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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brussels Journal Calls For White Separatism - Says Western Civilization Is Dying Of A Disease Affecting Only White People

Brussels Journal is suffering from a disease affecting only racists. Watch in amazement as they call for white separatism.

500 years from now, when 26th century archeologists will be slicing through the stratum of the broken remains of Frankfurt or Philadelphia, chips of silicon chips next to bits of Snickers and Big Mac wrappers under mounds of DVD shards, squashed satellite dishes among twisted nipple rings and faded Obama campaign buttons, bases of shattered toilet bowls still bolted to face away from Mecca next to popped air bubble soles still claiming victory for Nike, they will be wandering, what was is that destroyed this civilization?

There will be theories ranging from lead contamination in our water supply to ubiquitous estrogen-mimicking chlorine by-products and other demasculinising chemicals decimating men’s sperm count and virility itself. But looking at it now, in 2008, it looks like a viral disease of the brain, affecting only white people. And for our civilization and the people who carry it to survive, it’s necessary that the healthy part of the population, those not yet turned into Body Snatcher doppelgängers, try to isolate themselves from the sick and their institutions. 

You think this is hyperbole, but it’s an understatement.

Need I remind anyone that Brussels Journal is the anti-Jihad site from which the idea of aligning ourselves with the Vlaams Belang originally came.

Paul Belien the founder and editor of Brussels Journal is married to a high party official of the Vlaams Belang. And now we see, very clearly, that he is willing to publish articles calling for white separatism.

Just to be clear, Islam is a religion. It is not a race. There are Muslims of all colors. There are also people of all colors who oppose Jihadism. So, why the need for white separatism?

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Some more lovely portions of the Brussels Journal essay:

On Jews

Are Jews a European race? There might be sincere and well-informed views that differ on this. No matter the answer, what sense does it make to exclude from the “we” a people that has lived in Europe for 2400 years, in great numbers so since having been brought to Rome as slaves after the Great Revolt’s defeat in 70 CE, and with a considerable mingling of the DNAs over the centuries? Not to mention the origin of the creed that’s inseparable from the “European Race,” Christianity.  

The reason the great majority of Jews would not be in the Antipod community is not their race but their politics. There is a heavy statistical distribution of Jews on the political left, all the way to its extremes.  

The Jewish tendency to want to repair the world runs counter to three principles I believe in, two of which all conservatives ought to believe in. First, the “repair” causes unintended damages worse than the flaw the repairers were trying to fix. Second, a conservative ought to be so busy with conserving what’s worth conserving that he can engage merely in tinkering with society’s edges but not in the wholesale remodeling that the majority of Jews seems to be fond of, from socialism to multiculturalism to Obama. 

On Non-Whites

The issue of the nonwhite inhabitants of the West is more complicated. In Body Snatcher’s Meccania, the Antipods have only one choice: separation. The news today informs, from Melbourne:  

DISCRIMINATION against dominant white males will soon be encouraged in a bid to boost the status of women, the disabled and cultural and religious minorities.” 

In this world-gone-mad, whites must play racial politics, or else they will end up in the cellar of the house they and their ancestors have built. As long as Antipods have to live as a reviled minority in Body Snatcher society, the “we” has to remain a whites-only club, no different in principle from a black college fraternity or an Indian reservation. But this does not imply troglodyte attitudes and wholesale animosity toward other races and nationalities. 

Should the West ever again regain its senses, if a whole country could be run on Antipod principles, there is no just basis for denying a nonwhite minority full participation -- if they and generations of their ancestors were born there, if they are fully assimilated, if they have abandoned tribalism for citizenism, if they cannot become a majority, and if they be judged by the same criteria as whites without multiculti obfuscation, cowardly manipulation of negative data, or racist discrimination for or against them.

It would be a cop out to fail to mention that such a principle of race-blind equitability cannot possibly lead to a multi-racial coexistence on the present scale. There are enormous social problems with blacks as a group, with violent crime rates at least 7 times those of whites, and other antisocial traits such as serial fatherhood, illegitimacy, pimp culture and disdain for work similarly overrepresented.  

Amazing. That's some fancy-pantsed nuancin', if you ask me.

By the way, after reading this, does anyone still doubt my argument that the Vlaams Belang only supports Israel because they see it as another Ethnic Nationalist state, like the one they want to create?

And, don't you think it's likely that, if the Vlaams Belang were able to take power, they'd "encourage" European Jews to move to Israel?

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Cramming The Koran Down The Throats Of Infidel Children

From this UK publication:

NON-Muslim children will be taught Arabic and study the Koran under plans for a new faith school.

A charity is bidding to run the first Islamic faith primary in Britain for youngsters who are not followers of the religion.

The Al Habib Islamic Education and Cultural Centre says 50% of places at the school, which serves a mainly non-Muslim area, will be for local pupils.

It has submitted plans for the £7million, 420-pupil school in Swindon, Wilts.

The charity claims there is demand for the school from the Muslim community and non-Muslim families in the catchment area.

If it goes ahead, an hour of the timetable each day would be dedicated to studying Arabic and the Koran.

Non-Muslims can sit out the lessons but it is hoped most will choose to stay in class to gain more insight into Islam, an Al Habib spokesman said. He added: “The school will follow the National Curriculum and have teachers from different faiths.

“We will be there to provide guidance in religious teaching.”

Keith Porteous Wood, director of the National Secular Society, said the school would be a “disaster” for the community.

He said: “I have great sympathy for local parents.

“A lot of them would not want a Christian school and far less a Muslim one.”

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Jewish teacher in Yemen was murdered

Yemen's anti-semitism continues to rear its ugly head:
(IsraelNN.com) Moshe Nahari, a Torah teacher and a well-known figure in Yemen's Jewish community, was murdered on Thursday morning in Reida, a city north of the capital city, Sanaa. According to the Arabic daily Ash-Sharq il-Awsat, Nahari's attacker called out, “Jew, receive the message of Islam” before shooting at him.

Nahari's friends said he had never attempted to hide his Jewishness. He hung a star of David on the door of his home and wore long peyot (sidelocks). One of his brothers is a leading rabbi in the Yemenite community.

The murderer fired on Nahari several times, made sure he was dead, and then waited for police to come. Ash-Sharq il-Awsat identified the killer as Abed el-Abdi, a former pilot. El-Abdi murdered his wife two years ago, but was not imprisoned because he agreed to give his wife's family financial compensation.
So not only was anti-semitism apparent here, so was Islamo-misogyny. That the repulsive lubricant didn't even serve a prison sentence for murdering his wife in an Islamic country should be no surprise. Is it any wonder that these murderers are able to continue on their demonic spree?


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Discuss the Holocaust? Never Again

Talking about the Holocaust causes Israel to perpetuate the "Occupation" of the West Bank?

John Mearsheimer seems to think so. 

And so, his policy proposal is to forget about the Holocaust and move on already.

From Eric Trager at Commentary Magazine:

In trying to “solve” the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, policymakers and analysts typically seek to address some of the following problems: Palestinian terrorism, Israeli settlement-building, contested sovereignty over Jerusalem, and the plight of Palestinian refugees.  But after twenty years or so of failed peace-making attempts, University of Chicago Professor John Mearsheimer has finally identified the real barrier to Israeli-Palestinian peace: Jews’ incessant talk about the Holocaust.

Granted, Mearsheimer didn’t arrive at this conclusion all by himself.  Never one to do the dirty work of original research (note the number of pro-Israel lobbyists he interviewed for hisinfamous book - zero), Mearsheimer is merely parroting the arguments of Knesset-Speaker-turned-post-Zionist Avraham Burg, whose new book is titled The Holocaust is Over.  Mearsheimer uses Burg’s work to advance his own “instrumentalist” claim: that supporters of Israel “use” the Holocaust to “fend off criticism and to allow Israel to continue committing crimes against the Palestinians.”  In short, remembering the Holocaust is - in and of itself - theproblem.

If this argument sounds remotely familiar, perhaps you’ve been listening to the rantings of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who similarly claims that Zionists have played up the Holocaust to win international sympathy for Israel.  But at least Ahmadinejad has a logical - though hardly subtle - “solution” for this “problem” of Holocaust memory: he has invested substantial diplomatic resources into flat-out denying that the Holocaust ever happened.

Mearsheimer, on the other hand, offers this completely bizarre policy proposal: “solve” the “problem” of Holocaust memory by ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank -

… the best way to rescue Israel from its plight is not simply to get beyond the Holocaust, but to end the Occupation. Then, the need to talk incessantly about the Holocaust will be greatly reduced and Israel will be a much healthier and secure country. Sadly, there is no end in sight to the Occupation, and thus we are likely to hear more, not less, about the Holocaust in years ahead.

The extent of Mearsheimer’s illogic is incredible: he seems to think that the Israeli occupationcauses discussion of the Holocaust.  If we take this absurd argument at face value, Mearsheimer actually provides a reason to support the Israeli occupation (!): as the international community continually fails to respond to genocides worldwide, something that causes us to “hear more” about the Holocaust is probably a good thing.

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A New World Order

This essay was first published on my website on June 27, 2008. In view of the tumultuous events that have happened in the world economy since that time, I thought it was time to re-publish the essay: - Mark
The West isn’t working. This world order isn’t working, either. It’s time for a change. If the West wants to survive, then things will have to change. The way things are going on, the West will be on its knees in a short time, and in short order. At the moment, everything revolves around the Middle East, and around Middle Eastern money and oil, and around Middle Eastern influence.

The culture and ‘civilisation’ of the Middle East is diametrically-opposed to our own; but Middle Eastern petrodollars are being used to buy power and influence here in the West. Therefore, if we wish to preserve our civilisation, if we wish to preserve our way of life, we need change. The claptrap coming out of the White House, the claptrap coming out of Number 10, the claptrap coming out of the Foreign Office is not helpful to the preservation of freedom, liberty, and democracy.

The people at the top are like junkies – they are addicted to Middle Eastern money. They don’t call those people potentates for nothing! It is a sad fact of life in the twenty-first century that our leaders are far more interested in making money than they are in preserving our civilisation.

We have got to the point in which it is far more important to earn a fast buck than it is to re-affirm our commitment to the Judeo-Christian culture which has served us so well - a culture which has brought us civilisation, compassion, liberty, dignity, and justice. Islam, with its barbaric practices of beheading, amputation, lapidation, whipping, and torture doesn’t come anywhere close to Judeo-Christian civilisation. Indeed, it is light years away!

President Bush dreamed of bringing democracy to Iraq, nay, to the Middle East. He has been living in ‘cloud cuckoo land’! As has his partner: Tony Blair. Islam and democracy just don’t mix. A fool would have known this. Apparently, neither the White House nor Number 10 did!

Today, Tony Blair left office. He no longer resides at 10 Downing Street. He is no longer the prime minister of Great Britain. Mercifully! In ten years at the helm, Tony Blair has inflicted a lot of damage on Great Britain. Much of that damage is in the loss of democracy, to say nothing of the uncontrolled borders.

It would appear that the West is being driven by the petrodollars of the Middle East. The tail is wagging the dog! And while this state of affairs exists, there will be no good outcome. No good outcome at all! Inherent in capitalism is greed. Greed is no good principle on which to steer our economy, to say nothing of our civilisation. Now that is not to say that I think that capitalism is bad; it isn’t. But unbridled capitalism needs to be reined in if we wish our freedoms and liberty to proliferate.

Osama bin Laden accuses the United States of being “a paper tiger”. It would appear that there is much truth in this description of our friends’ country; especially since President Bush has run that wonderful country. Why do I say this? Because it has been impotent in stopping the growth of Islam in America, and therefore impotent in helping stop the growth of Islam in the West, because it has failed to stop the influence of Wahhabism in America, and it has failed miserably to stop the uncontrolled growth of Salafism in the States, too. Indeed, in the past ten years, Islam has grown apace in the US, in the UK, and in the West in general. The power and influence of Muslims and the Middle East is at a frighteningly high level! And all the while democracy has been weakened at home.

It is no good trying to bring democracy to another part of the world – a part of the world which can never be democratised while the prophet Muhammad is the people’s guide – and it is no good trying to change the nature of a people, either. The nature of a people depends on the philosophy which guides them. Islam guides Middle Easterners; so, as Islam and democracy are diametrically-opposed, there is little point in trying to bring democracy to that region. For democracy to flourish, the sine qua non is that there be a separation of the temporal from the sacred, a separation of politics and religion. Without that separation, there is absolutely no hope of establishing a democracy. None at all! No, democracy cannot exist without a separation of church, or mosque, and state. It is impossible! What Bush and Blair embarked on could be labelled “mission impossible”! For mission impossible it most certainly was. Here we are, several years later, and nothing, absolutely nothing, has been achieved; and nor will anything be achieved in the future, either. From nothing, comes nothing!

But what bothers me most is this: We are destroying the life we have grown to love and respect. Corruption abounds. Billions of dollars, billions of pounds, are paid to the potentates of the Middle East. Politicians in the West are reluctant to uphold the status quo for fear of upsetting their paymasters. They are also worried that they will not get the lucrative deals after they leave office that they might if they spill the beans. All quite understandable, of course; but all quite disgusting all the same.

If the West is to survive in its present form, if the West is to remain whole and free – and with the number of immigrants that have entered the West, that is a big question! – the West has to sever the umbilical cord which binds us to Middle Eastern oil, which binds us to Middle Eastern funds, which binds us to Middle Eastern influence. Sucking up to Saudis just won’t cut the mustard. We will have to break loose!

There is no other way for the survival of the West, there is no other way for the perpetuation of freedom and liberty and no other way to ensure the dignity of man. If Islam wins the day – which, as things are going at the moment, it most certainly will – then we all have dark daysto look forward to. There is no other way: This world order isn’t working. It’s ‘broke’. And when something is broken, it needs to be fixed. It’s time for a new world order. Now!
©Mark Alexander

All rights reserved

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The essential truth: It's not americans who cannot get credit, it's the government that has none..irrespective of party

The day I heard Barack Obama tell Joe that he was going to take any potential fruit of his effort of mind and body in order to spread it around, so that everyone had a chance, and weighed that with Joe Biden smilingly affirming that taxes are patriotism, I picked up a book I haven't read since 1968, and began slowly to reread it.

You see, those words sounded familiar. This book, written in the early to mid 1950's is a chillingly ACCURATE predictor of today in both the minute word for word speeches we hear, and the granular detail of our situation.

Today we have a chorus of calumny made for the "common man" and "labor" by a left so dedicated to the idea that dialectic is truth that even their most fearful vision of what a neocon is, would be put to shame. Of course I speak of what is being said about the senators who prevented the government from another disaster this week by recognizing that we cannot save the present strutcture of the american auto industry.


The reason we cannot even rationally attempt this effort is the same reason that Bush's "immigration" bill which promised secure borders along with a paroled amnesty process and some semi permanent immigration for temporary labor failed in a deluge of calls, telegrams, letters, and emails... we no longer believe the government would carry out their burden and their promise to us, and enforce secure borders.

Today we this get from the left this....
Harry Reid worked very hard -- indeed, he might have been willing to compromise too much -- to pull this together, but he noted last night, "By rejecting every good-faith bipartisan compromise -- including those from the White House and Senator Bob Corker -- it is now abundantly clear that Republicans have no interest in keeping the Big Three from collapsing.... Republicans may think that rejecting this legislation sent a message to the auto industry. Instead, they sent a message to every single American that they are more interested in settling scores than solving problems."
You see, we are supposed to believe that the UAW promise to get their benefits in line with those of workers at Toyota et al by 2011, will occur and that if it does not, the US govt will either enforce that or cut the auto industry off then.

Unfortunately the public simply does not believe the govt. or the unions. Crisis of confidence, the problem at the center of the economy.

New Republic:
Craven Senators Kill the Auto Deal

OK, let me get this straight. Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker, backed up by Alabama Senator Richard Shelby and South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, made it a condition of the auto companies receiving help that the United Auto Workers agree to a reduction of wages and benefits to the level of those paid by the Japanese companies that have plants in those senators' states. Desperate for the deal, the UAW and the Democrats agreed to a phased-in reduction, but the Republicans insisted on an immediate cut. The deal broke down, and Republicans--aided by a few Red State Democrats (e.g. Baucus, Lincoln, Tester)--used a filibuster to kill the bill, which would have passed on a majority vote.

That is an utter distortion since Toyota actually pays in wages SLIGHTLY MORE than the $29.78 that the US automakers pay, but never mind. 56% of the labor cost at GM, etc are BENEFITS.Is anyone arguing that workers at Toyota have no health insurance, cannot go to the doctor, cannot have 401k's? 30% of their costs are benefits. Labor unions are demanding that this structure be maintained or THEY will disappear, not american manufacturing.

Of course, this is not just about automobile companies. If you look at the history of the Great Depression, what tipped that event from a global recession to depression was precisely a series of dumb, craven--or in Keynes' word, "feather-brained"--moves by politicians blinded by ideology or by narrow self-interest. An interest rate hike here, a balanced budget there, a spending reduction or two, and we went from ten to twenty percent unemployment. Don't imagine for a moment that the failure to bailout the auto companies isn't one of those feather-brained moves.

In that case the first wrong move was to allow labor unions to impose this structure on an entire industry, NOT RESISTING HAVING US ALL PAY BLACKMAIL TO UNION BOSSES.

Put it this way. What we have learned from the economics of the Great Depression is that in order to end the spiral of unemployment, government has to throw money at companies and consumers. It should be trying to raise wages, not lower them.

The first distortion again. Foreign employers PAY MORE DIRECTLY TO THE WORKERS. They do NOT pay unions off.

The Wall Street bailout was a fiasco, but it was probably better than nothing. And the auto bailout was considerably better thought-out. Now there is a good prospect that two of the Big Three will fail, jeopardizing, perhaps, as many as a million jobs. That's exactly the kind of thing that Americans should not be doing. But don't tell that to those great patriots Corker, DeMint, or Shelby. They know better.

From AP:

Hourly wages for UAW workers at GM factories are about equal to those paid by Toyota Motor Corp. (TM) at its older U.S. factories, according to the companies. GM says the average UAW laborer makes $29.78 per hour, while Toyota says it pays about $30 per hour. But the unionized factories have far higher benefit costs.

GM says its total hourly labor costs are now $69, including wages, pensions and health care for active workers, plus the pension and health care costs of more than 432,000 retirees and spouses. Toyota says its total costs are around $48. The Japanese automaker has far fewer retirees and its pension and health care benefits are not as rich as those paid to UAW workers.

Perhaps in order to justify these unions all americans should simply agree to pay a surcharge whenever a new american vehicle is purchased in order to pay for the retiree benefits (such as health insurance for those retired younger than Medicare age) of union members. Think we'd sell a SINGLE AMERICAN CAR if the surcharge amount were shown as a line item on every vehicle's window sticker?

The fault here lies with the industry.
Labor Management
Workers who voted for labor management which would greedily equal the rapacious stupidity of corporate management paying themselves more than COULD EVER be borne by americans who would eventually pay for cars and trucks.
It is not in the power of those same americans to save that industry now.
To try to do so will only make it all worse.

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Ecuador Defaults: Iran Provides The Line Of Credit

More evidence of Iran's extending its tentacles into our hemisphere:
Ecuador's President Rafael Correa said yesterday that his nation is defaulting on its foreign debt, fulfilling his longtime populist pledge to leave international creditors in the lurch.

The default, Ecuador's second in 10 years, could rattle already jittery investors who have pulled billions of dollars out of emerging markets in recent months as the global financial crisis has spread. It could also set back U.S. interests in Latin America, as Correa now seeks to deepen financial ties with allies like Iran, which this week granted the South American nation a new $40 million credit line.

Yet some analysts say the impact of Ecuador's default may be relatively contained.

...Ecuador is ceasing payments not because the oil-rich country cannot afford to pay but because it has made a political decision not to....


It is exceedingly rare in global finance for a nation not to honor its debt because it doesn't want to, as opposed to not being able to make payments because of a financial crunch. Some analysts fear it may set a precedent, emboldening other leaders who share Correa's ideology -- such as Venezuela's Hugo Chávez -- to make similar pronouncements.

"That is the real concern," said Alessandra Alecci, senior analyst for Moody's Investors Service in New York. "At some point, do you see Argentina and Venezuela saying, 'Well, Ecuador did it, why can't we?' "...
Correa called having debt immoral. Applying a principle of shari'a finance?

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A Self-Hating German's Musings

On November 29, I wrote:
If Germany is very happy with Obama (and it is indeed), it has nothing to do with "too much of [America's] traditional nationhood". It is because Germans either sense or recognize this man's deeply anti-American outlook and effect, and, of course, a deeply ingrained envy of that very traditional nationhood and America's right to enjoy it unselfconsciously.
I hadn't read John Rosenthal's entry at Pajamas Media "German Publishing’s Man in the White House - Obama's ties to Bertelsmann are a massive conflict of interest yet to be fully disclosed" dating November 21, then.

Rosenthal informs us that the
...publicly funded Franco-German “cultural” channel Arte did not waste any time celebrating the dawn of a new era in transatlantic relations. This is the same Arte, incidentally, whose earlier contributions to transatlantic understanding have included a report accusing American soldiers of beheading Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam War and a portrayal of President George W. Bush with devil’s horns and fangs. On the day after the election of Barack Obama to succeed the outgoing demon-president, the channel broadcast a 70-minute-long special, live from Washington, with the highly imaginative title “A Black Man in the White House” [Un Noir à la maison blanche]. (To their credit, the editors at Arte-Germany chose to abjure the racist impulses of their French counterparts and titled the show instead “Obama: A New Wind in the White House” [Frischer Wind im Weissen Haus].) The guests on the program included Annette Heuser, the executive director of the Bertelsmann Foundation’s new Washington, DC, office. The influential German foundation set up shop in DC just this past spring, presumably in anticipation of the impending “change.” Host Daniel Leconte revealed that the foundation had even helpfully prepared “a little aide, a little white book” for the incoming president on how to conduct his relations with Europe. He was careful to interject that the “white book” had been prepared for both candidates
to continue:
In any case, Bertelsmann can be sure that Mr. Obama will read its “little aide, its little white book” very carefully. For — as Ms. Heuser failed to disclose and as was not mentioned either in an op-ed on Obama that she published in the Washington Post in July — the Bertelsmann Corporation happens to be the president-elect’s principal source of income. It was Bertelsmann, namely, that agreed to pay Obama a reported $1.9 million in advances for a three-book deal that the then-senator-elect signed with its fully owned American subsidiary, the Random House publishing group, in December 2004. And who knows? The real amount of the deal might well be more than the reported amount. After all, it was only in April of this year that we discovered that a reported $10 million book deal signed by former President Bill Clinton with Bertelsmann/Random House in 2001 had in fact been worth $15 million. (See my earlier PJM report on “Bill Clinton’s German Paymasters.”)
Rosenthal suggests that, in the interest of transparency,
...Obama should surely now release the full details of his contractual relationship with the Bertelsmann Corporation. After all, if one is to judge by his recent tax returns, even as president, he will be paid far more by Bertelsmann than by the American taxpayers. For him to be taking advice from the Bertelsmann Foundation suggests conflict of interest on a magnitude that has perhaps never before been seen in the history of the American presidency.
As one of the commentators put it: And that from the guy who is unable or unwilling to even reveal his birth certificate.

To my great relief, John Rosenthal then does exactly that what has earned me the epithet of a self-hating German when Americans would SO much prefer to listen to "good patriots" and "reliable allies", and exposes the transatlantic relationship as the lead ball it is:
It might be considered irrelevant today that Bertelsmann massively collaborated with the Nazi regime during World War II. (For more on this, see “Bill Clinton’s German Paymasters.”) But it is surely not irrelevant that when German researcher Hersch Fischler first brought this fact to light, the family proposed to have the matter further investigated by one Dirk Bavendamm. Bavendamm is the family’s “in-house” historian, having written no fewer than three commissioned histories of the Mohn family and the Bertelsmann Corporation. As so happens, he is also an open revisionist, who calls World War II “Roosevelt’s War” and suggests — à la contemporary 9/11 conspiracy theorists writing on George W. Bush — that Franklin Delano Roosevelt intentionally permitted the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to occur. Bavendamm has even written a book on the subject with the curious title Roosevelt’s War 1937-45 and the Puzzle of Pearl Harbor [Roosevelts Krieg 1937 -- 45 und das Rätsel von Pearl Harbor]. “With the events of December 7-8, 1941 [i.e., the attack on Pearl Harbor], Roosevelt … had achieved his most important aims,” Bavendamm has written in an essay on the subject [German link], “America’s entry into the War occurred with the enthusiastic consent of the overwhelming majority of the American people — … Roosevelt had finally convinced them that it was their sacred duty, guns in hand to defend freedom, democracy, and prosperity around the world.” (For more on Bavendamm, see Hersch Fischler and John Friedman’s “Bertelsmann’s Revisionist” here.)

The theory that the Pearl Harbor attack was a set-up is, incidentally, standard neo-Nazi fare. Interestingly enough, in his infamous “God Damn America!” sermon, Obama’s longtime pastor Jeremiah Wright invokes precisely this theory as apparently well-established fact: “The government lied about Pearl Harbor too,” he says. “They knew the Japanese were going to attack. Governments lie.”
Gudrun Eussner offers additional information in the comment section:
For those of you reading German here an article about The Bertelsmann Stiftung and its activities in Islamization of our society. Here you find an article from their site in English: “Muslims in Germany are very religious”. Watch the photo, please, to get an idea how they are thinking about Muslim women: two young ladies with headscarfs.
And thus the circle closes with this self-hating German's musings on Obama's involvement with Islam.

Cross-posted at Roncesvalles.

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Congressman Keith Ellison At The Haj

From the Khaleej Times, on December 10, 2008:
As Keith Ellison, the first Muslim member of the US Congress who performed Haj this week, told CNN, you forget who you are –- black or white and American or African — and where you come from when you are before God circling the Kaaba in a two-piece unstitched garment....
Ellison, who serves on the Financial Services and Judiciary Committees, forgot where he came from? He forgot he is supposed to be an American — and, having taken the oath of office, as a public servant in the United States Congress?

Oh, wait.

Ellison took the oath, at least symbolically, on the Koran. Allah and the ummah come first and foremost for him.

And what kind of sermon was preached at the Haj?
Saudi Arabia’s top cleric has used his annual sermon to Muslim pilgrims assembling for hajj to urge Muslim countries to renounce capitalism and form an Islamic economic bloc... [shari'a law]
The United States is already embracing shari'a finance. See this essay by Alyssa A. Lappen.

Shari'a finance is the camel's nose in the tent. Money is power.

Crossposted to THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS and Always On Watch]

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Terrorists Say, Look at CNN's Coverage Of The Hajj - It Proves We're Winning

Congratulations, CNN. You ought to be proud of yourselves. You have convinced those who want to take us back to the Dark Ages that they are already successful in their efforts.

We used to call that, giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Now we call it CNN.

From Jihad Watch:

Since CNN devoted so much time to covering the Hajj, a number of prominent Muslims -- including known terrorists and jihadists -- have opined that "We are defeating these people [American "evangelicals"] through their homes in their lands."

"Terrorists gush over CNN coverage," by Aaron Klein for WorldNetDaily, December 12 (thanks to Doc Washburn):

JERUSALEM – CNN's extensive coverage this week of the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca is a defeat for evangelical Christians and proves it is only a question of time before Islam will be "shining all over the world," according to Muslim terrorists in Gaza speaking to WND.

Starting last Saturday and continuing until Wednesday, CNN provided regular coverage of the Hajj, the largest annual pilgrimage in the world. The fifth pillar of Islam requires every able-bodied Muslim to travel to Mecca at least once in their life in a demonstration of solidarity with fellow Muslims and in an act of individual submission to Allah.

CNN aired several live reports from this year's Hajj, including a live shot of the end of the pilgrimage in which Muslims in attendance encircle the Kabah – the holiest Islamic building in Mecca – seven times, in a counter-clockwise direction. The news network also provided extensive online coverage, including several articles and an entire special section of the CNN website dedicated to the Hajj.[...]

"The fact that the Americans, who are the biggest enemies of Islam, are so interested in the Hajj proves they want to know what is this thing threatening their culture. They want to understand what is this religion that is defeating them in the U.S., in Iraq, in Palestine, everywhere," said Muhammad Abdel Al, spokesman and a leader of the Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization.

"This (CNN coverage) proves it's a question of time when Islam will be shining all over the world," Abdel-Al told WND.

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Ford reaches out to Conservatives on Twitter ..let's solve with FREE ENTERPRISE !

Saving Ford via Twitter [Iain Murray NRO]

Fascinating experiment going on in Twitter-land. The "hashtag alliance" #TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter) is responding to outreach from Ford itself to brainstorm free-market approaches to saving FoMoCo that do not involve bailout money. If this makes little sense, see here for a fuller explanation (oh, and if you want to follow me on Twitter, I'm @ismurray, not that I use it enough). If you have ideas, join in!

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He Was Praying To Allah, So I Thought He Would Commit Murder

You read the title of this post, and before you think about it, you know exactly what it means.

That's common sense wisdom on display.

Hey Mo, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?

It has gotten to the point that no one is surprised when an Islamist prays to Allah to seek guidance to commit a murder, rather than to turn away from evil.

In Oklahoma City, Patrol Troooper Sheldon Robinson has been honored. He saved the lives of many by wrestling and arresting a gunman who had entered a Burger King and threatened to kill everyone. 

Robinson, wearing his trooper badge around his neck and carrying his weapon, parked his truck and peered in the window of the Burger King.

Inside was a man dressed in black. A Glock .40-caliber handgun and a full box of ammunition sat on the tabletop next to him.

Three other people were looking for a way out when Robinson passed them as he entered the restaurant.

When the man briefly removed his hand from his gun, Robinson, who had approached from the man's blind side, grabbed his arm.

Now alone in the restaurant, the two men wrestled on the floor before Robinson got one of his handcuffs around the man's arm.

"The second one didn't lock in place, so we went down again," Robinson said. "He was a pretty stout guy."

Robinson had the man fully cuffed by the time Tulsa police officers arrived.

And here's the quote that is so significant:

"It was one of those deals of being in the right place at the right time," Robinson said. "I believe he would have loaded up that gun and gone to town because he was praying for Allah to help him carry out his mission."

Note that there is no longer any surprise to anyone that an Islamic would-be killer would pray to Allah. The public has lots of experience with Islamists praying to Allah to help them commit murder - and near-zero experience with Islamists praying to Allah for any other purpose.

The public has no such history with followers of any other religion. There is no other religion with a worldwide cult of followers who seek out non-Muslims to kill in public places, in the name of their religion.

Clearly Islam is unlike the world's other religions. It isn't the same as other religions and should not be treated the same as other religions.

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Hamas regime has acquired a secure communications network for civilian and military use

Gee, that's good news. I am always glad to hear that religious, genocidal, freaks with consciences short circuited by the madman can keep talking to each other when they are attacked by forces of civilization.

GERTZ-Officials said the new communications network has been enhanced to prevent Israeli military interception and jamming. They said the wireless system has covered the entire Gaza Strip.

"It has robbed Israel of its ability to listen to conversations by military commanders or political leaders," a Hamas official said.

The dual-use communications system was identified as Senao. The system, produced by the Taiwanese company of the same name, was comprised of two-way handheld wireless radios with a range of 50 kilometers.

Is Taiwan still looking for Block 50 F-16's, Patriots and Aegis?

Officials said the Senao frequencies could not be jammed or intercepted. They said the system, with multiple channels, contained security codes to prevent detection. "The system will play a major role in communicating with our fighters in any war with Israel," an official said. "It could operate both above ground and underground."

The Senao system was said to feature an open architecture for software and hardware upgrades. The Hamas regime was said to have used such radios as Senao SN-868, SN-868plus and SN-869.

Industry sources said, however, that the Israeli military has probably penetrated the Senao system. The sources said Israel has probably acquired the frequencies used by the radios as well as special eavesdropping systems.

Let's hope so, because secure communications based on cell phone technology raised hell against Hizballah in the 2006 war

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The real fear in Detroit. We'll discover we don't need them

Yes, some will say that thought itself it some sort of treasonous and seditious attitude.
But in Alabama, Hyundai is building one of the largest factories in the world.
Nissan, which opened a ginormous customer service center (268k sq ft) in Irving, Texas in 2003 speaks only about less profit, not a loss. They had had to INCREASE output on the the Altima which is in high demand, vehicles of size which GM loses money on every single unit sold. Under current contracts with the UAW, and the grotesque pay of top execs, what incentive could they have to win a market that increases their loss as sales increase?
Toyota...the Prius..any questions?
Toyota's share of the U.S. market has more than doubled since 1990, when it controlled only 7.5 percent of the market
Toyota passed Ford as #2 in 2007
Honda will be introducing a fuel cell car in 2009 for all customer purchases.

Sales of diesel-powered vehicles and gas-electric hybrids are expected to triple their share of the U.S. auto market to a combined 17 percent by 2015, according to a study by J.D. Power and Associates.

The study also predicted that sales of vehicles equipped with four-cylinder engines will outpace sales of more powerful cars and trucks. Last year, 353,000 hybrids were sold in the U.S., accounting for 2.2 percent of the market. They are expected to comprise 7 percent of the market by 2015, while the share of diesel-powered vehicles is expected to rise to 10 percent from 3.2 percent over the same period.
GM: Hybrid cars make no sense
GM executive Lutz argues critically acclaimed hybrid compacts like Toyota Prius are bad business.

Even with the huge drop in fuel prices, the lack of diaposable income amid the deflationary pressures surrounding us will dictate the pruchase of less expensive vehicles, and ones efficient in fuel use. That STILL leaves out Detroit.
Beneath the fear of job loss and depression spreading from Michigan perhaps we have a situation here that will resolve as other companies fill the demand gaps left by the demise of at least GM and Chrysler, and hire or move skilled workers from Michigan to TN, AK, AL and other places the UAW is absent from, and where company execs don't make multiples of many hundreds of line employees. We've heard this emergency bailout now called a jobs bailout, as if WE CREATE AND MAINTAIN JOBS IN ANY OTHER WAY THAN BUYING THEIR VEHICLES.
Perhaps the real naked fear we hear from Michigan execs, union leaders, and congressmen and senators is that they just found out they are manufacturing BUGGY WHIPS, and that in that new factory in Alabama they are making something better.

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Islamic Finance - They Loan Us Money, We Pay With Our Freedom And Our Lives

From Rachel Ehrenfeld at the Terror Finance Blog:

If "cash is king," then Middle East coffers are irresistibly enticing. During a recent tour of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, Deputy Treasury Secretary Robert Kimmitt applauded the "growing role" of Arab banks in the U.S. economy. Treasury is seeking buyers for its newly acquired bailout assets because more than $1 trillion in cash is urgently needed to rescue the largest U.S. banks.

However, cash from the Arabian Gulf comes with a vital string attached: Islamic banking, erroneously viewed as an ancient practice. In fact, Islamic banking is a newly invented institution: "Neither classical nor medieval Islamic civilization featured banks in the modern sense, let alone 'Islamic' banks," notes Timur Kuran, professor of economics and law at the University of Southern California. 

According to the Dinar Standard, "assets managed by Islamic banks are in excess of $700 billion - predominantly concentrated in the Middle East."

Islamic banking took off in the 1970s, but was first concocted by Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna in the 1920s. The stated goal was to penetrate the Western finance system, corrupting it from within in hopes of creating a parallel system to re-establish a global Islamic empire governed by Islamic law (Shariah). 

Islamic rules of commerce (fiqh al-muamalat) forbid interest (riba) and investing in a prohibited (hara'am) enterprise. They also mandate tithes on wealth (zakat). However, the Koran fails to precisely define these concepts. Imams and ayatollahs differ, for example, on whether riba prohibits all interest or only usurious interest.

While the overhaul of American and Western banking regulations is urgent, Islamic banking cannot be the answer because Muslim clerics - not U.S. laws and regulators - make the rules. In 1969, the Saudis created the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which is now leading the charge for global expansion of Islamic banking and has established new regulatory, accounting and auditing organizations to govern such banks. Notably, the OIC's charter is to "liberate Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa [mosque] from Zionist occupation."

Not surprisingly, zakat from Islamic banks often funds terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood's Hamas. That organization's agenda was exposed during the Dallas trial of The Holy Land Foundation, a Hamas front group and an American Muslim charity just convicted of terrorism crimes. Evidence of the charity's true purpose included an 18-page "explanatory memorandum" outlining its "strategic goal … that all their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad (holy war) in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within."

Sharia financing forbids loans to entities labeled hara'am, such as industries that use alcohol, and to all Israeli businesses The Arab League Council established the boycott against Israel on December 2, 1945, (more than two years before creation of the Jewish state). The boycott prohibits all Arab states, companies and individuals from any financial or trade relations with Israel. Companies worldwide are blacklisted for doing business with Israel, as are companies doing business with boycotted firms. The OIC high commissioner for the boycott of Israel coordinates the efforts of its 57 member states from the Central Boycott Office in Damascus.

In response, the United States made it illegal for individuals or companies to cooperate with the Arab boycott. The law mandates reporting of boycott requests and imposes civil and criminal penalties against boycott participants. 

Arab boycott requests have risen sharply in tandem with the U.S. financial crisis and the rapid growth of Islamic banking. The Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security reported a 20 percent increase in Arab boycott requests overall from 2005 to 2006, and the Congressional Research Service reported 24 boycott requests to U.S. companies in fiscal 2007 from little Bahrain alone.

On April 5, 2006, Congress unanimously condemned Saudi Arabia for its continued enforcement of the boycott - which violated commitments the Saudis made to the World Trade Organization in 2005. Nonetheless, last August Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states threatened to boycott Nissan, which aired a commercial on Israeli television promoting a fuel-efficient car, and demanded the Japanese carmaker's apology. Not a word from Washington.

Instead, the Treasury Department, hungry for petrodollars, is holding seminars to promote Islamic banking and U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill. This practice must stop. Islamic banking corrupts our financial system, enables the illegal Arab economic boycott of Israel and entangles government with Islam in violation of the First Amendment's Establishment Clause.
Two things to take from this article

Zakat is a tax which goes to pay for Jihad - the murder of Infidels.

Islam can control the flow of trade and thereby eliminate free trade by declaring certain products and/or industries to be Haram (forbidden).

If we accept Sharia Finance within our system, we will be financing our own murders, and giving up on the idea of our on freedom of trade.

Our freedom and our lives. That is a huge price to pay. 
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More Calls For Genocide From Iran

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who will soon have access to a nuclear weapon, has once again proclaimed that the "Zionist regime will soon be erased."

Even Adolf Hitler was not so blatant in his public call for the genocide of Jews. 

Groups across Iran walked the streets in protest of "crimes of the Zionist regime", calling "death to Israel" and "death to America" on Friday. Protesters also held pictures of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah.

Ahmadinejad took part in one of the mass rallies, in Tehran, and announced that "the Zionist regime will soon be erased from the earth.

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Wheels of the Bus Alert

Oh the Humanity! When will all this end!? (none too soon, I hope)
(How long until B.O. throws himself under the bus?)

From Debbie Schlussel :

Federal Sources: Fitzgerald Held Off Blagojevich Bust to Protect Obama Election Chances; Did Obama Fail Ethics Requirements of Illinois Bar?

By Debbie Schlussel
A federal source of mine with ties to Chicago says that FBI agents had enough to prosecute corrupt, helmet-haired Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich back in June, when he was already engaged in some of the blackmail and extortion alleged by the FBI affidavit and other documents associated with his arrest and prosecution.
The source says that the FBI was suddenly ordered by the U.S. Attorney's Office--and I believe that order came from the top, ie., U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and Justice Department officials in Washington--to hold off on doing anything until after the election, so as not to hurt Obama's White House bid. Here's what my inside source says.
I know for a fact FBI Chicago had enough to indict Blagojevich in June. They were 2 weeks from indictment in June based on cooperation and testimony at the Stu Levine trial. Levine was Tony Rezko's bud, fund raiser for Blago, and our President-Elect.

the rest

h/t AJ Strata


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Jimmy Carter Ready To Give Away More Of Israel For "Peace"

Jimmy Carter wants to buy peace with other people's land. 

Jimmy Carter has become a proxy for the goals of those who would destroy Israel. With peacemakers like him, who needs Hizbollah?

Former US president Jimmy carter and his delegation had a round of talks with prime minister Fouad Siniora and some members of the cabinet around 8:PM Thursday.

He added : "I look forward to see the establishment of close diplomatic relations between Lebanon and Syria, which will be a step forward for peace in the region . The day after tomorrow (Saturday) I will visit Damascus to meet with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in order to encourage him to speed up this process."

He expressed his belief that Israel's withdrawal in the near future from the Shebaa Farms area and the village of Ghajar would bring peace to the region as a whole.

Notice that Carter doesn't even rely on Hezbollah lies to make these sorts of statements anymore. Hezbollah refused to meet with him, so he has no idea if Hezbollah would agree that these withdrawals would bring peace.

No, Jimmy has now become a proxy for Hezbollah, tacitly agreeing with them that if anyone is wrong, it is always Israel.

Hezbollah themselves, of course, have made it clear that they will never put down their weapons even if Israel gave them Shebaa Farms and Ghajar.

And Jimmy the Dhimmi's willingness to accept Hezbollah's positions extends to his desire for "peace" between Syria and Lebanon. Both Syria and Hezbollah agree with that goal - to destroy any last vestiges of Christianity and secularism in Lebanon and to cooperate fully with Iran in gaining more and more weapons to use against Israel.

But the new Greater Syria would be at "peace" with itself, so Carter's single-minded idiotic goals would be reached.

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Rahm Emanuel Taped By FBI Discussing Senate Seat

Don't worry, Rahm. Humiliation is a common experience. And, that's all you have to think about right now.

Local Chicago news stations are reporting that Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is believed to be one of the parties taped by the FBI in their investigation of Governor Blagojevich.

"...Rahm Emanuel did, in fact, have multiple conversations with Governor Rod Blagojevich -- and his chief of staff John Harris -- about the Senate seat... The conversations took place after the FBI wire taps were put in place and after Emanuel was promoted to Chief of Staff by Barack Obama...

"...The timing of the conversations make it likely the source says that the phone conversations were recorded and are in the hands of the FBI."

For you liberals progressives playing at home, that's taped by the FBI. In the course of a major federal investigation.

That thumping sound you're about to hear will be Emanual slamming the pavement repeatedly after getting tossed under the bus.

Update: The AP is reporting that advisers to Jesse Jackson, Jr. were soliciting $1 million in cash to pay for the open Senate seat. The million would go to "Blagojevich to help persuade him to appoint Jackson."

The original reporting, from The Chicago Tribune, includes some bare naked admissions:

"Raghu said he needed to raise a million for Rod to make sure Jesse got the seat," the second businessman said. "He said, 'I can raise half of it, $500,000.' The idea was that the other two would help raise the rest."
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Oink if you've Jihadit

I will be on The Infidel Alliance Radio Show tonight, Thurs. Dec. 11th, at around 8:30 Pacific time, hope you all can listen in, I'll be mentioning a collection I've been putting together.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

URGENT!!! URGENT!!! - CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION Secretly Being Railroaded Through!!!

I'm a bit unclear, even after reading the comments, exactly what's afoot here and how close to happening it is (been a really long day). But it doesn't sound good and if action is indeed needed then action we need take.
I'm lifting this straight from Dr. Bulldog:

Yesterday, Ohio tried to become the 33rd state to vote in a Constitutional Convention!!!
This article is a day old, but it IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!
Here is my personal update to the story:
Due to public concern, the vote on Ohio House Joint Resolution 8 ( HJR 8 ) was TEMPORARILY halted, but it WILL come up again! - there are rumors it could be today or tomorrow!
Even the PETA-like Libtards are fighting against this!!!
Only 34 states are needed to CHANGE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION!!!!
And, once a “Con Con” is approved — only two more states to go! — Congress (think Nancy Pelosi - Harry Reid) can select who will be on the committee to CHANGE the Constitution.
The states have NO CONTROL over what the committee decides to change in OUR CONSTITUTION!!!
They can change ANYTHING. And, it’s ALL LEGAL and binding!!
A list of the states that have secretly slipped this by the public can be viewed by
Imagine my surprise when I discovered my state of Missouri on that list!!!

Read it all over there, including the comments especially Bulldog's & Ronin's and if you can shed some light on it for me poor tired brain I'd appreciate it. Because although it seems true enough and concern enough for me, the bullshit meter twiches a little that maybe it's not as urgent as feared.


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Violence Spreading Across Europe?

From Fox News, on December 11, 2008:
Greek-Inspired Violence Spreads Across Europe

Unrest that has gripped Greece for the past six days showed troubling signs of spreading across Europe, as violence erupted in several cities.

Angry youths smashed shop windows, attacked banks and hurled bottles at police in small but violent protests Thursday in Spain and Denmark, while cars were set alight outside a consulate in France. Protesters gathered in front of the Greek Embassy in Rome on Wednesday and some turned violent, damaging police vehicles, overturning a car and setting a trash can on fire.

Authorities say the incidents have been isolated so far, but acknowledge concern that the Greek riots — which started over the police killing of a 15-year-old on Saturday — could be a trigger for anti-globalization groups and others outraged by economic turmoil and a lack of job opportunities.

"What's happening in Greece tends to prove that the extreme left exists, contrary to doubts of some over these past few weeks," French Interior Ministry spokesman Gerard Gachet [said]...
More here.

Are we seeing the early signs of a snowballing anarchy in Europe?

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The Objective is Terror II

Cafe Alpha provides a link in the comments to "A speech delivered by Dr. Andrew Bostom in Fairfield Connecticut to the Congregation Beth El, December 7, 2008."

This current Jewish tragedy within a much larger non-Muslim, primarily Hindu tragedy, reminded me of the Indian Sufi “inspiration” for The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, Ahmad Sirhindi. Nearing completion of my first book compendium, The Legacy of Jihad, in early 2005, specifically the section about jihad on the Indian subcontinent, I came across a remarkable comment by the Indian Sufi theologian Sirhindi (d. 1624). Typical of the mainstream Muslim clerics of his era, Sirhindi was viscerally opposed to the reforms which characterized the latter ecumenical phase of Akbar’s 16th century reign (when Akbar became almost a Muslim-Hindu syncretist), particularly the abolition of the humiliating jizya (Koranic poll tax, as per Koran 9:29) upon the subjugated infidel Hindus. In the midst of an anti-Hindu tract Sirhindi wrote, motivated by Akbar’s pro-Hindu reforms, Sirhindi observes,

Whenever a Jew is killed, it is for the benefit of Islam.

The biographical information I could glean about Sirhindi provided, among other things, no evidence he was ever in direct contact with Jews, so his very hateful remark suggested to me that the attitudes it reflected must have a theological basis in Islam—contra the prevailing, widely accepted “wisdom” that Islam, unlike Christianity was devoid of such theological Antisemitism.

Jew-hatred is at the core of Islam. Why? Because Muhammad had trouble convincing the skeptical Jews of his hallucinations. The Arabian Jews of the 7th century saw Islam for the painfully silly cult that it is.

Initially, Muhammad couldn't retaliate. That's how we got those "peaceful verses" in the Quran. Though, as he got more followers, he started to vomit the "war verses". The end result was the humiliation and sometimes annihilation of the Jews of Arabia.

This leads to a not-so-small problem. To criticize Jew-hatred is to criticize Muhammad and his evil legacy. And in some nations to do that results in the death penalty.

We are in a Long War which started almost 1400 years ago.

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The Fearless Blogger Award

All the team bloggers here deserve this.

We're a fearless bunch, all right. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here typing our fingers to the bone.

And here's to Pastorius most of all!

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Mosque Hacks Email Of Moderates And Threatens Them?

According to Debbie Schlussel:

Why is a Detroit area mosque hacking the website and e-mails of its members, then suing them to cover it up, and silence them?

What's hacking, er . . . happening, at the falsely-named Unity Center Mosqueshould be a lesson to the few "moderate" Muslims in America about what will happen to you if you open your mouth. Your mosque will expose you, threaten your life, and sue you. Mosque members did this to stop its members from protesting their treatment and contacting me.

Those "maverick" mosque members--religious Muslims who are trying to be moderate and accepting and liberal--created a petition and a blog protesting the Wahhabi and Salafist takeover at their house of worship, a website, and a foundation empowering moderate Muslim women. They're upset that certain extremist members of the mosque, along with their Saudi-trained imam, are squeezing out and persecuting anyone with liberal viewpoints and any woman who refuses to cover her hair outside the mosque.

But the mosque didn't like their expression of this. Freedom of speech about the mosque?--We can't have that. So, some mosque members apparently got someone to illegally hack into that website and obtain e-mails those members sent me and others. During the summer, they bragged about having e-mails the distraught, persecuted mosque members sent me. (Again, not to worry--my e-mail account is safe and secure, but the sender's apparently was not.) Then, they realized that they were admitting involvement in illegal behavior--cybercrimes.

Go read the whole thing.

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Al Qaeda Terrorists Arrested In Plot To Attack EU As 27 World Leaders Meet

From the London Times:

A potential suicide bomber and 13 other terrorist suspects with links to al-Qaeda were arrested as EU leaders arrived for their summit in Brussels, Belgian police said today.

Police raids were staged in Brussels and Liege in eastern Belgium after the authorities intercepted information that a suicide attack had been arranged and a man who arrived in the country last Thursday from Afghanistan or Pakistan had left a martyrdom video after saying farewell to his family, according to federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle.

Mr Delmulle played down suggestions that the gathering of 27 EU leaders in the Belgian capital, including Gordon Brown, was the target but it was clear that the arrests were made to avoid any possiblity of a terrorist strike on the summit.

"Intelligence showed that the suspect had received the green light to cary out an operation and that he believed he would not come back," said Mr Delmulle.

"The intelligence also underlined that he had said goodbye to his family because he wanted to enter paradise with a clear conscience. The intelligence also mentions a video which a linkman would send to his family. It is probably a farewell message."

The Belgian authorities continued to question those arrested last night and added that intelligence was received on Sunday that suggested that the main suspect's wife and children were to be spirited out of the country.

Mr Delmulle added: "We do not know where this suicide attack was planned for. It could be an operation in Pakistan or Afghanistan, but it cannot be completely ruled out that Belgium or Europe could have been the target.

"This information, linked to the fact that a European summit was happening in Brussels, obviously left us with no choice. It was decided to intervene today."

Judicial police chief Glen Audenaert said 242 police officers carried out 16 raids in Brussels and one in the eastern city of Liege.

The 14 arrested suspects, men and women, were set to appear before anti-terrorism judges.

The inquiry, described as the biggest anti-terrorism operation in Belgium, is linked to a Belgian Islamist group involved in training as well as fighting on the Pakistan-Afghan border, in liaison with "important figures" in Al-Qaeda, according to the federal prosecutor's office.

The year-old investigation "probably prevented plans for an attack from being carried out in Brussels," last year, it added.

Four Belgian nationals, along with others, had been in Pakistan and Afghanistan since late 2007, according to the authorities. Two of the men returned to Belgium some months ago and were placed under surveillance. A third, the suicide attack suspect, returned only last Thursday.

All three were among those arrested and the other detainees were suspected of offering "logistic and material support" to the mission.

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