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Saturday, January 10, 2009


from The Gunslinger:

I love Texas

A man seeking to join an West Texas Sheriff 's Department is being interviewed.

The Deputy doing the interview says: "Your qualifications all look good, but there is an attitude suitability test that you must take before you can be accepted."Then, sliding a service pistol across the desk, he says:"Take this pistol and go out and shoot six illegal aliens, six meth dealers, six muslim extremists, and a rabbit. "

"Why the rabbit?"

"Great attitude," says the Deputy. "When can you start?"

My kind of guy. He's kind to animals.

The Gunslinger


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Chicago: Three Synagogues Attacked In Land of Obama - "Death to the Jews" Spraypainted on Walls

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Two North Side synagogues and one in Lincolnwood were vandalized early Saturday, including one that had "Death to Israel" spray-painted on a wall, police said.

Vandals threw a brick through the front glass doors of Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation, 7117 N. Crawford, around 6 a.m. Saturday, police said.

Vandals also scrawled "Death to Israel" and "Free Palestine" in orange spray paint on the synagogue's outside walls.

Lincolnwood Police Lt. Mark Brines said police were notified at 6:10 a.m. that a caretaker in the building heard a brick crash through a window at the temple.

The caretaker later saw "two unknown males running from the scene," Brines said.

Lincolnwood police believe the vandalism could be related to two similar incidents at nearby synagogues in Chicago.

Chicago Police spokeswoman Antoinette Ursitti said police were investigating early morning criminal damage to buildings on the 2700 block of West Morse and the 6500 block of North California.

Anshe Motele Congregation is at 6526 N California, while Lubavitch Mesivta of Chicago is at 2756 W. Morse.

Officials with those temples could not be reached Saturday afternoon.

"The incidents involved vandalism containing derogatory statements and are being investigated as possible hate crimes," Ursitti said, declining to give more details.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force has been notified, Brines said.

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Gaza and How We Got Here

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A letter to the Bangor Daily News condemning the Jews of Maine

No more free passes for Israel

By Nancy Oden

Every day I look for letters from the Maine Jewish community condemning Israel's genocidal bombing of trapped, starving Palestinian civilians, mostly women and children. The Israelis are even bombing schools and hospitals.

Such barbarism must surely be repulsive to many in Maine's Jewish communities, but I search in vain for a word from them.

I am so sickened by what the Israeli government has been doing since 1947 to the Palestinians, who have lived there for thousands of years, that I can scarcely bear to read or think about what's going on now. But we must speak out when we know something is wrong, or we lose our humanity.

No more free passes for Israel.

Israel has caged in the Palestinians, cut off their food and electricity, smashed down people's houses, killed United Nations and other aid workers, built a wall separating farmers from their land and built illegal Jewish settlements in Palestinian lands. Now it is attacking with white phosphorus (causing terrible burns), fully armored troops, and U.S.-built bombs dropped from U.S.-supplied fighter jets.

The American government gives Israel billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars every year. I say not one penny more until they act like a civilized nation and stop killing their neighbors-- the Palestinians and other Arabs with whom they share that region -- who are their close relatives, after all.

Israel brags that it runs our country, especially now that Barack Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, has dual Israeli-U.S. citizenship. Where do his loyalties lie?

If American Jews do not speak out against the slaughter of children in schools and in their beds, they are complicit in those acts. The Israeli government purports to act for world Jewry, so Jews have a special responsibility to condemn atrocities committed in their name.

And yet we wait for Maine's Jewish community to speak out.

While not a Jew, I'm on an e-mail list for Tikkun magazine, edited by Rabbi Michael Lerner. He is also a voice for Interfaith Spiritual Progressives and has inveighed against this invasion and slaughter, www.tikkun.org.

I urge everyone to read that Web site and the Web sites (listed on the Tikkun site) of Jewish peace groups in Israel. They're speaking out more openly than American Jews, who seem afraid to do so.

Read what these Jewish peace people are saying. Then say what you know to be true: that what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is wrong, wrong, wrong, and deserves to be condemned.

Nancy Oden lives in Jonesboro. Her e-mail is cleanearth@acadia.net.

I am sure those reading this blog can well imagine the response from this Maine Kohanim. Let's see if the Bangor Daily News publishes it.
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You Could Have Heard A Pin Drop

When in England , at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell
was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for
Iraq were just an example of empire building by George Bush.
He answered by saying, 'Over the years, the United
States has sent many of its fine young men and women
into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders.
The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return
is enough to bury those that did not return.'

You could have heard a pin drop.

There was a conference in France where a number of
international engineers were taking part, including French
During a break, one of the French engineers
came back into the room saying 'Have you heard the latest
dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft
carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What
does he intended to do, bomb them?'
A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly: 'Our
carriers have three hospitals on board that can treat several
hundred people; they are nuclear powered and can supply
emergency electrical power to shore facilities; they
have three cafeterias with the capacity to feed 203,000
people three meals a day, they can produce several
thousand gallons of fresh water from sea water each
day, and they carry half a dozen helicopters for use in
transporting victims and injured to and from their flight
deck. We have eleven such ships; how many does
France have?'

You could have heard a pin drop.

A U.S. Navy Admiral was attending a naval conference
that included Admirals from the U.S. , English, Canadian,
Australian and French Navies. At a cocktail reception,
he found himself standing with a large group of Officers
that included personnel from most of those countries.
Everyone was chatting away in English as they sipped
their drinks but a French admiral suddenly complained that,
whereas Europeans learn many languages, Americans learn
only English.' He then asked, 'Why is it that we always have
to speak English in these conferences rather than speaking
Without hesitating, the American Admiral replied 'Maybe
it's because the Brits, Canadians, Aussies and Americans
arranged it so you wouldn't have to speak German.'

You could have heard a pin drop.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman of 83, arrived in
Paris by plan e. At French Customs, he took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry on.
'You have been to France before, monsieur?' the customs officer asked sarcastically.
Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously.
Then you should know enough to have your passport ready.'
The American said, "'The last time I was here, I didn't have to show it.
"Impossible. Americans always have to show your passports on arrival in France !'
The American senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look. Then he quietly explained, "'Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country, I couldn't find a single Frenchmen to show a passport to.'

You could have heard a pin drop.
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Maldives: Demonstrators burn Israel flag and picture Tzipi Livni.

Thousands of Maldivians rallied together to condemn Israel’s attacks on Gaza in a show of solidarity for their fellow Muslims on Friday, with one group burning an Israeli flag and a picture of the Israeli foreign minister.

Protesters called for a boycott of all Israeli and American products and urged the government to denounce the attacks at the rally, which was held at the artificial beach in Male’.

Demonstrators carried Palestinian flags and placards reading, “Where are the guardians of human rights?”, “Stop the killings” and “Free Gaza and the Palestinians”.

The protest attracted many key figures including human rights commissioner Ahmed Saleem and human rights ambassador Mohamed “Gogo” Latheef. Addressing the crowd, Aneesa Ahmed, DRP parliamentary group leader called on Israel to stop the violence against the Palestinians.

Several of the speakers at the rally called for a ban on all Jewish investments in the Maldives, with one protester saying, “If we let Jews invest in the Maldives, they might do to us what they did in Palestine. We must impose sanctions on the Americans and the Israelis.”

Another protester, 40-year-old Khadeeja Hassan, who was at the forefront of the demonstration said, “We should provide them financial aid and show the world that we support Palestinians.”

Hussain Shiyan, a carpenter at the demonstration, said the Maldives should cut all ties with Israel. “We don’t want Israeli tourists anymore,” the 31-year old said. “Why should we take the money from Jews when they are mistreating Palestinians?”

An hour into the protest, demonstrators marched towards the United Nations building where they burned a large Israeli flag and a picture of the Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni.

Security was tightened with over 50 police officers deployed to the scene; according to police media coordinator Ahmed Shiyam, the measure was taken to prevent protesters from entering the building.

The demonstration, which had started on the east side of the capital ended at the Sultan Muhammad bin Abdullah mosque in the west, where protesters joined in an evening prayer led by Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, the state minister of Islamic affairs.

Saeed prayed for the Palestinian Mujahids while denouncing the Israelis for their actions.

At the mosque, “Gogo” Latheef said he was very concerned about the Israeli attacks, adding he had personally helped Hamas militants during his time at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon.

He did not wish to comment on the press release issued by the Maldivian government in December, which took a diplomatic view of the attacks. When questioned about the violence at the time, however, foreign minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed condemned the Israeli strikes.

Speaking to Minivan News from Geneva, permanent representative Abdul Ghafoor Mohamed said the Maldives was gravely concerned at the widespread violation of human rights and international humanitarian law caused by Israel’s bombardment and invasion of the Gaza strip.

“Many countries including the Maldives have condemned the Israeli attacks,” he said. “The Maldives condemns the massive disproportionate use of force, in which Israel’s powerful modern army is inflicting collective punishment on one and a half million innocent and defenceless Palestinians in retaliation for the actions of a few.”

The protest was attended by the main opposition party, Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party, as well as the Islamic Democratic Party and the Adhaalath Party, which is part of the ruling coalition. The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party was absent.

from Minivan News
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Muslims Protest in Los Angeles: "Love Long Hitler! Put Jews in Ovens!"

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Banks Launder Money For Iran

NEW YORK: Ten international banks, including British-based Lloyds laundered "billions of dollars" for Iran through New York banks, Manhattan, District Attorney Robert Morgenthau announced on Friday.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, the scheme helped Iran turn its dirty money into greenbacks, which it could then use to buy goods prohibited by international sanctions.

Some of the money went to fund terrorist groups like the Hamas and Hezbollah, and to help Iran get materials, including tungsten, for long-range missiles, sources said.

"This is one of the biggest investigations we've ever conducted," said Morgenthau.

Lloyds admitted it laundered 300 million dollars and agreed to pay a 350 mn dollar fine and open its books to investigators.

If records show that the bank knew it was helping Iran break international law or foster terrorism, Lloyds could face criminal prosecution, authorities said.

None of the other nine banks was identified because they are working out similar agreements with Morgenthau's investigators. The CIA will also review the bank records.

Steven Weber, a terrorism expert and professor of political science at the University of California Berkeley, said it is unusual for a bank like Lloyds to admit wrongdoing on such a large scale.

Read the rest of the story.

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IDF: Entire Hamas Battalions Are Being Wiped Out

From Ynet:

Is Hamas falling apart? A senior IDF officer estimated Saturday that roughly 300 Hamas men have been killed since the army launched its ground incursion in the Gaza Strip. The military official said IDF troops were able to wipe out whole battalions belonging to the Gaza terror group.


"Hundreds of people were killed in the various combat sectors," the officer said. "Some Hamas companies and battalions were simply wiped out. We also see cases of desertions and unauthorized leaves, while some terror activists are scared to undertake moves that would jeopardize them vis-à-vis IDF troops."

Earlier Saturday, the IDF killed Hamas' rocket chief in the Gaza City area, Amir Mansi. The senior officer said that shortly before his death Mansi clashed with his subordinates, who refused to come out of their hideouts. The rocket chief was left with no choice but to launch mortar shells himself, and was killed after being identified by the army.


'Forces moving forward'

The officer also reported dozens of clashes between IDF troops and Palestinian gunmen in the northern Gaza Strip over the weekend. In one case, an IDF tank was able to avert an attack on a Givati infantry force, he said. Troops in the tank spotted a mortar cell preparing to fire and attacked it before it was able to target IDF soldiers.


"The forces continue to move forward, while reinforcing their hold on the ground" the senior officer said. "They are operating vis-à-vis the Hamas organization, which sealed off whole neighborhoods."


The IDF official said that Hamas fighters had no qualms about exploiting civilians in the war.


"Hamas is attempting every possible tactic against us – in psychological terms as well," he said. "Yet the day it comes out of its trenches and see the destruction and price it paid, it will understand the extent of the blow it suffered."

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The Oldest Hatred Lives From Gaza to Florida

Remember how, right after 9/11, many of us were worried there would be a wave of anti-Muslim violence. But, there wasn't. There was one incident of violence in Phoenix, AZ, against a man of Middle-Eastern appearence, who turned out to be a Sikh. 

That was it. In a country of over 300 million people, there was ONE incident of violence.

Compare and contrast that to what is happening to Jews here, and around the world.

From Mark Steyn:

In Toronto, anti-Israel demonstrators yell "You are the brothers of pigs!," and a protester complains to his interviewer that "Hitler didn't do a good job."

In Fort Lauderdale, Palestinian supporters sneer at Jews, "You need a big oven, that's what you need!"

In Amsterdam, the crowd shouts, "Hamas, Hamas! Jews to the gas!"

In Paris, the state-owned TV network France-2 broadcasts film of dozens of dead Palestinians killed in an Israeli air raid on New Year's Day. The channel subsequently admits that, in fact, the footage is not from Jan. 1, 2009, but from 2005, and, while the corpses are certainly Palestinian, they were killed when a truck loaded with Hamas explosives detonated prematurely while leaving the Jabaliya refugee camp in another of those unfortunate work-related accidents to which Gaza is sadly prone. Conceding that the Palestinians supposedly killed by Israel were, alas, killed by Hamas, France-2 says the footage was broadcast "accidentally."

In Toulouse, a synagogue is firebombed; in Bordeaux, two kosher butchers are attacked; at the Auber RER train station, a Jewish man is savagely assaulted by 20 youths taunting, "Palestine will kill the Jews"; in Villiers-le-Bel, a Jewish schoolgirl is brutally beaten by a gang jeering, "Jews must die."

In Helsingborg, Sweden, the congregation at a synagogue takes shelter as a window is broken and burning cloths thrown in. in Odense, principal Olav Nielsen announces that he will no longer admit Jewish children to the local school after a Dane of Lebanese extraction goes to the shopping mall and shoots two men working at the Dead Sea Products store. in Brussels, a Molotov cocktail is hurled at a synagogue; in Antwerp, Netherlands, lit rags are pushed through the mail flap of a Jewish home; and, across the Channel in Britain, "youths" attempt to burn the Brondesbury Park Synagogue.

In London, the police advise British Jews to review their security procedures because of potential revenge attacks. The Sun reports "fears" that "Islamic extremists" are drawing up a "hit list" of prominent Jews, including the Foreign Secretary, Amy Winehouse's record producer and the late Princess of Wales' divorce lawyer. Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that Islamic nonextremists from the British Muslim Forum, the Islamic Foundation and other impeccably respectable "moderate" groups have warned the government that the Israelis' "disproportionate force" in Gaza risks inflaming British Muslims, "reviving extremist groups," and provoking "UK terrorist attacks" – not against Amy Winehouse's record producer and other sinister members of the International Jewish Conspiracy but against targets of, ah, more general interest.

Forget, for the moment, Gaza. Forget that the Palestinian people are the most comprehensively wrecked people on the face of the Earth. For the past 60 years they have been entrusted to the care of the United Nations, the Arab League, the PLO, Hamas and the "global community" – and the results are pretty much what you'd expect.

You would have to be very hardhearted not to weep at the sight of dead Palestinian children, but you would also have to accord a measure of blame to the Hamas officials who choose to use grade schools as launch pads for Israeli-bound rockets, and to the U.N. refugee agency that turns a blind eye to it. And, even if you don't deplore Fatah and Hamas for marinating their infants in a sick death cult in which martyrdom in the course of Jew-killing is the greatest goal to which a citizen can aspire, any fair-minded visitor to the West Bank or Gaza in the decade and a half in which the "Palestinian Authority" has exercised sovereign powers roughly equivalent to those of the nascent Irish Free State in 1922 would have to concede that the Palestinian "nationalist movement" has a profound shortage of nationalists interested in running a nation, or indeed capable of doing so. There is fault on both sides, of course, and Israel has few good long-term options. But, if this was a conventional ethno-nationalist dispute, it would have been over long ago.

So, as I said, forget Gaza. And, instead, ponder the reaction to Gaza in Scandinavia, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, and golly, even Florida. As the delegitimization of Israel has metastasized, we are assured that criticism of the Jewish state is not the same as anti-Semitism. We are further assured that anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism, which is a wee bit more of a stretch.

Only Israel attracts an intellectually respectable movement querying its very existence. For the purposes of comparison, let's take a state that came into existence at the exact same time as the Zionist Entity, and involved far bloodier population displacements. I happen to think the creation of Pakistan was the greatest failure of post-war British imperial policy. But the fact is that Pakistan exists, and if I were to launch a movement of anti-Pakism it would get pretty short shrift.

But, even allowing for that, what has a schoolgirl in Villiers-le-Bel to do with Israeli government policy? Just weeks ago, terrorists attacked Mumbai, seized hostages, tortured them, killed them, and mutilated their bodies. The police intercepts of the phone conversations between the terrorists and their controllers make for lively reading:

"Pakistan caller 1: 'Kill all hostages, except the two Muslims. Keep your phone switched on so that we can hear the gunfire.'

"Mumbai terrorist 2: 'We have three foreigners, including women. From Singapore and China'

"Pakistan caller 1: 'Kill them.'

"(Voices of gunmen can be heard directing hostages to stand in a line, and telling two Muslims to stand aside. Sound of gunfire. Sound of cheering voices.)"

"Kill all hostages, except the two Muslims." Tough for those Singaporean women. Yet no mosques in Singapore have been attacked. The large Hindu populations in London, Toronto and Fort Lauderdale have not shouted "Muslims must die!" or firebombed Halal butchers or attacked hijab-clad schoolgirls. CAIR and other Muslim lobby groups' eternal bleating about "Islamophobia" is in inverse proportion to any examples of it. Meanwhile, "moderate Muslims" in London warn the government: "I'm a peaceful fellow myself, but I can't speak for my excitable friends. Nice little G7 advanced Western democracy you got here. Shame if anything were to happen to it."

But why worry about European Muslims? The European political and media class essentially shares the same view of the situation – to the point where state TV stations are broadcasting fake Israeli "war crimes."

As I always say, the "oldest hatred" didn't get that way without an ability to adapt: Once upon a time on the Continent, Jews were hated as rootless cosmopolitan figures who owed no national allegiance. So they became a conventional nation state, and now they're hated for that. And, if Hamas get their way and destroy the Jewish state, the few who survive will be hated for something else. So it goes.

But Jew-hating has consequences for the Jew-hater, too. A few years ago the poet Nizar Qabbani wrote an ode to the intifada:

O mad people of Gaza,

a thousand greetings to the mad

The age of political reason

has long departed

so teach us madness.

You can just about understand why living in Gaza would teach you madness. The enthusiastic adoption of the same pathologies by mainstream Europe is even more deranged – and in the end will prove just as self-destructive.

You've read the article, now watch the video.

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Protesters clash with police as 100,000 strong London Gaza demo descends into violence

Who would have imagined that a herd of Muslims and leftists would turn to violence to express themselves?

Violent clashes occurred between police and around 20,000 protesters outside the Israeli Embassy in London - with an estimated 100,000 protesters airing their views around the city.

Windows were smashed and policemen were injured - with one officer knocked unconscious in the running battles and two requiring treatment for facial injuries.

The protesters - mainly young men - knocked down barriers threw missiles including eggs, red paint, sticks and shoes as 300 officers in full riot gear tried to maintain the peace.

Police try and hold back the protesters outside the Israeli embassy, Kensington, as thousands show their anger at the worsening situation in Gaza

Police try and hold back the protesters outside the Israeli embassy, Kensington, as thousands show their anger at the worsening situation in Gaza

There were reports that some protesters had tried to set fire to police vans.

The violence, which broke out in front of the Israeli Embassy, appeared to be led by a hard-core of masked and hooded youths.

A national demonstration against Israel's attack marched from Speakers' Corner at Hyde Park today to the Israeli embassy in High Street Kensington.

It was estimated there were around 100,000 protesters in total across London, including the Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and Kensington protests.

Attacked: Protestors go for horse-backed officers in Kensington

Attacked: Protestors go for horse-backed officers in Kensington

A protester pushes down barriers as police try to maintain calm amid missile-throwing and window-smashing

A protester pushes down barriers as police try to maintain calm amid missile-throwing and window-smashing

London protests

Demonstrators let off fireworks outside the Israeli Embassy in London as they call for the fighting in the Gaza region to stop

The damage caused to a Starbucks cafe in Kensington. Blood can be seen on the outside of the building, windows were smashed, and the inside was extensively damaged

Blood can be seen on the outside of Starbucks, with windows were smashed, and the inside was extensively damaged

There was a heavy police presence lining the route taken by the protesters.

Chanting 'free, free Palestine', the crowd was led through the streets of London by a vocal group of largely young men.

A Starbucks coffee shop in the area was stripped of chairs and had its front windows smashed, and protestors also removed fittings from the shop.

Residents living in flats above watched the scenes from their windows, and many people pleaded with police to let them out of the cordon.

At one point, the protesters were seen to throw shoes at mounted police posted in the Notting Hill area.

The march ground to a halt outside the Israeli embassy as tens of thousands of people surged past carrying placards.

At a number of points, officers asked some of the noisier and more enthusiastic protesters to 'calm down'.

There was pushing and shoving between protesters and police in riot gear outside the embassy building.

Demonstrators chanted noisily and tossed shoes over the heads of the police ranks towards the embassy.

Demonstrators inside the Starbucks branch near the Israeli embassy in London

Demonstrators inside the Starbucks branch near the Israeli embassy in London


Demonstrators and the media scramble around each other soon after fireworks were let off in a packed High Street Kensington

Burning bush: A placard bearing a portrait of U.S. President George Bush is set alight. There were reports of rioters trying to set police vans alight

Burning bush: A placard bearing a portrait of U.S. President George Bush is set alight. There were reports of rioters trying to set police vans alight

A series of heavily policed demonstrations with up to 2,000 pro-Palestinian supporters have already been held outside the Israeli embassy in London.

Commander Bob Broadhurst said: 'A group of people on this demonstration have set out to deliberately confront and antagonise police officers trying to protect the Embassy of Israel.

'We are very disappointed by the irresponsible and criminal actions of those who have challenged police by ripping apart security barriers and throwing objects at them.'


Protestors burn placards in High Street Kensington

Flags are burnt as tthe protesters make their feelings known during the riots

Flags are burnt as the protesters make their feelings known during the riots

He added: 'A hard core of demonstrators are undermining the cause of the vast majority of people on this demonstration, who are law abiding citizens wishing to protest peacefully.'


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Why Do Muslims Teach Their Children To Hate?

Hate and violence is taught in the name of Islam. Why is it we never hear Muslims protesting against this hijacking of their religion?

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Atlas is Shrugging

Stephan Moore at The Wall Street Journal on how America has been living the plot of a fifty-year-old novel:

Many of us who know Rand's work have noticed that with each passing week, and with each successive bailout plan and economic-stimulus scheme out of Washington, our current politicians are committing the very acts of economic lunacy that "Atlas Shrugged" parodied in 1957, when this 1,000-page novel was first published and became an instant hit.

Rand, who had come to America from Soviet Russia with striking insights into totalitarianism and the destructiveness of socialism, was already a celebrity. The left, naturally, hated her. [And also many on the right, see the National Review]But as recently as 1991, a survey by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club found that readers rated "Atlas" as the second-most influential book in their lives, behind only the Bible. [Emphasis added]

The current economic strategy is right out of "Atlas Shrugged": The more incompetent you are in business, the more handouts the politicians will bestow on you. That's the justification for the $2 trillion of subsidies doled out already to keep afloat distressed insurance companies, banks, Wall Street investment houses, and auto companies -- while standing next in line for their share of the booty are real-estate developers, the steel industry, chemical companies, airlines, ethanol producers, construction firms and even catfish farmers. With each successive bailout to "calm the markets," another trillion of national wealth is subsequently lost. Yet, as "Atlas" grimly foretold, we now treat the incompetent who wreck their companies as victims, while those resourceful business owners who manage to make a profit are portrayed as recipients of illegitimate "windfalls."

Judith Apter Klinghoffer has more on the hatred of the good for being the good:

Unfortunately, Muslims and Arabs are not the only haters of the good, intellectual elites are too. Hence, the relentless media, NGO war against democracies as a whole and the US and Israel in particular. Therefore, the more democracies try to acceed to the demands of these "victims" and their self appointed advocates, the more they are hated.

We appear doomed to relive the 1930s, due to fools who cannot learn from the past.

Crossposted at The Dougout
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Please eMail Blogger!

For one whole week now, I have been unable to update my blog, A New Dark Age Is Dawning: It has been ‘frozen’ for further investigation because Blogger fears that my blog is a “spam blog”.

You will know that it certainly is no such thing..

I have given my blog my all. It will be devastating for me if I shall no longer be able to continue with my weblog after having done so much work on it to-date.

May I therefore request that all of you help me to continue with my blogspot by emailing Blogger (use the email address help@blogger.com), protesting that the blogspot be ‘unfrozen’ and allowed to continue.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Mark Alexander

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NYT is as much an enemy of Israel as Hamas/Hezbollah

Accuracy in Media provides a press release where they talk about the New York Times and its anti-Israel stance. With it comes a special item written by Don Feder about the NYT's continuing nastiness.


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Allah Be Praised!!

5 Somali pirates drown with ransom share

Five of the Somali pirates who released a hijacked oil-laden Saudi supertanker drowned with their share of a reported $3 million ransom after their small boat capsized, a pirate and a relative of one of the dead men said Saturday.

Pirate Daud Nure said the boat with eight people on board overturned in a storm after dozens of pirates left the Sirius Star following a two-month standoff in the Gulf of Aden that ended Friday.

He said five people died and three people reached shore after swimming for several hours. Daud Nure was not part of the pirate operation but knew those involved.

Abukar Haji, the uncle of one of the dead men, said the deaths were an accident.

"The boat the pirates were traveling in capsized because it was running at high speed because the pirates were afraid of an attack from the warships patrolling around," he said.

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Pro-Israel Rallies

(via Jihad Watch)

Some of rallies are today.

Go here to see the list, in chronological order.

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Have we become too civilized to defeat anything but the enemies' military?

We currently see Israel engaged in a war, a religious war of the peoples. One side is telling themselves, and the others who listen to them saying so, that IS so, and has been so since 1948, or was that 1924, or was that 1683, or maybe 632?

We know what a defeated military looks like.

We saw it in Iraq, on the highway of death in Kuwait in 1991, and across Europe, the Islands of the Pacific, and across the pacific. We saw it in pictures of no man's land in 1918. We saw it over and over in the Middle East in the turret less hulks of thousands and thousands of tanks and the rounded up, and cut off armies of thousands of Egyptians and Syrians.

But a military victory presages VICTORY and defeat of the enemy only when the society and polity behind it recognizes it's defeat.

In a military victory alone we go on and on about the people not being our enemy. But in a true victory the enemy society and culture are crushed.

In 1918 we were on the verge of an obvious outright military victory, and to preserve the German society and culture an armistice was achieved. The real result of that was at hand by 1936. Alternatively, in 1865 the entire southern society lay in utter ruin.

In 1945 Tokyo and Berlin and all the major cities of the cultures they represented looked like Richmond.

By contrast we have Gaza in 2008

And Baghdad 2003

While we have quieted the urgency of the violence in Iraq (with military force backed by political action, and a determination here) the issue remains, the modern model of war as WE PRACTICE IT is a civilized medieval version of chivalry which never existed.

Israel uses precision bombs with but 50lbs of explosives so as to attempt to not harm the neighbors of those who have sworn unabashedly to kill them and eliminate their nation, but those neighbors are those who brought those sworn people to power.

Is it possible to use our modern model of war to win a societal, and certainly in Israel's case religious war made against you?

Germany and Japan are different today because their societies WERE COMPELLED to recognize that their model of the the way to live has been unsuccessful. But no religion reinforced the view that that way of life was compulsory.

Today the violent and racist demonstrations around the world falsely accuse Israel of perpetrating another Jenin in all Gaza. But the haunting question remains...can this war ever end until those who support the HAMAS's and Hizballahs, and the Al Qaeda's and the IRGC's and mullahs, and the MMA's and ISI's are themselves so crushed that those who want their children to have another kind of life recognize the FACT their culture is DOOMED, and will only kill their children, their hopes and their dreams.

Note the large sign hanging outside Admiral Halsey's office during the Solomon Islands campaign, a moment after Coral Sea, Bataan, Midway, and the invasion of Guadalcanal, and a moment when things wre in doubt. Is this what it takes to win a societal endeavor? Th yellow thing is over the line to me, but the sentiment about the task is ..... (fill in the blank)

And are we willing to undertake such actions anymore in our own defense, even in the abstract?

I don't know the answer to these questions, but I am certain they need to be asked

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Initiative is with those who act..Hizbullah infiltrating Syria, anticipating regime change

The Iranian-backed Hizbullah terrorist group has targeted Syria by dispatching some 40 cells of clandestine operatives in anticipation of a future regime change in Damascus, according to a Middle East press report.
Now imagine if Syria, bordering Iraq, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey was to all purposes Iran.
Stop and think. What would Israel do, or prepare to do? How would Syria as Iran change hte foreign policy of Turkey? What would all of that mean for us?
Now imagine if the door swung the other way and Iran was gone.

The Kuwait-based Al-Siyasah Online website reported Nov. 30 that the infiltration was put in place over the past 10 months and following the resumption of negotiations between Syria and Israel in Turkey.

Hizbullah has managed to plant cells in Damascus and other Sunni-dominated Syrian cities in anticipation that the Bashar al-Assad regime will reach a peace agreement with Israel in 2009 that could stipulate Syria ending its strategic partnership with Iran.

"Planting and setting up more than 40 cells by the Hizbullah security services on the Syrian arena was an idea proposed by Imad Mughniyah [Hizbullah military commander assassinated in Damascus in February 2008]," one source was quoted as saying. "Among these cells are at least 20 cells in Damascus where their elements are deployed under different titles, as employees at some private companies, or as laborers at restaurants and coffee shops, or as owners of mixed small organizations with Syrians, like offices of selling used cars, furniture shops, shops, small supermarkets, and others."

The clandestine operations are working for Hizbullah and the Iranian regime and are similar to the cells that have been established in a number of Arab Gulf countries since early 2002 in order to pump funds into the Hizbullah leadership in Beirut and to monitor the situation in these countries.

In a related development, the Paris-based Intelligence Online reported Nov. 20 that, "under the attentive eye of Iranian officials, Hizbullah made every effort to appear united during its 8th Congress, which wound up on Nov. 3. ... But, behind the smiles, rivalry between clans is just as rife as ever."

According to the report, three factions are engaged in a power struggle inside Hizbullah: the somewhat pro-Syrian security-minded men headed by Wafic Safa and Haj Hassan Khalil, the pro-Iranian supporters of Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, and the faction of sheikh Naim Kassm, the "number two man in the moment who has been denouncing Nasrallah's cult of personality for years"

Any bets on who is the most determined,
and who has the most to gain and lose?

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The Mythical Creature

[click on image to see a larger picture]

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US In Massive Arms Supply to Israel Days Before Obama Inauguration

From Gateway Pundit:

President George W. Bush is sending Israel a massive parting gift before he leaves office.

The fact that Bush feels the need to massively supply Israel before he leaves office could simply be the result of the Gaza offensive. Or, it could be that Bush is concerned that Israel will have trouble finding arms once Obama takes over.

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Islam Not Recognized As A Religion In Italy

Here's an interesting little tidbit of information I gleaned from the comments section over at Jihad Watch. Islam is not recognized as a religion by the government of Italy.

Islam is not formally recognized by the state in Italy despite being the second largest faith after Catholicism. Other religions including Judaism and smaller groups such as the Assemblies of God and the Seventh-Day Adventists do enjoy official recognition in the form of signed agreements with the Italian government. Official recognition gives an organized religion a chance to benefit from a national "religion tax", known as the Eight per thousand.

Anyone have any additional information on this?

Commenter Lupodigubbio says the reason Islam is not recognized as a religion is because recognized religions, in the Italian system, are eligible for state funding. However, there has never been a representative Italian Muslim group who was not found to have ties to extremist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore, the Italian government does not believe that it's funds would be put to good use.

It sounds to me like the Italian government has some sense that we are lacking here in the United States.

Lupodigubbio's statement, if true, backs up my oft-stated claim that,

There are no moderate Muslim political organizations, media outlets, academic institutions, or governments, of any considerable size, anywhere in the world.

I have been making that statement repeatedly here at IBA for about two years. I have yet to have been apprised of a single moderate Muslim organization. And, it sounds like the Italian government is experiencing the same dearth.

Good. At least they have the sense to face facts, even when they are unpleasant.
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Muslims Openly Threaten Britain In Letter of Warning to PM Brown

Islam is a religion of peace and we will use unimaginable violence again anybody who says otherwise.

The Muslims believe it is their time to strike. I say, "Bring it on, motherfuckers."

Anger within Britain's Muslim communities over the Gaza conflict has reached "acute levels of intensity" that could have repercussions for national security, leading Muslims will warn Gordon Brown today.

In a letter to the prime minister, representatives of Muslim organisations will say the Israeli government's use of "disproportionate force" to combat threats to its security has "revived extremist groups" and "empowered their message of violence and perennial conflict".

The letter, a copy of which can be read on the Guardian's Comment is Free website, also says that the "current, partisan and simplified narrative" emanating from the White House is of "serious and direct harm" to relations between the UK, North America and Arab countries.

Among the signatories are Dr Usama Hasan, imam of Al-Tawhid mosque, London, Dilwar Hussain, head of the policy research centre at the Islamic Foundation, Zareen Roohi Ahmed from the British Muslim Forum and Ed Husain, co-director of the anti-extremism thinktank the Quilliam Foundation. All are active in tackling extremism in the UK and overseas.

They say it is imperative for the UK to distance itself from the Bush government. The letter goes on: "We urge you to make concerted and successful efforts to convince the US administration of the dangers of its approach and to ensure the incoming Obama administration forges a more enlightened direction. We also believe the UK - bilaterally and as part of the EU - has an important role to demonstrate to Israel that the threshold of acceptable behaviour has been perilously transgressed."

The letter adds: "As you are aware, the anger within UK Muslim communities has reached acute levels of intensity. The Israeli government's use of disproportionate force ... has revived extremist groups and empowered their message of violence and perennial conflict. For Muslims in the UK and abroad, we run the risk of potentially creating a loss of faith in the political process."

Their intervention follows a meeting on Tuesday between Bill Rammell, foreign and commonwealth affairs minister, and 30 people drawn from Muslim organisations such as the Muslim Council of Britain and the Islamic Society of Britain.

In what was said to be a testy meeting, representatives told Rammell the government's position on Gaza could provoke UK terrorist attacks. One of those present was Dr Hany el-Banna, youth worker and co-founder and president of the charity Islamic Relief.

He told the Guardian: "We are all working tirelessly to try and cool them down. I am telling them to change and bring something positive, but they see these images and they trigger extremist thoughts in the simplest individuals. Many millions of people will see these images in the media, what do you think the effect will be?

Let us be clear, these "moderate" Muslims are leveling threats at Britain. The implication behind these "warnings" is that if Britain does not do things the way Muslims want them done, then Muslims will become extremist.

And, we all know what that means.

Why don't we look at who the Muslims named in this article are, and what they advocate? Shall we?

Usama Hasan - justifies the death penalty for apostasy because apostasy is akin to treason

Zareen Roohi Ahmed -    “If someone in Jack Straw’s position can get away with asking Muslim women to remove their veils, what is to stop employers, bus drivers or shopkeepers?” 
Zareen Roohi Ahmed, chief executive of the British Muslim Forum

Hany el-Banna - read all about his charity Islamic Relief. And contemplate his quote: 

"We are all working tirelessly to try and cool them down. I am telling them to change and bring something positive, but they see these images and they trigger extremist thoughts in the simplest individuals. Many millions of people will see these images in the media, what do you think the effect will be? The government is responsible for the country and its foreign policy. I don't want something to happen here."

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