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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Davey And Goliath Christmas - UPDATE


The Lutheran Church has a new, updated version of the Davey and Goliath cartoon series.

From the Davey and Goliath website:

Davey and Goliath’s Snowboard Christmas is a one-hour, action-packed holiday special perfect for the whole family! Produced by the ELCA for broadcast television, this holiday special features the magic of stop-motion animation at its best.

The story focuses on God’s love for all children. It introduces two new characters, Yasmeen, a Muslim girl, and Sam, a Jewish boy. Not only do Davey and his friends learn some dazzling snowboard maneuvers, they also learn about understanding and respect for each other.

Join Davey and Goliath as they meet new friends from different cultures and learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Davey and Goliath is an old Christian TV show which was, quite frankly, always pretty terrible.

However, it has become far more terrible.

In this new Christmas episode, Davey gets a new snowboard for Christmas. For Davey, the snowboard is the only thing which gives Christmas meaning, until he befriends the new Muslim girl down the street.

Yes, that's right. This show is apocalyptically stupid.

Davey and his furry friend Goliath are portrayed throughout as lacking in compassion, morals and sense. It isn't until Davey's lack of sense lands them beneath an avalanche, and Yasmin, Davey's little Muslim friend, teaches him the meaning of forgiveness that Davey comes to have any understanding of the place of his own "religion."

In other words, in this episode of Davey and Goliath, it is only within the context of other religions that Christianity itself seems to make sense.

The new Davey and Goliath is an abomination.

Watch this short video (which contains scenes from the new show) which gives you some insight into the thinking of the politically correct idiots who are in charge of the Davey and Goliath estate.

UPDATE: Apparently, the ecumenical idiots who produced this abomination believe you need a viewing guide to watch the video.

MSNBC, quite unironically, calls it "Politically Correct Davey":

Politically correct DaveyThe one area in which the old shows feel outdated is in its depiction of women, something that’s addressed in the new special.

In the modern update Davey tries to show off his snowboarding prowess to two friends: Sam, a Jewish boy, and Yasmeen, a Muslim girl.

Along the way, the three children compare their celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah and Ramadan. They get into some trouble, of course, but it’s all resolved in the end. And Yasmeen wins the snowboarding race.

The lesson of respect for other religions is purposeful. Clokey credited his agent, Patrick Lauerman, for developing the concept in the anguished days following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Clokey is concerned that the message that God loves all people has been lost amid more judgmental religious fare.

“The church wanted it to be about love and tolerance, and that’s not the face of Christianity in America,” he said. “In the ’60s and ’70s, Christianity was more of a liberal faction. There are still millions of liberal Christians who go to church, but they are not represented on TV anymore.”

Shafer said “Davey & Goliath” is “very much an interfaith show about the oneness of the three faces of Abraham.”

In the Bible that Christians and Jews study, Abraham has only one "face". That's because he was an individual human being, not some Postmodern literary construct, or some Islamic Deconstruction. Abraham was the first Jew. He was a man, chosen by God, for the deep sincerity of his faith, which was credited to him as righteousness.

The Bible is not the Holy Book of Islam. Muslims do not believe the Bible.
Ask a Muslim, for instance, which son Abraham was willing to sacrifice and he will tell you it was Ishmael, not Isaac.

That the Lutheran Church would promote the idea that Islam is somehow a sister faith to Christianity is completely preposterous. Our church leaders have lost their faith in our core beliefs.

It appears regime change may be necessary in our churches as well.
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NY's dreadful judicial system refuses to uphold Ehrenfeld's First Amendment rights

As Publisher's Weekly says, this is a major disappointment that they should throw away a chance to defend American citizens from libel suits filed in Britain. Here's the New York Sun's report on the turnout. However, as Democracy Project tells, there's a reason why this has happened:
What’s missing from the Sun’s account are four important points:

1. The NY law, unlike say California’s, is narrowly drawn, so residents have less protections from suits decided in other jurisdictions, especially ones that may be specious.

2. New York is a world center of publishing. All its publishers are, and some already have been, subject to “libel tourism” suits from Britain’s lax laws, which require the defendant to expensively prove all allegations rather than the plaintiff to prove libel as under U.S. law. These suits are a chill upon Americans’ free speech rights, as even a few copies of a U.S. publication sold over the Internet in Britain (as were just 23 copies of Ehrenfeld’s book) opens U.S. publishers to “libel tourism” suits from Britain.

3. New York’s legislature should immediately correct its statute, to conform to the U.S. Constitution. NY publishers and others should contact Governor Spitzer, their legislative reps, and also U.S. Senators Schumer and Clinton to bring their influence to bear.

4. Rachel Ehrenfeld, meanwhile, has seen her publishing access squeezed by fear of this suit, and lost considerable opportunities to earn her living, while Americans have been denied the opportunity to read her well-researched exposes of Arab financing of terror.
The state reps should certainly be lobbied to do something about this, though something tells me that Hillary Clinton is not one of them.

Here's what the AP Wire says:
The unanimous decision interpreting a New York law now goes to a federal court. There, author Rachel Ehrenfeld has sought to combat what her attorney argued was a chilling effect on free speech by the billionaire, Khalid Salim A. Bin Mahfouz. The Saudi businessman has sued more than two dozen times over writings on terrorism and those who fund it, including Ehrenfeld's 2003 book.

"The chill continues," said Ehrenfeld's attorney, Daniel Kornstein of Manhattan.

Kornstein said the businessman hasn't tried to collect on his judgment, which includes an apology and a halt on book sales. But he said the London court verdict is a threat to authors.

"That's the danger and the risk and the problem that we tried to stress," Kornstein said. "It creates a sword of Damocles that prohibits authors and publishers _ and readers can't read about it."
Indeed it does. It's time to halt this foreign persecution tactic dead in its tracks.

Update: be sure to read Andrew McCarthy's whole discussion.

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Storm Track Disinformation: Accused Jihadist Uses the Nessie Defense

When you think you heard it all, this comes up.

According to accused Jihadist Kader Ahmed, there was this misunderstanding. You see, he went on a trip arranged by preacher Mohammed Hamid, to Scotland at Christmas 2004. And according to his disposition he said "It was very beautiful as well. I had never seen reindeer before."

Reindeer? In Scotland? Well, yes. There’s a small heard there in the Cairngorm mountains and the Cromdale hills.

Any way, he and his teacher stopped by Loch Ness for a few days to see if they could spot Nessie.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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"An Islamic London Would Be A Better Place"

Time Out magazine must be vying to become the most pathetic group of cock-sucking dhimmis ever:

It’s the capital’s fastest growing religion, based on noble traditions and compassionate principles, yet Islam can still be tainted by mistrust and misunderstanding. Here Time Out argues that an Islamic London would be a better place

The official executioner placed a stepladder against the plinth. The lorry pulled up and the young man was pushed out, then forced up the ladder. The noose was forced over the condemned man’s head. The crowd chanted ‘Allahu akbar’ (God is greater than everything).

The hoist driver put his finger on a green button …

Okay, not really – that’s a hysterical, right-wing nightmare of a future Muslim London: where an cruel alien creed is forced on a liberal city. A society where women are second-class citizens, same sex relationships a crime and Sharia law enforces terrible public disfigurement and death. But the reality is a long, long way from this dark vision. For a start, Islam is not an alien religion to London. At the end of World War I the city sat at the heart of an Empire that had 160 million Muslim subjects, 80 million in India alone. London was the largest Islamic capital in the world. Forty years later and the end of the Empire, unrest and war and poverty in south Asia had lead to mass immigration to the mother country and London became a Muslim capital in another sense.

Oh really?!? Sounds like complete, unadulterated bullshit to me. But, what do I know? I'm just a fucking Infidel.

So, let's look at why an Islamic London would be a better place.

Public health

On the surface, Islamic health doesn’t look good: the 2001 census showed that 24 per cent of Muslim women and 21 per cent of Muslim men suffered long-term illness and disability. But these are factors of social conditions rather than religion.

All those social conditions are the result of Islam, but I guess Time Out London can't be expected to deal with reality, can they?

By the way, are you getting the feeling that the writers at Time Out London would be pretty-mouthed little prison bitches? With men like this, who needs women, huh?

It's fucking disgusting.

In fact, Islam offers Londoners potential health benefits ...

Alcohol is haram, or forbidden, to Muslims. As London is above the national average for alcohol-related deaths in males, with 17.6 per 100,000 people (Camden has 31.6 per 100,000 males), turning all the city’s pubs into juice bars would have a massive positive effect on public health.


‘The world is green and beautiful,’ said the prophet Muhammad, ‘and Allah has appointed you his guardian over it.’ The Islamic concept of halifa or trusteeship obliges Muslims to look after the natural world and Muhammad was one of the first ever environmentalists, advocating hima – areas where wildlife and forestry are protected.

Yeah, look at how beautiful the fucking Muslim world is already.

The Jews turned the desert of Isreal into an oasis, and just across the street it's a god damned trash heap.

The whole Islamic world is a wasteland, and to the extent they don't have pollution it's because THEY DON'T HAVE ANYTHING, no industry, no innovation, nothing. They don't build their own stuff. They can't even refine their own oil, for God's sake. They don't do anything, so there is no byproduct to their existence except for the shit that comes out of their buttholes.

And, if you don't believe me, then here is a list of the top exports of the Islamic world:

Look 'em up. There really isn't much to see. Fruits, nuts, animals, and, uh, well, oil.

Anyway, I'm not going to go on with this. Suffice it to say, if you are ever locked away in an Islamic jail, Time Out will be happy to fill your sexual needs in whatever position you desire.

And, by the way, if you are ever locked away in an Islamic jail, it seems to me, it really isn't that much different from living in an Islamic society.
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Pakistan...BIG BOMB = Raid Madrassah. Probably right.

Suicide Bombing Kills 50 in Pakistani City
Associated Press

SHERPAO, Pakistan, 22 December 2007 — Pakistani police raided an Islamic school and arrested seven students yesterday, hours after a suicide bomber killed at least 50 people inside a mosque packed with holiday worshippers at the home of the former interior minister, police said.

The bombing, which left bloody clothes, shoes and pieces of flesh scattered across the house of worship, was the second suicide attack in eight months apparently targeting Aftab Khan Sherpao, who escaped injury.

Interesting connection HERE

Suspicion for the blast was expected to focus on the pro-Taleban or Al-Qaeda militants active in northwest Pakistan — near the Afghan border — where the attack occurred. As interior minister, Sherpao was deeply involved in Pakistan’s efforts to combat the Taleban and drive out Al-Qaeda.

President Pervez Musharraf condemned the blast and directed security and intelligence agencies to track down the masterminds, the state Associated Press of Pakistan reported.

After the bombing, dozens of police and intelligence agents raided an Islamic school in the nearby village of Turangzai and arrested seven students, some of them Afghans, two police officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

The blast deepened the sense of uncertainty in Pakistan ahead of Jan. 8 parliamentary elections, which Sherpao, as head of the Pakistan People’s Party-Sherpao, is contesting.

The bombing turned a prayer service crowded with hundreds of people celebrating the Eid Al-Adha into a scene of carnage at the mosque inside Sherpao’s residential compound in Sherpao, a village 40 kilometers northeast of the city of Peshawar.

The bomber was in a row of worshippers when he detonated the explosive, provincial police chief Sharif Virk said. “There was blood and body parts everywhere. There was panic everywhere. People were running. Some people were injured in the chaos,” said Iqbal Hussain, a police officer in charge of security at the mosque.

District Mayor Farman Ali Khan said between 50 and 55 people were killed, and authorities were collecting information on their identities. Local police chief Feroz Shah said over 100 were wounded. Witnesses said the dead included police officers guarding Sherpao, who was praying in the mosque’s front row at the time of the attack. He was not harmed, but one of his sons was wounded.

The district police officer of Charsadda, Feroz Shah, told Arab News “it was a security lapse but could not be prevented.”

So we have "militants" murdering swine, taking action little different from the mass murderers who slaughtered the Jewish people in Netanya on Passover in 2002, acting from a madrassah taken over when the Red Mosque incident went down. Are things any better? Did marshall law help? Did the emergency decree accomplish anything? You tell me

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Here's a good one for Bob Spencer

From Gertz:

DoD official sees Al Qaida's destruction by its own ideology

The Pentagon’s official in charge of ideological efforts against Islamist extremism said last week that Al Qaida ideology is flawed and will ultimately lead to its defeat as an idea system.

“The ideology contains the seeds of its own destruction,” said Michael Doran, deputy assistant secretary of defense for support to public deployment.

Doran cited four main reasons, including 1) the global extremist ideology’s failure to meet the needs of local people, 2) its advocacy of killing Sunni Muslims and 3) killing innocent civilians of all kind, and last 4) because its call for indiscriminate killing is contrary to “about a thousand years of traditional Islamic teaching.”

Excuse me fella, but isn't 1 a rather enthnocentric western, HIGHLY secular, and liberal view? If they don't build

sbarro_museum.jpgschools and fix the roads we vote in the other guy? That worked well with HAMAS now, didn't it? I mean the Palestinians are ready to have their own party convention and settle their internal differences politically, right? Maybe FATAH will have a better Rx plan? What's wrong with that pic? On the day HAMAS loses a free election, and lays down their arms to other secular authority, and it's authority which will negotiate away what 'god' gave the muslims in the holy land, let me know, will ya? 2) They don't do that, they advocate killing those who (in the dialectic) by collaborating with the kufrs (and probably 'greeting' them on their holidays, as well) have apostatized themselves. A bit extreme, but the Quran is the Quran, and the Sunnis are Muslims. 3) Take that one one up at Sbarro's .4) Well, I don;t even know where to begin with that factually delusional view. If we gain small victories like the surge in Iraq, part of the reason may be that the conscience of the average muslim is appalled by what Al Qaeda is calling for and doing, but what they ARE calling for is the word of the Quran. What you, Dr. Doran are suggesting, it seems to me, is that the Quran (for victory to be found) can be choicefully ignored. Until when? By how many? BTW, if you can't follow what I am saying about Sbarro's, those Sunnis (backed by the Shia of the Hojatieh bent in Iran) have a fine museum to remind you about it. I suggest you open discussion with Tantawi, Qaradawi, Krekar, Hamza and Bakri, maybe you can do better than Palazzzi and Kabbani did with that entire branch of the religion.

“And all those factors together, in the right circumstances, I think, undo Al Qaida,” said Doran, a former Princeton professor.

The three distinctive characteristics of Al Qaida extremist ideological are “takfirism” or the branding of other Muslims as non-Muslim and thus making them apostates and targets of the extremists; second is a Leninist-style concept that extremists place themselves as a “vanguard” of a movement for radical Islamic change; and last is the secret cellular structure that while not part of the ideology it encourages the creation of it.

The ideology has spread because of the simplicity of the message and the notion of the vanguard has made it attractive.

NO, sorry, but perhaps it has spread because it is religiously authoritative, and we on the side of non head sawing religion, have no such authoritative rejoinders at hand?

“It's a message that can be translated; a global message that can be translated into local circumstances very easily, because what it says to an individual is the Muslim world, the Islamic community, is under threat,” Doran said. “The threat is grave. The very existence of the Islamic community is at stake. And the only way to save it is to take drastic action now.”

“So it divides the world up into black and white,” he told reporters at the Foreign Press Center. “It says who's on the black side, who's on the white side, and it says, ‘Here's how we do things.’ And that message has appeal to a lot of people in a lot of different circumstances.”

No argument there.

You know, I'm sure these people mean well, but we have Bob Gates, SecDef, whose pronouncements, measurable actions and criticism of whom over the years make him very little different from Barack Obama certainly as far as Iran is concerned, and now we have, 6 years on, horrific misreading of the salafist religious program.

Dude, as long as the people are the sovereign in the west, and NOT God, we will have a big problem with that entire branch of Islam which believes it is their individual responsibility to make 'justice' reign, FOR GOD'S SAKE.
Why do politicians believe it is impossible to have this discussion?

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Different in What Matters


Why, why, WHY is it that whenever someone who is Muslim, or has a Muslim-sounding name, does something… it’s automatically blamed on Islam? Every time I’m expected to condemn something done by a Muslim, I want to demand in turn that all Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Wiccans, Communists, Germans (on behalf of the Nazis), and Caucasians apologize and condemn every single crime committed by those who belong to their religious or ethnic group.

Isn't that an elaborate strawman?

I urge you to read more about Islam and Muslims (this website is a good start!), and better yet, to get to know Muslims personally. Discover for yourself how Muslims in Canada aren’t all that different from you. Yes, we may have some beliefs and practices that differ from yours, but in general we share many of the same values. Those “Judeo-Christian” values, based on the Ten Commandments, that I’m constantly told Canada was founded upon - guess what? Muslims believe in each and every one of the Ten Commandments too. Food for thought, eh?

These Islamic values are compatible with Canadian traditions to such a degree that just a couple of years ago the Ontario government allowed the use of the sharia regulations for family matters.

Oops, my bad.

What could be possibly wrong with a subset of laws that result in

  1. The death of 15 girls for not wearing the hijab.
  2. The bloody beatings of Iranian women for uppity behavior.
  3. The restriction of women's rights in matters of divorce.
  4. These lovely outcomes.

Perhaps Islamic values aren't shared by Canadians, eh?

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Storm Track Infiltration: Staying Up To Date With Jihad

Keep up with those crazy Jihadists – who they are and where they are doing their latest dastardly deed is hard to keep up with. So here are a couple of resources you can use to stay up to date with Jihad.

First, if you when a kid enjoyed collecting baseball cards then the U.S. Department of Defense has issued a collection of Terrorist Recognition Cards. Click on a region to see who's who (complete with stats) and who's wanted.

You can choose from one of five regions – Afghanistan/Pakistan, Iraq, the horn of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and Southeast Asia - and see who’s who in terrorism.

Read therest at The Gathering Storm.
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Ron Paul and Don Black of STORMFRONT

celtic cross stormfront.jpgOKAY you constitutional expert Paulista complete jackasses ....defend america now.


Make it page one every day

candidates for the republican nomination,
or after the nomination
the democrats will be asking the republican nominee


THANKS TO LGF for this one.
Are you feeling me here?

Maybe HERE ?


What is WRONG with all these people?
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Senior Qaeda Theologian Urges His Followers To End Their Jihad

WASHINGTON — One of Al Qaeda's senior theologians is calling on his followers to end their military jihad and saying the attacks of September 11, 2001, were a "catastrophe for all Muslims."

In a serialized manifesto written from prison in Egypt, Sayyed Imam al-Sharif is blasting Osama bin Laden for deceiving the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, and for insulting the Prophet Muhammad by comparing the September 11 attacks to the early raids of the Ansar warriors.

The lapsed jihadist even calls for the formation of a special Islamic court to try Osama bin Laden and his old comrade Ayman al-Zawahri.

The disclosures from Mr. Sharif, also known as Dr. Fadl and Abd al-Qadir ibn Abd al-Aziz, have already opened a rift at the highest levels of Al Qaeda. The group's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, a former associate of the defecting theologian in Egypt, personally mocked him last month in a video, remarking that he was unaware Egyptian prisons had fax machines. Meanwhile, leading Western analysts are saying the defection of Mr. Sharif indicates the beginning of the end for Al Qaeda.

The author of "Inside Al Qaeda," Rohan Gunaratna said in an interview this week, "There is nothing more important than a former jihadist as important as Dr. Fadl criticizing the jihadist vanguard." Mr. Gunaratna, who acts at times as a consultant for American and Western intelligence, described the reformed theologian as "both an ideologue and operational leader, but he was primarily an ideologue."

An expert on Islamic terrorism with the Jamestown Foundation, Steven Ulph, also said the defection of Mr. Sharif could hemorrhage support for Al Qaeda. "The important point to make, when you have the combination of a respected ideologue, plus someone who was in the field, say these things it is more important than having a Saudi sheik that moderates his message," he said.

The director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University, Frank Cilluffo, said, "Here you have someone with the stature and credibility, who more or less wrote the book on jihadism and is oft cited by other jihadists, making the case against it. This is someone with the heft on legal and religious grounds to make the counter argument that we can't."

Mr. Sharif, currently serving a life sentence in an undisclosed Egyptian prison, wrote in the 1980s two of the modern seminal texts for Sunni jihadism and in particular Al Qaeda, in "Fundamental Concepts Regarding Jihad" and "The Five Ground Rules for the Achieving of Victory or Its Absence." Those books are scholarly justifications, citing the Koran and Hadiths, for joining a war against Muslim apostates such as the Egyptian ruling class and for a broader jihad against the far enemy of America.

Originally rounded up in the arrests following the 1981 assassination of Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat, Mr. Sharif served in an Egyptian jail with Ayman al-Zawahri, who would later go on to be the deputy to Mr. bin Laden. In 2001, shortly after the September 11 attacks, Mr. Sharif was arrested in Yemen and was later sent to Egypt in 2003 or 2004.

His latest texts are a renunciation of his earlier work, saying the military jihad or war against apostate states and America is futile. But the ex-jihadist also calls into question the virtue of Mr. bin Laden and Mr. Zawahri. In some ways the manifesto reads in parts like a spicy Washington memoir by an embittered former official.

Of his old associates he writes, "Bin Laden, al-Zawahri, and others fled at the beginning of the American bombing [in Afghanistan], to the point of abandoning their wives and families to be killed along with other innocent people," according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute. It goes on, "I think that a sharia court should be established, composed of reliable scholars, to hold these people accountable for their crimes — even if in absentia — so that those who are ignorant in their religion do not repeat this futility."

Mr. Sharif also says Mr. Zawahri informed on his friends after he was arrested following the Sadat assassination in 1981. "I don't know of anyone in Islamic history having committed such deceit, fraud, falsification, and betrayal of trust with such hostility to someone else's book, and perverted it - no one before Ayman al-Zawahri," he wrote.

Last month, in a video produced by Al Qaeda's production company, Mr. Zawahri said the latest recantations from his one time friend were the result of torture, asking if the electrical current for the fax machine he used to serialize his new book in the Arabic press also powered the prison's electric chair. Egypt has been singled out by Human Rights Watch and other human rights groups for the practice of torture in its prisons, particularly the use of electric shocks. In February, a man named Abu Omar who claimed to be kidnapped by the CIA and transported to an Egyptian prison described in detail how he was tortured during his interrogations by Egypt's security services.

On Monday, an American intelligence official familiar with the interrogation of Mr. Sharif said that in 2004 the Al Qaeda cleric was tortured. "All I am saying is that screw drivers were involved," this official, who asked to be anonymous, said. When asked if Mr. Sharif was tortured, Mr. Gunaratna responded by saying, "He spent time in an Egyptian prison."

But Mr. Gunaratna also said he believed Mr. Sharif's conversion was genuine. "He has had a genuine change of heart because we are seeing a trend today in Egypt where the original members of both of the major jihadist organizations are turning, the senior members of these groups, many have gone back and been remorseful," he said. "He is not an exception because there is a trend. . . The traditional jihad movement is almost coming to an end. What has it accomplished in more than 25 years?"

Two spokesmen for American government agencies yesterday declined to comment on this story.
I think the fact that Sharif says the war is "futile", not immoral, is proof that he is saying what he really believes, and not just telling us what we want to hear.
If he was putting this out for Western consumption he'd say the war was wrong. But, we know that the Koran tells Muslims to wage Jihad against the Infidels, so war is not wrong in and of itself according to the sacred scriptures of Muslims.
But, a war can be considered to be wrong if it is not winnable, if it is ill-timed. In such cases, the Koran instructs Muslims to seek a hudna, or truce, when Islamic armies do not have military advantage. A hudna is a temporary truce specifically for the purpose of regrouping ones army to gain a future advantage.
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The Thoughts of One Angry American Lady

"Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001?

Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania?

Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they?

And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?...Well, I don't. I don't care at all.

I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11.

I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere possession of which is a crime in Saudi Arabia.

I'll care when these thugs tell the world they are sorry for hacking off Nick Berg's head while Berg screamed through his gurgling slashed throat.

I'll care when the cowardly so-called "insurgents" in Iraq come out and fight like men instead of disrespecting their own religion by hiding in mosques.

I'll care when the mindless zealots who blow themselves up in search of nirvana care about the innocent children within range of their suicide bombs.

I'll care when the American media stops pretending that their First Amendment liberties are somehow derived from international law instead of the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights.

In the meantime, when I hear a story about a brave marine roughing up an Iraqi terrorist to obtain information, know this: I don't care.

When I see a fuzzy photo of a pile of naked Iraqi prisoners who have been humiliated in what amounts to a college-hazing incident, rest assured: I don't care.

When I see a wounded terrorist get shot in the head when he is told not to move because he might be booby-trapped, you can take it to the bank: I don't care.

When I hear that a prisoner, who was issued a Koran and a prayer mat, and fed "special" food that is paid for by my tax dollars, is complaining that his holy book is being "mishandled," you can absolutely believe in your heart of hearts: I don't care.

And oh, by the way, I've noticed that sometimes it's spelled "Koran" and other times "Quran." Well, Jimmy Crack Corn and-you guessed it-I don't care !!

If you agree with this viewpoint, pass this on to all your E-mail friends. Sooner or later, it'll get to the people responsible for this ridiculous behavior!

If you don't agree, then by all means hit the delete button. Should you choose the latter, then please don't complain when more atrocities committed by radical Muslims happen here in our great Country! And may I add:

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem" -- Ronald Reagan

I have another quote that I would like to add AND.......I hope you forward all this.

"If we ever forget that we're One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under." Also by.. Ronald Reagan

One last thought for the day:

In case we find ourselves starting to believe all the Anti-American sentiment and negativity, we should remember England 's Prime Minister Tony Blair's words during a recent interview. When asked by one of his Parliament members why he believes so much in America, he said: "A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in.. And how many want out."

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you:
1. Jesus Christ
2. The American G. I.

One died for your soul, the other for your freedom."
Mark Alexander (Paperback)

Mark Alexander (Hardback)

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China decides humor is the best idea for US relations

On the heels of Beijing's stunning slap at U.S. ships turned away from Hong Kong, a Chinese general last week said U.S.-China military relations are lagging behind overall U.S.-China ties because of congressional restrictions that were passed in 1999 to prevent China from gaining valuable warfighting knowledge.

Maybe we should just build the weapons they want and give them to the PLA along with instructions written by the guys who create those assembly instructions for furniture you get from THEM.
Maj. Gen. Qian Lihua from the Defense Ministry’s foreign affairs office made the comments after meetings in Washington between U.S. and Chinese defense officials.

Qian said that the 1999 congressional restrictions of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Ministry of National Defense “have imposed restrictions on the development of the relations between the two armed forces in 12 areas."

“From the legal point of view, they are obstacles to the development of the relations between the two armed forces,” he said.

The congressional restrictions were passed after U.S. intelligence revealed that China gain valuable warfighting knowledge from the visits, including learning about the vulnerability of U.S. aircraft carriers. A short time after the incident, Beijing was detected purchasing wake-homing torpedoes for its anti-aircraft carrier attack operation.

C'MON, this is actually funny. They are saying if we trusted them enough for them to gain knowledge about how to fight a war (presumably with us) that would prove we are really friends?

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Storm Track Infiltration: Criminal Jihad Progressing Nicely

What’s one of the best places to recruit future terrorists in the West? Your best bet is to go those who are already resentful of their own country – prison inmates. This knowledge does not go unheeded by the Jihadists.

There has been a concerted effort by Jihadists to preach radical Wahhabi Islam in our prisons and recruit inmates to the cause of radial Islam. Criminal Jihad is only one of the many different non-violent jihads practiced by political Islam like cultural jihad, economic jihad, demographic jihad, media jihad, legal jihad, institutional jihad and financial jihad.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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There is no escape for WHITE SUPREMACISTS' 'sophisticated' hiding act ..Ron Paul, DeWinter, Buchanan all one thing in the end

Make it page one every day
candidates for the republican nomination,
or after the nomination
the democrats will be asking the republican nominee

'From American Thinker....

Neo-Nazi complains about Ron Paul's denial of ties to white supremacists

Thomas Lifson
American Thinker has extensively covered the troubling links between Ron Paul's campaign and neo-Nazis. For our trouble we were blasted by some critics, and subjected to a torrent of abusive letters from Ron Paul supporters.
But now, an apparently genuine Neo-Nazi, Bill White, Commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party is fed up with the campaign's mild distancing and disavowal, and claims on a neo-Nazi website, the Vanguard News Network, that he has attended meetings with Paul at both a Thai restaurant in Arlington, and in his official office.

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has assembled links to corroborating evidence

Ron Paul's continuing LACK of frank disavowal of STORMFRONT, and DeWinter's LACK of frank disavowal ofBS_smell.jpg "white europe", Buchanan's brown fear (or jew directed phobia) in the end are really all one thing. Even if all these individuals and groups make claim to a lack of racism, in fact, they, at BEST, express George Wallace's state of mind after loosing an ealry election to someone even MORE segregationist then he was..'I'll never be out niggered again'. But my judgment is, this is real, and that is WHO they are. White defenders, white supremacists, ethinc nationalists, all trying to hide under the table of 'traditional values'.

It's time for Mitt, Rudy, Fred, John and every other candidate to PIN Mr Paul to the wall and END a republican candidate who is SO connected to Stormfront's money and endorsements LIVE on every single soundbite, debate and invterview ..."WHEN, MR. PAUL will you explain and excoriate your involvement with STORMFRONT and the endorsements and money they produce for your benefit? WHY, MR. PAUL have you not acted already? WHO in your organization belongs to such groups? How many times have you met with such supporters?"

Why are these questions not asked?

From a neo nazi ...

I have kept quiet about the Ron Paul campaign for a while, because I didn't see any need to say anything that would cause any trouble. However, reading the latest release from his campaign spokesman, I am compelled to tell the truth about Ron Paul's extensive involvement in white nationalism.

Both Congressman Paul and his aides regularly meet with members of the Stormfront set, American Renaissance, the Institute for Historic Review, and others at the Tara Thai restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, usually on Wednesdays. This is part of a dinner that was originally organized by Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis and Joe Sobran, and has since been mostly taken over by the Council of Conservative Citizens.

I have attended these dinners, seen Paul and his aides there, and been invited to his offices in Washington to discuss policy.

For his spokesman to call white racialism a "small ideology" and claim white activists are "wasting their money" trying to influence Paul is ridiculous. Paul is a white nationalist of the Stormfront type who has always kept his racial views and his views about world Judaism quiet because of his political position.

I don't know that it is necessarily good for Paul to "expose" this. However, he really is someone with extensive ties to white nationalism and for him to deny that in the belief he will be more respectable by denying it is outrageous - and I hate seeing people in the press who denounce racialism merely because they think it is not fashionable.

Bill White, Commander
American National Socialist Workers Party

ENOUGH! Ron Paul has no business running on the republican side, or the democratic side.
Make it page one every day
candidates for the republican nomination,
or after the nomination
the democrats will be asking the republican nominee

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Palestinians Are So Used To Lying They'll Say Anything

With thanks to Alouette at LGF:

Fatah Accuses Hamas Of Colluding With Israel

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh's announcement that his group is willing to hold cease-fire negotiations with Israel is a "pathetic and misleading attempt to divert international attention away from the crimes of Hamas and Islamic Jihad," President Shimon Peres announced Wednesday.
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Catholic Leader : "If there's a state of one religion, other religions are naturally discriminated against"

Now I wonder what religion he has been talking about?
Could it be this one?

mecca_road_sign.jpgWhere the religion of the majority trumps secular 'law' as a joke from Morocco to China? Where the official law of millennial ages makes OFFICIAL second class citizens out of OTHER?

NO, of course not, the always ready Euro trash historical response always is evocative of one group.
sabbah.jpgThe group who rejected Christ, caused earthquakes, famines and plagues, was expelled from virtually every European nation (some several times) because they were just a bit too different for the tribal ignoramuses and their suspicions, and finally after being accused of spying in a national scandal so pathetic, one man actually dreamed that it could all end if only these easily spat upon tiny remnant of a people could have their own nation. Sorry Theodore, WRONG on that one. Men's ignorance might be masked by a more sophisticated response, but the object is the same. Same as the Council of Nicaea, or 1348, or now. GET THEM JEWZ, BOYZ!

What the Catholic 'Leader' is so upset about is not one of the SCORES of muslim states, it's the JOOOOOOOZE which for the millionth time attracts the negative attention of the catholic church.It's just all so boringly familiar. Stupid.

One would have thought that the catholic church of today in recognizing their role and responsibility for the suffering of millions of jews across 2+ millenia, by what they taught and incited would recognize the exceptional case of what is probably the smallest montheistic religion by population on the planet, partly of a result of European ignorance, and church lead persecution.

Benedict STEP on this moron.

In his address, which he read in Arabic and English, Sabbah said Israel should abandon its Jewish character in favor of a "political, normal state for Christians, Muslims and Jews."

Does anyone need a translation of the meaning of this?

Your bigotry and desired outcome brings shame and calumny on the word religion, and the idea of god in any of them, you galactically transparent goon.

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The End Of Nick Griffin?

Short video HERE, from Channel 4 in the UK.

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Mocking The Birth Of Jesus

Via this posting by JR of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS:

YouTube link, which provides this blurb summing up the commercial:
We open on the nativity scene as the 3 wise men place their gifts inside the manger. There's a pregnant pause. Suddenly, one by one, the gifts are thrown out of the manger. The wise men look on in disbelief. Joseph and Mary look to each other with a blank expression.
Would any advertising company dare to design a commercial mocking Muhammad? Can't you just see the outrage which would ensue?

As JR of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS sardonically stated:
Christians worlwide have of course gone on a rampage, trashed all the firm's stores and called for the beheading of all staff of the advertising agency. And the political Left have defended them for doing so -- saying that their feelings had been hurt and it was all due to poverty anyway.
The news article about the commercial is HERE.

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Women without veils must die ! or as my grandfather would say, "Vot then?"

Tehran, 19 Dec. (AKI) - A top Muslim cleric in Iran, Hojatolislam Gholam Reza Hassani said on Wednesday that women in Iran who do not wear the hijab or Muslim headscarf, should die.
"Women who do not respect the hijab and their husbands deserve to die," said Hassani, who leads Friday prayers in the city of Urumieh, in Iranian Azerbaijan.

"I do not understand how these women who do not respect the hijab, 28 years after the birth of the Islamic Republic, are still alive," he said.

"These women and their husbands and their fathers must die," said Hassani, who is the representative of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in eastern Azerbaijan.

Hassani's statements came after two Kurdish feminists in Iran were accused of being members of an armed rebel group and of carrying out subversive activities threatening the security of the state.

xin-hijab.jpgIt is believed that his statements and the arrests could spark a fresh crackdown on women who do not repect the Islamic dress code in Iran.

Thousands of women in Iran have already been warned this year for their "un-Islamic dress" such as wearing tight, short coats and skimpy headscarves.


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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wafa Sultan Speaks

This video should be required viewing for infidels everywhere.

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Muslims Against Sharia Want Your Help

Many people talk about the need to reform Islam.

Now you can stop talking and start helping.With the help of our readers we went through the Koran and removed every verse that we believe did not come from Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

However, it is possible that we missed something, and we could use your help. If you find verses in the reformed version of the Koran that promote violence, divisiveness, religious or gender superiority, bigotry, or discrimination, please let us know the number of the verse and the reason why it should be removed.

Please email your suggestions to koran-AT-reformislam.org.

When we finish editing process, we would like to publish Reform Koran in as many languages as possible. If you could help with translation or distribution of the Reform Koran, please email us at koran-AT-reformislam.org.

If you could provide financial support, please visit our support page.

In Memoriam of Aqsa Parvezhttp://www.reformislam.org/reform.php
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Storm Track Infiltration: Faculty Professor Says US Response to 9/11 Should Conform to Sharia Law

I know. I almost threw my mouse across the room too when I read the headline. This is what passes for academic thinking in the country. Poor. Piss poor.

Who is this effetist clown? His name is Dr. Kevin Jaques also known as of the ThreeMosqueteers and one of the three academics who are helping architect PaulMurdoch to plant a terrorist memorial mosque on the Flight 93 crashsite. He was most central to the Park Service’s fraudulent internalinvestigation.

Here’s the professor’s analysis of what our response should have been to 9/11.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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OT, but mind boggling in the fight for freedom of expression ...it's...........


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

UNICEF Photo Of The Year

The image is startling -- a 40-year-old groom sitting beside his 11-year-old future bride. Photographer Stephanie Sinclair, who took the photo last year in Afghanistan, asked the pre-teenage bride what she felt on the day of her engagement.

"Nothing," said the girl, according to Sinclair. "I do not know this man. What am I supposed to feel?"

The sobering image and the story behind it brought Sinclair top honors in the annual Photo of the Year contest sponsored by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Awards were distributed to first through third place winners as well as eight honorable mentions. International judges considered 1,230 entries from 142 photographers in 31 countries.

Sinclair, an American photographer, produced her winning photograph as part of a series of pictures she took about child marriages between 2005 and 2007 in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Nepal. UNICEF estimates that about 50 percent of Afghani women are married before they turn 18.
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Jihad Sing-Along DVD Sold At British Mosque

The video below was sold at a British Mosque. The video clearly encourages children to blow themselves up in the name of Allah:

British children targeted with sing-along DVD for would-be suicide bombers.

A children’s sing-along DVD for would-be suicide bombers is being investigated by police after being found on sale in one of Britain’s terrorist hotbeds.

The disturbing disc of music videos - part of an Egyptian-made series [This is wrong; see below. – ed.] - shows a young girl singing about following in the footsteps of her suicide bomber mother. A group of self-proclaimed orphans also turn against the West over the plight of the Palestinian people.

The shocking DVD was purchased in Bradford, West Yorks, and full details of the Leeds-based UK distributors are contained on the back of the cover. The West Yorkshire Police specialist counter terrorism unit are investigating the contents - which contain three tracks sung by children in Arabic with English subtitles.

The first song is about two children who lose their mother when she becomes a suicide bomber.

The song is believed to be a reference to Reem al-Reyashi, a 22-year-old Palestinian mother-of-two who blew herself up on January 14, 2004, at a crossing, in the Gaza Strip, killing four Israelis.

The video begins with an Arab woman playing with her two children, then leaving her home with dynamite tucked in her dress, blowing herself up after being challenged by uniformed soldiers, and her children and husband finding out about her death on TV.

After finding out about the suicide on television, her small daughter finds a stick of dynamite in her mother’s wardrobe and turns to the camera with the subtitles: “My love will not be by words. I will follow my mother’s steps.”

Now, I want everyone to think about this very carefully.

The fact that the people who run this Mosque believed they could get away with selling this DVD is proof that Muslims will not report on the Jihadis in their midst, that they are their own little hermetically sealed community, and that they don't give a shit if we Infidels are blown up by suicide bombers.

These people are openly encouraging their children to kill themselves in order to kill us.

It's a very hard truth to accept, but accept it we must if we are to survive.

Do you need more proof that we need to remove these people from the land of Western Civilization?
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You Say You Want A Resolution

From columnist Erik Rush at the New Media Journal:

Snapshot of America: For the moment, we are still “allowed” to believe and say what we wish. I am not saying this to underscore my right to say what follows, but to acknowledge the right of those with whom I vehemently disagree to believe and say what we wish.

Still, the Left sickens me. I mean, really sickens me...

On December 11, Congress passed a resolution introduced by Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) acknowledging the importance of Christmas and Christianity in America. Is it unusual that such a measure would be initiated by a Republican congressman from America’s heartland?

Not particularly.

Is it unusual that what has come to be known as the “The Christmas Resolution” passed the House by a vote of 372-9?

Not particularly.

The phenomenon makes plain the fact that most of Congress, Democrat and Republican, realize that the “imaginary War on Christmas and Christianity” isn’t imaginary at all, and despite the fact that the United States of America is a secular nation with laws and convention rooted in Judeo-Christian tradition, those laws, conventions and traditions are indeed under attack.

The objective question: Why all the hooblah (a word I think I just invented) over Christmas at this particular juncture in our history?

Well, suppose one had been living in a cave for the past forty years; upon emerging last week, they approached a stranger who happened to follow politics and asked them why this resolution had been necessary. Based on the numbers of the congressional vote as regards the Christmas Resolution, I think the answer might go something like this:

“You see, what’s happened over the last forty years is that the puke-gutted Bolsheviks in America have done a really good job of insinuating themselves into strategic positions in government and the media. Now, they’re essentially doing what Lenin did in Russia, promoting socialism, class warfare and attempting to eradicate anything that would displace the authority of the state. Since this is a predominantly Christian nation, quashing that religion is at the top of their list…”

The nine representatives who opposed King’s resolution were all Democrats: Three from California, two from New York, and one each from Washington, Virginia, Colorado and Florida. An obvious protest vote from a minority of twisted, ideological lemmings.

Again, turneth my stomach. “Disingenuous” doesn’t begin to portray the duplicity of someone who knows that the proverbial “separation of church and state” in the First Amendment refers to state-administered religion, yet chooses to misrepresent its meaning anyway. Representative King’s resolution was no more or less than ought to have been extended to any religious group under duress in America. The fact that Christians are a majority is immaterial.

In contrast, on October 2, the U.S. House of Representatives adopted – by a vote of 376-0 – a resolution recognizing the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Now, I have no theoretical objection to Congress recognizing, observing or otherwise honoring any religious group. The honey-dripping, sickly-sweet language of “The Ramadan Resolution” notwithstanding, to put it bluntly: This is most assuredly not the time for America at large to be smooching Islam’s collective buttocks.

It is obvious that, while I’m sure many voted for the Ramadan resolution on principle, many if not all who might have opposed it cast a “yea” vote for the same reason they cave on most social issues: They’re afraid of being called intolerant, racist, chauvinistic, xenophobic Big Fat Meanies.

That the U.S. recognizes and respects Islam and Muslims is painfully evident in that not only have peace-loving Muslims been able to thrive here, but anti-American Wahhabists have been able to cultivate their cancerous enclaves here as well. The former already know they’re welcome here, the latter duly appreciate such spineless, PC-driven measures as “The Ramadan Resolution,” and the radical Muslim world abroad, which sees such pandering as weakness, is anticipating “Blackhawk Down” all over again – this time, on a continental scale.
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Storm Track Appeasement: Herd Animals and the Left

A while back I wrote a post on Sheepdogs, Wolves & Sheep that compared the Left with sheep and those in our society that keep them fat and happy and protected from wolves. Mark Helprin writing in The Claremont Review of Books contributed an opinion piece using another animal comparison. His piece entitled “Herd Animals” described the Left as having a herd – or collective – instinct that prevents them from facing threats to their community.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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Great news ! There's No Such Thing as Al-Qaeda

From the one and only MEMRI, whose mirror needs only fidelity to be a funhouse viewer.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Sheikh Mahdi 'Akef: We Are Ready to Send 10,000 Men to Palestine,But Egyptian Government Should Arm Them; There's No Such Thing as Al-Qaeda – The Americans Made It Up

The following are excerpts from an interview with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt leader Sheikh Muhammad Mahdi 'Akef, which aired on Al-Hiwar TV on November 30, 2007.

· To view the clip of this interview, visit:http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/1627.htm.

· To view MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis No. 409 "Public Debate on the Political Platform of the Planned Muslim Brotherhood Party in Egypt,"visit:


· To view the Muslim Brotherhood MEMRI TV page, visit: www.memritv.org/subject/en/345.htm.

The following is the Al-Hiwar interview:

Interviewer: "During the Israeli aggression against Lebanon, you said that the Muslim Brotherhood was prepared to arm 10,000 young men, and to send them to Lebanon in order to support the resistance. Does this apply to Palestine too?"

'Akef: "This applies to any country under occupation.


'Akef: One of the principles of the Muslim Brotherhood is to rid the Arab and Islamic nation of any foreign rule. The Muslim Brotherhood must support all the forces of resistance in the Arab and Islamic world."

Interviewer: "From where will they get the weapons?"

'Akef: "I don't know. I was talking about men, not weapons. I said we would recruit 10,000 men..."

Interviewer: "Armed men..."

'Akef: "No, you added the word 'armed.' The government must arm these people. When I fought in Palestine,


the government knew about it. The government trained and armed us. As you well know, the military commanders worked with the Muslim Brotherhood. When we fought the English in 1951 in the [Suez] Canal, the government knew about it. We would undergo weapons training within [Al-Azhar] University."



'Akef: "In no country and under no circumstances is it possible to launch resistance unless the government approves of it. Otherwise, we would be fighting the government, which is not our policy."



Interviewer: "There are Sunnis, members of Al-Qaeda, who kill civilians in the name of Islam. There are Shi'ites who kill Sunnis in the name of Islam..."

'Akef: "All these things are American Zionist tricks.


'Akef: The Shi'ites attack one another, the Sunnis attack one another, and the Sh'iites attack the Sunnis. But the Muslim Brotherhood has a principle, which I declared from day one: The Shi'ites and Sunnis are brothers."


'Akef: "I'd like to go back to the issue of Al-Qaeda. There is no such thing as Al-Qaeda. This is an American invention, so that they will have something to fight for..."

Interviewer: "What about Osama bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri, and the Islamic State of Iraq?"


'Akef: "When one man, or two or three, fight this tyrannical global superpower - is it worth anything?"

Interviewer: "Thousands have carried out attacks in the Iraq in the name of Al-Qaeda..."

'Akef: "That is a lie. Who says so?"

Interviewer: "They do."

'Akef: "No, the Americans and their collaborators say this."

Interviewer: "But they claim responsibility for these attacks..."

'Akef: "Al-Qaeda has an ideology, which makes them..."

Interviewer: "You described it once as a perverted ideology."

'Akef: "Of course it is. It is a perverted ideology, which employs methods that do not please Allah. How can I kill a Muslim when this is forbidden?"

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Har Homa's strategic importance

Lenny Ben-David writes in the Jerusalem Post (via One Jerusalem) about why the Har Homa neighborhood in southern Jerusalem is important, and also why the US secretary of state's opposition to expanding it can incite more violence against Israeli citizens just like what happened in 2000.
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Islamic Rage Boy Holiday Video: “Infidels”

Political satire, mocking the bizarre extremism of Islamic fundamentalists. ''The Nose on Your Face, in conjunction with Fatwa Pictures presents Islamic Rage Boy'' singing 'Infidels''':

Refrain [sung to the tune of the kufr hit single ''Jingle Bells'']

In the Holy Land
Oh what joy in brings to cut off
An ear, nose, head or hand...''

1-Some heart-warming pictures of "Islamic Rage Boy": Professional-Protester, Jihadi Style
2-Islamic Rage Boy Speaks! (Shakeel Ahmad Bhat, AKA "Islamic Rage Boy" speaks to the media)
3. Newsvine seeds: some important articles you may have missed re: Islamic extremism. (To find out more about some of the advantages of using Newsvine in conjunction with blogging, please Email me.)

[Cross-posted on A Deeper Look]

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Man Kills Wife on Wedding Night

United Press International:

An Egyptian man has been charged with fatally stabbing his wife on their wedding night when he decided she was not a virgin.

I'm betting he's Buddhist.

Ali, after his arrest, said that he was unable to break his wife's hymen on the wedding night, leading him to conclude that she was sexually experienced, the report said.

She paid the ultimate price for his small mind and member.

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The Lights Are Going Out On Liberal Society

From Melanie Phillips (with thanks to Deb):

The lights are going out on liberal society – and it is the most liberal societies with their fingers on the `off' switch. The thesis of Mark Steyn's book America Alone, that Europe was succumbing to an Islamist takeover, has been proved spectacularly correct -- in Canada, and with himself as the designated victim. The New York Post reports that both Steyn and Macleans magazine, which reprinted a chapter of his book, are to be hauled before two Canadian judicial panels to answer the charge that they have spread `hatred and contempt' for Muslims.

And what was the heinous view Steyn vouchsafed to occasion such a charge? …the notion that Islamic culture is incompatible with Canada's liberalized, Western civilization.
Well excuse me, but some of us were under the impression that a global war was currently being waged by a section of the Islamic world in order to write the truth of that assertion in blood.
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Oh, No, Charlie Brown!

Merry Christmas to all ... well, almost all! Fight the jihad!
(Credits Dennis Leary via YouTube H/T Blue Chair)
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Europe: A Beautiful Game Turned Ugly

When I warn against the counter-Jihad movement allying itself with Ethnic Nationalist parties in Europe, I do so with a background of five years of intense study of the the Jihad, anti-Semitism and European politics. This video might help explain what it is that I am concerned with.

Americans might think that parties like the Vlaams Belang are simply anti-Jihad. But, if that is so, then why do they declare themselves to be Ethnic Nationalists who are for a "white Europe"?

And, if the Ethnic Nationalist parties of Europe are not filled with racists, then how do you explain the comments in this thread?

Clearly, we can not take that thread as proof-positive that Europe is indeed racist and ready to support a new political fascism. But, we can see from this video that Ethnic Nationalist parties certainly have a lot of supporters in the bleachers at soccer games. Put two and two together.

Who do you think those soccer fans would vote for?

Contrary to its image of sophistication and enlightenment, Europe is behind America on race relations.
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John Bolton interview on Arutz 7

Israel National News ran an interview with John Bolton about the Dubya administration's intel report on Iran's nuclear capabilities. You can both read the article and listen to the audio recording.

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I Like These Sons Of Apes And Pigs


We won't focus on the symptoms here; here we’ll deal with the roots. We are dedicated and committed to our unequivocal agenda for banning the Koran and declaring it illegal in America and western countries.

For those of little faith we tell them: It will happen. Sad to say it, but Islamic terror is our most trusted ally to make it happen. If one thing you can trust to be true to itself and bet the farm on it, that would be Islam.

In case you don’t know it, a big chunk of the Koran’s teaching are already self-censored and de facto banned in western countries. Mosques are already being monitored. We just have to make it official.

We lived with Muslims for more than 1400 years. I should say, rather, we suffered Islam's evil and destruction and we still do. We were born and raised in the Arabic language. No one on earth knows Islam and its mentality better than we do. Not Even the highest Islamic authorities of Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Actually they don’t know where to hide right now, neither from our Questioning Islam show, nor from the pressure of their own populations asking them to confront us and refute what we say. But how can they, It’s all from their books.

What we intend to do:

We will completely blow away the barrier of the Arabic language for Americans and westerners. We will lay down front of your eyes the proof, from none other than Mohamed himself in the Koran, that he founded Islam for the sole purpose of abducting and raping women (especially blondes) and looting other populations. Which will explain the Jeziah (blood money) and Mohamed’s admission “Allah made my earnings under the shadow of my sword.”

If that’s the role model they strive to imitate, any wonder why Arabs never produced anything and always depended on others for their living.

We will expose Islam from a totally new angle that will be a first for an English audience site and go in depth till we reach the bottom (of Islam). This time it’s not going to be Islam under the veil. We’ll take the veil off to show you not only a topless and bottomless Islam, but we’ll allow you to penetrate it and get the inside out. On the way, fasten your seat belts, for you’re about to feel the tremors of the wildest ride through the dirt of Islam go way beyond Richter’s shock magnitude scale.

We'll prove exclusively from their most “holy books “that if prostitution had a religion, it would be Islam.
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