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Monday, April 21, 2014

Video - Ukraine Synagogue Firebombed Just Days After Distribution of Anti-Semitic Flyers

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Video - Ukraine Synagogue Firebombed Just Days After Distribution of Anti-Semitic Flyers.HT:Algemeiner.

The Nikolayev Synagogue in Ukraine was reportedly firebombed by vandals at approximate 2 AM on Saturday morning, according to Chabad blog Shturem and closed-circuit footage of the attack, uploaded to YouTube at the weekend. 

The footage was posted by Yisroel Gotlieb, son of the city’s chief rabbi, Sholom Gotlieb.

One firebomb was thrown at the door of the synagogue, which was unoccupied at the time, and another was lobbed at a window, according to the blog. 

The junior Gotleib told Shturem that “miraculously a person passing by the shul was equipped with a fire extinguisher, and immediately put out the fire that had erupted, preventing massive damage.”Read the full story here.

Hmmm.....Ukraine PM vows to find 'bastards' behind anti-Semitic fliers. He shouldn't have to look far : here's Oleh Tyahnybok, who has claimed a “Moscow-Jewish mafia” rule Ukraine.

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Keith Jarrett
Tokyo, 1984

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Obama Uses Easter Address to Remind Us That Islam Teaches Us to "Kill Our Neighbors"


FUCK Obama.

From the White House website:
Hi, everybody. For millions of Americans, this time of year holds great meaning…
…For me, and for countless other Christians, Holy Week and Easter are times for reflection and renewal. We remember the grace of an awesome God, who loves us so deeply that He gave us his only Son, so that we might live through Him. We recall all that Jesus endured for us – the scorn of the crowds, the agony of the cross – all so that we might be forgiven our sins and granted everlasting life. And we recommit ourselves to following His example, to love and serve one another, particularly “the least of these” among us, just as He loves every one of us.
The common thread of humanity that connects us all – not just Christians and Jews, but Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs – is our shared commitment to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. To remember, I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s keeper. Whatever your faith, believer or nonbeliever, there’s no better time to rededicate ourselves to that universal mission.
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And the Jeopardy Question is, what is 26,817?

The record set by the Obama administration for the number of pages of final new regulations, for the year 2013
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THE Allman Brothers Band
Duane & Dickey
Gregg and Jaimoe and Butch and Berry

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And that’s the GOOD news


37% of Voters Fear the Federal Government

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of Likely U.S. Voters now fear the federal government, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Forty-seven percent (47%) do not, but another 17% are not sure.
Perhaps in part that’s because 54% consider the federal government today a threat to individual liberty rather than a protector. Just 22% see the government as a protector of individual rights, and that’s down from 30% last November. Slightly more (24%) are now undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)
As recently as December 2012, voters were evenly divided on this question: 45% said the federal government was a protector of individual rights, while 46% described it as a threat to those rights.
Two-out-of-three voters (67%) view the federal government today as a special interest group that looks out primarily for its own interests. Just 17% disagree, while 15% are undecided.
Only 19% now trust the federal government to do the right thing most or nearly all the time, down from 24% in June of last year. Eighty percent (80%) disagree, with 44% who trust the government to do the right thing only some of the time and 36% who say it rarely or never does the right thing.
Seventy-one percent (71%) of voters believe that if America’s Founding Fathers came back today, they would regard the federal government as too big. Just three percent (3%) think the nation’s founders would consider the government too small, while 21% say they would view the size of the federal government as about right.

Here is the bad ..


Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat

Now 72% say it is greater threat than big business or big labor

by Jeffrey M. Jones
PRINCETON, NJ — Seventy-two percent of Americans say big government is a greater threat to the U.S. in the future than is big business or big labor, a record high in the nearly 50-year history of this question. The prior high for big government was 65% in 1999 and 2000. Big government has always topped big business and big labor, including in the initial asking in 1965, but just 35% named it at that time.
Trend: Views of Biggest Threat to U.S. in Future
The latest update comes from a Dec. 5-8 poll. Gallup has documented a steady increase in concern about big government since 2009, rising from 55% in March 2009 to 64% in November 2011 and 72% today. This suggests that government policies specific to the period, such as the Affordable Care Act — perhaps coupled with recent revelations of government spying tactics by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden — may be factors.
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Well, here's something you don't see every day

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — Army Capt. Heather Borshof expects the questions.
"What's that on your uniform?" passers-by ask the chaplain for the Fort Bragg-based 330th Movement Control Battalion. It's the Ten Commandments topped with a Star of David, the symbol for Jewish chaplains.
Female Officer


Where do we get such people? The only way this could be more off the wall would be if she was gay

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How Liberals View Benghazi vs. Fort Hood vs. Bundy Ranch Summed Up Perfectly In Three Pictures

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Who kidnapped Justice Scalia?

when you board a plane someone can pass his hands all over your body that’s a terrible intrusion, but given the danger that it’s guarding against it’s not an unreasonable intrusion.


it can be the same thing with acquiring this data that is regarded as effects. That’s why I say its foolish to have us make the decision because I don’t know how serious the danger is in this NSA stuff, I really don’t.

Lessons …
  1. There is a difference which is significant between a conservative (so called) and those with libertarian leanings
  2. Anyone in long term service with any govt institution becomes a captured member of the political class, with all the proclivities, and needs of that class, such as belief in their own institutions as ‘doing good and right’ in the hands of those with ‘good intentions’
  3. It’s time in the republic to consider a limited term for SCOTUS
Now I agree with Mr. Rand Paul on VERY VERY little, but I trust him more than any other to safeguard my freedoms FROM THE UNITED STATES GOVT. I wonder if such a person can also safeguard me from other foreign depredations, and I find SMALL difference between such a person and Mr. Obama’s policy results. Yet IF THIS CONTINUES through 2016, who knows what I will do in the primaries. OR, in November?
One thing is for sure, given Harry Reid’s latest hysterical screeds, and Mr. Scalia’s pro govt do good leanings, I have no doubt that SCOTUS would uphold any violent act the govt committed in the pursuit of the ‘safety’ of citizens against the ‘given danger’, as Scalia put it. I still had faith in the Surpeme Court.
Just one more lesson in ..


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Messiah/Hallelujah Chorus

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The UNFORTUNATE EASTER MESSAGE: Nothing changed since 1945? Dude, nothing has changed since Xerxes’ adviser

A Holocaust survivor warned all the Jews of UKR to get the hell out. I have said many times since this **’juden to register’** story broke out that only a SCHLEMIEL would hang around.
A Synagogue in Demievka, Ukraine 1919
After all, even if this was a purely made up provocation, what makes it so believable?
Kishinev, Bessarabia 1903
Xerxes adviser, a long descended king of the Amalakites, was the first, on the eve of Xerxes invasion of Greece, to try to kill the jews (that we know of). Cicero, DECADES prior to the revolt from Rome which saw the Romans drive out ALL the jews from Israel gave a famous speech denouncing the Jews. And after the council of Nicaea it was all downhill for the ‘Christ killing’ stiff necked Jews.
Jews murdered by the Ataman Cossacks, Ukraine 
I have in other places published a 20+ page timeline of antisemitism (a history of historical acts and facts on which the Holocaust IS ONE LINE).
I was born in 1949. Growing up in the Bronx in a neighborhood which was about one third each white, black, and Puerto Rican, during marches, and sit ins, I had no doubt that whatever had powered what had occurred in Germany, the lesson in human values about racism, which all looked the same to me, was LEARNED. The purveyors of antisemitism were the American Nazi Party, the KKK, and their idiot solo followers. VESTIGIAL ACTORS. I learned that we are NOT all identical, but we make a team. If we choose.
On 9/13/2001 I ‘walked’ into an Islamic forum, and never really left, and suddenly the truth was obvious. Imams, Mullahs, Quran provided reference to the Protocols, fake Talmud quotes, lies about history, until I was defending the idea that the sky was blue. (A role easily relished, actually).
Mein Kampf still was a best seller. But that was not all…since, in Africa, Egypt, Turkey (Valley of the Wolves), Russia, wherever there was a history, and things got tough, BINGO. Whether it was Zhirinovsky, Stormfront, stories from govt papers in the ME that Jews really DID use the blood of Christians in Matzah, various European ‘political nationalist’ parties, Iran, and finally HERE with the now disgusting and so far small paleoconservative AND LEFTIST insinuations that Americans who happen to be Jews (may..a good word for perpetual suspicion) have dual loyalties and are not to be (fully) trusted especially if (as the left feels) the real problem in the Middle East is ISRAEL.
Jews murdered in the Ukraine
It is a long 2500 years of repression, suspicion, pogroms, accusation of bringing plagues, official ghettos, jizya, expulsions, slaughters, it becomes obvious that the Holocaust was MERELY the intersection of this history with the first applicable state capable of industrial murder.
So, when the real or fake paper arrives outside the doors of the temple to be distributed by masked men?
Find an agent to act for sale of your possession, get all the cash you can quickly get and LEAVE, and get to the ONLY sanctuary on this planet you can be certain of.
The people who scoff at that idea?
All history says they are the ashes going up a chimney, or those rounded up and simply never heard from again…. after being good little girls and boys and REGISTERING.
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Of Course!

Who didn't see THIS coming?
People who have accounts on the enrollment website for President Barack Obama's signature health care law are being told to change their passwords following an administration-wide review of the government's vulnerability to the confounding Heartbleed Internet security flaw.

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Rev. Franklin Graham's words of wisdom

Via WCBM Radio, Rev. Graham makes clear we should be worried about sharia, and says what at least one Australian politician said: that those Muslims who seek to impose sharia upon the country should go elsewhere. Well said.
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Dan Slott wants to lecture me

The terrible comics writer (and I don't see much future for him beyond that) sent me this tweet where he tries to explain why it's "OK" for there to be a Muslim Ms. Marvel:

Whoever approved of this costume for their kid based on the new take on the role did their child a disservice. I guess what Slott is saying is that, if the child allegedly wanted to wear the outfit of an avowed communist character, it'd be okay too? Yep, I guess that's what he's saying.

A Pakistani hero is one thing. A Muslim "hero" is another. And Slott's trying to justify poor parenting or something in his continued effort to act as apologist for the company's directions. However, I don't see this outfit gaining much traction on the market. I do think Slott is a sad case if he's going to keep up these apologetics and trivialize the serious issues involving the Koran's content.

Sorry, Mr. Slott, but you'll have to do much better than that. Like, say, explain how Islam isn't a bad influence for anybody. Next time you call, I suggest you be ready to say Armenians deserve representation in comics too.
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Obama Admin Gives Iran $450 Million In Frozen Assets For Good Behavior

What Would Obama Have To Do 
 To Convince You He's Anti-American?
(Reuters) – The United States has taken steps to release a $450 million (267.9 million pounds) instalment of frozen Iranian funds following a report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verifying that Iran is living up to its part of a landmark nuclear pact with world powers, the U.S. State Department said on Thursday.
State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said that “all sides have kept the commitments made” under the agreement. She said that “as Iran remains in line with its commitments,” the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China, Russia and the European Union “will continue to uphold our commitments as well.”
The report by the U.N. nuclear agency showed that Iran had – as stipulated under the November 24 agreement – diluted half of its higher-grade enriched uranium reserve to a fissile content less prone to bomb proliferation. Tehran has also continued to convert the other half of its stock of uranium gas refined to a 20 percent fissile purity, the IAEA report said.
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

If True, A Very Bad Sign

From WND:
Armed fed raid prompted by safety rules

Critics of the way federal agencies in Montana handled a recent raid on a company that recycles brass for ammunition are calling for an investigation.

Government officials have declined to respond to allegations that armed officers with weapons drawn locked up USA Brass employees, confiscated their cell phones and otherwise violated their rights.

The incident in Bozeman, Mont., drew little attention from media.

To protect against lead contamination, USA Brass had installed filters and added training. The company had passed a subsequent inspection before officers from the Environmental Protection Agency and FBI arrived, apparently with guns drawn....

...[S]ome have explained the event as an “audit,” but then the question is why it escalated into “a full-blown, armed raid.”...
Read the rest HERE.

Now, I'm wary of WND as a reliable source. But the same is true of mainstream news sources.

So, does anybody here at IBA know if the above story is true?

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Obama Deliberately Emboldening Our Enemies

I Will Use Feigned Incompetence 
To Grind Them Into Dust

All Americans should be aware of some very disturbing events that speak to the state of terrorism, the strength of al Qaeda and our nation’s security. In light of the danger unfolding around us, we also need to question whether or not President Obama’s administration is serious about confronting what is clearly a gathering storm, or whether, in fact, his policies are encouraging those who wish to harm us. 
One of the more shocking events illustrating the growing strength of al Qaeda is the release of a video this week showing what CNN reports as “the largest and most dangerous gathering of al Qaeda in years.” 
It’s what experts think is a recent gathering of the terrorist group’s leadership and more than 100 fighters in Yemen. For an administration that does not hide its eagerness to use drones to kill terrorists, experts and journalists alike were wondering whether our intelligence community knew about this meeting, and if so, why didn’t they take the opportunity to kill the most dangerous of them with one drone strike? 
The terrorists on the video seem strangely unconcerned with their safety, as though there was no need for them to feel at risk. When asked about the brazenness of the gathering, Rep. Mike Rogers, Michigan Republican and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, noted on CNN: “We think that they’re feeling empowered. The less pressure you put on them, the more they take that as a victory … .” 
It now appears al Qaeda was “on the run” in the same way you were able to keep your doctor and hospital. Whether we didn’t know about the gathering, or did and chose to do nothing, it’s another signal to the beasts around the world that no one is home in Washington, D.C. 
The dangerous circus created by the Obama regime’s rules doesn’t stop there... 
 Go read the whole thing.
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The Slow Death of Free Speech

From Mark Steyn:

These days, pretty much every story is really the same story:
  • In Galway, at the National University of Ireland, a speaker who attempts to argue against the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) programme against Israel is shouted down with cries of ‘Fucking Zionist, fucking pricks… Get the fuck off our campus.’
  • In California, Mozilla’s chief executive is forced to resign because he once made a political donation in support of the pre-revisionist definition of marriage.
  • At Westminster, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee declares that the BBC should seek ‘special clearance’ before it interviews climate sceptics, such as fringe wacko extremists like former Chancellor Nigel Lawson.
  • In Massachusetts, Brandeis University withdraws its offer of an honorary degree to a black feminist atheist human rights campaigner from Somalia.
  • In London, a multitude of liberal journalists and artists responsible for everything from Monty Python to Downton Abbey sign an open letter in favour of the first state restraints on the British press in three and a quarter centuries.
  • And in Canberra the government is planning to repeal Section 18C — whoa, don’t worry, not all of it, just three or four adjectives; or maybe only two, or whatever it’s down to by now, after what Gay Alcorn in the Agedescribed as the ongoing debate about ‘where to strike the balance between free speech in a democracy and protection against racial abuse in a multicultural society’.
I heard a lot of that kind of talk during my battles with the Canadian ‘human rights’ commissions a few years ago: of course, we all believe in free speech, but it’s a question of how you ‘strike the balance’, where you ‘draw the line’… which all sounds terribly reasonable and Canadian, and apparently Australian, too. But in reality the point of free speech is for the stuff that’s over the line, and strikingly unbalanced. If free speech is only for polite persons of mild temperament within government-policed parameters, it isn’t free at all. So screw that.
But I don’t really think that many people these days are genuinely interested in ‘striking the balance’; they’ve drawn the line and they’re increasingly unashamed about which side of it they stand. What all the above stories have in common, whether nominally about Israel, gay marriage, climate change, Islam, or even freedom of the press, is that one side has cheerfully swapped that apocryphal Voltaire quote about disagreeing with what you say but defending to the death your right to say it for the pithier Ring Lardner line: ‘“Shut up,” he explained.’
A generation ago, progressive opinion at least felt obliged to pay lip service to the Voltaire shtick. These days, nobody’s asking you to defend yourself to the death: a mildly supportive retweet would do. But even that’s further than most of those in the academy, the arts, the media are prepared to go. As Erin Ching, a student at 60-grand-a-year Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, put it in her college newspaper the other day: ‘What really bothered me is the whole idea that at a liberal arts college we need to be hearing a diversity of opinion.’ Yeah, who needs that? There speaks the voice of a generation: celebrate diversity by enforcing conformity.
The examples above are ever-shrinking Dantean circles of Tolerance: At Galway, the dissenting opinion was silenced by grunting thugs screaming four-letter words. At Mozilla, the chairwoman is far more housetrained: she issued a nice press release all about (per Miss Alcorn) striking a balance between freedom of speech and ‘equality’, and how the best way to ‘support’ a ‘culture’ of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusiveness’ is by firing anyone who dissents from the mandatory groupthink. At the House of Commons they’re moving to the next stage: in an ‘inclusive culture’ ever more comfortable with narrower bounds of public discourse, it seems entirely natural that the next step should be for dissenting voices to require state permission to speak.
At Brandeis University, we are learning the hierarchy of the new multiculti caste system. In theory, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is everything the identity-group fetishists dig: female, atheist, black, immigrant. If conservative white males were to silence a secular women’s rights campaigner from Somalia, it would be proof of the Republican party’s ‘war on women’, or the encroaching Christian fundamentalist theocracy, or just plain old Andrew Boltian racism breaking free of its redoubt at the Herald Sun to rampage as far as the eye can see. But when the snivelling white male who purports to be president of Brandeis (one Frederick Lawrence) does it out of deference to Islam, Miss Hirsi Ali’s blackness washes off her like a bad dye job on a telly news anchor. White feminist Germaine Greer can speak at Brandeis because, in one of the more whimsical ideological evolutions even by dear old Germaine’s standards, Ms Greer feels that clitoridectomies add to the rich tapestry of ‘cultural identity’: ‘One man’s beautification is another man’s mutilation,’ as she puts it. But black feminist Hirsi Ali, who was on the receiving end of ‘one man’s mutilation’ and lives under death threats because she was boorish enough to complain about it, is too ‘hateful’ to be permitted to speak. In the internal contradictions of multiculturalism, Islam trumps all: race, gender, secularism, everything. So, in the interests of multiculti sensitivity, pampered upper-middle-class trusty-fundy children of entitlement are pronouncing a Somali refugee beyond the pale and signing up to Islamic strictures on the role of women.
That’s another reason why Gay Alcorn’s fretting over ‘striking the balance’ is so irrelevant. No matter where you strike it, the last unread nonagenarian white supremacist Xeroxing flyers in a shack off the Tanami Track will be way over the line, while, say, Sheikh Sharif Hussein’s lively sermon to an enthusiastic crowd at the Islamic Da’wah Centre of South Australia, calling on Allah to kill every last Buddhist and Hindu, will be safely inside it. One man’s decapitation is another man’s cultural validation, as Germaine would say.
Ms Greer has reached that Circle of Tolerance wherein the turkeys line up to volunteer for an early Eid. The Leveson Inquiry declaration of support signed by all those London luvvies like Emma Thompson, Tom Stoppard, Maggie Smith, Bob Geldof and Ian McKellen is the stage that comes after that House of Commons Science and Technology Committee — when the most creative spirits in our society all suddenly say: ‘Ooh, yes, please, state regulation, bring it on!’ Many of the eminent thespians who signed this letter started their careers in an era when every play performed in the West End had to be approved by the Queen’s Lord Chamberlain. Presented with a script that contained three ‘fucks’ and an explicit reference to anal sex, he’d inform the producer that he would be permitted two ‘crikeys’ and a hint of heavy petting. In 1968, he lost his censorship powers, and the previously banned Hair, of all anodyne trifles, could finally be seen on the London stage: this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Only four and a half decades after the censor’s departure, British liberals are panting for the reimposition of censorship under a new ‘Royal Charter’.
This is the aging of the dawn of Aquarius: new blasphemy laws for progressive pieties. In the New Statesman, Sarah Ditum seemed befuddled that the ‘No Platform’ movement — a vigorous effort to deny public platforms to the British National party and the English Defence League — has mysteriously advanced from silencing ‘violent fascists’ to silencing all kinds of other people, like aGuardian feminist who ventured some insufficiently affirming observations about trans-women and is now unfit for polite society. But, once you get a taste for shutting people up, it’s hard to stop. Why bother winning the debate when it’s easier to close it down?
Nick Lowles defined the ‘No Platform’ philosophy as ‘the position where we refuse to allow fascists an opportunity to act like normal political parties’. But free speech is essential to a free society because, when you deny people ‘an opportunity to act like normal political parties’, there’s nothing left for them to do but punch your lights out. Free speech, wrote the Washington Post’s Robert Samuelson last week, ‘buttresses the political system’s legitimacy. It helps losers, in the struggle for public opinion and electoral success, to accept their fates. It helps keep them loyal to the system, even though it has disappointed them. They will accept the outcomes, because they believe they’ve had a fair opportunity to express and advance their views. There’s always the next election. Free speech underpins our larger concept of freedom.’
Just so. A fortnight ago I was in Quebec for a provincial election in which the ruling separatist party went down to its worst defeat in almost half a century. This was a democratic contest fought between parties that don’t even agree on what country they’re in. In Ottawa for most of the 1990s the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition was a chap who barely acknowledged either the head of state or the state she’s head of. Which is as it should be. Because, if a Quebec separatist or an Australian republican can’t challenge the constitutional order through public advocacy, the only alternative is to put on a black ski-mask and skulk around after dark blowing stuff up.
I’m opposed to the notion of official ideology — not just fascism, Communism and Baathism, but the fluffier ones, too, like ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘climate change’ and ‘marriage equality’. Because the more topics you rule out of discussion — immigration, Islam, ‘gender fluidity’ — the more you delegitimise the political system. As your cynical political consultant sees it, a commitment to abolish Section 18C is more trouble than it’s worth: you’ll just spends weeks getting damned as cobwebbed racists seeking to impose a bigots’ charter when you could be moving the meter with swing voters by announcing a federal programmne of transgendered bathroom construction. But, beyond the shrunken horizons of spinmeisters, the inability to roll back something like 18C says something profound about where we’re headed: a world where real, primal, universal rights — like freedom of expression — come a distant second to the new tribalism of identity-group rights.
Oh, don’t worry. There’ll still be plenty of ‘offending, insulting or humiliating’ in such a world, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Mozilla CEO and Zionists and climate deniers and feminist ‘cis-women’ not quite au courant with transphobia can all tell you. And then comes the final, eerie silence. Young Erin Ching at Swarthmore College has grasped the essential idea: it is not merely that, as the Big Climate enforcers say, ‘the science is settled’, but so is everything else, from abortion to gay marriage. So what’s to talk about? Universities are no longer institutions of inquiry but ‘safe spaces’ where delicate flowers of diversity of race, sex, orientation, ‘gender fluidity’ and everything else except diversity of thought have to be protected from exposure to any unsafe ideas.
As it happens, the biggest ‘safe space’ on the planet is the Muslim world. For a millennium, Islamic scholars have insisted, as firmly as a climate scientist or an American sophomore, that there’s nothing to debate. And what happened? As the United Nations Human Development Programme’s famous 2002 report blandly noted, more books are translated in Spain in a single year than have been translated into Arabic in the last 1,000 years. Free speech and a dynamic, innovative society are intimately connected: a culture that can’t bear a dissenting word on race or religion or gender fluidity or carbon offsets is a society that will cease to innovate, and then stagnate, and then decline, very fast.
As American universities, British playwrights and Australian judges once understood, the ‘safe space’ is where cultures go to die.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pentagon Pleads With Obama Regime To Stop New Russian Spy Plane From Flying In American Airspace, John Kerry and His Parade of Pathetic Pussies Want To Approve It

From the Daily Beast:
The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. military and American intelligence agencies have quietly pushed the White House in recent weeks to deny a new Russian surveillance plane the right to fly over U.S. territory. 
This week, the White House finally began consideration of the decision whether to certify the new Russian aircraft under the so-called “Open Skies Treaty.” And now the question becomes: Will the spies and generals get their way? 
As the United States and Russia face off publicly over Ukraine, behind the scenes, President Obama’s national security cabinet is having its own quiet feud over a long-standing agreement to allow Russian surveillance flights over U.S. airspace. The spies and the generals want to deny the Russians the overflight rights for its latest surveillance planes. 
The State Department, which ultimately makes that decision, has favored such certification. On Wednesday an interagency meeting of senior officials failed to reach consensus, delaying the decision until Obama takes it up with the National Security Council, according to U.S. officials involved in the dispute. 
At issue is the Open Skies Treaty. First signed in 1992 and finally ratified in 2002, the treaty adopted by 34 nations allows the safe passage of planes equipped with advanced cameras and sensors that give governments the imagery and data they use to assess everything from compliance with arms control treaties to troop movements. 
On April 15, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, and the Republican chairman of that panel’s subcommittee that oversees the U.S. nuclear arsenal, Rep. Mike Rogers from Alabama, urged Obama to deny Russia the right to fly its new planes over U.S. airspace. 
In their letter, the two lawmakers write, “We agree with the concerns expressed by the Intelligence Community and the military leadership of the Department of Defense” in their opposition to certifying the new Russian planes under the treaty. 
The State Department on the other hand has argued the United States should live up to the treaty’s obligations and approve the new Russian aircraft. 
The decision to certify the planes and their sensors has been pending since late last year, long before the Ukraine crisis began. One senior U.S. official said, “This isn’t just an issue between the United States and Russia. Our allies and partners depend on this treaty for insight into Russia because they don’t have the same capabilities as the United States.”
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A "Christian" Who Sounds Like a Muslim: Russian Vice Speaker Screams at Guards to Rape Pregnant Journalist ‘Hard’

A reporter asked Vladimir Zhirinovsky if Russia should reply to the entry ban recently imposed by Ukraine on Russian men, the politician made a loud and illogical speech, first accusing female politicians from Ukraine of suffering from nymphomania (to which he referred to by the obsolete term “uterine frenzy”), then suggesting that the reporter must have a similar condition. When the woman said she was pregnant, Zhirinovsky affectionately told her to stay home instead of going to work. After this he suddenly pushed one of his aides at the reporter telling the young man that he should “rape the woman hard.” Then he shouted “Christ is risen! Truly he is risen!” and “kiss her!” several times, most likely hinting at the Easter celebrations two days away.
As another female journalist stepped in to defend her colleague Zhirinovsky called her a lesbian and passed several homophobic remarks.

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Washington Post Lies About Islam

Today, I stumbled across this, originally published on February 3, 2014:
COMMENTARY: Blasphemy charges pervert Islam’s teachings

...Regarding free speech, the Quran recognizes and protects free speech and expression in more than 40 instances....


Muhammad established the Charter of Medina, a secular constitution between Muslims and Jews. The charter ensured equality, universal religious freedom, and free speech for all Medina’s residents.

Islam limits free speech on the same premise that the U.S. Supreme Court has also banned the utterance of inflammatory speech. Punishment is warranted if an individual threatens the state due his advocacy of terrorism or incitement to pre-emptive war. It is upon this premise that citizens were punished in Muhammad’s time — be they Muslim or Jewish. At least 15 European nations have laws punishing certain types of blasphemy — something Islam’s original sources do not have....
The same kind of CRAP that is published in almost every history book used in the United States and throughout the West.

I note that the article, written by an Ahmadiyya Muslim, garnered few comments.

Not all commenters were fooled by the article. One commenter stated:
...The Washington Post in publishing this half-informed article here, is wittingly or unwittingly, propagandizing for Muslims in true "NewSpeak".

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St. Matthew's Passion

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Yatsenyuk Giving Hitler Salute

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Erdogan's Theological Justification for His Dictatorial Stance

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Erdogan's Theological Justification for His Dictatorial Stance.HT: GatestoneInstitute.By Timon Dias.
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