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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Russia Ready To Use Nukes - To Protect Itself Or Its Allies - If Threatened

That's right, all you have to do is threaten Russia or any of her allies. And, of course, Russia's allies include countries like Iran and Syria:

MOSCOW, January 19 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's top military commander said on Saturday that the country is prepared to use its nuclear weapons to defend itself and allies in the event of a severe external threat.

The Chief of the Russian General Staff, Gen. Yury Baluyevsky, told a conference at the Academy of Military Sciences in Moscow: "We do not intend to attack anyone, but consider it necessary that all our partners clearly understand, and that no one has any doubts, that the Armed Forces will be used to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia and its allies, including preventative action, and including the use of nuclear weapons."

Baluyevsky's comments come amid growing tensions between Russia and NATO over the alliance's expansion into the former Eastern Bloc, the United States' plans to deploy missile defense elements in Poland and the Czech Republic, and Moscow's increasingly assertive military stance.

Russia resumed strategic bomber patrol flights over the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans last August, and on December 12, 2007 imposed a unilateral moratorium on the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty, a key arms reduction pact.

Baluyevsky said that in order to protect Russia's interests, military force "can and must be used" when "all other means prove ineffective."
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Winds Of War: The Sleeper Awakes?

My self and other bloggers have written about one of the main threats to our freedoms and a primary tactic of the Islamists – radical mosques.

The non-Muslim world has enough proof that a very large number of Saudi funded mosques in the non-Muslim world preach the hate ideology of Wahabism , yet, outside of reporting these radical mosques and their traitorous activities, little is being done to actually curb the threat to our way or life.

But that’s changing.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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Official on Iran stunts: "I wouldn't say they want a fight, but they appear to be ready for one."

Always a step behind

Iran staged at least three confrontations with U.S. Navy

WASHINGTON — Security officials said Iran set up a series of naval confrontations with the United States in the Gulf in recent weeks.

Officials said Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy sought to provoke the U.S. Navy at least three times in less than a month. They said the incidents appeared to establish an aggressive IRGC policy in the Gulf.

U.S. Navy image shows speedboats suspected to be from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard maneuvering near U.S. warships in the Strait of Hormuz, on Jan. 6. AFP/US Navy-HO
"They are testing our responses and measuring our defenses for their new swarm strategy," an official said. "I wouldn't say they want a fight, but they appear to be ready for one."

So far, the Defense Department has only detailed the U.S. Navy encounter with five IRGC fast attack craft in the Strait of Hormuz on Jan. 6.

Officials said this was the most serious of the three Iranian provocations even though no shots were fired.

"This is one of these moments where there's no time to be spending a lot time on the phone trying to figure out what to do," President George Bush said on Jan. 15. "These are highly trained professionals who I thought dealt with it in a very professional way."

On Dec. 16, the U.S. Navy fired warning shots toward an IRGC speedboat. Officials said the USS Whidbey Island, an amphibious warship, had been approached by an IRGC vessel in the Strait of Hormuz, the passage for about 30 percent of global oil shipments.

I still believe the best response would have been to turn them into shreds without another word

Officials said the IRGC speedboat veered away when shots were fired by Whidbey Island. They said the IRGC vessel did not return fire.

So they now understand how close they can come before warning shot is fired.

Another IRGC confrontation also took place in December 2007. Officials said the USS Carr, a guided missile frigate, was confronted by three IRGC speedboats in the Strait of Hormuz.

The USS Carr blew its ship whistles to scare off the Iranian vessels, which came within 500 meters. Officials said no clash was reported.

What's the range of RPG's? 500 meters is also the maximum range of rocket assisted flight, which enables a flatter trajectory and more accurate aiming. You don't think these boys are thinking about real damage do you? A dozen RPG's headed at you is quite distraction. From what?

Officials linked the three incidents and said the Jan. 6 confrontation was the first in which IRGC simulated the laying of mines in the Strait of Hormuz. The mock mines turned out to be white boxes.

"We had not seen Revolutionary Guard boats behave in this aggressive a manner in this number before, in combination with all the other things I just outlined — ignoring warnings, dropping the boxes and of course the fact that there was a threat simultaneous to that added to the tension," Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said on Jan. 15. "The combination of all those things is what differentiates this incident from previous incidents."

Time for Diet Pepsi Max with Ginseng, Geoff. These guys REALLY BELIEVE god will guide them to a big win some sunday afternoon after the coin toss.
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Changing Signs

From across The Pond in the UK, comes this January 17, 2008 article [Hat-tip to Up Pompeii]:
Government renames Islamic terrorism as 'anti-Islamic activity' to woo Muslims

Ministers have adopted a new language for declarations on Islamic terrorism.

In future, fanatics will be referred to as pursuing "anti-Islamic activity"....
And right here in the United States, America's Truth Forum has been forced to bow to political correctness. Via this article at Jihad Watch, here is the original version of a billboard sign advertising the upcoming symposium on February 1-2:

And the "approved" version:

Robert Spencer's commentary on the above (emphasis mine):
Why the changes? The sales manager of a Dallas-area billboard company explained: “My boss wouldn’t go along with this type of advertising since we have an international clientele -- some of whom might be on the other side."

The other side? On the side of the jihadists?

Imagine an American billboard company in 1942 toning down an anti-Nazi billboard because, well, some of their clients are Nazis!
Decrying the coming of Eurabia, we Americans sit here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. In the process of our criticism of the dhimmitude "over there," at the same time, we say to ourselves, "We're smarter than that. We'll never be dhimmis to the same extent that Europeans are."


We talk bravely and, many times, openly. Still, the little steps of dhimmitude are marching right over us. Sometimes the march is of the type which changed the America's Truth Forum sign: that of economic jihad, stirred by the stick of political correctness and, maybe, by fear.

How far away is Amerarabia?

American Counter-jihadists, I'm warning you today. Don't be smug. "It" can happen here. In fact, "it" already is.

Too bad that, YouTube techtard that I am, I can't change some of the lyrics and images in the following video so as to fit the signs I see of the West's rapid descent into dhimmitude:

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Remember how Bolton was so sceptical and disgusted over the agreement with NoKo to dismantle?

Three missed North Korean deadlines and countingbolton2.jpg

State Department officials, led by assistant secretary Christopher Hill, are scrambling to salvage the North Korea nuclear accord from failure after Pyongyang missed three deadlines to fully disclose its nuclear program.

The North Koreans provided what State officials said was an “incomplete” declaration of nuclear weapons programs that made no mention of EvKorea’s uranium enrichment program, the covert program that first triggered the crisis.

There is no way. Our state dept should just be made to deal with the UN and the whole bunch of them should just be in Geneva, or Basel with easy access to France. The whole world would be a better place. Are they this naive or do they simply wish to be so ineffective as to harm the USA? How could ANYONE take the North Koreans seriously on doing away with a functioning nuclear weapons program?

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill arrives at the Beijing airport on Jan. 10, to discuss the North Korea nuclear issue with his Chinese counterpart. AP/Ng Han Guan
State officials are not concerned with actually seeing North Korea dismantle its nuclear arms program and are mainly concerned with continuing the “process” of the six-nation talks, according to critics of the process.

“They are not interested in a deal that will actually produce a de-nuclearized agreement,” said one U.S. official close to the process.

State Department Undersecretary Nicholas Burns (who thank goodness has now resigned-Epa) is a key force behind the failed nuclear talks, along with Hill, who spent last week in Asia attempting to salvage the February 2007 agreement.

Hill said in Tokyo Jan. 7 that North Korea must declare 100 percent of its nuclear programs. “We don't need a 90 percent declaration; we need a 100 percent declaration," said Hill.

Otherwise we will write a really mean letter to them and make them feel bad

"They have not provided a complete and correct declaration. By that I mean that they have not included all of the nuclear programs they have, they have not included all the nuclear facilities they have," he said.

"A partial declaration is really no declaration at all," Hill said after talks with his Japanese counterpart in the six-nation talks, Kenichiro Sasae.

U.S. intelligence agencies have evidence of North Korean highly enriched uranium, but Pyongyang continues to deny having any uranium enrichment.
Even though the entire planet detected a nuclear detonation there. What use is the state dept, besides as a shill for the Al Saud to create a terrorist state of Sunnis in the west bank? Ms Rice, take it away....
How incredibly disappointing a level this administration has sunk to in foreign affairs! They have absolutely NO credibility. Not to us and not to our enemies.
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Why would Israel give Syria 16 years before acting against its long range missile program?


In 1991, amid the Gulf war, Syria understood the lesson of ballistic missile strikes from Iraq. Syria began ordering extended-range missiles from North Korea in a move that significantly expanded their relationship.

What Damascus wanted was medium-range missiles that could strike Israel from deep within Syria. This was the primary lesson of the 1991 Gulf war for the late Syrian President Hafez Assad.

In the last days of the Gulf war, Assad ordered Scud C ballistic missiles, with a range of 500 kilometers, from North Korea as well as expertise to eventually produce them in Syria. Pyongyang was prompt and sent a shipment of missiles in a transaction monitored by Israel's Mossad.


Not exactly a whopping shock.

Mossad urged the government of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir to destroy the boat. The Mossad argument was that Assad would not dare to order additional missiles if he knew that they would never reach his country.

What I would have probably done.

Mossad agents installed an electronic tracking device on the North Korean missile shipment as the Al Yarmouk freighter anchored in Casablanca, Morocco. The device weighed more than two pounds and was placed on the hull by a Mossad diver.

With Al Yarmouk under full surveillance, the Israeli military was preparing to destroy the boat in the Mediterranean. Israel would not admit to the attack.

Righteous operation

But the plan was shelved by Shamir. The prime minister, believed warned by the United States, ordered the boat to be left alone and Al Yarmouk arrived in the Syrian port of Latakia in March 1991.

Wait a minute, I thought the USA did what the Israel lobby, LIKUD and the jews want.

Syria had its first Scud Cs and within a few years acquired production capability. Later, Damascus acquired and produced the Scud D, with a range of 700 kilometers. Assad got his wish of being able to target anywhere in Israel.

In September 2007, Israel finally acted. After months of trying to convince the Bush administration, the Israel Air Force struck and destroyed a suspected nuclear facility in northwestern Syria. The assessment was Syria was trying to weaponize warheads for the Scud D.

Well it's one theory. But it doesn't sound much like Itzhak Shamir to me. Bush and Baker famously hated his guts because he just didn't listen.

I think the Israelis took out the sight in the Syria desert because they believe it was a nuclear weapons related plant..anything from the beginning of a program to a weaponization of outsourced NoKo U-235. More explosive weapons on missiles is not something for a major IAF operation.

BACK GROUND from August 07
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More Ways To Skin A Cat

Perhaps the Islamists don’t need to be martyrs anymore. What with instructions to Jihadists to start forest fires in dry areas and a belief that the fires in Greece were deliberately started and the attacks on the internet by jihadist cyber warriors who needs a bomb?

The CIA has launched a major hunt for international computer hackers who are threatening to throw cities into chaos by sabotaging their electricity supplies. In a shock announcement last night the American spy agency said that the hackers were running a massive extortion plot.

They are threatening to cut off city lighting and power supplies unless they are paid huge sums of ransom money.

And according to senior CIA analyst Tom Donahue the hackers have already proven that they can disrupt the utilities by causing blackouts in several cities outside the US.

What’s that got to do with Islamist terrorists you may ask. Because it could be the next thing, they will have the ways and means, and it will cause huge disruption with little chance of detection. Oh and also:

“We do not know who executed these attacks or why, but all involved intrusions through the Internet.”

The cyber power attacks, revealed for the first time by Mr Donahue, have particularly alarmed the White House.

Members of the Bush administration believe that highly skilled terrorist hackers may now follow the extortionists’ lead and try to disable power, water and chemical plants in the US and Western Europe.

As the Chinese would say “may you live in interesting times” We certainly do. Too interesting if you ask me.

(cross posted with CommonSense)


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Two Audios: Who Is Allah? & Islamphobia

From The Idiots Guide To Islam at In The Name Of Allah:

YouTube Link:
We are INDOCTRINATED to believe that ALLAH is GOD.

Allah is NOT God. Allah is only the NAME of a god.

YouTube Link:
The Muslim population HYPOCRITICALLY accuses the West of 'Islamophobia'.

Isn't it natural that we should be terrified of Muhammadan Islam?
The entire series of audios is HERE. Also see In The Name Of Allah, which offers articles on topics related to the history of Islam, including this excellent introduction to Islam. Excerpt from near the end of "Introduction to Islam":
Politicians and theologians keep repeating the mantra that Islam is a religion of 'peace', when the history of Muhammadan Islam is written with the blood of conquests and subjugation of tens of millions of nations in at least twenty-five countries spanning three continents - Asia, Africa and Europe - stretching from India and China in the east to the Atlantic in the west. The subject peoples of these lands - who had their own religions and beliefs - did not voluntarily become 'Muslims' through dialogue and spiritual enlightenment.
[Hat-tip to Mark Alexander, where I found the second of the above audios]

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How To Behead An Infidel

I found this by chance, thought it might come in handy, or more to the point confirmation that the only way of dealing with Islamists is to be as ruthless as they are. Guantanamo - keep it going. Extraordinary rendition - whatever. Torture - bring it on. I'm not sure my tongue is in my cheek, and neither are you so don't flame me over that:

Islam Online, a website that has mass popularity throughout the Muslim world has published a gruesome poem detailing how to behead a human being.

Here is exactly what the group posted, which is still up on its own page within Islam Online’s ‘Arts & Culture’ section: Click the link to see it.

How to Behead

Hold him
Tie the arms behind his back
And bandage his legs together
Just by the ankles
Blindfold the punk
So that he won't hesitate as much
For on seeing the sharp pointy knife
He'll begin to shake
And continuously scream like an eedyat
And jiggle like a jelly
Trust me–this will sure get you angry
It’s better to have at least two or three brothers by your side
Who can hold the fool
Because as soon as the warm sharp knife
Touches his naked flesh
He'll come to know what'll happen
It's not as messy or as hard as some may think,
It's all about the flow of the wrist.
No doubt that the punk will twitch and scream
But ignore the donkey's ass
And continue to slice back and forth
You'll feel the knife hit the wind and food pipe
But don't stop
Continue with all your might.
About now you should feel the knife vibrate,
You can feel the warm heat being given off,
But this is due to the friction being caused.

We had the Bomb. We had the Allah Akbar Knifing attempt. I wonder how long before some Maldivian "misunderstands" and attempts a beheading in Maldives.

I found the beheading item on this site which appears to be a Maldivian's site. it seems that the Maldives has been forcibly turned into an Islamic regime, much against the will of the inhabitants. I didn't know that.

(cross posted with CommonSense)

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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Heathrow Connection: Two Jets Lose Power In The Same Week

The first plane was on its way to Heathrow in London. The second plane was flying out of London to Thailand.

1st incident

2nd incident (first reported by IBA contributor Ray Boyd)

Both stories note that this was a higlhly unusual occurrence. And yet, it happened twice in a week?

Jets often fly back and forth on the same route. Could both of these jets have been on routes which took them in and out of London on an almost daily basis? And, if so, is this an act of terrorism?

It looks like it very well could be.

And, if it is, is the culprit, or culprits behind this attack alive and ready to do it again?

Let's try to dig up more on this.
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Belarus's journalist: three years' in prison for publishing the Mohammed Cartoons

Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the three-year prison sentence passed today by a court in Minsk on Alyaksandr Zdvizhkou, former deputy editor of the weekly Zhoda, for reprinting cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that first appeared in a Danish newspaper. He was found guilty of “inciting racial hatred” under article 130 of the criminal code at the end of a trial behind closed doors.
The Belarus' dictatorship was on of the countries which voted for the UN's resolution against the defamation of religions.

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PA Religious Leaders Call for Genocide of Jews

From Front Page Magazine (with thanks to Najistani):

Twice in three days, PA religious leaders have openly called for the genocide of Jews. Broadcast on official PA TV, both called for the murder of Jews until the Jewish people are annihilated. Both presented the killing of Jews not merely as the will of Allah, but also as a necessary stage in history that should be carried out now. To support these mandatory killings, both cited the same Hadith - Islamic tradition attributed to Mohammed - expressing Allah’s will that Muslims will kill Jews, before the “Hour” of Resurrection.

The words of the Hadith:

"The Hour [Resurrection] will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews,
and kill them. And the Jews will hide behind the rock and tree, and the rock and
tree will say: oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, this is a Jew behind me, come and
kill him!"

Numerous times in recent years Palestinian religious leaders and academics have taught publicly that this particular Hadith applies today. This teaching may well be a dominant motivating factor that drives terror against Israeli civilians, because it presents the killing of Jews as a religious obligation, not related to the conflict over borders, but as something inherent to Allah’s world.

Note also the defining of Jews as "the brothers of the monkeys and pigs" in Maadi's religious lesson. PA religious leaders teach, based on a story in the Quran, that Jews were cursed by Allah and turned into monkeys and pigs. This is consistent with the PA teaching that the Jew's have inherent and unchanging character defects.

Click to view the teachings of Sheik Ibrahim Madiras during his Friday sermon and Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Maadi on his weekly TV show teaching Islam.

The following are the texts of these broadcasts:Sheik Ibrahim Madiras Friday sermon, PA TV Sept. 10, 2004:

"The Prophet said: the Resurrection will not take place until the Muslims
fight the Jews, and the Muslims kill them. The Muslims will kill the Jews,
rejoice [in it], rejoice in Allahs Victory. The Muslims will kill the Jews, and
he will hide

The Prophet said: the Jews will hide behind the rock and tree, and the rock
and tree will say: oh servant of Allah, oh Muslim this is a Jew behind me, come
and kill him!. Why is there this malice? Because there are none who love the
Jews on the face of the earth: not man, not rock, and not tree everything hates
them. They destroy everything they destroy the trees and destroy the houses.
Everything wants vengeance on the Jews, on these pigs on the face of the earth,
and the day of our victory, Allah willing, will come."

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Maadi on his weekly TV show, Sept. 12, 2004:

"We are waging this cruel war with the brothers of the monkeys and pigs, the
Jews and the sons of Zion The Jews will fight you and you will subjugate them.
Until the Jew will stand behind the tree and rock. And the tree and rock will
say: oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill
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Storm Track Intimidation: Another Starboard Side Blog Shut Down

First the Saudi blogger. Then LionHeart, Now a Finish Blog being shut down. It’s starting ladies and gents.

The blogger Tomashot, who operated the now defunct UUTISIA SUOMESTA website, a catalogue for various news stories and articles that dealt with immigration, Political Correctness and other Eurabia related issues, was dealt a serious blow by Finland's judicial system today. He was fined 825 € and ordered to close down his website.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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The Taliban and their militant sympathizers now hold strategic pockets on the city’s outskirts

No, not in Afghanistan.

Frontier Insurgency Spills Into a Pakistani City

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — For centuries, fighting and lawlessness have been part of the fabric of this frontier city. But in the past year, Pakistan’s war with Islamic militants has spilled right into its alleys and bazaars, its forts and armories, killing policemen and soldiers and scaring its famously tough citizens.

There is a sense of siege here, as the Islamic insurgency pours out of the adjacent tribal region into this city, one of Pakistan’s largest, and its surrounding districts.


The Taliban and their militant sympathizers now hold strategic pockets on the city’s outskirts, the police say, from where they strike at the military and the police, order schoolgirls to wear the burqa and blow up stores selling DVDs, among other acts of violence.

Suicide bombings, bomb explosions and missile attacks occurred an average of once a week here in 2007, according to a tally by the city’s police department. In 2006, while there were occasional grenade attacks and explosions, the authorities did not record a single suicide bombing or rocket attack inside the city.

Just imagine this in Philadelphia, a city with HALF Peshawar's population, oh and BTW

The proximity of Peshawar to the tribal areas where the Taliban and Al Qaeda have regrouped in the past two years makes the city a feasible prize for the militants in Pakistan’s quickly escalating internal strife that pits the Islamic extremists against the American-backed government of President Pervez Musharraf.

Though few here believe that the Taliban will rule anytime soon, the police and residents say that by the standards of counterinsurgency warfare the extremists are doing well. They have undermined public faith in the government, sown distrust and made the police fearful for their lives. “People feel the insecurity is so high, no one can fix it,” said Humair Bilour, the sister-in-law of Malik Saad, a popular Peshawar police chief who was killed in a suicide bomb attack last year. “How can the government do anything when the government itself is involved in it?”

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Today's Global Warming protest is brought to you in Baltimore by.....

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Remember this list....

The group dubbed "Cities against Islamisation" was presented to the media in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp by


Filip Dewinter, head of the far-right Belgian party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) along with Austrian FPOE leader Heinz-Christian Strace and Robert Spieler of the regionalist Alsace First group.

Parties from Britain (the British National Party), Denmark, Germany and Italy were also represented at the launch of the group which has a road-sign-style crossed-out mosque as its logo.

Vlaams Belang
Alsace First

These ethnic nationalist (i.e. WHITE first) groups, have no place among those fighting for FREEDOM and EQUITY against jihadism. They are the Battista's and Franco's of the war against communism, ON THEIR BEST DAY. They are closer to David Duke than anything I care to be associated with, and lack only primacy on their 'list' to others instead of Islamist radicals to make them visible as what they are. Their fundamentally and necessarily racist result will deligitimize standing against radical islam.

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Did Terrorists Bring Down the Boeing 777?

A catastrophic and complete loss of power in both engines of the Boeing 777 that resulted in a crash landing at Heathrow yesterday. The Boeing 777 is capable of flying, indeed recovering from an aborted landing on one engine. For two engines to fail is unknown for this, one of the safest aircraft in the world. Was this brought down by Muslim terrorists? More Here>> Remember you saw it here first.

And how about the normal human will to live and the Islamic love of death. A truly amazing story here.

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posted by Ray Boyd at permanent link# 3 Comments

The uber market and the free market, another wonderful chapter brought to you by Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Countrywide et al

Well it had to happen.
gadahn_mtg.jpg With the headlines and angst not just on Wall Street but expressed at exit polls during the primaries we have had BEFORE this 'thing' became the gigantor of election year fears...we now have the candidates and congress 'doing something' about the sub prime crisis which threatens to to rob this economy of disposable income, and equity and bathe 2008 in a newer fear than Adam Gadahn's video stupidities. We will not be worrying about Al Qaeda, the MMA, Pakistan, and Ahamdinejad if every 8th house has a 'for sale' sign, and corporations buy nothing and create no new positions in order to conserve cash, I promise, you.

Millions (anyone have a real number, btw?) of americans are seriously delinquent (60 days plus?) on their sub prime mortgages. Congress and the candidates now feel they have to 'do something'. Whatever it is, it had better be a non zero sum solution. So far the fed has been lowering rates to keep injecting cash into the system, more cash = some more inflation - how much is anyone's real guess, but in the outer world, where perception rules, that still means 'we are cheapening the dollar', and the Al Saud get paid in value which is less than yesterday. Of course and as usual it's all wrong sub prime.jpgsince injecting cash does not cure lack of confidence, and more liquidity for american consumers might be the only thing to allow us to support the economy and keep affording the gasoline and the $$ flowing to the Al Saud so they can print more books about the fornicating, jew controlled kufrs that have to die anyway.

Nevermind that for moment. Here is the Financial Times on some legislative ideas.

Beyond the election-year rhetoric, most insiders who have stakes in the foreclosure mess, from bankruptcy lawyers and mortgage servicers to global investment banks, are keeping a close eye on Congress.

Specifically, they are watching the Emergency Home Ownership and Mortgage Equity Protection Act of 2007, a controversial proposal that was created by a compromise between Democrats on the House judiciary committee and Republican Steve Chabot of Ohio, who was the only Republican to vote in favour of the bill when it passed the committee late last year. The proposal, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has vowed to take up early this year, would allow homeowners to modify the mortgage of their primary residence in court under bankruptcy. Under current law, judges can only modify mortgages on second homes. Passage of the bill, Mr Chabot and Democratic sponsors say, could save hundreds of thousands of homeowners from foreclosure.

Mr Chabot’s support of the bankruptcy bill, which faces tough opposition from banking lobbyists, underscores the changing political current in Washington. Just three years ago, Mr Chabot was a strong advocate of sweeping bankruptcy legislation that limited protection and was hailed as a victory for business lobbyists and the Bush administration. Now, he is seeking to expand bankruptcy protection.

Some analysts say they believe that even the most conservative Republicans in Congress could support the legislation if it is narrowly targeted and will keep voters from losing their homes – even if it contradicts “free market” principles.

Well, well, right? Suppose we do this? You are now sitting in Citibank and 5% of your mortgages just legally were dropped back the levels that they were signed at (or less), instead of the ballooned rate. You are now missing x% of your planned cash for the what....year, 5 years, life of the mortgages? Well since the courts just became an agent of increasing the risk in mortgages, we all know what capitalism's real answer has always been to increased risk, don't we? Of course 'Citigroup' (we'll use them as the perceptive villain for everyone who joined with them) created the increased risk to begin with with their 'product'.

So we have Bush and Bernanke doing what the DEMS agree with, and we have the dems and repubs in congress creating a situation in which while the fed lowers rates to inject $$, the banks increase rates to make up for what the judges do to save homes for people who should NEVER have been sold mortgages, any more than a Mercedes. The major benefit aside from these people having homes, is that they can then pay the rest of their bills, and buy a washing machine or two.

Here's Hillary in NH...
Experts say voters generally oppose taxpayer-funded bail-outs, though they will also want to stop whole neighbourhoods from suffering under the weight of the subprime crisis. At a town hall meeting last week in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton, the presidential candidate, was quick to point out in response to a question about personal responsibility that she had little sympathy for speculators in the housing market. But she conceded that the crisis could have a “cascading effect” on the economy that had to be stemmed, even if it meant that some who “should have known better” would be given relief. “Where we can intervene more quickly to prevent it [the economy] from falling off a cliff, we should do that,” she said.

In the meantime, none of this makes the other war any easier to fight or win.

Lobbyists who are familiar with the bill ( Emergency Home Ownership and Mortgage Equity Protection Act of 2007) say they believe it will pass the House, but it is unclear whether it will win approval in the Senate. The White House has not said it would fight the proposal, but proponents of the bill said privately that they believed the Bush administration would side with critics who claim it would have unintended consequences.

The Mortgage Bankers Association, which is fighting the proposal, says that if judges are allowed unilaterally to change terms of a mortgage contract lenders will face “new uncertainty” when valuing homes, increasing the interest rate on future mortgages.

However, supporters of the legislation, including the non-partisan Center for Responsible Lending, say the bill represents one of the simplest ways to help families trapped in “exploding” adjustable-rate mortgages in which interest payments increase rapidly.

What happens when a significant proportion of the homes in your neighborhood go up for sale? What happens when they don't sell? What happens when the value of the mortgage then exceeds the value of the house? Do you know anyone who has just sold a house, THEIR HOUSE, and then shows up at closing with a check?

If foreclosures are not stopped, NEIGHBORHOODS of responsible people will be devalued.

The credit market is already crushed unless you are rated as high as US Bonds are today, that is a market based on fear right now.

To restore confidence to the public, the bill must be passed. But we cannot lose sight of the fact that the excesses of the credit market in creating the subprime floating rate mortgage and the consumers they sold it to are the cause here. Typically in our society, when corporate excess occurs (such as price fixing, etc) the citizens find it compulsory to organize to protect themselves in the form of law.

I am very sorry to say, it's time to consider this, and study the issue with regard to this specific problem.

An america awash in foreclosed mortgages, and an economy paralyzed with lack of confidence and outright fear will not win this war.
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Confused? I am.

Yes, as an Englishman I am confused as to the stance the Presidential hopefuls might be taking on the Islamist threat to the world. Not only me it would seem. On "Question Time" (BBC TV) last night all the politicians on the panel, and that's Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative, thought Barack Obama was the best thing since sliced bread.

Why don't they know what we know about his dubious connections with the Kenyan opposition, the church, and his very Muslim background? That's because they are either stupid, or not into the blogosphere or they are all part of the media conspiracy - is there one? - to keep quiet.

My theory - knowing nothing about American politics - is that the Republicans would welcome Obama as the Democratic nomination. Once that happens then there will be an explosion of revelations. They are just keeping their powder dry. And then, what with the dirty advertising that happens at these times, then surely, surely he'll be wasted. I hope.

In the meantime the excellent Robert Spencer has released a new vid about what the candidates have said on the Islamic threat to western society. It seems that Mitt Romney is the only one that has a grasp of the problem OR is prepared to speak about it. As for Obama and Clinton - oh just watch the video:

(cross posted with Commonsense)

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What Do We Do About Ethnic Nationalism

Barack Obama and the people at his church are Ethnic Nationalists. So are the political parties who go by the name of the Vlaams Belang, the British National Party, etc. The foundation of Ethnic Nationalism is racism, and the end of it is fascism.

I hate Ethnic Nationalism with every fiber of my being. I do not hate those who join Ethnic Nationalist parties or churches, but I don't like them very much. I certainly do not think Ethnic Nationalists ought to attain political power. I think their agenda is counter to what we call Democratic Republicanism.

Big fucking deal, right? The question is what do we do about the problem of Ethnic Nationalism? Commenter Cagney, from Little Green Footballs offers this:

One thing that seems to be emerging that there is an issue of identity with folk in Europe and in my home country of the UK. It is a question of how we deal with our imperialist past and the ethnic minorities in our country that emigrated here from former colonies.

The biggest destabilising thing in our transition from a white-only to multi-ethnic society is muslim extremism and integrating muslims into our society. The only solution being offered is multi-culturalism, any alternatives get muzzled by our politically correct and increasingly left-wing biased MSM.

Without the debate of any real alternatives, the far-right has jumped on the anti-jiahdi bandwagon offering white nationalism as a way of dealing with it. With the increasing stranglehold of left-wing bias and political alternatives in the media, there is a chance that more and more people will turn to this white nationalism as the only way of dealing with the issue.

Melaine Phlilips in her article, Liberalism v Islamism, suggested an alternative, pluralism in which:

allows for many different groupings but, unlike multiculturalism, does not try
to impose one uniform status on all of them. It allows a thousand flowers to
bloom, with minorities forming communities of faith, ethnicity or culture within
a society — but under the overarching umbrella of a national identity to whose
core values everyone signs up. It is only by having that overarching set of
common values — monogamy, freedom of conscience, equal rights for women, freedom
of expression —that a society coheres as a common project. And a liberal society
is no exception. If a liberal society doesn’t accept a hierarchy of values, that
there are core principles which are non-negotiable and to which everyone must
sign up, then by definition it can no longer remain a liberal society but must
fragment into a kind of Balkanised tribalism in which the strongest groups win
through intimidation or force.

The ideal solution would be to build a common identity between the majority white and ethnic races. This can be done through nationalism but could it be done through shared cultural identity?

This sounds like pie in the sky niavety stuff and at the moment it is but if it could be forged then it could stop the balkanisation of our country.

The thing I have noticed looking at our cultural mediums, TV, music, films is that we all love American culture. We love Hollywood, American shows are all over our TV schedules and American RnB and Rap dominate the music scene.

The music scene and the subculture is interesting as it is not specific to race as British white, asian and black kids are into it. It is a basis for a common identity that I speak of.

If the ties of the Anglosphere could be strengthened especially with America which is founded on multi-ethnicity it may be a way forward.

Unfortunately I can't see this happening as our political elite, no matter if it is to the left, centre or right sees our future in Europe.

Well, that's one idea. I think much of popular culture is far too shallow a thing upon which to build a strong national identity, but I do believe that for many it is part of our group identity.

In American, our cultural identity is not all founded upon popular culture. It is founded upon the ideas of our Constitution and the Declaration of Indpendence. It is founded upon the blood that was shed during the Civil War. It is founded upon the words of Abraham Lincoln, and it is founded upon the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Certainly, Europe can not instantly import our ideas and live by them. However, Europe has enough going for it that it can form a real identity which is not based upon Ethnicity. Europe, however, does not at this time have the courage of its convictions. Europeans would like to have a society based upon a shared notion of Human Rights. Europeans can even agree on what those rights are. But, Europe is entirely unwilling to demand such a society of their governments.

We took up arms against our morally illegitimate governments on numerous occasions. We fought against King George in our revolution. We fought a Civil War. And we fought for Civil Rights. These were very real rebellions against fascist forces.

Europeans, very likely, are going to have to fight against the fascist forces within their own governments who are attempting to take them into a New Dark Age.

Be ready, my European friends, you are probably going to have to fight. I just hope you do not choose who you will fight by the color of their skin, but instead, by the content of their character.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blowing Smoke?

Thanks to Nanc, who emailed me the following, dated January 15, 2008, from The National Terror Alert Response Center:

U.S. officials monitoring terrorist web sites have discovered a call for using forest fires as weapons against “crusader” nations, in what may explain some recent wildfires in places like southern California and Greece.

A terrorist website was discovered recently that carried a posting that called for “Forest Jihad.” The posting was listed on the Internet on Nov. 26 and reported in U.S. intelligence channels last week.

The statement, in Arabic, said that “summer has begun so do not forget the Forest Jihad.”
Summer has begun? Not here in Northern Virginia. It snowed like crazy most of today.

Continuing now with the seasonally-challenged braggart:
The writer called on all Muslims in the United States, Europe, Russia and Australia to “start forest fires.”

The posting quoted imprisoned Al Qaida terrorist Abu Musab Al-Suri, as saying “Jihad is an art just like poetry, music, and the fine arts. There are people that draw and there are others that are jihadists. They both act upon inspiration.”
Waging jihad is art? Strange that I've never thought of as murder as art. Obviously, I don't think like an Islamic terrorist.

Contining now with the article,
Al-Suri is a senior Al Qaida leader captured in Pakistan in 2005 who is believed to be in U.S. custody.

“The idea of forest fires is attributed to him, may God set him free, as is in this short clip,” the writer stated.

The posting said that setting forest fires were legal under extremist Islamic law as part of a “eye for an eye” and that can produce “amazing results.”

Wildfires in California burned more than 500,000 acres beginning in October and authorities said arson was to blame for some of the fires. In August, wildfires broke out in Greece that authorities say were deliberately set.

The writer stated that it was permissible to burn trees in carrying out jihad.

“Scholars have justified chopping down and burning the infidels’ forests when they do the same to our lands,” the writer said.

The writer stated that “targeted forests” are in the nations that “are at war with Muslims,” including the United States, Europe, Russia, and Australia.

Other nations, including Brazil are “off limits” because Brazil has not joined the “armies of the crusade.”

On damage caused by wildfires, the report said that the fires typically take months to put out which means that “this terror will haunt them for an extended period of time.”

The fires also will cause economic damage because it will limit exports of timber used to make furniture and also will cause losses to pharmaceutical companies that use trees for ingredients for drugs, the posting said.

Smoke caused by the fires will create pollution and military forces could be tied up fighting fires. The report noted that U.S. military forces in Iraq or Afghanistan “could even be recalled” as occurred following hurricane Katrina, which did not occur.

“Imagine if, after all the losses caused by such an event, a jihadist organization were to claim responsibility for (starting) the forest fires,” the writer said. “You can hardly begin to imagine the level of the fear that would take hold of people in the United States, in Europe, in Russia, and in Australia.”

The report said that Abu Musab Al-Suri, urges terrorists to use sulphuric acid to start a forest fire, as well as gasoline.

The article was signed by Abu Thar Al-Kuwaiti, on behalf of a group called the Al-Ikhlas Islamic Network.

Empty bragging by a jihadomaniac or someting else? You decide. If I recall correctly, some of the forest fires in Greece seemed to have been tied to Islamic terrorists exercising their pyromania.

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Sarkozy: Islam "One Of The Greatest And Most Beautiful Civilizations The World Has Known"

Nicolas Sarkozy is proving himself to be just as "pragmatic" an ass-kisser as all other politicians. From Reuters Newswire:

PARIS - President Nicolas Sarkozy's increasingly frequent and positive references to God and faith have drawn fire from critics who accuse him of violating France's separation of church and state.

Sarkozy, a taboo-breaker whose whirlwind love life has distracted the media for weeks, broke with traditional presidential reserve about religion to stress France's Christian roots in a speech in a Rome basilica just before Christmas.

In Riyadh on Monday, he hailed Islam as "one of the greatest and most beautiful civilisations the world has known" and described his Saudi hosts as rulers who "appeal to the basic values of Islam to combat the fundamentalism that negates them".

His praise for a kingdom that enforces and propagates a strict version of Islam, during a visit aimed at securing lucrative export contracts, was the last straw for his critics.

"This is not respect for the separation of church and state," Socialist opposition leader Francois Hollande said.

"This is an ideological stand that makes religion into an instrument to promote French products civilian nuclear plants for Muslim countries," he said. "Mixing religion and foreign policy is illogical and wrong."
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The Strange And Frightening Alliances Of Barack Obama

From Ed Lasky at the American Thinker:

The ascent of Barack Obama from state senator in Illinois to a leading contender for the Presidential nomination in the span of just a few years is remarkable. Especially in light of a noticeably unremarkable record -- a near-blank slate of few accomplishments and numerous missed votes.

However, in one area of foreign policy that concerns millions of Americans, he does have a record and it is a particularly troubling one. For all supporters of the America-Israel relationship there is enough information beyond the glare of the klieg lights to give one pause. In contrast to his canned speeches filled with "poetry" and uplifting aphorisms and delivered in a commanding way, behind the campaign façade lies a disquieting pattern of behavior.

One seemingly consistent them running throughout Barack Obama's career is his comfort with aligning himself with people who are anti-Israel advocates. This ease around Israel animus has taken various forms. As Obama has continued his political ascent, he has moved up the prestige scale in terms of his associates. Early on in his career he chose a church headed by a former Black Muslim who is a harsh anti-Israel advocate and who may be seen as tinged with anti-Semitism. This church is a member of a denomination whose governing body has taken a series of anti-Israel actions.

When Obama moved to Chicago and became a community organizer, he found it expedient to choose a Christian church to join. Even though his father and stepfather were both Muslims and he attended a Muslim school while living in Indonesia, suspicions based on his days as a child are overheated and unfair. Still, his full name alone conveys the biographical fact that he has some elements of a Muslim background.
Saul Alinsky, whose philosophy infused community organizing in Chicago, emphasized the importance of churches as a basis for organizing. There are literally hundreds of churches on the South Side of Chicago that Obama could have chosen from. He selected one that was headed by Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Junior. The anti-Israel rants of this minister have been well chronicled. Among the gems:
The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for almost 40 years now. It took a divestment campaign to wake the business community up concerning the South Africa issue. Divestment has now hit the table again as a strategy to wake the business community up and to wake Americans up concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism.
Jeremiah Wright, Jr.
Pastor Wright is a supporter of Louis Farrakhan (who called Judaism a "gutter religion" and depicted Jews as "bloodsuckers") and traveled with him to visit Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi, archenemy of Israel's and a terror supporter. Most recently, as head of the UN Security CouncilGaddafi prevented condemnation of attacks against Israel. As Kyle-Anne Shriver noted,
Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan received the "Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Trumpeteer" Award at the 2007 Trumpet Gala at the United Church of Christ.
Wright routinely compares Israel to apartheid South Africa and considers blacks "The Chosen People". Wright sees his role not just as a religious counselor but also as an educator and political activist. As part of his schooling, he has posted the following

Q: How many UN resolutions did Israel violate by 1992?

A: Over 65

42. Q: How many UN resolutions on Israel did America veto between 1972 and

A: 30+

43. Q: How much does the U.S. fund Israel a year?

A:$5 billion

48. Q: How many nuclear warheads does Israel have?

A: Over 400

49. Q: Has Israel every allowed UN weapon inspections?

A: No

50. Q: What percentage of the Palestinian territories are
controlled by Israeli settlements?

A: 42%

51. Q: Is Israel illegally occupying Palestinian land?

A. Yes.

Tucker Carlson of MSNBC has called Pastor Wright a total hater and wondered why the ties that bind Obama to Wright have not been given greater scrutiny. Mickey Kaus of Slate has also wondered when the ties between Obama and Wright will receive more criticism, given Wright's seeming bigotry, which is in contrast to the soothing melody of unity that Obama has trumpeted on the campaign trail.

Some in the media have taken notice. The New York Times did have one
front-page article on Wright by Jodi Kantor in which Wright was quoted as saying that should more information come to light about himself, "a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell". After the article came out Wright attacked Jodi Kantor, referring to her Jewish heritage in a way that might create discomfort.

This fear is why Pastor Wright was disinvited at the last minute from appearing with Obama when Obama announced his run for the Presidency. Wright
admitted in a PBS interview that he understands this distancing from the Obama campaign since "he can't afford the Jewish support to wane or start questioning his allegiance to the Israel"

Wright has been disappeared by the campaign; Obama has replaced him with high profile white ministers who do not preach the racial exclusiveness and racial superiority that is a hallmark of Jeremiah Wright; however, they
seem to share an anti-Israel bias.

bloggers and others have started to note the views of Pastor Wright (which also include an unhealthy does of racial exclusiveness, in Tucker Carlson's words) and . Finally these views may be crossing over to major media outlets. Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen published a recent column that criticized the award to Louis Farrakhan of the Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award -- an award that supposedly was granted to a man who "truly epitomized greatness". As Cohen noted, Farrakhan is not only a race-baiter but also an anti-Semite and a promoter of anti-Semitism. He falsely accused Jews of cooperating with Hitler and helping him create the Third Reich, has slandered Jews by his insistence that Jews have played an inordinate role in victimizing African-Americans (he has also called Jews "bloodsuckers"). Cohen questions why Obama has stayed steadfast in his allegiance to Pastor Wright over the years.

Obama has called Wright his spiritual mentor, his moral compass and his sounding board. He was the man who gave Obama the term, "The Audacity of Hope" after all. He was also the man who told Obama that there are more black men in prison then in colleges -- a statement that Obama parroted until he was told that it was false. What other "facts" has
Wright taught Obama? Has he taught Obama to blame 9/11 on America because of our foreign policy?

Barack Obama also stands for universal nuclear disarmament. This is either a profoundly naiive view (after all, how will we know if our enemies are truly completely disarmed) or it is a strategy aimed at weakening the United States in relation to its potential enemies.

Which do you think?

Obama has also called for the abolition of all nuclear weapons in the world and said that America, by not openly leading a campaign to end nuclear weapons is "giving countries like Iran and North Korea an excuse."

This is naïve beyond belief and is identical to arguments made in the Arab world that justify their pursuit of nuclear weapons because Israel has nuclear weapons. We all know how such a program would operate in the real world: Western, open nations such as Israel would be stripped of the capability of nuclear weapons; dictatorships, such as Iran, would continue to operate their secret programs.

Israel's nuclear arsenal has helped offset the strategic peril that comes from being surrounded by much larger nations openly declaring their goal of its destruction. Obama's call would unilaterally work to disarm Israel.

Ditto that for America. We would not have won the Cold War had we not had nuclear weapons as a deterrent.

Go read the whole thing.


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Grand Mufti of Syria Threatens Europeans at EU Parliament, EU Media Silent

Photo of the Grand Mufti of Syria courtesy of Klein Verzet

THE BRUSSELS JOURNAL: This information was brought to my attention by the blog Snaphanen. As a part of the deliberate merger of Europe and the Islamic world that is the policy of the European Union at the highest levels, yet almost never debated in European media, 2008 will be a "Year of Intercultural Dialogue," which means that Europeans will be bombarded with propaganda about how good it will be to submit to Islamic rule, and some veiled threats about what happens if we don't. The visiting Grand Mufti of Syria threatened Europeans over the "misuse" of free speech to criticize Islam. This has been carefully left out of the official EU reports from his speech at the EU Parliament.

One of the EU Commissioners, or unelected pan-European Ministers, addressed the European press a while ago, hoping that they would participate in this brainwashing of the public. Not in those exact words, of course, but the journalists got the message, and disturbingly enough didn't seem to protest. This is the hallmark of a totalitarian state, where the authorities instruct the press on what to write and which ideologies to broadcast. That is what the EUSSR is rapidly becoming, as former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky has warned.

Perhaps the most shameful aspect of the history of Eurabia is how the supposedly critical media has allowed itself to be corrupted or deceived by the Eurabians. Most of the documents about the Euro-Arab Dialogue place particular emphasis on working with the media, and the Eurabians have played the European media like a Stradivarius. A conference on "Racism, Xenophobia and the Media" in Vienna in May 2006 was coordinated by the EU. By the end of 2006, the network of media practitioners involved in the Euro-Arab Dialogue had grown to over 500 (pdf). These included people, media and organizations from all 37 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. European and Arab journalists produced dozens of recommendations on how to enhance their cooperation and promote "mutual understanding" between their cultures and religions in the media.

Benita Ferrero-Waldner, European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy (read: Eurabian affairs), addressed the assembly of journalists. According to her, "we do not believe the media should be regulated from outside, but rather that you find ways to regulate yourselves. [...] 2008 is the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, and I am determined that by then we will have made significant improvements in the level of mutual respect and understanding our communities have for one another. In the months and years to come we must reach beyond the elites to the man and woman on the street. That is a vital part of the fight against racism and xenophobia. And you will be the key to achieving that."

This document is available on the Internet, but I doubt most Europeans have heard about it. Ferrero-Waldner also stated that "Freedom of expression is not the freedom to insult or offend. Hate speech is always abhorrent." The EU has in numerous agreements with Muslim countries made it clear that "Islamophobia" is a form of racism and hate speech.

The EU is now practicing this media censorship. According to Dutch blogger Klein Verzet, the Grand Mufti of Syria threatened Holland: "Should it come to riots, bloodshed and violence after broadcasting the Quran movie by PVV-leader Geert Wilders, then Wilders will be responsible. This was said by the Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, Tuesday in the European Parliament, where he gave a speech at the invitation of the fraction presidents. If Wilders tears up or burn a Quran in his film 'this will simply mean he is inciting wars and bloodshed. And he will be responsible', according to the Grand Mufti. Al Hassoun thinks it is 'the responsibility of the Dutch people to stop Wilders'."

If you read the official texts by the EU media, this threat has been totally removed. Euractiv.com, a website subsidized by the EU, reports today:

No 'conflict of cultures', Islamic leader tells EU Parliament

The Grand Mufti of Syria yesterday told MEPs that he did not believe in the conflict of cultures because "we are all building one culture", becoming the first religious leader to address the Parliament during the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. A series of eminent religious and cultural leaders are set to address the plenary session of the European Parliament on the subject of intercultural dialogue throughout 2008. The Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, yesterday (15 January) told Parliament's Strasbourg plenary that perceived clashes of culture were instead conflicts of "ignorance, terrorism and backwardness". Grand Mufti of Syria Threatens Europeans at EU Parliament, EU Media Silent >>> By Fjordman

Mark Alexander (Paperback)
Mark Alexander (Hardback)

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This Week on The Gathering Storm Radio Show

Listen to the nearly famous Gathering Storm Radio Show, that AlwaysOnWatch and I co-host. The show broadcasts live every Friday for one hour at NOON, Pacific Time.

Friday, January 18: SPECIAL SHOW — 120 minutes! This week we have four guests scheduled: Ilana Freedman, Brigitte Gabriel, Blogger Lionheart, and Lee Kaplan.
1. Ilana Freedman of The Gerard Group, which states at the site's header, If you want to ignore the terrorist threat, that's your business. If you want to protect against it, that's ours. See this list for articles by Ms. Freedman.

2. Brigitte Gabriel, author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America and founder of the web site ACT For America!, where Ms. Gabriel states I founded ACT! for America because Islamic militants have declared war on America....We are in for the fight of our lives....

3. Blogger Lionheart from the UK. He will be arrested if he returns to the UK for violating Britain's hate crime law. This is a travesty of freedom and a show not to miss because what's happening to Lionheart can and may happen to you.

4. Lee Kaplan: undercover investigative journalist and a contributor to Front Page Magazine. He is also a regular columnist for the Israel National News and Canada Free Press and a senior intelligence analyst and communications director for the Northeast Intelligence Network. He heads the organizations Defending America for Knowledge and Action (DAFKA) and Stop the ISM. Mr. Kaplan hast a weekly radio show entitled "The Islamic Agenda" on Jerusalem Radio. Additionally he is on the air every Tuesday from 8-10 PM on the Jim Kirkwood Show.


The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

Callers welcome!

If you are unable to listen live to the radio show, you can listen to recordings of the radio broadcasts later by CLICKING HERE.

The call-in number again is (646) 915-9870. Converse with my co-host and me, chat with our guests or if you must, just air your spleen!
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Winds of War: Muslim Culture or Islamic Religion?

A few weeks ago Saleem Siddiqui of HotConflict was on our Gathering Storm Radio Show. We discussed Islam and Muslim behavior and at one point we asked him why the recent unrest of the Muslim in non-Muslim countries. For example, making demands on those non-Islamic societies to accommodate their beliefs and wishes.

The Minneapolis airport problem with Muslim cabbies was one such example we posed to Mr. Siddiqui. We asked why these incidents happen and why those who believe in Islam demand such accommodations from non-Islamic societies.

His response was this. That these were not religious issues but cultural ones. He said that the religion of Islam did not demand that such behavior be practiced by Muslims but that it was the demands of their culture that made Muslims act that way. Basically, the religion of Islam was not at fault.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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Baitullah Mehsud, and his 20,000 man army? Within Pakistan?

GERTZ:Baitullah Mehsud is regarded as one of the biggest Al Qaida threats to Pakistan President Musharraf. Mehsud, a senior commander in Al Qaida, has used his strong connections with Pakistan's military and intelligence services to conduct a series of suicide bombings, including the Dec. 27 assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto.
Gee, you mean radical Islam has a hold in the ISI and Pakistani army? Why, this is such a surprise !

Mehsud, whose model has been Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, helped establish the safe haven for Al Qaida along the Afghan-Pakistani border in cooperation with Musharraf.

As in the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan?

The Al Qaida commander was also said to be behind most if not all of the 19 suicide bombings in Pakistan, including the two aimed at Bhutto, over the past three months.

"Fantastic job," Mehsud was quoted as saying in a telephone call intercepted and released by Pakistani intelligence. "Very brave boys, the ones who killed her."

Mehsud, who heads a 20,000-member army, was responsible for Al Qaida's return to the Afghan-Pakistani border in 2005. He cooperated with Taliban and Pakistani tribes to draft a peace deal to Musharraf along the border area. Musharraf, who had no stomach for a grueling fight against major tribes, agreed to the deal.

People with no stomach for a fight like this don't need any of our F-16's. Just a swiss account, maybe from a book deal.

The president even threw in nearly $500,000 to keep the tribal chiefs and their Al Qaida allies quiet. The Mahsud are one of the four sub-tribes of the Waziri.

The deal was so sweet that Mehsud bragged of his role in the return of Al Qaida and Taliban. But when the United States began looking for Mehsud, he lowered his profile and shuttles among a series of safe houses and prevented any release of his picture.

"He can manipulate you and then kill you," a Western intelligence source said. "He is dangerous and ruthless."

Musharraf has found Mehsud convenient. The president and his aides have blamed the Al Qaida commander for just about every terrorist outrage in Pakistan, including the assassination of Bhutto. The sources said attributing attacks to Mehsud diverts attention from his cooperation with Pakistani intelligence and military.

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Know those stories about Ahmadinejad's power waning?

Iran's Khamenei losing control; Ahmadinejad gains power

Gertz: Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei has lost all but his title. Ill and aging, Khamenei's authority is rapidly fading amid infighting over succession.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, left, and Revolutionary Guards commander Mohammad Ali Jafari in Yazd, Iran on Jan. 4. Reuters/Iran Student News Agancy
Khamenei's orders have been ignored by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Cabinet.

They nod as Khamenei speaks and then rip up their notes.

Khamenei sought greater powers over the military. Forget it. The leader wanted privatization. He was ignored.

Even when the Iranian leader summoned Ahmadinejad and his Cabinet and insisted on results, nothing happened. Khamenei even threatened the Cabinet on television.

The result was more a defeat for Khamenei than a victory for Ahmadinejad. The Iranian leader took a gamble and lost when he appointed the ruthless Ahmadinejad. The president controls the tools of the regime, particularly the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Basji. Khamenei barely controls the mosque, let alone the military.

Khamenei has sought to win some power or at least his respect by reaching out to former allies. They included Hashemi Rafsanjani and Hassan Rowani, people who were powerful until 2005. The result has been some critical articles of Ahmadinejad in the Iranian press. But nothing more.
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