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Saturday, December 24, 2005

General Musharraf: Then and Now

Before the 2000 election, back when President Clinton was the one bombing Islamist terrorists and Osama bin Laden was not yet the monomaniacal obsession of George W. Bush, The New York Times was willing to publish straightforward reporting on the Great Islamic Jihad.

Reporter Jeffrey Goldberg enrolled in the Haqqania madrassa in Pakistan and spent some time there studying the Koran and talking to his fellow students. In June of 2000 he published his report, “Inside Jihad U: The Education of a Holy Warrior”, in the NYT magazine.

Read the rest at Gates of Vienna.
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Friday, December 23, 2005

Sometimes You've Just Gotta Love Your "Friends"

For my first post here, I'm ripping off a titling convention from my good friend, Pastorius. Not very creative, you say? Then maybe you can give me a better title for this story: "EU arrest warrant issued for 22 CIA operatives":
MILAN - A Milan court has issued a European arrest warrant for 22 CIA agents suspected of kidnapping an Egyptian cleric from Italy’s financial capital in 2003, Prosecutor Armando Spataro said on Friday.

Milan magistrates suspect a CIA team grabbed Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr off a Milan street and flew him for interrogation to Egypt, where he said he was tortured.

Prosecutors asked the Italian Justice Ministry last month to seek the extradition of the suspects from the United States, but Justice Minister Roberto Castelli has not yet decided whether to act on the request.

A European Union warrant is automatically valid across the 25-nation bloc and does not require approval of any government.

The warrant was agreed by the European Union in the wake of the Sept 11 attacks on the United States in 2001 and was hailed as a key part of the bloc’s fight against terrorism. [coulda fooled me --ed.]

Spataro told Reuters he had also asked Interpol to try to detain the suspects anywhere in the world.

Earlier this week, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said he did not believe CIA agents had kidnapped Nasr, but added that governments were not going to defeat terrorism by playing by the rules.

Justice officials believe Nasr, also known as Abu Omar, is still in custody in Egypt. Italian investigators have accused him of ties to al-Qaida and recruiting combatants for Iraq, and a Milan judge has issued a warrant for his arrest.
Since I have an actual Italian person around me 24-7 who I can bug with questions like this, I decided to ask my wife what she thought about the warrant.

"Well, the judge was right! That's typical of you Americans. You go into other peoples' countries and think you can do what you want."

"But honey, what if the guy was a dangerous terrorist?"

"Well, you could have asked permission, or worked with SISDE" (the Italian equivalent of the CIA/NSA).

(Bear in mind that my wife is as strong a supporter of the GWoT as any European you're likely to meet. I was taken aback. So I decided to explore the matter with some more questions.)

"So, you don't think your government knew anything about it? Not even Berlusconi? According to the article, he said that governments can't defeat terrorism by playing by the rules."

"Maybe they did."

"You make a good point: We should not treat our allies in this war with disrespect--especially ones as loyal as the Italians have been. But as good as your secret services and spec ops forces have been in finding and arresting terrorists here in Italy, it seems strange that we would have to do this at all--and impossible that we could have done so without them knowing about it. Why do you think we did?"

"Well, you remember the time that that judge in Milano let those terrorists go?"
"Yeah. The ones she said weren't terrorists because they were recuriting and supplying Iraqi insurgents, who are guerillas, not terrorists."

"Right. Maybe Berlusconi thought that they would just be freed by a judge who was anti-American or had been bought off by the Muslims, and that's why he allowed it."

After my wife and I talked this out, she began to consider the matter from another point of view. But I hope our government takes these kinds of perceptions into consideration. To wit:

1. As much as I love my country, I have to admit that we do sometimes have this reputation, whether or not it is wholly deserved.

2. Most Italians (and people in other countries allied with us in the GWoT do not have the chance to experience these kinds of one-on-one exchanges that might have a chance of countering the anti-American spin of their national media.

3. The average Italian aside, there are a significant number of Italian elites--especially in the media and the judiciary--that embrace the values and vision of the not-at-all-America-friendly European Union. The judge who issued the warrant as an EU warrant is a perfect example. His attempt at recuriting Interpol to give that warrant teeth is another example of the EU attempting to extend the authority of its system of governance by regulating people to death beyond the boundries of its member states.

I am not proposing that we should try to win the hearts and minds of the transnationalists, whether in the EU or elsewhere. Indeed, they and their kind form another front in the war we are fighting not only against Islamic terrorism; but ultimately for the values of human dignity and human freedom. But I do hope that we are taking care about not only the steps we are taking to win this war, but the way in which those steps are being perceived--especially by those who are sacrificing their blood and treasure to lend us a hand.
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Bin Laden's Niece

Wow! She hot! Wafah Dufour used to be known as Wafah Bin Laden, but she changed her name after the 9/11 terror attacks. It's an abomination that girls like this around the world are forced to don the sinister burqa! She's the only relative of Bin Laden living in America. Cross posted at DrunkenBlogging via BBC News
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Racism is Bad - So is Self-delusion

Mark Steyn: Racism is Bad - So is Self-delusion

These days, whenever something goofy turns up on the news, chances are it involves a fellow called Mohammed. A plane flies into the World Trade Centre? Mohammed Atta. A gunman shoots up the El Al counter at Los Angeles airport? Hesham Mohamed Hedayet. A sniper starts killing petrol station customers around Washington, DC? John Allen Muhammed. A guy fatally stabs a Dutch movie director? Mohammed Bouyeri. A terrorist slaughters dozens in Bali? Noordin Mohamed. A gang-rapist in Sydney? Mohammed Skaf.

Maybe all these Mohammeds are victims of Australian white racists and American white racists and Dutch white racists and Balinese white racists and Beslan schoolgirl white racists.

But the eagerness of the Aussie and British and Canadian and European media, week in, week out, to attribute each outbreak of an apparently universal phenomenon to strictly local factors is starting to look pathological. "Violence and racism are bad", but so is self-delusion.

(Cross-posted on A Deeper Look)

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Mini Roundup

"Palestinian" Toddler Talks Of Her Hatred For "The Jews" [video] - extract :

Interviewer: Why did they do that to Muhammad Al-Dura?

Toddler: Because they are Jews, villains, dogs. You see? That's why. They shouldn't do that, because it's called killing. They shouldn't do this. We are not their friends. They shouldn't do this. We are Palestinians, and they are Jews. They should not shoot people.

Interviewer: Is it possible that we will reconcile with them one day, and there will be peace between us?

Toddler: No.

Interviewer: Don't we want peace with them?

Toddler: We don't want anything. We don't want anyone, not the Jews... We want to live in security, see? We don't want Jews, thieves, or villains.

Blood Libel On Iranian TV [video] - extract :

In 1883, about 150 French children were murdered in a horrible way in the suburbs of Paris, before the Jewish Passover holiday. Later research showed that the Jews had killed them and taken their blood. This event caused riots in Paris back then, and the French government found itself under pressure.

A similar incident took place in London, when many English children were killed by Jewish rabbis.

Christians Suffer Under Muslim Controlled Areas Of Israel

The parts of Israel controlled by Arab Muslims aren't just virulently anti-Jew. It's also a dangerous existence for Christians in this part of the world. In the land where Christ began his ministry, his flock have become numbered and live in fear.

You see, Islam is an equal opportunity ideology of intolerance and violent retribution against any doctrine that doesn't acknowledge its supremacy, and it's not about race. Arab Christians are persecuted, humiliated, and killed all across the Middle East by their Muslim brethren.


Iranian Supreme Ayatollah Says The Islamic World Will Win The Nuclear War Against The Jewish State

Supreme Iranian ruler Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani said last Friday that the Muslim world would win a nuclear exchange with Israel, aggravating fears Tehran's quest for atomic weapons indeed has one purpose: the annihilation of what it calls the Zionist "cancer".

Ahmadinejad terms Iran as global front-runner of 'REAL ISLAM'

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday termed Iran as the global front-runner of 'real Islam', the news agency ISNA reported.

'Islam is the only mean for salvation of mankind with the Iranian nation as global front-runner and flag-holder of the real Islam,' Ahmadinjead said in his first-ever meeting as president with students in Teheran.

Canadian "Liberal" Politician Declares His Nomination "A Victory For Islam"

A Canadian who won the Liberal party nomination as a candidate for Parliament exclaimed, "This is a victory for Islam. Islam won." Omar Alghabra made his victory speech in a church in the province of Ontario.

One of the church members, David Ragheb, said that "a member of Parliament is supposed to represent my concerns about taxes and roads [and] not promote an Islamic agenda."

[cross posted at Justify This!]

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Ultimate Truth: It's All About Sex

This guy is very IBA.

Trust me guys, you'll want to go, not just for the babes, but for the anti-burqa rap as well.
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Dhimmied Down Again

Dhimmification continues.

In a review from Newsweek you can find the latest on offer: a sitcom — actually, they term it a “drama” — on HBO about polygamy. Don’t ask why, maybe they just figured it might draw an audience.

Essentially, the plot revolves around a shopkeeper in Utah who has three wives and pops a lot of Viagra. Maybe it’s just an extended Viagra commercial? As one actress who plays a part in his harem puts it:
    “In my career, I’ve pretty much seen it all, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything on a polygamous family,” says Tripplehorn. Though she was intrigued by the concept, Tripplehorn wasn’t sure she could handle it. “I had a hard time finding a connection as to why a woman would share her husband. I didn’t think I was up to the task. I didn’t think I could make it real.”
Nothing like having integrity in your work life, lady.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Read it all at Gates of Vienna.
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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hindus Are More Civilized Than Muslims

Not long ago, on my way towards the meat counter in a grocery store I passed a Hindu couple pushing their shopping cart up along the aisle. When I got to the beef section I noticed a little display sign showing a smiling cartoon cow holding up a steak on a platter and licking her chops in autophagous anticipation.

Surely, I thought, the Hindu couple must have found this display repugnant. The rows of raw red beef in packages might well have deeply disturbed their religious sensibilities. Yet there they were, calmly shopping!No one was picketing the store. I didn’t have to pass through a metal detector to get in. Nobody firebombed the place the next day. No Hindu suicide bomber blew up the regional Food Lion headquarters.

What makes Muslims different?

I’d like to be very politically incorrect and assert that Hindus are more civilized.

There. I said it, and the sky didn’t fall.

Go read the rest at Gates of Vienna.
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Playing the Race Card Playing the Race Card

Atlas Shrugs brings up a timely topic:
In these contentious times, debate about the Middle East and Islam is easily stifled. All it takes is for some disgruntled Arabs, preferably Palestinians, or a handful of western leftists to level a charge of "racism.” Then the alleged offender, whether he is a Jewish author, a Christian professor, or a Muslim dissident, is silenced and shunned. In this way, today’s charge of "racism" is similar to the Stalin-era accusation that one was a "bourgeois capitalist."

The crime alleged is one of essence. It is meant to cancel out the humanity of the accused as well as the actual facts in the case -- and it does. Thus, the fear that one might be accused of being a "racist," either by Muslims or by western leftists is so great that most people either join the Orwellian jackal-chorus or refuse to "get involved." Here are the Alice-in-Wonderland rules: No one, especially westerners, particularly Jews, is allowed to accuse Muslims of being "racists.”
This post brings the issue false charges of racism to public awareness. It has started a lively discussion. Read the whole thing and add your comments.
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Religion of Peace Roundup - Dec 21

Well here it is, for better or worse - Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah to all my dhimmi friends from Kaffir Elmer and his family.

Always on Watch - So what are those Saudi dollars donated to two premier American universities and invested in our news media financing? A greater understanding of Islam or the first phase of jihad?

Dr. Julio Pino
, (aka Lover of Angels) associate professor of history at Kent State University, jihadist and fellow blogger posted his last will and testament (or at least M. Atta's) at Global War. Then took it down. Is the operation cancelled? He then posted about Richard Pryor's death. We called off the suicide watch but we still think he needs counseling.

American Crusader - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday called the extermination of 6 million Jews during World War II a "myth," bringing a new cascade of international condemnation onto a government that is increasingly viewed as radical even within Iran.

Clarity and Resolve - The execution of an American in Iraq. The nutless wonders who perpetrated this act are surely some of Islamo-fascism's bravest, shooting an unarmed, blindfolded man in the back - GUTLESS!

Democracy Frontline - Clarity and Resolve - Infidel Bloggers Alliance all have pieces on the "race" riots in Australia.

FrontPage Magazine - Christian churches that are Muslim apologists. This got me really pissed. Must read!

Excerpt from FP
Throughout the autumn, Christians in Asia and the Middle East became targets of arson, extortion, mob violence and even murder in Allah’s name. Instead of addressing those problems, however, Western Christian leaders indulged in sanctimonious pedantry, fashionable naiveté and outright appeasement in the name of dialogue and peace.

Seawitch - on The Problem with Terrorists is also a must read.

Quote of the millenium:

There is no such thing as an ‘innocent’ kafir, innocence is only applicable for the Muslims; do not say ‘innocent’ for the kafir, the most you can say for them is that they are ‘victims’. The Muslim however, is innocent even if he engages to fight and conquer the kafir, because he is fulfilling the shari’ah."

--Al Muhajiroun, (Bakir School), 6-21-2004

Jihad Lexicon word for the week:

Irrational America Hatred Syndrome (IAHS): Any of several mental disorders in which a visceral, spiteful, and unreasonable hatred of America and/or Americans is the primary symptom. Includes: the European resentment of America's demonstrated ability to proceed unimpeded and unapproved (by Europeans) in geopolitical endeavors deemed necessary to its national security and other interests; Arab/Muslim aversion to the vanguard of secular democracy which is a constant reminder of Islam's abysmal failure at equipping its adherents with the tools necessary to succeed in the modern world; and of course, the blind, self-effacing antipathy of American leftists who have climbed onto the trendy platform of hating the land they live in and its institutions which provide them with freedom and unparalleled opportunity. IAHS is manifest in other forms as well, but the three abovementioned disorders, or a combination thereof, are currently the most prevalent. The only effective treament for IAHS is a simple, yet uncompromising, regimen of good sense, sincere love and appreciation of freedom, and rejection of fashionable, empty, self-defeating leftist philosophy. There is hope—don't give up.

Picture of the Week

Islam: Changing Lives for the Deader

Touching portrait of a Palestinian mother helping her child with his belt
(from the Religion of Peace)

Counterterrorism Blog - on the release of the terrorist responsible for US Navy Diver Robert Stethem's death.
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Infidel Babe Of The Day

Anti-Jihad Babe
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Friggin' Islamonazis

What are the friggin' Jihadis up to today?

Syria signed an agreement with Iran to hide Iran's nuclear weapons in the case of an emergency.

Their storing up huge amounts of weapons in Iraq. And, who sold them their weapons? Why Germany, France, and Russia, of course.

In Chechneya, they are, apparently, using nerve gas on the civilian population.

In the Peaceful State of Palestine, they are storming City Hall, in order to demand jobs. Someguys comment: "The next time I don't get my way, I'm gonna grab a gun and sieze city hall. After all, I live in a Catholic town, too; so it should work."

Yeah, ok, Someguy, but if you do it, don't call me to bail you out, ok? We normal human beings don't live by the same rules as those almighty Jihadis, you know.

In Canada, they're buying weapons for their friends in Al Qaeda.

I could go on, and on, and on, but you get the picture.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Europe Criticises Copenhagen over Cartoons

The Council of Europe (CoE), an organisation of 46 European countries, has criticised the Danish government for invoking the “freedom of the press” in its refusal to take action against “insulting” cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The CoE Committee of Ministers discussed the case during a meeting in Strassburg last week. In a statement the Committee said that “a seam of intolerance within Danish society is noted […] in certain media” – a reference to the Danish cartoon case. (...)The CoE added that it is also concerned that “[Danish] legislation, such as the reform of the Aliens Act, and policy, such as the Government’s policy towards integration, may contribute to a climate of hostility towards different ethnic and religious groups.”(...)

The case escalated into a major diplomatic crisis, even though, apart from the Danish press, it has been hardly been reported upon in the international mainstream media. There were violent protest demonstrations and strikes against the cartoons in the Indian state of Kashmir and in Pakistan, after which Denmark warned its citizens not to travel to Pakistan. Egypt cut off its talks on human rights with Denmark while the Egyptian Grand-Imam Muhammad Said Tantawy condemned the Danish government. Tantawy is the religious leader of Egypt, appointed by the Egyptian president, and chancellor of the prestigious al-Azhar University, one of the Sunni Muslims’ most important centers of learning. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticised his Danish colleague during bilateral talks last month (and other consequences).(...)

Instead of supporting their government, 22 prominent Danish former career diplomats criticised Prime Minister Rasmussen this week. (...)

Their criticism, however, did not impress Rasmussen. The letter by the former ambassadors was “very misguided and sad,” the Prime Minister’s spokesman Troels Lund Poulsen said yesterday. “They are willing to compromise freedom of expression by taking a moral stand."(...)

Meanwhile, Carsten Juste, Jyllands-Posten’s editor, has welcomed efforts to end the cartoon controversy. Moderate Muslim groups in Denmark proposed to stop demanding apologies from JP and organise a “celebration” to show the moderate side of Islam. Juste welcomed the idea. “I consider it a chance at reconciliation,” he said. “While it’s important to protect freedom of speech, there is also a need among Danes to gain more knowledge of Islam and Mohammed.”

To read all the article, click here.
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Fjordman Signs Off

Sad day for the blogosphere. Fjordman, the intrepid Norwegian blogger and fierce anti-jihad figure, has posted to his blog for the final time. He is retiring from blogging for other pursuits. We all knew this was coming for some time but nevertheless it's tough to see such a good blogger move on to other things. His writings about Scandanavia have been invaluable. In that regard Fjordman is, I fear, irreplacible. His was one of a handful of blogs I read every single day without fail.

Though I am not the administrator of Infidel Bloggers Alliance I took the liberty of inviting him to post here in the future. Let's hope he finds retirement a little dull.

Drop by his blog and leave a final comment. He will be missed.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Islamic Ratchet

As noted here recently, Pakistani irredentism manifests itself in a claim to the province of Kashmir. Other territorial hot spots for Islam are in southern Thailand, the Philippines, Indian Punjab, northern Nigeria, Kosovo, Chechnya, Dagestan, and, of course, the Palestinian territories.

And then there’s Al Andalus, formerly known to most of the world as “Spain.”

As Dymphna has written, “any geography that once belonged to Islam always belongs to Islam and it is the duty of every Muslim to reclaim its property.” This doctrine means that Muslim cemeteries anywhere in the world are part of the Ummah, and subject to Islamic agitation.

And what about the areas that are not yet Muslim? It doesn’t take a Muslim majority to turn a province into a hotbed of religious strife and jihad. Recent examples can be found in Rotterdam, Birmingham, Toronto, Malmö, and Hamtramck. When the Muslim population in a region reaches a certain critical point, the agitation begins: You must respect Islam! No more pig imagery! Women must cover themselves! Muslim holidays must be observed!

Take a look at these Muslim population statistics. It’s no surprise that Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey are almost entirely Muslim. Saudi Arabia clocks in a 95.7% – what are the other 4.3%, for goodness’ sake? Filipino maids? Christians in the catacombs under Riyadh?

But look at the countries that lie on the outermost marches of Islam’s “bloody borders”:
CountryPopulation Pct # Muslims
United Kingdom60,441,4572.7%1,631,919
United States295,734,1341.4%4,140,277
It’s easy to see why Nigeria has a problem: it’s half Muslim already. And India, at 12%, has a mighty struggle ahead. But the other trouble spots have a much smaller percentage, yet they – especially Europe – are the ones that cave in more easily to Muslim pressure.

The one exception is China. Now why do you think that might be?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Islam ratchets in one direction only. Where Muslims are in charge, other faiths are gradually driven out, converted, or killed. No one may convert out of Islam on the pain of death.

The signposts to dhimmitude are prominent all around us. Neon lights are flashing and horns are blaring to draw our attention. The arrows point in one direction only.

We ignore them at our peril.

Cross-posted at Gates of Vienna.
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Multi-cultural rot in Australia

Here’s an article written two years ago by a retired detective who’s familiar with the problem firsthand: The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia (hat tip to a zama202.) “When the Middle Eastern crime groups emerged in the mid-to-late 1990s no alarms were set off. The Crime Intelligence unit was asleep. I know personally that operational police in south-west Sydney compiled enormous amounts of good intelligence on the formation of Lebanese groups.”

He describes the rise of Lebanese groups that “were ruthless, extremely violent, and they intimidated not only innocent witnesses, but even the police that attempted to arrest them.” They even attacked police stations to the point where they “virtually held a suburban police station hostage.” He warned that “the Middle Eastern crime problem was an explosion waiting to go off.”

“The Middle Eastern cycle of violence is not local. It can occur on the central coast, around … And even more alarming is that the violence is directed mainly against young Australian men and women. There is a clear and definite link between violent attacks on our young men and women being racial as well as criminal.”

As a professional police officer, he believes in fighting the crime and not speculating on sociological factors. Thus, he doesn’t explicitly address the cultural factors. He does, however, note the differences in behavior among the various ethnic groups.

Update: Mother worried that her recently arrested son "likes Islam too much."
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The Australian Rock and the Muslim Hard Place

Police in Australia raided several homes and uncovered a cache of weapons.

They allegedly discovered a payload of weapons including smoke grenades, an ammunition re-loading machine, a pistol, knives, arrows and a slingshot, both in a house safe and in Sanders' brown Ford, which bore the sticker "Anglo-Saxon and proud".

Sounds very similar to what happened in France last week. In fact Australia and France have a lot in common recently.

But wait, there's more. Australian "white supremacists" have taken a page from the Islamist Propaganda Handbook and posted at least two videos "glorifying the Cronulla riots."
The first of at least two videos, entitled The Battle for Cronulla, was posted on the white nationalist website Stormfront on the first night the rioting erupted at the beachside suburb. This video has already been downloaded 1700 times.

A second video, labelled 'Cronulla Oi!, was posted on Saturday and had been downloaded about 400 times by yesterday afternoon. The overtly racist videos encourage violence against non-whites and warn any other ethnic group to stay out of Cronulla.

The Battle for Cronulla is presented by "White Nationalist TV". After featuring skinheads in German iron crosses and three-bladed swastikas, it closes with the message: "Not white, not welcome in Cronulla".

The second video is set to a song about race war by heavy metal band Screwdriver and features a montage of images showing white rioters bashing helpless victims. It also features an image of a police officer trying to rescue a victim, emblazoned with the words: "Race traitor".

Not quite up to Islamist snuff-film standards, but I'm sure that these guys, at least in their own minds, are just getting started. No doubt the media and Cate Blanchett will hold this tight to their bossom as a prime example of widespread Aussie racism. It's convenient and easy and they are busy people, after all. But, reality has a way of biting back.

There are no doubt "white racists" down under, but, as an explanation of what's going on, it's almost quaintly absurd. ...

[T]he eagerness of the Aussie and British and Canadian and European media, week in, week out, to attribute each outbreak of an apparently universal phenomenon to strictly local factors is starting to look pathological. "Violence and racism are bad", but so is self-delusion.

Self-delusion, indeed. The unwillingness or inability of a political order to address the consequences of Muslim immigration leads to radical movements.
If people who are angry and anxious have no choice among existing political parties they will find an outlet somewhere else. If professional, moderate parties are seen as sell-out or cowards likeminded people will find another way to express their political beliefs.

Stormfront hosts an anti-Muslim propaganda video? There's gambling in the saloon? None of this is surprising. It's not the handful of white supremacists the govenment should be concerned with. It the growth of a nationalist / rightist movement fueld by popular outrage in Australia. This, not a few hicks with a fetish for Nazi kitsch, presents the government with a serious dilemma: crackdown or co-opt. Either response involves real risks.

If they don't have a legitimate political party the rightists will go underground and organize in secret. They could assassinate leftist or Islamist politicians or start a campaign of arson attacks against mosques. ...
If the governments allow rightists to contest elections they risk losing votes and polarizing the electorate and further radicalizing the Muslim population. And allowing the rightists into mainstream political discourse is no guarantee that underground groups will not commit assassinations or other criminal acts.

The sad part is that most ethnic Australians are not extremists. But the dynamic currently at work pushes people toward extremes. As events unfold and pressure increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay in the middle. Polarizing times tend to, well, polarize.

The government walks straight into the nationalist political trap every time it is seen protecting mosques while churches burn. This provides a propaganda victory to thos who claim the government is betraying their culture and they must take action outside the law. On the other hand, the government faces the same dilemma with Muslims, who, though a smaller demographic, have a more impressive history of terrorism and mass violence than any white supremacists. And of course further violence or a terror attack in Australia will increase the native backlash, which creates better footage for propaganda videos, which movitates people to further violence, etc.

Point being, no government can simultaneously appease both extremes or the large number of their passive supporters. The government and society in general cannot calm the nationalist's anxieties without cracking down on Lebanese crime and anti-social behavior. However, any crackdown will be seen as intolerant and anti-Muslim. The government faces nothing but bad choices and risk on all sides.

Neither the growing nationalist movement nor the Muslims can be bought off or co-opted. This is a zero-sum game. Welcome, Australia, to the clash of civilizations.
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More On The Australian Riots

News of Eurabia has an important post up about the riots in Australia. Here's an excerpt:

A CHURCH HALL was set ablaze and shots were fired near a primary school in Sydney yesterday, fuelling fears of an escalation in violence between ethnic Arabs and whites.

Hundreds of officers were sent to potential trouble spots after Sunday’s race riots on a beach popular with white Australians and men of Arab descent. Gangs of Lebanese men retaliated by rampaging through suburban streets and attacking cars and buildings.

Go read the rest at News of Eurabia.

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posted by Pastorius at permanent link# 0 Comments

The Hammer of Democracy

The Asia Times columnists known as Spengler comes out against the notion that the spread democracy leads to peace.
The trouble is that entire peoples frequently find themselves faced with probable or inevitable ruin, such that no peaceful solution can be found. ... A people facing cultural extinction typically will choose war, if war offers even a slim chance of survival.

Paradoxically, it is possible for wars of annihilation to stem from rational choice, for the range of choices always must be bounded by the supposition that the chooser will continue to exist. Existential criteria, that is, trump the ordinary calculus of success and failure. If one or more of the
parties knows that peace implies the end of its existence, there exists no motive to return to peace.

While I won't go into a detailed critique of his argument, broadly speaking I think he is onto something. We tend to confuse Western, liberal, secular democracy as it currently exists with Democracy as culturally neutral political mechanism. Modern Western democracy is much more than simply a way to select leaders.

We can and are exporting Democracy as a political system but we cannot export the nexus of cultural values and assumptions that support and sustain the Western democratic tradition. We can and are teaching others how to hold elections, build legislative coalitions, peacefully transfer power between governments, and all the other technical functions of a formally democratic system. We cannot export to non-Western cultures such values as individualism, civil rights, the freedoms of speech and of religion, female equality, etc. These must grow organically from the culture itself.

Spreading formal democracy to cultures without robust traditions of individual freedom, secularism, rule of law, etc, is a very dangerous proposition. Egypt, Pakistan, and the Palestinian Authority are contemporary cases in point. Democratically elected governments would certainly be more inclined to war against other democracies (India and Israel) than the current autocracies.

Why then do we do it? Why do we insist on spreading democracy to alien cultures across the globe, some with a few of the sustaining values mentioned above, others with none at all?

  • We were impressed by the outbreak of democracy in Europe after the implosion of communism. Here were oppressed peoples who had never known democracy but who embraced it with enthusiasm. However, we forgot that, despite the interlude of the Cold War, these were European nations that shared our cultural patrimony.
  • After 9/11 we no longer trust autocracies, especially Arab autocracies, even those we have helped keep in power for nearly 30 years, like Egypt.
  • And it's all we know to do. Democracy is the worst form of government except for all others but this is a very low standard. Life is filled with bad choices and we have tried to select the least bad option.

In our toolbox we have a hammer labeled Democracy. The world is filled with problems. Until a better tool comes along, we are going to call these problems "nails".

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What Am I Missing!?

I have been a bit angry with the media in the US lately.

Or at least, angry AGAIN, if not lately.

They won't say boo to Iran about their nuclear program that threatens the lives of the entire world.

Yet they won't stop talking about the fact that Bush authorized eavesdropping on international phone conversations, and they celebrate the fact that key parts of the Patriot-Act were blocked.

More on that at The Fu2rman and Friends.

I thought maybe it was just me.

Am I the only one that notices the bias that the media puts on every story?

Apparently not.

I found this.

I have come to the point that I beleive the US Media is guilty of treason, and that would include a number of elected officials as well.

But, of course, The Right Wing of The US would never suggest such a thing.

Even though the Left-Socialist-Billionaire, John Kerry would suggest a Bush Impeachment.

Oh, what next!?
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CUANAS (Chicks United Against the New Anti-Semitism)

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Democracy Must Be Imposed On The Middle East

A stellar post from David Thompson at YARGB:

People often cringe when you assert that values must be imposed. They mistakenly think of a Jerry Fallwell or Pat Robertson telling them what to do in their own bedroom. On the contrary, there are simply behaviors which cannot be allowed in a viable social order. Burning a widow to death in a suttee ritual is forbidden regardless of the passion of one’s belief in this gruesome and long established practice.

Democracy must be imposed on the Middle East. This is nonnegotiable if we wish to save the world from utter destruction. An attitude of live and let live is not appropriate in this situation.

If nothing else, 9/11 pushed us into this new direction. It was reason alone to liberate Iraq. The weapons of mass destruction and other issues are of secondary importance. Bernard Lewis has often warned of the rage of the Muslim world.

Some 400-500 years ago, its leaders decided to turn their back on scientific advances and the overall modern project. The West soon started to dominate in about every conceivable category. The supposed children of allah, especially Arab males, saw their power disappear.

By the the 19th Century, Muslims could only dream of the halcyon days of long gone era. This turned into outrage and bitterness sometime in the mid 1950s. Since Muslims were suppose to reign supreme---it was obvious that they were cheated. The Jews and their Christian infidel cohorts had stabbed them in the back and stolen their natural birthright.

Considering their premises, what other conclusion could they reach?

Go read the whole thing, at YARGB.
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"Must See" Iraq Video

I just discovered this short online video-- very moving:
"Must See" Iraq Video

Hat tip: Michael Yon's Online Magazine:
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Monday, December 19, 2005

The Sound of the Present Order Breaking Down

I agree with Ahmadinejad on this point.
"The world is on the verge of change, and more than before we can hear the sound of this present unstable order breaking down."
I can hear it. Can you? Some days it's a distant creak. Other days it's deafening, as another support beam of the world order buckles under the strain.

Can you hear it? The collapse of IEAE and the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is imminent. Iran ratified the NPT under the Shah in 1970 and agreed to the Additional Protocol in December 2003. When Iran goes nuclear, after years of negotiations and IAEA inspections, the hollow shell of global non-proliferation will implode. It’s an old adage that when novelists win the Nobel Prize, their best work is already behind them and they are not long for this world. It looks like the same is true for the IAEA. El Baradei’s Nobel acceptance speech will be the Agency’s epitaph.

Can you hear it, stress fractures spreading through the UN, chunks of the façade crumbling away? The General Assembly cannot muster a simple majority to condemn one member for threatening the annihilation of another, despite the fact that this is the organization’s most basic value. Even if, after a long circuitous route, violations are eventually referred to the Security Council, no action is taken because the Council is perpetually paralyzed by its veto-wielding members, due to corruption, conflicts of interest or duplicity. The specter of the League of Nations looms ever larger. We are only waiting for our Abyssinia.

“When the Italians had invaded in October 1935, the Abyssinians had appealed to the League of Nations for help. The League did two things:

  • it condemned the attack
  • all League members were ordered to impose economic sanctions on Italy.

It took six weeks for the sanctions to be organized and they did not include vital materials such as oil.”

Sound familiar? Replace “Italians” and “Abyssinians” and you’re reading tomorrow’s headlines.

Can you hear it, the foundation of the EU subsiding under the weight of a continent and its history (even as the proprietors insist on adding a new wing)? Can you hear the native creatures crawling in through the cracks even as the owners toast their eradication? Can you hear the tell tale heart beating beneath the Turkish rug?

Can you hear it, the Saudi monarchy wheezing with fatigue and decrepitude, barely conscious, mumbling with senility? Can you hear the continuous pumping of the life-support mechanisms? Can you hear the Nasarist regime struggling to stay upright amid the shifting sands, knees and hips grinding while it leans on an expensive, US-made walker?

Can you hear it, the whispering throughout Damascus, in bathrooms and backseats, in slums, mosques, and army bases, the hushed codes of escape plans and conspiracies? Can you hear metallic snaps, as cash-filled suitcases are locked, as pistols are cleaned and loaded?

The sounds of the unstable present order breaking down. Listen closely. You can hear it. (Cross-posted at Thomas the Wraith)

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Is the fog slowly beginning to lift?

The fog of delusion about the very real dangers of the worldwide threat of radical Islam finally seems to be slowly lifting in some quarters.. Slowly, to be sure, but it does seem to be beginning to happen. Here are a few articles that caught my eye recently:

1. Amnesty International has just discovered that the "insurgents" in Iraq are committing war crimes . . .

As I started to write this, I thought of several more examples-- ending up with eight in all (and there are probably more recent examples that I've forgotten).

Of course the conflict between the forces of radical Islam and democracy is far from over, and much of the worlds' population are still in a total haze re: the current threat that radical Islam poses (aided and abetted by a widely distributed & for the most part highly delusional media)-- but I believe there have been a few significant positive developments as of late.

You can read the entire article here.
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Rationality, Iranian Style

Ah, the sweet music of tolerance.
"Remark by the Iranian president on the Zionist regime was a scientific debate. It is not a new issue," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said, quoted by the official IRNA news agency.
"I am surprised with the approaches taken towards this scientific debate. The type of reaction the Europeans and the westerners have shown to the president's remark has no place in the civilized world," Asefi added.
The UN passed the dreaded "non-binding resolution," by 75 to 50 with 43 abstentions. (Maybe "the world's politicians and thinkers are backing Iran's justice seeking spirit". After all, a minority of countries voted for the resolution.) Meanwhile, the EU went even further and condemned Ahmadinejad's raving "unreservedly." The Iranians were horrified.

"The EU statement is not based on international diplomatic norms. They should avoid illogical methods," he said. "Westerners are used to leading a monologue, but they should learn to listen to different views."
Those narrow-minded Western bigots! They should show more respect for what is both Iranian state policy and high-ranking clerical opinion.
Ayatollah Ali Meshkini, who heads the Assembly of Experts, told worshippers at Friday prayers in the clerical epicentre of Qom that the slaughter of millions of Jews in World War II was a "false rumour".
The president's statements ... are completely rational and come from all Iranian hearts. The European countries reacted because they cannot bear to hear the president's rational comments."
Of course, Ahmadinejad and the Shi'ite gangster state are about more than just Holocaust denial and genocidal fantasies. They're about salvation.

'Islam is the only mean for salvation of mankind with the Iranian nation as global front-runner and flag-holder of the real Islam,' Ahmadinjead said.

Salvation. Rationality. Science. Logic. Those Iranians have it all.
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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Get The Rest Of The Story: The Intersection Of Islam, Chrfistianity, and Judaism

My friend, Always On Watch asked me to post this here on IBA. Gladly.

I'm just going to present an excerpt and provide a link. Here it is:

So, here it is the Sunday before Christmas, and I'm thumbing through today's edition of the Washington Post. In the Metro section, I find " Muslim Leader Forges Interfaith Accord." Some excerpts:

"He is a devout Muslim who speaks both Arabic and Hebrew. He quotes the Torah almost as well as the Koran and once protested the threatened removal of crucifixes at Georgetown University."He is a Palestinian by birth who believes in Israel's right to exist."

He wishes that the media paid more attention to his message that Islam, Christianity and Judaism share more similarities than differences, but he is not always good at returning their calls.... "

"Islam, Christianity and Judaism share more similarities than differences"?

Where have I heard that before? I have my doubts as to the extent of the similarities.

According to the above-cited article,

"At a time when his adopted country is engaged in a struggle with terrorism driven by Islamic extremists, Hendi, senior imam of the Islamic Society of Frederick County, preaches interfaith understanding and calls on fellow Muslims to rescue their religion from extremists."

"That message has helped him open doors to senior government officials searching for ways to build better relationships in the Islamic world. The State Department calls on him to host visiting Islamic clergy, and news organizations dial him up for comment, usually after a terrorist attack.

"Part of the attention comes with being the first full-time Muslim chaplain at GU, which also was the first such post in the United States. Hendi teaches theology there and also serves as a chaplain at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda. And he teaches an introduction to Islam class in Rockville for Johns Hopkins University's Evergreen Society for older adults.

"As the senior imam of the Islamic Society, Hendi also has shaped the growing Islamic presence in the outer Maryland suburbs. After years of holding services in a doctor's waiting room, a hotel ballroom and wherever else there was space, his congregation recently opened the doors of its first permanent mosque. Hendi lives with his wife and four children in Frederick.

"The Islamic Society's $2 million mosque -- along with its growing list of activities, including Arabic instruction and classes about the Koran -- opened in October. Set in a renovated farmhouse on Key Parkway, the mosque has prompted Muslims to relocate from Gaithersburg and as far away as Baltimore, said mosque members and assistant imam Reda Sallam.

Click here, for the rest of the story.
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Busy, Busy, Busy, Are The Islamic Jihadis

Well, what are the Islamic Jihadis up to today?

In Australia, they are shooting up churches, causing many to cancel Christmas programs.

In Iran, the foreign ministry pulls out the Multiculturalism card, insisting that those who criticize them for Holocaust Denial, are not being tolerant.

Yes, you read that right.

In Bali, an Imam is calling on Muslims to "murder infidels" as a "primary activity."

In the Peaceful State of Palestine, they are dancing in the streets at the news of Ariel Sharon's stroke.

In America, they are blocking the extension of the Patriot Act.

Oh, wait a minute, that's not the Islamofascists, that's the Democrats.


In Israel, a MUSLIM MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT has called on Israel to leave, and "take their Democracy with them."

Yes, you read that right too, a Member of the Parliament of the state of Israel has called on Israel to leave.

Didn't that guy have to take an oath before taking his job? Hmm, I guess oaths don't mean much to Islamic Jihadis.

Once again, in the Peaceful State of Palestine, Hamas is getting on the bandwagon with Iran, and threatening Israel with being wiped off the map.

In Lebanon, they're calling for Jews to be killed on national TV.

Man, I could just go on, and on, and on, but you get the picture.
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Not The 9 O'Clock News

US House Votes To Build Security Barrier - [via A Deeper Look] - The two-layered fence, about 700 miles long, would be built in parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The provisions, passed 260-159, put priority on construction near Laredo, Texas.

Attack On Ahmadinejad's Security Entourage Leaves Two Dead - [via Cuanas] - The local driver and one of Ahmadinejad's bodyguards were killed, on Thursday evening, in southeast Iran near the City of Zabol after an attack against the Presidential motorcade. Another bodyguard has been seriously injured during the shoot out.

Assault Rifles, Explosives Found In France. Lack Of Opportunity Cited. - [via Thomas The Wraith] - Police say they found weapons in a garage in Clichy-sous-Bois, including several pounds of explosives, AK-47 and Famas assault rifles, revolvers, ammunition, balaclavas and bulletproof vests...They believe the weapons were used for armed robberies in France to help finance jihad, or holy war, and that some of the money was given to al-Zarqawi's group.

Taliban Execute Teacher In Front Of Pupils For Educating Girls - [via The Telegraph] - Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan have executed a school teacher in front of his pupils for refusing to comply with warnings to stop educating girls...Under the Taliban interpretation of Islamic Sharia law female education was banned, along with female employment.

PA Arabs Vote Overwhelmingly For Hamas Terror Group - [via Israel National News] - Hamas has won an estimated 75% of the votes in the municipal elections in Shechem (Nablus), 72% of the votes in El-Bireh (Ramallah's twin city) and took the leadership of the terror-capital of Jenin as well. In Ramallah, long the seat of power of Yassir Arafat and the ruling Fatah group, the PFLP terror group took the elections.

EU Threatens To Block Aid To PA If Hamas Wins Election - [via Al Bawaba] - European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana on Sunday warned that the EU could halt financial aid to the Palestinian Authority if Hamas wins January's Palestinian elections and fails to renounce violence.

Italian Mayor Says Request To Use Public Market Square To Hold Islamic Prayers A Provocation - [via AGI] - " I have to consider this gesture of the Islamic association of Como as the latest provocation and I have to recognise that distances are increasing and the possibility for a discussion is now further away", said the Mayor of Como Stefano Bruni after Como police headquarters confirmed that today, from 12 pm to 3pm, the Islamic Community wants to gather and pray in the public area of viale Battisti, where normally there is a street market.

Nigerian Taxi Drivers Fight Police - [via The Telegraph] - Moped taxi-drivers clashed with Islamic police in Nigeria's Kano city after authorities began enforcing a new law banning women from being passengers on the bikes.

The Al Dura Fraud Exposed - [via Justify This!] - Must see video which documents the evidence surrounding the supposed shooting of Muhamed al Durah, such as the missing footage, missing bullets, the cameraman who filmed the footage caught out lying during an interview with a bbc reporter, the boy being seen in unscreened footage covering his face and moving when he is supposedly dead and much more.

Concern Expressed For Assyrian Christians In Iraq - [via Ekklesia] - Noting that indigenous Christians amount to almost a million people, around 7 per cent of the total population, the correspondents – including British MEPs (Member of the European Parliament) Glyn Ford, Labour, and Charles Tannock, Conservative – said that they should not be overlooked in the concern to safeguard the interests of Sunni and Shia Arabs and Kurds.They pointed out that the Assyrians, who are frequently omitted from media reports, were actually the original inhabitants of Iraq.

Hizballah Clones Cellphones Of Corporation Execs - [via Jihad Watch] - A group linked to terrorist organization Hezbollah has cloned the cellphones of Rogers Communications executives, including that of CEO Ted Rogers, The Globe and Mail reported Saturday.

Austria 'Begins Process' Of Restitution To Holocaust Victims/Survivors - [via Neshumah] -The fund created by Austria in 2001 to compensate those stripped of businesses, property, bank accounts and insurance policies under the Third Reich mailed letters to 100 of the 19,300 survivors who have applied.

Sharon Aide Markets Spielberg's 'Munich' In Israel - [via Reuters] - Steven Spielberg has hired one of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's top strategists to market his controversial new film about Israel's retaliation for the Palestinian attack on its team at the 1972 Munich Olympics
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This is a Good Idea.

September 11 changed everything, right? Sure, if by everything you mean nothing.

Urgently trying to improve relations with the United States, the Saudi Arabian government is promoting a scholarship program that has already more than doubled the number of new Saudi enrollments at American colleges and universities since last year. ...

Brilliant! Everyone knows America needs more Saudis on student visas.

James Oberwetter, the United States ambassador to Saudi Arabia, said in an interview that the drop "in exposure the population has had to the United States" was not helpful for the Saudis "at a time when they need to be looking outward instead of inward." ...

Mr. Oberwetter is in Washington this week, and one of his missions, he said, is to get approval to install more visa officers. The State Department does not want to put more personnel into Saudi Arabia at a time when foreigners there are targets of attack.
Of course it goes without saying that the U.S. ambassador's job is to advocate for what is most helpful to Saudis. And how are we going to get more Saudis into the U.S. without putting more visa officers in Saudi Arabia? We trust the State Department to make the best decisions regarding our collective safety.

After all, what's the worst that can happen?
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