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Saturday, March 22, 2008


From Reliapundit, the Astute Blogger:

Barack Hussein Obama Junior has made his opposition to the Iraq War the foundation of his candidacy - arguing that it shows he has good if not great judgment.There's a small problem with this: HE IS WRONG ABOUT THE WAR.The war was good right justified and necessary.Here's proof - the sworn testimony of Chief Inspector David Kay:

Transcript: David Kay at Senate hearing Former top U.S. weapons inspector
David Kay testified Wednesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee about
efforts to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Following is a transcript of Kay's opening remarks before committee members
began questioning him.

KAY:As you know and we discussed, I do not have a written statement. This
hearing came about very quickly. I do have a few preliminary comments,but I
suspect you're more interested in asking questions, and I'll be happy to respond
to those questions to the best of my ability.

I would like to open by saying that the talent, dedication and bravery of
the staff of the [Iraq Survey Group] that was my privilege to direct is
unparalleled and the country owes a great debt of gratitude to the men and women
who have served over there and continue to serve doing that.

Great deal has been accomplished by the team, and I do think ... it
important that it goes on and it is allowed to reach its full conclusion. In
fact, I really believe it ought to be better resourced and totally focused on
WMD; that that is important to do it.

But I also believe that it is time to begin the fundamental analysis of how
we got here, what led us here and what we need to do in order to ensure that we
are equipped with the best possible intelligence as we face these issues in the
future.Let me begin by saying, we were almost all wrong, and I certainly include
myself here.

Sen.[Edward] Kennedy knows very directly. Senator Kennedy and I talked on
several occasions prior to the war that my view was that the best evidence that
I had seen was that Iraq indeed had weapons of mass destruction.

I would also point out that many governments that chose not to support this
war -- certainly, the French president,[Jacques] Chirac, as I recall in April of
last year, referred to Iraq's possession of WMD.

The Germans certainly -- the intelligence service believed that there were

It turns out that we were all wrong, probably in my judgment, and that is
most disturbing.

We're also in a period in which we've had intelligence surprises in the
proliferation area that go the other way.

The case of Iran, a nuclear program that the Iranians admit was 18 years
on, that we underestimated. And, in fact, we didn't discover it. It was
discovered by a group of Iranian dissidents outside the country who pointed the
international community at the location.

The Libyan program recently discovered was far more extensive than was
assessed prior to that.

There's a long record here of being wrong. There's a good reason for it.
There are probably multiple reasons. Certainly proliferation is a hard thing to
track, particularly in countries that deny easy and free access and don't have
free and open societies.

In my judgment, based on the work that has been done to this point of
the Iraq Survey Group, and in fact, that I reported to you in October, Iraq was
in clear violation of the terms of [U.N.] Resolution 1441.

Resolution 1441 required that Iraq report all of its activities -- one
last chance to come clean about what it had.

We have discovered hundreds of cases, based on both documents, physical
evidence and the testimony of Iraqis, of activities that were prohibited under
the initial U.N. Resolution 687 and that should have been reported under 1441,
with Iraqi testimony that not only did they not tell the U.N. about this, they
were instructed not to do it and they hid material.


Go read the answer at the Astute Bloggers.


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Obama's Own Memoir Reveals His Grandparents Were ANTI-Racists

So, why did he vilify his grandmother as a person who was unjustly afraid of black people?

From Judith Klinghofer:


To appreciate fully the venality of Obama's treatment of his grandmother, one needs to read the other stories he tells about her. Yes, Obama does tell in his book the story of his grandmother's fear of a man who accosted her on the bus (p.88):

I took her into the other room and asked her what happened.

"A man asked me for money yesterday. While I was waiting for the bus."

That's all?"

Her lips pursed with irritation. "He was very aggressive, Barry. Very aggressive. I gave him a dollar and he kept asking. If the bus hadn't come, I think he might have hit me over the head."
It is to justify his refusal to give her a ride that his grandfather revealed that the man was Black implying that that added to her concern. Is she prone to exaggeration? Not according to Barry/Barack. Unlike, his grandfather, she was not (21):

She's wise that way, my grandmother, suspicious of overwrought sentiments or overblown claims, content with common sense. Which is why I tend to trust her account of events.

So, why did he choose in this case to accept his grandfather's version of the events? Would his grandmother not be as scared if an aggressive white man had accosted her?

Does he have any reason to believe she was a "typical" prejudiced "white person?" No. The opposite is true. Unlike Barack himself, his grandparents were active anti-racist. So much so, that they had difficulty fitting into Texas' racist society of the early 1960s.

He writes(pp.18-21):

. . . At a bank where she worked, Toot (his grandmother's nickname)made the acquaintance of the janitor, a tall and dignified black World War II vet she remembers only as Mr. Reed. While the two of them chatted in the hallways one day, a secretary in the office stromed up and hissed that Tood should never, ever, "call no nigger 'Mister.'" Not long afterwords, Toot would find Mr. Reed in a corner of the building weeping quietly to himself. . . .

They (grandparents) decided Toot would keep calling Mr. Reed "Mister," . . . . Grams began to decline invitations from coworkers to go out for a beer, telling them he had to get home to keep the wife happy.

He goes on to tell a story about his 11 year old mother who played in the front yard with a young Black girl. Neighborhood Children gathered outsite the picket fence shouting: "Nigger lover!" and "Dirty Yankee!" The grandmother tried to get them into the house. The grandfather went further:

Gramps was beside himself when he heard what had happened. He interrogated my mother, wrote down names. The next day he took the morning off from work to visit the school principal. He personally called the parents of some of the offending children to give them a piece of his mind.

No, his grandfather did not say that he could no more disown racist whites than disown the white community. The grandmother, he dismisses as a "typical white (racist) person" explained their attitudes thus:

Your grandfather and I just figured we should treat people decently, Bar. That's all."

It seems that she succeeded in raising a color blind daughter but not a color blind grandson. Obama said his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, is "glued to CNN"’ and follows the campaign closely, even though severe osteoporosis prevents her campaigning. I can only imagine how defeated his dismissal of her as a "typical white person" must make her feel. She may be grateful, her husband is no longer alive and forced to see himself dismissed as a typical white racist.


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A big part of the self-reputation of many Muslims living in the West, mainly those who were born and raised here, is that they’re good and decent human beings by virtue of Islam. But in reality, these ‘Muslims’ reject Islamic values and embrace Western ones, whether they admit it to themselves or not. They have the luxury to credit Islam without having to suffer under Islam, under its life-suffocating Sharia Law. And 'their' Islam, their ‘version’ of Islam, is sometimes fancifully referred to as ‘American Islam’, as if there exists such an entity apart from Islam itself. As if Islam is dynamic enough to have all kinds of different versions existing simultaneously in the world, while maintaining some sort of cohesion. This is the kind of dangerous nonsense that allows Islam into our culture as if it were just another part of the melting pot that can be integrated. [At this moment, I can’t help but think of just one of the many threats in the Koran, one where there are to be pots of scalding water poured over the heads of Infidels who are suffering in hell for all eternity for not believing Mohammed’s lies. Ch. 44: verse: 43.]
These Muslims in name only have been naturally edified by a culture that is completely foreign to the one they came from. But it was not a conscious decision to move away from Islamic values and embrace non-Islamic ones. That process was as natural as can be by virtue of simply being exposed to them. They’ve taken their natural adoption of non-Muslim values for granted and they’ve unfairly attributed these values and the virtues that come from them to Islam itself, making Islam look good by association. A good Muslim, by our standards, is a bad Muslim by Islamic standards. Western Muslims have to appreciate the stark difference between the Values of the West and Islamic Values and stop pretending that they’re one and the same, or that they derive from Islam. It's simply not true, and one of the dangers that this poses for us in our defense against Jihad is that objectively good human beings who identify themselves as Muslim give Islam a good face, a good name, one far better than it deserves, giving us a false impression of what we're facing, with just another excuse not to face it.
© 2008 Bosch Fawstin
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Mark Steyn on Obama: Well, So Much For The "Post-Racial" Candidate

From the OC Register:

"I'm sure," said Barack Obama in that sonorous baritone that makes his drive-thru order for a Big Mac, fries and strawberry shake sound profound, "many of you have heard remarks from your pastors, priests or rabbis with which you strongly disagreed."

Well, yes. But not many of us have heard remarks from our pastors, priests or rabbis that are stark, staring, out-of-his-tree, flown-the-coop nuts. Unlike Bill Clinton, whose legions of "spiritual advisers" at the height of his Monica troubles outnumbered the U.S. diplomatic corps, Sen. Obama has had just one spiritual adviser his entire adult life: the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, two-decade pastor to the president presumptive.

The Rev. Wright believes that AIDS was created by the government of the United States – and not as a cure for the common cold that went tragically awry and had to be covered up by Karl Rove, but for the explicit purpose of killing millions of its own citizens. The government has never come clean about this, but the Rev. Wright knows the truth. "The government lied," he told his flock, "about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied."

Does he really believe this? If so, he's crazy, and no sane person would sit through his gibberish, certainly not for 20 years.

Or is he just saying it? In which case, he's profoundly wicked. If you understand that AIDS is spread by sexual promiscuity and drug use, you'll know that it's within your power to protect yourself from the disease. If you're told that it's just whitey's latest cunning plot to stick it to you, well, hey, it's out of your hands, nothing to do with you or your behavior.

Before the speech, Slate's Mickey Kaus advised Sen. Obama to give us a Sister Souljah moment: "There are plenty of potential Souljahs still around: Race preferences. Out-of-wedlock births," he wrote. "But most of all the victim mentality that tells African Americans (in the fashion of the Rev. Wright's most infamous sermons) that the important forces shaping their lives are the evil actions of others, of other races." Indeed. It makes no difference to white folks when a black pastor inflicts kook genocide theories on his congregation: The victims are those in his audience who make the mistake of believing him.

The Rev. Wright has a hugely popular church with over 8,000 members, and Sen. Obama assures us that his pastor does good work by "reaching out to those suffering from HIV/AIDS." But maybe he wouldn't have to quite so much "reaching out" to do and maybe there wouldn't be quite so many black Americans "suffering from HIV/AIDS" if the likes of Wright weren't peddling lunatic conspiracy theories to his own community.

Nonetheless, last week, Barack Obama told America: "I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community."

What is the plain meaning of that sentence? That the paranoid racist ravings of Jeremiah Wright are now part of the established cultural discourse in African American life and thus must command our respect?

Go read the whole thing.


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Holy Burka, Batman! Arabs Campaign to Take Off the Veil

I quote from Finestkind Clinic and fish market:

ABC news covers a fashion event, and tells it's readers that "..The burqa is the wardrobe of choice for many Muslim women...."

Guess ABC can't tell a burqa from a chador...

And how do they explain the "choice" part when local thugs in Paris and the morality police in Iran and Saudi have morality police to force women to comply with the dress code...even if this means they burn to death?

But resistance is mounting and from an unusual source. Their organizer says "my hair is not a sex symbol"

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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Just In Case You Still Wondered Whose Side CAIR Is On

The Council on American-Islamic Relations states that its Mission is to:

CAIR's mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

CAIR also says:

CAIR supports free enterprise, freedom of religion and freedom of expression.
CAIR is committed to protecting the civil rights of all Americans, regardless of faith.
CAIR supports domestic policies that promote civil rights, diversity and freedom of religion.

If all these things are true, then why do they support Hamas? Hamas is the government of Gaza. There is no freedom of religion in Gaza. There are no Jews allowed in Gaza. There is no freedom of conscience, of freedom of expression in Gaza.

And, of course, there's also that little detail of Hamas being a terrorist organization.

From Steve Emerson at Family Security Matters:

For the Record: Any Question Whose Side They’re On?
Steven Emerson

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), in the past week has lobbied Congress about conditions in Hamas-controlled Gaza and urged support for convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative, Sami Al-Arian. CAIR was silent in the wake of the Yeshiva attack in Jerusalem in which a Palestinian gunman murdered eight students in cold blood, and has never called on Hamas to stop its indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli civilians.

Talking to government officials about the humanitarian situation in Gaza is not, in and of itself, problematic. But CAIR's efforts must be viewed in the context of their recent actions, and, more importantly, CAIR's glaring omissions.

On Al-Arian, who is engaged in yet another hunger strike while he again attempts to evade a subpoena to appear before a grand jury, CAIR writes:

His attorneys say an earlier plea agreement freed him from further cooperation with the government.

Yet the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in January that Al-Arian's plea agreement did no such thing – a development of which CAIR is very well aware.

And Al-Arian's defense attorney, Jonathan Turley, in a similar vein, is continuing his disinformation campaign on behalf of his client. Recently, on his blog, Turley wrote:

"Dr. Al-Arian began his hunger strike after the government called him before a third grand jury — prolonging his incarceration in violation of an agreement reached in Florida after the failed attempt to prosecute him for terrorist related charges." (emphasis added)
Several courts have now ruled that compelling Dr. Al-Arian to testify does not violate Al-Arian's plea, or any other, agreement. The January
opinion from 11th Circuit Court of Appeals concluded Al-Arian could be compelled to testify before a grand jury, and further stated:

The exclusion of a standard plea agreement provision requiring a defendant to cooperate with the government, whether voluntarily or under subpoena, does not establish that the government immunized Al-Arian from future grand jury subpoenas. This contention is especially dubious where, as here, the plea agreement contains an integration clause stating that there are no other promises, agreements, or representations except those set forth in the agreement, and Al-Arian denied at his plea hearing that he pled guilty in reliance on any promises or inducements except for those found in the agreement.

That basically echoes a ruling by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in March 2007. It should also be noted that, despite Turley's assertion of that the government failed in its attempt to prosecute Al-Arian on terrorist related charges that, Al-Arian, in fact, pleaded guilty to a terrorism related charge: "[c]onspiracy to make or receive contributions of funds, goods or services to or for the benefit of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a Specially Designated Terrorist, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371."

But a mere conviction on a terrorism charge will not stop CAIR from supporting Al-Arian, and from attempting to mislead others about the nature of his case. And so CAIR's alleged concern for the people of Gaza, and their purported championing of human rights, rings hollow in light of the fact that they refuse to condemn the Hamas terror gang or speak up on the deadly Yeshiva attack. It chooses to expend more energy on behalf of a convicted terrorist than on the people his organization has worked to slaughter.

Remember that CAIR has been linked to Hamas by federal prosecutors on three separate occasions in the past year. Evidence produced at the Hamas-support trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) last summer showed CAIR was part of a Muslim Brotherhood-led "Palestine Committee" in America, created to support Hamas.

There really has never been any doubt which side CAIR is on, but now, after the last few weeks, there definitely is none.
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Islamic States and Thought Crimes: The Thug's Ideal

Historian John Lewis gave a talk on March 13 at Georgia Institute of Technology. As he reports, on American campuses today the barbarians are well represented:

I was prepared for opposition to the idea of war with Iran, and I acknowledged up front that those who recognize that religious law is wrong might disagree with my conclusion that a war against the Iranian state is necessary. But I was not prepared for the strident defense of Islamic law and jihad—and for the condemnation of me for even raising the issue of Islamic jihad—that was to come.

The onslaught began with the first “question,” actually a monologue that lasted nearly fifteen minutes. The monologist claimed that: (1) there is a long history of separation of church and state in Islam; (2) Islamic law is good; (3) whenever imposed, Islamic law has brought peace; (4) jihad is a “wonderful idea” and does not mean war; (5) Islamic Totalitarianism poses no threat, since 500 million Muslims reject terrorism; (6) the tax leveled against subjugated peoples is just, because they are protected by Muslims in return; (7) I am “ignorant of history” if I do not acknowledge the “truth” of these claims.

But one “questioner” in particular stands out: After reading a sentence from my article Notes on the Near Eastern Roots of Islam, with no context or explanation for the audience to even understand what it meant, he attacked me by saying that I should remember “logic” and the fact that I was at a “scientific” school before making statements such as those that I had made. But rather than explain to me what was illogical or unscientific about my views—let alone ask a question in the question period—he continued his ad hominem attack by stating that my views were so obviously wrong that only a “criminal mind” (a phrase he repeated) could have come up with them. Again, he never stated what was wrong with my quote, never established any reasons for his conclusion, and never asked me to clarify my reasoning—he took his assertion of the “criminality” of my mind as a self-evident fact.

Fortunately, not all of the students present at Lewis's talk were harbingers of a new Dark Age:

There were, however, two bright spots to the evening. The first was a man who described himself as a thirty-year emigré from Turkey. He noted with pride that his homeland had a thoroughly secular government and he praised Kemal Ataturk for bringing Turkey into the modern age, for instance, by banning the headscarf. But today Turkey’s secular government is being undercut—by Americans who describe its government as “moderate Islamic” and thereby blur the line between theocracy and secularism. This opens the door to the establishment of Islamic law. The man’s message was this: There can be no compromise between theocracy and secular government; it is either–or. To accept "moderate Islam" into government is, in principle, to establish theocracy. I wonder if he realized that, by the standards of the brownshirt in my audience, he was a criminal for holding such a view.

One also has to wonder about what the brownshirts are "learning" in their classrooms.

Crossposted at The Dougout
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The "Progressive's" defense of Jeremiah Wright

I have seen some blogs on the left side of town defend Mr. Wright on the basis of other leaders whose critical approach to the USA one might argue is a path to the improvement of America.

Foremost among these has been Frederick Douglass.

The usual defense runs around this very famous speech. Worth reading. Very worth reading.

In it Douglass properly rants :
"What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer; a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sound of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants brass fronted impudence; your shout of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanks-givings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are to him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy -- a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour."
The comparison is to Wright's preached comment
Government "wants us to sing 'God Bless America' " despite treating black people as second-class citizens. "No, no, no," Mr Wright said, "God damn America!"

That speech was in 1852, the same year Uncle Tom's Cabin was released, while american men and women were slaves.

Since that speech, the great sin was washed away, as John Brown put it minutes before he was hung, by the blood of 800,000 americans, most of whom died for the purpose of the slaves' freedom, like it or not.

Since that sin, good men and women like Goodman and Schwerner have died just to get equality at the voting booth FOR OTHERS of a different color.

Since that sin affirmative action has been so effective that successful products of it (such as Michelle Obama), feel their accomplishments TAINTED by it (as any professionally excellent person ought)

Jeremiah Wright, in his disgusting, and historically stupid words about the tiniest and most oppressed people in the HISTORY of the planet makes plain his vast difference from a truly great human and leader like Douglass.

Jeremiah Wright, in his historically and factually IGNORANT words about Hiroshima and Nagasaki makes plain his distaste for the sacrifice of those American families of the QUARTER MILLION KILLED IN THE SERVICE at that time.

Jeremiah Wright displays for all his hatred, not for the sins of the few ..but the other groups he has contempt for.

It is this which makes Obama's personal defense of him, a critical reminder of his GALACTICALLY INCREDIBLE LACK of judgment.

And it is this which makes any comparison between the great Douglass and needlessly hateful and frankly racist Wright a farce.

Fredrick Douglass today might well find himself beside men like Bill Cosby.

I find it very hard to envision him next to those who purvey hate of other races, and religions as a means to ANY END worthy of reaching.

Whatever spiritual gain Sen Obama benefited from at the Trinity United Church, both he and now this nation have lost far more

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One day after warning about China's improving ballistic missiles and sub capabilities....

U.S. aircraft carriers vulnerable to China's Russian-made Sizzler missiles

By the way.... Iran is equipped with the Kilo subs that launch this missile

East-Asia-Intel.com, March 20, 2008
China has purchased advanced anti-ship cruise missiles from Russia, posing a major threat to U.S. aircraft carriers and other warships, the commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific said last week.

A Sizzler supersonic anti-ship cruise missile.

"It is of concern to us in the Pacific Command, principally because of People's Liberation Army, navy and air force developments, including area denial weapons and anti- access weapons, like the Russian-made SSN-27 Sizzler missile," said Adm. Tim Keating, the U.S. Pacific Command leader.

Keating said the Sizzler, which can be fired from submarines and surface ships "is a very sophisticated piece of hardware and we are currently not as capable of defending against that missile as I would like."

Translation -we are totally screwed at this time. And HOW LONG HAS THIS MISSILE BEEN IN PRODUCTION?

Keating's concerns about China's buildup were echoed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates who last week expressed concerns about the secrecy surrounding China's large-scale military buildup and continuing double-digit percentage increases in military spending.

Gates told reporters on March 5 that he is concerned with the size of the budgets, the continuing increases and how the money is being spent.

"We've proposed engagement with the Chinese, and a strategic dialogue, so we can have a better understanding of what an 18 percent increase in the budget means and what their strategic modernization programs mean, who they think the enemy is and so on, and for us to provide equivalent information," Gates said.

He commented following release of the Pentagon's annual report on China's military power that stated China's arms buildup is speeding up and is "scoped" for power projection capabilities beyond a regional conflict over Taiwan.

Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also said he is concerned that official Chinese figures for defense spending do not correspond to the spectrum of military development underway.

"In addition to that 18 percent or the number that's tied to that, is there are other parts of what we consider research and development kinds of investments that are not included in that," Mullen said. "And it's linking the investments to strategic intent, that's what continues to be of concern, and that's the transparency piece."

Gates said there is "general agreement" that the announced Chinese military budget is "only a portion of what the Chinese spend."

Specs follow....
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Who said this?


"The white man....is our number one enemy.The white man crushes us underfoot while we teach our children about his civilization, his universal principles and noble objectives...We are endowing our children with amazement and respect for the master who tramples our honor and enslaves. Let us instead plant the seed of ...disgust...in the souls of these children from the times that their nails are soft that the white man is the enemy of humanity"

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Dr. Phares On OBL's Recent Threat Against Europe

Excerpt from this article in American Thinker, and Dr. Walid Phares makes a point I haven't read elsewhere:
...Bin Laden's school of Jihadism would have smitten first, explained later. So why is this message more peculiar than previous ones? What can we read into it?

In short, I see in it the imprint of Jihadi "politicians" and strategists in international relations deeply immersed in the diplomatic games across the Mediterranean.
Even though it is indeed the voice of al Qaeda's master, one can see the increasing impact of political operatives on the movement's public statements....


... A simple check of archives shows that it wasn't Bin laden or Zawahiri who have asked Europe to enact laws against "insult to religion" but more "mainstream" Islamist forces and intellectuals....
If Dr. Phares is correct--and I have no reason to doubt his insights--we're seeing a clear connection between the ideology of OBL and Muslim groups recognized both at the OIC summit last week and also by Western governments.

In other words, that tape from OBL represents the overt union of terrorists and political Islam.

Not a comforting thought, huh?

Sometimes, I think that the Salafist threats are a lot of empty air. In fact, I want nothing more than to believe that OBL has little influence. But the essay by Dr. Phares also states the following:
What I saw in the al Qaeda message and the al Jazeera debate was clear: The Salafist movement worldwide was "talking" to the Europeans and the Euro-Jihadis. It was threatening Governments to retreat from the confrontation on the one hand and unleashing the pools of indoctrinated Jihadis across the continent to "engage" in violence....

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Why is it so hard to respect the intellectualized jihadis?

Recently Wafa Sultan was invited to appear on Al Jazzeera, AGAIN. She must be made of more patient stuff than I.

wafa_new_1.jpgShe appeared clearly in opposition to both the 'neutral' moderator, and some utter fool named Tal'at Rmeih.
I hope we see this yutz again.

What arguments did this fine intellectual marshall against the hideous west?

"There is a gang that controls [the West], and you are not allowed to criticize Israel or the Holocaust. Anyone who criticized the Holocaust was placed on trial. Noam Chomsky wrote one line about the Holocaust in a book, and the book was recalled from the market. Bernard Lewis - that great philosopher - said something about the Holocaust and was placed on trial."
Wafa beatifically replied in that oh so viciously demeaning beauty she has. I love to see her face light up with the inner glow of knowledge that she faces a cerebral BUG with no facts.

Of course, Rmeih must be referring to the Chomsky book dedication to Faurisson's Holocaust Denial book. The book was certainly NOT recalled. Anyone who criticized....CRITICIZED, as in , 'too bad he didn't finish the job' ? Bernard Lewis was placed on trial?
How can you even begin to have a discussion about reality?

"How come freedom of expression in the West is sacred only when it comes to degrading the Muslims? Are they allowed to talk about the Holocaust? Are they allowed to talk about Christianity? That is the question. Cinemas were burned down in the West when they talked about Christ."
I don't recall any of this, even when Christ was represented in piss, and his mother in feces.

But now, of course, a cartoon....well that's worth burning down cinemas
And of course we can never ignore the piece de la resistance of all jihadi research...
Moderator: "Do you dare to say that the number of people who died in the Jewish Holocaust is even one less [than what they claim]? Do you dare to say that? Why don't you dare to even touch on Jewish history - let alone on Jewish religion and sanctities?

Wafa Sultan: "Why do you want me to deny historical documents that confirm that the Holocaust took place? If there was no proof, I would deny it. But I cannot deny history, knowledge, and documents confirming that the Holocaust indeed took place. Why do you want me to deny the facts?"

Moderator: "From what she says, it is clear that she has no problem denying the holy books, but she is adamant about not denying historical documents."

Wafa Sultan: "Can you as a Muslim deny the massacre of the Jews of the Bani Qureyza tribe, by Muhammad and his followers?"

And then, just like we would expect from a true neutral presenter...

Moderator: "Have you forgotten that the country in which you live destroyed Iraq in its entirety, killing 1.5 million Iraqis and driving five million out of their homes?"
See it all.
Is there a use to exchanging views when such blatant lies are spewed as facts?

Only today I received this:
Full of propaganda against the islamic republic. The one who is sponsoring terrorism is America US and Israel. Alqaida and Ben LAden are their agents. U guys are trying to corrupt peoples mind??? Iran is a anti-terrorist country!!! What is CIA?? FBI ? Theese are terrorist organistaions!!! The whole 11 september US attacks where planned by them, and now trying to corrupt people's mind by saying that these are the muslims!!!!! Forget about it!! How stupid u are!!! Some people are worst than the animals and those people are people like you!!! Only because media is in your hand !!
This kind of email is the result of the blatant lies promulgated among children by such men. What hope is there to avoid massive conflict in the result?
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Ghaddafi Declares The Bible Is Fake

I posted yesterday here at IBA as to how our U.S. envoy Sada Cumber supports the OIC's litigation-ifada. And of course we know that various U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, are forever declaring how important it is for us infidels to respect Islam and Islamic values (whatever the latter means).

The critical matter of respecting Islam was a key issue at the recent OIC recent . And, of course, Osama Bin Laden has also recently told Europe that the Motoons morally worse than the slaughter of Mulims.

Now we have the following to go along with all the above, via this posting at World Divided:

Uganda has always welcomed its neighbors, like the refugees from Rwanda after the 1994 genocide – the genocide Uganda played a key role in stopping of - or like Colonel Ghaddafi who’s been a very dear guest of Uganda. But apparently, the Colonel reserves very little regard for religious feelings of the people of Uganda: earlier this week he came to their country, he stood on their soil in front of the crowd of thousands of Muslims who gathered at Nakivubo Stadium in Kampala chanting “Allahu Akbar”, he said

Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was the only messenger of God to mankind and the seal of all prophets

The current Bible was not the one revealed to Jesus and the current Old Testament is not the one Allah gave to Moses

Reference to Prophet Mohammed in the Bible could have been deleted

Moses predicted the coming of Mohammed and that Jesus, too, talked of a prophet that would come after him

Any book that doesn’t mention Mohammed isn’t true and is forged.
So much for respect…And all this has been said in the presence of the President of Uganda who is known for being a welcoming host, a good Christian and a true believer in God.

Now, let’s imagine the leader of Christian faith coming to the Muslim country and saying, “Koran is forged”. The flags and effigies would be burnt, the apology would be demanded, the diplomatic ties would be threatened, the churches would be attacked and Christians would get killed. And yet, nobody in the main stream media even dares mentioning Ghaddafi’s slur, and no pseudo-liberal pundit rushes to protect the feelings of the Christians of Uganda.


...I bet if some Christian coming to Uganda said something offensive about Islam, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council they would be running their mouth off despite the fact that they are not in charge of the visit.
Go read the whole thing over at World Divided to see how well the Ugandan Christians have comported themselves in the face of Ghaddafi's insult to the Bible.

The contrast between those Ugandan Christian-leaders and the ranting, oh-so-sensitive Muslims who are outraged over a bunch of CARTOONS could not be more obvious.

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Obama And La Raza

La Raza is a racist Hispanic organization which preaches that white people are inferior and that the United States government needs to be overthrown. Barack Obama deems such an organization worthy of his big tent.

July 23, 2007 , talking change at Obama at National Council of La Raza.

We know so little of the Senator who shot from obscurity to political stardom with his message of "national unity". Yet, the more we know, the more we recoil at the thought that a man who stands with the fifth column in this country might very well inhabit the White House.
Add to the recent revelations of dangerous liaisons, La Raza.

If it is not clear, let me state the obvious. This man is tied to the darkest, subversive elements in American society. Organizations that not only hate America, but in the case of Las Raza, wish to overthrow American sovereignty.

Exposed over at Creeping Sharia:

Barack Obama denied, again, that he was present last July 22nd when his pastor Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. preached hatred of white America, and the Obama campaign claimed he couldn’t have been in Chicago because he made a speech in Miami that same afternoon.

Indeed he did, a speech to La Raza (The Race) - see the meeting agenda here, and video here. “La Raza has always represented that kind of change,” stated Obama.

What kind of change is Obama thinking of?

What kind of change does La Raza represent? Check out the La Raza videos here and all over utube, and a report here. More anti-white, anti-American themes that Obama seems to secretly embrace. La Raza even claims an affinity with Palestine - photo above and La Raza as Palestinians here. Sound like a Mexican CAIR, yeah?

La Raza is a member of MEChA is an Hispanic separatist organization that encourages anti-American activities and civil disobedience whose members romanticize Mexican claims to the "lost Territories" of the Southwestern United States -- a Chicano country called Aztlan. In its national constitution, MEChA calls for self-determination by its members to liberate Aztlan.

Go read the rest at Atlas Shrugs.


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The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show

Introducing the Prophet Mohammed Doo.

Yesterday was Mohammed's birthday, so we invited him on the IBA Radio Show to celebrate. Turns out Mohammed is a cretinous, carnivorous canine. He loves "Kosher hot dogs" and French Poodles named Fifi.

It would seem he was a model Infidel, except for the small fact that he invented the Satanic religion of Islam.

But apparently, he had his reasons:

Fu2rman: "Mohammed, you like kosher hot dogs? What kind of Muslim are you?"

Mohammed Doo: "Muslim? I'm not Muslim. I just invented Islam to fuck with people."

Well, that settles that.

The Mohammed Doo interview is about four minutes long, and starts about sixteen minutes into the show, if you want to fast forward.

We'd also like to introduce you to our newest Infidel Bloggers Alliance contributor, Bosch Fawstin. Bosch is a Graphic Novelist (that's a comic book, for those of you living in Mecca) and author of The Infidel, which is the adventure of the superhero


The interview with Bosch begins about 30 minutes into the show.

Other highlights include:

1) Pastor Jermiah Wright damns America for creating "that virus Dennis Rodman."

2) We establish that Barack Obama is not a homo.

3) We discover that Michelle Obama refers to Pastorius manhood as "America."

Click on the Button below to listen to the show.

Listen to The Infidel Show on internet talk radio
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Winds of War: What is a Moderate Muslim?

AINA ran published the text of a Frontpage Symposium they held on the subject of Anti-Fascists of Islam. They pulled together an impressive list of panel participants including Wafa Sultan, a Syrian-American psychologist and internationally known critic of militant Islam, Khalim Massoud, the president of Muslims Against Sharia, an Islamic reform movement, Robert Spencer, a scholar of Islamic history, theology, and law and the director of Jihad Watch, and Abul Kasem, an ex-Muslim who is the author of hundreds of articles and several books on Islam including, Women in Islam.

The article is a must read but I want to highlight one response from Mr. Massoud where he makes an excellent comparison between a radical Muslim and a moderate one. Our leadership should take note.

First, we define what 'radical Muslim' is. Radical Muslim is the one who believes in Islamic supremacy. Hence the urge to wage Jihad for world domination that usually involves killing or subjugating infidels. After we define the enemy, the 'radical', we define 'moderate' as the opposite to 'radical'.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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Soviet Style Obama Campaign Poster

From Publius Pundit:

This is a real Soviet-style campaign poster for Barack Obama. Scary, isn't it? That is nothing. He's been endorsed by the Black Panther Party. That is nothing. He's bragging about it. That is nothing. He is scheduled to appear on Larry King tonight to discuss . . . his crazy ideas about . . . the war in Iraq.


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Dear Euroweenies, please excuse us while we cry

Financial Times ..boy I am pissed off this monring...

Warning on threat to Europe's US links

By Hugh Williamson in Berlin

Published: March 19 2008 10:07 | Last updated: March 19 2008 17:10

Growing hostility in Europe towards the US could cause "lasting damage" to transatlantic relations, according to Neil Kinnock, the former politician who chairs the British Council.

Fix Londonistan first, moron.

Lord Kinnock, a former vice-president of the European Commission, said he was concerned over findings of a British Council survey, published on Wednesday, in which 46 per cent of Europeans thought the "perceived overall influence of the US in the world" was negative.

So, tell me what you have been teaching in history class? Americans, when you see these feces wouldn't you just love to bring everything and everyone home? Unfortunately the last time we tried that 45 million people got killed and we had to save Europe ANYWAY,.....AGAIN.

"This kind of attitude is on the increase," he said, adding that Europeans' views had hardened when US president George W. Bush took power in 2001, then "worsened again" after the start of the Iraq war five years ago.

When Bush was elected, he was a milquetoast repub of unknown dimension, but hated? THe problem wasn't Bush, it was, in the view of these putrid cretins, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, then.

The survey shows that rifts in transatlantic relations are deeper than previously thought, with a third of US citizens seeing Europeans as "snobbish".

Well? That's the way it is in the cultureless Levi-land or Walmart 1/4 pounders with cheeseville.

Efforts in recent years by European countries and Washington to boost co-operation on combating climate change, international terrorism and poverty have been largely "ineffective", according to the poll, conducted in January in nine countries: the US, Canada, Britain, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland and Turkey.

Lord Kinnock said: "People do not see [transatlantic] co-operation working." The European Union last year intensified relations with the US, but despite such initiatives ordinary people "don't see terrorism being conquered or climate change being stopped. Therefore, they believe co-operation isn't working".

Most people surveyed would welcome closer transatlantic ties, but there were barriers. In most European countries the main reason for "not engaging with the US" was Washington's foreign policy, while the view that "Europeans are too liberal" was the main barrier cited in the US.

Like Israel, they are pissed at us for actually taking actions to defend ourselves now and in the future, and no they are not too liberal, they are 1984 bureaucratic mindless functionaries of the extreme left.

A separate Harris opinion poll for the Financial Times, published this week, showed many Europeans perceiving the US to be a threat.

In Britain, Germany and Spain, the US was seen as the "greatest threat to global stability", ahead of China, Iran and North Korea.

Do I have to quote Caligula?

A British Council youth project launched on Wednesday aimed to counter this "mental widening of the Atlantic", Lord Kinnock said.

Julian Morgan, British Council's head of communications for western Europe and North America said the survey showed a "depth to the [transatlantic] rift that we had not expected".

"The survey shows that stereotypes die hard," Mr Morgan said, noting that 62 per cent of Europeans thought US citizens were "keen consumers and 45 per cent thought they were "selfish". In return, 34 per cent in the US said Europeans were "snobbish".

He said the results challenged those stereotypes, for instance by showing that Americans were more willing than Europeans to take action for social or environmental issues they cared about, such as by paying more taxes.

Are you kidding? More taxes to a govt that cannot accomplish anything?

The only areas where transatlantic co-operation was viewed overwhelmingly positively were in the fields of business and trade, and in combating diseases such as HIV-Aids and malaria.

At least 500 people were questioned in each country, with 1,019 polled in the UK and 2,001 in the US, said GlobeScan and IFF, the polling agencies involved.

NATO seems to be dead. Just look at Afghanistan where these miscreants (GB and Canda excepted) not only won't live up to the obligations in the nation where plans and actions were taken to destroy lower Manhattan, but also no positive accomplishments are even seen as worthwhile beyond the expenditure of words. In other words, European govts of NATO don't care enough to take required, obligated action

Europe appears to be in the middle of fulfilling everything Steyn has warned us over.
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Obama is Lying. The Proof

This vid shows Obama making contradictory statements about the Rev Wright. If it's genuine surely it could leave him dead in the water. Watch it, only 30 seconds of your time.

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US -'Concern' about China's anti-carrier ballistic missiles, improving subs

Adm. Timothy Keating, the commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific, presented a more sober assessment of China than he did in previous budget testimony, an indication that U.S. military views on China are hardening.

Keating, head of the U.S. Pacific Command, told the House Armed Services Committee that U.S. military relations with China are "uneven and a cause of some concern but not worry."

It was the first time a senior military officer acknowledged that U.S.-China military relations were not making progress, despite an aggressive exchange program over the past six years that has included high-level visits by military leaders and defense officials.

Does anyone thing kunbaya visits will change national priorities? What idiot thought this would accomplish anything?

Keating said he is worried by China's development of anti-access and area denial weapons.

The Pentagon disclosed for the first time earlier this month that China has deployed ballistic missiles capable of targeting U.S. aircraft carriers, a capability China's military did not have in the past.

"We have expressed our concern to the Chinese; we asked them to explain to us their intentions and they choose not to," he said.

Please tell us why you built these bad toys? Do you want to hurt us?
You have to be kidding.

Greater transparency by China is no longer a sufficient goal, he noted. "It is easy enough to see what they have, the weapons they're fielding, the systems that they are building and the training that they're conducting," Keating said.

"When we ask them as to the why they would want to develop air-denial weapons in that seems to us inconsistent with China's stated goal of a peaceful rise and harmonious integration, we don't get much in the way of a discourse. So the saw isn't cutting both ways."

I'm trying to imagine how stupid they must think we are.
Why don't we just say... look fellas, if you are building a bunch of weapons to deny us the area via first strike on our carrier fleet against the day you take out Taiwan, then all you will do is spur us to to task 3-5 submarines to take out your first strike weapons via pre-emption if things get too hot. Why would you want to destabilize things that much? Missile-sub patrols will commence as soon as your weapons reach operational status, since you can deploy them rapidly.

Keating said he favors continued engagement. "We don't think there is anything to be gained by trying to cordon them off or fence them off into a corner," he said.

"That said, we think there has to be more reciprocity and a better understanding of their intentions before we are going to make the progress that we think is important," he said.

Kumbaya, mlord, kumbaya....

Keating also expressed concern over China's cyber attacks. "There have been attacks, to be sure, or intrusions, some we think from China," he said, noting that it is not clear whether or not the attacks are state-sponsored.

Chinese submarines, 65 total including two ballistic missile subs, are "good and getting better," Keating said.

"And we spent a modest amount of time and treasure, if you will, in tracking them. We aren't bad at that. There are times when there are Chinese submarines under way. And I can't tell you exactly where they are, but ... we're not devoting every measure we have. We could follow them if we needed to.


Why do we have the largest attack sub fleet, then? That attitude is how a Song class sub got a few thousand yards from our carriers during exercises, and popped up in their wake in a perfect spot to fire missiles which would have been too close to counter effectively. If we aren't going to use our assets effectively, or for good reason, retire them and and save the money.

Here are some facts from the Federation of American Scientists...

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Barry, just use a post hole digger, it's easier than a shovel, and you get to the bottom of the hole faster

As we were driving to Marblehead, Massachusetts yesterday we heard a replay of an interview which Sen Obama was clearly hoping would help end this slide he is in.

Speaking of his grandmother again, he said "She was a TYPICAL WHITE PERSON"...

What the hell is that?

"When she saw people she didn't know on the street she reacted with inbred fear"

(A paraphrase, but anyone who has the transcript, will, I am certain, see high fidelity in it.)

Xlation for the hard of hearing ...typical white people have an inbred fear of black people.


Hey, typical Lutherans loath jews (It's a Luther thing), right? Typical Episcopalians just don't want them at the country club. Typical Italians don't want them in the mob. Am I coming thru here?

More race from the democratic party. More non healing divisiveness (in the proper jargon).

Barry baby, we all get it.

You can't say you agree with some of the heinous things Wright said. But your fly is open, fella.

Just imagine Sen McCain, saying something about typical blacks...or even some person with unimpeachable credentials as a long time civil rights, liberal, true believer in utter equality...say like GERALDINE FERRARO?

The more Barry opens that trap, the more race comes out of it. The commercials in the fall are making themselves. Six white ladies get in an elevator in Bloomindale's, last second, a black guy 6'5", 265 lbs, wearing a hooded sweatshirt that says KILL M&M, and his underwear exposed gets in. They all grab their purses so tight their knuckles go white. Barry's America, take one.

What happened to:
How did your voting record get to the left of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the ex communist, ex mayor of Burlington, VT? What does that mean?
Are you in favor of reimposing the fairness doctrine in broadcasting, instantly calling into question all blogging, and killing talk radio?
And by the way.... did your wife's statements mean her beliefs are parallel to Wright's?
Did your appts of Powers, Rice, Zbig and Malley indicate your belief that as Wright said it, "Israel is a dirty word"? If not why not?
Since you feel Wright cannot be cast aside, perhaps you'd like to comment on the 'good things' about George Wallace, or Strom, or Ross Barnett, or Father Coughlin?
When you had the chance to factually demolish Wright's beliefs live on American TV, why did you defend him instead?

Get it? Just few questions from a typical whitebread cracker honky afraid of black people, you complete moron.


A presidential candidate issuing forth on the characteristics of a typical (PICK YOUR RACE) person.


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saudi Arabia: No churches unless prophet Mohammed recognised, says expert

Riyadh, 20 March (AKI) - No churches should be permitted in Saudi Arabia, unless Pope Benedict XVI recognised the prophet Mohammed, according to a Middle East expert.

While Saudi mediators are working with the Vatican on negotiations to allow places of religious worship, some experts believe it will not occur without this recognition.

Anwar Ashiqi, president of the Saudi centre for Middle East strategic studies, endorsed this view in an interview on the site of Arab satellite TV network, al-Arabiya on Thursday.

"I haven taken part in several meetings related to Islamic-Christian dialogue and there have been negotiations on this issue," he said.

"It would be possible to launch official negotiations to construct a church in Saudi Arabia only after the Pope and all the Christian churches recognise the prophet Mohammed."

"If they don't recognise him as a prophet, how can we have a church in the Saudi kingdom?"
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Iran: Muslims Converting To Christianity En Masse

Uh oh, people are using their own God-granted free will in Iran. That couldn't be good.

The Iranian government is looking to respond according to the will of Allah.

From Gates of Vienna:

“A Mass Exodus From Islam”

That’s what a Christian missionary in Iran calls the flood of conversions to evangelical Christianity — up to one million in the last five years.

In response, the newly-elected Majlis will discuss instituting an official death penalty for Iranian apostates from Islam. According to AKI:

Iran: Parliament to discuss death penalty for converts who leave Islam Tehran, 19 March (AKI) — In its first session since last week’s general elections, the new Iranian parliament is expected to discuss a law that will condemn to death anyone who decides to leave the Muslim faith and convert to other religions.

The parliament, also known as the Majlis, will debate the new law which has been presented by the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Under the proposed law, anyone who is born to Muslim parents and decides to convert to another faith, will face the death penalty.

Currently converts, particularly those who have decided to leave the Muslim faith for Evangelical churches, are arrested and then released after some years of detention.

The new legislation, which has caused concern in Iran and abroad, was proposed mainly because of fears of proselytising activities by Evangelical churches particularly through the use of satellite channels.

Go read the whole thing over at Gates of Vienna.
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Obama's Church Published Hamas Manifesto

Barack Obama's church has published a Hamas manifesto on the church website.

Hamas is a political terror organization whose official charter explicity calls for the murder of Jews.

From WND:

JERUSALEM – Sen. Barack Obama's Chicago church reprinted a manifesto by Hamas that defended terrorism as legitimate resistance, refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compared the terror group's official charter – which calls for the murder of Jews – to America's Declaration of Independence.

The Hamas piece was published on the "Pastor's Page" of the Trinity United Church of Christ newsletter reserved for Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., whose anti-American, anti-Israel remarks landed Obama in hot water, prompting the presidential candidate to deliver a major race speech earlier this week.

Hamas, responsible for scores of shootings, suicide bombings and rocket launchings against civilian population centers, is listed as a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department.

The revelation follows a recent WND article quoting Israeli security officials who expressed "concern" about Robert Malley, an adviser to Obama who has advocated negotiations with Hamas and providing international assistance to the terrorist group.

In his July 22, 2007, church bulletin, Wright reprinted an article by Mousa Abu Marzook, identified in the newsletter as a "deputy of the political bureau of Hamas." A photo image of the newsletter was captured and posted today by the business blog BizzyBlog. The Hamas piece was first published by the Los Angeles Times, garnering the newspaper much criticism.

According to senior Israeli security officials, Marzook, who resides in Syria alongside Hamas chieftain Khaled Meshaal, is considered the "brains" behind Hamas, designing much of the terror group's policies and ideology. Israel possesses what it says is a large volume of specific evidence that Marzook has been directly involved in calling for or planning scores of Hamas terrorist offensives, including deadly suicide bombings. He was also accused of attempting to set up a Hamas network in the U.S.

Marzook's original piece was titled, "Hamas' stand" but was re-titled "A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle" by Obama's church newsletter. The newsletter also referred to Hamas as the "Islamic Resistance Movement," and added in its introduction that Marzook was addressing Hamas' goals for "all of Palestine."

In the manifesto, Marzook refers to Hamas' "resistance" – the group's perpetuation of anti-Israel terrorism targeting civilians – as "legal resistance," which, he argues, is "explicitly supported by the Fourth Geneva Convention."

The Convention, which refers to the rights of people living under occupation, does not support suicide bombings or rocket attacks against civilian population centers, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America noted.

Marzook refers to Hamas' official charter as "an essentially revolutionary document" and compares the violent creed to the Declaration of Independence, which, Marzook states, "simply did not countenance any such status for the 700,000 African slaves at that time."

Hamas' charter calls for the murder of Jews. Among its platforms is a statement that the "[resurrection] will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them, and the rock and the tree will say: 'Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, kill him!'"

In his piece, Marzook says Hamas only targets Israel and denies that Hamas' war is meant to be waged against the U.S., even though Hamas officials have threatened America, and Hamas' charter calls for Muslims to "pursue the cause of the Movement (Hamas), all over the globe."
Trinity Church did not respond to a phone message requesting comment.

Obama's campaign also did not reply to phone and e-mail requests today for comment.
Obama aide wants talks with terrorists

Go read the whole thing over at WND.

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Insult Islam, Get Sued

As I mentioned here at IBA last week, the OIC is taking a stand against freedom of speech--for the West. Apparently our own United States government is supporting the proposal.

Consider the following information from the Center for Vigilant Freedom, and be sure to follow the links:
Sada Cumber, Special Envoy to Enforce Sharia Law in the U.S.

Sada Cumber is the Bush-appointed Special Envoy to the abysmal Organization of the Islamic Conference. The Sada Cumber Watch blog is tracking the OIC, where a meeting this week (March 13 and 14) will vote on the OIC Ten Year Plan. Read more here:
H/T Sada Cumber Watch

The OIC supports the appalling Cairo Declaration of Human Rights (meaning imposition of Sharia Law in violation of all human rights), and the Ten Year Plan Sada Cumber will be agreeing to this week proposes that all countries must protect Muslim minorities’ rights based on the Cairo Declaration definition of those rights.

The Ten Year Plan also proposes “deterrent punishments” for Islamophobia
Now, read the following from Sada Cumber Watch, quoting from Examiner.com:
Muslims Nations: Defame Islam, Get Sued?
By RUKMINI CALLIMACHI, The Associated Press

The Muslim world has created a battle plan to defend its religion from political cartoonists and bigots.

Concerned about what they see as a rise in the defamation of Islam, leaders of the world’s Muslim nations are considering taking legal action against those that slight their religion or its sacred symbols. It was a key issue during a two-day summit that ended Friday in this western Africa capital.

The Muslim leaders are attempting to demand redress from nations like Denmark, which allowed the publication of cartoons portraying the Prophet Muhammad in 2006 and again last month, to the fury of the Muslim world.


Delegates were given a voluminous report by the OIC that recorded anti-Islamic speech and actions from around the world. The report concludes that Islam is under attack and that a defense must be mounted.


The report urges the creation of a “legal instrument” to crack down on defamation of Islam.


Read the entire article in the Examiner HERE. There is lots more to the story.

Considering the latest from Osama Bin Laden, one wonders if the OIC and OBL are in cahoots.

Nah. Couldn't be.

I mustn't let my paranoia kick into overdrive. Right?

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We Got 'Em Now

Osama Bin Laden has threatened to attack Europe over the publication of the Muhammed Cartoons in a recent audio recording. The Washington Post reports:

The five-minute speech was the second time in four months that bin Laden
has delivered threats to European countries. He made only one oblique reference
to President Bush -- calling him "your aggressive ally . . . who is about to
depart the White House" -- and instead addressed his remarks to "the intelligent
ones in the European Union."

The al-Qaeda leader criticized European countries for joining in
military campaigns in Muslim lands. Although he lamented those actions, he
suggested that the Muhammad cartoons were even more immoral and that retaliation
was coming.

The rule of thumb in a fistfight is when you land a blow which makes your opponent yell, hit him there again. And the louder he yells the more you hit him in that particular area. Osama Bin Laden has just said "ouch".

Doubtless there will be those who will argue that Bin Laden's warnings are a reason to suppress publication of the Cartoons, either to demonstrate our moral superiority or to manifest our sensitivity; every precept of political correctness argues to cease and desist. That would be a big mistake.

What makes the Mohammed Cartoon attack on radical Islam so potent that Bin Laden himself must oppose it, is two things.

First, anyone can make fun of radical Islam.

Second, the Cartoons are aimed at the weakest point of the Jihad: it's sources of authority.

It is paradoxically true of all organized nihilisms that they rely upon their unquestioned authority to negate. For example, whereas Bolshevism could regard humans as expendable, dogma was sacrosanct. The real message of organized nihilism is that "everything is permitted" except to make fun of nihilism itself.

Every act is lawful in radical Islam: to bomb markets, kill children, lie, cheat and steal. Everything: except to publish the Mohammed Cartoons.

I argued that the Islamic reaction to Geert Wilders converted every paintbrush, chisel and computer into a bomb. Islam has to suppress every affront to Mohammed lest Mohammed be shown to be impotent against affront. As in the pulp tales of travelers transgressing upon lost cities, death must follow the blasphemy of the local idol or the local idol, not the traveler, loses face. What Geert Wilders has done is draw a line in the intellectual sand which he invites everyone to cross. And Osama Bin Laden must on no account allow anyone else to cross for fear of what will follow: inflatable Mohammeds, Numa-numa Mohammeds, or Allah forbid, Gay Mohammeds.

Many pixels have been burned out arguing that the distributed Islamic insurgency is invincible. But what about distributed resistance? What about distributed blasphemy? How long will Osama Bin Laden's dogma survive that?

It's Radical Islam's worst nightmare: a Swarm directed against authority. Without the authority of Mohammed, not only Wahabism but the world itself falls to pieces. Spengler, arguing that radical Islam is a form of atheism or at best pantheism, quoted Benedict XVI's Regensburg assertion that in Wahabism's view, Allah is entirely arbitrary. Reality subsists on Allah's unknowable will; upon Allah's inscrutable authority.

For Muslim teaching, God is absolutely transcendent. His will is not bound up with any of our categories, even that of rationality. Here [Professor Theodore] Khoury quotes a work of the noted French Islamist R Arnaldez, who points out that Ibn Hazm went so far as to state that God is not bound even by his own word, and that "nothing would oblige him to reveal the truth to us. Were it God's will, we would even have to practice" idolatry.

It is this separation between reason and beauty on the one hand, and Allah's will on the other that permits Wahabists to describe mass-murder and outrage as "holy". It's holy because Allah commands it; and for the Faithful, Allah commands it because Muhammed says he did. Caricature Muhammed and the whole system falls to the ground. Spengler's commentary on Benedict XVI's observation is worth repeating:

Allah is no more subject to laws of nature than the nature-spirits of the
pagan world who infest every tree, rock and stream, and make magic according to
their own whimsy. The "carried-forward idea of the unity of God" to which
Rosenzweig refers, of course, is the monotheism carried forward in outward form
from Judaism, but dashed to pieces against the competing notion of absolute

As Rosenzweig observes, "An atheist can say, 'There is no God but
God'." If God is everywhere and in all things, he is nowhere and in nothing. If
there are no natural laws, there need be no law-giver, and the world is an
arbitrary and desolate place, a Hobbesian war of each aspect of nature against
all. Contemplation of nature in Islam is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and
short. It is not surprising that Islamic science died out a generation or two
after al-Ghazali.

That's why Bin Laden focuses his ire upon the Muhammed Cartoons, leaving his criticism of Iraq almost as an afterthought. Bin Laden has laid down the line against the Cartoons because he has to. It's a threat to his power-core; and even within his fully operational Ummah Battlestation he feels a great distrubance in the Force. And by so doing, he's revealed the Jihad's greatest weakness. He fears freedom; fears individuals unrestrained by the bonds of political correctness. And he fears, as anyone who has noticed his dour mien should have guessed, scorn and laughter above all.

We've got you now.
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Poll numbers just released show Barack Obama CANNOT get elected

Has the news about Barack Obama and Rev Wright caused you to have doubts about Barack Obama?

27% Yes
Among whites, 40%, blacks 2%.

Unelectable numbers

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows John McCain's lead growing against both potential Democratic opponents. McCain currently leads Barack Obama 49% to 42% and Hillary Clinton 51% to 41% margin
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Obama's Other Preacher

Now, that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is retired, I'm sure this guy will be more than happy to step in. (Thanks to Always on Watch)

Allow me to introduce you to the Reverend Thasjus Wrong.

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Osama Bin Laden Says Cartoons Are A New Crusade

My latest YouTube offering is a Sky News broadcast regarding Geert Wilders film, Fitna, and the threats to Europe by Osama Bin Laden following the re-publication of the Danish cartoons.

He says that the cartoons are a New Crusade against Islam but fails to mention that 9/11 was the New Crusade against the West. It would seem that cartoons and films mean more than the murder of thousands of innocent people on 9/11 and ever since then. On the other hand maybe he didn't say anything, especially as he might be dead already.

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Winds of War: Islam-Religion, Cult or Something Else

Depending on who you talk to, Islam is seen as religion by most and a cult by some, but neither one of those definitions fits if we are to identify those that seek to impose Islam on the entire world.

First a little history.

Many of us see parallels between Islam today and Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages. Islam’s all encompassing socio-political-religious system is similar to the Rule of the Holy Roman Empire and the Popes who headed it up. Just as Christian morals, ideals and ideas permeated the society of the Middle Ages to its core as ruled by the Holy Roman Church, so does Islam at the beginning of the 21st Century.

Islamism is the socio-political arm of the religion of Islam just as the Catholic Church was the socio-political arm of the Holy Roman Empire.

Jarret Brachman, the director of research at the United States Military Academy's Combating Terrorism Center, recently told a class of West Point cadets to “know thy enemy”.

The article goes on discussing that enemy as terrorism – the first mistake – but what would you expect from the Academy's Combating Terrorism Center. Brachman, after a while did come up with a money quote. Unfortunately he doesn’t know the ramifications or meaning of it.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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