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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Anti-Semitism From The World Council Of Churches

Item from the June 23, 2007 edition of the Washington Post:

Rally Call Against Israel

A Geneva-based church body plans an initiative to have churches worldwide rally for an end to Israel's occupation of Arab lands seized in the 1967 Mideast war.

The World Council of Churches said the initiative will call "on all churches to work seriously for putting an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab lands."

The council, founded in 1948, includes 347 Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican and other churches representing more than 560 million people in more than 110 countries.


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I heard a lot wishful thinking about Egypt opposing HAMAS because they're the Muslim Brotherhood

Gertz: Egypt's intel chief decided Hamas takeover served Cairo's interests

LONDON — Egypt has cooperated with Hamas in allowing shipments of weapons, munitions and explosives that facilitated the Islamic takeover of the Gaza Strip last week, Western intelligence sources said. Egypt concluded that a Hamas takeover would halt or reduce insurgency infiltration in the Sinai Peninsula.
"The Egyptians were in the picture as early as several weeks ago," an intelligence source said. Hamas leader Khaled "Masha'al discussed the Fatah strategic threat and said Hamas would stop [Fatah security chief Mohammed] Dahlan at any cost."
On June 18, a Palestinian was killed and 20 others were injured in a gun battle between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians at a border crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.
The Popular Resistance Committees said it fired on Israeli soldiers.
In a recent telephone conversation with Egyptian intelligence chief Gen. Omar Suleiman, Masha'al said Dahlan and his allies were working with Al Qaida-aligned groups to undermine Hamas in the Gaza Strip.(because Iran-Hizballah is behind HAMAS?)
The source quoted Masha'al as saying that Fatah was allowing Al Qaida to infiltrate the Sinai Peninsula to facilitate attacks on the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

This is why this entire culture is totally screwed.

We apparently have the MODERATES (i.e kill the jews..and the holocaust really wasn't one but in english let on we can accept Israel), Fatah aiding Al Qaeda in Gaza to harm HAMAS, and we have HAMAS (kill the jews at all times in all ways in the way of allah in english and all languages, and the holocaust never happened, and it's too bad Hitler didn't finish the job) getting aid from Iran and Hizballah in order to kill the jews as the friend of the Egyptian security because TODAY they hate Al Qaeda more than their mortal enemy the Muslim Brotherhood, -TODAY, at least. Tomorrow maybe they support Fatah because Al Qaeda does something to help the Muslim Brotherhood (their parent org as well as HAMAS's) in Egypt. But meanwhile Al Qaeda is against HAMAS because they have touched the money of the zionist dupes trying to destroy Islam, the Shia (?)

Are you effing kidding me? If that surmise is correct, Iraq is screwe d.

It's a huge murderous ant farm.

Continue reading "I heard a lot wishful thinking about Egypt opposing HAMAS because they're the Muslim Brotherhood" »

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The Show That PBS Refused To Broadcast

(All emphases by Always On Watch)

Photo: Fox News Channel
On Fox News Channel this Saturday, June 23, at 9:00 P.M., EDT. Read the story.

Additional background information, from this source, reproduced in its entirety:

The Mainstream Media: Islamist Facilitators
Tuesday , April 24, 2007

By M. Zuhdi Jasser

Dennis Wagner of the Arizona Republic broke the story on April 10, 2007 about PBS's censorship of the documentary, Islam vs. Islamists from its America at a Crossroads series which debuted this week.

The film's producers, Frank Gaffney, Alex Alexiev and the veteran filmmaker, Martyn Burke of ABG Films, Inc. have since presented in shocking detail their painful protracted experiences trying to navigate the censors at PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which funded the film with $675,000 of the taxpayers' monies but now has chosen to shelve it.

In just the last week of public debate, there has been a firestorm of outcry from the public who are demanding that oppressive methods of editorial content control by power brokers at PBS be investigated and the real story behind the shelving of Islam vs. Islamists be exposed.

PBS's exploitation of the public dime and the public airwaves for the narrow point of view of the Islamist sympathizers with the exclusion of the anti-Islamist Muslims is just now beginning to be understood.

As one of the subjects of the documentary, I was able to experience first-hand the professionalism and in-depth journalistic standards of veteran filmmaker, Martyn Burke, and his first-class team of consummate professionals. It was refreshing to have a documentary set out objectively to look into the deep-seated internal struggles of anti-Islamist Muslims like myself.

Our work at the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) here in Phoenix has been riddled with continual blowback and resistance in many forms from the power structure of the activist Muslim community in the Phoenix Valley.

The Valley Council of Imams, the local Muslim Voice newspaper, and organizations like CAIR-AZ have provided a laboratory of typical Islamist responses to an American organization of Muslims, like AIFD, who are trying to rescue spiritual Islam from the death grip of Islamists--Islam vs. Islamists. I do this out of love for my faith and its spiritual path to the God of Abraham in order to free it from the corruption of the political imam which has become so ubiquitous.

I have previously discussed the harm of our government's enabling of Islamists (like CAIR, MPAC, MAS, MSA, or ISNA) in the United States and how the governmental endorsement of Islamists publicly empowers them and allows them to dodge their responsibility of countering Islamism as an ideology. This order of magnitude is greater in impact when it concerns the media's inability to wage the debate of the "struggle for the soul of Islam". Stories about Islam and Muslims have been more and more ubiquitous since 9/11 and now are actually commonplace. Yet, the actual debate within the Muslim community has barely begun. Where's the disconnect? Look no further than the Islamist enablers in the media.

When so many ask across the nation, "where are the moderate voices of Islam?", one cannot help lately but exclaim that they are being suffocated by misguided political correctness and by Islamist influence within mainstream media and government. The PBS censorship of the documentary, Islam vs. Islamists, highlights one of the best examples to date of the symbiosis of both government complicity and media complicity with the Islamist ideology.

The recent RAND corporation research project highlighting the dire need to Build Moderate Muslim Networks in this new global "long war" against militant Islamism and its ideological siblings will never come to fruition with the current blinded pro-Islamist mainstream media approach.

The mainstream media (MSM) is apparently blind to the real ideology of Islamism and they allow Islamists to hide their theocracy behind minority politics. The MSM not only avoids the free flow of ideas within the Muslim community, it effectively allows the Islamists completely to stifle any and all debate which would have allowed Muslims to question those in positions of authority within the Islamic community.
It is time for the MSM to stop protecting Muslims from one another and to stop stifling the debate many anti-Islamist Muslims would like to wage against leading Islamists. If Muslims are going to form a public expression of Islam which is reconciled with western democracies which separate religion and government, this debate against Islamism needs yet to begin, let alone blossom into cultural change for Muslims.

Islamists fear nothing more than credible and genuine debate against the core political ideology of Islamism from pious anti-Islamist Muslims. With an ideological counter from anti-Islamist Muslims- the Islamist emperor "has no clothes". At every level, they are using America's naïveté about Islam in order to continue their theft of Islam for the political agenda of Islamism.

The Islamists know that anti-Islamist Muslims rob them of their minority trump card of Islamophobia and force them to come to terms with the anti-freedom, and anti-liberty and anti-pluralistic ideology of Islamism. Anti-Islamist, pro-Islamic Muslims expose the real motives of Islamists--which is the exploitation of the spiritual path of Islam for political and governmental power and coercion.

The MSM would prefer to facilitate the current Islamist organizations and Islamist imams. Why? It could be a fear of litigation, minority victim politics, or simple ignorance regarding the goals of Islamism. As in the case with PBS, it could also be the internal influence and infiltration of Islamists within the media and government who will go to great lengths to suffocate the opinions of anti-Islamists, especially anti-Islamist Muslims.

The PBS/CPB censorship of Islam vs. Islamists exemplifies the dire need to begin to educate many in the MSM of the ideological realities of the Islamists. They may protect Islamists blindly out of ignorance, fear, infiltration, or minority politics.

But, at the end of the day, if the MSM editors understood the type of society the protected Islamists would create if they became a majority, their support would vanish. Feminists, social liberals, and those that would separate religion from government would be entirely ignored under Islamist control. Just ask the feminists what type of equality they have in many Islamist controlled mosques around the country.

It is interesting that even in the recent April 18 New York Times, Virginia Heffernan appropriately critiques the vacuous nature of Robert McNeil's documentary, "The Muslim Americans". McNeil's documentary which did conveniently make the cut of the Crossroads series, turned out to be a puff-piece for political correctness with no insight into Islamist ideologies and its danger to America. The question remains whether epiphanies like Heffernan's in the Times about McNeil's piece will translate into systemic changes in the approach of the MSM toward Islamists.

When will there be a change from coddling and enabling Islamists toward critical engagement of their deep ideological inconsistencies with Americanism? Thus far, investigative journalism, hard-hitting analysis, and identification of the clear and present danger of the Islamist ideological threat remains at best, a large blind spot and at worst an intentional omission.

Islamists sneak in their political agenda free of criticism from the MSM because they do it in the name of a religion. When moderate Muslims call them on their false representation of all Muslims and the disservice they do to the spiritual faith of Islam, the MSM so far chooses to shelve and ignore our efforts to be heard.

So the next time anyone asks, "where are the moderate voices of Islam?", tell them that the main reason they are voices in the wilderness is that the mainstream media chooses to leave them in the wilderness and prevent them from seeing the light of day. In the PBS documentary it is only Muslims interviewed throughout the film--how could that be anti-Muslim? Simply put, PBS claims that the veteran filmmaker Martyn Burke was one-sided, but it appears that PBS and often the MSM is one-sided protecting Islamist leadership from their most effective detractors--anti-Islamist Muslim moderates.

Borrowing on the old cliché of a tree falling in a forest, if Muslims speak out against Islamists but remain unheard (in the PBS forest), did they speak out at all? Without regular opportunities in the media and government for anti-Islamist Muslims to speak out, America will never know that they ever did. Without being heard the moderate voices will be as if they never existed. Without hearing the moderate voice, it is so much the easier for Islamists to continue toward their goal of political domination and demagoguery of the Muslim community and, ultimately, of America itself.

Check the schedule for your area for the show which FNC has decided to air and which PBS refused to broadcast.

I admit to skepticism with regard to differentiating between Islam and Islamism. Since 9/11, I've been waiting to see the hordes of Muslims trying to take back their hijacked faith.


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Friday, June 22, 2007

Fox News Visits Red House VA…Again

Larwyn reports that Fox News will be covering Red House tonight. Supposedly an ex-member will be interviewed and will spill the beans about their connections with Sheikh Jilani.

Larwyn also says:

Sheikh Gilani LaneBREAKING- MUSLIMS OF AMERICA in Redhouse Va (see Gates of Vienna coverage) A former member admits that they work and send up to 30% of their $$$$ to Pakistan. ON FOX NOW — Catherine Herrige reporting. Check GOV who will be on this fully, I am sure! Oh, members also reported to have traveled to Trindad!

But Gates of Vienna does not have a TV so anyone watching Brit Hume tonight at 7:00 pm is welcome to give us any information that comes up since we won’t be watching it.

Anybody want to volunteer to do a quick and dirty transcript of the interview? We can put it up then.

It’s so nice that after all these years, and the heckling from the Left, and the County Board of Supervisors’ insistence that these are “good people” that finally the MSM is going after this story.

Somebody kiss Fox for me.
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Military US-Iraqi Tensions are for real

BAGHDAD — U.S. military sources said U.S. officers have expressed resentment over the lack of reliability and independence of Iraq's military and police during the counter-insurgency mission in Baghdad.

"The places where the Iraqi security forces are less developed and less ready to do things on their own are the places that are the most heavily contested," Lt. Gen. Martin Dempsey, the outgoing commander of Multinational Security Transition Command Iraq, said.

Despite increased U.S. funding and efforts, the Iraqi security forces have fallen way short of development and staffing goals, the sources said.

[On Thursday, Sunni insurgents shelled the Iraqi parliament in Baghdad. At least seven mortars landed in the Green Zone, which contains parliament as well as Western embassies.]

It's all on the line. I don't mind risking our best to kill Al Qaeda, but on the civil war side of this, the Iraqis have to decide they want to have a society. Otherwise we leave 50,000 in Kurdistan, and BOMB from 10,000 when we spot the bad guys, (ANY HARDBOYZ OF ANY ILK, i.e. IRGC wandering about) and the rest kill each other off. They won't enjoy that.

Continue reading "MIlitary US-Iraqi Tensions are for real" »

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9/11 Was A Wakeup Call For Young Muslims

As many of you have probably seen, Drudge has been running a graphic depicting a woman in a full niqab since yesterday. The graphic accompanies an article entitled "Head-to-toe Muslim veils test tolerance of secular Britain."

When I saw the article yesterday, I considered posting on it, but decided the subject and the information in the article had already been posted on enough here.

However, this morning at Starbuck's I saw that today's New York Times is running a similar headline, and thus I was moved to, once again go over the article on Drudge. This time a money quote jumped out at me.

As per usual, the International Herald Tribune, the originator of the article, is attempting to be "unbiased" in its reporting and is therefore attempting to give both sides of the story equal consideration. Sure, the "tolerance" of "British society" is being "tested", but for Muslims, the veil is "an act of faith."

LONDON: Increasingly, Muslim women in Britain take their children to school and run errands covered head to toe in flowing black gowns that allow only a slit for their eyes.

Like little else, their appearance has unnerved Britons, testing the limits of tolerance in this stridently secular nation. Many veiled women say they are targets of abuse. At the same time, efforts are growing to place legal curbs on the full Muslim veil, known as the niqab.

The past year has seen numerous examples: A lawyer dressed in a niqab was told by an immigration judge that she could not represent a client because, he said, he could not hear her. A teacher wearing a niqab was told by a provincial school to go home. A student who was barred from wearing a niqab took her case to the courts, and lost. In fact, the British education authorities are proposing a ban on the niqab in schools altogether.

David Sexton, a columnist for The Evening Standard, wrote recently that Britain has been "too deferential" toward the veil. "I find such garb, in the context of a London street, first ridiculous and then directly offensive," he said.

Although the number of women wearing the niqab has increased in the past several years, only a tiny percentage of women among Britain's two million Muslims cover themselves completely. It is impossible to say how many exactly.

Some who wear the niqab, particularly younger women who have taken it up recently, concede that it is a frontal expression of Islamic identity, which they have embraced since Sept. 11, 2001, as a form of rebellion against the policies of the Blair government in Iraq and at home.

"For me it is not just a piece of clothing, it's an act of faith, it's solidarity," said a 24-year-old program scheduler at a broadcasting company in London, who would allow only her last name, Al Shaikh, to be printed, saying she wanted to protect her privacy.

"9/11 was a wake-up call for young Muslims," she said.

9/11 was a wakeup call for Westerners, that's for sure. It sure as hell was a wakeup call for me. But, 9/11 was a wakeup call for young Muslims? A wakeup to what? That perhaps, they ought to set about reforming their religion?

According to this article, wearing the veil is a deliberate attempt to seperate themselves from the rest of society.

If this is the kind of wakeup call 9/11 represented for young Muslims in the West, then that means Muslims, essentially, woke up to the fact that they agree with Osama Bin Laden.

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Pakistan expanding nuclear program

Satellite images show that Pakistan is building a new nuclear reactor that can produce weapons-grade plutonium, an American watchdog group said Thursday, warning that it could contribute to an atomic arms race with archrival India.

A picture taken June 3 shows work progressing rapidly on the reactor at the Khushab nuclear site, 170 kilometers (105 miles) southwest of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, the Institute of Science for International Security said. The development of the reactor and other nuclear-related activities “imply” that Pakistan has decided to “increase significantly its production of plutonium for nuclear weapons,” the Washington-based institute said in a report analyzing the images.

Read the rest.

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The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show

A monstrous show, blasting freedom in the faces of Islamofasists around the world.

Topics include:

1) Kill all Pacifists - Gandhi is a sacred cow, and we must butcher him. By the way, did you know Mahatma Gandhi was a racist? We give you the lowdown.

2) Interview with Harry Reid. Dude is nuts. You gotta hear this.

3) Ask The Imam - we ask the Imam about the bizarre fatwas coming out of the Islamic world recently; drinking mucous, urine, and women breast-feedin adult co-workers to eliminate sexual tension in the workplace. WTF?

Well, that's Islam for ya'.

Thanks to Baron at Gates of Vienna for the new graphic.
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Like Infidels Through An Hourglass, So Are The Sands Of Passion


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Jimmy Carter's Newest

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bomb Iran After Pakistan!

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Muslim MP Issues Threats Over Rushdie Knighthood

Gandalf, at the great British blog Up Pompeii, reports that Lord Ahmed, the highest ranking Muslim Member of Parliament, is threatening that "Muslim businesses" will boycott, if Parliament does not rescind the Knighthood of Salman Rushdie.

"Last night, a senior Labour Muslim peer appealed to ministers to put the award on hold and revealed that Muslim British businesses were trying to organize a nationwide shutdown in protest over the knighthood.

Lord Ahmed of Rotherham told The Daily Telegraph: ''I would urge and plead with all Muslims around the world to remain calm." But he warned that honouring the author put "Her Majesty the Queen in a very difficult position" as head of the Church of England as The Satanic Verses had offended Christianity as well as Islam."

Gandalf comments:

Here we have a "peer" of the realm overtly threatening the state, the implication is that if the award to Mr Rushdie were to be held in abeyance then the shutdown of Muslim businesses in the UK would not happen, I must admit I find the phrase "Muslim" businesses" interesting, should it not be British businesses.

The shut down of these "Businesses" will not cause any great harm to the country, we all know that the nett gain to the UK from such sources is immediately offset by the amount of benefits that they claim, leaving each person in the UK -50p.

"lord ahmed" should be stripped of the honour this country has bestowed upon him (he did not do much to warrant it anyway) his interests are the Muslim community that is all
The Muslims in this country have tried to influence the Foreign policies of this country in such a way that it is beneficial to Muslims.

The excuses used are Iraq, Iran and "the middle East problem" meaning Israels defense of it borders and right to exist.

The Muslims in the UK now want to dictate who is honoured and who is not. where does this end, are they going to insist by means of more threats, that they have a say in who is appointed the head of the Bank of England for example or Government position.

Should the honour be given to someone who they do not agree with then threats and insults to our nation abound and then claim they are the victims of insult to their perverted prophet mohammed (I refuse to use capitals here).

Go read the whole thing over at Up Pompeii.

Oh, and here's a British cartoon about the uproar.

"Thank you for the offer, but when the time comes I must limit myself to gently tapping the sword on Mr Rushdie's shoulder."

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Maxim Magazine's Babes Of The IDF

Here's a final post from me. I'm off to join the IDF, if they'll have me. I mean, I'm not Jewish, but I am circumcised, and I'm ready, willing, and able to prove it.

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VIDEO: Palestinian Civil War, Part I, June 2007

Crossposted at Eye On The World.
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Goldberg asks Beinart what the problem is that liberals have with Israel

In their latest podcast on NRO, Jonah Goldberg asks The New Republic's Peter Beinart what problem liberals have with Israel.
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Live Free? Not In Europe

The new Bruce Willis movie is called Live Free Or Die Harder. Pretty much everyone knows that, right?

Well, the people of Europe will not know that, because for some reason the name has been changed for the European audience.

Do you think some elites, either at the movie studio or within some obscure government bureaucracy, thought that the title sounded to much like Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death"?

Does the idea of Freedom not fly in Europe? I doubt our European brothers would agree with that.
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The Council Of Ex-Muslims Of Britain

The Ex-Muslims of Britain are organizing in order to make their voices heard. And, where do they stand?

Against the appeasement of Islam:

“Ex-Muslims” hoping to change the terms of debate about Islam in Europe will launch a British group in London on Thursday. The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain will be the latest addition to groupings that began in Germany in February and spread to Scandinavia in May. A Dutch group will hold its launch in September. [...]

“Too many things in the media and government policies have been geared to pandering to the political Islamic movements and Islamic organizations,” Maryam Namazie, head of the British group, told Reuters[...] “I hope we’ll get a lot more attention and begin to change the debate,”

I would imagine fatwas and death threats will begin to rain down on these brave people.
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Muslim Are The Problem

From this source, a June 21, 2007 essay by Irshad Manji, writing about the recent uproar from Muslims regarding the knighting of Salman Rushdie:

Rushdie is not the problem. Muslims are.

Read what else offends Irshad Manji.


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This is what happens when fixed outcome in schools grows up

REPORT: The Right Wing Domination Of Talk Radio And How To End It

The Center for American Progress and Free Press today released the first-of-its-kind statistical analysis of the political make-up of talk radio in the United States. It confirms that talk radio, one of the most widely used media formats in America, is dominated almost exclusively by conservatives.

The new report — entitled “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio” — raises serious questions about whether the companies licensed to broadcast over the public radio airwaves are serving the listening needs of all Americans.

While progressive talk is making inroads on commercial stations, right-wing talk reigns supreme on America’s airwaves. Some key findings:

– In the spring of 2007, of the 257 news/talk stations owned by the top five commercial station owners, 91 percent of the total weekday talk radio programming was conservative, and only 9 percent was progressive.

– Each weekday, 2,570 hours and 15 minutes of conservative talk are broadcast on these stations compared to 254 hours of progressive talk — 10 times as much conservative talk as progressive talk.

76 percent of the news/talk programming in the top 10 radio markets is conservative, while 24 percent is progressive.

Not only that, but more research shows that BET is not watched by enough white americans, and in order to equalize this outcome, all channels will be required to broadcast BET 3.4576432 hours per day, beginning at 7:30 PM in each time zone. Web cameras will insure compliance in each household..

I mean that's only fair.

MORONS, the american people are CHOOSING, freely. You idiots are for forced quotas of mandatory listening because your ideas are INFERIOR and do not compete well. This irks you in your arrogant gut.

Continue reading "This is what happens when fixed outcome in schools grows up" »

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An Open and Shut Case

Cross Posted from Global Defense Group

'An Open Mind'

Liberal progressives often refer to conservatives as 'closed-minded neocons', or worse.

But that's a double-edged sword...

H/T USA Partisan

This video is based upon a blog I wrote last year, when Global Defense Group was still a MySpace group. The blog was well received at the time, so I thought it would make a good subject for a video.
This is the first video GDG has made featuring a vocal track by your's truly, your humble administrator.
I poked around the site and lucked upon the blog in question.

Stop Telling Me To Keep An Open Mind!
Written by Kafir
Monday, 20 November 2006

[Cross post]

I am not interested in keeping an "open mind" about the the people who want to kill me, kill my family and destroy my entire culture.

I am not interested in keeping an open mind about a religion that openly declares our only options are conversion to Islam, subjugation by Islam, or death at the hand of Islam.

I am not interested in keeping an "open mind" about the partisans in our government, who are more interested in regaining power by undermining the current administration, than focusing their hatred on the enemies of the American people.

I am not interested in keeping an "open mind" about the members of our media who seem determined to dispirit the American people, undermine confidence in our leadership and offer aid and comfort to the enemy through their blatantly biased (and often factually incorrect) reporting...

I am not interested in keeping an "open mind" about teachers who preach anti-American sentiments to captive student audiences, and who publicly ostracize any student who does not pander to their leftist agenda.

I am not interested in keeping an "open mind" about people who find moral equivalence between what our nation is doing in Iraq, and the actions of those who behead people, blow up children with suicide belts and target civilian populations with airliners.

I am not interested in keeping an "open mind" about people who are too intellectually lazy to learn a little history, but instead prefer to regurgitate the latest news sound-bites, wholly undigested and with absolutely no concept of historical context.

I am not interested in keeping an "open mind" about my fellow citizens who believe we are not at war, that our government is the true enemy, and that this is all some complex conspiracy to reduce our freedoms, and ultimately increase control over the American people.

I am not even slightly interested in keeping an "open mind" about the people who consider Hamas and Hizbollah legitimate political entities, and find moral equivalence between their actions, and the actions taken by the Israelis in self-defense.

Keeping an "open mind" is great in theory, but sometimes it's just an excuse to not take sides, or not own up to the side you have already chosen.
An open mind is a wonderful thing to have... but so are convictions.

Sometimes in life, you have to pick sides and make a stand.

Thank you Kafir...thank you sir.

[Note to all: I am having trouble becoming accustomed to Blogger. I realize the font is quite small. Please bear with me.]

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Enemy Propaganda...

...Courtesy of the University of Iowa Press:

An 84-page anthology titled "Poems From Guantanamo: The Detainees Speak" will be published in August by the University of Iowa Press, giving readers an unusual glimpse into the emotional lives of the largely nameless and faceless prisoners there.

The University of Iowa Press is very proud of itself for providing a forum for the Gitmo headchoppers. As they describe their efforts:

“At last Guantánamo has found its voice.”—Gore Vidal

Since 2002, at least 775 men have been held in the U.S. detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. According to Department of Defense data, fewer than half of them are accused of committing any hostile act against the United States or its allies. In hundreds of cases, even the circumstances of their initial detainment are questionable.

This collection gives voice to the men held at Guantánamo. Available only because of the tireless efforts of pro bono attorneys who submitted each line to Pentagon scrutiny, Poems from Guantánamo brings together twenty-two poems by seventeen detainees, most still at Guantánamo, in legal limbo.

Isn't that just special? Remember not to question the patriotism of those responsible for this travesty.

Since the U of I Press has missed one of my favorite prisoner poems, I'll close with it:

by Tyrone Green

Dark and lonely on a summer's night.
Kill my landlord. Kill my landlord.
Watchdog barking. Do he bite?
Kill my landlord. Kill my landlord.
Slip in his window. Break his neck.
Then his house I start to wreck.
Got no reason. What the heck?
Kill my landlord. Kill my landlord
C-I-L-L my land lord!

Hat tip: NewsBusters; Crossposted at The Dougout

Update, 6/21: Of course the Gitmo 750 have their work cut out for them if they are going to surpass or even equal the classic deep thoughts of Etheridge Knight: "Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane." Now if you don't think such lyrically work as: "Hard Rock / was / 'known not to take no shit From nobody,' and he had the scars to prove it...." is a meaningful, timeless expression of the human condition that just indicates how shallow you really are.

After all deep thinker H. Bruce Franklin at Rutgers has made "Hard Rock" required reading for his "Crime and Punishment in American Literature" course. Also included as required reading for this class are some of the works of the left's favorite cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. The "poetry" of the left's second favorite cop-killer (and favorite convicted terrorist?), Kathy Boudin is also an object of contemplation for America's future leaders in Franklin's course.

While academia has the resources to inflict this sort of stuff on undergraduates, there just isn't enough room at the table for a few military historians:

Students at Miami, Xavier and the University of Cincinnati can take courses on environmental history, gender in revolution, women's history and the history of race, sexuality, birth control, pop culture, movies - even "Animals in Colonial America." But in course catalogs, classes about the history of Valley Forge, Gettysburg and America's greatest battles are as scarce as Johnny Reb in a Yankee cemetery.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If I am the IDF Chief of Staff I am arguing for removing the cancer at it's metastatic SOURCE TODAY. NOW


Remove the last as a genocidal inspiration and the others WITHER economically. THEN we will see about the political situation.

In 1967 Tom Segev reprises in minute by minute chapter and verse how a weak and perceived to be weak Israeli govt under Levi Eshkol spun into a war because for one major reason they were afraid of the initiative passing to the arabs who in Nasser's words were ready to wage a war of annihilation.

The result was that the army and air force were unleashed about month after Nasser closed the Straits of Tiran in violation of his treaty obligations and freedom of the seas, and threw out the UN Peacekeeper forces in the Sinai (in violation of his treaty obligations). Today, in essence three states dedicated publicly and proudly to the destruction of a sovereign state, AND ITS PEOPLE, surround Israel.

DUH, anyone wonder what is going on in cabinet meetings in Jerusalem?

I believe Israel can probably set back Iran nuclear ambitions, but what's that? If I am an Israeli this simply boxes that vast majority of Iranians right in with the lunatic mullahs. If this is going to make any sense, then it's time to pull a Robt E Lee.

The govt of the mullahs, by the mullahs and FOR genocide, can be ended if Israel takes out 100% of the Iranian ability to refine the 50% of gasoline they need domestically. The rest is imported. They can then go on and destroy the Iranian oil production and transport facilities.

If China, India, Germany and France don't like it, well then I guess they had better DO SOMETHING.

We see in Iraq that destruction is easy compared to building nad rebuilding infrastructure.

My money says that an Israeli campaign to destroy gasoline production and oil production and transport can succeed.

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Fatah PM: We Will Give Western Aid Money To Hamas

From the Astute Bloggers:

The US and the EU rushed to restore aid as soon as they had a colorable excuse. And of course Fatah is going to use it to help fund Hamas terrorists, including those in the Gaza Strip:

The new Palestinian government headed by Salaam Fayad will use international aid to pay salaries to all civil servants of the Palestinian Authority, including those who are affiliated with Hamas, PA officials here said Monday.

"The new government is in charge of all the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip," said one official.

Oh really? But, I thought Abbas had disbanded the unity government because of Hamas' coup d'etat in Gaza?

Omri at the Astute Bloggers comments:

This is a trick Abbas has pulled before. The West's eagerness to blindly aid the Palestinian is so overwhelming that the Palestinians don't need to bother subtly plotting how to coordinate their terrorism with Western acquiescence. It works out that way anyway.
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The Bush Doctrine: The Restoration Of The Caliphate?

It looks like that is turning out to be the plan. First, there is this from Epaminondas (in greater length a few posts down):

WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration plans to involve Iran in its exit strategy for Iraq and has decided not to strike Iran's nuclear facilities. Administration sources said President Bush has decided that barring a "catastrophic development," the United States would not attack Iran.

The sources said the administration has been conveying the decision to U.S. allies in the Middle East. "The United States has decided that Iran's cooperation was needed for a withdrawal from Iraq," an administration source said.

"There won't be a situation where there will be cooperation and then war with Iran."

The decision marks a rejection of more than two years of Israeli appeals for a U.S. military option against Iran.

The sources said Bush was swayed by his intention to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq as well as an intelligence assessment that an air strike would not destroy all or most of Iran's nuclear weapons facilities.

"The hidden message [to Israel] was that if we don't do it [strike Iran], you definitely don't do it," the source said.

Then, there's this. When you think about it, between the idiocy of the Israeli government and the pressure the Bush Administration puts on Israel to deal with the Hamas coalition, we now have a situation where Israel is now boxed in between three pro-Iran entities:

The law of unintended consequences continues to throw up more consequences that were not intended. Israel is now boxed in between three pro-Iran entities (Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas) and two pro-al Qaeda terrorist groups — Hezbollah that is dominant in Lebanon to the north and Hamas that now controls Gaza, the size of Washington, D.C., to the south.

Both are sworn enemies of the Jewish state. Hamas, a radical offshoot of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, first rose to prominence by planning and executing the first intifada against Israeli occupation in 1987. Like Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas also runs welfare services for the poor, which in Gaza is almost the entire population of 1.5 million.

In 2006, Hamas startled the world and frightened Israel by winning legislative elections and seizing control of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its ministries. It refuses to deal with Israel and shares the conviction of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Israel's demise is preordained.

And, of course, under the Bush watch, we now have a situation where, due to our inaction on Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are also embarking on developing nuclear weapons. Because Bush has steadfastly refused to follow up on his own doctrine of no tolerance for terror-supporting states, we are faced with an ever-stronger Ummah, poised to destroy Israel, and then move on to the Iberian Peninsula.

Can everyone say, Andalusia?
Consider the results of our not having followed through on the original Bush Doctrine:
We tolerate a Hamas-led coalitional government, and a later Hamas coup d'etat of Gaza and
We tolerate Moqtada al-Sadr in Iraq, and he now controls 30% of the Iraqi Parliament and
We tolerate the assassination of the Lebanese President Hariri (who happened to be a Christian by the way), the Hizbollah war, and the gradual takeover of Lebanon by Hizbollah's forces, and
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Hey Ban Ki Moon, maybe the real problem in Lebanon is Glowbull warming?

Then again, maybe it's a JUG of androgel that went missing...

UN forces in Lebanon under orders not to offend Hizbullah

(God forbid!)
TEL AVIV — United Nations forces have sharply reduced operations in southern Lebanon, enabling Hizbullah to restore its military presence following last year's war with Israel. Israeli military sources said the UN Interim Force in Lebanon has curtailed patrols and other operations near the Israeli border. They said UNIFIL patrols have been ordered to avoid population centers and refrain from any act that could anger Lebanese supporters of Hizbullah. Israel has appealed to UNIFIL to expand operations in southern Lebanon, Middle East Newsline reported. But the sources said European Union contingents, including Italy and France, have refused to take any action that could anger Hizbullah.

Don't the UN morons realize that failure to enforce the terms of the cease fire guarantees war?
Why then do they not enforce it?
Sentiment for the arabs?
Ancient dislike 'pour les juifs'?
All of the above?

"The European contingents of UNIFIL are deathly scared of a backlash that would put their troops in danger," a military source said. "We are quickly returning to the 'See no evil, hear no evil approach' that existed before 2006."

That's actually a kind characterization from an Israeli source.
The UN is not useless, they are merely a useful shield for evil to hide behind, while good refrains from action which might tarnish it in the mind of others who actually don't care at best, and wish evil comes to good at worst.

The forces of Hizballah are the forces of racism, and genocide. The UN is simply an impediment.

Continue reading "Hey Ban Ki Moon, maybe the real problem in Lebanon is Glowbull warming?" »

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Two Brits Speak Out About Islam

[Hat-tip to Brooke for the following videos]

Follow-up to the above video:

At his web site, UK blogger Lionheart posts about the situation in the United Kingdom. Excerpt from one of LionHeart's recent postings "The Horror of 21st Century Britain":

Within the gates of Great Britain we have an alien Islamic Kingdom who live completely contrary to British society who believe it is their duty to enforce Islam upon the land and people of this Country.

There are approximately 3 million Moslems living the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Within that 3 million there is an army of foot-soldiers who are conducting Jihad on a daily basis with Al Qaeda’s Afghani Heroin. There are gangs of Moslem rapists and murderers walking the streets terrorising our society. There is also an army of Al Qaeda trained terrorists from the training fields of Pakistan/Afghanistan and there are Islamic preachers all over the country who are preaching hate and holy war against us and our society to their British born Moslem audience.

MI5 have said that they are following between 3 to 4000 terrorists, 200 networks and 30 actual plots to kill innocent British civilians.

It does not take Einstein to work out that there is a considerable threat facing the innocent people of Great Britain and the very future of this Nation.


Our government, security services and the police are powerless to prevent this Nation wide Moslem army from conducting its daily destruction and degradation of Great Britain. The British people cannot say nor do anything through fear of imprisonment so we have to just sit back and watch the destruction of our country and children’s futures at the hands of this internal Islamic enemy....

Exaggeration? Before you decide, take a close look at LionHeart's site. He often has links to news articles in addition to his essays.


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Bush is DONE. U.S. drops plan to strike Iran as part of Iraq exit strategy

Last week I published a Bill Gertz story quoting sources that the US had been warning gulf 'allies' that we are out of there, the entire region by 2009. If we look at the META actions of the Bush admin since the 2006 election, we can see that this administration, far from being devoted to principle, is, as is PelosiReid slavishly pimped out to polls. Polls which may not even reflect the true wishes of the american electorate (I can make up any question to get any answer). After commissioning the ISG report, and its Bakerite Baldwin-Chamberlain impersonation, then ducking the yelling over it, we can now see that in fact it has been adopted.

WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration plans to involve Iran in its exit strategy for Iraq and has decided not to strike Iran's nuclear facilities. Administration sources said President Bush has decided that barring a "catastrophic development," the United States would not attack Iran.

The sources said the administration has been conveying the decision to U.S. allies in the Middle East. "The United States has decided that Iran's cooperation was needed for a withdrawal from Iraq," an administration source said.

"There won't be a situation where there will be cooperation and then war with Iran."

The decision marks a rejection of more than two years of Israeli appeals for a U.S. military option against Iran.

The sources said Bush was swayed by his intention to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq as well as an intelligence assessment that an air strike would not destroy all or most of Iran's nuclear weapons facilities.

"The hidden message [to Israel] was that if we don't do it [strike Iran], you definitely don't do it," the source said.

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Sorry, he's not functionally anti-semitic, he's insane

AP: James Earl Carter (ex president of one term, rejected overwhelmingly by the american people), a Nobel Peace Prize winner who was addressing a human rights conference in Ireland, said the Bush administration's refusal to accept Hamas' 2006 election victory was "criminal."

Moron, if it was accepted in the way you mean, it means that Israel might as well WIPE the palestinian people off the map, since they would have voted for unending war with the PEOPLE of Israel by voting for ITS destruction as the primary function of government. Yet just as the 'father of the Islamic Republic of Iran' missed the first time around, the consequences of american action or inaction seems to be something J Carter NEVER gets right.

AP continues: Carter said Hamas, besides winning a fair and democratic mandate that should have entitled it to lead the Palestinian government, had proven itself to be far more organized in its political and military showdowns with Abbas' moderate Fatah movement.

Did he just argue for brute force as a moral argument?

"Khomeini will eventually be hailed as a saint."

Andrew Young, J Carter 's appointed Ambassador to the UN

Continue reading "Sorry, he's not functionally anti-semitic, he's insane" »

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Finally, a woman suited to be president

If most political fields would consider politicians like India's Pratabha Patil, who boldly said that women should throw off the "veil of the invader", then they'd know just who the women are who are suited to be presidential candidates. Mrs. Patil has made a bold statement, and I hope she remains firm upon it.


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Yet Another Reason To Vote For Fred?

If Fred gets elected President, we might start calling it the White Hot House, because his wife is a babe.
Damn, if Fred is up to that job, you know he's up to the job of President.
There you go, Joe. That's the Babe and the Hunk of the Week, all in one picture.
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Fatah Supporters Salute Mahmoud Abbas

You know, the "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas that Bush tells us we can work with to establish a two-state solution:

Palestinian supporters of the Fatah movement salute during a rally in support of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank town of Jenin, Tuesday, June 19, 2007. President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday sought to bolster Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, calling him a moderate voice and the only true leader of the Palestinian people.(AP Photo/Mohammed Ballas)
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In Imitation of Conformity

And now for something completely the same.

Toronto officials are making moves to remove decals from city automobiles. The decals are in support of our troops in Afghanistan. In conformity with the psychosis of our Left times, the governors of the the city wish to delete any public expression of support for what they likely consider to be at odds with the reality they prefer would be otherwise. These people who pose as Leftists are not "revolutionary" or "progressive" in any sense at all. They are vile conformists, people bending into postures so horribly contorted they must scream at the end of the day from the pain they cause themselves, all of it for the sake of showing themselves sophisticates and daring stalkers of the new. These are conformists, people so terrified of not being seen as fashionable that they would literally rather die than embarrass themselves in front of their friends by contradicting the norm, of looking like they aren't playing along like good people do. They will do anything to remain being seen as "cool." They are conformists. They don't care about anything but their own shallow vanities. Troops in a war? It doesn't conform to the norm of our time. Conformity will prevail in most places most times, and for the good often. But not here and not now. These idiot scum bags have to go and we need a revolution in thought and manners to replace them. We cannot fail that or we will die.

Truepeers writes below of the origins of societies, and we see immediately below some of the nature of mimicry he discusses. We see a conformity to insanity, of conformity to gnostic magic rather than to the realities of Humanness. Time to stand up and embrace the actual. Time to stop the conformity to gnostic madness and time now to stop the Human sacrifice of gnostic rituals. It's an imitation of reality and an imitation of the conformity to the norm of life.

"Toronto the Good." Yes, they are. They are still the most conforming and conservative people in the nation, too bad for the world. We need a revolution. We do not need these good people.

Kelly Patrick, "
Toronto to remove 'Troops' decals from 350 vehicles." Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TORONTO -- Despite a huge uproar that the move is an insult to Canadian soldiers, Toronto Mayor David Miller is backing a plan by the city's fire and ambulance chiefs to remove yellow "Support our Troops" decals from the backs of nearly 350 vehicles.

"I think the way the chiefs have handled this is appropriate," Mr. Miller said.

"The yellow ribbon, as you know, to many of us, means support for our troops. To some people it's a symbol of support for the war in Afghanistan and [EMS] Chief [Bruce] Farr and others in the city have received a number of calls from people who are concerned about the city expressing an opinion on the war. The program was always scheduled to last for a year. It will be wrapped up this fall."

Chief Farr echoed that.

"It was never intended to be forever," he said.

Chief Farr and his colleague, Fire Chief Bill Stewart, told a press conference today that neither city council, nor city staff ordered the stickers removed.

Instead, the chiefs said the campaign to adorn about 170 fire trucks and 175 ambulances with yellow ribbon decals was done on their authority and would be ended on their authority, as planned, in the autumn.

Both chiefs said the decals would be removed over six to eight weeks, beginning in September....

Councillor Frances Nunziata moved a motion Tuesday morning asking that the decals stay put until the end of Canada's mission in Afghanistan.

The motion will be debated tomorrow if Ms. Nunziata gets the two-thirds vote necessary to bring it to the council floor.

"Leave the ribbons on. I think it's the worst thing our city has ever done," Ms. Nunziata said.

But Councillor Janet Davis disagreed.

The left-leaning councillor was among the first to raise concerns publicly about the ribbons.

"By putting messages on our vehicles it sends the message that the city of Toronto supports the mission in Afghanistan and I don't believe we should be sending that message," she said.

Mr. Miller said he would not support the motion.

"I don't think, frankly, it's the job of city council to debate the war in Afghanistan," he said.

Toronto to remove 'Troops' decals from 350 vehicles National Post.

No more imitation of conformity. It's time for a revolution. Stop conforming to the death hippies. This has gone too far. You can make it stop.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Islamic Tolerance

May 26, 2007:

Justice Sharif observed that the same-sex marriage case was the first of its kind to come before the judiciary in the history of the subcontinent, adding that the court would see the matter through to its logical conclusion.

May 29, 2007:

Shumail, a transsexual who married a woman, expressed dissatisfaction over the three-year sentence and said that she and Shahzina would take any measures necessary to make things okay.

According to this blog article (in Urdu), they each get three years in jail and a 10,000 rupee fine. The comments there are precious.

I'll translate a few later.

The following are a few selected translations from just the first page.

Sana, Karachi, Pakistan. It is shameful that such events are occurring in Pakistan -- an Islamic country. We are walking in the steps of non-Muslims.

Riaz, Emirates. This is not correct in any way.

Farhat Iqbal, Lahore, Pakistan. I support the court because if we allow practices that go counter to Islamic teachings, then that would obliterate our society.

Nasir, Dubai, Emirates. This is a shameful matter; these two should be shot.

Muhammmad Kamran, Karachi, Pakistan. These girls got too little punishment. There should have been, at least, life in jail.

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Of Degrees and Inequities

Guest Editorial by Edward Cline:

Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, will never be invited to deliver a commencement address at Harvard University, or to address any American university’s graduation class. He is likely one of the few living politicians who is not a fool, a huckster, or a “control freak.” He believes in man, in man’s place and happiness on earth, and in his freedom to live on it unobstructed by fools, hucksters, and those who want to control, guide, or “manage” his existence.

In his June 13th commentary in the Financial Times of London, under the heading, “Freedom, not climate, is at risk,” he remarked:

“As someone who lived under communism for most of his life, I feel obliged to say that I see the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity now in ambitious environmentalism, not in communism. This ideology wants to replace the free and spontaneous evolution of mankind by a sort of central (now global) planning.

“Does it make any sense to speak about warming the Earth when we see it in the context of the evolution of our planet over hundreds of millions of years? Every child is taught at school about temperature variations, about the ice ages, about the much warmer climate of the Middle Ages. All of us have noticed that even during our life-time temperature changes occur (in both directions).

“Due to advances in technology, increases in disposable wealth, the rationality of institutions and the ability of countries to organize themselves, the adaptability of human society has been radically increased. It will continue to increase and will solve any potential consequences of mild climate changes.”

George Mason University Prof. Walter Williams, another voice lost in a wilderness of “the sky is falling” warnings about global warming, wrote in his column, “Fighting Climate Change, Gun Control and Income Tax Laws” on Capitalism Magazine on May 15th:

“About 65 million years ago, the Earth experienced one of the most rapid and extreme global climate changes recorded in geological history. The period has been named the ‘Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum.’ The ocean was 18 to 27 degrees hotter than it is today. Antarctica, which is today’s coldest place on Earth, was home to temperate forests, beech trees and ferns. The Earth had no permanent ice caps…..In the past 65 million years, the Earth’s temperature has increased and decreased with no help from mankind…..”

What is affrighting the Chicken Littles of environmentalism? An average global temperature rise of a few tenths of one degree Celsius. Cause? Undetermined, but probably related to the natural cycle of earth’s atmosphere, which had been going through these cycles long before dinosaurs flourished and long after they all perished, and which will continue to.

But, facts, or their absence, have never stopped power-lusters from concocting a multitude of ways of imposing power. They could more credibly blame the sun or the billions of tons of ash and gases spewed into the atmosphere by volcanoes, but these entities are beyond their control and do not respond well to legislation.

There is a purported “inequity” in the average mean global temperature. Whatever average that might be is open to dispute, but largely up for grabs by the power-lusters who hog the headlines and who are abetted in their fraud by an uncritical news media. Rational, non-politically correct climatologists claim that it is an invalid concept, as invalid and pointless a datum as the average daily calorie intake of an entire population.

There are other fallacious concepts floating around that center on “inequities.” For example, Gary Olson, chair of the political science department at Moravian College in Pennsylvania, on May 17th in the Bethlehem Morning Call under the headline, “Wealthiest Americans owe nation a dividend,” denied that private wealth is actually “private.” Billionaires such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet benefited from an undefined “social capital,” somehow extracting that “social capital” from everyone to turn it into privately-held wealth. He sneers at private philanthropy:

“Some of these plutocrats utter the phrase, ‘I just wanted to give something back.’ My reaction: Why not give it all back? Or to be fair and just, give back everything over and above any personal effort expended.”

Give back to whom? And how much? How would Dr. Olson propose to calculate the value of the “personal effort expended” once a rich person has been relieved of his wealth? What incentives would he devise to encourage anyone to pursue or accumulate wealth, if ambitious, creative men know that extortion and theft are their ultimate rewards?

Well, that would certainly justify the creation of another government agency, such as the Bureau of Social Capital Reimbursement, to oversee the return of that “social capital” and decide how much anyone gets. But, enough of Dr. Olson, chair of Marxist political science. Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams would mop the floor with him in a fair debate and then wring out the remains of him into the janitor’s bucket.

That brings us to Bill Gates, who is doing penance by pouring his wealth into the ever-deepening sinkholes of disease, poverty and ignorance around the world. He could serve as an exemplar of Gary Olson’s “giving it all back.” On June 7th he gave the commencement address to the graduating class of Harvard University. Although he dropped out of Harvard to begin his career as an innovator, Gates was given an honorary degree by the school. After some jocular remarks about having dropped out and unwittingly denigrating the value of a college education, he moved on to the central theme of his address: “the awful inequities in the world, the appalling disparities of health, and wealth, and opportunity that condemn millions of people to lives of despair.”

Gates remarked, “I learned a lot here at Harvard about new ideas in economics and politics.” Whatever ideas he learned in economics and politics must not have had much to do with capitalism and limited government, and they could not have been new, but the old chestnuts of watered-down Marxism and collectivized rights.

“But humanity’s greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity. Whether through democracy, strong public education, quality health care, or broad economic opportunity, reducing inequity is the highest human achievement.”

Which means: The development of a vaccine to eradicate cancer, tuberculosis, or malaria is not a great advance, but rather it is great in how, in the purest altruistic sense, it can reduce Gates’s conception of “inequities.”

What are the causes of those “inequities”? As Ayn Rand would put it: Blank out. Is it government controls? Tribal or religious warfare? Tyranny? Statist control of a country’s economy? The answers to these questions do not concern Gates, because he has been trained to be oblivious to the questions.

“I left campus knowing little about the millions of young people cheated out of educational opportunities here in this country. And I knew nothing about the millions of people living in unspeakable poverty and disease in developing countries….It took me decades to find out.”

Which means that Gates left Harvard before his mind was completely corrupted by the collectivist doctrines being taught there. And it took decades for the culture to succeed in completely corrupting it. The nail in his coffin was his conflict with the federal government over Microsoft’s alleged monopoly of the software market. It was only after that was settled that Gates acquired a “social conscience.”

One might possibly call it the Scrooge effect, from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” when the “ghosts” of government power threatened to destroy him and scared the hell out of him, causing him to become a paragon of altruism and “giving back.” (Although the seeds of selflessness lay dormant in him all his life, planted there by his parents and the culture at large.)

Gates appeals to the faculty and students of Harvard:

“Should our best minds be dedicated to solving our biggest problems? Should Harvard encourage its faculty to take on the world’s worst inequities? Should Harvard students learn about the depth of global poverty, the prevalence of world hunger, the scarcity of clean water, the girls kept out of school, the children who die from diseases we can cure?

“Should the world’s most privileged people learn about the lives of the word’s least privileged?”

He did not realize it, but Gates was preaching to the choir. Harvard and other major universities have been churning out professional altruists and collectivists for generations. How else to account for all the graduates who enter government, politics, and “public service”?

Gates approvingly quotes a maxim of his mother’s – “From those to whom much is given, much is expected” – in preparation for his concluding remarks:

“I want to exhort each of the graduates here to take on an issue, a complex problem, a deep inequity, and become a specialist in it….Don’t let complexity stop you. Be activists. Take on the big inequities. It will be one of the great experiences of your lives.”

But, here is his warning to those who claim that they own their own lives and know that nothing was given to them:

“You have an awareness of global inequity….And with that awareness, you likely also have an informed conscience that will torment you if you abandon these people whose lives you could change with very little effort….”

Thus Gates ends his address with a plea to the graduates to become guilt-ridden, duty-strapped, “caring” storm troopers of selflessness – just like him.

If fascism ever comes to the U.S., Bill Gates, and Harvard, and all those students who are shamed into heeding his advice, will be partly responsible.

Crossposted at The Dougout

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Jimmy Carter Is Now Openly Pro-Hamas

Jimmy Carter has come out as being, unequivocally, in favor of Hamas:

The United States, Israel and the European Union must end their policy of favoring Fatah over Hamas, or they will doom the Palestinian people to deepening conflict between the rival movements, former US President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday.

Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who was addressing a conference of Irish human rights officials, said the Bush administration’s refusal to accept the 2006 election victory of Hamas was “criminal.”

Carter said Hamas, besides winning a fair and democratic mandate that should have entitled it to lead the Palestinian government, had proven itself to be far more organized in its political and military showdowns with the Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Let's look at what the Hamas political party stands for. Here are some excerpts from the Hamas Charter:

"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it."

"The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf consecrated for future Moslem generations until Judgement Day. It, or any part of it, should not be squandered: it, or any part of it, should not be given up. "

"There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors."

"After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying."

The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the links in the chain of the struggle against the Zionist invaders. It goes back to 1939, to the emergence of the martyr Izz al-Din al Kissam and his brethren the fighters, members of Moslem Brotherhood. It goes on to reach out and become one with another chain that includes the struggle of the Palestinians and Moslem Brotherhood in the 1948 war and the Jihad operations of the Moslem Brotherhood in 1968 and after.

Moreover, if the links have been distant from each other and if obstacles, placed by those who are the lackeys of Zionism in the way of the fighters obstructed the continuation of the struggle, the Islamic Resistance Movement aspires to the realisation of Allah's promise, no matter how long that should take. The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said:

"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews." (related by al-Bukhari and Moslem).

The Slogan of the Islamic Resistance Movement:

Article Eight:
Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its constitution: Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes.

The openly stated goal of Hamas is to kill Jews. Therefore, Jimmy Carter is now clearly advocating for genocide; the second Holocaust.
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Domestic moment of truth issue: Can or should the Govt teach 'how to be a good citizen (or parent)'?

NYC Poor to Get Cash for Good Behavior

NEW YORK (AP) - Poor residents will be rewarded for good behavior - like $300 for doing well on school tests, $150 for holding a job and $200 for visiting the doctor - under an experimental anti-poverty program that city officials detailed Monday.

The rewards have been used in other countries, including Brazil and Mexico, and have drawn widespread praise for changing behavior among the poor. Mayor Michael Bloomberg traveled to Mexico this spring to study the healthy lifestyle payments, also known as conditional cash transfers.

In New York, the two-year pilot program with about 14,000 participants will use private funds Bloomberg has raised because he did not want to spend government money on something that is highly experimental. More than $43 million has been raised toward the $53 million goal, Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs said.

The theory behind cash rewards is that poor people are trapped in a cycle of repeated setbacks that keep them from climbing out of poverty. A person who doesn't keep up with his vaccinations and doctor's visits, for example, may get sick more often and struggle to stay employed.

Bloomberg, a billionaire Republican, said he believes paying people in such circumstances to make good decisions could help break those patterns. The program "gives New Yorkers in poverty a financial incentive to look ahead and make decisions that will improve their prospects for the future," he said in a statement.

Well, as a pilot program I guess we can see if (to me) the slightly distasteful, and unpleasant idea of a government teaching what good behavior as a citizen is, and good parenting is, has some kind of value.

Somehow, a combination of Ted Kennedy (D MA) and or Mark Foley (ex-R FL) is not what I would prescribe for either set of lessons.

Never the less, the govt (i.e. - you and me) as a teacher of last resort must take some responsibility, somehow someway.

Continue reading "Domestic moment of truth issue: Can or should the Govt teach 'how to be a good citizen (or parent)'?" »

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Nuclear Terror Threat Demands Readiness

From the San Francisco Chronicle, of all places, comes a report that we are really in for it:

Time to make plans for day after the blast

William J. Perry, Ashton B. Carter and Michael M. May

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The probability of a nuclear weapon one day going off in an American city cannot be calculated, but it is higher than it was five years ago. Potential sources of bombs or the fissile materials to make them have proliferated in North Korea and Iran. Russia's arsenal remains poorly secured 15 years after the end of the Soviet Union. And Pakistan's nuclear technology, already put on the market once by Abdul Qadeer Khan, could go to terrorists if President Pervez Musharraf cannot control radicals in that country.

In the same period, terrorism has become a mass global movement and seems to gather strength daily as extremism spills out of Iraq into the rest of the Middle East, Asia, Europe and even the Americas. More nuclear materials that can be lost or stolen plus more terrorists aspiring to mass destruction equals a greater chance of nuclear terrorism.

Former Sen. Sam Nunn in 2005 framed the need for Washington to do better at changing this math with a provocative question: On the day after a nuclear weapon goes off in an American city, "What would we wish we had done to prevent it?"

But in view of the increased risk we now face, it is time to add a second question to Nunn's: What will we actually do on the day after? That is, what actions should our government take?

It turns out that much could be done to save lives and ensure that civilization endures in such terrible circumstances. After all, the underlying equation would remain a few terrorists acting against all the rest of us, and even nuclear weapons need not undermine our strong societies if we prepare to act together sensibly. Sadly, it is time to consider such contingency planning.

First and foremost, the scale of disaster would quickly overwhelm even the most prepared city and state governments. To avoid repeating the Hurricane Katrina fiasco on a much larger scale, Washington must stop pretending that its role would be to support local responders. State and local governments -- though their actions to save lives and avoid panic in the first hours would be essential -- must abandon the pretense that they could remain in charge. The federal government, led by the Department of Homeland Security, should plan to quickly step in and take full responsibility and devote all its resources, including those of the Department of Defense, to the crisis.

Only the federal government could help the country deal rationally with the problem of radiation, which is unique to nuclear terrorism and uniquely frightening to most people. For those within a 2-mile-wide circle around a Hiroshima-size detonation (in Washington, that diameter is the length of the Mall; in New York, three-fourths the length of Central Park; in most cities, the downtown area) or just downwind, little could be done. People in this zone who were not killed by the blast itself, perhaps hundreds of thousands of them, would get radiation sickness, and many would die.

But most of a city's residents, being farther away, would have more choices. What should they do as they watch a cloud of radioactive debris rise and float downwind like the dust from the twin towers on 9/11? Those lucky enough to be upwind could remain in their homes if they knew which way the fallout plume was blowing. (The federal government has the ability to determine that and to quickly broadcast the information.) But for those downwind and more than a few miles from ground zero, the best move would be to take shelter in a basement for three days or so and only then leave the area.

This is a hard truth to absorb, because we all would have a strong instinct to flee. But walking toward the suburbs or sitting in long traffic jams would directly expose people to radiation, which would be the most intense on the day after the bomb went off. After that, the amount would drop off day by day (one-third as strong after three days, one-fifth as strong after five days, and so on), because of the natural decay of the radioactive components of the fallout.

Next comes the unpleasant fact that the first nuclear bomb may well not be the last. If terrorists manage to obtain a weapon, or the fissile material to make one (which fits into a small suitcase), who's to say they wouldn't have two or three more? And even if they had no more weapons, the terrorists would most likely claim that they did. So people in other cities would want to evacuate on the day after, or at least move their children to the countryside, as happened in England during World War II.

The U.S. government, probably convened somewhere outside Washington by the day after, would be urgently trying to trace the source of the bombs. No doubt, the trail would lead back to some government -- Russia, Pakistan, North Korea or other countries with nuclear arsenals or advanced nuclear power programs -- because even the most sophisticated terrorist groups cannot make plutonium or enrich their own uranium; they would need to get their weapons or fissile materials from a government.

The temptation would be to retaliate against that government. But that state might not even be aware that its bombs were stolen or sold, let alone have deliberately provided them to terrorists. Retaliating against Russia or Pakistan would therefore be counterproductive. Their cooperation would be needed to find out who got the bombs and how many there were, and to put an end to the campaign of nuclear terrorism. It is important to continue to develop the ability to trace any bomb by analyzing its residues. Any government that did not cooperate in the search should of course face possible retaliation.

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Major Offensive On In Iraq

Michael Yon reports:

Thoughts flow on the eve of a great battle. By the time these words are released, we will be in combat. Few ears have heard even rumors of this battle, and fewer still are the eyes that will see its full scope....

Our jets will drop bombs and we will use rockets. Helicopters will cover us, and medevac our wounded and killed. By the time you read this, our artillery will be firing, and our tanks moving in. And Humvees. And Strykers. And other vehicles. Our people will capture key terrain and cutoff escape routes. The idea this time is not to chase al Qaeda out, but to trap and kill them head-on, or in ambushes, or while they sleep. When they are wounded, they will be unable to go to hospitals without being captured, and so their wounds will fester and they will die painfully sometimes. It will be horrible for al Qaeda. Horror and terrorism is what they sow, and tonight they will reap their harvest. They will get no rest. They can only fight and die, or run and try to get away. Nobody is asking for surrender, but if they surrender, they will be taken.

We will go in on foot and fight from house to house if needed. We will shoot rockets into their hiding spaces, and our snipers will shoot them in their heads and chests. This is where all that talk of cancer and big ideas of what should be or could be done will smash head on against the searing reality of combat.

These words flow on the eve of a great battle, but are on hold until the attack is well underway. Nothing is certain. I am here and have been all year. We are in trouble, but we have a great General. The only one, I have long believed, who can lead the way out of this morass. Iraq is not hopeless. Iraq can stand again but first it must cast off these demons. And some of the demons must be killed.

And while the battle rages, that prayer card will be in my pocket:
Be Not Afraid

You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst. You shall wander far in safety though you do not know the way. You shall speak your words in foreign lands and all will understand. You shall see the face of God and live.

Be not afraid.I go before you always;Come follow me, and I will give you rest.
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