site about this speech and its reaction.

Here is the video of the Member of the European Parliament for South East England

Go read the text of Vaclav Klaus' speech at Vlad Tepes Blog.
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Part of my upcoming collection:
PROPIGANDA: Drawing the Line Against Jihad

- Bosch Fawstin

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Vatican Tries To Intimidate Jews Into Shutting Their Mouths

Free speech is free speech.

One of the primary tenets of Catholic theology that, a human being must be free to accept of reject God. 

So, why is the Vatican criticizing a private Israeli TV show for making fun of Christian doctrine? 

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican said Friday it has formally complained to the Israeli government about a private Israeli TV show that ridiculed and blasphemed Jesus and Mary.

In the program, the host farcically denied Christian traditions — that Mary was a virgin and that Jesus walked on water — saying he would do so as a "lesson" to Christians who deny the Holocaust.

It was a reference to the Vatican's recent lifting of the excommunication of a bishop who denied 6 million Jews were killed during World War II. The rehabilitation sparked outrage among Jews.

A statement from the Vatican press office said its representative in Israel complained to the government about the show, which was broadcast recently on private Channel 10, one of Israel's three main TV stations.

The statement said the government quickly assured the Holy See that it would intervene to interrupt the transmission and get the broadcaster to publicly apologize. But it wasn't immediately clear how the government could do so since Channel 10 is a private station and is not subject to government censorship, except in matters of security.

The Vatican said that in the clip, Mary and Joseph were "ridiculed with blasphemous words and images" that amounted to a "vulgar and offensive act of intolerance toward the religious sentiments of the believers in Christ."

In the show, hosted by well-known Israeli comedian Lior Shlein, Mary is said to have become pregnant at 15, thanks to a schoolmate. It said Jesus could never have walked on water because "he was so fat he was ashamed to leave the house, let alone go to the Sea of Galilee with a bathing suit."

The clip was a sarcastic response to the Vatican's rehabilitation of Bishop Richard Williamson, who said in an interview broadcast on Swedish state TV that no Jews were gassed during the Holocaust and that only 200,000 or 300,000 Jews were killed.

Oh, for God's sake.

Ever feel like your head's gonna explode?

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Obama Adviser's Final Solution: Solve Arab-Israeli Conflict, End Global Jihad

This is just another, more subtle, way of blaming the Jews. If Jews weren't a problem in the Middle East, Islamic radicals would not be causing problems. 


From Jihad Watch:

"An Obama Adviser's Not-So-Bright Idea for Winning in Afghanistan," by John McCormack for the Weekly Standard, February 20:

President Obama named Bruce Riedel, a former CIA official and Brooking Institution scholar, to head up a review team for overhauling U.S. policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan. Via the Christian Science Monitor, a big part of Riedel's grand strategy for winning in Afghanistan is, um, securing a peace deal between the Palestinians and Israel:
Ultimately, the solution in Afghanistan may involve solving the age-old conflict between the Arab states and Israel, says administration adviser Riedel in a book published by the Brookings Institution, a foreign-policy think tank, last year. Al Qaeda, and the Taliban to some extent, continue to be motivated by the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Riedel argues. If that conflict is resolved, Al Qaeda may go away.

"If Palestinians choose to make peace with Israel, the most fundamental point of Al Qaeda's narrative becomes irrelevant," Riedel writes. "In other words, making peace between Israelis and Arabs is not only wise policy in its own right, but also an extremely useful strategy for pulling the rug out from under Al Qaeda."

A few points:

1. The conflict between Palestinians and Israel is not "the most fundamental point of Al Qaeda's narrative"--see bin Laden's 1996 declaration of war against the United States. He cites a number of grievances regarding flashpoints throughout the Muslim world. Does the Palestinian issue really motivate jihadists in Afghanistan/Pakistan more than the conflict, much closer to home, with India?

2. The deep theological/ideological underpinnings for jihad aren't going to go away if the Palestinians agree to a peace deal. Raymond Ibrahim's recent review of The Mind of Jihad serves as useful reminder of this fact.

3. Is there any indication that Palestinians are going to "choose to make peace with Israel" in the near future? It seems delusional think that Hamas will choose to lay down its arms.[...]

If one of Obama's top advisers thinks that holding Israeli-Palestinian peace talks at Camp David will lead to victory in Afghanistan, then we may be in bigger trouble than we thought.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Night Barrelhousin'

This man is astonishing. He learned to play and was "discovered" playing pedal steel in his church. Guess The Almighty thought he really ought to be sharing this amazing talent.

How many of you will be marching & shaking like this 'fore the night is o'er.

If this don't make you move your feet nothing will.

Robert Randolph and The Family Band
Ted's March

Whoooooaaa! Crazy Jihadis, did I just see a foot tapping there? And were you, were you Shakin' Your Hips?! Your bosses are going to be none too happy about that. . .


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The Deepest Cut

This is just so wrong.

Many of you are old enough to remember John Lennon being shredded for lamenting "The Beatles had become more popular than Jesus Christ", right? So WHATTHEHELLL?

from The Chicago Sun Times h/t Jawa Report

Obama beats out Jesus as America's hero

19, 2009

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Americans named President Obama as their No. 1 hero, followed by Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King, in a new Harris poll.

Others in the top 10, in descending order, were Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, John McCain, John F. Kennedy, Chesley Sullenberger and Mother Teresa.

People were asked whom they admired enough to call their heroes. Those surveyed were not shown a list of people to choose from. The Harris Poll was conducted online among a sample of 2,634 U.S. adults by Harris Interactive.

This question was first asked in a Harris Poll in 2001. In that survey Jesus Christ was the hero mentioned most often, followed by Martin Luther King, Colin Powell, John F. Kennedy and Mother Teresa.

The biggest changes upwards on this list into the top 10 since 2001, apart from Barack Obama, were:
— George W. Bush was rated only 19th in July 2001, when he had been president for six months, and is now number 5 on the list.

— John McCain, who was not in the top 20 in 2001, is now number 7.

— Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who landed his jet safely in the Hudson River, is ranked number 9.
Heroes who were in the top 10 in 2001 who have fallen sharply this year include:

— Colin Powell, who was number 3 and is now number 16.

— John Wayne, who was number 8 and has dropped out of the top 20.

— Michael Jordan, who was number 9 and is no longer in the top 20.

— Mother Teresa, who was number 5 and is now number 10.


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That's it, now they've gone and done it. Goddammit now they've crossed the line. . .


In Oregon and elsewhere, beer tax hikes a-brewing

If you've been drowning your economic sorrows in a pint of ale, that could get more expensive. Beer is being eyed for additional taxation in a number of states facing budget shortfalls.

In Oregon, legislators have proposed raising the beer tax from the current $2.60 per barrel to $49.61, a jump of about 1,800%. Lawmakers say that amounts to 15 cents more per 12-ounce glass. The beer industry says the price jump would more likely be $1.50. The tax hasn't been raised in more than 30 years.

Don't panic yet, you folks in microbrew paradise. An editorial in The Oregonian says, "Excuse our cynicism, but we've sat through this particular barroom discussion enough times to know that it is leading nowhere" (and also notes that state funding for alcohol and drug treatment has been severely cut).

Here's what's going on in some other states:
A proposal to more than triple the per-gallon tax on beer from 15 to 52 cents has passed its first test in an Idaho legislative committee. A wine tax increase did too, The Associated Press reports. (One barrel holds 31 gallons.)

In New York, Gov. David Patterson has proposed to raise the state tax from
11 cents to 24 cents per gallon of beer, prompting speculation that Anheuser-Busch would close its Lysander brewery as a result, The Post-Standard of Syracuse said.

A total of 24 states, including Massachusetts and Virginia, are considering higher alcohol taxes.

All the news for beer drinkers isn't bad. (If you support a tax increase, you'll find plenty of ammunition at BeerSoaksAmerica.org.)
In Wisconsin, Gov. Jim Doyle is proposing a 75-cent tax increase on cigarettes, on the heels of a $1 hike last year. But remember that Wisconsin is a beer-and-brat state. The beer tax hasn't gone up there in 40 years, The Post-Crescent reports, and that's not likely to change soon.

Missouri beer drinkers also seem safe. Owen Morris writes in The Pitch that the Show-Me State's beer tax is low and likely to stay that way. Missouri is also the home of Anheuser-Busch. (Wyoming has the lowest beer tax, according to this Tax Foundation map.)

The beer industry is lobbying for a reduction in the federal beer tax, calling it a sort of economic stimulus.

In Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Texas, Alabama and Minnesota, lawmakers may drop blue laws that ban the sale of alcohol on Sunday. It's believed that will increase state revenue.

Here are two strange items from The Associated Press: A Nebraska legislator says tourism could increase there if people could legally drink beer in state parks. Also, Utah is contemplating changing its unique liquor laws by dropping the club system in bars.

Charlie Papazian, who truly is the king of beer -- he wrote "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing," among other accomplishments -- said at Examiner.com that a higher tax would raise the cost of beer by much higher than the tax's face value by the time you raise that glass or can to your lips.

He added, "Will there be other proposals to raise taxes on beer in your state? Unfortunately, I fear yes."

Want to see where your state ranks in beer consumption? Check out this Beer Institute .pdf file.


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Hope & Change Has Become 'Hopeless' Change

Sorry Barry. You screwed up !

You thought you were dealing with some European socialist country. Your attempts at making us ‘all socialists now’ has backfired.

The trillions of dollars of socialism you have pushed through Congress would never raise an eyebrow in a European country. The people there have 50 years of socialism under their skin and it’s either move out or mearly exist on the government tit.

You tried to cram 50 years of socialism down the throats of a 250 year capitalistic system in 30 days !! – and it balked !!

The Dow broke 7450 today and is headed south to the lowest level in decades. That’s your answer to your socialist agenda.

Next stop, after some back and forth between 7450 and 7260, is 6250 or around that. If that doesn’t hold, we’re on our way to 4000.

Gold, BTW, broke 1000 again today.

Wake Up Barry!! Say you were wrong.

All you have to say on national TV is that you may have tried to do too much too fast to ‘help’ the country. That’s all. Say that and I believe confidence will return and prove the pundit wrong who said “Gold and the Dow will pass each other at their 4000 mark”.
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Peter Coombs, British soldier, May 4, 1945 letter to his wife after liberation of Bergen-Belsen.

"The fact is that all these were once clean-living and sane and certainly not the type to do harm to the Nazis. They are Jews and are dying now at the rate of three hundred a day. They must die and nothing can save them - their end is inescapable, they are too far gone now to be brought back to life. I saw their corpses lying near their hovels, for they crawl or totter out into the sunlight to die. I watched them make their last feeble journeys, and even as I watched they died."

British filmed the mounds of dead bodies in the camp and that the film was shown in movie theaters around the world as proof of the Nazi crimes against humanity. Anyone who has ever seen the British film of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen will never forget the sight of British bulldozers shoving thousands of emaciated corpses into mass graves. Or the sight of the living dead, the emaciated prisoners whose bodies were nothing but skin and bones.

Thanks to the foresight of Eisenhower, who ordered that every American soldier stationed in Germany should visit the gas chamber at Dachau, today there is scarcely a person in America who has not heard the stories of the Nazi atrocities first-hand from a relative or an acquaintance. However, it was the British who, by bringing their soldiers to Bergen-Belsen to see the ultimate horror so that they could pass their eye-witness information on to future generations, insured that the world now knows the true extent of what happened at Bergen-Belsen.

These crimes could have been avoided

Just as current Anti Islamic dissidents are cursed by modern apologists on the Left, so could Lord Lothian, a Liberal member of the National Government in 1931–2 and an apologist for the Nazis until 1938, describe Hitler's brutalities in April 1937 as 'largely the reflex of the external persecution to which Germans have been subjected since the first war’.

In the words of Gilbert and Gott:
'A sense of guilt drove the appeasers into a one-sided relationship with Germany, in which Germany was always to be given the benefit of the doubt. Hitler's outbursts were not treated as the ravings of a wicked man: they were the understandable complaints of a man who had been wronged.'
Hitler knew perfectly well how to play on these fears of war and feelings of guilt, much the same way as the Arab leaders are doing to-day
Looking back on the success of his tactics, in a secret speech to representatives of the German press in Munich on 10 November 1938, he pointed out that:
'The prevailing circumstances have obliged me to speak, for a decade or more, of almost nothing but peace. Only, in fact, by continuously declaring the German desire for peace and Germany's peaceful intentions was I able, step by step, to secure freedom, for the German people and to provide Germany, with the armaments which have, time and time again, always been the essential precondition for any further move.'

From the outset, the appeasers had no valid excuse for doubting the nature of the Nazi régime, but they were determined not to let the facts stand in the way of their theories.We witness the same trend today from the red facists of the left
Hitler became Chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933. On 6 February he issued a 'Law for the Protection of the German People', enabling him to silence the German press. Within a few days, the Oxford Union had resolved by 275 to 153 votes that it would not 'in any circumstances ... fight for King and Country’.
In a speech on 17 February, Churchill contrasted this with German youth 'burning to suffer and die for their fatherland ... One can almost feel the curl of contempt upon the lips of the manhood of all these peoples when they read this message sent out by Oxford University in the name of young England.'

Now to-day we are beginning to see laws being formed which will limit our freedom of speech,while we see the youth of islam calling for the death of America,death to the infidel,and their leaders are leading the chant

We are now faced with a much larger threat,than what we faced in the thirties

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The Anti-Islamist Coalition is Born

New Born

Nora @World Challenges in the XXIst Century
"Extremism in the search of freedom is no vice.
Moderation in the search of justice is no virtue"

Nora has started The Anti-Islamist Coalition:

The Anti-Islamist Coalition is born
Posted by: Nora in Islamism

I’m building an aggregator of anti-Islamist blogs written in English. They should mainly be about Islamism and its effects and the objective is that it should be as global as it can be. You shouldn’t do anything, just forward me your blog’s feed for me to insert it in a piece of code.

The blogs already in it are:

Anti-Islamist Coalition

My email is spanishpundit at gmail dot com.

Thanks to you all! :lol:

~ Nora

Thank You Nora!


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The Islamic Rage Boy News Show

Islamic Rage Boy reports on Buffalo decapitation story.

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What's The Difference?

I'm having a hard time seeing the difference between these two stories. Maybe someone could help me out and explain the distinction.

Please, if you notice the difference, fill me in.

By the way, I have a thought. Maybe if we all just play dead, the Muslims will leave us alone.

It's worth a try.

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In our dual identities here we focus on the global implications of the great struggle we're in. Become so involved in the fight it can be easy to forget the very dirt level things we're fighting for. Forget exactly what at our individual levels we are really protecting. Focused on creeping Shariah, The Coming Caliphate, nincompoops in D.C. But at the bottom, although we're talking about Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran we are still fighting for the same thing wars have always been waged for. Our homes. Our families. Places we love. And the memories made there.

I had some pretty damn interesting karma come out of this madness today. Good stuff.

And on that I'll say no more.


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Friday Nooner

How about an East Coast Friday nooner, folks? So turn it uup and annoy your co-workers. Hell, start dancing on your desks. (my wife used to CanCan dance on bars but that's an entirely different story) This one especially dedicated to all the Congressional Porkers in D.C.



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Production of child pornography in paradise islands of Maldives

"A 38 year old man who was under investigation for illegally importing alcohol was found to be in possession of a large quantity of child pornography contained in a hard-disk. The photos and videos from the hard-disk showed the man in various acts of having sex with boys as young as 10. Police say the material was of such a quality that they suspect the man was involved and dealing in child pornography internationally.

All in all, police found a total of 35 different children in the material discovered. According to the police the man had sexually exploited the children by enticing them with money and video-games and alcohol."

With thanks to Random Reflexions

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Paging Mr Orwell

Oh for chrissake this is getting way out of hand. To do this would reguire "every vehicle to be equipped with global satellite positioning technology, a transponder, a clock and other equipment to record how many miles a vehicle was driven, whether it was driven on highways or secondary roads, and even whether it was driven during peak traffic periods or off-peak hours". Talk about intrusive. Papers, please?

Let me make this clear to any D.C. dunderheads actually considering supporting this.



Transportation chief eyes taxing miles driven
LaHood's says current gasoline tax not enough to fund infrastructure
The Associated Press
updated 7:50 a.m. ET, Fri., Feb. 20, 2009

WASHINGTON - Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says he wants to consider taxing motorists based on how many miles they drive rather than how much gasoline they burn — an idea that has angered drivers in some states where it has been proposed.

Gasoline taxes that for nearly half a century have paid for the federal share of highway and bridge construction can no longer be counted on to raise enough money to keep the nation's transportation system moving, LaHood said in an interview with The Associated Press.

"We should look at the vehicular miles program where people are actually clocked on the number of miles that they traveled," the former Illinois Republican lawmaker said.

Most transportation experts see a vehicle miles traveled tax as a long-term solution, but Congress is being urged to move in that direction now by funding pilot projects.

The idea also is gaining ground in several states. Governors in Idaho and Rhode Island are talking about such programs, and a North Carolina panel suggested in December the state start charging motorists a quarter-cent for every mile as a substitute for the gas tax.

A tentative plan in Massachusetts to use GPS chips in vehicles to charge motorists by the mile has drawn complaints from drivers who say it's an Orwellian intrusion by government into the lives of citizens. Other motorists say it eliminates an incentive to drive more fuel-efficient cars since gas guzzlers will be taxed at the same rate as fuel sippers.

the rest


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Flying Imams Lose in Court

Remember these guys?

The six Imams who boarded US Airlines Flight 300 and proceeded to behave in an intimidating and suspicious manner. Refusing to sit in their assigned seats, pairing off to sit near the front, middle and rear exits. Requesting unneeded seat belt extenders. Three of the Imams had no baggage and one way tickets, and one passenger who speaks Arabic says the Imams talked about Osama bin Laden and condemned America for killing Saddam Hussein.

The behavior clearly intended to cause an uproar among the passengers and it worked. The Federal Air Marshals delayed the flight and asked the Imams to leave. When the Imams refused they were arrested.

Of course the Imams went on to sue US Airlines and the passengers while CAIR threatened boycotts, and trying to promote a "flying while Muslim" campaign.

But it was all in vain.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said an airline didn’t discriminate against six imams when it removed them from a flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in 2006.

The department’s assistant general counsel, Samuel Podberesky, informed the Council on American-Islamic Relations of the department’s conclusion in a Jan. 14 letter.

But the department did fault US Airways for refusing to book the men on another flight after the FBI cleared them.

The letter is among several exhibits entered last week in a lawsuit the imams filed against the airline and the airport in federal court in Minneapolis. The trial is scheduled for August.

The men claim they were discriminated against because they appeared Middle Eastern and some of them prayed before boarding the flight.

Result: Victory for safe air travel, common sense, and courageous "John Does" who refuse to be intimidated.

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Public Service Announcement

Dear Infidel Bloggers Alliance Bloggers friends family lovers wives mistresses (may they never meet) husbands boyfriends (see previous parenthetical) readers commenters and deadbeats slacking at work (yo!)

You guys are awesome.

For February we have passed the 62,500 page views mark.

And we still have 9 days to go.

All of last February we had 36,100 page views.

Woo Hoo!


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Fox News

Key Endorsement All but Guarantees Netanyahu as Israeli Prime Minister

Thursday, February 19, 2009

JERUSALEM — Benjamin Netanyahu won the endorsement Thursday of an anti-Arab politician who emerged from Israel's election as a kingmaker, virtually ensuring that the hawkish, U.S.-educated politician will once again become prime minister.

The big question is whether Netanyahu will be able to build the broad coalition he will likely need to stay in power and avoid clashing with the Obama administration and much of the world.

With his top rival, centrist Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, signaling that she would enter the opposition, Netanyahu's prospects for such a coalition do not look good. He will probably have little choice but to forge a coalition with nationalist and religious parties opposed to peacemaking with the Palestinians and Israel's other Arab neighbors.

One major Orthodox Jewish party, Shas, also threw its support to Netanyahu, joining a group of similar movements that did the same.

"Today the foundations were laid for an extremist right-wing government under the leadership of Netanyahu," Livni said in a text message to 80,000 members of her Kadima Party. "That is not our way and there is nothing for us in such a government... We must be an alternative of hope and go into opposition."

If Livni stays out of Netanyahu's government, it would almost surely hurt Netanyahu's credibility with the United States and Europe. And his hold on power would be more tenuous in a narrow coalition of rightists, with hard-line allies threatening to bring down his government in the face of any concession for peace.

Livni seeks a negotiated settlement with the Palestinians, a position supported by the Obama administration, while Netanyahu's partner on the right, Avigdor Lieberman, has drawn opprobrium with his call for Israel's 1 million Arabs to swear allegiance to the Jewish state or lose their citizenship.

Israel's ceremonial president, Shimon Peres, held talks with political parties before choosing a candidate to form a government. Peres is scheduled to meet separately Friday with Netanyahu and Livni, and is likely to make his choice over the weekend, the daily newspaper Haaretz reported. If he names Netanyahu, as seems likely, then Netanyahu will have six weeks to create a coalition.

Israeli Army Radio reported Thursday night that if tasked by Peres, Netanyahu would immediately invite Livni and Labor leader Ehud Barak to join him in government.

"In light of the great challenges which Israel faces — Iran, terrorism, the economic crisis and job losses — a national unity government is the order of the hour," the station's Web site quoted him as saying.

Netanyahu aides could not be reached for comment.

read da rest


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