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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Criticism Of Islam Will Not Be Tolerated

Eagles of Death Metal Dropped From Music Festivals Over Lead Singer's Comments About Muslims

The band Eagles of Death Metal, whose concert was attacked by ISIS extremists during the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, has been dropped from two French music festivals after lead singer Jesse Hughes said that he saw Muslims celebrating following the massacre.

The band was scheduled to play at the Rock en Seine and Cabaret Vert festivals later this summer....
Read the rest HERE.

Those who push back against the narrative of "Islam means peace" will be punished.

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John Coltrane, Live in France 1965, A Love Supreme

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Miles Davis, The Last Concert

Featuring, among others,

Chick Corea
Kenny Garrett
Joe Zawinul
Al Foster
Bill Evans
Steve Grossman
Dave Holland
Wayne Shorter
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Don Menza March 12, 1987 Hamburg

Don Menza - Sax
Chuck Finley - Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Frank Strazzeri - Piano
Frank daRosa - Bass
Jimmie Smith - Drums

Bonus, playing with the Buddy Rich Big Band

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Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

When Charlie speaks of Lester
You know someone great has gone
The sweetest swinging music man
Had a Porkie Pig hat on
A bright star in the dark age
When the bandstands had a thousand ways
Of refusing a black man admission, black musician
In those days they put him in an underdog position
Cellars and chittlins'
When Lester took him a wife
Arm and arm went black and white and some saw red
And drove them from their hotel bed
Love is never easy
It's short of the hope we have for happiness
Bright and sweet love is never easy street
Now we are black and white
Embracing out in the lunatic New York night
It's very unlikely we'll be driven out of town
Or be hung in a tree that's unlikely
Tonight these crowds are happy and loud
Children are up dancing into the streets
In the sticky middle of the night
Summer serenade of taxi horns and fun arcades
Where right or wrong under neon every feeling goes on
For you and me the sidewalk is a history book
And a circus dangerous clowns
Balancing dreadful and wonderful perceptions
They have been handed day by day
Generations on down
We came up from the subway on the music midnight mix
To Charlie's bass and Lester's saxophone in taxi horns and brakes
Now Charlie's down in Mexico with the healers
So the sidewalk leads us with music to two little dancers
Dancing outside a black bar
There's a sign up on the awning
It says, 'Pork Pie Hat Bar'
And there's black babies dancing tonight
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Camel Sharia

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Parents of Two Children Killed in Paris Attacks of 13 November: We're Not Paying Our Taxes to a Government That Pays for the Upkeep of our Children's Killers

This is the Infidel Resistance we know and love.

From Le Figaro:
Some parents who lost their children in the terrorist attacks of 13 November have addressed a letter to the president of the Republic last week. They rail against the payment of the costs of lawyers for the presumed terrorists by the [taxpayers]. Wrath. 
How to survive after the death of a child? Worse, of two children? 
Wrath is necessary, Aristotle tells us: 
"One cannot win anything without it, if it doesn't fill the soul, if it doesn't warm the heart: it must then serve us, not as a master, but as a soldier." 
Driven by this struggle, the parents of two children murdered on 13 November have addressed a letter to the president of the Republic of which Le Figaro has gotten a copy. 
To Francis Hollande, they explain that if their children had lost their life, it was due to their "jihadist friends."  
Therefore, they refuse henceforth to pay their taxes "which serve to defend the killers of our children through the intermediary of the funds guaranteed to hire their lawyers, and for their upkeep as well as that of their ilk on French soil, our Fatherland!" 
They have so advised their tax collection center and placed their money in an blocked account. "You have brought them to their deaths" 
These parents, who do not wish to appear publicly, deplore "such subsidized criminals, who should never have been free and killing in the middle of the street at their whim!" Finally, according to them, their children "are dead, victims of your indulgence and interference," they write to Francois Hollande. 
In sum, it's the reestablishment of the death penalty which is demanded as the crux of this missive. And this wish to return to the law voted on in 1981 is shared by the parents of another french victim of an attack perpetrated by a foreigner. Just the same as a father of two children who lost his wife at Bataclan. 
The open letter finishes with the "shame" of being led by Francois Hollande. "Our children were voting for you, we were telling them: This man will bring you to a bad end! We didn't believe it would be so literally! You have led them to their death," it reads at its end.
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Popa Chubby
Leverkusener Jazztage

- Anything You Want Me To Do 00:10
- Long Distance Pain 04:37
- San Catri 09:30
- Secret Chubby 25:36
- Wild Thing 32:05

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Virginia Governor Terry MacAuliffe Under FBI & DoJ Public Integrity Investigation for Fundraising in Connection With Clinton Global Initiative

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Pertaining to the EgyptAir explosion theory

It was reported from multiple reliable sources today that window on the A320 were ‘open to the sky’ according to broadcast ACARS satellite data.
However, while the spreading of smoke alerts was reportedly way to fast to be a cabin fire, or electrical fire, it was also said to be way to slow for an explosion …
Back to Times Square NYC:
A street vendor spotted smoke coming from the SUV and alerted police, who quickly cleared the area. The bomb attempt set off an intense investigation that culminated two days later with investigators plucking Shahzad off a Dubai-bound plane at a New York airport.
Prosecutors had introduced a dramatic video of an FBI-staged explosion they said demonstrated how deadly Shahzad’s bomb could have been.
The FBI bomb – an identical vehicle fitted with 250 pounds of ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel, three 25-pound propane tanks and two five-gallon gasoline canisters – blew up with a force that ripped the vehicle in half. The explosion caused a giant fireball that overturned and shredded four other cars parked nearby in an open field, obliterated about a dozen dummies posed as pedestrians and shot fiery debris hundreds of feet in all directions.
This was also the case for the shoe bomber who needed a lit source to explode his bomb.
And I believe the crotch bomber who bothered the president during his holiday in HI, also tried to ignite his crotch.
The worry is that ISIS (or whoever) did NOT have an inside man to place a conventional explosive on the aircraft, the worry is that they have something we cannot yet detect in baggage or carry on.
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In Which B Obama produces a Surplus

“If you make ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”

No wonder Obama returned the bust
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Showing off his true colors, as usual

The far-left blogger called "Notintheface1" recently posted the following tweet after Donald Trump became GOP nominee for presidential run:

Just don't take a guy who complains about 9-11 ruining comics seriously if this is all he cares about. What a low-grade dummy indeed. Here's more of his Volkswagen-level junk:

Yeah, but you do too, "achlab" (Arabic for "dog").

Correction: here's an example of a Democrat who won't support Sanders or Clinton but whom you know damn well is going to reverse his standing by October.

How does somebody who may have said he's in his late 40s not consider the contents of the Koran?

I'll remember my reaction to his lethargic little rants as a shake of the head, because he sure does seem to consider Arabs expendable if he's opposed to bringing down a tyrant, and let's not forget his apparent disinterest in trying to discourage anybody from adhering to Islam. Just another typical far-leftist who's got no sense of chivalry.
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It's actually good this anti-semite's turning down money

An anti-Israeli British historian rejected a Dan David Prize for easily guessable reasons:
British historian Catherine Hall of University College London has declined the Dan David Prize she was set to receive, citing "political reasons." Hall did not attend the award ceremony held Sunday at Tel Aviv University.

The British Committee for the Universities of Palestine, an organization of U.K.-based academics "set up in response to the Palestinian call for academic boycott," quoted Hall as saying: "I have withdrawn from the prize -- this was an independent political choice, undertaken after many discussions with those who are deeply involved with the politics of Israel-Palestine, but with differing views as to how best to act."

The group lauded Hall's "principles" for "renouncing her share of the $1 million prize, placing principle above financial gain."

Ariel David, whose father Dan David founded the Dan David Foundation, said that the $300,000 in prize money that would have been awarded to Hall will instead go toward funding scholarships for students at the university.
But if the alleged historian had taken the prize money, she probably would've given it to Israel's enemies. That's why I'd advise the foundation not to give her a monetary prize at all. Good they're now using the funding for better purposes.
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Breaking: Internal Explosion on EgyptAir Flight 804 – Graffiti on Plane said: “We Will Bring Down this Plane”

From Gateway Pundit:
It was reported last week in ‘the Telegraph’ that Captain Mohammed Shakir (Shakeer), was “a cheerful and religious man who would pray on board and help others find the direction of Mecca using the flight’s navigation equipment.” 
Flight 804 Captain Mecca Flight 804 plunged 30,000 feet with smoke reported in the cockpit and indications that a bomb went off internally causing the rapid descent. The explosion indicated the windows in the cockpit may have been blown out. 
The Telegraph reported: Data from the final moments before EgyptAir flight MS804 crashed into the Mediterranean suggest an “internal explosion” tore through the right side of the aircraft, a pilot said last night. 
Investigators trying to determine whether the A320 was brought down by terrorism or a technical fault are poring over a series of warnings indicating smoke filled the cabin shortly before it disappeared from radar. 
French authorities confirmed that smoke detectors went off aboard the flight a few minutes before it crashed but said it was not clear what caused the smoke or fire. 
A commercial pilot with a major European airline told The Telegraph that other parts of the data log suggested that windows in the right side of the cockpit were blown out by an explosion inside the aircraft. 
A photo was released recently released showing Shakeer with Amr Khaled, a well-known Muslim Brotherhood operative and an active Jihadi. Khaled posted a picture of himself with Captain Shakeer on an airplane and stated: 
“May Allah have mercy on him and give patience to his family. I hope who reads my words to pray for him and the rest of the passenger[s].” 
Ominous graffiti on plane. 
In a dark premonition of things to come, it has emerged that the crashed aircraft had once been daubed with graffiti by vandals who wrote: 
“We will bring this plane down”. 
The New York Times reported that the vandalism was done two years ago and was a protest against Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the Egyptian president who seized power in a coup, rather than a jihadist threat. 
The airline went on to fire a number of staff with alleged Muslim Brotherhood sympathies in 2013 as part of a general purge of suspected Islamists after the military takeover. 
And in the weeks following the Paris attacks in November, French police said Arabic graffiti such as “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) were found daubed on EasyJet and Vueling planes at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and at Lyon airport. 
The police played down any link with the attacks, although they acknowledged that such graffiti had been found on a number of planes in the months before the terror strikes. 
The discoveries raised fears that a bomb could be planted on a plane at an airport in France, but EasyJet and the French authorities insisted at the time there was nothing to worry about.
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Mullah Mansour: Leader of the Mighty Taliban

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A REAL “Safe Space” is when you need the police to create one to get you thru a violent mob

Jewish Woman Forced to Hide From Anti-Israel Activists at UC-Irvine

An event hosted by a pro-Israel student group ended abruptly Wednesday night as police were called to protect attendees from an angry mob that had gathered. One student who never made it inside the venue called 911 as she hid in fear from anti-Israel activists who chased her into a building on the University of California-Irvine campus.

Sophomore Eliana Kopley had just left a Holocaust-related event when she was walking toward the facility featuring a screening of “Beneath the Helmet,” a documentary about the Israel Defense Forces. As she arrived at the event, hosted by Students Supporting Israel, Ms. Kopley was met by an angry crowd pounding on the doors and windows — engaged in violent chants targeting the Jewish state.

“I was terrified. There is no other word to describe how I felt,” Ms. Kopley told the Haym Salomon Center.

As the mob tried to gain entrance to the event, one protestor shouted, “If we’re not allowed in, you’re not allowed in!”

With the crowd physically forbidding Ms. Kopley from attending the event and chants inciting violence against Jews and Israel such as “Intifada, Intifada—Long live the Intifada!” and “F**k Israel!” Ms. Kopley walked away from the scene.

But she was not alone. A group of female students followed her as she escaped to safety in the room nearby.

“When I turned back, at that moment, I looked at one of the girls and wanted to hide and cry,” Ms. Kopley said.

Throughout this entire time, Ms. Kopley never hung up the phone with her mother, who was anxiously fearful on the other end of the line.

“My mom keeps asking what’s going on. But I couldn’t even say complete sentences. All I managed to say was ‘protesters’ and she started yelling at me to call the cops,” Ms. Kopley said.

So she did. As the chanting heightened, Ms. Kopley remained on the line with 911 until an officer found her shortly after. Two officers, who decided it would be best to put on black rubber gloves to protect them from sharp objects, escorted her through the crowd of protesters to the nearby film screening safely.

Here is the rest
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“we are meeting on stolen indigenous people’s land”

San Francisco State University race and resistance studies professor Rabab Abdulhadi in an article on universities rushing to create ISLAMOPHOBIA STUDIES DEPARTMENTS. (Gee, do you think he was trying to draw some kind of parallel?)

BTW, are there any Dept’s of Islamism Studies?

Dept’s of Sharia in the West Studies?

Dept’s of Assimilation Failure Studies?

Abdulhadi’s seemingly disjointed declaration was typical of the post-colonial, “intersectionality”-driven jargon of the entire conference, which sought to link the mythical plight of America’s prosperous, content Muslim population, with the struggles of every oppressed minority known to man. It was also an opportunity for two academic centers at opposite ends of the country to join forces and promote what was euphemistically referred to at the 2015 UC Berkeley conference as “Islamophobia studies.”

While UC Berkeley Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project (IRDP) director and conference convener Hatem Bazian gave the opening remarks, John Esposito, founding director of Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU) and project director of ACMCU’s Bridge Initiative, “a multi-year research project that connects the academic study of Islamophobia with the public square,” was the undisputed star.
Esposito was introduced by Munir Jiwa, director of the Center for Islamic Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, who, after noting that one of the scheduled speakers on the same panel was unable to attend, added with a smile, “I’m sure Dr. Esposito will be happy to take up the time.” Esposito did not disappoint, delivering a long, rambling talk filled with humorous asides and one-liners to which the audience responded with hearty laughter.
My real question, why were there no departments dedicated to the study of KKKphobia?
The reaction to an imposed Dawa which enshrines female servitude, submission to the male (and compulsory LACK of education), invasive contempt of infidels who do submit, and unyielding resistance to those who will not, coercion of individuals and societies, hatred of the Jews, and Hindus, and Buddhists, along with the indoctrination of the young in a bath of lies about others, and faith, is the perfect model for KKKphobia studies.

What did the KKK do to spread?
What did the KKK do to Teach?
What did the KKK do to Recruit?
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Donald Trump On Hillary And Islam

Link to the above Tweet.

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The Cult of The Unicorn

From The Last English Prince:
The Cult of the Unicorn Prologue: 
To understand the Cult of the Unicorn the journalist asks the reader to join her in the eagle’s nest. My aerie is five feet in diameter with a weight of nearly a ton. Because it is necessary to soar to the greater heights required for writing with clarity, this nest is situated high upon a mountain and secured within the craggy face of a rock. You are safe within my nest. I am your host. But now I am asking you to trust me. Join me on this flight. Let’s soar into the world of imagination. It is time to ponder the cult of the unicorn.   
The Hills: 
It happened in an instant of time. The man stepped out of his bed one morning and had his final moment of illumination. Hastily moving into his walk-in closet he stood in front of a shrine of sorts, a full length mirror which he vigorously cleaned several times a day. It was true! The creature was there, no longer hiding from his view, but on full display. He was a unicorn! He could sense it in the rhythm of his body and the beat of his heart. There was no denial of what the soothsayer (otherwise known as his psyche) was telling him. He was a unicorn! 
During the following year the man did all he could to locate other unicorns.
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‘Lord Of The Rings’ Actor Elijah Wood: Hollywood Is Gripped By And Covering Up For Powerful Pedophile Ring

From the Daily Mail:
Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood claims that young actors in Hollywood are being sexually abused by predatory high-powered ‘vipers’ working in the industry.. 
The Hobbit actor, 35, told The Sunday Times that the child abuse is ‘probably still happening’. 
Shocking allegations that top Hollywood figures have been protecting child abusers have circulated widely in recent years. 
Several industry figures have been convicted following claims of sex abuse and former child actors – including The Goonies actor Corey Feldman, 44 – claimed he was ‘surrounded’ by molesters when he was a teenager. 
Anne Henry, co-founder of Bizparentz – a group to help young actors – said that Tinseltown is currently sheltering around ‘100 active abusers’. 
Wood, who stars in his new film The Trust told The Sunday Times that his mother had protected him from abuse when he first arrived in Hollywood aged eight. 
But he said: 'I've been led down dark paths to realise that these things are probably still happening.' 
The actor, who played Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings, believes that other actors remain in danger. 
He added: 'If you're innocent, you have very little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed. 
'People with parasitic interests will see you as their prey. What upsets me about these situations is that the victims can't speak as loudly as the people in power.' 
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Berta Rojas
Caazapa by Agustin Barrios

Danza Paraguaya by Agustin Barrios

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For the First Time Ever, Donald Trump Leads Crooked Hillary in Average of All National Polls

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Islamists Working At Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport Likely Aided Jihadists Who Took Down Plane

Infidel Lives Don't Matter

From Breitbart:
French authorities fear that radical Islamists may have slipped through the net to gain security clearance to work at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport. 
Detectives are already investigating CCTV footage from the airport to determine whether an employee may have helped bring down the Egyptair flight to Cairo on Thursday. 
Now security sources are highlighting how weak security checks are for airport staff. 
The Times reports that all employees who work “airside” at the airport, such as maintenance staff, security personnel and baggage handlers, are theoretically vetted by police before they can start work. 
In reality, however, the vetting consists of little more than checking for a criminal record and seeing if they are on the French intelligence agencies’ list of individuals deemed a national security threat. 
Furthermore, due to low wages there is a high turnover of staff, increasing the load on police who have to vet all the new candidates. 
After last November’s Paris terror attacks, France’s Central Direction of Interior Intelligence was ordered to investigate all Muslims with security passes at the country’s airports. 
The result was more than 60 passes were withdrawn, mostly for “inappropriate behaviour” such as refusing to trim bears or shake female colleagues’ hands. 
However, some were confiscated because the holders prayed at extremist mosques, kept copies of the Koran in their lockers or expressed sympathy for the attackers.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

EgyptAir: THREAT SCRIBBLED ON OUTISIDE OF EGYPTAIR PLANE, Pilot Spoke with Air Traffic Control For Several Minutes Before Crash... Account directly contradicts the official claim that there was no distress call

NYT: EgyptAir Was Aware of Threats to Security, Including One Scribbled on PlaneThree EgyptAir security officials said the threatening graffiti, which appeared about two years ago, had been the work of aviation workers at Cairo Airport. Playing on the phonetic similarity between the last two letters in the plane’s registration, SU-GCC, and the surname of Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, some workers also wrote “traitor” and “murderer.”
7NewsYahoo: Pilots claim 'windows on one side of EgyptAir flight were blown out'
Pilots claim 'windows on one side of EgyptAir flight were blown out' 


[The timeline indicates that the incident occurred just as the changeover was supposed to happen from Greek air traffic control to Egypt ATC ...similar to MH370.]
"This is 0-7-2-5 Padova control. (Unintelligible) 8-0-4. Thank you so much. Good day er good night."

Supposed last communication from pilot.

But just as with the Malaysian plane, this isn't how communications end, at least not here in the US. As soon as one signs off with one controller, an immediate attempt is made to contact the next controller in line. But this appears not to have occurred with this plane or the Malaysian plane.
Shoebat: Captain of MS804 is Muslim linked to Major Benghazi terrorist

Walid Shoebat: Muslim pilot coverted plane to portable mosque and said farewell before crash
Eerie trials to complete Project Bojinka to see how trace-able evidence is?

UK Independent:EgyptAir pilot spoke with air traffic control for several minutes before flight MS804 Crash Account directly contradicts the official claim that there was no distress call.

The pilot of the doomed EgyptAir flight spoke to air traffic control in Egypt for several minutes just before the plane crashed, a French television station has claimed.

M6 said that the pilot told Cairo control about the smoke which had engulfed parts of the aircraft and decided to make an emergency descent to try to clear the fumes.

M6’s story, quoting unnamed French aviation officials, was not confirmed by the French air accident investigation agency, the BEA.

No such information had been passed by the Egyptian authorities to three BEA investigators who had flow to Cairo to take part in the official inquiry, the agency said.

M6 said that the pilot of the Egyptair A320 had "a conversation several minutes long" with Cairo air traffic control after the plane ran into difficulties in the early hours of Thursday morning.

As a result of the conversation, the pilot decided to make an “emergency descent”, depressurising the cabin, in an attempt to clear smoke fumes which had invaded the front of the aircraft.

Just after the Paris-Cairo flight vanished on Thursday, there were contradictory claims about distress calls or signals. An airline spokesman initially said that there had been a distress call from the airbus. This statement was denied by the Egyptian military and withdrawn by EgyptAir.

The claims follow reports of leaked flight data showing trouble in the cockpit and smoke in a plane lavatory just before the plane crashed.
[Is a rapid descent of 20,000 feet in two minutes SOP for clearing smoke?]
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“It’s the Bataan Death March”

former Clinton and Obama White House aides speaking of the Clinton campaign (from Maureen Dowd….that’s right)

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Roger Ailes Heard "Snickering With Glee" At Megyn Kelly's Failed Fox Special


Salon.com reported:
New York’s Gabriel Sherman is reporting that in addition to being a ratings and financial failure, Megyn Kelly’s interview with Donald Trump has resulted in her losing most of the leverage she had in her upcoming contract negotiations. 
Fox executives were willing to consider 9 million viewers a success, but Kelly’s supposedly mainstream appeal didn’t translate to the parent network, and she only netted 4.8 million viewers. 
It was, as one Fox insider told Sherman, “not good for her at all.” 
In fact, her boss Roger Ailes was apparently so tickled by the fact that he would not have to pay her a reported $25 million to remain at Fox News that he was heard “snickering” in a Thursday meeting when the special was mentioned.
Boy, has Megyn Kelly miscalculated.  She thought she could go full-court Feminist/Social Justice Warrior on Donald Trump. BUT, instead of winning, she has suffered a career meltdown.

She's just one step above Michelle FIelds.

Except that, at least, Fileds has Ben Shapiro to lick her ass after she takes a dump.

Megyn doesn't even have that.
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J Street: not only a progressive SHILL op for Obama, but a whore as well?

Ben Rhodes creative writing degree begat the nuclear propaganda mail list echo chamber, which begat Progressive $ launderer’s Ploughshare’s becoming NPR’s JOHN as NPR opened their legs to ‘proper’ reportage on the Iran Nuclear deal and now we learn J-Street was quickly on their knees ready to serve?

Who is J Street??

Who is Ploughshares?


A group the White House recently identified as a key surrogate in selling the Iran nuclear deal gave liberal Jewish lobbying group J street $576,500 to advocate for the deal. The Ploughshares Fund also gave National Public Radio $100,000 last year to help it report on the pact and related issues, according to the group’s annual report.It also funded reporters and partnerships with other news outlets.J-Street, a liberal Jewish political action group, undertook a comprehensive campaign last year to support the nuclear deal, amid lobbying by Jerusalem and other pro-Israel groups to convince Congress to block the landmark pact.

Ahead of a crucial congressional vote to either ratify or block the deal, J Street in July 2015 took out a full page advertisement in The New York Times supporting urging Congress to refrain from “sabotaging” the Iranian nuclear agreement.J Street also created TV ads and built a wesbite to stump for the accord.The group said called the New York Times ad was “the latest phase of [our] multimillion dollar campaign to ensure that the US Congress does not sabotage the nuclear deal.”The Ploughshares Fund’s mission is to “build a safe, secure world by developing and investing in initiatives to reduce and ultimately eliminate the world’s nuclear stockpiles,”

I cannot think of a position B Obama has taken J Street has diverged from.

They are simply an attempt to garner Jewish support for OBJECTIVELY anti Israel positions and (if you believe Jews will have a hard time surviving in the world as it is today without Israel) anti Jewish positions.

PS #1 - doing away with nuclear weapons is probably a way to guarantee the resumption of cataclysmic world wars since deterrence would be GONE. Of course, Russia, China et al are not insane, so the world will never be without nuclear deterrence …. only in the west would we hear such PATHOLOGICAL ALTRUISM being the puppeteer for the marionette known as idealism.

PS#2 -  J Street, politely referred to by TOI as “ a liberal Jewish political action group “ (they share all of SOROS ops db’s and this belies their REAL PURPOSE ..I know - I was at our state’s J Street kick off) has one of it’s 2 founders on record declaring Israel is a MISTAKE
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Live @ Ostróda Reggae Festival 2013 /Poland

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Muslims Eating Murdered Buddhist Monk in

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Islamic Museum To Be Built On Site Of Failed Ground Zero Mosque

From the New York Post:
The developer of the failed Ground Zero Mosque has nailed down “Sharia-compliant financing” for a new, luxury condominium tower and Islamic cultural museum on the same site, he and his banking partners said Wednesday. 
The $174 million dollar project features a three-story Islamic cultural museum at 51 Park Place and 48 high-end residential condos in a 43-story tower at 45 Park Place in the Financial District. 
The “Sharia-compliant” financing means the deal complies with complex Islamic laws that govern lending and borrowing, including a prohibition against accepting interest or fees for loans. 
Manhattan developer Sharif El-Gamal’s (POS) 2010 plan for a 15-story Islamic cultural center sparked protests from opponents who dubbed it the “Ground Zero Mosque,” although it was four blocks away. 
He abandoned that plan in 2011 and there has been little apparent opposition to the smaller museum or the development itself.
We need some radical Buddhists to take care of this abomination.

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BBC: Egypt Air: Black Box Found, Smoke Detected On Plane Before Crash

BBC: Egypt Air: Black Box Found, Smoke Detected On Plane Before Crash
Smoke was detected inside the cabin of the EgyptAir passenger plane before it crashed in the Mediterranean on Thursday, investigators have confirmed. Smoke detectors went off in the toilet and the aircraft's electrics, minutes before the signal was lost, the Aviation Herald had earlier reported. A spokesman for French investigators said it was too early to say what caused the crash.
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BREAKING- 2 US, French Intelligence Officers Captured by Hezbollah in Aleppo!?!!?!!!???

BREAKING- 2 US, French Intelligence Officers Captured by Hezbollah in Aleppo!

From which I quote:
Al-Haj said that the joint operations room was set up so that the French, US and Saudi intelligence agents can directly command Jeish al-Fatah terrorist attacks in Aleppo and nearby regions. 
So, the current-occupant-of-the-oval-office is in the terror attack business? Is anyone in Congress awake and paying attention???
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Obama Appoints Transgender Leader To Advisory Council On Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships

It's Name Is Barbara Satin - 
I Wonder How You Pronounce That Last Name

I saw this story (with this photo accompanying it) the other day, and I did not post on it, because I thought it was an over-the-top joke.

I should have known it was true, because the Obama Administration is, itself, an over-the-top joke.

A very, very dark joke, yes. But a joke, nonetheless.

From The Blaze:
The Obama administration has appointed a transgender individual to the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-based Neighborhood Partnerships, selecting Barbara Satin for a post along with two representatives of minority faiths. 
Satin, who was born a man but identifies as a woman, is an Air Force veteran, a member of the United Church of Christ and currently works with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, according to CBN News. 
“Given the current political climate, I believe it’s important that a voice of faith representing the transgender and gender non-conforming community — as well as a person of my years, nearly 82 — be present and heard in these vital conversations,” Satin said in a statement published through the United Church of Christ.
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What Happened to the EgyptAir Flight?

I have no friggin' clue.

But here's some of the latest information:

May 20th Aviation Herald report (scroll down to "Data Available" to see messages indicate fire on board):
On May 20th 2016 The Aviation Herald received information from three independent channels, that ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) messages with following content were received from the aircraft:

00:29Z 2200 AUTO FLT FCU 2 FAULT
00:29Z 2700 F/CTL SEC 3 FAULT
no further ACARS messages were received

From the NBC report re ACARS: “An “FCU” refers to a unit in cockpit the pilot uses to input instructions into the flight computer. “SEC3” refers to the computer that controls the spoilers and elevator computers of the plane. The fault messages indicate there could have been problems with the plane’s controls and computers, critical to controlling the aircraft.”

There is also speculation that the dive, 360 degree turn and plunge was probably large sections of the aircraft that could be seen by radar.
FCU = Flight Control Unit
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Billy Branch And The Sons Of Blues
1995-10-22, Leverkusener Jazztage

0:00 If Heartaches Were Nickels
7:50 Bring It On Home
14:35 Blues Keep Following Me Around

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Trump Speaks, NRA Endorses


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EgyptAir flight attendant posted picture on Facebook of plane crashing a year before she died in flight MS804

From Jihad Watch:
A flight attendant on the tragic EgyptAir flight MS804 had posted a picture of a plane crashing, months after she got a job with the airline. 
Samar Ezz Eldin, 27, uploaded the haunting image onto Facebook back in September 2014. 
It shows a female flight attendant in wet clothes pulling a suitcase out of the water as a plane plunges into the sea behind her. 
Eldin, who studied modern languages in Cairo, was among the first victims to be named of the Airbus A320. 
The flight was en route from Paris to Cairo with 66 passengers and crew when it vanished on Thursday….
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Two French Rock Concerts Cancel Eagles of Death Metal Appearances Due to Frontman Jesse Hughes Saying Some Muslims are Terrorists

From Le Figaro:
In a brief communique, the Parisian [music] festival as well as the Cabaret Vert and Rock en Seine decided jointly to cancel the shows of the American group. 
Due to the recent political statements made by the leader of the group, Jesse Hughes. 
"In complete disagreement with the recent statements made by Jesse Hughes.... the fesivals Cabaret Vert et Rock en Seine decided today to cancel the concerts of the group which were planned this summer." 
The message is clear. The American group had draw the thunder of many organizers after the singer Jesse Hughes had made the conspiracy-theory and racist claims in regard to the attacks of 13 November. May 14th, 
Jesse Hughes responded to questions of the very conservative Taki's Magazine. An interview in which he reaffirmed his claims made last march on Fox Business in which he accused the personnel of Bataclan of complicity with the terrorists. 
If he recognized having had "huge problems for having said that the Bataclan security was in cahoots with the terrorists," he remains persuaded "that they were there earlier in the day. I remember one of them staring at one of my buddies. I had just take it for Arab jealousy." 
To this was added claims even more doubtful about the Muslim community. The statements which had not at all pleased the orgaizers of the festivals Rock en Seine and Cabaret Vert, the only two to have scheduled The Eagles of Death Metal this summer. 
Now maybe awaiting more cancellations...
Here's our post on the interview.

Lesson learned: One must never offend a religion of slavery-loving, clitoris-removing, women-oppressing, child-bombing pantywaists.
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A German News Video on the new Round of Grope, Rape and Rob Attacks by Muslims in Germany

Judging by the look crafted for this show, it appears to be the German answer to one of our Morning shows where the hosts are all cheery, drinking coffee, gossiping, and maybe silly domestic sex jokes.

If that is the kind of show this is, and they are reporting on Muslims groping, raping, and robbing, then you  can tell Civilization itself is about to collapse.
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Hannity's Interview With Donald Trump

Worth 40 minutes of your time (hat tip to Adrienne):

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