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Saturday, April 22, 2006

May 1 Immigration Marches: The Muslim Connection

The following is from an Aztlan email update:


(Los Angeles - 4/19/06) -- In solidarity with immigration activists around the country, the Muslim Public Affairs Council as well as the Council on American-Islamic Relations - Los Angeles (CAIR-LA), the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, the L.A. Latino Muslim Association, the Muslim American Society - Los Angeles, and the Muslim Students Association - West (MSA West) are calling on American Muslims to participate in a day of action on May 1, 2006.

On that day, the Multi-ethnic Immigrant Worker Organizing Network (MIWON) is holding a march near downtown Los Angeles in support of immigration reform and worker's rights. MPAC is coordinating Muslim American participation in this important event, which affects Americans of all ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. Similar events will be taking place across the country.

WHAT: International Worker's Day Immigration March

WHERE: McArthur Park (7th & Alvarado near Downtown LA)

WHEN: Monday, May 1st, 2006 at 4:00 p.m.

CO-SPONSORS: Muslim Public Affairs Council, Council on American-Islamic Relations - Los Angeles (CAIR-LA), Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, L.A. Latino Muslim Association (LALMA), MSA West, Muslim American Society - Los Angeles (MAS-LA), Multi-ethnic Immigrant Worker Organizing Network (MIWON) - here.


Islam's message is one of social justice, economic fairness, and fair treatment in the workplace. The Qur'an urges the proper treatment and respect of workers. Several Muslim leaders discussed the relevance of the Qur'an to the struggle for dignity in the workplace with union leaders and other religious leaders during the "Islam and Labor: Forging Partnerships Conference," held November 10, 2001 in Washington, DC. Co-convened by the National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), the conference sought to build relationships between Muslims, interfaith committees and labor communities. As the Prophet Muhammad is quoted as saying, "None of you has faith unless you love for your brother what you love for yourself."

It is against this backdrop that American Muslim organizations are calling for a comprehensive immigration reform that includes provisions for a pathway to lawful permanent residence for the undocumented currently in the United States, a temporary worker program that matches willing workers with willing employers, and a reduction in the current backlogs in family-based immigration to the United States.


The United States has always been a nation of immigrants, but today the country has more than 33 million foreign-born residents, the largest number since the U.S. Census started keeping such statistics in 1850. In 2003, foreign-born residents made up 11.7 percent of the population, the highest percentage since 1910. And over the past 16 years, the newcomers, many of them undocumented, have poured into places in the South and Midwest that have not seen sizeable numbers of new immigrants in generations.

On December 16, 2005, the House of Representatives passedHR 4437, the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and IllegalImmigration Control Act of 2005. The bill was introduced by Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-WI). The Sensenbrenner bill is an inadequate enforcement-only bill that fails to address comprehensive immigration reform. In particular, it does not include any provision for a guest worker program, an earned legalization program, nor a reduction in the backlogs for family-based immigration. Instead, the bill criminalizes undocumented people for unlawful presence in the United States, and criminalizes people who work or volunteer with faith-based organizations for helping someone in need, who turns out to be undocumented.

For more information, see: this.

* * * * * * * * * *
La Voz de Aztlan
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Belgium :"Youths" Murder 17 Year Old For Refusing To Be Robbed



Just over a week ago, north African "youths" murdered Joe Van Holsbeeck after he refused to hand over his mp3 player to the muggers. As expected, the international MSM has kept this story as quiet as possible and some authorities in Belgium have even blamed the victim for what happened, accusing him of, RACISM. Sickening :

Joe Van Holsbeeck, the 17 year old boy who died after being butchered with a knife by North African youths in Brussels Central Station last week, was buried today. Muslim immigrants distributed home baked bread during the funeral. Joe was savagely stabbed to death Wednesday a week ago when he refused to hand over his MP3 player to the North Africans. Immediately after the assassination the police inquired whether Joe had made any "racist remarks" whilst been mugged, but Joe and his family and friends were not racists. On the contrary.

Joe's parents opted for a memorial service instead of the traditional funeral Mass. The parish priest of the Catholic St. Elisabeth Church of the Brussels borough of Haren told Belgian radio this morning that the parents wanted to ensure that "immigrants would not feel excluded at the funeral service." The priest did not hand out the Holy Eucharist to the mourners, but the immigrant neighbours of the Van Holsbeeck family distributed home baked bread. This, the priest explained, was "a sign of fraternity" between Belgians and immigrants.

Joe's killers have not been caught yet. Some doubt whether they ever will. The North African youths who slaughtered a 16 year old black boy in a similar fashion last January, have not been found either. Yesterday Senator Jean-Marie Dedecker, a member of Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt's Liberal Party (VLD), wrote in an op-ed article in De Standaard, a major Brussels newspaper, that the Belgian police, when confronted with criminal immigrants, all too often "look the other way in order to avoid being accused of racism." Dedecker called Joe's murderers "thugs."
Read the rest...
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"The Mushroom Cloud Is On Its Way"

From Steven Emerson's April 21, 2006 article at Counterterrorism Blog:

"Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) Newswire - April 21, 2006 : The Queens-based Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS) held a rally yesterday outside of the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan. Members of the Islamic Thinkers Society are easily identified by their Khilafah flags and provocative signs as well as rhetoric against homosexuals, Jews, Christians, Danes and others, depending on the hot button issue at the moment. Yesterday's rally was held in response to Monday’s Tel Aviv bombing that killed 9 and injured scores. While carrying signs including 'Islam will Dominate' with a picture of an Islamic flag over the White House, the small but loud group of men chanted threatening slogans (video of the rally will be posted on the Counterterrorism Blog soon):


Leader (in Arabic): With our blood and our lives we will liberate al Aqsa!
[The rest also respond in Arabic:] With our blood and our lives we will liberate al Aqsa!
Israeli Zionists What do you say? The real Holocaust is on its way
Response: Allahu Akbar!
Response: Allahu Akbar!

Israeli Zionists, What do you say?
How many women have you raped today?
Israeli Zionists, What do you say?
How many children have you killed today?

Zionists, Zionists You will pay! The Wrath of Allah is on its way!
Israeli Zionists You shall pay! The Wrath of Allah is on its way!
The mushroom cloud is on its way! The real Holocaust is on its way!

We are not your average Muslims, We are the Muslims of Was al Sunnah
We will not accept the United Nations, they are the criminals themselves
They get paid by the Israeli and the US government to do their job.
We don’t recognize United Nations as a body
We only recognize Allah

Israel won’t last long… Indeed, Allah will repeat the Holocaust right on the soil of Israel
Response: Allahu Akbar!

* * *
No wonder they call you sons of apes and pigs because that’s what you are.

We know many government services are watching us
Such as the FBI…CIA…Mossad, Homeland Security…
We know we are getting on their nerves
And so are you….
So we say the hell with you!
May the FBI burn in Hell
CIA burn in Hell
Mossad burn in Hell
Homeland Security burn in hell!!

Islam will dominate the world
Islam is the only solution
Islam will dominate the world
Islam is the only solution
La ilaha il Allah, Muhammad-ur Rasool Allah

* * *
Another mushroom cloud, right in the midst of Israel!
Takbeer!! Allahu Akbar!

Out in the open? In Manhattan?
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The Experts, Intention, Capability and Accuracy

If India builds the bomb, we will eat grass or leaves, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own. We have no other choice. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto - 1965

Pakistan, as the first of a series of examples of massive critical failures of american intelligence as to the timings, intentions, capabilities and accuracy of predictions uttered in full confidence by EXPERTS regarding other nations, the USA, and the state of the world.

Although Pakistan did not know it at the time, when Ali Bhutto made his decision to proceed with a weapons program in 1972, an Indian team had already been engaged for a few years in developing a prototype nuclear explosive device. In fact, at that moment the basic design for India's first nuclear device was already complete.

During mid-1971 Bhutto approached North Korea in an effort to obtain critically needed weapons. An agreement was quickly reached and on 18 September 1971 the first arms shipment from the DPRK arrived in Karachi. On 9 November 1972, only one day after withdrawing from SEATO, Pakistan announced that it was establishing formal diplomatic relations with the DPRK. Military assistance to Pakistan continued through the late 1970s, with the DPRK providing artillery, multiple rocket launchers, ammunition, and a variety of spare parts.
According to Khan in a 1998 interview, the first enrichment was done at Kahuta on 4 April 1978. The plant was made operational in 1979 and by 1981 was producing substantial quantities of uranium.In recognition of A.Q. Khan's contributions the ERL was renamed the A.Q. Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) by President Zia ul-Haq on 1 May 1981. Khan was convicted of espionage in the Netherlands in 1983 in absentia and sentenced to four years in prison. The conviction was later overturned in 1985 for failure to properly deliver a summons to him.

Continue reading "The Experts, Intention, Capability and Accuracy" at VWT »

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More Evidence of Peace From The Muslims

I'm not going to put up my original post in it's entirety, but here are some excerpts.

If you want to read the whole thing, go to Fu2rman and Friends. It's complete with the usual hottie tied into it, (not literally 'tied', just some nice eye candy).

What Muslims Hear at Friday Prayers

Is there really a clash of the cultures between Islam and the West? SPIEGEL documents Friday sermons from mosques around the world. As imams guide their congregations, they praise the delights of paradise, sow the seeds of doubt in government authority -- and sometimes preach hatred.

Last Monday, the 12th of Rabi al-Awwal 1427, traffic stood still in most Islamic countries, government employees had the day off and children stayed home from school. On the 12th of Rabi, the world's Muslims observe the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

Egyptians celebrate Maulid al-Nabi, as a sort of Islamic Christmas. In cities across the Nile delta, thousands take to the streets playing drums and trumpets. Little girls receive dolls and little boys are given horses made of sugar. It's Egypt's biggest religious festival.

In Pakistan, the faithful place a young boy, dressed as a Bedouin, on a horse and parade him through the streets, representing the return of the Prophet in the form of a child -- apparently not a violation of the prohibition on displaying images of the Prophet the Muslim world often defended so vehemently.

In a Berlin mosque, a television crew secretly recorded the sermon of a Turkish imam who described the Germans as godless and railed against their alleged stench. In London, hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri called upon the faithful to murder female tourists in his native Egypt, saying: "If a woman, even a Muslim woman, is naked and you have no way of covering her up, it is legitimate to kill her."

Other agents of the Koran speak moderately when addressing Western audiences, but their words turn decidedly more radical when directed towards Muslims. In an interview with SPIEGEL, television imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi, perhaps currently one of the most influential Islamic scholars around, magnanimously conceded that there is also room in heaven for devout Christians and Jews. But on his Arab-language website a short time later, he made it clear that he believes that Christians and Jews are ultimately nothing more than infidels.

If that's what a peaceful group sounds like, we must all be saints, going straight to heaven.

Oh, but wait, we're 'ultimately nothing more than infidels.'
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Iran and the nuclear weaponry

I am intending to sum up as much information as possible about Iran. I have written two post on the subject:
I will continue in next days doing this research till I reach today's news.
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The Suicide Party

Via Coldfury

We’ve all said it, and some of them have denied it, but it’s the truth. Call them what you will — left, liberal, Democrat, antiwar, progressivist, cowards, fools, appeasers — but it all adds up to the same thing: they do not believe there should even be a war on Islamist terrorists, much less have any real concern for winning it, and they wish that 9/11 would just go away so we could all get back to our 9/10 state of soporific complacency…while the threat represented by Islamist terrorists and the states that sponsor and support them festers, suppurates, and metastasizes.

They are in truth — as I’ve said so many times — ostriches, so frightened by the realities of life on this planet as to be completely dysfunctioned by that fear, and their only response to it is to bury their heads deeper in the sand.

They do not want to fight Islamism and jihadism; they think the only enemies we have are those we’ve created ourselves, the only attacks we’ll ever suffer are those we deserve, and there are no enemies out there who can’t be made friends through yet another round of UN-managed negotiations or more foreign-aid bribery. They do not understand absolutism or fanaticism, and the only religious fundamentalists they’re willing to firmly confront are those they know will never do them any real harm anyway.

If you want our national defense to be supervised by such people, vote Democrat. I know lots of people — Bill Quick and Al Maviva, two people whose opinions I deeply respect and almost always agree with, come immediately to mind, but there are others — who say they’re done with the Republicans. I sympathize greatly; I’m pretty pissed at them myself. Al and I have tossed some e-mails back and forth about all this, and I simply can’t say he’s wrong; I share his frustration, and I think it’s more than clear that the Repubs do indeed need a damned sharp reminder of what they’re supposed to be all about.

But every time I’m just about to the point of joining Al and Bill and tossing off a long goodbye-and-good-riddance letter to the Repubs here, I run across something like this. And the marrow-freezing thought of the Dems running our foreign-policy and national-security strategies stops me dead in my tracks.

And it’s no use to say that this guy only represents a fraction of the Democrats, or that the Kossacks don’t represent the mainstream. That’s crap, and we all know it. The Daily Kos, no matter what the small, beleaguered handful of Lieberman supporters out there may wishfully think, is the face of the Dems today. And even if it wasn’t, anyone who can raise that much money for the principle-bereft, poll-driven swine that the Dems have become is guaranteed to have a voice in their agenda.

Sure, “forget 9/11? isn’t official policy for the Donks…yet. But once the inmates of the Kos asylum decide it should be, then the Dems will obligingly consider it. Taxi drivers don’t get to decide who rides and who doesn’t; they take on whoever pays ‘em, and they go where they’re told. And so do whores.

And this is how their core supporters, whose voices will be heard, think. They, in their foreign-policy enlightenment, are “over” 9/11. They think we all should share their myopic “wisdom.” They want to take us back to 9/10. If allowed to, they will guarantee repeat performances of the most devastating attack perpetrated on American soil since Pearl Harbor, over and over again, until we either learn they’re not only incapable of defending our country but disinterested in it, or we submit to a dhimmitude they self-servingly refuse to admit the existence of, one small, Cartoon Jihad-like step at a time. Years from now, maybe these Dhimmi-crats will be smacking their lips over the delicious shit sandwich they’re being fed, but that won’t make the one they’re pressing to our lips any more palatable.

And they’re too damned blind and/or stupid to see that we already traveled the road they want to put us on, and its last mile is a gore-smeared stretch of concrete with American corpses strewn across it — crushed from having fallen over a hundred stories to a gruesome death that could have been avoided but for our own wishful thinking, our own blissful ignorance, our own fear of confronting the harsher realities of the war we’re in — a war we’ll either win or lose, but don’t have the luxury of opting out of, and never did. Apparently, the road they want us on runs in a circle, and the law requires that we travel it blindfolded.

Compare: the Islamists will never give in, and you can bet that they aren’t eager to forget their great triumph on 9/11; they’re in this for the long haul, for a thousand years if necessary, and anyone who doesn’t believe it is cordially invited to just ask them. Alternatively, you could consult the history books for a refutation of that untenable disbelief. On the other hand, the LLL/MSM/Dem Axis is exhausted, and ready to “move on” after less than five years. If we’re so foolish ourselves as to let them run the fight, guess who’s going to win it?

There must not be another Democrat President until this sort of delusional, irresponsible “thinking” is stamped out root and branch. The Democrats and their feckless policies are an indulgence, proffering a risk we can’t afford to take. There’s simply not much else to be said.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Check The Toilets

From the BBC:

"Facilities in a prison are being built so Muslim inmates do not have to face Mecca while sitting on the toilet."

I'm going to make sure that all my potties FACE EAST! Life's little joys are such pleasures.
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Andrew Bostom on FPM

Andrew Bostom provides a summary of Islam’s imperialist roots in another of his comprehensive articles. In the 1930s we had a decade to learn about Nazism. By the time of the communist conquest of Eastern Europe we had three decades to learn about the communist threat. Islam has a 14 century history of conquest and oppression. There's no excuse for the continued ignorance of one of histories most lethal threats to civilization.

For those new to this venue who need a recommended reading list, consider these books and articles.

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The Moussaoui Trial

Excerpt from Peter Porcupine's blog-article "NOW Do You Believe It?" :

"...The religious zeal of Moussaoui is real, sincere and deadly. If we fail to execute him, it will be percieved [sic] as a signal of our inherent weakness in the Muslim [world], and will ultimately cause the death and destruction of millions...."

Read the full article here.
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CAIR And Litigation

Excerpts from my most recent blog-article:

"These cases — the law suits targeting Andrew Whitehead, Cass Ballenger, and David Harris — seem to indicate that CAIR cannot stand up to scrutiny of its financial ties. Isn’t it time to more fully investigate ties which CAIR appears to desire to avoid discussion of?..."
Furthermore, CAIR has ties with our government and even the FBI:

"'CAIR has had long-standing relationships with the FBI, whose staffers routinely speak at smaller community events that are hosted by the Muslim civil rights group....'"

Read the entire piece here.
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Now it's official: Al-Arian confesses his ties to jihad

But it seems to be simply because of a plea bargain he's getting, that'll enable him to just be deported. From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel (via Jihad Watch):
Details of Sami Al-Arian's plea agreement emerged Monday after a federal judge unsealed documents related to hearings held last week out of public view.

In it, the fired University of South Florida professor admits being a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and helping others associated with the terrorist group -- including his deported brother-in-law Mazen Al-Najjar -- in immigration matters and lying to conceal their ties.

Al-Arian pleaded guilty to one count of "conspiracy to make or receive contributions of funds, goods or services to or for the benefit of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad." In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors dropped eight outstanding terrorism-related charges on which jurors deadlocked during a six-month trial.

Prosecutors also agreed to recommend that immigration officials "expedite" Al-Arian's expulsion after his sentencing. His family has previously said their first stop may be Egypt before they try to begin anew in the Palestinian territories.
Oh, he'd be warmly welcomed there, wouldn't he. And the latter part of this article contains quite a bit of gushing, sob-story quality bits about the creep's own wife, Nahla Al-Arian. That aside, this does prove that Al-Arian, despite initial attempts to claim otherwise, was indeed involved in terrorism against the US.

Robert Spencer's already published an article about this at Front Page Magazine, and sums it up well about the MSM failing its duty to the public:
After years of denial, Sami Al-Arian has finally admitted it: he has pleaded guilty to a charge of “conspiracy to make or receive contributions of funds to or for the benefit of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a Specially Designated Terrorist” organization. He has agreed to accept deportation. In his 2002 defense of Al-Arian, Eric Boehlert wrote: “The al-Arian story reveals what happens when journalists, abandoning their role as unbiased observers, lead an ignorant, alarmist crusade against suspicious foreigners who in a time of war don't have the power of the press or public sympathy to fight back.” Reality is just the opposite. The al-Arian story reveals what happens when journalists and Leftist academics, abandoning their role as unbiased observers, lead an ignorant, alarmist crusade against Americans who in a time of war try to defend our country from those whose politics make them the darlings of the Leftist media and academic establishment.
When the media takes the side of dangerous criminals, all they end up doing is hurting many, including themselves, in the end.

While Al-Arian's defenders have nothing left to use now, the sad truth, as Debbie Schlussel explains, is that the prosecution of Al-Arian was a failure, because the Justice Department proved itself so inept in dealing with the case to begin with. And there should not be any plea bargains, but rather, retrials, to prove the guilt of such terrorists as Al-Arian and to prevent dangerous monsters like him from walking among innocent people ever again.
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Are You Blind?

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7/7 was a demonstration not terrorism

For Professor Geaves, one facet of the "first-hand, lived experience" of Islam in today's Britain is conveyed by acts of "demonstration" - rather like those carried out by fox hunting supporters or disgruntled pensioners, one supposes. Of course, given that many experiencers of Islam are somewhat more likely to "rock the boat" than their morally equivalent counterparts in the pension reform movement, their demonstrations can at times become a little more "extreme", bless 'em.
One such demo (incidentally killing 52 non-demonstrators) was that carried out in London on July 7, 2005, by four members of the British Muslim community - who, in the words of our Professor, were simply carrying out "an extreme form of demonstration".
"The word terrorism is a political word which always seems to be used to demonise people."
More here.
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Helping The Palestinians In Their "Negotiations"

Yeah, that's the ticket:

Most in the Arab world see the U.S. and European campaign against Iran as hypocritical, while Israel refuses to allow international nuclear inspections and is thought to have some 200 nuclear warheads.

“I want the whole region free of all nuclear weapons but if the West continues its double-standard approach on this issue then Iran has the right (to have them),” said Abdel-Rahman Za’za’, a 29-year-old Lebanese engineer. “This could provide some balance against Israel and help the Palestinians in their negotiations. We have to take our rights because they are not going to be given to us,” he added.
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US and Europe will be Islamic soon

This is what Qadaffi thinks. From Gateway Pundit.
Watching America reports that Moammar Qaddafi thinks George Bush ought to attend the Hajj in Mecca, since Europe and America will be Muslim soon, anyway:
Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi on Monday invited Jews and Christians to take the pilgrimage to Mecca, and insisted that the followers of both religions have the right to take the Hajj, go around the Kaaba, pray between Safa and Marwa and stand at Mount Arafat.
[Editor's Note: Entrance to the Mecca has always been forbidden to non-Muslims].
In the Malian city of Timbuktu and leading a prayer with the presidents of Mali, Sierra Leone, Niger, Mauritania and Senegal before sitting down for dinner at sunset, Gadhafi asserted that this [attending the Hajj] is a right, not only of Arabs and Muslims, and that he considered Mecca "the meeting place of all peoples except heretics and the vile."
After leading the prayer, he said that he considered that "People of the Book," such as Christians and Jews "are not heretics," and he said "they believe in God and are not vile."
He also dared to suggest that the American President be allowed to take a pilgrimage around the Kaaba, saying that he should not be considered as vile or heretic, and wondering aloud, "if they [Arab leaders] consider him a vile person, why do they befriend him and eat with him?"
Gadhafi gave his assurance that Muslims don't need "the sword or the bomb to spread Islam," and expected Europe to become Muslim with a few dozen years
. He proved this by pointing to the presence of 50 million Muslims, 14,000 thousand mosques and Islamic centers, and 1,500 Islamic organizations and associations in Europe,in addition to Turkey, Bosnia and Albania joining the European Union
. He considered that "Europe and America face difficult times … as time passes they can either accept that they will become Muslim, or they must proclaim war on Muslims."

OH, my....

Related posts:
Crossposted at TAJP.
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How Our World Views Affect Our Decision-Making


I want to do a quick thought exercise with you, before jumping into the main text of this post. I want to do a word association. I’ll write a word, and you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. No tricks, no jokes, just think about the first thing that pops into your brain when I say:


Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes.

What comes to mind when you hear that word? What if you were a guard, standing a post somewhere, and I told you “be on the lookout for a yellow Mercedes?” What would you look for?

Read the rest, here.

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Mohammed In Submission

Check this out:

Matthias Storme at The Brussels Journal posts photos of another depiction of Mohammed, a 17th century sculpture housed at a Belgian church, that is sure to set off the jihadists.

The person subdued by the angels and having a Koran in his hands is generally thought to be Mohammed. The sculpture represents the triumph of christianity over islam.
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The Bullshit about Bin Laden

Not surprising to hear the Saudis giving voice to the Democratic party's tactic of distraction and deception;

Find bin Laden,' Saudi envoy says
WASHINGTON - The United States should intensify its hunt for Osama bin Laden because the al-Qaida leader is inspiring and directing terrorist attacks more than four years after the Sept. 11 attacks of 2001, according to Saudi Arabia's new ambassador to the United States

Of course I want to see Bin Laden hung by his balls but this war is so much bigger than Bin Laden,that it is largely a symbolic kill. And that is what we should be talking about, this world war, and talking of it -constantly. Bin Laden and his hatchet men are merely the tip of the latest manifestation of Islam's war against the West.

The enemy is not one guy, or a handful of nuts. The enemy is the millions cheering after 9/11. Orianna Fallaci said in The Rage and The Pride (written right after 9/11);

From Afghanistan to Sudan, from Palestine to Pakistan, from Malaysia to Iran, from Egypt to Iraq [before we removed the butcher Hussein], from Algeria to Senegal, from Syria to Kenya, from Libya to Chad, from Lebanon to Morocco, from Indonesia to Yemen, from Saudi Arabia to Somalia, the hate for the West swells like a fire fed by the wind. And the followers of Islamic Fundamentalism multiply like protozoa of a cell which splits to become two cells then four then eight the sixteen then thirty two to infinity.

You who are not aware only have to

look at the images that TV brings us every day. The multitudes that impregnate the streets of Islamabad, the squares of Nairobi, the mosques of Tehran. The ferocious faces, the threatening fists. The fires that burn the American flag and the photos of Bush.
[...] Their yells Allah-akbar, Allah-akbar. Jihad-Jihad. .Extreme fringes?!? Fanatical minorities?!? They are millions and millions, the extremists.They are millions and millions, the fanatics. The millions and millions for whom, dead or alive, Osama Bin Laden is a legend similar to the legend of Khomeini. The millions and millions who after Khomeini's death have chosen Bin Laden as their new leader, their new hero.

TV reporter interviewing old man in Nairobi;

Reporter: "Who is, for you, Osama Bin Laden?"

""A hero, our hero."

Reporter:"And what happens if he dies?"

"We find another one," the old man answered, still joyfully. In other words, the one who guides them is only the tip of the iceberg.

Thus, the real protagonist of this war is not Bin Laden. This is a war which is designed to destroy our civilization. Our way of life. The way we live, laugh, love, dress, read.

Saudi Arabia weighing in on capturing Osama, one of their own Wahhabists is laughable. Saudi Arabia where anyone with a Bible in hand or a cross around his neck was (and is) treated like a scum to be put to death.

"Mister Bin Laden, Sir, how much money does Al Qaeda receive from your Saudi compatriots and from members of the Royal Family" - Fallaci

How dare that decrepit "medieval feud which enslaves us with its fucking oil"? More Saudi oppression here.

And the Democrats calling for Bin Laden's capture as though that puts an end to the latest violent battle in the centuries long war is idiotic. And they are taking the American people for morons.

The Democrats are wrong. Dead wrong.

UPDATE: Many Arabs Favor Nuclear Iran - Jonathan Wright
Some Arabs, mainly outside the Gulf, are positively enthusiastic about Iran's nuclear program, even if it acquires nuclear weapons. The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group, said this week it saw no harm in Iran developing nuclear arms. Analysts said they detected a surprising level of sympathy and support for Iran in the region. "Some think the Iranians are on the way to acquiring it (nuclear weapons capability) and are quite excited," said Hesham Kassem, editor of the independent Cairo newspaper Al Masry Al Youm. Mohamed el-Sayed Said, deputy director of the Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, a Cairo think tank, said: "People are very, very warm about it (Iran's nuclear program)." (Reuters)

Like I said, it's waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than Bin Laden.

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To Islam, Apostasy Is Sedition

As I say, Sharia is the Islamic Constitution, and Islam is a warrior ideology. Put those two things together and it is only natural that apostasy would be considered the equivalent of sedition.

Here's evidence, from Jihad Watch:

This morning the Jihad Watch Hate Mail Bag contained five copies of this message from a supporter of the traditional Islamic laws mandating death for those who leave Islam. The subject line was "Jewish Pigs." I have not altered the message in any way except for those two asterisks.

"you idiot, if you are working for the united states secret ervice and then you decide to leave and give all your knoledge to the enemy what is the punishment for this person according to usa law? dont you puish soldiers for going awol? if your so bothered about apostasy then f**koff and dont enter islam, we dont ned people who are wavering about the one who created them.
(buy the way i'm anti terrorist and pro democracy but i love my religion"

Logged and noted. I wonder, however: what "knoledge" might an apostate from Islam have that he could give to the "enemy"? Why would a private individual who converted to Christianity, like Abdul Rahman in Afghanistan, be regarded in the same way as someone who betrayed his country by giving away secrets vital to national security?
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Assisted suicide

In the face of the Islamic monster, Europe returns to its red roots. "The West is Red Again", in the latest edition of Newsweek, discusses Europe's turn to bad old fashioned socialism.

What's the upshot for Europe? As usual, this MSM treatment, at best, skirts the issue but hints at the truth in this one excerpt regarding the recent Italian elections:
...Among their leading lights: Oliviero Diliberto of the Party of Italian Communists, who has distinguished himself by embracing the causes of Hamas and Hizbullah, among others.

'Among others'? So who would these unnamed others be, al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad?

So there you have it. The voters of Italy and the protesting masses in France have spoken. To me, chosing a dead-end ideology in this day and age will amount to little more than assisted suicide. Hope dims a bit more.
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Anti-Israeli Propaganda in Danish Music

This video is so disgusting that I'm astonished that NO ONE in ANY Danish media have mentioned the great anti-Israeli propaganda in this music. Well, the lyric actually just speaks for itself, but the video just glorify the palestinian cause even more. This is from one of the most successful Danish bands, Outlandish, and probably the most successful Danish minority band (containing one palestinian, one lebanese and one syrian I think it is, but not sure Containing a Moroccan, a Honduran and a Pakistani). And it has actually been rather popular in the Danish music programs. To this I only say: YUCK!

But it's a bit old so now it's not shown in Danish music programs any more.

Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
You don't see a damn thing
'cause you can't relate to me
You're blinded by our differences
My life makes no sense to you
I'm the persecuted one
You're the red, white and blue

Each day you wake in tranquility
No fears to cross your eyes
Each day I wake in gratitude
Thanking God He let me rise
You worry about your education
And the bills you have to pay
I worry about my vulnerable life
And if I'll survive another day
Your biggest fear is getting a ticket
As you cruise your Cadillac
My fear is that the tank that has just left
Will turn around and come back

Yet, do you know the truth of where your money goes?
Do you let your media deceive your mind?
Is this a truth nobody, nobody, nobody knows
Has our world gone all blind?

Do you know the truth of where your money goes?
Do you let your media deceive your mind?
Is this a truth nobody, nobody, nobody knows?
Someone tell me...

Ooohh, let's not cry tonight
I promise you one day it's through
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters
Ooohh, shine a light for every soul that ain't with us no more
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters

See I've known terror for quite some time
57 years so cruel
Terror breathes the air I breathe
It's the checkpoint on my way to school
Terror is the robbery of my land
And the torture of my mother
The imprisonment of my innocent father
The bullet in my baby brother
The bulldozers and the tanks
The gases and the guns
The bombs that fall outside my door
All due to your funds
You blame me for defending myself
Against the ways of my enemies
I'm terrorized in my own land
But am I the terrorist?

Yet, do you know the truth of where your money goes?
Do you let your media deceive your mind?
Is this a truth nobody, nobody, nobody knows
Has our world gone all blind?

Do you know the truth of where your money goes?
Do you let your media deceive your mind?
Is this a truth nobody, nobody, nobody knows?
Someone tell me...

Ooohh, let's not cry tonight, I promise you one day it's through
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters,
Ooohh, shine a light for every soul that ain't with us no more
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters,

America, do you realize that the taxes that you pay
Feed the forces that traumatize my every living day
So if I won't be here tomorrow
It's written in my fate
May the future bring a brighter day
The end of our wait


Ooohh, let's not cry tonight, I promise you one day it's through
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters,
Ooohh, shine a light for every soul that ain't with us no more
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters,

Ohh let's not cry tonight I promise you one day is through
Ohh my brothers! Ohh my sisters!
Ooh shine a light for every Soul that ain't with us no more
Ohh my brothers! Ohh my sisters!

I have for very long time suspected Outlandish to be extremely anti-Israeli and anti-American and it was pretty much confirmed when they in a television show were asked if they planned to try hit in USA. To this they said something like "maybe, but really, here in Denmark we are this much (showing it with the hands a big space between) but over there you are this small (showing it with one and a extrememly little space between the fingers)" and it was implied that in USA if you come as a foreigner you will not be treated as good as an american. Worst BS ever, every american I've known or spoken with has always viewed me as equal and have always been very positive and extremely helpful towards me as a foreigner. Much more than what I have experienced in Denmark were the petit bourgeois mentality dominate.

But seams like most anti-Isreali is really in full bloom now. Seams to be really BIG things that is going to happen soon...
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The Coming Attraction

flt93_mon.jpgIf you have Netflix, or a Video Store with old movies, here's a reccomendation for you.

Rent these, in this order:
They Were Expendable 1945 <> Robert Montgomery, John Wayne, Donna Reed, Written by Spig Wead
Bataan 1943 <> Robert Taylor, Thomas Mitchell

Both of these movies portray americans in the midst of getting their asses kicked, and as a result of civilian and military incompetence ..EXTREME incompetence. Blame FDR, and Mcarthur (arguably two of our greatest - consider that for a moment)

Mrs. Epa and I along with our adult daughter and her husband went to see Inside Man (outstanding), and in the attractions was Flight 93

Continue reading "The Coming Attraction" at VWT »

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Snouck's "Anarchy for the lawless; tyranny for the law-abiding"

From fellow Blogger Snouck over at his site Snouck Hurgronje, an interesting report on crime, a subject which keeps being mentioned here lately. This is a must read:

The Netherlands is a seriously liberal country. Since the old order collapsed with little more than a whimper in '68 the country has been lighting the road towards a brave new world of Liberalism. A state were most people can enjoy the unbearable lightness of being. Painful consequences of foolish or mistaken decisions are softened by a generous state. Just fill out that form!

The onslaught of Liberalism

The "Liber" of Liberalism means "free" of "freedom". In order to free themselves of the ultra-conservative pre-68 Dutch order the Dutch tried to get rid of society's repression of crime.

Kill the messenger

For a long time it was a taboo to be concerned about crime. People who had a problem with high crime levels were told to subscribe to another newspaper. This referred to the "De Telegraaf" newspaper, the biggest Dutch newspaper which maintained a popular law-and-order profile.


In 1978 Renate Rubinstein (Dutch) wrote in her "Tamar" column in leftwing weekly "Vrij Nederland" about this attitude. When she wanted to discussing the rising experience of crime of people living in Amsterdam, she was hushed up by the enlightened set of Amsterdam. Rubinstein put this down to the even more taboo insight that most crime was ethnic crime and commited by Black and Muslim immigrants. She also noted the hypocritical behaviour of the left wing cognoscenti and literati, because she was taken home at the end of the evening in order to protect her against non-existent and unmentionable crime! "Walking home is unsafe". Unmentionable why. Sky falling in?

Ideas have consequences

Obviously this climate was not conductive for effective law-enforcement. A society that does not place real crime (vandalism, theft, assault) outside the borders of acceptable behaviour will see rising and rising crime levels. In order to forestall discussion of this all too obvious phenomenon article 1 of the Dutch constitution outlawing discrimination by the state was amended in such a way that it became illegal for citizens to discriminate and that speech pointing out differences in behaviour became an offence. This is the pc-pincer: first the lawless are liberated from the repression of the law: this is Anarchy for the lawless. Second: criminalisation of "offensive" Speech: Tyrranny for the law-abiding. Anarcho-Tyranny.

Read the rest at Snouck Hurgronje
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The Serpent's Egg?

Wretchard questions the wisdom of the Serpent's Egg argument for entering into war:

A reader sends a video link to a Scott Ritter interview on Iranian uranium enrichment capability. Technically speaking Ritter is probably right in saying that Iran can't produce enough fissile material to make an A-bomb in the near future. For a collateral assessment see In From the Cold's: Numbers.

But for those who regard Iran as the Serpent's Egg there is no percentage waiting for it to progress any further. If the regime is inherently hostile in nature, then from that point of view a showdown as early as possible would be best.

Historically, the dangers on both sides of the Serpent's Egg argument can be illustrated by Germany. Germany probably started the First World War in the belief it was being strangled by France, England and Russia and 1914 was the year of "now or never".

But on the other hand, Munich is a counterexample of how it is genuinely possible to miss the "now or never" boat to preserve world peace.

Serpent's Egg arguments are dangerous ones indeed. The problem with history is that things are only clear in retrospect, but as a guide to the future, it is useful as driving down the freeway by looking only at the rear-view mirror.

I would like to ask our readers, who know history better than I, whether this comparison, between Germany circa 1914, and our current situation, is, at all, comparable.

Something tells me it isn't, IN THE LEAST,

I seriously doubt that, in the leadup to WWI, France had been advocating for the destruction of the German state for 27 years running.

Am I right, or what?

C'mon Wretchard, you can do better than that.
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British School Linked to Iran Teaches "to despise unbelievers as filth"

It seems as though there are no lengths to which Iran will not go lately, but this school is probably off of the list of targets of the "Martyrdom Brigade".

From http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-2142403_1,00.html (hat-tip www.thereligionofpeace.com)

MUSLIM students training to be imams at a British college with strong Iranian links have complained that they are being taught fundamentalist doctrines which describe nonMuslims as “filth”.

The Times has obtained extracts from medieval texts taught to the students in which unbelievers are likened to pigs and dogs. The texts are taught at the Hawza Ilmiyya of London, a religious school, which has a sister institution, the Islamic College for Advanced Studies (ICAS), which offers a degree validated by Middlesex University.

The students, who have asked to remain anonymous, study their religious courses alongside the university-backed BA in Islamic studies. They spend two days a week as religious students and three days on their university course.

The Hawza Ilmiyya and the ICAS are in the same building at Willesden High Road, northwest London — a former Church of England primary school — and share many of the same teaching staff.

They have a single fundraising arm, the Irshad Trust, one of the managing trustees of which is Abdolhossein Moezi, an Iranian cleric and a personal representative of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Iranian supreme religious leader.

Mr Moezi is also the director of the Islamic Centre of England in Maida Vale, a large mosque and community centre that is a registered charity. Its memorandum of association, lodged with the Charity Commission, says that: “At all times at least one of the trustees shall be a representative of the Supreme Spiritual Leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Both the Irshad Trust and the Islamic Centre of England Ltd (ICEL) were established in 1996. Mr Moezi’s predecessor as Ayatollah Khamenei’s representative, another cleric called Mohsen Araki, was a founding trustee of both charities.
The tentacles are ever working their way into the West, despite all efforts by both Western and Muslim media to insist that it is the West who's efforts of stretching our ideals into the rest of the world, and destructively so according to the Left as well as most Muslims. The obvious point that we are not spreading our populations into Muslim countries and actively seeking to recruit and teach as well as act out on the desire to destroy Western nations is, as always, ignored by most.
The text that has upset some students is the core work in their Introduction to Islamic Law class and was written by Muhaqqiq al-Hilli, a 13thcentury scholar. The Hawza Ilmiyya website states that “the module aims to familiarise the student with the basic rules of Islamic law as structured by al-Hilli”.

Besides likening unbelievers to filth, the al-Hilli text includes a chapter on jihad, setting down the conditions under which Muslims are supposed to fight Jews and Christians.

The text is one of a number of books that some students say they find “disturbing” and “very worrying”. Their spokesman told The Times: “They are being exposed to very literalist interpretations of the Koran. These are interpretations that would not be recognised by 80 or 90 per cent of Muslims, but they are being taught in this school.

Interesting point that it is apparently the students themselves who are protesting this method of education, as well as their assertion that such a strong majority of Muslims would also disagree with the text. I am not familiar with the works of al-Hilli, but now may be the time to familiarize myself with this dangerous figure dredged up from history. The students, of course are speaking with The Times here anonymously. Interestingly, protesting something that up to 90% of Muslims would disagree with still requires anonymity.

Dr Bahmanpour said: “We just read the text and translate for them, but as I said I do not deal with the book on purity. We have left that to the discretion of the teacher whether he wants to teach it or not.

“The idea is not to teach them jurisprudence because most of the fatwas of Muhaqiq are not actually conforming with the fatwa of our modern jurists. The idea is that they would be able to read classical texts and that is all.”

I'll believe that statement when I am made the next Pope, when hell freezes over, or when Mahmoud Ahmadenijad becomes an anti-war activist. Take your pick.

Read the rest at Times Online
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We've all seen the reports of Iran recruiting suicide terrorists for attacks in the US, Britain and Israel. Timothy Garton Ash in the Guardian has a possible, if exaggerated, scenario of Iranian retaliation against a US & British attack of Iranian nuclear sites. While we can debate the scale of such reliatory attacks I don't think anyone on this blogs seriously doubts that suicide attacks aren't possible.

In 2004 it was Madrid. Last year it was London. Which Western city gets bombed this year? Copenhagen? Sydney? Paris? Each is just as likely as another. It is only a matter of time.

Earlier in the week I wrote about the asymmetry between the West and our Enemies. We fight with State organs but the Enemy fights with a whole toolbox filled with non-state weapons, from terror groups and leaderless cells to organized riots and demographic expansion.

All this leads to my questions: Why hasn't the West produced any terror groups? Why hasn't the West spawned leaderless cells and lone assassins? Despite the nonsense CAIR pukes forth about "islamophobia" and anti-Muslim "hate crimes" the US has seen virtually none of this. CAIR writes fiction, pure and simple. In the weeks after 9/11, with Ground Zero still smoking and the dead uncounted I know of one murder motivated by a desire for revenge: a man killed a Sikh in Arizone, mistaking him for an Arab. Dumbass. Hardly a backlash or crime wave, much less an underground movement.

But don't just focus on America. Why, with mosques being erected all over Europe, with the Scandanavian 'rape wave' Fjordman keeps writing about, with politicians under 24 hour guard against death threats, and the supposed racism inherent in European culture have we seen so little (read virutally zero) violence against Muslims in Europe?

The Cronulla riots in Australia were the biggest expression of anti-Muslim anger in the Western world, after years of threats and attacks (including all the Aussies who died in Bali). [Sure, a few mosques (and churches) were torched in Holland after the van Gogh assassination but no mobs gathered and screamed death threats. No one died. Except van Gogh.]

Given the weekly, sometimes daily provocations, this is a very impressive display of self-restraint by hundreds of millions of people. Why is this? Are Westerners so law-abiding that we do not think of acting outside State structures? Are we that moral? Are we so hyper-individualized that we don't identify with a larger group? Do we, dispite our rhetoric, view this as crime to be punished after the fact? Are we so fair-minded that we cannot blame people who share the same ideas as the Enemy but who otherwise obey the law?

Please - I am not suggesting that the West engage in an orgy of mass violence. But it's been 4 1/2 years since 9/11. I can't keep up with the arrests and murders, the riots, the attacks stopped at the last minute, the terrorists deported, the threats, the Westerners tortured, and the open incitements to violence against us. All over. You can't name a European nation without a serious internal terrorist threat. Even New Zealand has to deal with this. Yet throughout North America, Europe and Australia how many Muslims have been lynched? How many imams have been murdered? How many embassies torched? How many Muslim-owned businesses bombed? How many Islamic schools sprayed with gunfire?

To my knowledge the answer is Zero to all the above. Why is this? And how long can it last?
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So now we have Tony Judt with a plea for understanding of Walt and Mearsheimer

joe-horses_ass03_copy.jpgTony Judt is the director of the Remarque Institute at New York University and the author of "Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945." Claiming that Walt and Mearsheimer in their clearly 'smelly' (as Mr. Hitchens puts it) paper, have raised valid points is in fact a genteel way of making 50% of Ahmadinejad's claim that it's all due to the Holocaust, if it really happened.

Rather than create a paper which simply examines whether making alliance with teh functional democracy in Israel is actually in america's interest, Walt and Mearsheimer cannot be satified with less than claiming jews 'have a stranglehold' on congress, have an undue influence in elections thru the money jews have, and are guilty of manipulating the media. As I have said elsewhere, they really just should have gone and claimed the Protocols of Zion were no forgery.

Continue reading "So now we have Tony Judt with a plea for understanding of Walt and Mearsheimer" at VWT»

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Twelve Arrested In Anti-Terror Raids Across France And Italy

Naples, ITALY: Algerian-born Mellouk Djelloul (C) and countryman Chouimet Amirouce (C/top) are escorted by Italian policemen, after being arrested in Naples, 19 April 2006. Djelloul and Amirouce are suspected of international terrorism. Anti-terrorism police arrested 12 people Wednesday in coordinated raids in France and Italy, as part of a probe into the financing of Islamic extremist groups. French and Italian anti-terrorism investigators suspect them of financing Islamic extremists -- particularly the the Islamic fundamentalist Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) -- via a range of criminal activities, including supplying forged documents to illegal immigrants, the sources said.

Naples, ITALY: Algerian-born Chouimet Amirouce (C) is escorted in a car by Italian policemen, after being arrested in Naples, 19 April 2006. Amirouce is suspected of international terrorism. Anti-terrorism police arrested 12 people Wednesday in coordinated raids in France and Italy, as part of a probe into the financing of Islamic extremist groups.

Naples, ITALY: Algerian-born Bounoula Redouane (C) is escorted by two Italian policemen, after being arrested in Naples, 19 April 2006. Redouane is suspected of international terrorism. Anti-terrorism police arrested 12 people Wednesday in coordinated raids in France and Italy, as part of a probe into the financing of Islamic extremist groups.

Anti-terrorism police arrested 11 people in coordinated raids in France and Italy, as part of a probe into the financing of Islamic extremist groups. File picture shows French police taking part in a counter-terrorism exercise.

Terror raids in France and Italy
French and Italian police have arrested 11 people in a joint operation against groups suspected of helping fund Islamic terrorism.

The suspects, who are mainly Algerian, were detained during raids near Naples, Milan and Marseille.

The suspects are thought to have links to the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat - an armed splinter organisation operating mainly in eastern Algeria.

They are also alleged to be involved in forgery and illegal immigration.

The Salafist group is known to have links to al-Qaeda.

Italy has been on a state of high alert since the beginning of the year.

During the Italian election campaign, Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu announced that the authorities had foiled two planned terrorist attacks, one on the underground in Milan and the other on a church in Bologna.
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The Insanity Defense

‘A Lunatic behind Bars’ by Francisco de Goya y LucientesZacarias Moussaoui’s trial is in its sentencing phase, and his lawyers are finally hitting their stride in their attempts to keep the needle out of his vein. According to today’s Washington Post,

Michael First, who edits the standard diagnostic manual for the mental health profession, testified in federal court in Alexandria that Moussaoui suffers from delusions and disorganized speech – two of the five symptoms of a paranoid schizophrenic.

First’s diagnosis followed testimony yesterday from clinical psychiatrist Xavier Amador that Moussaoui has paranoid schizophrenia and is delusional. Amador pointed to Moussaoui’s belief that his attorneys are conspiring to kill him.

Moussaoui is the only person charged in the United States in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks by al-Qaeda terrorists. He pleaded guilty in April 2005 to conspiracy charges, and his defense has been trying to convince the jury he should be spared a death sentence because he is mentally ill.

So Moussaoui is a nut-case, and therefore shouldn’t be executed. Additional experts have testified that he had an unhappy childhood, was abused by his father, and suffered from post-natal stress syndrome (all right, I made that last one up, but you get the idea).

His attorneys are providing him with the standard All-American red-white-and-blue legal defense – “I’m not responsible for my actions because I have X Syndrome” – but Moussaoui isn’t buying it. “It’s a lot of American BS,” he said.

We’ve come to a strange pass, when a statement of the most lambent clarity has to come from an admitted Al Qaeda terrorist.

And, yes, it’s come to this,
It’s come to this,
And wasn’t it a long way down,
Wasn’t it a strange way down?

                    – Leonard Cohen, “Dress Rehearsal Rag”

Isn’t it about time to say good-bye to the law-enforcement approach in the war on “terrorism”? If nothing else illustrates the farce of this strategy, surely the fatuity of the Moussaoui trial does.

If the modern human-rights sensibility holds sway in our dealings with Islamic terrorists, it leads us to the following:

  • You can’t shoot them.
  • You can’t intern them at Guantanamo.
  • You can’t return them to their dusty fly-specked countries of origin, because the repressive Islamic regimes there might not treat them right.
  • They get the same legal rights as a full-blown American citizen in a court of law.
  • They get a court-appointed lawyer, paid for by you, the American taxpayer, a lawyer who can make motions and petition for change of venue and do all those lawyerly things for years and years until his client dies of old age, or the Shari’ah is finally instituted here in the United States, whichever comes first.
  • Failing all the above, they can be declared insane, and then
  • In five or ten years’ time a compassionate federal judge can intervene to order their release.

But I’ll buy the idea that Moussaoui is nuts. Heck, I’ll buy the idea that the entirety of Islam is nuts. Whether you think the Twelfth Imam is calling the shots from the bottom of a well, or that 72 virgins await you in Paradise if you just shred some Jews with nails and rat poison, you’re pretty crazy. Maybe Islam needs to don a collective straitjacket and undergo intensive psychotherapy for several centuries in order to get better.

And maybe anybody who really believes in their religion is nuts.

But somehow Christianity and Judaism must have evolved a cultural version of an anti-psychotic drug, so that their followers can look and act sane, and lead normal lives as productive members of the community. So that believers like me can go out in public without scaring the children or peeing in the potted plants.

But not Islam. The only Muslims who are regularly taking their medicine are the ones who live in the West, or have come into long-term contact with it. And not even all of them.

So, insane or otherwise, let’s stop dealing with the mujahideen as criminals. Insane or otherwise, people who conspire to fly passenger jets into our skyscrapers are not criminals.

They are the Enemy, and this is the Long War.
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A Family Lost in Iraq

Dear friends of ours lost a member of their family in Iraq.

Since the beginning of this war, I have been praying that none of our blogger friends would have to endure such pain.
This battle for freedom has claimed the lives of too many innocents. but no life will be lost in vain. The name of each innocent victim is engraved in Iraq's history.
We must never forget them.

Because of the importance of Iraq the Model to us all, I am publishing the entire post written by our friend Mohammed.


Last week we stopped writing for a while and we apologized to our readers saying that we lost a close friend but we didn't want to give more details as we were overwhelmed by an exceptional situation and a huge shock. We also were afraid from writing more about this subject for security concerns but now I think I must share this with you as it's part of the pain and suffering my nation is going through.

Last week our little and peaceful family was struck by the tragic loss of one of its members in a savage criminal act of assassination. The member we lost was my sister's husband who lived with their two little children in our house.
He was a brilliant young doctor with a whole future awaiting him, the couple were the top graduates in their branch of specialty. They had to travel abroad to get their degrees and the war started while they were there but months after Saddam fallen they decided to come back to help rebuild the country and serve their people.
We welcomed them with all love and care, we would sit and talk everyday about our hopes and dreams for a better future for the new generation and for their two little children. We realized that time is needed before they could have a secure and prosperous life and we were satisfied with the little we could make because we believed in the future.

He was not affiliated with any political party or movement and spent all his time working at the hospital or studying at home and he was dreaming of building a medical center for his specialty to serve the poor who cannot afford going to expensive private clinics.
We didn't know or anticipate that cruel times were waiting for a chance to assassinate the dream and kill the future.

It was the day he was celebrating the opening of a foundation that was going to offer essential services to the poor but the criminals were waiting for him to end his life with their evil bullets and to stab our family deep in the heart.

Grief and pain is killing me everyday as I hold my dear nephews, my sister is shocked beyond words while my parents are dead worried about the rest of us.
We are trying hard to close the wound, summon our patience and protect those still alive while we look forward to the future that we hope can bring peace for us.

The terrorists and criminals are targeting all elements of life and they target anyone who wants to do something good for this country…They think by assassinating one of us they could deter us from going forward but will never succeed, they can delay us for years but we will never go back and abandon our dream.
We have vowed to follow the steps of our true martyrs and we will raise the new generation to continue the march, these children of today are the hope and the future.

What a difference between those who work to preserve life and those who work to end it…it's terrorism and crime and there are no other words to describe these acts.
They will keep trying to steal life from us and we will keep fighting back and we will keep exposing them but not with bullets and swords, we never carried arms and we will never do because we are not afraid and because we are not weak unlike those cowards who know no language but that of treason.
April will always be there to remind us of the sacrifice and remind us of the dream we fight for.

My God keep safe the Iraqis and their friends who stand with them in their noble cause, peace and prosperity may seem far away but we will get there and I hope our sacrifices be a bridge to a better world."

Photo: Leap Frog

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Mohammed's Revenge

Mohammed's early experiences attempting to spread his religion in the city of Mecca left him a bitter man. By the time his religion began to catch fire in Medina, he was intent on revenge against anyone who would dare "humiliate" him by rejecting Islam.

This is the secret behind what are known as the Meccan and Medinan verses in the Koran.

If you pick up the Koran (from the top shelf of a dhimmi-Borders book store near you) and open it to the beginning Suras, you will find it to be a relatively mild-mannered book. But, if you continue to read through the Medinan verses you will find that Mohammed's ultimate vision for Islam was one of cruelty, vengeance, and murder:

Islam has two streams of theological thought; those based on Mohammed's sayings in Mecca and those penned from Medina. Both eventually were brought together in the Koran, but reflect two entirely different worldviews.

The Meccan view is the 'universalist' view that holds that Islam, Christianity and Judaism all worship the same Deity and that we are all "People of the Book."

The Medina view is the warlike, conquering Islam that is reflected in the Koran by verses such as, "O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people." [Sura 5.51]

Historians agree that there is a big difference between Mohammed's religious teachings from Mecca and his teachings after his migration to Medina.

In Mecca Mohammed was weak, struggling to be accepted, often mocked at and ridiculed. He tried to appeal to the people of Mecca by being compassionate and loving. His teachings condemned violence, injustice, neglect of the poor.

However, after he moved to Medina and his followers grew in strength and number, he became a relentless warrior, intent on spreading his religion by the sword.

This change in Mohammed's personality becomes apparent by comparing the Meccan and the Medinan suras. The following are some additional examples:

In Sura 73:10 God tells Mohammed to be patient with his opponents "Be patient with what they say, and part from them courteously."

In Sura 2:191 God orders him to kill his opponents "Kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from wherever they drove you out..."

In Sura 2:256 Allah tells Mohammed not to impose Islam by force "There is no compulsion in religion."

In verse 193 God tells him to kill whoever rejects Islam "Fight (kill) them until there is no persecution and the religion is Allah's."

In Sura 29:46 Allah tells Mohammed to speak nicely to people of the Book (Christians and Jews) "Argue with people of the Book, other then evil doers, only by means of what are better! and say, we believe in what has been sent down to us and sent down to you. Our God is the same as your God, and we are surrendered to him."

Then in Sura 9:29 Allah tells him to fight the people of the Book, "Fight those who do not believe in God and the last day...and fight People of the Book, who do not accept the religion of truth (Islam) until they pay tribute by hand, being inferior."

To justify this sudden change in the Koran's mood from peaceful to militant, conciliatory to confrontational, Mohammed claimed that it was Allah who told him so.

Islam teaches love, temperance and moderation. It's easy enough to prove. Just read the Koran. However, since few ever will, the American face of moderate Islam will read it to you, as is evidently the case with the Bush administration.

But the same Koran teaches jihad, death and destruction out of the same pages, and while the American face of moderate Islam will never read those to you, the militant Islamist reads them every single day.

Verses like the following:

Men are superior to women (Sura 2:228).

Women have half the rights of men: in court witness (Sura 2:282) and in inheritance (Sura 4:11).
A man may punish his wife by beating her (Sura 4:34).

A man may marry up to four wives at the same time (Sura 4:3).

A wife is a sex object for her husband (Sura 2:223).

Muslims must fight until their opponents submit to Islam (Sura 9:29).

A Muslim must not take a Jew or a a Christian for a friend (Sura 5:51).

A Muslim apostate must be killed (Sura 9:12).

Stealing is punished by the amputation of the hands (Sura 5:38).

Adultery is punished by public flogging (Sura 24:2).

Resisting Islam is punished by death, crucifixion or the cutting off of the hands and feet (Sura 5:33).

The most shocking thing about Mohammed, though, is not that his revelation in the Koran includes such violence, but that Mohammed was often convinced he was possessed by Satan when he received the revelations.

Should we believe him?

Well, as the Bible says, "You shall know them by their fruits."
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What $250 Billion Buys These Days

Let us look at the history of the Iraqi Prime Minister. He is called a moderate Shia, but he won his position by courting the radical Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr (London Telegraph, Jun 2, 2005:

A leading contender to become Iraq's new prime minister has offered to welcome Moqtadr al-Sadr, the demagogic Shia cleric behind bloody uprisings against coalition forces, into a new government expanded to include those who boycotted the election.

Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a moderate Shia whose United Iraqi Alliance (UIA) list is certain to top last weekend's poll, told The Telegraph that Sadr, wanted for alleged involvement in the hacking to death of a fellow cleric, was "a good person" who could play a constructive role in the new Iraq.

But, Moqtada al-Sadr is not merely wanted for the gruesome crime of hacking another cleric to death. No.

He is a self-appointed general in the war against America. He is a terrorist. He is the leader of the Mahdi Army:

On 18 July 2003 al-Sadr used a Friday sermon in Al-Najaf to denounce as "puppets" the members of Iraq's new U.S.-appointed Governing Council. He also announced his own plans to form a militia. Al-Sadr announced his new government during his sermon at Friday prayers in Al-Kufah on 10 October 2003. Muqtada al-Sadr announced his intention to form an Islamic state in Iraq by establishing a shadow government there, complete with ministries. Fighting broke out in Karbala on 13 October 2003 when al-Sadr's men attacked supporters of moderate Shi'ite Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani near the Imam Hussein shrine.

The cleric challenged coalition forces after they closed his "Al-Hawzah" newspaper on charges of incitement and arrested an al-Sadr aide on charges relating to the al-Khoi killing. The situation escalated when it was revealed that an Iraqi judge had also issued a warrant for al-Sadr's arrest in al-Khoi's assassination outside the Imam Ali Mosque in Al-Najaf.

Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) spokesman Dan Senor publicly revealed 05 April 2004 that an Iraqi judge has issued an arrest warrant for Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in connection with the 10 April 2003 murder of Shi'ite Grand Ayatollah Abd al-Majid al-Khoi at a mosque in Najaf. Senor also announced that Iraqi police had arrested Mustafa al-Yacoubi in connection with the same murder of Ayatollah Abdul Majid al-Khoei and one of his aides.

His Mahdi Army is affiliated with, and supported by Iran, and he fought directly with U.S. Troops in the city of Najaf:

Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani praised al-Sadr's recent actions as "heroic" during his Friday prayer sermon in Tehran on 9 April. "Contrary to these terrorist groups in Iraq, there are powerful bodies which contribute to the security of that nation...among them is the Mahdi Army, made up of enthusiastic, heroic young people," Reuters quoted Rafsanjani as saying. However, Iranian Grand Ayatollah Hussein Ali Montazeri criticized the Al-Mahdi Army in comments faxed to Reuters, saying: "Imam Mahdi would never be content to initiate disunity, division, and factionalism in his name."

On 05 August 2004 Moqtada al-Sadr called on his followers in Iraq to rise up and fight US troops. The message comes as clashes broke out in at least three cities between his supporters and US and Iraqi security forces. Moqtada al-Sadr's representatives said the truce between his followers and the US military was over. By 06 August the US military estimated it has killed 300 militants in the city of Najaf in two days of fighting. Heavy fighting has also been raging in the streets of Sadr City in Baghdad, where at least 19 people have been killed over the same period. Sadr's spokesmen sent mixed messages, with one saying al-Sadr wanted to reinstate the truce, and another saying he had declared America the enemy and urged his followers to fight on.

But, the Coalition Provisional Authority granted al-Sadr a second life, and made him a hero and a Kingmaker in the process

On 07 August 2004 the interim Iraqi prime minister signed a limited amnesty law that will pardon insurgents who have committed minor crimes, but have not killed anyone. Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said insurgents have 30 days to turn themselves in to Iraqi security forces to qualify for the amnesty. The prime minister offered an olive branch to Moqtada al-Sadr. Allawi gave the cleric a chance to distance himself from the actions of his followers and begin taking part in the political process. Allawi said "I have been having positive messages from Moqtada al-Sadr. That is why we don't think that the people who are committing the crimes in Najaf and elsewhere are his people. We think they are people using his name. We invite, and I invite from this platform, Moqtada al-Sadr to participate in the elections next year."

It was because of his support that the current Iraqi Prime Minister al-Jaafari was elected:

Al-Jaafari won the nomination in a February vote by Shiite lawmakers due to strong support from radical anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The mercurial young cleric, who heads the Mahdi Army militia, has vowed to stand behind the incumbent.

The bitter fight has heightened friction among the parties, raising the specter of deadlock ...

Which is exactly what has happened. The Iraqi government has been held up for weeks, because the Sunnis and the Kurds refuse to accept the Iranian backed al-Jaafari, and understandably so

And, look where we are at today:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari insisted Wednesday he will be the Shiite nominee for a new term, saying it is "out of the question" that he will step down. Al-Jaafari's comments, made in a nationally televised press conference, mean the deadlock over the premiership likely will continue.

Sunni and Kurdish objections to al-Jaafari have stalled efforts to form a unity government four months after national elections.

"As a matter of principle, I think the idea of making a concession is, for me at least, out of the question," al-Jaafari said.

The prime minister said he still enjoys the support of the Shiite alliance, the dominant bloc in parliament, despite a few public calls from within for him to step aside.

Al-Jaafari has said repeatedly he was nominated democratically and parliament will decide whether to approve him.

Yes, he was nominated democratically, by fascists who hate America.

Pretty good investment in freedom, eh? Your tax dollars at work.

Of course, we don't know how this is going to turn out yet. But, we can see that, so far, it is not turning out well.

And, the biggest problem is, I don't hear an outcry from the Bush Administration. This state of affairs is not acceptable. That we would have spent all this blood, time, and money to install a Iran-supported Islamofascist government in Iraq is an offense to our troops, and to everyone who pays taxes.

Oh yes, you may say, "Pastorius, Democracy is a process. The government has checks and balances. Al-Jaafari and al-Sadr do not have unlimited power." But, it does not matter to me. The goals of these people are counter to the goals of freedom. They are counter to our principles. The only reason to fight and kill is to fight for our principles.

Would we have fought WWII to install a Joseph Goebbels clone as Chancellor in the aftermath?

What are we trying to accomplish here? Where will such a state of affairs lead?

The only good thing I can think to say of this development is that it is evidence that the Iraqi government is anything but an American puppet government.

Of course, the Left will never even admit that.
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Sweden - Jews everywhere are part of Arab Israeli War..Stone and Tree not hate

The Grand Mosque of Stockholm has featured a continuous stream of vicious hate. As usual the hate is for the individual rights, and minority canary in the mine for this world, the jewish people. There are 16,000 jews in Sweden.

Swedish Chancellor of Justice: Muslim calls for “Death to Jews” are just part of the debate on the Middle East

Earlier this year Swedish Chancellor of Justice Mr Göran Lambertz decided to discontinue his department’s pre-trial investigation into the Grand Mosque of Stockholm, where audio cassettes with highly inflammatory anti-Semitic content were being sold. After Swedish radio programme Dagens Eko unveiled the contents of the cassettes in November 2005, a charge of racial incitement was filed with the police against the Stockholm mosque.

The Swedish Chancellor of Justice responded by closing the pre-trial investigation on the grounds that “the lecture did admittedly feature statements that are highly degrading to Jews (among other things, they are consistently referred to as the brothers of apes and pigs)” but pointing out that such statements “should be judged differently – and therefore be regarded as permissible – because they were used by one side in an ongoing and far-reaching conflict where calls to arms and insults are part of the everyday climate in the rhetoric that surrounds this conflict”.

So as long as it's the jews, incitement to murder is hunky dory.
I guess I've owned my last Volvo, or Saab. BUt there is certainly some math to do here
These Hadiths have been around for 1200 years before there was any Israel.

So, in the 'words' of George Wallace, it seems as if the Swedish Minister of Justice has decided to never be out-kiked again.

I hope the Vaasa sinks right in the museum.

This world is in real trouble again

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Warrior Religions

The following quotes are from the New Republic article, Ahmadinejad’s Demons, and they illustrate the religious-warrior ideology that is at the core of the Iranian regime: (Update, I just noticed Pastorius has posted more quotes in a previous entry. But see some of the links I have below for the parallels.)

“Iran's forces were no match for Saddam Hussein's professional, well-armed military. To compensate for their disadvantage, Khomeini sent Iranian children, some as young as twelve years old, to the front lines. There, they marched in formation across minefields toward the enemy, clearing a path with their bodies. … These children who rolled to their deaths were part of the Basiji, a mass movement created by Khomeini in 1979 and militarized after the war started in order to supplement his beleaguered army. … [It] was essentially a volunteer militia, most of whose members were not yet 18. They went enthusiastically, and by the thousands, to their own destruction. …

“[T]oday, it is a source not of national shame, but of growing pride. Since the end of hostilities against Iraq in 1988, the Basiji have grown both in numbers and influence. … And, last year, they formed the potent core of the political base that propelled Mahmoud Ahmadinejad--a man who reportedly served as a Basij instructor during the Iran-Iraq War--to the presidency.

“Ahmadinejad revels in his alliance with the Basiji. ... Ahmadinejad's ascendance on the shoulders of the Basiji means that the Iranian Revolution, launched almost three decades ago, has entered a new and disturbing phase. A younger generation of Iranians, whose worldviews were forged in the atrocities of the Iran-Iraq War, have come to power, wielding a more fervently ideological approach to politics than their predecessors. The children of the Revolution are now its leaders.

The above quote reminds me of the warrior religion that propelled Japan’s militaristic culture in the first half of the 20th century. We knew the appropriate manner of dealing with a warrior religion back then as Prof. Lewis explains here. It’s not yet clear what will be required to defeat the current enemy but as our President has said recently “all options are on the table.”
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