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Saturday, March 08, 2008

John McCain - Man in the Arena

I found this great John McCain video today on You Tube. It really show's McCain's humility, pride and strength.

John McCain definitely has his detractors. But, as more and more people are coming to realize, he is who we have. An Obama or Clinton presidency, would be a nightmare for our country. John McCain understands we need to continue this fight. His ability to reach across party lines, is to his and our benefit.

If he has any chance to win, he needs our support.

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Iran: Running Wild In The Streets

You've heard of that Oprah tea-fest book, Reading Lolita in Iran. But, now everyday Iranians are beginning to strip down and RUN NAKED IN THE STREETS.

That beats drinking tea and sitting in a circle discussing a book.

Listen to their glee, as this man (in the video below) streaks. It would be easy for us jaded Americans to say, "Those guys have got to get out more."

But that is the sound of Freedom exploding in the face of oppression.

God Bless Them.

Go see the rest of the videos at Sagg-e-Zard.
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Why President Bush Vetoed the Intelligence Authorization Bill

I fully support President Bush's Veto on this bill. Becoming a kinder and gentler, "squishy" country, will not keep us safe. Our enemies have no morals, no fear and no incentive to stop trying to attack us. We must STOP THEM.

If it means that some people don't like us, think we are mean, than so be it.

The people who are pushing this bill, are obviously in a dream world. The only "fear mongers" out there are those who attacked us on 9/11. Those "fear mongers" will continue to look for weaknesses here. We must find their weaknesses, first.
Protecting our country is not pretty and nice. I expect our government to be extremely tough when dealing with our enemies. Since we have not been attacked in nearly 7 years, they must be doing something right.

If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. This week, I addressed the Department of Homeland Security on its fifth anniversary and thanked the men and women who work tirelessly to keep us safe. Because of their hard work, and the efforts of many across all levels of government, we have not suffered another attack on our soil since September the 11th, 2001.

This is not for a lack of effort on the part of the enemy. Al Qaida remains determined to attack America again. Two years ago, Osama bin Laden warned the American people, "Operations are under preparation, and you will see them on your own ground once they are finished." Because the danger remains, we need to ensure our intelligence officials have all the tools they need to stop the terrorists.

Unfortunately, Congress recently sent me an intelligence authorization bill that would diminish these vital tools. So today, I vetoed it. And here is why:

The bill Congress sent me would take away one of the most valuable tools in the war on terror -- the CIA program to detain and question key terrorist leaders and operatives. This program has produced critical intelligence that has helped us prevent a number of attacks.

The program helped us stop a plot to strike a U.S. Marine camp in Djibouti, a planned attack on the U.S. consulate in Karachi, a plot to hijack a passenger plane and fly it into Library Tower in Los Angeles, and a plot to crash passenger planes into Heathrow Airport or buildings in downtown London.

And it has helped us understand al Qaida's structure and financing and communications and logistics. Were it not for this program, our intelligence community believes that al Qaida and its allies would have succeeded in launching another attack against the American homeland.

The main reason this program has been effective is that it allows the CIA to use specialized interrogation procedures to question a small number of the most dangerous terrorists under careful supervision.

The bill Congress sent me would deprive the CIA of the authority to use these safe and lawful techniques. Instead, it would restrict the CIA's range of acceptable interrogation methods to those provided in the Army Field Manual. The procedures in this manual were designed for use by soldiers questioning lawful combatants captured on the battlefield. They were not intended for intelligence professionals trained to question hardened terrorists.

Limiting the CIA's interrogation methods to those in the Army Field Manual would be dangerous because the manual is publicly available and easily accessible on the Internet. Shortly after 9/11, we learned that key al Qaida operatives had been trained to resist the methods outlined in the manual. And this is why we created alternative procedures to question the most dangerous al Qaida operatives, particularly those who might have knowledge of attacks planned on our homeland. The best source of information about terrorist attacks
is the terrorists themselves. If we were to shut down this program and restrict the CIA to methods in the Field Manual, we could lose vital information from senior al Qaida terrorists, and that could cost American lives.

The bill Congress sent me would not simply ban one particular interrogation method, as some have implied. Instead, it would eliminate all the alternative procedures we've developed to question the world's most dangerous and violent terrorists. This would end an effective program that Congress authorized just over a year ago.

The fact that we have not been attacked over the past six-and-a-half years is not a matter of chance. It is the result of good policies and the determined efforts of individuals carrying them out. We owe these individuals our thanks, and we owe them the authorities they need to do their jobs effectively.

We have no higher responsibility than stopping terrorist attacks. And this is no time for Congress to abandon practices that have a proven track record of keeping America safe.

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Neener neener ..Algeria buys Russian jets only to find they are no match for Moroccan F-16s

mig29smt.jpg LONDON -- Algeria has a major problem after learning its new Russian origin aircraft could not match the F-16s planned for purchase by Morocco.

Industry sources said the Algerian Air Force has been dismayed over the performance of the MiG-29SMT multi-role aircraft delivered by Moscow. The sources said Algiers has assessed that the MiG-29 could not defeat the latest model F-16s approved by Rabat.

"Algeria spent a tremendous amount of money and political capital on modernizing its military and now realizes that it's not enough," a source familiar with Algeria's defense program said.


Algeria has forced Moscow to reacquire 15 MiG-29SMTs after the air force determined that the aircraft contained 1990s fuselages. The air force, which flew each plane for up to 90 hours, determined that the MiGs fell short of their promised performance levels and suspended deliveries. In all, Algeria ordered 26 MiG-29SMT and six MiG-29UB fighters in a $1.3 billion contract.

In contrast, Morocco plans to order 24 F-16 Block 52+ aircraft, the most modern platform in the U.S. Air Force. The multi-role fighters, estimated to cost $2.4 billion, contain radar, avionics, electronic warfare and weapons that are far more advanced than those ordered by Algeria.

"There is no question about it: Morocco's F-16s will dominate the sky," an Algerian defense analyst said.

The Algerian Air Force has higher hopes for Russia's Su-30 fighter. Algiers has ordered 28 Su-30MK fighters for $1.5 billion, and has received four of the aircraft. So far, the air force has no plans to return the Sukhois.

The sources said aides to President Abdul Aziz Bouteflika have urged that Algiers procure Western aircraft. They pointed to France's offer to sell the Rafale fighter-jet, manufactured by Dassault Aviation.

"Algeria is a powerful country with very strong ties to Britain, France and the United States," the analyst said. "There's no reason that Algeria has to settle for cast-off planes."

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It rots from the head...

Talk, but No Peace

There are a few certainties when it comes to the Middle East. One is that Hamas militants will do anything to sabotage Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts. Another is that Israel will retaliate against serious assaults on its people. And a third is that without measurable improvements in the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians, a few spectacular acts of terrorism can derail even the best-intentioned peace talks.

The latest violence, coupled with the Palestinians' bitter political schism, could doom President Bush's peace initiative. Giving up is not an option. That would guarantee even more mayhem and perhaps wider war.

If there is any hope of salvaging the effort, the United States, Europe and Arab states must move quickly to arrange a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas and give serious thought to a new strategy for dealing with Gaza.

This is the editorial view of the New York Times. HAMAS, to the 'progressive thinker's society' at the Times, has as their goal in what they do an effort to "derail even the best-intentioned peace talks"

First of all, Abbas couldn't bring peace even if he wanted to, and he can't. Second, Abbas knows full well that any peace which doesn't include the EXPLICIT wink wink that it's just a way station to NO ISRAEL to his people, who have been lead to expect only this goal since 1919, means his death. Third, HAMAS is not trying to derail anything.

If Abbas signed tomorrow for a Palestine in return for peace on the borders of 1967, HAMAS would cynically laugh with glee and NOT A THING would be different. HAMAS's goal has nothing to do with derailing peace talks. HAMAS doesn't care about any of that. If they take note of it at all it is with inner glowing contentment because every time it comes up, THEY KNOW it deligitimizes further the UNELECTED FATAH, and moves FATAH another step towards being cleanly identifiable as Zionist collaborators, by the freely elected majority HAMAS government which reflects the true will of the Palestinian peoples, until they decide differently.

The New York Times' editorial staff is delusional. They simply cannot conceive that either HAMAS can really be serious, or that there can be people on earth who can be so unreasonable as to prefer permanent war to reasonable peace.

This is the absolute pinnacle of arrogant western thought.

HAMAS' vision is based on the Quran. Let the 'progressive thinker's society' at the Times consider carefully how to decouple that Quranic promise of the waqf and the uselessness of conferences as they see them, from what the PALESTINIAN PEOPLES THEMSELVES WANT. On the day the Times can solve that puzzle, we will have a poltical problem which can be negotiated and not a religious war in which peace talks ... well..as HAMAS (and the people of Palestine say) ...

Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors

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The problem for muslims with active brains and consciences in five lines

From HERE we see Charles (apparently an american who happens to be muslim) commenting on the celebrations among arabs at the murder of 8 teenage school children studying Torah...

"almost any criticism of the Muslims with regard to how they handle themselves in this situation is considered 'out-of-bounds' by other Muslims. At what point can we criticize other Muslims, or disengage from those who promote this kind of activity? When I challenge some Muslims to reevaluate the issues I am told that I don't support Palestinian self-determination."

Well to Charles and the others whose critical self analysis (a western ideal ? - maybe) drives them to THINK with the brains God gave us, you are the men and women who can save the world. If you cannot stop the madness the end point is quite clear.


And to the galactically stupid morons who make these men and women into backbiting semi apostates, and outright apostates for not following someone else's idea of the revealed and perfect word of God..... YOU ARE THE HEART OF THE ENEMY of freedom. YOU are the "Hitler's Willing Executioner's" of this worldwide conflict
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There IS a regional war in the Middle East going on


Iranians, Syrians among those killed by Israeli strike on Gaza

Anyone think they were tourists?

JERUSALEM -- Israeli military intelligence chief, Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin told the Cabinet on March 2 that an air force strike killed several Iranian, Lebanese and Syrian instructors sent to improve Hamas's military and missile capabilities.

Yadlin said the death of the instructors marked a serious blow to the Hamas regime.

An Israeli soldier is seen atop of an armored army vehicle after an operation in the Gaza Strip on March 2. AP/Sebastian Scheiner
The air force strike took place on Feb. 28 in which five people were killed in a truck filled with more than 100 missiles in the Gaza Strip. Officials said the casualties included Iranian, Lebanese and Syrian military trainers.

The report came amid another day of heavy fighting between the Israeli military and Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip in an operation dubbed "Hot Winter." At least 20 Palestinians were killed in fighting in northern Gaza, most of them in the Palestinian refugee camp of Jabalya.

On March 3, Israeli troops, amid U.S. criticism, left the Gaza Strip in a move hailed by Hamas as a major victory.

I wonder why the USA is behaving in a way in which it halts Israel from killing the USA's own enemies (Iran)? What power could influence the USA in this manner? Could it be threats from oil nations? Sovereign wealth funds? Is anyone worried about 'jewish control of the media'? Zbig, worried jews are running the USA's foreign policy? Don't make me laugh. This isn't about stopping Israel from creating settlements on occupied land, they already UNLATERALLY reversed that. This is about stopping Israel from killing those individuals responsible for, and destroying the ability of men and women who attempt to kill Israelis inside pre 67 Israel every single day with rocket fire.

Palestinian gunners continued to fire Katyusha rockets toward the Israeli city of Ashkelon, which contains strategic facilities.

Officials said between 50 and 100 weapons specialists and combat trainers entered the Gaza Strip in late January. They said most of the instructors were Palestinians trained in Iran and Lebanon as well as in Al Qaida camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

They said the specialists were sent to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and entered the Gaza Strip after the Hamas regime destroyed much of the 12-kilometer border wall on Jan. 23.

"These people are experts in weapons production, bombs and missiles, and will solve Hamas's problems in extending the range and improving the accuracy of missiles and rockets," an official said.

Why isn't it clear this is a state of war?

On Feb. 26, military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin briefed the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on the repercussions of the two-week breach in the Egyptian-Gaza border, which enabled 700,000 Palestinians to enter Sinai. Yadlin said the Hamas regime was significantly bolstered by the influx of specialists and weapons in the Gaza Strip in January and early February.

Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said Hamas has been using civilians to transport missiles. Ashkenazi told the Cabinet that Hamas was found to have placed a Katyusha rocket in the wagon of an elderly man.

On March 2, Hamas continued to fire the BM-21 Grad rocket, a Katyusha variant, into Israel. Several of the 122 mm rockets, with a range of more than 20 kilometers, landed in the southern Israeli cities of Ashkelon and Netivot.

Officials said the Cabinet led by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been discussing a full-scale invasion of the Gaza Strip and the destruction of the Hamas regime. They said Defense Minister Ehud Barak has won approval from most of the Cabinet.

"We have to be organized for it to get more serious, because the big ground operation is real, tangible," Barak said.

Officials, however, said Olmert would not decide to resume the ground operation in Gaza without approval from the United States.

"When the green light is given for the Israel Defense Forces to go in with its full force," Barak said, "the goals will be first of all, halting Kassam fire; second, reducing weapons smuggling from Egypt; third, weakening Hamas rule, and, under the right circumstances, overthrowing the Hamas government, and, in the long term, complete severance from the Gaza Strip."

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Philippines and the "peace conversations" with the MILF

Philippines decided to modify the Constitution to create an Islamic state, after the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front)'s campaign which has caused more than 150,000 deaths in 30 years of conflict.This is one of the results of the peace conversations that the Government has been maintaining with the MILF for some time now, and which could finally end in some kind of "peace". And I say it like that, because both the MILF's leaders AND its fighters are worried about having to live in peace!!!
For many of the 12,000 MILF rebels, especially the young, peace is likely to bring an uncertain future.

chief Murad Ibrahim, in a rare interview with AFP, said he was worried
for their future, especially for those born into war and the many whose
parents and older relatives have died as "martyrs"
. [...]

They are not used to it, so even in case the conversations end in some kind of peace, they will search for another target to "achieve". Now they are going to have a "limited autonomy", then they will ask for independence...

Anyway, this last week Philippine Government has detained two "suspects from Middle East" allegedly involved to bomb the US; British and Australian embassis in Manila. They have also detained a Jordanian recently, linked to the same plot.

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Khatami's Pre-Election Speech Orders

TEHRAN, Iran - A senior member of Iran's hard-line clerical establishment urged voters to pick anti-American candidates for parliament in a Friday speech seen as reflecting the views of the country's supreme leader.

Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said Iranians would "rush" to the polling stations on March 14 in support of those "whose record shows opposition to the United States."

"Our people vote for such people," Khatami told worshippers on the campus of Tehran University, where the Friday sermon is broadcast on state television and radio.

Khatami's remarks were one of the only public political statements since the start of campaigning Thursday, which was immediately followed by a two-day religious holiday.

Guardian Council: Iran's Candidate Weed Wacker

Reformists are expected to do poorly in the election because Iran's constitutional watchdog, the Guardian Council, barred more than 1,700 candidates, mostly reformists, from running. It left 4,500 mostly conservative candidates in the race, and only about 200 reformists.

The Other Khatami

The main election battle is now between moderate conservatives opposed to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and hard-liners who staunchly back his economic populism and anti-American foreign policy. Opponents have criticized Ahmadinejad's handling of the foundering economy as incompetent and his aggressive stance toward the West as counterproductive.

Reformist former President Mohammad Khatami urged people Thursday to vote for the remaining reformists as the only way to counter the hard-line establishment's efforts to strengthen its grip on power.

The hard-liners believe they are the "main current in the establishment and that anybody not supporting them is outside the establishment," said the former president, who is not related to Ahmad Khatami.

The reformists have to "disrupt this game," he said, by "participating in the elections" and fighting despite their small numbers.

Recycling and Civic Pride (uh, yeah, right)

Further weakening reformists, the hard-line-dominated parliament last month banned the publication of election posters with photographs of the candidates, saying it wanted to minimize waste of paper and to keep the city's wall clean.

The law was seen as another way to bolster hard-liners, who have more access to official media.

The Weed Wacker's Resume

Hard-liners regained control of the 290-seat legislature after the Guardian Council barred thousands of reformists from running in the last parliamentary elections, in 2004.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Cultural Success and the Fate of the World

I just got this in an email and thought it was very interesting, and ultimately pertinent to what we're doing here on the IBA. I don't know who wrote this first part, but the second part is by the Science Editor, Roger Highfield. -CW

WE GENERALLY TEND to emphasize the role of government policies and institutions and de-emphasize the role of culture in the success or failure of societies, and this is why runaway immigration that results in massive groups of immigrants than can never be assimilated in the general culture (such as in France, for example) are such a threat. They transform societies into the culture of the immigrants in the areas where it really counts, into the kind of societies those immigrants were risking their lives to get away from.

The UK and in the United States are particularly under threat, because (despite flaws) one of our greatest cultural "assets," if you will, is the general context of fairness, cooperation and the rule of law.

It's worth noting that every single English-speaking country without exception America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, etc. is by any measure broadly successful. Every single Islamic, Arabic-speaking country, for example, is largely unsuccessful (if you ignore oil wealth, which like winning the lottery doesn't come from a culture that leads to success, but blind luck).

I would assert that this horribly stark dichotomy has nothing to do with colonialism or exploitation or anything of the kind. It has everything to do with the everyday functioning of individuals, which is based on the core assumptions of individuals about their own role in society.

This idea can be oversimplified thus: English-speaking cultures in general, and the United States in particular, believe both in the "win-win" scenario situations that benefit both of us are possible and in the idea of making personal sacrifices for the good of society.

Islamic, Arabic-speaking countries (as well as Russia and others) tend to NOT believe in the "win-win" scenario, but instead in the idea that every transaction or interaction has a winner and a loser, and that making personal sacrifices for the good of society means you're the loser and other people are the winners.

This is precisely why Iraq is ungovernable.

We went in there with the assumption that by establishing a democracy, good society would follow. It turns out that the "zero sum game" assumption of Iraqi (and Islamic and Arabic-speaking) culture won't allow democracy or any of the benefits that come from democracy. Iraqis will refuse to sacrifice anything for their clan, will refuse to allow their clan to sacrifice anything for their larger religious group, refuse to allow their larger religious group to sacrifice anything for the nation. If they win, I lose. Therefore, I must win at the expense of others. Americans are confused and frustrated by the failure of progress in Iraq, but the reason is that, broadly speaking, Iraqis themselves spend as much time working toward the failure of other Iraqis as they do on the success of their own groups and selves. That's the prevailing attitude of that culture.

Back to immigration: In the United States, we're allowing the rapid, unprecedented formation of two societies: 1) the melting pot, where immigrants from 210 countries come in and culturally assimilate; and 2) the Latino society, where immigrants assimilate, but into a separate, alienated Spanish-speaking, Spanish-culture melting pot (Mexican-dominated, but international). Having two cultures and two languages (like Canada) is problematic enough. The bigger problem is the growth and flourishing of the Spanish-language culture's zero sum, if-you-win-I-lose view of the self vis-a-vis society, which brings us all down.

This will not only erode one of the best things about our Anglo-Saxon tradition, but it will result in a society that functions more like Iraq and less like New England.

This cultural shift will hurt not only melting-pot Americans, but Latino-Americans, too, because America will lose many of the cultural attributes they risked their lives to enjoy.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. It was sparked by this report:

British sense of fair play proven by science
By Roger Highfield, Science Editor

The British sense of fair play has been scientifically proven by experiments held in 16 cities which show that, by comparison, the Russians and Greeks thirst for revenge.

The idealised games held around the world have shed new light on the way in which people co-operate for the common good and what happens when they don't.

The research published today in the journal Science shows that taking revenge is more common in relatively corrupt and undemocratic traditional societies based on authoritarian and parochial social institutions, where citizens think it is acceptable to dodge taxes or flout laws because criminal acts frequently go unpunished.

The international study looked at the extent to which some people will sacrifice personal gain to benefit the wider public, while 'freeloaders' try to take advantage of their generosity.

In earlier work, scientists devised a financial game in which participants had to decide whether to commit their resources tokens to a common pot or hold back and reap the benefits of the others' community spirit.

Without a financial punishment for those who did not make public-spirited investments, but continued to exploit the generous nature of others, co-operation rapidly foundered.

Based on this game, Prof Simon Gaechter and Dr Benedikt Herrmann at The University of Nottingham, and Dr Christian Thoni at the University of St Gallen, Switzerland, studied the behaviour of people in 16 cities around the world, from Boston and Bonn to Riyadh, Minsk, Nottingham, Seoul and others.

Prof Gaechter says: "To our knowledge this is the largest cross-cultural study of experimental games that has been carried out in the developed world."

Levels of co-operation were remarkably similar across all 16 cities, they report.

However, against the predictions of economists, behaviour changed dramatically when everyone's contributions were revealed and players were given the ability to punish other player by taking tokens away.

As previous studies have shown, players were willing to part with a token of their own in order to punish the low investors or the freeloaders who had exploited others.

But striking national differences then arose when freeloaders were punished for putting their own interests ahead of the common good.

In countries such as the US, Switzerland and the UK, the freeloaders accepted their punishment, became much more co-operative and the earnings in the game increased over time.

However, in countries such as Greece and Russia, the freeloaders sought retribution - exerting revenge on those who had punished them even the model citizens who had paid their way. Co-operation for the common good then plummeted as a result.

In societies where the modern ethic of co-operation with strangers is less familiar and the rule of law is perceived to be weak, revenge is more common and co-operation suffers, comments Dr Herrmann.

What is fascinating about the behaviour in the games is that they parallel measures of norms of civic co-operation and rule of law made by social scientists, says Dr Herrmann. These norms cover general attitudes to the law, for example whether or not citizens think it is acceptable to dodge taxes or flout laws.

In societies where this behaviour is widespread and the rule of law is perceived to be ineffective that is, if criminal acts frequently go unpunished - anti-social "revenge" punishment thrives.

"In societies where public co-operation is ingrained and people trust their law enforcement institutions, revenge is generally shunned," he says. "But in societies where the modern ethic of co-operation with unrelated strangers is less familiar and the rule of law is weak, revenge is more common."

Economists are keen to understand the decision-making processes behind co-operation, as working together for the common good is crucial for progress in any society - not least for effectively addressing big issues such as recycling and tackling climate change.

The issue of how to make the public share responsibility for common problems such as climate change was most vividly illustrated by Prof Garrett Hardin, of the University of California, Santa Barbara, in his influential 1968 paper 'The tragedy of the commons'.

He used the example of a public pasture. Each herdsman will add one cow after the other to a common field, because the benefit of an additional cow goes exclusively to the herdsman, but the cost of overgrazing is shared by all and the pasture will end up ruined.

"The rational herdsman concludes that the only sensible course for him to pursue is to add another animal to his herd. And another; and another.... But this is the conclusion reached by each and every rational herdsman sharing a commons. Therein is the tragedy. "

Dr Hermann says: "There are numerous examples in everyday life of situations where co-operation is the best option but there are incentives to take a free ride, such as recycling, neighbourhood watch, voting, maintaining the local environment, tackling climate change, and so on. We need to understand why people behave in this way because co-operation is very strongly inhibited in the presence of anti-social punishment."

In a commentary in the journal Science, Prof Herbert Gintis of the Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, confirms how: "Anti-social punishment was rare in the most democratic societies and very common otherwise.

"Using the World Democracy Audit evaluation of countries' performance in political rights, civil liberties, press freedom and corruption, the top six performers among the countries studied were also in the lowest seven for anti-social punishment. These were the USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Australia and Switzerland."

He adds: "Their results suggest that the success of democratic market societies may depend critically upon moral virtues as well as material interests, so the depiction of civil society as the sphere of 'naked self-interest' is radically incorrect."

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Obama's Twisted Roots

From the U.S. Veteran Dispatch:

Obama Jr. says his quest for the presidency was "inspired" by his "love of the country [Africa] that allowed his father to triumph against astonishing odds."

Obama Jr's father was born a member of the Luo tribe in Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya. Senior's Luo father (Obama Jr's grandfather), Hussein Onyango Obama, was a prominent and wealthy farmer who converted from Christianity to Islam.

In Obama Jr's book, Dreams From My Father, his step-grandmother Sarah Obama traces his male ancestral line in Africa back 12 generations. Obama Jr. has at least one great and revered Luo leader on the African side of his ancestry.

One of Obama Jr's great grandfathers (several generations back), "Owiny" was said to be a powerful leader of the Luo tribe, which moved into Kenya some 400 years ago.

Sarah Obama, a devout Muslim, was quoted telling Obama Jr. "What your grandfather respected was strength. Discipline. This is also why he rejected the Christian religion, I think. For a brief time he converted [to Christianity], and even changed his name to Johnson. But he could not understand such ideas as mercy towards your enemies, or that this man Jesus could wash away a man's sins. To your grandfather, this was a foolish sentiment, something to comfort women. And so he converted to Islam-he thought its practices conformed more closely to his beliefs."

Obama Jr's grandfather, for whom he was given the middle name, Hussein, was "fiercely devoted to Islam."

He had at least 3 wives: Helima, who had no children, Akuma who gave birth to Sarah Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. and Auma Obama. The third wife was Sarah, who Obama Jr. refers to as his "grandmother." Sarah became the primary care giver for Senior after his mother, Akuma, left the family when her children were still young.

At 18, Obama Jr's father, Barack Obama Sr. (Senior), married a girl called Kezia from a local village.

Four years later (1957) Obama Sr., because of his father's wealth and influence, was awarded an American sponsored scholarship in economics to the University of Hawaii. The presumption was that Obama Sr. would return to Africa and use his "Western-honed skills in a new Kenya."

At the age of 23, Obama Sr. left behind his pregnant wife Kezia and their children to become the first African student enrolled at the University of Hawaii.

Obama Sr's other wives

While still married to Kezia, Obama Sr. married fellow University of Hawaii student Anna Dunham, an 18 year old white anthropology major. Anna gave birth to a son on August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu. Obama Sr., a Muslim, chose the Muslim Koranic name, Barack Hussein Obama, for his son. The middle name "Hussein" to honor Muslim grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama.

Two years later, Obama Sr. abandoned Anna and Obama Jr. for a scholarship to pursue a PhD program in economics at Harvard University.

In June 1964, Obama Sr. returned to Kenya to work for the Jomo Kenyatta administration. Soon after, he married another white woman, his third wife, an American-born teacher called Ruth, who he met at Harvard. She followed him back home to Africa and conceived 2 children by him. He fathered 2 more children by Kezia.

Anna divorced Obama Sr. when Obama Jr. was 6 to marry Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim. Soetoro moved his new family to Indonesia, the worlds most populous Muslim country. Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro was born in Indonesia.

Obama Senior died in 1982, the result of an alcohol-related car accident (his second) in Kenya. He left behind three wives, one mistress, six sons and a daughter -- also a possible eighth child by a mistress. Although Obama Jr. claims Senior was an atheist, Senior was buried as a Muslim. Obama Jr's mother, Anna, died of cancer a few months after the publication of his 1995 memoir.

Polygamists and radical Muslims who hate Christianity because its ideas are "weak" (Nietzsche and Hitler would have agreed). What a disgusting family tree. Not something I would want to remember were that my family.


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Obama's Endorsements - Black Panther Party, Farrakhan, Dirty Bomb-Making FARC Terrorists

Violent fascists and racists love Barack Obama and would like to see him become President (from Atlas Shrugs):


The Black Panthers is a notorious hate group, specifically Jew hating. Is Obama trying to mine the racial divide. The ugly racism that ought to be obliterated and shunned by society. Instead this man revels in it. It should not be about a "black' candidate, who cares? I'd vote for Michael Steele in a heartbeat. But Obama's ties to radicals and seditious, America hating groups is disturbing and dangerous. The Black Panthers aren't the only radicals he cozys up to. He chills with ex revolutionaries. Bill Ayers.

Ayers was a Weatherman, and was resident in a Greenwich Village townhouse where his lovely group was working on a bomb intended to kill army personnel at Fort Dix in 1970. Fortunately, the device destroyed the Greenwich Village townhouse where it was being assembled and killed three of the bomb assemblers instead of innocents.

Ben Smith of Politico discusses the relationship between Barack Obama and American terrorist Bill Ayers, who has become a leftist mainstay in Chicago’s Hyde Park, which Obama represented in the Illinois State Senate before becoming a U.S. Senator. Ayers’s home has evidently become an important political waystation for politicians of a certain sort, and it was there, according to Smith, that Obama’s predecessor introduced him to various neighborhood activist types. (Podhoretz has more here.)


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A High Price To Pay For A Few Words Of Condolence

From Michael Travis:

60 years old
and the State of Israel
is still bargaining
for it's right to exist.

Update; A source close to the Israeli Cabinet of Ehud Olmert has disclosed that President Bush's phone conversation with the Israeli leader included a request that Israel issue a press release affirming their commitment to the "Peace Process" [despite the attack on the Yeshiva], and that both the report of Bush's condolence call and Olmert's statement be issued simultaneously. Four hours later the veracity of our source's claims were confirmed. As our friend in Jerusalem noted; "This is a very high price to pay for a few words of sympathy."


Israel vows not to allow yeshiva shooting slammed by PA President Abbas to derail peace talks. Leaders, diplomats from multitude of nations issue harshly worded condemnations; US president reiterates American support for Israel in phone call to PM Olmert

US President George W. Bush telephoned Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Thursday night and expressed his condolences over Thursday's terror attack which left eight yeshiva students dead.

"I condemn in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attack in Jerusalem that targeted innocent students at the Mercaz Harav yeshiva. This barbaric and vicious attack on innocent civilians deserves the condemnation of every nation," Bush said in a statement.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also slammed the shooting on Thursday.

"President Mahmoud Abbas condemns the attack in Jerusalem that claimed the lives of many Israelis and he reiterated his condemnation of all attacks that target civilians, whether they are Palestinians or Israelis," said Abbas aide Saeb Erekat.

The 'Galilee Freedom Brigades' – an Israeli-Arab group - claimed responsibility for the shooting. The organization has assumed responsibility for several terror attacks in Israel in the past.

The gunman is believed to be a resident of east Jerusalem and likely possessed the blue ID card given to Israeli citizens or permanent residents.

"These terrorists are trying to destroy the chances of peace but we certainly will continue the peace talks," Foreign Ministry spokesman Arye Mekel said.

"Tonight's massacre in Jerusalem is a defining moment. Those celebrating these murders have shown themselves to be the enemies not only of Israel , but the enemies of peace and reconciliation," said Mark Regev, Olmert's spokesman.

"The murderous rampage against students marking a religious event exemplifies all too well the heinous extremism of the fundamentalist foundations Palestinian terrorism is built upon," Minister Livni said.

"Israel will never allow terrorism to achieve its goals. Despicable attacks such as this must strengthen the free world's understanding of the terrorist threat, in the face of which we must stand resolute and without compromise."

Livni said that Israel stands at the forefront of the war on terror and would continue to defend its citizens from the daily attacks they face. "Israel expects the nations of the world to support it in its battle against the murderers of students, women and children," said the minister.
U.S. Opens Door To Hamas With Egypt Mediation

By Sue Pleming

Fri 7 Mar 2008, 10:17 GMT

BRUSSELS, March 7 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has faced pressure for months to engage Hamas and this week she gave Egypt the nod to negotiate with them to end violence in Gaza.

Analysts see this as a first sign the Bush administration could be tweaking its approach on Hamas, from total isolation to encouraging allies such as Egypt to engage with the Islamist group if it means saving U.S.-sponsored peace talks.

Egypt began talks on Thursday with leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip, part of a U.S.-backed push for a truce between the groups and Israel to stop violence in Hamas-run Gaza that derailed Palestinian statehood talks.

A Palestinian gunman shot dead eight people at a Jewish religious school in Jerusalem on Thursday, exacerbating tensions. There was no claim of responsibility for the attack which was greeted with celebrations in Gaza. Israel said the attack would not derail the peace talks.

During a trip to the West Bank and Gaza this week, Rice was loathe to officially call for a ceasefire or a truce, preferring instead to refer to a need for "calm" so that talks could get back on track.

But on Thursday she made clear Washington supported Egypt's mission to get a truce, an indication that Cairo's role as mediator was acceptable if it could salvage talks launched in Annapolis, Maryland last November.

"I talked with the Egyptians and we fully expect the Egyptians to carry out the efforts that they said they would carry out to try to bring calm to the region, to try to improve the situation in Gaza," Rice said at a news conference in Brussels, where she attended a NATO ministers meeting.

"As you know Egypt is a good ally in the effort to help the Annapolis solution," she added.

Rice declined to provide specifics of the talks, but the green light for Egypt followed strong pressure from European and Arab allies, including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for something to be done urgently to stem the violence.


Middle East analysts say the strategy should not be to make Hamas feel more vulnerable but to bring them into the process.

"In the end, if you send the message that the game is to destroy them, any time there is a prospect of forward movement in the talks they will act (with violence)," said Professor Shibley Telhami, an expert at the University of Maryland.

He said the United States should encourage Arab nations to mediate between Hamas and Abbas's Fatah movement.

Former Israeli negotiator Daniel Levy said Rice could not afford to ignore that Hamas could act as a spoiler in talks which the Bush administration hopes will lead to a Palestinian statehood deal by year-end.

"You ignore Gaza and Hamas at your peril," said Levy, now with a Washington thinktank, the New America Foundation.

Hamas's ability to affect negotiations by firing rockets from Gaza into Israel or through other actions was unlikely to ebb, he added.

"The most likely trajectory is that all sides will simply await the next escalation, that will inevitably come, and that the new Annapolis peace process will suffer a slow and inglorious death," Levy said.

In the past week, over 120 Palestinians were killed in an offensive which Israel said was aimed at stopping Hamas rocket attacks. Hamas says it fires rockets in self-defence, and that it would stop if Israel halted all military activity in Gaza and the occupied West Bank and ended a Gaza blockade.

Before last year's Annapolis meeting, which relaunched the peace process, a group of ex-diplomats and other former senior U.S. government officials wrote to Rice and U.S. President George W. Bush urging them to find a way to include Hamas.

But Rice and others in the administration dismissed the suggestion outright.

While Rice gave the go ahead for Egypt to deal with Hamas, Washington does not want to lend legitimacy to an organisation it brands a terrorist group. A senior U.S. official said the overall U.S. policy of isolating Hamas had not changed.

The U.S. hope is that once a deal is cut between pro-Western Abbas and Olmert for a Palestinian state, the population in Gaza will see the merits of joining the peace train.

"Then let Hamas decide whether they will be outside of that consensus," Rice said. (Editing by Samia Nakhoul)

PASTORIUS NOTE: Let us be clear about this. Hamas is a terrorist group whose official charter calls for "death to the Jews." The Palestinians elected Hamas as their ruling government in the Gaza territory. They elected Jew-killers as their government.

Now we are going to "mediate" with them?

Would we also "mediate" with Hitler? With Pol Pot? Would we compromise with Charles Manson?

Who would we not negotiate with?
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Racism in the Politically Correct British Media

Asian - Tera Patrick

There is a group of people in Britain who have distinguished themselves by setting off bombs in subways, preaching hatred of Infidels in Mosques, and carrying placards in the streets calling for a "real Holocaust" against Jews.

The media calls these people "Asians".

In other words, the media uses a racial classification to name a group of people who are

1) driven by ideology, not race


2) more time than not, NOT ASIAN.

Arabs are not Asians. Persians are not Asians. Turks are not Asians. Africans are not Asians. Albanians are not Asians.

By the way, in case you didn't know (and I know I am not being "politically correct" here) these people who do all the "bad" things are called


Most Muslims in this world are not Pakistani, Malaysian, or Indonesian.

Most Muslims in the world are not Asian in even the broadest sense of the word Asian.

Muslim - Adam Gadahn
And, really race is beside the point.
I can not think of anything more racist than to blame Jihadi violence, which is driven by the ideology of the Koran, and various Islamist groups (Muslim Brotherhood, Wahabbism, Hizbollah, Hamas, etc.) on Asians.

And yet, it is the politically correct media (who believe that they are above racism) who are blaming the Asians for the violence.

What is truly amazing is that the very reason these PC media types blame "Asians" is exactly because they don't want to blame Islam. And, the reason they don't want to blame Islam is because they don't think it is fair.

And yet, it is the height of fairnes to criticize an ideology. Ideas are mental constructs created freely out of the minds of men. Ideas are not born in people, as are racial attributes. When a new idea is proposed, fairness dictates that the idea be tested through the process of critical analysis, to ensure that the idea is sound and will work for the greater good of people.

However, it is not fair to blame a race of people for the bad deeds done in the name of an ideology, even if most of the people who adhere to an ideology are of a certain race.

The PC Media, under the guise of fairness, are blaming the misdeeds of a few ideologically-driven people on a group of people designated by their racial characteristics.

That is racism.

Can you imagine how Chinese people, and Indians, and Filipinos feel about that?
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Can any jewish people and those who follow the way of HAMAS exist together in this world?


UN, any takers?



Obama, where's your hope on this one?


The perpetrator of the horror and murder at the school in Jerusalem yesterday was apparently a long time employee, Alaa Hisham Abu Dheim.

The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of Moslem Brotherhood
Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its constitution: Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes.

The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf consecrated for future Moslem generations until Judgement Day. It, or any part of it, should not be squandered: it, or any part of it, should not be given up. Neither a single Arab country nor all Arab countries, neither any king or president, nor all the kings and presidents, neither any organization nor all of them, be they Palestinian or Arab, possess the right to do that. Palestine is an Islamic Waqf land consecrated for Moslem generations until Judgement Day. This being so, who could claim to have the right to represent Moslem generations till Judgement Day?

This is the law governing the land of Palestine in the Islamic Sharia (law) and the same goes for any land the Moslems have conquered by force, because during the times of (Islamic) conquests, the Moslems consecrated these lands to Moslem generations till the Day of Judgement.

There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors. The Palestinian people know better than to consent to having
their future, rights and fate toyed with. As in said in the honourable Hadith:

"The people of Syria are Allah's lash in His land. He wreaks His vengeance through them against whomsoever He wishes among His slaves It is unthinkable that those who are double-faced among them should prosper over the faithful. They will certainly die out of grief and desperation."
There will be no peace in the middle east until there is either no arab left who wishes Israel dead, or no jews alive there. The solution can only be, via the will of the Islamic Resistance Movement, an ocean of blood, in a religious war of survival of the peoples.

The Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) has determined that only force, death, and destruction can make peace. So it has ever been, and so it shall ever be, among humans.

There is NOTHING to discuss in the the Middle East.
It must be settled by force of arms alone, and all that solution implies.
Time to face the hideous reality


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Veiled Statues Around The World On International Women's Day

The Veiling Statues Campaign has wrapped statues in burqas in countries around the world.

Message to Islamists and Sharia-lovers, we're tired of your promotion of a medieval ideology. We don't want your primitivism here. So, choose now;

Live according to Western ideas, or go to a Muslim country and pound sand.

Veiling of public statues at

the International Women’s Day

Throughout the night on 6th of March we have successfully continued our statue veiling campaign. With this reappearing action, we want to inspire the public to discussion concerning Islamisation and associated taboo subjects.

By veiling statues in Berlin, Braunschweig, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Helsinki, Moscow, Tampere, and Turku, we have expanded our activities to Germany, Finland and Russia within six months.

8 statues have been veiled with a Burqa or headscarf

Refering to basic European values, the statues have been fitted with an armband reading "gender equality!"

Every statue has been fitted with a signboard comparing an Article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 1948, and on the other hand quotation from Quran regarding its treatment towards women.

The aim of the campaign is to refer to the creeping Islamisation endangering the European idea of UNITY IN DIVERSITY and other similar cultural achievements of the liberal thinking world. Particularly, the phenomenom that Muslim women wear increasingly Burqa or headscarfs, is a visible expression of the challenge and threat to our liberal societies with their values such as women's rights, democracy, liberal and secular thinking.

With this campaign, we would like to increase public awareness of our liberal values and to advocate them. The liberal achievements such as equal rights of men and women, individual freedom, Human Rights, and the dignity of each individual are no negotiable values! We would like to point out that substantial and partly irreconcilable differences exist between the Muslim and the liberal thinking world.

Many Muslims are lead by religious systems and by affiliated traditions such as Sharia which is a strict code of conduct and justice. Therefore, the appearence of parallel societies are carried on in which completely different values exist. For instance, in Muslim societies refering to Quran and the Sharia, the supposedly honour of a woman is much more important than her education or self-determination.

Both, Quran and Sharia have to be taken literally. For the theological authorities as well as for the population of the Muslims, it is out of question whether the content is valuable or not. In the Muslim and non-Muslim countries the Muslim women are mostly underprivileged. The higher social position of the man (with regard to justice, legal authorities, marriage and family law), and the decision-making process (even with regard to sexual issues) show that the women's rights are undermined not only by the religious but also the cultural restrictions.

Every citizen – native or foreign – need to aware of all basic laws which are enacted in their country. One of these basic laws is the equality of men and women. The fact that in our liberal western societies people have to live inhibited is a sign for the failed integration as well as a sign that liberal thinking and Muslim values are hardly compatible.

Through our action we want to show that there exist taboo subjects in a certain religious movement, therefore we need to deal with them at once. We are not supposed to do the same and shall speak about certain subjects that are still being treated as taboos. It is not racist to point out these issues, it is racist to keep ourselves from protecting and advocating the rights of the women in the Muslim world, whether they live in foreign countries or in ours. So, where are the women’s rights activists who used to stand up for women’s rights for the Western women in the our world? There is no reason and no need to leave these Muslim women alone without help in sight.

We would like to compare two quotes, one is taken from the Declaration of Human Rights and one is chosen from the Quran in order to show where the substantial differences are:

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations, Art. 1

"To those (women) on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them."

Quran, Sura 4,34

We need to consider the Human Rights Charta to be accomplished in its totality everywhere in the world. Neither the Quran nor the Sharia can be seriously put on the same level with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN.

It is not only us being responsible to deal with these subjects, the state itself has got its responsibility too. For instance, the third part of the Principals of Limburg, which were formulated by a group of Human Rights Experts from UN in 1986 refer to the view of warranty. The state which signs the Declaration of the Human Rights has to take care for the total implementation of these. Hence, we have a responsibility to advocate for the Muslim women who live under difficult circumstances in our societies.

Anonymous Group of Democratic and Free Thinking

Claudia Bordeaux skulptur2008@web.de

The Veiling of Sculptures in a Europe-wide campaign - The veiled sculptures
Campaign March 7, 2008

+ Moscow, Russia


Monument "Adam and Eve",

Composition: "Adam and Eve" are sitting under the wisdom tree and Eve is

holding an apple.

Location: in the city centre Pyatnickaya st. 25, Moscow

+Berlin, Germany


Monument „Käthe Kollwitz“,

by Gustav Seitz, bronze, 2,10 m

Käthe Kollwitz was one of most important female artists of the 20th century. Despite difficult circumstances, she developed with her sincere lithography, etching, copperplate and wood engraving a timeless style.

+ Braunschweig


Monument "Braunschweiger Venus",

by Prof. Jürgen Weber, 1998

Material : bronze

Location: Am Wendetor, nearby the Torhaus Wendetor



Statues of male and female leant against a pillar,

approx. 2m height,

symbolize the destitute population in the years of 1922 and 1923,

in front of the museum of art and cultural history,

Hansastr., Dormund-centre

+ Düsseldorf


"Garden of sculptures of Palace Benrath",

6 sculptures of three males and three females,

by Peter Anton von Verschaffelt, late barogue,

The six sculptures show Demeter, Flora, Atalante, Meleager, Pan, and Bacchus,

Boyond substantial phenomenons, it is shown the idea of the cosmic order,

Location: Garden of sculptures of Palace Benrath, Düsseldorf

+Helsinki, Finland



Location: Helsinki, Kaisaniemi park

Artist: Viktor Jansson

“Convolvulus” is a symbolic sculpture which shows a young woman.

+Tampere, Finland


Monument: "Statue of Minna Canth",

by Lauri Leppänen (1951),

Minna Canth (born Ulrika Wilhelmina Johnsson, 1844) was a Finnish writer and

social activist. Her work addresses issues of women's rights, particularly

in the context of a prevailing culture she considered antithetical

to permitting expression and realization of women's aspirations.

+Turku, Finland


"Lilja-statue", Red Granite,

by Wäinö Aaltonen, 1927,

This statue is the first public art purchase of the city of Turku.

It depicts the heraldic symbol of Turku which is lily,

(fin. lilja, which is also female name:). Since 1929 it have had an important role.


For more information: http://veiledstatues.blog.de/
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Joy In Gaza

(With a hat-tip to Michael for the cited news article and photo)

Suppose the photo below had shown the reaction to the shootings at Virginia Tech or at Northern Illinois University. Would there be outrage at such a reaction?

From this source:
Gaza: Thousands celebrate Jerusalem attack

Palestinians distribute sweets in celebration of Jerusalem terror attack as Hamas promises 'this is only the beginning'

Gaza's streets filled with joyous crowds of thousands on Thursday evening following the terror attack at a Jerusalem rabbinical seminary in which eight people were killed.

In mosques in Gaza City and northern Gaza, many residents went to perform the prayers of thanksgiving.

Armed men fired in the air in celebration and others passed out sweets to passersby.

Hamas stopped just short of claiming responsibility but issued a statement saying the group "blesses the (Jerusalem) operation...."

There's something wrong with anyone who rejoices in the murder of students. Period. I don't care what the driving ideology might be.

The next generation of "Palestinians" is, even now, being trained to hate and, later, to kill, as their young minds are imprinted with the murderous ideology propagated throughout the Middle East.

Now, much as I like Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing), I note this morning, the day after the atrocity in Jerusalem, that the mainstream media will not give similar sympathetic coverage over the murders of eight at a seminary. Furthermore, those murders represent something of much larger proportions and infinitely more significant than any celebrity news constantly being broadcast by the mainstream media.

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Remember this prediction...from the great rocket scientist, and erstwhile Thomas More, Prince Charles

"Unfathomably however, there still seem to be some climate skeptics, those who view the

case of rapid action to counter climate change is overstated or indeed completely invented," he added.


"If I may speak plainly among friends, this is sheer

madness. The scientific facts are as plain as they are alarming. Worryingly in the last few months we have learnt that the North Polar ice cap is melting so fast that some scientists are predicting that in seven years it will completely disappear in summer."

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As usual naive and wrong ..Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton: Senator Obama decries such characterizations which have no place in the election

Jackson, Lincoln...not exactly unknown names. Yet their elections, and administrations were characterized by some the worst vitriol ever. Jackson's wife was reviled as a whore, and Lincoln was called by his own future cabinet member 'the original gorilla' during the run up to the convention.

hillary_alien_baby.jpgToday we see one of Obama's quadrumvirate of trouble (Powers, Rice, Malley and Zbig) calling Hilary a monster.


Our election is a substitute for armed revolutions, coups, and civil wars.

Laissez les bon temps roullez.

Obama proves over and over his naivety and unsuitability for high office. He has been lucky so far in his adversaries in elections and his timing. He is a gifted orator in a time of trouble offering 'hope' to those weak minded individuals afraid to face the reality of this world.

This is an election for president. Deal with it. Stop trying to appear PC nice guy choirs sing in my mind and all goodness is rewarded. This is for real Obama and YOU ARE DREAMING of being in another world. Fine, but not as president of the USA.

There will be more like this I assure you
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A few pieces of the puzzle for the 'realists', Sec Def Gates, and his duped moron accesorized tool, Gordon England

DIA NOW classifies 2006 North Korean test as ICBM

East-Asia-Intel.com, March 6, 2008
North Korea did not claim its 2006 firing of a long-range missile was a space launch vehicle, as it did following a 1998 launch, and the launch was assessed as a missile test, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said last week.
Whoopsi, sorry folks, but we quietly want to let you know that the lunatic asylum which hasn't been able to feed itself in a generation because it's maintaining the 5th largest or so armed forces in the world, run by a cognac loving recluse who has a movie theater in his house, where he can sip and dream of Reese Witherspoon thighs, really HAS a working ICBM because in case we get schlonged in this theater of operations, of if something unknown lands in Santa Monica , we want to be sure we can say we told you so.

DIA Director Lt. Gen. Michael Maples was asked by senators whether the failed launch of a Taepodong-2 in July 2006 was a space launch or an ICBM.

"There's the inherent capability. If you can launch a satellite, it can be a ballistic missile. There are all kinds of reentry problems to it," Maples said.

The 1998 Taepodong launch was explained by Pyongyang as a space launch, but the 2006 launch, which failed, was not so characterized by North Korean state-run media. U.S. intelligence regards the test as demonstrating it had "the inherent capability to be a ballistic missile."

Maples was commenting on questions from Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), a vehement opponent of U.S. missile defenses who apparently sought to seek information to discount the need for U.S. missile defenses.

The Pentagon activated its global missile defense system prior to the July 2006 test and was prepared to shoot down the Taepodong had it not failed.

But don't worry.....

DNI on North Koreans' plutonium: They have 'enough for 12' nukes

East-Asia-Intel.com, March 6, 2008
North Korea is believed to have produced up to 50 kilograms of plutonium, enough for between six and 12 nuclear bombs, the director of national intelligence said last week.

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell testifies in Washington, on Feb. 27. AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta

"The estimate is they're not very good at it; therefore, they would [need to] take more of it," DNI Mike McConnell said. "So the better guess is six, but it could be 12."
OK, they suck, but they did it, so they can't suck THAT much, twit.

Asked about North Korea's admission in 2002 that they had a covert uranium enrichment program, McConnell said: "We have high confidence that they had a highly enriched uranium program."

"I mean, there's no ambiguity about that, in our estimation, based on the evidence that we had at hand," he said.

McConnell said a North Korean statement in 2002 was intended for negotiating ground and was presented as a hypothetical. The comment was viewed by some as an admission while other analysts dismissed it as not necessarily an admission. "So that's the reason there was confusion around what he said," McConnell told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"One thing I've discovered about North Koreans is they have no idea of truth. It's not in their makeup. So when you're having a discussion, it's always how am I getting advantage, and so on," he said.

Jane's Defense Week this week says Secretary of DefenseThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for arrow_thru_head2.jpg Gates warned congress that any fulfilling of the F-22 Raptor request of the Air Force up to the 300 or so they want, to replace the 751 F-15's falling apart in the sky, woul dbe at the expense of the required number of F-35 fighter which are the replacement for the F-16's of the 1970's the Air Force flies. Asked why that has to be, Gates replied that essentially he was guessing that a peer to peer combat (US vs Russia or China) would not occur, so therefore we won't need those F-22's for air superiority. THAT is the good news.

The bad news is that this administration has now established a position the democrats are to try to get to the left of.

Why don't we just stay with the 1970's aircraft, that way if we get in a fight, it will be 'fair'.

What kind of words pass thru the minds of these men that they convince themselves they really have a clue? I would say replacing 751 F-15's with 300+ F-22's is fiscally conservative enough. 183 is a joke. This admin is perceived as strong on defense? What is going on?

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Why there's a war with the Hamas

Barry Rubin talks about why there's a war with Hamas, and why it's important to understand it in light of the murder at Mercaz Harav by a terrorist yesterday.


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Khatami's Pre-Election Speech Orders

TEHRAN, Iran - A senior member of Iran's hard-line clerical establishment urged voters to pick anti-American candidates for parliament in a Friday speech seen as reflecting the views of the country's supreme leader.

Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said Iranians would "rush" to the polling stations on March 14 in support of those "whose record shows opposition to the United States."

"Our people vote for such people," Khatami told worshippers on the campus of Tehran University, where the Friday sermon is broadcast on state television and radio.

Khatami's remarks were one of the only public political statements since the start of campaigning Thursday, which was immediately followed by a two-day religious holiday.

Guardian Council: Iran's Candidate Weed Wacker

Reformists are expected to do poorly in the election because Iran's constitutional watchdog, the Guardian Council, barred more than 1,700 candidates, mostly reformists, from running. It left 4,500 mostly conservative candidates in the race, and only about 200 reformists.

The Other Khatami

The main election battle is now between moderate conservatives opposed to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and hard-liners who staunchly back his economic populism and anti-American foreign policy. Opponents have criticized Ahmadinejad's handling of the foundering economy as incompetent and his aggressive stance toward the West as counterproductive.

Reformist former President Mohammad Khatami urged people Thursday to vote for the remaining reformists as the only way to counter the hard-line establishment's efforts to strengthen its grip on power.

The hard-liners believe they are the "main current in the establishment and that anybody not supporting them is outside the establishment," said the former president, who is not related to Ahmad Khatami.

The reformists have to "disrupt this game," he said, by "participating in the elections" and fighting despite their small numbers.

Recycling and Civic Pride (uh, yeah, right)

Further weakening reformists, the hard-line-dominated parliament last month banned the publication of election posters with photographs of the candidates, saying it wanted to minimize waste of paper and to keep the city's wall clean.

The law was seen as another way to bolster hard-liners, who have more access to official media.

The Weed Wacker's Resume

Hard-liners regained control of the 290-seat legislature after the Guardian Council barred thousands of reformists from running in the last parliamentary elections, in 2004.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

HAMAS goes on ..Condi ...10 dead at a school ..3:40PM EST..if it was Atlanta WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

'Terrorist fired 500-600 bullets before he was killed'

Eight people were reported to be killed and approximately 35 wounded in a terror attack at a seminary located near the entrance to Jerusalem on Thursday evening.

The exact number of people killed was yet to be confirmed, but Magen David Adom have confirmed 10 wounded civilians including three seriously. One terrorist was said to be dead.


Witnesses said that only one terrorist had entered the building and that he managed to fire 500-600 bullets over the course of 10 minutes before he was killed.

Although witnesses claimed only a single terrorist carried out the attack, police were searching the building for an additional terrorist, preventing the entrance of rescue workers.

The incident occurred when at least one terrorist entered the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva in the neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe carrying weapons. The terrorist was not wearing a suicide-bomb belt as earlier reported.

The gunman entered a dining hall where about 80 people were gathered, witnesses said, and opened fire. "There are at least seven killed and 10 people wounded," said Eli Dein, director of Israel's rescue service.

DRUDGE: Hamas calls attack 'heroic'...

Approximately 50 ambulances were sent to the scene and a 16-year-old boy in serious condition and suffering from chest wounds was seen being evacuated from the scene.

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski told Channel 2, "It's very sad tonight in Jerusalem - many people were killed in the heart of Jerusalem."

In Gaza City, residents went out into the streets and fired rifles in celebration in the air after hearing news of the attack on the seminary.

No terror group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The public can call the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva's emergency hotline: 026524793.

AP contributed to this report.

There is NOTHING to discuss in the M.E.


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Censorship Àla Carte

Guest Commentary by Edward Cline:

Were you a dictator, or merely an appointed bureaucrat or official charged with preserving a status quo by abridging, repealing, policing, or suppressing the written and spoken word of your worshipping but delusional private citizens’ troublesome thoughts and deeds, you would have a gilt-edged menu from which to select the best, tried-and-true methods to preserve the peace – your own peace of mind or that of your masters.

In Vladimir Putin’s Russia, it is simply a matter of creating an atmosphere of spine-dissolving fear and obedience and the passage of a law or two to make it “unpatriotic” to question or criticize federal policies. At hand are battalions of riot police and secret police to knock a few heads together, or to arrest loudmouths and sentence them to long spells in Soviet-style mental “hospitals.” Failing that, they can be shot in elevators or kidnapped from their offices or residences, never to be heard of again.

Unpatriotic Russians, such as Alexander Litvinenko, who defect to the decadent West from which to slander you and your government can be poisoned, murdered, or maimed with impunity. Remember Anna Politkovskaya? Weak-willed “democracies” are not likely to insist that you or your agents be hauled into court to face indictments or charges of murder committed in their own capitals.

In China, the same alternatives are available at nominal cost, with the added perk of having the assistance of Western companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and others to police, detect, gag, and arrest troublemakers with an efficiency that would be the envy of Caligula, Hitler, and Stalin. The unpatriotic can be shipped to reeducation camps to labor for the good of the country and incidentally be “struggled” until they get their minds straight.

In Venezuela, you can gag the press and opposition simply by denying them access to newsprint and the airwaves. Those who insist on taking to the streets to express their ingratitude and dissatisfaction with your beneficent and humanitarian regime can be dealt with by your loyal supporters, the army, and the riot police.

In the Middle East, you own the airwaves and the press, so there would be little problem with blasphemers and other sinners. Those who speak out, or behave in any immodest or traitorous manner, can be lashed, stoned to death, have their hands cut off, and the like. It is a little known fact that the Nazis borrowed a page from Islam and beheaded persons they accused of treason. (The only thorn in your side would be Israel.)

A free press, and freedom of speech, after all, are not prescribed by Allah’s will, and are nowhere mentioned in the Koran or in Mohammad’s (bpbuh!) works. (And if you are a Christian dictator, there is nothing in the Bible about them, either.) In point of fact, as Islam’s learned scholars will tell you, they are proscribed by implication in the sacred texts. Such notions are the tools of infidels to suppress and offend Islam and to cast an unflattering light on one’s minions, who are insulted in their characterization of being helpless, mindless manqués.

Here, too, one can extend the range of one’s fidelity to Allah and his Prophet by becoming what the infidels, in their perverted amusement, call “libel tourists” to sue writers and speakers in their own countries for slandering in print your faithful and gentle jihadists. You will need mountains of petro-dollars to indulge in this pastime and the tacit approval of their oil-rich eminences the Royal Family, guardians of the faith. The principal aim is to bankrupt writers and publishers, or to instill fear in them of the possibility of bankruptcy. After all, Mohammad never insisted that Dar-al Harb must be a theater of blood, violence, looting and rapine. It can be conquered and their occupants made to submit by exploiting the infidels’ own laws and courts.

Britain is the chief resort and playground of such libel tourists. Of all the countries within Dar-al Harb, Britain is the most important after America. Italy, Germany, and Spain, for example, are “in the bag,” as is the European Union. Tremendous progress in the reconquest of the West is being made all over the British Isles. Its infidel jurists are beginning to accept that there is no “Bill of Rights” in Islam. The back is stiff but it is bending by measurable degrees in the direction of Mecca, not to mention in the direction of Brussels and the super-state of the European Union. (Allow one the pun of thanking its politics for “Labouring” diligently for its submission to Islam and to that super-state, which is a willing accomplice to Islamic ends.)

Even one of the prominent servants of Satan there, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has conceded the inevitability of Sharia law (and the poor dog was mercilessly beaten up on by other worshippers of false gods, but to no perceptible avail) that would somehow “coexist” with its atheistic secular law (which is rapidly deteriorating into police-state style law, which is fine with Islam, which thrives on such politics, viz., Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other repressive regimes). The press there no longer equates Islam with totalitarianism or thought control or violence; it has done you the favor of prohibiting inflammatory terminology, e.g., referring to suicide bombers and violent conspirators as merely “Islamic extremists,” and not “Islamists,” and if one flouts the prohibition, one can be charged with “insensitivity” and interviewed (what a quaint, misleading term for the “third degree”) by the authorities if enough Muslims complain.

(To beg a question, is Islam any less thoroughly “radical” or “extreme” than Christianity, if consistently practiced? Both creeds offer eternal personal salvation at the price of suspending one’s mind, denying the evidence of one’s senses, and heeding the authority of persons who have been dead for hundreds, or even thousands of years. If you are an ambitious Muslim dictator, Islam, of course, is the true faith, while Christianity, Judaism and other faiths are merely false and punishable digressions. But there’s no reason you and a Christian dictator can’t get along.)

One instance will illustrate how mushy a target Britain has become. A British broadcaster, Channel 4, aired a libelous and filthy “documentary” called “Underground Mosque,” produced by a mercenary company, Hardcash Productions. This “documentary” revealed that Islamophobic “journalists” infiltrated British mosques and recorded, without any leave, permission, or warning, the sermons and prayers of humble clerics as they addressed their congregations. The “documentary” claimed these faithful holy men preached blood and violence to their votaries, and predicted the ultimate conquest of Britain through fair means and foul.

Naturally, Muslims who viewed this program were offended, and complained to the Crown authorities, who investigated and made public their concerns. Channel 4 countered with a suit, citing libel. But, what chance has this colony of infidel insects against unlimited Saudi petro-dollars that brim from British-Muslim legal war chests? Furthermore, Muslims have “hate laws” on their side, passed by an obliging, compliant and very confused Parliament, and endorsed by such notable infidels as Prince Charles, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, and Ken Livingston.

You can bet that Channel 4 won’t be airing any more offensive programs!

Here is another choice and very funny morsel on the censor’s menu: In Malaysia, a poor, deluded woman, Kamariah Ali, chose apostasy over her faith and joined a lunatic cult called the “Sky Kingdom,” which held its services in a giant teapot and claimed a desire to “reach out” to Muslims in the name of peace. This is the woman’s second offense. Of course, the Koran and Mohammad prescribe death to anyone who is born into the Islamic faith but who abandons it for any reason. The Malaysian authorities were lenient the first time and simply jailed her for twenty months. The outcome of her new trial may not be so merciful. The teapot and its surrounding garden of icons and curious sculptures have been demolished.

Censorship in North America is making slow but observable progress. “Hate crime” laws have been passed in a number of the United States and in Canada, and present the dictator and bureaucratic preserver of public decency and sensitivity with numerous cocktails of suppression. For example, at New York City’s Pace University, in October and November of 2006, a student got into an argument with some Muslim students, and subsequently removed two copies of the Koran from the school library and put them in toilets. The Muslims considered that an act of desecration, and so Russian immigrant Stanislav Shmulevich was at first charged with a hate crime. The student later entered a plea of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to three hundred hours of “community service.”

It is interesting, and encouraging, that the first thing the authorities thought of was to charge Shmulevich with a hate crime, that is, with unlawfully expressing his contempt for Islam. In the “good old days” of freedom of expression, Shmulevich’s action would have been treated as petty larceny, and no recognition of the hurt feelings or offended esteem granted to Muslims. Some day, when the rot has eaten away at objective law far enough, people like Shmulevich will be faced with hate crime as a capital crime and certainly not allowed to plead “disorderly conduct.” They will have to answer to a Minister or Secretary of Public Piety.

Of course, “hate crime” legislation can favor not only Muslims, but homosexuals, Indians, women, the obese, the disabled and any other group whose members can collectively claim “offense” and “emotional distress” should someone publicly disagrees in any form with a group’s claims to uniqueness. An ambitious dictator or moral bureaucrat would be wise to patronize these groups and get them on one’s side. They make great social blocs and fine street fighters.

Self-censorship by private individuals and organizations and the press will prove to be a boon to you in your quest for power, not to mention such bizarre laws that regulate and punish political action committees for overzealous money collection. There is a Constitution that may obstruct one’s means and goals, but no one in the U.S. seems to take it literally or seriously, or even to understand it anymore, especially the Supreme Court. So, don’t sweat the Constitution.

In Canada, censorship is making better progress than in its southern neighbor. There, the government subsidizes many film, book and sound production projects through tax credits awarded to companies whose films, books and recordings stress “Canadian” content. Such is the just fate of “freedom of speech” in a welfare state with touchy nationalist aspirations.

The government there, according to the Toronto Globe and Mail, is amending the income tax law to deny such credits to any material its “Heritage Minister” deems explicitly “sexual in nature, that denigrates a group, or is excessively violent without an educational value.” The Minister and his appointees and associates will be the sole judges of what is “contrary to public policy.” A Toronto lawyer said that the government “feels it must invest public funds wisely….They don’t view this as censorship because they say anyone is free to make the film or show or book, but not with their money.” Of course, no one in Canada has been sharp enough to issue the retort, “Whose money?” or even to question what the Canadian government is doing in the “angel” business.

It can only be hoped that Canada and its southern neighbor progress to the point that no one will be free or even able to produce a movie, book or recording without a government subsidy. That would save you statists much grief and anxiety; nothing could be said without your having said it first.

The menu of censorship is quite long. Take time making your selections from it. It is rich in practical, effective modes of action. And don’t worry about the prices. The bill will be footed by those it was necessary to silence.

And never forget your ultimate goal: to secure for you and your adherents the exclusive right to practice freedom of speech.

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