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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Is My Hero

Watch this video and see why. Watch, as Avi Lewis, a liberal Canadian, interviews Hirsi Ali, and scoffs at her critique of Islam, and her notions of Democracy in general, and America in specific.

Now, if you are interested, listen to this interview with my wife, as she tells about her move to America, as a little girl, and she and I talk about some of the American immigrants we know personally, who have become fabulously wealthy.

This idea that there is no more opportunity in America really burns me, because as a man who is married to a first-generation immigrant, I have seen the evidence of America's opportunity first-hand.

Think back on Hirsi Ali's answer to Avi Lewis:

"You can spit on Democracy, because you had the luxury of growing up in its freedoms."

Yes, that's true. Too many of us have become cynical, and ungrateful for what we have.
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You Didn’t See Nuthin’

I Want You To Keep Quiet!
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Taliban kills two Germans, Al-Reuters describes Taliban as a "movement"

By Sayed Salahuddin

KABUL (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Taliban movement on Saturday killed two German hostages

Other types of movement include the African-American Civil Rights Movement and Gandhis independence movement

One would be forgiven for thinking Reuters journalists such as Sayed Salahuddin actually want the Taliban to have supremacy.

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Joke story of the day, Omar Bakri is now 'moderate', humanist

IHT-Muslim radical shows moderation, or at least tact

TRIPOLI, Lebanon: There was a time when Omar Bakri Mohammed embodied every stereotype of the jihadi extremist. From his perch in London, he threw around words like "kafir" - infidel - to describe Christians and Jews and openly praised the bombers of Sept. 11, 2001.

But sitting recently in his new library overlooking Mount Lebanon in this northern city, with a bloody battle raging between the Lebanese Army and the Qaeda-inspired Fatah al Islam at a Palestinian refugee camp a few kilometers away, Bakri presented himself as a changed man. Whether the shift is as meaningful as he asserts is an open question.

He speaks of peace, decrying the unnecessary use of violence and emphasizing the sanctity of life.

The death of innocents, he says, has to be curtailed.

And the definition of INNOCENT goes unasked by the International Herald Tribune. WHY?

"I want to support Muslims by saving their blood and their life," Bakri said, as he began outlining his efforts to help negotiate a settlement to the confrontation in the camp. "My job is to calm the fighting and to open a dialogue."

Is it me, or is the failure of the MSM to ask the right questions (probably, according to Tom Friedman, out of fear) becoming a bore?

Continue reading "Joke story of the day, Omar Bakri i now 'moderate', humanist" »

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Stop whining and find the answer you miserable twit

Top official: Globalization robs U.S. of intelligence edge, facilitates terrorism

A senior U.S. intelligence official told Congress last week that the United States is losing its intelligence power as the result of globalization and the rise of foreign intelligence challenges.

Thomas Fingar, deputy director of national intelligence for analysis said globalization is the defining characteristic of the age and “mandates global intelligence coverage.

However, the increasing trend to closer international connectivity also makes it difficult for U.S. intelligence to operate.


Fingar said “globalization does facilitate the terrorist threat, increases the danger of WMD proliferation, and contributes to regional instability and reconfigurations of power and influence — especially through competition for energy.”

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50 German firms investigated for helping Iran's nuclear efforts

GERTZ: LONDON — Germany has concluded scores of companies were helping Iran's nuclear program.

Officials said 50 German companies were being investigated on suspicion of selling dual-use systems and material required for Iran's nuclear project. They said Berlin has determined that the shipments were being used to complete Iran's nuclear energy plant at Bushehr.
"The equipment was ordered by Russia and diverted to Iran," an official said. On July 12, Germany prosecutor Christoph Lange identified one of the companies. Lange said the Berlin-based company Vero was suspected of shipping nuclear material to Moscow via Poland. From there, he said, the material was exported to Iran.
Vero was identified as a supplier to Bushehr since 2000. Officials said the company purchased nuclear technology from dozens of companies in Germany for Russian contractors of Bushehr.

Was this for 5% more profit? 10%? 20%? This is not capitalism, it is stupid greed. Criminal greed as far as the safety of the people of the USA is concerned.

Continue reading " 50 German firms investigated for helping Iran's nuclear efforts" »

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Declare War on Savagery and Barbarism

The forces endeavouring to enslave the entire world now are moving towards this hemisphere. Delay invites danger. Rapid and united efforts by all peoples of the world who are determined to remain free will ensure world victory for the forces of justice and righteousness over the forces of savagery and barbarism.

President Roosevelt to Congress, 1941
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"Thanks for the Taqqiyah alert Serendip."

Recently I have been baulking at the over used phrase 'taqiyya' as it seems to be used at every opportunity whenever Muslims or Muslim groups do something positive, like saying they will hound out extremists.

However, reading the comments at Harrys Place a commentor pointed to this

What Islam really says?

You just KNOW that the what's going to be said is going to the biggest heap of BULLSHIT you have ever heard!


Quran 8:12 Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): "I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them."

Qur'an 9:5: Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

Will be truncated to "Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."

Human Rights

Quran 4:34 Husbands should take full care of their wives, with [the bounties] God has given to some more than others and with what they spend out of their own money. Righteous wives are devout and guard what God would have them guard in the husbands’ absence. If you fear high-handedness from your wives, remind them [of the teaching of God], then ignore them when you go to bed, then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them. God is most high and great.

Will become: "Husbands should take full care of their wives!"

Other religions

Quran 5:51: O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

Will become "O you who believe! do take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are great friends! Surely Allah does guide these people!"
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Friday, July 20, 2007

All we need to know about Ron Paul is....

Asked about the John Birch Society Society by the author, Paul responds, "Is that BAD? I have a lot of friends in the John Birch Society. They're generally well-educated and they understand the Constitution. I don't know how many positions they would have that I don't agree with."

For the younger than me....these gavones OPPOSED the civil rights movement because those they considered american and comunists SUPPORTED it, and believed that FDR KNEW about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor before hand. Birchers elaborated on an earlier Illuminati/Freemason conspiracy theory, imagining "an unbroken ideologically driven conspiracy linking the Illuminati, the French Revolution, the rise of Marxism and Communism, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations".

Republican mainstream unhappiness with the Birch Society intensified after Welch (the leader) circulated a letter calling President Dwight D. Eisenhower a possible “conscious, dedicated agent of the Communist Conspiracy.” Welch went further in a book titled The Politician, written in 1956 and published by the JBS in 1963, which declared that Eisenhower’s brother Milton was Ike’s superior within the communist apparatus and alleging other top government officials also were communist tools. Included were ex-president Truman, Roosevelt, the previous Secretary Of State John Foster Dulles and former CIA Director Allan W. Dulles.


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Obama Self-Destruction Begins: Preventing Genocide Not Good Enough Reason To Stay In Iraq

I've been expecting Barack Obama to self-destruct since he confronted Maureen Dowd at a get-together (in front of other people) because he was angry and "hurt" over a column she had written which teased him about his "big ears."

Now, understand, Dowd is a supporter of Obama. But that wasn't good enough for little Barack. He was hurt. His comment to Dowd was,

"I just want to put you on notice. I'm very sensitive," adding, "I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears."

Well, boo hoo. How is poor little Barack going to take make the big, tough decisions that a President makes?

Anyway, my point is, from my experience, people who express that the pain gets to them when the going begins to get tough will almost always find a way to self-destruct (in order to escape the pain) when the going gets really tough.

And so, I concluded that, eventually, we will watch Barack Obama begin to self-destruct politically. Because, this guy knows he is not tough enough to be President. He knows is. That's why he told Maureen Dowd.

And now he says, preventing genocide isn't worth sacrifice???

Ok, Barack, tell me more about how you want to be President.

Let's look at the thoughts of Barack Obama:

SUNAPEE, N.H. (AP) - Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday the United States cannot use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there.

"Well, look, if that's the criteria by which we are making decisions on the deployment of U.S. forces, then by that argument you would have 300,000 troops in the Congo right now—where millions have been slaughtered as a consequence of ethnic strife—which we haven't done," Obama said in an interview with The Associated Press.

"We would be deploying unilaterally and occupying the Sudan, which we haven't done. Those of us who care about Darfur don't think it would be a good idea," he said.

Obama, a first-term senator from Illinois, said it's likely there would be increased bloodshed if U.S. forces left Iraq.

The greater risk is staying in Iraq, Obama said.

"It is my assessment that those risks are even greater if we continue to occupy Iraq and serve as a magnet for not only terrorist activity but also irresponsible behavior by Iraqi factions," he said.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.
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No doubt emplaced by a lone lunatic?

Feds Seize Rocket Launcher In N.J. :CBS NY

(CBS) JERSEY CITY A Jersey City woman made a shocking discovery on her lawn this morning when she noticed a military rocket launcher lying in the grass.

Niranjana Besai was leaving her house at 88 Nelson Street, to go to work at just after 8 a.m. when she saw the launcher on her front lawn. She immediately called police.

Besai's neighbor, Joe Quinn saw her pointing at the equipment from her front porch. When he walked over to the six-foot-long weapon, he was just as shocked. “It looked like a bazooka,” he told CBS 2 News.

Quinn tells CBS 2 HD he originally thought the launcher was just a pipe, but after noticing it had a picture of a soldier on it, he realized it looked similar to a missile launcher he'd seen on television.

Jersey City Police removed the launcher, and the incident is now being investigated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force and The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Jersey City Police could not confirm whether it was actually operable.

But, sources tell CBS 2’s Scott Weinberger that it’s the kind of missile that can take down an aircraft and the area where the launcher was discovered is in or very near a flight path for Newark Liberty International Airport.

Let's hope it's a simulacrum of some kind or a toy.

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Attention, Counter-Propagandists!

From this source:

Bloggers, clear your calendars Sunday, July 22, through Friday, July 27. Some real propaganda bombshells are bound to be dropped, and you’ll want to be there when “several leading Muslim clerics and thinkers from around the globe will participate in an unprecedented online dialogue about their religion, terrorism and human rights.”

The “dialogue,” sponsored by The Washington Post and Newsweek Interactive and presented in conjunction with Georgetown University, has been dubbed “Muslims Speak Out” and will take place at On Faith, a blog operated as a joint effort of the Post and Newsweek.

More at this link.

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Refugee Resettlement

From Refugee Resettlement Watch, a site which states as follows on its "About" page:

A few months ago it came to our attention in Washington County MD that a non-profit group (Virginia Council of Churches) had been bringing refugees into the city of Hagerstown (county seat) for a couple of years. Some problems arose and citizens started to take an interest. One of the most startling things we found out about this very quiet effort is that these non-profit groups bring to the US about 25,000 Muslim refugees from the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans, etc, almost completely funded by the US Government through grants and contracts with these non-government agencies. Of the 168 refugees brought to our county since 2004, 125 are Muslim. Although we all have sympathy for persecuted and suffering people there are real questions to be answered about the wisdom of this policy. It turns out that there are hotbeds of this controversy throughout the US. We have identified some of those. We set up this online community organizing center [HERE]. If you have information or questions from your communities about Refugee Resettlement please get in touch with Ann Corcoran at refugeeresettlementwatch@vigilantfreedom.com

From this page at Refugee Resettlement Watch, emphases mine:

Public benefits available to refugees and successful asylees include: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) formerly known as AFDC


Food Stamps

Public Housing

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Social Security Disability Insurance

Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) (direct services only)

Child Care and Development Fund

Independent Living Program

Job Opportunities for Low Income Individuals (JOLI)

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Post secondary Education Loans and Grants

Refugee Assistance Programs

Title IV Foster Care and Adoption Assistance Payments (if parents are “qualified immigrants”)

Title XX Social Services Block Grant Funds

Prior to 1980, refugee sponsoring agencies were totally responsible for all refugee needs, including housing, medical care and employment. Today they have virtually no responsibilities. A newly arriving refugee aged 65 can immediately retire on SSI/Medicaid never having worked a day in the U.S.

After 4 months the Volags [voluntary non-government agencies] do not even have to know where the refugees are located. Therefore they have no legal requirements to make sure the refugees are o.k. and are assimilating. One very interesting statistic I noted was that a few refugees actually return to their country of origin which brings up the question of how persecuted were they in the first place. In Washington Co. an Iraqi family left the area soon after arrival telling people the conditions were deplorable.

One area of change suggested by those advocating reform of refugee resettlement is to require Volags to identify sponsoring churches and organizations for each family and to be responsible for the family for a year before accessing welfare programs. Although not a legal contract requirement, VCC did not identify enough sponsors for refugees in Washington Co. and therefore many refugees were not adequately supported causing some of the political friction. Recently VCC stated that existing refugee families could sponsor new families which would not be a desirable solution.

The National Governor’s Assn. was critical of the program in its Policy Position on Refugee Resettlement on March 5, 2007. They are concerned about the lack of consultation by the Volags in placement of refugees and they are concerned about the cost of refugee resettlement (a Federal responsibility) being passed down to state and local governments. * This report is available.

It is often difficult to get accurate information from Volags about the numbers of refugees resettled in a community. VCC has stated publicly that they have resettled over 200 refugees in Washington Co. from Africa and Russia. In fact, the State Department places the number at 168 from 13 different countries. Of the 168, 125 are Muslim. Nationally about 50% of refugees brought to the US are Muslim. There are no Muslim Volags, most are various Christian faiths and one Jewish organization. * List of the major Volags is available.

Employment statistics vary from location to location, but in ORR’s 2004 Report to Congress only 16% of refugees find a job in the first 3 months and at 12 months only 62% nationally have a job. The average hourly wage in a 5 year population sample was $8.90. *This report is available.

The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for determining whether refugees pose any danger to the safety and security of the US, but this authority can be waived by the US State Department. For example, on May 5, 2006 Sec. of State Rice gave approval for the Burmese (Karen) people of the Tham Hin Camp in Thailand to enter the US even though some may be members of (or have given support to) the Karen National Liberation Army, considered a terrorist group by the US govt. Burmese (Karen) comprise the next group of refugees VCC would like to resettle in Washington Co. *Waiver is available.

Some states have another layer of bureaucracy, a kind of go-between office, that helps to facilitate Refugee Resettlement between the Volags and the Federal government. In Maryland, it is the Maryland Office for New Americans (MONA). Although listed as part of Maryland’s Department of Human Services it is funded primarily by grants from the Federal Government.

The cost of translation for such things as medical care, emergency response etc. is according to federal law the responsibility of the local government agency. In Washington Co., VCC says they are working with seven languages at the present time.

I have found no location where a Volag does any formal written reporting about their plans in advance of bringing refugees to a community, or any report to local governments during the program.

Other cities are having problems with Refugee Resettlement. Manchester, NH shut the program down completely after they had to build a wing on to the high school exclusively for English as a Second language students and had a problem with many refugee children having lead poisoning. Lewiston, ME tried to stop the influx of Somali Bantu but failed. Eastern Tennessee is having problems. Cayce, SC is the only town I have found so far that stopped Refugee Resettlement in advance.

Read more, especially the bulleted items at the top of the page for the above-cited information.

So, what's going on in your neighborhood?

[Home page for Refugee Resettlement Watch]

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I advise you to walk the walk ..CULTURE OF CORRUPTION

China official's closed meetings with democratic AND republican candidates' advisors raise eyebrows

A senior Chinese government official's closed meetings with top foreign policy advisers to leading U.S. presidential candidates have come under fire from critics of U.S. policy towards China. China’s Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo met on June 19 with advisers to Democrats candidates, including New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. He also met Republicans including Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the Washington Post reported June 28.

“United Front tactics at their best — getting Americans to adopt the habit of receiving lectures from PRC officials on how to limit the scope of American interests,” said Richard Fisher, a China specialist with the International Assessment and Strategy Center, noting that such interaction is a “massive mistake” on the part of the candidates.

ENOUGH, gentlemen and ladies. What would they all say about each other if they met behind closed doors with the Vice presidents of Proctor and Gamble, Exxon-Mobil, RJ Reynolds, Archer Daniels and Phillip Morris?

Continue reading "I advise you to walk the walk ..CULTURE OF CORRUPTION" »

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And they represent what proportion of the democratic majority in the house?

Liberals Vow to Block Continued Iraq Funding

As in every penny.

There are 233 democrats in congress. These people represent 30% of the democratic majority.

POLITICO:Seventy House members, nearly all liberal Democrats, vowed today that they would not support any more funding for Iraq military operations unless tied to a complete withdrawal of combat troops.

This is a big development. Earlier this year, liberals grudgingly voted for Iraq funding bills because they didn't want to give Nancy Pelosi a defeat. Now it seems that their patience has run out.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (CA); Rep. Barbara Lee (CA); Rep. Maxine Waters (CA); Rep. Ellen Tauscher (CA); Rep. Rush Holt (NJ); Rep. Maurice Hinchey (NY); Rep. Diane Watson (CA); Rep. Ed Pastor (AZ); Rep. Barney Frank (MA); Rep. Danny Davis (IL); Rep. John Conyers (MI); Rep. John Hall (NY); Rep. Bob Filner (CA); Rep. Nydia Velazquez (NY); Rep. Bobby Rush (IL); Rep. Charles Rangel (NY); Rep. Ed Towns (NY); Rep. Paul Hodes (NH); Rep. William Lacy Clay (MO); Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR); Rep. Albert Wynn (MD); Rep. Bill Delahunt (MA); Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC); Rep. G. K. Butterfield (NC); Rep. Hilda Solis (CA); Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY); Rep. Jerrold Nadler (NY); Rep. Michael Honda (CA); Rep. Steve Cohen (TN); Rep. Phil Hare (IL); Rep. Grace Flores Napolitano (CA); Rep. Alcee Hastings (FL); Rep. James McGovern (MA); Rep. Marcy Kaptur (OH); Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL); Rep. Julia Carson (IN); Rep. Linda Sanchez (CA); Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ); Rep. John Olver (MA); Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (TX); Rep. Jim McDermott (WA); Rep. Ed Markey (MA); Rep. Chaka Fattah (PA); Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (NJ); Rep. Rubin Hinojosa (TX); Rep. Pete Stark (CA); Rep. Bobby Scott (VA); Rep. Jim Moran (VA); Rep. Betty McCollum (MN); Rep. Jim Oberstar (MN); Rep. Diana DeGette (CO); Rep. Stephen Lynch (MA); Rep. Artur Davis (AL); Rep. Hank Johnson (GA); Rep. Donald Payne (NJ); Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (MO); Rep. John Lewis (GA); Rep. Yvette Clarke (NY); Rep. Neil Abercrombie (HI); Rep. Gwen Moore (WI); Rep. Keith Ellison (MN); Rep. Tammy Baldwin (WI); Rep. Donna Christensen (USVI); Rep. David Scott (GA); Rep. Luis Gutierrez (IL); Lois Capps (CA); Steve Rothman (NJ); Elijah Cummings (MD); and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX).

This is NOT the answer.

If nothing else, the Kurds have EARNED our support.

In Vietnam 165,000 we KNOW OF, died in the 're-education' camps. We'll never know that real toll. In Cambodia, it was 3-4 million.

Nomatter the value of freedom, if free men cannot behave with honor and support, no one on this planet will be our ally. These 70 men and women are those who would ENSURE no peoples will accept our support or friendship anywhere on this planet, nomatter the strength of our armed forces.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don't let the John Doe amendment be sabotaged by the Dems

Audrey Hudson at the Wash. Times and Andy McCarthy at The Corner (via Michelle Malkin) inform us that the Dems are trying to dumb down Rep. Peter King's legislation that protects citizens from being sued for reporting suspicious actions that could be dangerous. Clearly, the Dems are attempting to placate CAIR, which should not be allowed. Contact their switchboard immediately!


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Pamela at Atlas Shrugs is very upset that Google has done something which has caused her blog to no longer be a resource for information on the Jihad.

If you don't believe that Google does this type of thing, then click here.

Not a single hit is directed to Little Green Footballs, the very blog I am attempting to search.

In case you are wondering, Google has not blocked this blog ... yet.

Why would Google do this? What the hell is up with them?

Would anyone from Google care to talk? Obviously, we will figure out a way to keep you anonymous, if so.

If so, leave a comment.


Anonymous writes in and says,

Search using "little green footballs marwan barghouti" instead. It will show LGF in the first few results.

Indeed, he is correct.

In fact, using that search, there are many conservative blogs and journals cited.
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Large Exploision In NYC - Authrities Rule Out Terrorism

Large Explosion in New York!!!!!!!!
Crater is
50-100 Feet
In Diameter,
Two Vehicles Inside

Authorities say that it definitely is not "Terrorism". They don't know what the cause or location of the explosion is, but they have ruled out terrorism!

Eyewitnesses heap scorn on the trillion dollar waste of taxpayer's money.

The NYPD super-obese "Hercules Team" has not, after two hours, shown up at the scene!

"Hercules Team" last observed terrorising Jewish retirees at Manhattan Old Age Home!!!! DHS Head Psychic Michael Chertoff's "Gut" has not been available for comment.


Transformer explosion rocks midtown Manhattan
Wed Jul 18, 2007 7:27 PM ET
By John Doran and Claudia Parsons
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A transformer exploded in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, creating a roar and a huge plume of smoke and sending pedestrians fleeing from the area in scenes reminiscent of the September 11 attacks.
Police at the scene said 15 to 20 people had been taken to the hospital. CNN said three of the injured had been admitted to the New York Presbyterian Hospital emergency room.
In Washington, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security official said there was no apparent link to terrorism.
"Right now it is a localized incident," said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity. "At this point, we see no nexus to terrorism."
Officials said a ruptured steam pipe appeared to have caused the transformer to blow.
"This is not a terrorist-related incident. It's a steam explosion," said Deputy New York Police Department Commissioner Paul Browne.
The explosion erupted during the evening rush hour in one of the busiest sections of New York City, near the transportation hub of Grand Central station.
A loud constant roar rang out through the streets.
"We have a building that's a bit shaky, but nothing has collapsed," a police spokeswoman said, contradicting a witness report from the scene that a building had collapsed.
Pedestrians sprinted from the scene, many with cell phones glued to their ears, some crying. Some were covered in white ash and soot.
"It looked like the World Trade Center had exploded. I saw rocks and pebbles coming down. As I was running I got pelted in the head by rocks and concrete. Steam came up and then the ground started breaking up," said Reggie Evans, an office administrator who was covered in mud.
Another man said he was drinking in an Irish pub near Grand Central station when security guards rushed in and told everyone to evacuate and head west.
"There is debris falling, get back," a fireman told onlookers. People were being kept a block away.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What Motivates Morning Sedition?

Note: This post was originally written for Gates of Vienna; I intended to post it late last night. Now there’s no telling when (if ever) it can be published there, so I’m posting here instead. Fortunately, the earlier posts at GoV are still available and open to comments.

The funny thing is that our Google ranking is still very high. Blogger is an arm of Google, so the left hand must not know what the far left hand is doing…

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Dymphna and I live in the back of beyond. As a matter of fact, we have to drive about fifteen miles to get to the back of beyond. From there it’s still quite a hike to actual civilization.

Morning SeditionSo, back before the internet, our primary source of information was beamed into our home by the powerful state-supported transmitters of public radio. That is, we had to get most of our news from — ugh! — NPR.

We developed an amusing family terminology to help us bear up under the load of what we listened to. “Morning Edition” became “Morning Sedition”, and the Saturday version was “Weakened Condition.” We awaited with a special frisson of distaste the commentary dished out by people like Daniel Schorr.

Dymphna had a greater tolerance for this dreck than I, and from time to time I’d have to leave the room in disgust, muttering, “I can’t take any more of this s**t.”

NPR is the perfect distillation of Essence of MSM. All of the bias, prejudice, sanctimony, and preening self-righteousness, plus an extra dose of hauteur, an additional soupçon of élitism, but none of those vulgar commercials! Not a hint of capitalism sullies the pristine perfection of their progressive stance.

These thoughts were brought to mind by a comment left on Monday’s post by whiskey_199:

The reason Jihadist propaganda spreads so easily on the Media is because the Media and the interconnected/intermarried elites are profoundly threatened by actually fighting back against an enemy. Any enemy. Invaders from Mars would probably provoke the same reaction.

Consider Time’s Matt Cooper. One of the reporters in the Plame-Libby affair. Married to Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff. Now envision a world where America and the West fights back against jihad and terror designed to make non-Muslims submit to Islam.

Where would Matt Cooper and his wife fit in? What important positions of power would they occupy? The answer is none at all, power would shift from hereditary families to 20 year old Lance Corporals, 22 year old Sergeants, and of course generals and the like. Plus a lot of pocket-protector wearing engineers who went to Carnegie Mellon, not Yale.

This is why jihad has been so effective in controlling media organizations. They want to be controlled because jihad, terror, and submitting to Islam is in their terms “the cost of doing business in the global economy.” A mere bagatelle to lose a few skyscrapers. Commuters. And so on.

Therefore the necessary part of counter-jihad must be to expose the elites for their anti-populist, anti-average person sentiment and make them known for their hatred/fear of the average person.

Whiskey’s got a good point there. He’s right, but it’s only a part of the story.

First of all, if we ever really fight back, it will not be primarily using our military power.

Our armed forces are unparalleled. They are the greatest in history. But if they were all that were required, the war would already be over and done with. Iran, Iraq, and the Arabian peninsula would be a smoking wasteland, and no ragtag band of insurgents anywhere in the world would ever consider trifling with America again.

Obviously, military power is not the issue. Political will is the issue, and in that crucial theatre we are outgunned and outmanned by a crew of medieval thugs armed with bomb belts and AK-47s.

According to a famous legend, the Duke of Wellington said, “The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.” The Long War, by contrast, will be won or lost in the sound bites from CNN, on the crawl ribbon at Fox News, and within the intricate lattice of internet sites.

We’re not ahead in this war, but some of us at least are waking up to the true nature of the conflict.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Weakened ConditionJust for the sake of argument, let’s look at what motivates Matt Cooper and Nina Totenberg and Bob Siegel. Have they really decided that submitting to Islam is “the cost of doing business in the global economy”? Are they focused enough, intelligent enough, and well enough educated to reach such conclusions?

My personal experience with the media has been limited mainly to personalities from local radio, TV, and newspapers. These encounters have made me conclude that media people are too shallow of thinking, too poorly-educated, and too narrow in their experience to reach conclusions as sophisticated as those whiskey_199 proposes.

Instead, I’ll go out on a limb and offer some guesses on what might motivate the knee-jerk cannon fodder of the MSM:

1. The herd mentality. Members of the MSM, like those of any other religious orthodoxy, are bound very tightly by groupthink. Being put outside the pale is what one fears most. Therefore, no one strays from the “Bush-lied-people-died-and-Iraq-is-Vietnam” meme no matter how much evidence intrudes. The stakes are simply too high.
2. The penalties for apostasy. As has been noted here previously, straying from orthodoxy in the media and literary world brings the awful risk of “You’ll never work in this town again.” If you depend on MSM checks to pay the rent and feed your kids, this tends to concentrate the mind.
3. Simple snobbery. The desire not to be a member of the great unwashed can outweigh everything else. No one, after all, wants to be confused with the slack-jawed slope-browed bigoted yokels who actually think conservative thoughts.
4. Knee-jerk pacifism. Leftover and simple-minded Christian thinking, but without any vestige of remaining Christian belief, can lead well-meaning people to the sincere belief that no violence is ever justified, anywhere, anytime. When the wild-eyed zealot finally reaches their doorways, ready to inflict bodily harm, the same well-meaning folk will dial 911 in hopes of summoning rough men ready to do violence on their behalf, not realizing that such men no longer exist, but have been banished by a combination of gun control, birth control, and emasculating thought control dispensed by schools and other public institutions. By then it will be too late.
5. Irresistible schadenfreude. Bringing down a Republican administration (and conservatives in general) is just too good an opportunity to pass up, no matter the consequences. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

These are some of the more plausible motives that I can think of. If readers can come up with additional ones, please list them in the comments.

The treason of the mainstream media is a complex and subtle process. Trying to fit it into a simple pattern does not help our analysis, and can lead to later miscalculations as we wage this 4GW against them.

Let’s not underestimate the enemy.
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Weekly Radio Show: July 20

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, which WC and I cohost. The show broadcasts live every Friday for one hour at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

Callers welcome!

Friday, July 13: Our scheduled guests at the bottom of the hour are Baron Bodissey and Dymphna of the Gates of Vienna blog, the header of which reads as follows: At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war.

Gates of Vienna follows developments in the global jihad and in the count-jihad, particularly in, but not limited to, Denmark. Baron also posts at the Vigilant Freedom/910 Group blog.

If you are unable to listen live to the radio show, you can listen to recordings of the radio broadcasts later by CLICKING HERE.

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Willful Ignorance

An essay by Terry Mattingly describes the primitive superstition which lies behind the conspiracy theories that are spreading like viruses through Pakistan, roiling the waters and causing unrest.

In reading his article, I was reminded that human beings are, above all, reasoning creatures. That this faculty can be short-circuited by the notion that other people (or groups of people) conspire against us, bears witness to two tendencies. One is our susceptibility to project onto others what we most fear, and the other is our laziness: in a perversion of Occam’s razor we settle for the crudest explanation for a phenomenon — or an imagined one — so that “reason” gives us the needed justification for going on the attack.

Here’s the example that Mattingly uses:

The rumor spread across Pakistan in a blitz of text messages on cell phones.

There was a killer virus on the loose, and all you had to do to catch it was answer a call from an infected number. The virus didn’t hurt cell phones but would — eyewitnesses confirmed this — cause users to drop dead. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was forced to issue a denial, telling users that it was safe to turn their phones back on.

Unfortunately, Pakistan doesn’t have a Snopes page — a place to check out things like the latest weird email your co-worker sends you about a new destructive virus that eats your hard drive and metastasizes into a blood-sucking robot that will consume you and your mates in short order.

It will come as no surprise that many of the viruses in Pakistan often have one origin: the all powerful, evil Joooos:

Then there were messages claiming that Israeli trucks were carrying a million HIV-infected melons to Arab consumers in a new biological-warfare plot. This was not to be confused with other urban legends about a “Western-Zionist conspiracy” to use polio vaccines and other medical means to sterilize the next generation of Muslims.

Having lived through the firm conviction of many otherwise reasonable African Americans that the US developed AIDS in order to commit black genocide, I have often pondered the notion that people who feel oppressed and fearful look outside themselves for the nearest enemy to blame — in the case of HIV in black Americans, the Man is at the bottom of this nefarious plot. Pointing the finger away from oneself to the villain in charge allows for a certain amount of emotional security. At least you “know” the cause of your troubles. Faced with the ambiguity of chance and of having to accept responsibility for our behavior, it’s much easier to find a bad guy.

Mattingly excerpts from a recent speech (“Fact vs. Rumor: Journalism in the 21st Century”) in Istanbul by Husain Haqqani of Boston University. Haqqani says:

“The contemporary Muslim fascination for conspiracy theories often limits the capacity for rational discussion of international affairs…”

He doesn’t add that it also leaves the average, illiterate Muslim susceptible to the propaganda of the various factions spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood for the last several generations, all of whom have Utopian fantasies of conquering the world once and for all.

But Haqqani also argues — not very convincingly — against this “fascination” as being at all inherent in Islam:

“The Muslim world’s willingness to believe rumors is not a function of the Islamic religion. Like other Abrahamic faiths, Islam emphasizes truth and righteousness. The Quran says: ‘O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and (always) say a word directed to the Truth.’ And one of the sayings attributed to Prophet Muhammad … specifically forbids rumormongering: ‘It is enough to establish someone as a liar that he spreads what he hears without confirming its veracity.’“

Hmmm…another one of those cherry-picked quotes that fails to take into account the universal Islamic belief in taqiyya, a belief that arose very early, during the Sunni-Shi’ite split. Originally, Shi’ites — the oppressed group — developed the notion of taqiyya as a method of dealing with the superior Sunnis. Eventually, however, most of the splintered groups of believers in Allah found the concept useful when dealing with anyone outside the confines of their particular group. “Taqiyya” may be Arabic but the concept is as old as tribalism and I have no doubt you could find it being practiced under another less exotic name in some of the more remote hollers in the Appalachian Mountains here in the USA.

However, this behavior is quite limited in much of the rest of Western culture, which has long moved past tribalism, even past the nuclear family to some arrangement of serially monogamous relationships with others, however fleeting. Keeping secrets, lying to outsiders, universal dissembling - all have been replaced with another set of false premises based on building an image for public consumption. Where there is no belief in a permanent Truth, taqiyya is irrelevant.

Back in Pakistan, and much of the Middle East too, feasting on rumors and fear is an every day function, like eating or sleeping. Consumption of these rumors increases the fear and bigotry so commonplace in the “Arab Street.”

Mr. Mattingly says:

The result is a climate of confusion and cynicism that prepares millions of people to believe the next round of rumors, often with violent consequences in an age in which ancient prejudices and modern technology merge seamlessly.

I would disagree that these two opposites “merge seamlessly”. In fact, their collision helps to create and foster the “climate of confusion and cynicism” he observes.

Haqqani, quoted by Mattingly, looks at the results of surveys in organizations like World Public Opinion. Here much of the Middle East speaks positively about globalization, religious freedom, and democracy. At the same time, the majority of respondents also hold that Muslim nations should enforce Islamic theocracy in order to avoid contamination by the West.

So who will point out to them that they are already contaminated? Cell phones and cable TV and jihadi porn videos have changed them irrevocably. The only course left when faced with such overwhelmingly uncomfortable cognitive dissonance? Why, reach out and blame someone - and three guesses who the Evil Someone is:

Large majorities affirmed the belief that the United States is trying to “weaken and divide” the Muslim world and slightly smaller majorities said America’s goal is to “spread Christianity in the region.”

The impact of the rumors can, perhaps, be seen in another paradox in these surveys, said Haqqani. Large majorities in Egypt, Indonesia and Morocco (results were mixed in Pakistan) agreed that violent groups that kill civilians are guilty of violating the “principles of Islam.” However, less than a quarter of those polled believed that Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida were responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks.

“Many Muslims seem to believe that 9/11 was a great achievement, but that Osama didn’t do it. They are confused by all the rumors.”

Confused? That’s a polite way of saying “ignorant.” Haqqani pleads that:

Leaders in the West must understand that almost half of the world’s Muslim population is illiterate. Meanwhile, the 57 nations in the Organization of the Islamic Conference contain about 500 colleges and universities, compared with more than 5,000 in the United States and 8,000 in India. That is one university for every 3 million Muslims.

One college for every three million Muslims? And did that just happen? What about the billions of petrodollars the House of Saud has poured into treacherous propaganda madrassahs aimed at creating monsters bent on destroying the West? The Saudis could have spent those untold sums on real schools with real teachers and actual educational content. Who is to blame for the ignorance and poverty in the Middle East (and its murderous consequences), if not the Saudis? Follow the money and you’ll find the cause for the widespread illiteracy and ignorance. It resides palatially in the middle of the desert, a snake lying in wait for its next opportunity to spew more venom.

Haqqani claims that —

“What we are seeing is not just a crisis rooted only in religion or education. This is a culturewide crisis of politics and economics and technology and education, and it is easy to see the role of religion because of the powerful role that faith plays in the lives of millions of people.

“The greatest fear of most Muslims is that their societies will be overrun by the Western world… They believe that modernity equals Westernization; Westernization equals promiscuity and licentiousness; and all of that equals a loss of faith. We cannot change that overnight. It is a project of a century or more, in which millions of people must learn that the modern world is built on values, laws and tolerance, not just highways, airplanes and cell phones.”

He fails to say Islam has always attempted to take just the technology of the West while avoiding contamination by its ideas. He also fails to say it has never worked. And when is this “project of a century or more” going to begin? Haqqani fails to mention the already decades-old project of the Muslim Brotherhood to bring about the exact opposite. Not a world built on “tolerance” but a world founded on submission to the will of Allah.

As long as the corrupt House of Saud continues to churn out hate-filled Wahhabists and/or Salafists, there will be no peace, no tolerance, and no education in the Middle East. They need that Pakistani ignorance firmly in place, or how else are they to carry out their stated mission?

Mr. Haqqani, you are being willfully deceitful: this is not about “values”; this is about the triumph or the defeat of the Ummah. From your academic perch at Boston University, which eventuality do you hope for?
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When you really have to wonder if it's incompetence

President Bush’s top counterterrorism advisers acknowledged today that the strategy for fighting Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan had failed

You mean the strategy of creating the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan, and then having Pakistan forbid american arms and men from entering, while releasing all the terrorists held in Pakistan from those and FATA areas, in order to think we were making them happy so they wouldn't be so mean? You mean that strategy? You mean the one where we give them a mini-Afghanistan?

How could thinking, learned, experienced people be convinced that such outright appeasement in the face of Quranic compulsion, prejudice, and outright anti americanism EVER succeed?


1) They are not learned, and like Lyndon Johnson and Ho Chi Minh, mistake their adversaries as people who can be sent 'messages. I don't think so sport

2) They have swallowed UNQUESTIONING the idea of Religion of Peace. Now there may be a great deal of argument over that, but our govt seems to have ruled out a religously based war, with imams teaching that god wants certain outcomes inimical to sunday barbecues and football.

3) They can't deal with the policies which would be compulsory if this turns out to be a religously based world war of varying intensities in different places and times, and sometimes requiring us to use real weapons, and real armies for the outright express purpose of slaughtering the enemy ( as opposed to liberation and nation building), in what would have to be a war of the peoples.

In other words, the leaders are incompetent, and the principles the other side would use (the democrats) are WORSE (hey it's a bumper sticker, and a police matter---BTDT).

NYT - President Bush’s top counterterrorism advisers acknowledged today that the strategy for fighting Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan had failed, as the White House released a grim new intelligence assessment that has forced the administration to consider more aggressive measures inside Pakistan.

The intelligence report, the most formal assessment since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks about the terrorist threat facing the United States, concludes that the United States is losing ground on a number of fronts in the fight against Al Qaeda, and describes the terrorist organization as having significantly strengthened over the past two years.

In identifying the main reasons for Al Qaeda’s resurgence, intelligence officials and White House aides pointed the finger squarely at a hands-off approach toward the tribal areas by Pakistan’s president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who last year brokered a cease-fire with tribal leaders in an attempt to drain support for Islamic extremism in the region.

“It hasn’t worked for Pakistan,” said Frances Fragos Townsend, who heads the Homeland Security Council at the White House. “It hasn’t worked for the United States.”

Continue reading "When you really have to wonder if it's incompetence" »
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I opened the page to put up a new post and instead got this message:

This blog has been locked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots. You will not be able to publish your posts, but you will be able to save them as drafts

We think a troll reported us as being a "spam" blog. One of them was on an old post today and it was probably his work.

The Baron is trying to straighten it out with Blogger but what do you think our chances are of getting a live person to unlock the door?

As much of a hassle as it will be, we may be looking at our last days as a blog spot.

This kind of mischief is creepy.

Let the world know, would you?


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Hirsi Ali 10--Avi Lewis 0

Hirsi Ali is a refugee from Islam who is grateful to be living in freedom. Avi Lewis is an unintelligent television host who plainly cannot hold his own with someone of Hirsi Ali's caliber.

Lewis must still be rubbing on the diaper rash cream after receiving this "pants-down spanking" from the erudite plain speaking Ali. The thrashing must have been ten times more painful for Ali's soft-spoken and gently smiling delivery.

Previously published at Al Fin


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In a recent interview, Hezbollah spokesman Hussein Rahhal discussed how Israel's summer 2006 war against Hezbollah changed both the West's vision of Arabs and the Arabs' vision of themselves (al-Quds al-Arabi, July 13).

Rahhal claims that the Arabs now see themselves as "capable of action," and no longer as a people "who cannot do anything in the face of an advanced Western machine [the Israeli military] that is supported with a lifeline from the West."

…who can be a match for the Israeli, who has 60 years of technical and financial support from the West…We have forced the West to look at us as equals."

Rahhal also analyzed the changed perception that Israelis have of themselves in the wake of the war. "There is a feeling of disappointment and failure [among Israelis]," he said.

"This is because he (The average Israeli) has reached a conviction that if the Arabs had a will to fight, they (Israel) cannot win.

Actually I thought it might be because Ehud Olmert is an incompetent Prime Minister, fit only to negotiate with the local garbage collector's union, and was restricted to a one off piece of stupidity. But hey, carry on, Hezballoids.

They are reassessing the situation with regard to all Arab armies. This is extremely important, and it is a strategic change that involves the Arab and Israeli individuals"

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

If you think the avg american is pissed at congress and Bush, now....

The FBI is investigating an alleged human smuggling operation based in Chaparral, N.M., that agents say is bringing "Iraqis and other Middle Eastern" individuals across the Rio Grande from Mexico.

The Blotter:

An FBI intelligence report distributed by the Washington, D.C. Joint Terrorism Task Force, obtained by the Blotter on ABCNews.com, says the illegal ring has been bringing Iraqis across the border illegally for more than a year.

Border Patrol officials in the area said they were unaware of the specifics of the FBI's report, and federal prosecutors in New Mexico told ABCNews.com they had no current cases involving the illegal smuggling of Iraqis.

The FBI report, issued last week, says the smuggling organization "used to smuggle Mexicans, but decided to smuggle Iraqi or other Middle Eastern individuals because it was more lucrative." Each individual would be charged a fee of $20,000 to $25,000, according to the report.


WHERE is the increased physical security?

Will you be blaming each other?

Continue reading "If you think the avg american is pissed at congress and Bush, now...." »

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When trouble arises, use the taser

A Muslim woman who was already under investigation in Texas lured police into a standoff and received a nice little taser love zap (H/T: Jihad Watch):
It started with a routine domestic disturbance, except that the pair involved has recently been under investigation by federal terrorism officials.

Before the day ended, Arlington police had negotiated a six-hour standoff, their robot had been shot at with a paintball gun, and they had called in a bomb squad over four potentially explosive devices.

Kimberly Al-Homsi called 911 about 12:40 a.m. Monday. She said her friend, Aisha Hamad, had threatened her with a knife. The two are noteworthy because a few months ago, they were seen at Dallas Love Field, both dressed in camouflage pants under traditional Muslim robes, conducting what appeared to be surveillance, officials said.

Police say that Monday morning, when an officer came to the door, Ms. Hamad threatened to shoot him. She told him the only way she would leave was in a body bag.

So began the standoff, during which she fired a paintball gun at a tactical robot and missed, police say, and at the end of which a negotiator persuaded her to come out peacefully. Once outside, Ms. Hamad, 50, fought with them while they tried to handcuff her, police say, so they used a Taser on her.

Police took Ms. Hamad to a hospital, where she was to undergo a mental evaluation. She is likely to face assault charges, Arlington police spokeswoman Christy Gilfour said.

Meanwhile, police searched the home on Wembley Road and found four explosive devices, one of which was sitting on a bedroom table.
Tsk tsk tsk. Another reason why the taser was well called for.


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You tell'em baby : "The fresh faces of the mujahideen after martyrdom, the aroma from their flesh and blood, are living miracles"

Good, let's make more. Apparently we all agree it's a good thing.

Asia Times: A fight to the death on Pakistan's border
By Syed Saleem Shahzad

BAJAUR, Pakistan - Since July 3, when Pakistani troops laid siege and eventually stormed the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Islamabad, more than 100 people, mostly from the security forces, have been killed in attacks in North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), primarily in the Swat region over the past few days.

The banned pro-Taliban Tehrik-Nifaz-i-Shariat-i-Mohammadi (TNSM - Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Laws) has extensive influence in this region, fueled by its leader, Maulana Fazlullah.

Many of the militants at the Red Mosque and associated madrassa students were believed to have been from NWFP, where revenge is now being exacted against security forces. The army has mobilized thousands of troops to the area.
Western intelligence believes that Osama bin Laden, his deputy Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and other top al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders have free access in this region to meet and plan operations. Cross-border raids into Afghanistan are frequently staged from here.

The Bajaur area has been hit twice by Central Intelligence Agency predator drones, one specifically after Zawahiri. However, at a time when al-Qaeda is reactivated and the Taliban's main focus is to lay siege of Kabul, via adjacent Nooristan province in Afghanistan, aerial surveillance is considered insufficient.

As a result, a large US base is under construction on a mountaintop at Ghakhi Pass on the Pakistan-Afghanistan (Bajaur) border.
Hopefully with long range artillery and other guided weapons, all will be in range of this base.

Continue reading "You tell'em baby : "The fresh faces of the mujahideen after martyrdom, the aroma from their flesh and blood, are living miracles"" »

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Deathwah on Dag.

I entered a Shi'ite literary mystery writing contest recently in the high hopes of scooping the substantial pot and garnering myself fame and a sex-life that includes someone other than me. Little did I know that my foray onto the literary battlefield would end with me winning only a Muslim deathwah.

I was so sure my title would to knock 'em dead, "Mohammed and the mystery of the walk-about jumper," that I opened with a bang.

I began Islamicly enough with this perfect line: "It was a dark and stormy day that by tea-time had Mohammed reaching for his jumper-- only to find it had gone walk about." Mohammed, his prose purple with rage, shouted out to the Moon God: "Ahhhoooo! I'll amputate the hand and alternate foot of whoever went walk-about with my fine jumper."

Well, to make my 300 page long story short, they didn't like it. Now I'm facing a deathwah. There are only a dozen things to do, so I'm going to run and hide. If you're not the sniveling coward I am, you might draw some of the Iranian ire away from me so I can continue my literary efforts in a new and, frankly, more up-scale contest, one wherein the judges have some appreciation for an artist at work!

Please leave the first line of your literary masterpiece in the comments box below,and with luck you'll win a deathwah too. Someone will contact you, probably in the middle of the night or at your office or on the tube or at a crowded cafe or in a schoolhouse in remote Russia. Good luck.
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Dag's extra-science Readership profile visio-graphic poll

Truepeers at Covenant Zone recently asked our readers to let us know a little bit about themselves so we could perhaps write a little more specifically toward meeting the needs and interests of our visitors. I have taken it upon myself to go that extra mile and come up with the science poll that you've all been waiting for.

Here in graphic detail are the stunning and surprising results of the poll:

First, our traffic chart showing all the cool details about who comes, how long they stay, what they read and think about what we do here:

Below we see a detailed report of the typical reader/commentator at Covenant zone:

This is, obviously, a graphic depiction of our readers at a Covenant Zone conventical.

This is a picture of me on my wedding day:
Here's a shot of me as a baby with my parents. I'm the cute one:
This is a graphic of our projected readership:
And that' the science of things.
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Groundhog Day in Germany

Today Politically Incorrect informs us that Bat Ye'Or's book Eurabia will not be published in German. The translators found it too "violent" in content and too "shocking" for the German public, so the contract between the author and the publisher was cancelled. Where is the old Hun who felt doubly well when Jewish blood was spurting from his knife? Now it's everything not to irritate the Arabs. They might not like us anymore.

HERE is the full post.

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Al-Qaida infiltrating America as patients

Clinics warn of medical visa scam by foreigners from Muslim countries looking to get in U.S., and not just as individuals but also as large groups.

(WND) Medical clinics across the country have been flooded with requests from foreign nationals from Pakistan and other Muslim countries to help them gain visa entry into the U.S. as patients.

The post-9/11 trend concerns authorities who fear al-Qaida could be using the medical industry to infiltrate terrorist cells into the country.

Some clinics have sponsored foreign patients only to have them fail to show up at their facilities.

Continue reading "Al-Qaida infiltrating America as patients" »

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Save Rizana!

I was alerted to the following horrible story by Mark Alexander, whose commentary reads as follows:

It high time for the Saudis to come into the civilized world! It is also high time that the Western world shun Saudi Arabia until they do so, regardless of the cost. Some things are more important than money, profit, or oil!

YouTube link

PETITION HERE, as well as additional information

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This Is A Personal Post: I Have Been Writing To Dag, And He Hasn't Been Receiving My Emails

Dag, I don't know what's going on, but I have been responding to your emails. I love what you do! And, I think it is important.

Someone, or something, is blocking our communications.
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When It Comes To The Islamofascists, What The Hell Could We Possibly Do That Would Please Them?

Do you realize that many Muslims are actually angry with us, because we went into Kosovo and defended them?

This is true.

One of the prime motivators of many of the Al Qaeda fighters who ended up in Chechneya, Afghanistan, and Iraq, was that we "invaded", what they thought of, as their turf.

Why? Well, as best as I can tell, they simply don't like Infidels very much (to put it mildly).

Anyway, today, the Iraqi Prime Minister, al-Maliki, unleashed abuse on the United States for being in Iraq. We are trying to ensure that there will not be a genocide. Our young men are dying to help his people, and he doesn't want us there.

And, of course, much of the Iraqi population does not want us there. I, simply, do not know what to say. I am dumbfounded. Or, am I just plain dumb?

(Thanks to Michael for sending this to me):

SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2007


Al-Maliki has said his administration needs time and effort to enact the
political reforms [EPA]
Iraq's prime minister has cast off US doubts over
his government's military and political progress, saying Iraqi forces are
capable and US troops can leave "any time they want".
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I love this comment from Jason Pappas (with regards to all the particular dislikes of Islamofascists):

Imagine their response to a wild boar?

And they hate dogs, too.

Let's see: Jews, Bush, dogs, squirrels, pigs, Buddhist statues, Queen of England, ... where does it stop?
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Sunday, July 15, 2007


(Bahrain) Taking a leaf out of Adolph Hitler’s book on how to impress the neighbours. The mouthpiece of the Mullahs in Iran (Kayhan News) had an editorial which stated that Bahrain is actually a part of Iran and the people there are crying out to join with the mother country.

What makes this article stand out from most editorials is the fact the editor is not only a close friend of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei but he is also a hardliner.

Continue reading "Sudetenland" »

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From Farfour to Nahoul: Killer Bee replaces Genocidal Mickey Mouse (video)

(MEMRI) Nahoul the Bee Replaces Farfour - Hamas Mickey Mouse - and Vows to Continue on His Path of Martyrdom and Jihad

Following are excerpts from a Hamas TV children's show, featuring Nahoul the Bee, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on July 13, 2007:

Saraa, child host: Who are you, and where did you come from?

Nahoul the Bee: I am Nahoul.

Saraa: Nahoul who?

Nahoul: I'm Nahoul, Farfour's cousin.

Saraa: What do you want?

Nahoul: I want to continue the path of my cousin Farfour.

Saraa: How do you want to do this?

Continue reading "From Farfour to Nahoul: Killer Bee replaces Genocidal Mickey Mouse (video)" »

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Hezbollah's up to something

It appears that Iran and Hezbollah have been busy since last summer.

Here are a few photos from Pallywood which have surfaced on a number of military websites and forums:

Noticed anything unusual about this picture?

Continue reading "Hezbollah's up to something" »

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Aghast at the lack of competence of the MSM

Yesterday both Newsweek and the Boston Globe managed to get it ALL wrong.


The Globe published an editorial of fear. Not prudence, fear. In Al Qaeda Without Illusion the Globe centers on Waziristan, and then in fear recommends no action lest we piss them off and they go and do something which might make us even more nervous.

Were US troops to pursue bin Laden inside Pakistan, they could set off a chain of events that transforms Pakistan -- a nuclear power -- into an Al Qaeda state. Islamist extremism is primarily a challenge to the moderate mainstream of the Muslim world. America must protect itself against Islamist terrorism, but it should avoid falling into the traps that bin Laden and his gang set for it in Muslim countries. Musharraf has a potent army and a highly developed instinct for self-preservation. The United States should not be making it harder than it already is for him to cope with Pakistan's terrorist threat

Here's how it works, morons. Their religious teachings guarantee their victory. Therefore if we do nothing we embolden them, and if we do something it enrages them. Therefore we have to ensure we KILL THEM or one or the other will ensue, and EITHER ONE is bad for us. This is not about choosing hte least worst course. They are not the bad union press people against whom there will be many many go rounds in a shared future vision of some commonality. When the Globe's editor's encompass this unavoidable reality, they might be able to write a common sense editorial about it.

And then there is Newsweek, the Newsweek which praised Yusuaf Al Qaradawi as a moderate .

Continue reading "Aghast at the lack of competence of the MSM" »

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That this is even a STORY is disheartening ..we are so STUPID

Iran enabling, funding Al Qaida movement despite religious differences

Or > and the sun is coming up tomorrow > hello > they have THE SAME ENEMIES AND PREJUDICES, and ALMOST IDENTICAL GOALS

GERTZ:Western intelligence officials believe that Iran has become a major force behind Al Qaida. Despite the religious gulf, Shi'ite Iran has been enabling Al Qaida, a Sunni movement, to operate from Iran and Iraq for attacks against the West. Officials said Al Qaida was using Iran as a base for communications, logistics and operations.

"The top people in Al Qaida are now in Iran," a Western intelligence source said. "They have access to money and communications and most importantly a safe haven."

Iran hosts two groups of Al Qaida leaders. One is a group of high-level operatives from Saudi Arabia who escaped into Iran from Afghanistan during the U.S. invasion in 2001. Another group include members of the Al Qaida and Taliban leadership native to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Iran Arrests Squirrels!

This is too funny:

Iranian intelligence operatives recently detained over a dozen squirrels found within the nation's borders, claiming the rodents were serving as spies for Western powers determined to undermine the Islamic Republic.

"In recent weeks, intelligence operatives have arrested 14 squirrels within Iran's borders," state-sponsored news agency IRNA reported. "The squirrels were carrying spy gear of foreign agencies, and were stopped before they could act, thanks to the alertness of our intelligence services."

Iranian police commander Esmaeil Ahmadi-Moqadam confirmed the report, saying that a number of squirrels had been caught bearing foreign spy gear within Iran's borders....

[Hat-tip to Mr. Beamish]


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Christianity Rebounding In Europe

Hmm, what do you know? You threaten a people's civilization, and they return to their faith.

That's what happened to me.

(By the way, I didn't write this post. It was taken from another writer.
It is not all my opinion, but instead, I thought it was worth reading.

(Thanks to Reliapundit for sending this to me - from Bryan at Hot Air):

Buried behind the WSJ’s subscription wall is a fascinating look at the resurgence of a particular type of Christianity within Europe, and especially within the cold grey socialist paradise of Sweden. There an outraged ACLU-type demanded a hotel chain remove the Bibles from its nightstand drawers, and they complied. Then something rather un-Swedish happened.

A national furor erupted. A conservative bishop announced a boycott. A
leftist radical who became a devout Christian and talk-show host denounced the
biblical purge in newspaper columns and on television. A young evangelical
Christian organized an electronic letter-writing campaign, asking Scandic [the
hotel chain]:Why are you removing Bibles but not pay-porn on your

Scandic, which had started keeping its Bibles behind the front
desk, put the New Testament back in guest rooms.

“Sweden is not as secular as we thought,” says Christer Sturmark,
head of Sweden’s Humanist Association, a noisy assembly of nonbelievers to which
the Bible-protesting hotel guest belongs.
The WSJ reporter seems pretty
confident that Christian religiosity is on the upswing, and spends most of the
long article trying to explain why that might be. Some economists have an idea
about how that could have happened:

As centuries-old churches long favored by the state lose their
monopoly grip, Europe’s highly regulated market for religion is opening up to
leaner, more-aggressive religious “firms.” The result, they say, is a
supply-side stimulus to faith.

“Monopoly churches get lazy,” says Eva Hamberg, a professor at Lund
University’s Centre for Theology and Religious Studies and co-author of academic
articles that, based on Swedish data, suggest a correlation between an increase
in religious competition and a rise in church-going. Europeans are deserting
established churches, she says, “but this does not mean they are not

Upstarts are now plugging new spiritual services across Europe, from U.S.-influenced evangelical churches to a Christian sect that uses a hallucinogenic herbal brew as a stand-in for sacramental wine.

Well, that’s not the kind of “ascension” He meant, but it sounds to me like that church is the exception, whereas charismatic and evangelical churches are more the norm–and are growing rapidly just like they are in the United States. That fact isn’t lost on the free-market theorists:
The enemy of faith, say the supply-siders, is not modernity but state-regulated markets that shield big, established churches from competition. In America, where church and state stand apart, more than 50% of the population worships at least once a month. In Europe, where the state has often supported — but also controlled — the church with money and favors, the rate in many countries is 20% or less.

“The state undermined the church from within,” says Stefan Swärd, a leader
of Sweden’s small but growing evangelical movement.

The state supported churches are banal, PC, and empty; they need not compete for parishioners because the state supports them no matter how wacky their ideas, how tepid their sermons, or how empty their church:

Consider the scene on a recent Sunday at Stockholm’s Hedvig Eleonara
Church, a parish of the Church of Sweden, a Lutheran institution that until 2000
was an official organ of the Swedish state. Fewer than 40 people, nearly all
elderly, gathered in pews beneath a magnificent 18th-century dome. Seven were
church employees. The church seats over 1,000.

Hedvig Eleonara has three full-time salaried priests and gets over
$2 million each year though a state levy. Annika Sandström, head of its
governing board, says she doesn’t believe in God and took the post “on the one
condition that no one expects me to go each Sunday.” The church scrapped Sunday
school last fall because only five children attended.

Just a few blocks away, Passion Church, an eight-month-old
evangelical outfit, fizzed with fervor.

Passion Church is, obviously, not state supported.

What struck me about this piece was that I had just finished reading almost the same argument by Lawrence Henry in the American Spectator Online–about subsidized versus unsubsidized talk radio in the United States. AM talk is competitive, and it’s brash, vibrant and entertaining as the talent struggles–and succeeds–to attract listeners. Meanwhile subsidized radio (ahem NPR ahem) is very professionally produced, but it is also bookish, snobbish, and trending toward irrelevant. If the state-sponsored churches of Sweden lack butts in their pews, the subsidized talkers of NPR lack ears on their frequency. But like the sinecures of the Swedish priesthood, NPR doesn’t care if you listen or not. They get paid either way.

As for the Christian renaissance in Europe, I witnessed it firsthand a while back while I lived in England. I attended one of the more Anglican of Anglican churches–though it may not have received money from the government it was very much the Established Church. It offered a beautiful, traditional service in a breathtaking building. And it was slowly dying off; the few who came were treated to well-intended, erudite, but PC sermons. Once over sherry after church the vicar told me that modern Anglicans no longer believed in the Virgin Birth–including himself in that tally.

One night I went with some friends to another church, only nominally Anglican, which was meeting in a school auditorium. It was packed with young people and college students, and the two-and-a half hour (!) service was mostly praise music with a modern band and the lyrics projected on a movie screen. The sermon was a striking admonition–the college students were about to be released on Christmas break, and they would go home and likely be subject to ridicule and abuse from their families and friends for their decisions to become Christians. They had to be strong in their faith to put up with that scorn, because that was exactly what Jesus had said they would endure.

I dislike praise-music services, so I didn’t go back–but the contrast couldn’t have been more striking. Nonetheless I loved the muddled, dying church I attended, where one of the priests introduced me to a poem by R.S. Thomas, called The Moon in Lleyn, about the apparent end of religion. As best as I can put it together, it goes like this, although I know I’m missing at least one line:

The last quarter of the moonof Jesus gives way
to the dark; the serpent
digests the egg
…the tide lapsat the Bible; the bell fetchesno
people to the brittle miracle

of the bread.
Religion is over,

And what will emerge from the body of the new moon,no one can say,

But a voice sounds in my ear: Why so fast mortal?

These very seas are baptized. The parishhas a saint’s name time cannot unfrock. In cities that have outgrown their promise people are becoming pilgrims again, if not to this place,then to the recreation of it in their own spirits.You must remain Kneeling. Even as this moonmaking its way through earth’s cumbersome shadow, prayer, too has its phases.

Perhaps in Europe a new phase has begun.

Sorry for the absurd length of this post, but let me add one last note on Sweden and religion. Although several sources claim their suicide rate isn’t quite as elevated as Americans like to claim it is, there was an increase as the welfare state took hold. A 1991 study* by a Wayne State professor found that the fall in religiosity in Sweden was indeed associated with a rise in the suicide rates of the young.

The finding is a bit problematic, because the study couldn’t completely disentangle a simultaneous breakdown in the institution of marriage in Sweden, which may have been a contributing factor as well. But to whatever degree broken homes or a loss in religiosity were driving a rise in youth suicide, it stands as a rebuke to statist socialism and the abandonment of traditional institutions in the name of progress.

In a way, that is amazing, but, in a way, it doesn't amaze me,because 9/11, and the consequent war, have strengthened my faith. People don't want to lose their culture and everything it stands for. It just takes time for them to figure out the rot.

Let us just hope that Europe's newfound Christianity doesn't turn them to the anti-Semiitism of the past.

One thing I've noted is that Europe's most shameful episodes, with regard to the Jews (other than the Holocaust), have been in response to the pressure of Muslims invasion.

Both the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades were partially brought about by the incursion of Islam into territory that Europe deemed to be part of its heritage.

Hey, maybe I'm wrong, but I have a feeling the Spanish Inquisition, which started over an issue of heresy, was more about Muslims than it was about the Jews.

I think Europe's Chrisitians simply thought, "Well, while we're at it ..."

Very sick and sad.
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