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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ralph Peters on Israel's Response

Earlier today, I watched a documentary describing Israel's success in the Six Days War, in 1967. The phrase used by the military experts was "strike first, strike hard, and strike deep." Every ounce of Israeli power was directed to complete victory. That is why it is sad to face what is happening today. Ralph Peters writes about it in his latest column.

"The situation is grave. A perceived Hezbollah win will be a massive victory for terror, as well as a triumph for Iran and Syria. And everybody loves a winner - especially in the Middle East, where Arabs and Persians have been losing so long. Israel can't afford a Hezbollah win. America can't afford it. Civilization can't afford it. Yet it just might happen. Israel tried to make war halfway, and only made a mess. Let's review where the situation stands:"

Read the rest.

Israel must fight to win. We must urge her to settle for nothing less that victory.
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Hip-Hop Death Hippies and the Spice Girl.

We went aprotestin' last day in West Vancouver, Canada to let the world know that we will not be silent in the face of evil, that we will stand up and be counted in public as those who are willing to fight and win in the struggle for universal Human rights and the struggle for the rights of all people everywhere to determine the course of their own lives as they deem right without the crushing fist of ideology and state and fascist Islam making of their lives a misery of tormented farm animals. We went with some long sentences prepared. Lord knows, we could have gone with fewer words and less anticipation of conflict. The Death Hippies were ridiculous. The crowd they gathered around them were middle class teenage boys. The threat is a paper tiger. The closest we came to real harm, aside from the noise of the jukebox blaring bass, was a few tense moments listening to a middle aged mother with a "background in geology," sweatingly earned from a number of courses taken at the local community college, bless her anyway. And she, oh horror, knows it all and told us. I am a changed man. I slept badly last night. I might not sleep again after having gone through the night with the vision of The Spice Girl dancing through my fevered dreams.

The Spice Girl took out some valuable time from nattering at her children to tell us, to lecture us, to pontificate, to-- oh, oh, oh-- to let us know the history of jihad. It turns out that the Romans fell to defeat because of global warming. Yes, it shocked me deeply. I assume, (because she didn't get into the details of it,) that Hannibal's elephants emitted so much gas that the climate changed all across the Alps and the Italian plain, causing the climate change. Some things are better left unknown. But the depth of the lady's analysis that torments my waking miseries is that the whole of the world was plunged into endless war because the climate rose to such heights of heat that food was spoiling and the world needed spice to preserve it. Yes, folks, the wars of jihad were started by the search for resources, for spice. Today all wars are fought for another resource: oil. I am in a pit of inconsolable despair because in my dreams last night I recalled the hippie girl I related to meaningfully in the 60s who carried in her pack a bottle of our destruction, and in that I see for our collective Humanity the war that will end the whole of us in one fell swoop: The Patchouli Essential Oil War. We are fucked!



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Social Justice

nasrallah_will.jpgThe last few days have drawn back the curtain from around a democratic party secret so hideous that a book about it went somewhat ignored.

Accompanying the mindless furor over Joe Lieberman's attempt to avoid the commissar enforced dialectic of the left, HAMAS and Hizballah did what they do best, and have set off something unexpected, and prompted what only those on the left (today) can do, something it is now apparent they MUST do, are compelled to do, cannot and don't want to resist doing.

I have detailed George Soros undaunted view that the US 'agenda' endangers the world and that "the United States has become an obstacle to a stable and just world". We can now see that Israel can be added.

From Huffington:Jews and the Embarrassment of Excessive Force, Anyone who lives or works in Manhattan has seen Jews employ excessive force all the time, whether they're flooding the zone to get their kid into Dalton, to colonize a table at Nobu, or to snare a next-day appointment with a gastroenterologist on New York magazine's list of the best doctors.

From KOS:The United States is now a legitimate military target in that war. That includes factories making the missiles or any parts or materials that go into them, refineries making aviation fuel, and trucks and railroads and ports and ships and planes being used to transport any of those things, not to mention any of the people involved in those activities. The U.S. hasn't actually "declared war" for 50 years, but make no mistake about it -- it has now declared war against the people of Lebanon every bit as much as it did against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Palestine, and anyplace else they've been "personally" involved in bombing the population into submission.

The Washington Post's Richard Cohen:The greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake. It is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims (and some Christians) has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now. Israel fights Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, but its most formidable enemy is history itself. ( a nice attempt, but the intent is clear and unmistakeable, and it's hopeless despair a hallmark of those who cannot imagine what victory is like, or are willing to imagine the price of it, for any price will be too high..Cohen goes on to call Tony Judt a gifted historian ..Judt a defender of of Walt and Mearsheimer)

Continue reading "Social Justice" at Villagers with Torches»

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On The Verge Of World War III: The Rising Tide Of Anti-Semitism

I expect the anti-Semitism to be ratcheted up in our world. I've been expecting it for a long time. Much of the left is mentally ill, and anti-Semitism is part of that illness. No one on the left has done anything to combat the illness, so it has just gotten worse.

Really, I think much of this anti-Semitism comes from fear.


Well, it is fear of confronting evil. When the rational world presents you with a great and powerful evil, the rational thing to do is to confront it, to fight against it, and to eliminate it. Confronting evil is something you are compelled to do if you live in the rational world.

If you are afraid to confront the evil - because it appears to be too powerful, or because you think there is too much to lose - then you must find a way of living with the evil, a way of explaining the evil, so that it is tolerable. In short, you must retreat into the irrational.

You must find someone else to blame for the evil which you would prefer to live with, rather than confront.

For whatever reason, the Jews have been the scapegoats of history. They have been blamed for Germany's failings, for the Great Depression, for the Black Plague, for the death of Jesus Christ, etc. etc. etc.

And, now they are being blamed for the problems in the Middle East.

Never mind that there is not a single country in the world with a large Muslim population, that does not have trouble with Muslim violence. Never mind that there is Muslim violence in Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia, India, the Philipines, Somalia, the Sudan, Paraguay, the Balkans, Chechneya, China, all places that do not have an appreciable Jewish population.

Still the irrational among us - those who fear having to confront this evil - tell us that if we could just solve the Israel problem, then the Muslim beast would be tamed.

As we stand perched on the verge of World War III, do me a favor, do yourselves a favor, do the world a favor, and do God a favor, do not succumb to fear, do not succumb to the irrational, do not succumb to appeasing evil and sacrificing your hold on the good.

The history of anti-Jewish sentiment is a history of terrible, malevolent evil. It is the history of death and destruction. It is not a future history you would want to contribute to. It is not something you would want your name associated with. It is not the legacy you want for yourself, you family, or your nation.

Choices will be hard, and will become harder in the coming days. Confronting evil is frightening. We may not win. We may lose our lives, our loved ones, our civilization. But, to do nothing in the face of evil is to ensure that evil will win. Let us make the hard choices. Let us live in the rational world, and reinforce the rational world, so that it will have a chance of living on into the future. Let us fight to give our children a rational world to live in, a world which has been rid of the evils we must now confront.
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Haifa still being hit by katyushas

Rocket attacks by the Hezbollah are still hitting Israel's north, including Haifa:
Several katyusha rockets have slammed into Israel Friday. 19 are reported injured, as rockets slammed into Haifa buildings. The injured have been rushed to the Rambam and Bnei Zion Medical Centers.

After nearly 24 hours of quiet in Haifa, Israel's northernmost metropolis, katyusha attacks resumed sending residents fleeing into bomb shelters.

Several rockets landed in Haifa causing significant damage and injuring at least ten. One rocket reportedly exploded in a residential building, and another hit a post office.

Shortly after the rocket attacks on Haifa, two rockets landed near the city of Kiryat Shemona, just a few miles from the Lebanese border.

Two more rockets landed in Tzfat, and another landed near Rosh Pina. Air raid sirens have gone off in Tiveria, but no direct strikes have been reported.

Thursday, about 40 rockets slammed into several cities in northern Israel, following a barrage of over 100 Wednesday. In ten days since the missile attacks began, well over 1,000 rockets have been fired.

Israeli intelligence sources estimate that Hizbullah possesses at least 10,000 such katyusha rockets. In addition Hizbullah has stockpiled an unknown number of sophisticated Iranian made rockets such as the one that struck an Israeli navy vessel last week off the coast of Beirut, killing four.

A similar rocket killed eight Sunday when it slammed into a train depot in Haifa.
There was also a terrorist found in the PLO-dominated Shechem area, who was luckily shot dead by the IDF:
(IsraelNN.com) An armed terrorist was shot and killed by IDF soldiers in Palestinian Authority (PA) controlled Shechem. There are no reports of injuries to IDF soldiers.
Nevertheless, you can see why the PLO should not be considered legitimate - because they allow terrorists like themselves to roam freely in their areas, as they have since the Labor party allowed them into the place in 1994.
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POV Denmark, Israel-Lebanon conflict

About the Israel-Lebanon conflict, the Danish Foreign Minister, Per Stig Møller has said the usual litany:

"It's crucial, that the world community now make it clear for all the invovled parties, that further military actions are unacceptable, and that permanent solutions only can be achieved through negotiations"

But there has been no real statement from the government about this conflict. Some days ago I watched Per Stig Møller in an interview by one of the national Danish TV stations; Per Stig Møller was discontented with Israel, and said that it was unacceptable with the bombings of the infrastructure in Lebanon, and arrest of Hamas ministers. But I can't find any news that confirming (or rejecting) this.

Today there has been a meeting about the conflict but nothing from that meeting as been published (yet). However, two major critics, Villy Søvndal from SF and Jeppe Kofod from Social Democrats, who are very anti-Israel, was content with the meeting and said that for now "we have to look forward". They criticized the Danish government for being "too militaristic".

The good old concrete communist party, Enhedslisten, show their true anti-Semitic colors in this statement (from Rune Lund, the foreign spokesman):

"God's chosen people apparently has a divine right to make their own double standard logic and decide over other peoples lives."

One thing that the Danish media really care about is the "biggest evacuation since WW2" of the mostly Danish Palestinian-Lebanese. There has been over 5000 evacuated, and this number keeps rising. A particular person being brought home is the head of the Danish Imams Ahmed Akkari that left Denmark during the cartoon controversy. Now he's coming back, and want to fight Israel from comfortable Denmark.

Dansk Folkeparti (anti-immigrant party) has proposed to control if any of these evacuated persons cheat on the Danish welfare system, which, by the left-winged and media especially, has been an outrageous statement. While you might get pretty suspicious to this large number of evacuated people, DF doesn't seam to have any kind of documentation for this. They actually states themselves that it is a myth. Sheesh.

Edit: I might be wrong on this. The State Department at first only had count on 1000 people (the media was good to assure that they were DANISH DANES). This has rising to over 5 times the original. Most of the evacuated are palestinian refugees. And most likely many of these are getting assistance from the state. Further being Danish is extended to even include people that has residence permit. The myth part was probably just so the media and leftists would swallow it easier. Also, one of the evacuated has been arrested. He has kidnapped his daughter to Lebanon, but with this conflict he returned to Denmark. I guess it's a pretty good idea to check this. After all, Danes (and not the muslim ones) are being treated worse than dirt when it comes to these kind of things.

In the average population I'm having a hard time to find people who actually have a grip of what is going on. At least people doesn't seams to condemn Israel right away. In the Danish blog world it is mostly the statement from DF that is discussed lately.

There was demostrations yesterday. 2 against and 1 for Israel. Here's an image from the pro-Israeli demonstration (it's the Danish Chief Rabbi, Bent Lexner that speaks in the image).

It was estimated to about 200 people. See more here.

Then there was a demonstration supporting Hizbollah.

I can't find much information about this particular demonstration but they probably aren't much different from the other demonstration: A great Hizb-ut Tahrir demonstration, under the parole "Stop the jewstate's terror against Lebanon and Palestine".

Estimated to 500-1000 people. More photos on the demonstration here.

They seams to have remembered most; Nasrallah glorification, gender dividing, anti-Semitic and anti-Western statements, prodaganda images (one stating "Bush: Jews has a right for self-defense !!" [The one far right]).

Personally I can't see that the Danes has fully decided which side to stand on. I'm waiting for a response from the government on this conflict.

Edit: I thought a little about this. Actually I think most Danes just not care anymore. There might be much anti-semitism, and general acknowledgment that Israel is not really a good state (sadly), but Danes surely can't stand the arabs anymore.
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Winds of War: Bush Has Declared World War III Awhile Ago

From The Gathering Storm

Last week there was much talk about the world entering World War III. It seems even good ol' Newt discovered this fact last week as he did his tour of the news shows. But Bush said we were in World War III a while ago.

US President George W. Bush, quoted in Agence France-Presse, has said the September 11 revolt of passengers against their hijackers on board Flight 93 had struck the first blow of "World War III".

That’s very interesting Mr. President. Especially in the light of the fact that in 2002, then-White House spokesman, Ari Fleischer, explicitly declined to call the hunt for Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda group and its followers "World War III".

And in spite of the fact in the fever of the aftermath of 9-11 on the steps of the Capitol, our representatives wanted to declare war, but you declined not knowing who to declare war on but you were positive that “If you weren’t with us, you’re against us”.

And now we declare that the struggle we face is World War III?

Fine. Who is the enemy? What strategies are they employing? What tactics? Where’s the coordinated plan to fight this world war that’s similar to the clear and decisive one that Roosevelt and the Allies had in fighting WWII? Is our enemy in this world war still a band of rogue terrorists who have hijacked a religion? Or are they something else?

Then answer me this. As I have said in my previous post, Winds of War: Connecting the Dots, every belligerent throughout history depends on the fundamentals of waging war – and the war of Islamo-fascism against the free world is no exception.

A belligerent must have at its disposal:

  1. Financial resources
  2. Weapons or Raw Material to Manufacturer Them
  3. Propaganda Machine
  4. Recruiting Apparatus
  5. Command and Control
  6. Safe Havens to Plan

The global Islamist strategy fills all six of these requirements.

They have the financial resources and support of the oil rich rogue states like Iran and the individual support of sheiks and rich Arab businessmen in the Middle East.

With these resources they can give their jihadist agents an endless supply of weapons and war materials for them to execute their insurgency of the West.

The Islamist propaganda machine uses the latest information technology and their mosques to get the word out and generate support and encouragement for their cause.

And their mosques strategically placed within the free nations of the world serve another purpose – recruiting of believers, and command and control of their troops.

Finally, safe heaven for planning and communication are provided by countries like Syria, Iran, and Pakistan where the free world military can not reach.

So tell me Mr. President, besides doing a pretty good job of ferreting out local and international financial supporters of the jihadists – except for combating the biggest financial supporters of all, Saudi Arabia and the other oil rich states, why have you not fought to remove the other fundamentals needed by the Islamo-fascists to fight this war?

  • What are you doing to stem the free flow of weapons around the world to belligerents from us and our supposed allied nations?
  • What are you doing to thwart the propaganda machine of the Islamo-fascists who use the infiltration, intimidation and disinformation tactics that I have written about in this blog? When will you speak out against the appeasement and political correctness that prevents us from defending our country against those who use our very rights and freedoms to against us?
  • When will you speak out and take action against the many mosques funded by jihadist money that act as command and control, recruiting and propaganda centers in this country?
  • And finally, why do you allow safe heavens to exist in Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and the Gaza Strip and not force the leaders of t hsie countries to clean hosue of Jihadists – or do it ourselves?

This is how you fight a war once it’s declared Mr. President. If you refuse to recognize the enemy for who they are and the strategies and tactics that they use, your declaration of war is empty and hollow and brings aid and comfort to our real enemy.

And if you read history, Mr. President, our enemy has always been in the wings ever since our first encounter with them 200 years ago. When President Jefferson asked why the Barbary states (present-day Morocco, Algerian, Tunisia, and Libya) would continually attack American and all other Infidel shipping, seize the cargoes and the sailors, taking both back to Islamic lands and enslaving those Christian seamen who sometimes could be ransomed, sometimes not, the reply from the representative of Tripolitania (present-day Libya), Sidi Haji Rahmand Adja, was this.

“…that it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Muslim who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

That was 200 years before America was deemed an ‘Imperial Power’ by Marxists, 200 years before America was accused of ‘stealing Arab oil’, and 200 years before America was accused by the socialist Left of being a superpower that supposedly threatens world peace.

Our enemy was never really defeated, only suppressed over the last 200 years - to arise again today in a more dangerous and insidious form. That is the enemy to declare war on Mr. President. They’ve already declared war on us 200 years ago.

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Where Is The Muslim Outrage?

Watch and listen, as a Muslim calls in to Neil Boortz' show and attempts to whitewash Islam.
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The Problem is Iran

According to an editorial in the New Republic, Arab condemnation of Hezbollah reflects the common fear of Iranian power in the Middle East. It's something we should fear as well. The editors say:

"Iran is now the single most powerful force arrayed against American ideals and interests in the Middle East. The various Islamist movements pose various threats; but here is Islamism incarnated in a large and ambitious state. For this reason, U.S. policy toward Iran must consist of more than an attempt to frustrate its nuclear designs. If we do not isolate Iran regionally and globally, if we do not do everything we can to support the democratizing forces in Iran, and of course if we do not move ruthlessly to prevent Iran from acquiring the deadliest arsenal of all, then we will have presided over the creation of a nightmare worse than the nightmare of Saddam Hussein. ... Unfortunately, it is not clear that President Bush grasps this. ..."

"For the time being, then, the surest way to defeat Tehran is to defeat Hezbollah. Hezbollah's accumulation of its arsenal has, for a long time, been a scandal--a war waiting to happen; and its role as the aggressor in the present crisis is clear. ... To be sure, it is not Israel's responsibility to fix Lebanon (this was one of Ariel Sharon's mistakes in 1982, during the Lebanon war, and Ehud Olmert seems determined not to repeat it), but let there be no mistake: Israel's victory will be Lebanon's victory. It would be heartless not to recoil against the civilian casualties that this war is claiming, but it would be mindless not to affirm the rightness of this struggle against the madmen and their rockets."
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In case you missed it...Maliki (Shia) denounces Israel

Let's make note that the same utter


practiced by the Wahabbis for generations to villify Israel to justify their own existance is going on where american blood and treasure has gotten rid of evil.

Can anyone say Abdur Rahman??? Please remind me that the racists out there were claiming this was all to protect the jews? Oh yoo hoo, Walt ...Mearsheimer, you arrogant crypto haters... have you read all this???

BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 19 — Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq on Wednesday forcefully denounced the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, marking a sharp break with President Bush’s position and highlighting the growing power of a Shiite Muslim identity across the Middle East.

“The Israeli attacks and airstrikes are completely destroying Lebanon’s infrastructure,” Mr. Maliki said at an afternoon news conference inside the fortified Green Zone, which houses the American Embassy and the seat of the Iraqi government. “I condemn these aggressions and call on the Arab League foreign ministers’ meeting in Cairo to take quick action to stop these aggressions. We call on the world to take quick stands to stop the Israeli aggression.”

The American Embassy did not provide an immediate response.

Effing A, I'll just BET they had no comment

Continue reading "In case you missed it...Maliki (Shia) denounces Israel" at Villagers with Torches»

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France is an enemy

Atlas Shrugs points out a transcript over at MEMRI containing this little tidbit from Iranian president Khatami:
We love Hizbullah. I emphasized this in talks with Mr. Chirac, who said he has never called to weaken or disarm Hizbullah, and that on this matter, he is in disagreement with some of his European allies. Hizbullah will remain and will keep its weapons.

So, couple of things can be immediately gleaned from this bit of intel: 1) Chirac is cosying up to the Iranian regime, making the utter failure of any EU3 attempt to secure commitments from Iran pretty much inevitable, 2) Chirac is sabotaging EU foreign policies turning the whole political dimension of the EU project a big joke, 3) France is *again* siding with the enemy.

Somebody should bring France before the Security Council, kick them out of the loop or otherwise isolate them. And the EU member countries really should stop paying attention to anything that France has to say about anything. Anything coming out of Paris is irrelevant and, apparently, disingeneous and untrue. France has yet again proven itself to be unreliable to the extreme.

[UPDATE001] From DhimmiWatch: France, Saudi Arabia sign military cooperation accords
France and Saudi Arabia signed two military accords opening the way for the sale of weapons systems like tanks and fighter jets worth billions of dollars, the French presidency said.

The deal came at the end of a three-day visit to Paris by Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz during which he held talks with French President Jacques Chirac....

"These accords signed at the highest level of the two states fix the framework of our cooperation in military matters, and as such it's a political engagement to solidify our defence partnership in these projects," French presidency spokesman Jerome Bonnafont said.


Chirac and Prince Sultan also discussed at length the conflict in Lebanon, on which the two sides said their positions were close.

"We cannot allow Israel to continue its actions," the prince said, reaffirming his country's support for a multinational force along the Israeli-Lebanese border.
Methinks the side France has chosen to align itself with has become painfully clear.

[UPDATE002] via Dissident Frogman: French MP Jacques Myard (UMP, that would be Chiracs people - KV) calls for French military action against Israel.
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It's getting so BORING !

From the "kill the lot" Templar theory of foreign policy...

Interpol cites failures of Arab League states to report Al Qaida prison escapes

LONDON — Saudi Arabia failed to inform Interpol of the escape of Al Qaida insurgents.
In a statement on July 11, Interpol said Saudi authorities did not relay an alert to the world police organization on the escape of seven insurgents from a Saudi prison.

Interpol said it was the second such incident in which an Arab League state withheld information on Al Qaida.
"Most people might only be concerned that there have been two prison escapes in two different countries by a large number of suspected Al Qaida terrorists," Interpol Secretary-General Ronald Noble said in a statement.
"However, Interpol is also concerned that there apparently is no established protocol at the national level to alert the international police community that a prison break of suspected Al Qaida terrorists has occurred," he added.
The Interpol alert differed from a Saudi statement last week on the escape. Unlike Riyad, Interpol said the fugitives were "suspected Al Qaida-linked terrorists."
Interpol's command and coordination center learned of the Al Qaida escape through routine open-source monitoring, officials said. The center immediately contacted the Interpol National Central Bureau in Riyad to verify the escape and obtain information to alert member states.

Continue reading "It' getting so BORING !" at Villagers with Torches»

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A List You Never See

My friend Warren has posted a must-see list. Excerpt:
"'The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct "Palestinian people" to oppose Zionism.'--PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, 1977"

The list begins with this:
"Jan 01, 1952 - Seven armed terrorists attacked and killed a nineteen year-old girl in her home, in the neighborhood of Beit Yisrael, in Jerusalem.

"Apr 14, 1953 - Terrorists tried for the first time to infiltrate Israel by sea, but were unsuccessful. One boat was intercepted and the other escaped.

"Jun 07, 1953 - A youngster was killed and three others were wounded, in shooting attacks on residential areas in southern Jerusalem."

And the list ends with this:
"Apr 17, 2006 - Eleven people were killed and over 60 wounded in a suicide bombing during the Passover holiday at the Rosh Ha'ir shawarma restaurant, near the old central bus station in Tel Aviv. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack. The victims: Philip Balhasan, 45, of Ashdod; Rozalia Beseneyi, 48, and Piroşca Boda 50, of Romania; Marcel Cohen, 73, of Nice, France; Ariel Darhi, 31, of Bat Yam; Victor Erez, 60, of Givatayim; Binyamin Haputa, 47, of Lod; David Shaulov, 29, of Holon; Lily Yunes, 42, of Oranit. Lior Anidzar, 26, of Tel Aviv died of his wounds on May 13. Daniel Wultz, 16, of Weston, Florida (USA) died on May 14.

"June 11, 2006 - Marwan Abed Shweika, 35, of the Abu Tor neighborhood in Jerusalem was killed and two other Arab Israelis were wounded in a shooting attack while driving late at night West Bank highway north of Jerusalem."

As Warren notes in a comment:

"The list is not complete by any means and it doesn't include the atrocities and pogroms committed against Jews in the Holy Land back to the turn of the last century."

Go take a look at the entire list. Be prepared to scroll!
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FOX NEWS reports yesterday that Hezbollah finds opposition from an unexpected side.

More HERE!
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We Survived Again.

I'll be frank: I went to our appointed round at Friday's hip-hop hate rally in West Vancouver, Canada this evening with some feeling of nervousness that we might end up brawling with violent youths fueled by anger and resentment and immaturity; and I went with that impression gained from the web pages the organisers of the event have posted on the Internet. We had the impression they might turn violent. They too had some ideas about us, it turns out...

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Friday, July 21, 2006

I for Insanity - I for Ignorance - I for Islam

From The Gathering Storm

This commentary at BlogCritques should not be missed.

"What kind of a god is it that's upset by a cartoon in Danish?" — Salman Rushdie

Prologue: The Muslim Fury and its Impotence

From the ghettos of Bombay to the alleys of Beirut, from the tall minarets of Chittagong to the imposing domes of Birmingham, Islam is scaring the world like a terrifying dinosaur — its fiery tongue lashing out, its eyes red with tears of victimhood, its mind ravaged with the visions of the glories of the past, its whole body seething with rage at its wretched defeated present.

Islam is furious and the entire world is being seared by the flames of its outrage.

Why is Islam Angry?

Mussalmaans have one book. Koran. They should have another, too, detailing all the new legends, stories, and facts which have come to lay siege to the barren landscape of their closed minds.

The brutal stories are too many: Heads still hung down in mourning over the fall of Andalusia. Fists are frustratingly tightened over the unsuccessful Turkish sieges of Vienna. The decadence and fall of the Ottomans hurt like a rotten tooth.

Then there are shameful episodes of the near centuries: The fabled Mughal Empire of Hindustan compressed to present-day pathetic bubbles of Pakistan and Bangladesh, Jerusalem lost, Palestinians dumped, fellow Muslims massacred in periodic Indian riots, myths of Muslim blood coloring the Kashmiri and Chechnya mountainsides red, ungodly Amreekans camping over the holy sands of Mecca-Medina...

Read it all.

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What will the next days look like if Israel DOES what must be done?


The resistance will be to the last fighting man among a population of civilians whose immediate family IS Hizballah.

They will be fighting against those whom they have been taught racist venom for 24 years and longer:
Lebanon's Largest Government University Hosts Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV Symposium Calling to Wipe Israel Off The Map: ‘Just Like Hitler Fought The Jews…We Too Should Fight The Jews and Burn Them’

Al-Manar TV Recycle Forged Nazi Document: America Has Become Hostage to the Jews, as Benjamin Franklin Predicted

'The Big Lie of the Alleged Holocaust … is the Shield of Jewish Tyranny… Destroy it'

According to 'Al-Shatat,' the Jews have sought to control the world for many centuries, via a secret global Jewish government. Since the 19th century, this secret government has been led by the Rothschild family.

Under this government's leadership, the Jews were directly responsible for the following: starting the Russo-Japanese war; assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo; starting WWI; starting WWII; the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; helping Hitler annihilate the Jews of Europe; helping the Nazis annihilate 800,000 Hungarian Jews in exchange for the release of 2,000 wealthy German Jews; toppling the Ottoman sultan; deposing Czar Nicholas II; starting the Kishinev pogroms; ritually murdering a Christian child in Rumania and using his blood for matzos; torturing and murdering a Jew who married a Christian; murdering Czar Alexander III in Russia; causing the English stock market to collapse following the Battle of Waterloo and again during WWI, in order to make millions of pounds (for the Rothschilds); spying for Germany against France (Dreyfus); inventing chemical weapons (Chaim Weizmann) and selling them to both the Germans and the English; refusing to accept elderly Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis into Palestine; murdering 100 people in Egypt during military training prior to WWI; deposing British prime ministerLord Asquith; sinking a boatload of Jewish refugees en route to the U.S.; murdering emigrating Jews who tried to turn back to Europe; murdering many other characters in the series in a variety of ways; and numerous other catastrophes and criminal deeds.

Continue reading "What will the next days look like if Israel DOES what must be done?" at Villagers with Torches »

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"Just Leave Lebanon Alone" Whining, Hawaiian Style

A resident of Hilo, Hawaii has just been whisked away from Lebanon to Cyprus:

Big Island teacher Sarah Ahmadia's week-long journey to escape Lebanon has ended with a short ride on a U.S. military helicopter to Cyprus.

Ahmadia, 27, a biology teacher at the Keaau campus of Kamehameha Schools, along with her aunt and cousin, were among 200 Americans who were forced to wait another day after embassy officials overbooked the chartered cruise ship Orient Queen a day earlier.

"Nobody seems to be taking an active role in this crisis," said Ahmadia's father, principal of Keaau Middle School, who was born and raised in Lebanon. "That's not acceptable. Our government and the world should not sit back and let this go on."

"I'm not a politician. I just want to see peace. Just leave Lebanon alone," he said.

For some people, just leaving Israel alone is not an option or even a concern. There were eight "nays" for House Resolution 921 that:

Condemning the recent attacks against the State of Israel, holding terrorists and their state-sponsors accountable for such attacks, supporting Israel’s right to defend itself, and for other purposes

One of those "Nays" was from Neil Abercrombie (D-HI1). Ahmadia has found his proper representation in Abercrombie.

For my thought on this see below.

Crossposted at The Dougout

Update: Here is a quote from Sarah Ahmadia who was just rescued from Lebanon courtesy of Three Grand from the taxpayers:

Sarah Ahmadia had one request: "For people to put pressure on the United States government to do all they can to support Lebanon." [i.e. Hezbollah] Israel's attacks, she said, are "completely wiping out Lebanon's economy."

When reading such statements the word "narcissism" readily comes to mind.
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God will send me a red dress and I'll dance on your grave in high heels


Nothing quite compares with the Islamic "thinkers" society ..a triple oxymoron

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Volunteering For The IDF


I'm asking here because I'm not really sure where else to ask and hopefully some of our readers might have a clue.

What I want to know is what is the oldest a person (non-Israeli) can volunteer for the IDF. I'm almost 24 and was hoping to volunteer in just under a year but from what I'm reading the oldest you can be is 22. This doesn't seem to make much sense though as you can be a reservist till 40-ish. Does anyone know if 22 is the max age? Is there anything else similar I can do if that is the case?

Thanks for your help fellow Kufirs,

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Hizbullah has solid-fuel, 'doomsday' rocket from Iran

TEL AVIV — Hizbullah has deployed what Western sources term a strategic rocket for attacks against major Israeli population centers.

Israeli intelligence sources said Hizbullah has the Zelzal-1 surface-to-surface rocket. The sources said the solid-fuel has been termed strategic and was acquired from Iran.

"This is Hizbullah's doomsday weapon," a senior Israeli officer said.

On July 17, Israeli warplanes struck a Zelzal-1 mobile site near Beirut.

The Israeli bombs ignited the rocket, which flew briefly over Beirut and sparked rumors that an Israel Air Force jet had been downed.

Information on the Zelzal-1, first deployed at the end of Iran-Iraq war, has been sketchy. Israeli sources said the rocket has a range of between 120 and 180 kilometers. Developed in cooperation with China, the rocket measures 8.3 meters and carries a 600-kilogram payload. Iran has already developed the Zelzal-2 with a range of 210 kilometers.

Brig. Gen. Yohanan Locker, head of air force intelligence, said the air force struck a Zelzal launcher and missile mounted on a truck. When the truck was struck the rocket was ignited and propelled into the air.

For months, the military was uncertain whether Hizbullah obtained the Zelzal from Iran. But over the past few days, Israeli intelligence has determined that Hizbullah obtained 10 to 12 Zelzal-1 rockets and plans to use them to strike Tel Aviv.

Continue reading " Hizbullah has solid-fuel, 'doomsday' rocket from Iran" at Villagers with Torches»

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U.S. introduces 'Crusher' unmanned combat vehicle that could protect convoys

The United States has developed a prototype for an unmanned ground combat vehicle.
The six-wheel vehicle, termed Crusher, has been completed and presented as a platform for the U.S. Army. The Crusher, designed to help protect convoys and support ground troops, weighs 6.5 tons and can reach a speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

The Crusher, designed to travel over rough terrain, was produced by Carnegie Mellon University's National Robotics Engineering Center. The university, based in Pittsburgh, Pa., developed the vehicle with a $35 million grant from the Defense Department in a project called Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle PerceptOR Integration.

The vehicle, based on its predecessor Spinner UGV, is powered by electric motors embedded in each of the vehicle's six wheels. A turbo diesel generator recharges batteries.

The hull of the Crusher, designed to carry four metric tons of payload and armor, consists of high-strength aluminum tubes and titanium nodes protected by a steel skid plate. Designers said Crusher would influence the Army's Future Combat Systems program.

"We're developing Crusher to provide technology insights to the broader Army community to show people what can be done and pave the way for the future," said John Bares, director of the National Robotics Engineering Center. "Although it's not being designed for production, Crusher could be matured further to withstand the rigors of military fielding."

Bares said he envisions a vehicle such as Crusher could protect convoys. He said eventually the vehicle, which would undergo field tests every quarter for the next two years, would help in combat missions.

"In five to 10 years, we should see robots working alongside our troops to protect them and help with tasks in the field," Bares said.

Continue reading "U.S. introduces 'Crusher' unmanned combat vehicle that could protect convoys" at VIllagers with Torches»

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Speaking of Hizbollah in the USA...

Hizballah Activity in North America By Andrew Cochran

Brian Hecht of The Investigative Project on Terrorism has prepared a quick reference guide to major Hizballah and Hizballah-linked illegal activity in the United States, Canada and Mexico:

Racketeering, Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing:

* U.S.A. v. Mohamad Youssef Hammoud et al., Charlotte, North Carolina: 25 individuals charged in connection with cigarette smuggling, money laundering, credit card fraud, marriage fraud and immigration violations. Four individuals were charged with providing “material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization,” Hizballah, specifically providing “currency, financial services, training, false documentation and identification, communications equipment, explosives, and other physical assets to Hizballah, in order to facilitate its violent attacks.” In 2003, Mohamad Hammoud was sentenced to 155 years in prison, while his brother, Chawki, was sentenced to 51 months.
* U.S.A. v. Elias Mohamad Akhdar et al. (pdf), Dearborn, Michigan: 11 co-defendants charged with racketeering related to the Charlotte, North Carolina scheme. In January, 2004, Akhdar was sentenced to 70 months in prison and was fined over $2,000,000 after having pled guilty in July, 2003.

* U.S.A. v. Imam Mohamad-Musbah Hammoud, et al., Michigan, Canada (Ontario, Quebec), Lebanon: In March, 2006, 19 co-defendants charged with a racketeering scheme involving contraband cigarettes, counterfeit Zig Zag rolling papers and counterfeit Viagra, counterfeit cigarette tax stamps, transporting stolen property, and money laundering. A percentage of the profits derived from the illegal enterprise were given to Hizballah. On July 7, two of the defendants, Imad Majed Hamadeh and Theodore Schenk, 73 pled guilty (pdf). Hamadeh and Schenk face a maximum possible penalty of 20 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.

Continue reading "Speaking of Hizbollah in the USA..." at Villagers with Torches»

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Infidel Hunk of the Week

I thought he was such a babe that I watched all the reports from the Columbia while it was still in space. Ilan Ramon had reached another landmark, though it ended in tragedy, the first Israeli in space. He took his mission very seriously, and tried to represent all Israelis on the mission, taking on practices that he didn't normally stick to so much, like having all kosher meals on the Shuttle.
Ilan Ramon

Ramon may be known now for his time with NASA, but he was already a national hero in Israel for his military successes. He had fought in the Yom Kippur War in 1973, and was a Colonel in the IAF. He was also one of the pilots responsible for destroying the nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981.

Even though he is gone from us, his legacy is still amazing and inspiring to many. Rest in Peace.
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Storm Track Infiltration: Why Can’t Muslims Play Well With Others?

From The Gathering Storm

Why is it that of all the immigrant populations that enter the free democracies, Muslims seem to have a problem integrating into their new home country? Could the problem be self-imposed? Can’t Muslims play well with others?

During the last few decades of the last century, the free democracies have served the twin gods of multiculturalism and political correctness – gods that have turned on them in this century. The game of multiculturalism can only be successful if all participants play well together. Unfortunately, the ideology of multiculturalism accepts each and every culture and what they practice as morally equivalent and their behaviors protected by the concept of political correctness.

I wrote about this dangerous dilemma back in April. The Times Online reported that a Bangladeshi woman, Rahella Khanom, 24, shook a baby boy so violently that he suffered brain damage. She was granted leniency by the court and walked free because a judge conceded that she did not know how to behave in the West. The injuries inflicted on the child over several weeks had caused one side of his brain to shrink. It was believed that the boy would have been screaming in agony for eight weeks because his injuries went untreated.

Khanom, from Poplar, East London, said that she had wanted to purge the baby of evil spirits as it cried and cried. The court found her not to be mentally ill and said that Khanom, a Muslim, did not understand that shaking a helpless baby would not exorcise an evil spirit. I guess the non-Muslims seem to know the following – but Muslims get a pass. This is not just ignorance of the law, but ignorance itself – then upheld by the court.

Judge Rodney McKinnon told Khanom: “Normal and right-minded people will be horrified by this. Everybody must recognize how serious it is to treat children in this way and to use violence.” (Everybody but poor Muslims living in the West) But the judge said that Khanom’s strong cultural and religious beliefs, and the fact that she had been forced by her husband to live in isolation since coming to Britain from Bangladesh, meant that there were exceptional circumstances in her case. (I wonder if the dhimmi judge would give a pass to immigrants from the deepest parts of the Amazon jungle that came to London and practiced their cultural rituals of cannibalism!)

He said: “You are a young lady who came from Bangladesh. You lived there in a rural community, adopting the customs and ways of the people there so that getting to know the ways of living in the West and in this country were not easy. I accept you were kept really quite isolated from our society by your community (and her husband family) and it would seem to a large extent by your husband as well. (According to the Islamic Law of Sharia) Under these circumstances I do not feel it is in the public interest to pass an immediate custodial sentence.”

Something stinks in this acceptance of the mores and values of one of the players in the multicultural game. Western values, morals and law are based on the concept that there is right and wrong and there are little extenuating circumstances that change this basic philosophy. A defense of “Well, that’s how we do it in the country I come from’ does not hold water.

Now add this mindset to the following.

For some odd reason, police in Britain are holding residential citizen courses for Muslims to help foster acceptance of British values. Now, isn’t that what the public school system should be doing? And why must Muslims be singled out for having this problem? Perhaps they themselves have a problem and not the nation they live in? The Brits don’t see the need for special citizen classes for Indians, Japanese, Chinese, immigrants from EU countries, etc. Why only Muslims? What’s wrong with this picture?

Here’s another example of Muslims being singled out among all other immigrant groups having an ‘integration’ problem.

In an interview with Gulf News, former chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India's intelligence dealing with external security, says that there is a need to understand the Muslim mind, and engage in a constant dialogue with the community. Hmmm. The Muslim mind. Didn’t I post several times that the struggle for Islam is not over its soul but its mind? And why the ‘constant dialogue’? There’s no need for a constant dialogue with Christians, Protestants, or Buddhists. Again, what’s wrong with this picture? Why aren’t some Muslims unable to live in a modern society?

A commentary on the poison of political correctness explains the problem better than I.

For three decades now, the doctrine of multi-culturalism has had the status of canon law among the guardians of political correctness. Yet now the extent of the damage wrought by this deeply misguided philosophy is gradually being accepted. As the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips, said two years ago, rather than bringing people together in a common citizenship, multi-culturalism has had the opposite effect, fostering division rather than integration and working against the idea of a British identity. Now the failure has been acknowledged in a Leicester University project aimed at successful integration of people from different cultural backgrounds. According to one of its principal co-ordinators, Asaf Hussain, multi-culturalism – which he suggests should be replaced by the term "inter-culturalism" – has failed because it did not recognise the dangers of religious fundamentalism, with deadly consequences.

It goes on.

Through insisting that all cultures are of equal worth and that none is superior in any way, multi-culturalism has contributed to the effective state of apartheid existing in many towns and cities. Too many Muslim communities in West Yorkshire, for example, effectively act as laws unto themselves, importing husbands, wives and imams from abroad, tolerating the existence of homes where English is not the first language and allowing schoolchildren to spend lengthy periods of time out of the country. This has all contributed towards undermining Muslims' educational achievement and impeding their economic progress to the extent that, as a Government report revealed earlier this year, Muslims are more likely than any other religious minority to be unemployed and to live in poor housing in the most deprived areas. As a result of all these factors, younger generations are not only disaffected, they are also cast in a limbo, feeling neither fully British nor fully Asian, a worrying and potentially dangerous confusion. Just when it is needed most, any sense of common nationhood has been undermined and fractured as a result of the belief that different cultural communities should be left to themselves, to develop their own rules. The prevention of further atrocities misguidedly committed in the name of Islam depends on this situation being reversed.

Then finally there’s this commentary in the Daily Mail.

“Thirteen per cent of Brtish Mulsims see the July 7 murderers as 'martyrs'. They are epitomized by Anjem Choudary, who escaped with a £500 slap on the wrist for leading an illegal march against the notorious Mohammed cartoons. These Muslims use their faith not to honor the Prophet, but as a weapon to hurl at Western society. Their aim is only to foment the extremism that is so alien - and so dangerous - to our way of life. When will the police, politicians and courts stop groveling to the likes of Choudary, in their terror of being thought 'racist' - and start standing up for the Hashmis, of all races, who love our country?”

Well said. Are the elitist pinheads of political correctness and multiculturalism listening?

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Obsession Movie Trailer

This is the trailer for the upcoming release of Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West
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Infidel Babe Of The Week (Israeli Military Chicks Edition)

Just wait until these babes (sans burqas) come out and pop some caps into your Jihad-lovin' asses.

Ground invasion, indeed.

Oh, the agony and the ecstacy.

Here's more, if you feel like you need 'em. No questions asked.
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The Unavoidable War

Pipes nails it: “My view is that the Israelis had it right before 1993 in their aspiration for victory. Wars end with one side winning and one side losing. If you don't win, you lose.” He expands his thoughts here. See also, Ed Koch, via Grant’s commentary.

Not to be outdone is Elan Journo: “The Iran-Hamas-Hezbollah axis is fully responsible for initiating the war on Israel, but the Islamists' aggression is the logical product of U.S.-Israeli policy” of appeasement. “To protect the lives of our citizens, America and Israel must stop evading the nature of the enemy's cause: our complete destruction. We must stop appeasing our common enemy--and embrace self-defense as a matter of intransigent principle.”

Then there is my ownIran’s War” in which I say “…when a deterrent is lost, war becomes unavoidable. It must be fought and won. And to do that the primary aggressors must be defeated. Israel has to face reality, as we all do; Iran wants war, Iran is at war, Iran will escalate this war.”

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Apology to Generalissimo Franco

Thousands of Spaniards rallied in Madrid yesterday against Israel's action in Lebanon. This account is from the Spanish blog Última Hora and by somebody who was there:
7000 people have protested Thursday in Madrid against Israel, summoned by the PSOE [Partido Socialista Obrero Español], the trade unions and other associations of the Left.

[Continue reading HERE.]
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Malaysian Madness--"Rogue State Goes on the Rampage"

The Malaysian wing of the Global Jihad is now hitting its stride, showering the Jihadists in southern Lebanon with at least rhetorical and morale support. The article below demonstrates this decisively.

So, any guesses as to which country the Malaysian Government is referring to by that catchy moniker in the title, "Rogue State"? And if this doesn't clue you in as to where Malaysia's sympathies lie, no doubt the description of Hizbollah as a "Lebanese Resistance Movement" will inform you directly.

This is quite likely the most disingenious piece of official writing I've ever had the displeasure of reading in this country. I'm going to just post the first two paragraphs, which should indicate to all just what kind of rubbish we're dealing with here.

Rogue State Goes on the Rampage

By Chandra Muzaffar

KUALA LUMPUR, July 21 (Bernama) -- Why did the Lebanese resistance movement, the Hizbollah, capture two Israeli soldiers in a cross border raid on July 12, thus provoking massive retaliation from the region's rogue state?

Analysts argue that it was the immense suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza in particular as a result of the fierce and brutal Israeli military assault that prompted Hizbollah to act.

I wonder what the addresses of these unnamed alleged 'analysts' are ... Damascus and Teheran perhaps?

If you dare, and if you can stomach it, follow the link to above read the rest of this Islamist piece of crap.

If you make it through the entire column, feel free to leave your thoughts.

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Jews Returning to Israel

According to Haaretz, there is a program in place taking Jews who want to stand with Israel IN Israel to the country. One El Al jet has already taken 220 people, flying out of New York. This is an amazing turn of events to me! Also, given the rising anti-Semitism, especially in nations with large Muslim populations, I doubt if this new phenomenon will end.

Haaretz interviewed one couple who left for Israel right before they left:

"After the war in the north began, people started asking them whether they still planned to move to Israel. "With what's going on now, we're being made out to be some sort of heroes," Joel said. "But this is Israel, and if you think of yourself as Israeli, you realize there's really not a choice. We've mentally, psychologically, emotionally made the commitment to be part of the people of Israel in the Land of Israel, and unfortunately, this [war] is part of the reality." When he received an email from Nefesh B'Nefesh this week confirming that the flight was still on, he sent a one-word reply: "Good."

P.S. Can someone leave in the comments or just mail me with how to do the smaller word quote format? I may just not have the option due to the Mac/Blogger relationship, the only options given for posts for me being spell check and adding a pic. But I could write better posts if someone will let me in on this Blogger secret.......

UPDATE: Another article on this subject from World Net Daily which puts the number of this immigration program at 3,000. Interesting read.
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Iran's Motives in Lebanon ??

Interesting calls, but I disagree, in the main.

While Hezbollah forces are busy dodging Israeli missiles, their backers in Iran are throwing out words of support in their defense -- and not much else. Iran is watching as its most prized militant asset in the region gets clobbered by Israeli forces, which raises the question of why Tehran played a part in orchestrating this flare-up in the first place.

To begin delving into the psyche of the Iranian regime, we must step back a few days to July 10, the day before the Hezbollah attack in which two Israeli soldiers were abducted in the disputed Shebaa Farms area. The international community at that time was screaming about North Korea's provocative long-range missile test, and the threat of a nuclear-armed Pyongyang dominated the headlines for weeks.

The Iranians and North Koreans regularly play off each other's carefully timed nuclear "crises" -- to the extent that Iranians were reportedly present at North Korea's July 5 missile tests. With North Korea grabbing the world's attention, Tehran had considerable room to maneuver with its own nuclear agenda and skillfully evaded a U.N. Security Council demand for Iran to respond to a package of incentives designed to curb the Iranian nuclear program. The door was open for some adventurism in other areas where Iran possessed assets.

Next door in Iraq, sectarian violence was soaring to unprecedented levels -- Sunni guerrillas continued their attacks, and Shiite death squads roamed relatively freely on the streets, pulling Sunnis out of their homes and cars and shooting them to death. The rapidly deteriorating situation in Iraq was driving the U.S. exit strategy even further into the ground, as Shiite political leaders with close links to Iran refrained from taking any action to rein in the Shiite militias.

Continue reading "Iran's Motives in Lebanon ??" at Villagers with Torches »

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Stratfor on Hezballah <> Iranian connections

Red Alert: Hezbollah's Iranian Connection

Sub Req excerpted ... Prior to the rise of the Shia in Iraq, Hezbollah -- as a radical Shiite Islamist organization -- was Iran's main asset in the Arab world. In fact, it likely will continue to be used by Tehran as a key tool for furthering Iranian geopolitical interests in the region, until such time as Shiite power has been consolidated in Baghdad and Iran's interests there secured.

In its earliest days, Hezbollah was a classic militant organization -- the creation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the elite unit of the Iranian military. It was founded as a way to export the ideals of Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini's Islamic revolution to the Shiite community of Lebanon, and served as a model for follow-on organizations (some even using the same name) in other Arab states. It did not take long, however, for Hezbollah to emerge in Lebanon as a guerrilla movement, whose fighters were trained in conventional military tactics.
In the mid-1980s, Iran's premier intelligence agency, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), assumed the task of managing Tehran's militant assets -- not just in the Middle East but in other parts of the world as well. This allowed the Iranians, through a special unit within MOIS, to strike at Israeli interests in places as diverse as Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Continue reading "Strafor on Hezballah <> Iranian connections" at Villagers with Torches »

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Italy's Special Anti-Terror Forces Arrest 4 Terror Suspects

De Volkskrant reports that Italian special anti-terror forces have arrested four terror suspects (all from Algeria) earlier today in the region of Veneto.

Italian police forces have also searched numerous houses: these searches didn't just occur in Veneto but also in the regions of Lombardia and Emilia-Romagna.

The four are - according to the justice department - members of the Salafist GSPC which is believed to have ties with Al Qaeda. The exact crimes of which they are suspected are: financing of terror, recruiting of 'warriors' (re: terrorists) and providing false identity papers and work-permits.

De Volkskrant goes on to report that according to the Justice Department, the four operated from Vicenza, but were active throughout the entire north and even in the south of Italy. It's 'possible' that they planned to carry out terror attacks in Italy.

It's yet another sign that on the one hand terrorists pose a real threat to and even in the West, in Europe, but that, on the other hand, the anti-terror regulations many West-European countries adopted in the last couple of years, seem to be working.

Cross posted at Liberty and Justice
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Those brave Jihad word warriors

Michael at Liberty and Justice has a post up on the latest coming from a bunker in an undisclosed location somewhere in Lebanon (or would that be Iran):
"Hizbullah has so far stood fast, absorbed the strike and has retaken the initiative and made the surprises that it had promised, and there are more surprises," he said, warning that a Hizbullah defeat would be "a defeat for the entire Islamic nation."
quoth Nazrallah, leader of the Black Hand gang, a.k.a. Hizbollah.

Micheal also pints to a post by the Partisan Times, pointedly characterizing Nazrallah:
Of course, Nasrallah has been in hiding since Israel began its operation in Lebanon, which leads one to question both his manhood and his sincerity regarding the efficacy of Israeli strikes. After all, if the integrity of Hezbollah's infrastructure remains intact, then there would be no reason for Nasrallah to continue hiding behind women and children.

Then again, the size of Nasrallah's balls falls short of boys over the age of three, and girls over the age of 4, so I'm guessing we can expect additional displays of cowardice on his part. Those Islamists sure make great role models.
Nice bit of satire I thought. Certainly made me chuckle.

But then I read this:
EXILED preacher of hate Omar Bakri has begged the Royal Navy to rescue him from war-torn Beirut.

The Muslim cleric who fled Britain last year, tried to board a ship full of women and children yesterday but was turned away.

He also wrote to the British embassy asking to be allowed back on “humanitarian grounds”.

In an email to officials, dole scrounger Bakri pleaded: “The current situation in Beirut left me without any choice but to appeal to you to grant me a visit visa to see my children for one month.”

Though usually my english never fails me when trying to accurately express my feelings about this or that, all I can come up with right now is a rather low-brow

BWHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my, somebody hand me a tissue, please.

(Crossposted at Klein Verzet)

[INSTANT UPDATE] See this post at Western Resistance for some background on the Islamist chickenhawk. Or rather: This Islamist chicken.
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History Of The Muslim Brotherhood

Who were the predecessors of the modern day Islamic terror organisations such as Al-Qaeda, Hamas, IJ, and nearly all if not all other Islamic supremacist and terror movements? Watch and learn :

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

[cross posted at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance]
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Jizya? Pentagon OKs $6 BIL. Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

Will someone wake me when these nightmares end?

From al Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration said on Thursday it approved the sale to Saudi Arabia of 24 UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters, radios, armoured vehicles and other military equipment worth more than $6 billion (3.25 billion pounds).

Congress has 30 days to block the sales, although such action is rare.

The Pentagon's Defence Security Cooperation Agency said the principal contractors for the different sales included Sikorsky Aircraft, a unit of United Technologies Corp., General Electric Co., Harris Corp., ITT Corp., General Dynamics Corp., and Raytheon Corp..

The agency said in a mandatory notice to Congress that the arms sales would help strengthen Saudi Arabia's military and its ability to help the United States fight terrorism around the world. The deal comes amid escalating fighting between Israel and Hizbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia had asked to buy 24 Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopters, spare parts, communications and other equipment valued at $350 million, if all options were exercised, according to the agency, which oversees foreign arms sales.

Sikorsky and GE would be the main contractors for the new helicopters, which would help Saudi Arabia modernise and increase its rotary wing fleet and respond more quickly to possible threats against its infrastructure.

A second deal, valued at up to $5.8 billion, would include 724 lightly armoured vehicles built by General Dynamics, based in Falls Church, Virginia. The deal also would provide more than 2,300 long-range military radio systems built by Harris, based in Melbourne, Florida, and other equipment to help modernize the Saudi Arabian National Guard.

The Defence Security Cooperation Agency said the deal would help make Saudi Arabia more capable of defending stability in the region and less reliant on deployment of U.S. forces.
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Claus von Stauffenberg and the lesson of Tyrannicide

62 years ago a very dignified seditious act took place. A group of German military men had been preparing for some time a plot to kill Hitler, as they had correctly reached the conclusion that his ambitions would lead Germany to disaster. By 1944 it was evident that there was no way that Germany could win the war.

On July 20, 1944 the plan was to be executed. One of the conspirators, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a Catholic from the Southern part of Germany, was in charge of delivering the hit. Stauffenberg took a bomb in his briefcase, to one of the many meetings he attended in which the Führer was present.

The plot was not a success because the briefcase was removed from the side of Hitler, by accident. The same day the main group of the conspirators were rounded up and summarily executed, including von Stauffenberg.

But the point is, why should we celebrate this day? Well, the attempt to kill a person is in principle an evil act. However, there is an exception to this principle, and it is the legitimate act of self-defense. One may justly kill another person when it is done in order to defend oneself from aggression. And as governments are only servants of the people. whenever a government becomes tyrannical of its citizens, it is the right of the people to depose that government. If the only practical way to attain this is the killing of the leader of the government, then it is legitimate, in moral terms, to do so.

This is the doctrine of tyrannicide as self-defense. Remember: the government is a servant of the people and when it tries to extend too much its powers violating people's rights, it is that people's right to defend from that aggression.

Claus von Stauffenberg is celebrated today as a hero in Germany. And rightly so.
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Who Started the War in Lebanon

Ed Koch nails it:

It's long been said that when war comes, truth is the first casualty. War has come to Israel, Gaza and Lebanon. Let us remember the truth about how this war started.

In Gaza, Hamas terrorists dug a half-mile tunnel into Israel, killing two Israeli soldiers and taking one prisoner. The Israeli army responded by counter-attacking the Gaza Strip, which is now ruled by a Hamas government. Since its recent election to power, the Hamas government has not only refused to recognize the State of Israel, it has restated its goal of destroying Israel and replacing it with a single Islamic state running from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Hamas will not recognize any prior agreements made by Arafat with Israel. The Hamas regime has publicly endorsed the use of terror — the killing of Israeli civilians in Israel — to achieve its goals.

A second front was opened on Israel’s border with Lebanon on July 11th, with Hezbollah crossing Israel’s border killing eight Israeli soldiers and taking two soldiers prisoner. Hezbollah has rained more than 1,000 missiles down on Israel, inflicting 24 deaths and 300 casualties. Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government having several cabinet ministers and 13 members of parliament. Hezbollah has been ceded by the Lebanese government the right to control southern Lebanon and its border with Israel. The leader of Hezbollah, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, has threatened before and during these latest hostilities the destruction of the State of Israel.

Despite all sniveling to the contrary, if Lebanon is stupid enough to join forces with Hezbollah they will deserve whatever they get.

Update: The "mainstream media" continues to tout the Hezbollah/Iranian/UN Party Line. Consider this headline of a Reuters "news" report: "Casualties mount in Israel war in Lebanon." No comment required on this.

Rami Khouri is editor of the Beirut based Daily Star newspaper. His bio is revealing regarding those who are US citizens for convenience but will never consider themselves to be Americans: "Rami George Khouri is a Palestinian-Jordanian and US citizen whose family resides in Beirut, Amman, and Nazareth."

Khouri wrote an article yesterday where he trots out the standard line of Arab as Victim. Read it closely to discover the mindset of the moderate Middle-Easterner. Here are the money quotes:

Protecting Israelis while leaving Arabs to a fate of humiliation, occupation, degradation and subservient acquiescence to Israeli-American dictates only guarantees that those Arabs will regroup, plan a resistance strategy, and come back one day to fight for their land, their humanity, their dignity and the prospect that their children can have a normal life one day.

Three Arab parties to date developed missiles of various sorts that can strike Israel from greater and greater distances. Iraq, Hamas and Hizbullah have all fired rockets and missiles at Israel, making the concept of buffer zones militarily obsolete and politically irrelevant. New buffer zones imposed by the international community to protect Israel, while leaving Arab grievances to rot, will only prompt a greater determination by the next generation of young Arab men and women to develop the means to fight back, some day, in some way that we cannot now predict.

Khouri, and those who agree with him, are either fools or worse. He fails to mention that Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran have sworn to "wipe Israel off the map." What's left to negotiate after a declaration of war by extermination? Here is a man impervious to reality who chooses to wallow in delusions. If the Arab world had simply accepted the UN resolutions that created Israel, there would be peace and prosperity in the region. The Arab people in the region by supporting Hezbollah, Hamas, the Moslem Brotherhood and the rest have made their decision. Now they have to deal with the consequences. Whining never changed reality.

Hat tip: Ralph "So long as western diplomacy concentrates on the protection of Israel and leaves Palestinian and Arab grievances unaddressed, there will be no peace" Luker at Cliopatria. I'm not quoting history professor Luker out of context. Surrendering to genocidal terrorists is his recommendation to Israel for "peace."

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Ahmadinejad's Letter To Germany Asks For Help With Solution To Zionist Problem

I guess OhMyDumbJihad figured since Germany came up with such a great "solution" back in the day, he might as well ask them for advice now. From yoni.townhall.com, July 20,2006:

A German government official said on Thursday that letter written by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to German Chancellor Angela Merkel asks her to help solve the Palestinian problem and deal with Zionism.

“There’s nothing about the nuclear issue (in the letter),” the official told Reuters on condition of anonymity due to the extreme sensitivity of the issue for the German government.

“It’s all related to Germany and how we have to find a solution to the Palestinian problems and Zionism and so on. It’s rather weird,” The official, who has seen the letter, said.

In May Ahmadinejad wrote US President George W. Bush an 18-page letter discussing religious values, history and international relations.

In it, he took swipes at Israel and at the United States.

He sharply criticized Bush on many fronts, implying that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, abuses of detainees in US prisons in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib—and his staunch support for Israel—were somehow inconsistent with Bush’s Christian beliefs.

But the letter to Merkel was different and was not confrontational in tone, the official said.

“It’s not negative like Ahmadinejad’s letter to Bush. He is not criticizing Germany,” he said. “It’s basically about how we have to work together and solve the problems of the world together.”

In February, Merkel compared Ahmadinejad’s statements and stance to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power when he and his Nazi party began threatening to exterminate European Jewry.

“Remember that in 1933 many people said it was just rhetoric,” Merkel said.

The German official said it was interesting that the letter did not discuss Iran’s nuclear standoff with the United States, European Union and other countries.
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Just Remember - Jihad Means Inner Struggle

Yes, it does.

It does. It does. It does.
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Modest Aproposal

Below is a draft of what I hope will be a rousing success as our hand-out at tomorrow's Death Hippie Hate Fest in West Vancouver, Canada. Please feel free to offer lucid and pertinent criticism.

We'll discuss this and other topics of interest this evening at our weekly meeting at VPL from 7-9 in the atrium. You are welcome to join us.

Down with the Scurrilous Death Hippies of Red Fascist Dhimmitude.

Modern liberal societies are falling into states of fear and collapse under an onslaught of politically correct jihad. Social and personal freedoms are eroding daily as the Left and their proxies in the West determine our futures as objects of the state rather than as people free and independent.

Sentimentalist thought police range the nations searching for fuel to add to their fires of moral indignation, finding whatever they can to create light without heat, smoke without substance, and we wander in a timid and fearful tremble lest we fall into offense unknowing. Have we victimised someone? Are we guilty of something? Should we condemn someone to distract attention from ourselves?

Anti-American, anti-Semitic, hate-mongering "pacifists" - Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) Vancouver - whose website calls, among other things, for support of the Toronto 17 and for Canada's withdrawal from Afghanistan - is holding an event - the Hip Hop Festival Against War and Occupation - that has sponsorship from the City of Richmond and the District of West Vancouver as well as several other community and academic organizations.

A Vancouver Courier article states: MAWO is a coalition of over 50 endorsing organizations, most of which are labour unions, student groups, indigenous and women's organizations and Third World groups. It formed in October 2003 to mark the first anniversary of the anti-war movement against the American involvement in Iraq. Since then, MAWO has held demonstrations, organized talks and forums, hosted music events and organized an annual film festival each winter.

Fundraisers such as [this] summer's anti-war hip-hop festival help MAWO raise the necessary funds to keep the group going and help gain new members.

MAWO appears to be front organization for a group called Fire This Time. FTT have been accused of being thugs who intimidate their fellow leftists with violence. In fact, FTT openly advocates violence.

FTT website: [T]he arrest of the Toronto 17 has signaled that the war at home – a couple steps behind the war abroad – has entered its own "combat mission" against the democratic and human rights of oppressed people in Canada.

The Toronto 17, already found guilty of "terrorism" by the anti-Muslim smokescreen of the government of Canada and the mainstream media, represent something important for working, poor and oppressed people in Canada. The storm troopers of the right wing of Canadian politics are entering through the window of the arrest of the Toronto 17 into the homes of all Muslims in Canada.


Under government driven racist and Islamophobic hysteria, the Toronto 17 do not stand a chance of a fair trial anywhere in Canada.

When our politicians use our money to finance fascism, it's time to say we've had enough of it. Peace, yes, but no more terrorism. No appeasement. No dhimmitude.

In a society where there is seen to be no right or wrong but only victims and oppressors, we are nagged to madness by self-righteous automatons of moralist cliches and received political idiocies. Only the most thoughtless and incapable delve into the cliches of this Left dhimmi fascism for sustenance and meaning, and yet they are legion.

Those few who think clearly for themselves are offended and outraged in turn by the group-think prevailing in our societies; and we are beginning at last to say no more appeasement of oppressors of thought free and independent. No dhimmitude.


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Hezbollah Details Plan for '3rd Front'

From The Gathering Storm

WorldNet Daily reports that If the Jewish state significantly increases its campaign against Hezbollah, such as sending ground troops into Lebanon, Palestinian terror groups will open a "third front" against Israel by carrying out large-scale attacks inside the country "much bigger" than suicide bombings, said Abu Nasser, second-in-command of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

"For the moment we see that Hezbollah is winning, but if – Allah forbid – there is a turnover in the war, we will not hesitate to carry out the plans we have been working on since - the cease-fire signed last February. We will use rockets. We will target Tel Aviv airport. We will not abandon our brothers," said Abu Nasser, speaking to WND from Nablus in northern Samaria. Asked to detail the kinds of attacks the Al Aqsa Brigades and other Palestinian groups will carry out if they feel Hezbollah is "losing" in Lebanon, Abu Nasser replied, "Tel Aviv airport can be targeted. I will not say what rockets and missiles we have, but I can say that we have all that is necessary."

If we remember, Israeli spokesman said that a day or so ago that if the Tel Aviv airport is hit, it would mean "doomsday".

There have been reports, however, terror groups in northern Samaria obtained some advanced missiles. WND has learned of at least one security alert last year that involved a possible Palestinian attack using an anti-aircraft missile from northern Samaria. "If Israel attacks Iran or Syria we will hit with all the weapons and tools we have," the terrorist leader said. "Since the creation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in the 60s, one of our goals has been to turn this conflict into a real Arab-Israeli confrontation. We believe that this moment in becoming very close."
Stay tuned.

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