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Friday, April 06, 2007

Iran--A Good People, A Hopelessly Backward Government

  • First a key Iranian official defects
  • Next,Russia starts getting tougher with Iran on uranium enrichment
  • Then, Iran seizes 15 British sailors and marines
  • Next, the UN Security Council strengthens sanctions against Iran
  • Will the next move be for bombs to fall on Iran in April?
  • Update 1 April 2007: See here

  • The corrupt Islamic government of Iran is under assault by its own citizens. You have the teachers in revolt. You have the Kurds. You have a large number of other ethnic groups verging on the edge of revolt against the tyrannical theocracy.

    But probably the group that represents the greatest danger to the brutal and bloody dictatorship in Teheran is the women of Iran.
    Let us see what atrocities the fundamentalists have committed against women in Iran.

    In truth, the people around the world have been informed of a very small portion of the tragedy that has affected women in my country. As you might know, misogyny is distinctive to the fundamentalist ruling Iran.

    No one but Iranian women have experienced body and soul this misogyny.

    The mullahs' rule came down on women's rights, liberties, culture, family and private lives like a huge avalanche.

    - Executing thousands of female opponents, which is unprecedented anywhere in the world;
    - Torturing tens of thousands of women political prisoners;
    - Executing pregnant women, the torture of mothers in front of their children;
    - Degrading women's social and economic standing to second class citizens;
    - Imposing gender apartheid;
    - Controlling women's presence in the streets;
    - Imposing compulsory veiling, controlling the color and forms of women's attire;
    - Lacerating and splashing acid on women's faces because of their clothing and make up.
    - Systematic assault on women in prisons;
    - Denial of the right to divorce and the right to custody of children;
    - Promoting polygamy and temporary marriage, justified by the mullahs' disgraceful Sharia;
    - Applying medieval and painful punishments such as stoning, whose victims are primarily women;
    - Injustice and discrimination in economic participation, employment and education;
    - The sale of small children by impoverished families and their trafficking to other countries by the mullahs' criminal gangs in a country as rich as Iran;
    - Selling innocent girls' body parts due to impoverishment, hunger and many other calamities;

    Indeed, these are only parts of the tragedy women have been experiencing under the rule of the fundamentalists. I must emphasize that these come at a time when the Iranian Resistance movement has been waging a relentless struggle against this regime for 27 years. Imagine what the fundamentalist mullahs would have done to women if this resistance did not exist.

    An invasion of Iran by a western coalition would be absurd. But clearly the current brutal Iranian dictatorship is pushing the limits of what the civilised world will tolerate.

    Originally posted on Al Fin.


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