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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says Indiana's RFRA Law Is Anti-American, As Bad As Sharia Law

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says, Sharia Law Is Totally Gay

From Time Magazine:
The state took a step toward establishing an American version of Sharia law, 
In the 1987 movie Moonstruck, Nicolas Cage plays a contentious man who, when confronted with his unreasonable and unjust behavior, shouts in defense, “I ain’t no freakin’ monument to justice!” 
That line echoes in my head when I think about Indiana’s hypocritical and anti-American Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). At its core, rather than being a monument to justice, RFRA is a step toward establishing an American version of Shari’a law. 
I know that sounds hyperbolic, in the tradition of, “If Obama is re-elected, the terrorists have won” or “If the pipeline isn’t approved, you’re Nazis because Hitler once nixed a pipeline.” 
However, in this case, the comparison is not so crazy. Shari’a law, when imposed on a population by force, makes a single religion’s teachings (often a single sect of that religion’s teachings) the law of the land. 
The mission is to force everyone to follow the teachings lest they be punished. Although RFRA supporters aren’t physically assaulting people, they certainly are attempting to punish those who don’t follow their own very specific interpretation of God’s teachings.
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God's Gonna Cut You Down

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Humpday Blues

95 South (The High Sheriff From Hell)

Cadillac In The Swamp

Them Jelly Blues & Creepin' Blues

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It makes you feel ashamed to live in a land 
Where Justice is a gem
     --- Bob Dylan

Is a So-Called "American Government" Which Attacks the Very Liberty of Conscience the Nation Was Founded Upon Any Longer Owed Allegiance?

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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Art of Peacefully Overthrowing Governments

Peaceful overthrow of an established government is an art, not a science. If you want to bring about a kindly revolution, you must know the nation and its people intimately, and act accordingly.
When the government of Iceland was peacefully overthrown, very little was heard or said about it on the world stage — other than in the financial media. Political change in Iceland was achieved peacefully, and apparently with a stable result. More
The revolutions of 1989 were successful overall in throwing off the puppet regimes of an oppressive occupying power, thus making self-determination more possible. Those revolutions were a largely spontaneous response to dominant zeitgeist that was felt fromEastern Europe to Tiananmen Square. The Chinese revolution was put down harshly by the PLA, but most of the puppet governments in Eastern Europe finally submitted to popular will.
The events began in Poland in 1989,[2][3] and continued in Hungary, East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Romania. One feature common to most of these developments was the extensive use of campaigns of civil resistance demonstrating popular opposition to the continuation of one-party rule and contributing to the pressure for change.[4] Romania was the only Eastern Bloc country to overthrow its Communist regime violently.[5] The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 failed to stimulate major political changes in China. However, powerful images of courageous defiance during that protest helped to spark a precipitation of events in other parts of the globe. Among the famous anti-Communist revolutions was the fall of the Berlin Wall, which served as the symbolic gateway to German reunification in 1990.
The Soviet Union was dissolved by the end of 1991, resulting in 14 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan) declaring their independence from the Soviet Union and the bulk of the country being succeeded by the Russian Federation. __ Revolutions of 1989
The 1989 European revolutions that succeeded in a non-violent manner, were successful because the underlying societies were ready to throw off the foreign (Soviet) yoke. A critical mass of citizens created a chain reaction of mass effect which told the puppet leaders that they had best get out of the way.
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What The Fuck Is Obama Doing?

Obama's actions of late have been so confusing, I think perhaps we ought to start a series of articles called "What The Fuck Is Obama Doing?" wherein we all speculate as to the possible strategy.

I wrote one of these, which I entitled "The Huma Initiative."

Today I received an email from Nico containing his speculation.

Here it is:
I have been thinking about what's been going on with the US-Iran and US-Israel relations. I haven't come to any sort of conclusion just yet but I am wondering if all Obama wants is to be seen as someone great, as the savior of (those he thinks are) the weak? 
He called Mahmoud Abbas as soon as he became president. And tried vehemently to JUST GET A PEACE DEAL done between Israel and Arabs so that he would be "the president who achieved peace where it was impossible". He knew Arabs wouldn't give up anything, so his logical conclusion was to force Israel to give up everything. Because after all, Israel is "mighty" whereas the Arabs are "underdogs", the weak. 
That seems to have gone nowhere. So he turned his full attention to Iran. 
Iran. Weak, underdogs again, with the "whole world turned against them". No one but Obama and a select few in his admin understand the poor Iranians. Everyone else, including the mighty arrogant Israelis, is too foolish and nationalist and white to understand what the real intentions of Iran are...if only everyone understood what Obama knows!" 
That is why the American people, who are mighty and arrogant just like the Israelis, don't need to know the details of the deal since they don't have the awesome knowledge that Obama does. Once the deal has been reached, THAT'S when people will realize the awesomeness and wisdom of Obama's thought. Only then will they realize that he was "the president who saved humanity". 
I think this kind of thinking, more than anything else, may be the driving force behind all these utterly illogical and stupid foreign policy decisions that we have seen by this admin. The assistance to Egypt - now that 10 Arab countries are attacking Shiites in Yemen - also fits into that because if Obama was merely pro-Iran, he wouldn't be trying to help Egypt. 
This also does not seem like "I will assist them so they fail and then their weapons fall into the hands of ISIS" because Egypt has proper military as opposed to Libya. Even a doofus with limited knowledge of Middle East knows that. The Muslim Brotherhood can not defeat the Egyptian military, and neither can ISIS. 
This move by Obama now seems to be a last ditch effort to get his name signed on something else that he did absolutely nothing for. He also seems to be under pressure from the Arabs who are also what Obama would think of as "mighty" (as opposed to "weak"), but are actually leading from the front, unlike what he has been able to achieve so far. He wants to take credit for what they may achieve in this fight. 
In the end, I think he wants to be known for something. Its possible that because all he grew up with was "dreams of his father" and nothing real, he is primarily motivated by the longing for some legacy he can call his very own. Something that people would say "well Obama achieved that...". Truth is, he's a community organizer who achieved nothing in his life. Having won elections not because of anything he did but because of his team that was doing everything for him I think he does not feel fulfilled. 
And he is ready to burn down the world to make sure he feels fulfilled. I think maybe that is the reason for what he's done. I think narcissism may be the only logical explanation to this.

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Netanyahu Responds to Threat From Iranian General

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Israel launches airstrikes on Syria following rocket attack, ‘red line’ warning from Iran

Israeli jets struck several targets in Syria in response to Hezbollah rocket fire into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, the IDF said. The exchange came as Iran warned Tel Aviv of crossing a “red line” with the murder of an Iranian general in Syria.
The Israeli Air Force (IAF) announced striking Syrian army artillery targets late on Tuesday night in response to an earlier rocket attack on Golan Heights and Mount Hermon.
“The IDF views the Syrian regime as responsible for what occurs in its territory, and will act at any time and any way it sees fit to protect the citizens of Israel,” the IDF said.

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Scuzlims Torch At Least 68 Churches in Nigeria in One Month

What Muslims Are Good At

Islamists Torch At Least 68 Churches in Nigeria in One Month

At least 68 churches, two of which were Baptist, have been burned in the West African country of Niger.
Panlieba Tchalieni, president of the Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Niger, reported that the church burnings, carried out by Muslim extremist group Boko Haram, occurred in the Zinder region and Niamey.
“In terms of Baptist churches in Niger, we have two churches that are burned: the first evangelical church in Niger built in 1928 and another behind the Niger River built 15 years ago,” Tchalieni said.

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Blackberry Smoke
Too High

Pretty Little Lie

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Obama Is Going To Help Egypt?

Obama on Monday said he would ask the U.S. Congress for US$1.3 billion per year in military aid for Egypt and said he would lift holds on aircraft, missiles and tanks for Cairo in place since October 2013, the White House said in a statement.
WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama on Monday said he would ask the U.S. Congress for US$1.3 billion per year in military aid for Egypt and said he would lift holds on aircraft, missiles and tanks for Cairo in place since October 2013, the White House said in a statement.
Obama also said that the United States would discontinue starting in fiscal 2018 Egypt’s use of cash flow financing, a financial mechanism that allows Egypt to buy equipment on credit, the White House said.
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is releasing military aid to Egypt that was suspended after the 2013 coup in that country.
The White House says Obama is lifting the hold on sending F-16 fighter jets, tanks and other material to Egypt. The U.S. has been weighing whether to lift the hold to help combat the extremist threat spilling over from Libya and in the Sinai Peninsula.
But the White House says it is not issuing a certification that Egypt has made progress toward democracy. Instead, the U.S. is maintaining that the aid is in the interest of U.S. national security.
The U.S. had to do one or the other to unblock the aid. The funds were suspended 21 months ago when the military overthrew Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

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Abbas Wants Arabs to Bomb Gaza Strip?!?!?!?

Video - Abbas's Advisor Mahmoud Al-Habbash in Friday Sermon: Like Houthis, Hamas Should Face an Iron Fist

Apparently, it's true.

From the Gatestone Institute:
The Palestinian Authority (PA) is calling on Arab countries to launch a military strike against the Gaza Strip -- even as the PA plans to bring "war crimes" charges against Israel for doing exactly the same thing in the summer of 2014. 
The Arabs are allowed to attack the Gaza strip to remove Hamas from power, while Israel is not even allowed to launch airstrikes at those who are firing rockets at its cities. The PA's call should be brought to the attention of the International Criminal Court if and when Abbas proceeds with his plan to file "war crimes" charges against Israel for its war against Hamas. 
This call should also be brought to the attention of Western governments and international human rights organizations that condemned Israel during Operation Protective Edge. They also need to ask Abbas whether he also plans to file "war crimes" charges against his Arab brethren once they start bombing the Gaza Strip. 
The Palestinian Authority (PA), whose leaders say they are planning to file "war crimes" charges against Israel over its last war with Hamas, is now calling on Arab countries to launch a military strike against the Gaza Strip, similar to the Saudi-led campaign against Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen. 
The call to launch an Arab military strike against the Gaza Strip was made by Mahmoud Habbash, a senior advisor to PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Commenting on the Saudi-led military operations in Yemen, Habbash, who also holds the post of Chief Islamic Judge, said in a Friday sermon at a mosque in Ramallah: 
"Protecting legitimacy in an Arab country is a duty of all Arab leaders. They must take the initiative to strike with an iron fist against those who come out against legitimacy, regardless of the time and place, starting from Palestine. What happened in the Gaza Strip was a [Hamas] coup. There should be no dialogue with those behind the coup and they must be hit with an iron fist." 
The following day, Abbas himself hinted that he too would like to see the Arab states launch a military campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. 
Addressing the 26th Arab League Summit in the Egyptian resort of Sharm al-Sheikh, Abbas declared: "I hope the Arab states carry out the same policy that they are in Yemen in the case of all Arab nations that suffer from internal conflicts -- such as Palestine, Syria, Libya and Iraq." 
When Israel launched Operation Protective Edge in the summer of last year in response to the firing of rockets at Israeli cities, the Palestinian Authority and its leaders, including Abbas, were quick to condemn Israelis for allegedly perpetrating "war crimes" against Palestinians.
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Muslim groups attack Egyptian Copts over church honoring Christians killed by ISIS

Muslim groups attack Egyptian Copts over church honoring Christians killed by ISIS
Relatives of the Coptic Christians beheaded last month by jihadists in Libya – their deaths immortalized in a gory video set against the backdrop of a Mediterranean beach – are facing new extremist-Muslim violence as they seek to build a church to honor their murdered loved ones. 
An angry mob in the Upper Egyptian village of Al Our – the proposed site of the church because it was home to 13 of the 21 Christians murdered in the mass “beachfront” decapitation – descended on the community’s current church after the midday Islamic prayer Friday and chanted that they’d never allow construction of the new place of worship to begin, witnesses told Egyptian activists in the U.S.
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Benghazi Committee Summons Hillary

From the Washington Examiner:
A House panel Tuesday formally requested Hillary Clinton to testify about the private server and email account she used while serving as secretary of state. 
Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, sent a request to Clinton's personal attorney, David E. Kendall, requesting that Clinton appear before the committee no later than May 1 for a transcribed interview about the server and email. 
The request comes after Kendall told Gowdy that the server had been wiped clean and that it would be impossible to recover the 30,000 emails Clinton deleted last year. 
Gowdy, in his request to Kendall, also asked Clinton to "reconsider" her refusal to turn over the server to a neutral third party, which he called "highly unusual, if not unprecedented." 
Clinton said she only deleted personal emails and turned over every work-related message to the State Department, which is reviewing the data to filter out classified information. 
"Because of the Secretary's unique arrangement with herself as it relates to public records during and after her tenure as Secretary of State." 
Gowdy wrote, "this Committee is left with no alternative but to request Secretary Clinton appear before this Committee for a transcribed interview to better understand decisions the Secretary made relevant to the creation, maintenance, retention, and ultimately deletion of public records.
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Anonymous Announces “Electronic Holocaust” in Arabic Against Israel

The Hill:
The hacking collective Anonymous has vowed to “erase” Israel from cyberspace in an “electronic Holocaust” on April 7. 
It’s the fourth year in a row the hacking group has targeted the Israeli government for “bombing, killing and kidnapping of the Palestinian people.” 
A Guy Fawkes-masked figure wearing a suit and tie delivered the message in a video posted to YouTube earlier this month. 
“As we did many times, we will take down your servers, government websites, Israeli military websites, banks and public institutions,” the figure said.
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This Has Nothing to Do With Islam

Hooray for Allah!

Gruesome new images have emerged showing Islamic State militants stoning a blindfolded and bound man and woman to death in Iraq after they were accused of having sex before marriage.
Taken in the ISIS-stronghold of Mosul in Nineveh province, the shocking images show a large crowd gathered to watch the jihadis murder the defenceless couple.
Young boys clamber onto their fathers’ shoulders to get a better view of the man and woman being charged with ‘fornication’, before the familiar white-bearded face of ISIS’s elderly Mosul-based executioner-in-chief Abu Ansar al-Ansari orders their stoning to death.
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Catholic University Officials Approve Club to Raise Money For ISIS

Catholic university officials caught on secret video approving student club devoted to raising money for ISIS, saying: ‘We’re here to get that done.’

Administrators at a Catholic university in Florida agreed to help an honors student start a campus club that would send money and supplies to the ISIS terror army. 
Hidden camera footage released Monday morning shows officials and faculty at Barry University advising a senior – identified only as ‘Laura’ – about the best way to secure funding for a club she called ‘Sympathetic Students in Support of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.’ 
‘I want to start fundraising efforts on campus, and what I want to do is raise funds to send overseas,’ she told Derek Bley, the school’s Coordinator for Leadership Development and Student Organizations. 
Bley offered to help her create the organization and agreed with her request to ‘pass out Islamic State flags and educate people’ at an annual student ‘Festival of Nations’ fair. 
The video is from Project Veritas, a conservative ‘guerilla film-making group’ that last week captured a Cornell University dean agreeing that ISIS and Hamas would be welcome at the Ivy League school.
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"If Reporters Can't Even Mention Your Religion Without Feeling Compelled To Vigorously Insists That It Has Nothing to do With Terrorism, Your Religion Probably Has Something To Do With Terrorism"

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Morning session talks between Iran, P5+1, ended after just 35 minutes

Reports from Lausanne say that the talks may not end in a framework agreement, as had been hoped, but rather with a joint statement that outlines the points of agreement and disagreement between the sides.
Meanwhile MEMRI reports Iran has not given in on ANY OF THEIR MAIN OBJECTIVES
It should be emphasized that Iran has not backed down in any way, at any stage, from the positions with which it began the talks:
1.  Tehran rejects the removal of its enriched uranium from Iran.
2.  Tehran rejects a gradual lifting of the sanctions.
3.  Tehran rejects restriction of the number of its centrifuges.
4.  Tehran rejects intrusive inspections and snap inspections.
5.  Tehran rejects any halt to its research and development activity.
6.  Tehran rejects any change to the nature of its heavy water reactor at Arak.
7.  Tehran rejects any closure of its secret enrichment site at Fordow.
8.  Tehran rejects all restrictions to its nuclear activity following the agreement’s expiration.
9.  Tehran rejects the inclusion of its long-range missile program in the negotiations.
10.  Tehran rejects reporting on its previous clandestine military nuclear activity.
11.  Tehran rejects allowing inspections of military sites suspected of conducting nuclear activity.
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What will the cave-in look like, since Iran won’t export nuke material?

Will they offer to put it in plain sight of satellites?

Will they offer it ONLY on condition all sanctions are lifted today? (which means they have facilities we have not discovered, btw)

Will they make a vague promise about Yemen? A side deal on a handshake.

Will they offer sly PR aid?

We should have a poo going on.

Mr, McConnell„ Mr. Boehner …2/3rds.

That is your job.

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Poll: US by 59-31 support nuke deal with Iran? Uh... not so fast, ABC

ABC/WaPo Poll: Clear majority supports nuclear deal with Iran (??)

Why isn’t the headline :

Clear majority have no confidence in any deal with Iran

I hope everyone understands what this poll ACTUALLY means?
USA: Please find some way out of this that we can’t imagine, and is nothing we have heard yet, because everything we have heard is impossible to have trust in
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Sturgill Simpson
Life Of Sin

Living The Dream

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Monday, March 30, 2015

French Fear Plans To Make Iran the KEY US Middle East Ally…

Every day it gets more UNBELIEVABLE

Foreign Policy Mag (i.e. this is NOT some INFOWARS freak out):

How France Became an Iran Hawk
The French don’t trust Iran’s nuclear promises, but they don’t trust Washington much, either.

While the White House has been pushing hard for consensus on the framework for a deal ahead of the deadline, Paris has been pushing back. “Repeating that an agreement has to be reached by the end of March is a bad tactic. Pressure on ourselves to conclude at any price,” Gérard Araud, France’s ambassador in Washington, tweeted on March 20. On Tuesday, Francois Delattre, France’s ambassador to the United Nations, said that Iran’s progress was “insufficient.”

The word from Paris has been equally unsupportive of the U.S. push for a deal. “France wants an agreement, but a robust one that really guarantees that Iran can have access to civilian nuclear power, but not the atomic bomb,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius declared on March 21.

What gives? Is France’s Socialist President Francois Hollande actually a neoconservative? Has Paris suddenly turned into a hawk among nations?

Not quite. France’s policy is dictated by a set of principles with regard to non-proliferation that have guided administrations on both sides of the political spectrum in the talks with Tehran since 2002. And the tension with Washington is just one expression of a larger disagreement between the two countries over U.S. strategy in the Middle East.

Differences between Washington and Paris have been quietly brewing for months.
I don’t even know what to say anymore?
Do we have to impeach and convict Mr. Obama to save the USA sometime in the next 5-20 years?
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"Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons, and President Rouhani has said that Iran would never develop a nuclear weapon”

Barack Obama on the White House website


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Question Left Open-Ended In Order To Maintain a Modicum of Good Taste

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Negotiation 101-in what way would we NOT gain by walking out in Switzerland today?

Nevermind what our goals might be, just TECHNIQUE
In a previous professional life I negotiated with BOTH administrative units, and unions.
Especially given the Iranians balking at the west’s ‘leak’ that all U-235 was to leave Iran for Russia, this is the moment to elicit a TELL by simply saying ‘well, we tried, but I guess now the Senate will vote, next week.’ and LEAVING THE NEGOTIATIONS. If they want ANY deal at all, they call FAST. But I think their desire was to drag these negotiations out as long as they could so they had freedom to do what they need to do.
Iran Wants More Nuke Concessions as Talks Hit Critical Stage
LAUSANNE, Switzerland—Iranian negotiators are becoming rigid and unmoving in their stance on a range of key nuclear issues in talks, according to multiple sources familiar with the negotiations who said Tehran is angling to elicit as many concessions as possible from the United States as the talks reach a critical stage ahead of the looming March 31 deadline.
Iran is pushing for major relief from economic sanctions and the ability to continue sensitive research and development on the nuclear and weapons fronts, according to sources quoted in the Iranian state-controlled press on Sunday.
The Iranian side is said to be digging in its heels over these issues as U.S. diplomats rush to finalize a tentative agreement ahead of a self-imposed March 31 deadline.
“Sanctions and research and development are the areas where Iran and the G5+1 still have differences,” one source close to the Iranian diplomatic team was quoted as telling Fars News on Sunday.
Western sources familiar with the U.S. stance confirmed the sticking points and told the Washington Free Beacon that the pressure from Iran is likely to force the Americans to offer more concessions on these fronts than have previously been on the table.
“The Iranians are again outplaying the Americans,” said one source in Europe familiar with the negotiations. “They know they’ll have to give up certain things eventually. So they’re digging in their heels on issues that mean everything and preparing to give ground on relatively minor issues—but not yet, and not until they see how much more the Americans are willing to give.”
Previous concessions by the United States appear to have motivated Iran to push harder on issues such as the possible military dimensions of its nuclear program, as well as continued work on advanced centrifuges and increased sanctions relief, according to a second American source apprised of the demands being set forth.
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How Obama’s demonic Israel compulsion is about to END the UN

Today in the Washington Post Jackson Diehl has this to say:
Obama’s next earthquake
By declaring Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations dead and blaming Netanyahu, Obama laid the predicate for a decision to go forward with a U.S.-backed U.N. Security Council resolution that would set the terms for a final peace settlement. Envisioned as an updating of U.N. Resolution 242, which has been part of the framework for the Mideast “peace process” since the 1960s, the idea would be to mandate the solution to the questions Israelis and Palestinians have been unable to agree upon for decades, such as the future status of Jerusalem. Not incidentally, it would provide Obama with the Mideast legacy he has craved since his first day in office.
Whether or not it accelerated Palestinian statehood (and most likely it wouldn’t), Obama’s initiative would set off an earthquake in U.S. foreign relations and for Israel’s standing in the world. For nearly half a century, the United States has taken the position that the terms for a peace settlement between Israelis and Palestinians must come about as the result of negotiations and not as an imposition by outside parties. At the United Nations, it has been a given that Washington will veto resolutions that aim to compel Israel to accept terms.
Now Obama is contemplating going forward with a resolution that was drafted last year by Secretary of State John Kerry and his Mideast negotiations team at the State Department. The language was drawn up in response to efforts by the Palestinians and France to win support for Security Council resolutions following the collapse of Kerry’s attempt to get Israeli and Palestinian assent to a “framework agreement.”
In fact, Obama’s DISREGARD for the public, now clearly waking up to being euchred in too many ways, will usher in a period of Republican presidency, and republicans majorities in the House, and close to a veto proof one in the Senate.
This president will then find, in Jan 2017 UN Security council resolutions, and possibly SANCTIONS against Israel which he will have promised to reverse. He will then instruct all executive arms to DISREGARD all sanctions, and get a law stating the same through congress which he will sign.
We will then see the world divide between a POSSIBLE Chinese international banking system which MIGHT keep to whatever China leans towards in terms of sanctions, and the USA and World Bank which will ignore them.The Chinese are pretty amoral, so who knows what considerations might be critical then? They may have defense deals with Israel going on after Obama jettisons Israel.
UN sanctions and resolutions will thus end having ANY legitimacy, and US support for the UN in ANY MANNER will be a debating point. Even TODAY, the Senate is questioning any further US economic support for the UN if the Iran nuke deal is implemented thru the UN instead of congress.
And THAT will be that.
It will make nice condos, on the east side, anyway.
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Reports: Chemical Weapon Bombs Air Dropped on Syria City Captured by Anti-Assad Forces

As volatile as the Middle East is, we can never know for sure who will be in charge of any given nation  next year, or next week.

And yet, our President wants Iran to have nuclear weapons.

So, for instance, if Houthi Rebels, or ISIS, or Boko Haram take over Iran, well, they would have access to nukes.

That's ok, right?

Fuck Obama.

Click on the link below for the whole story
Syrian activists are reporting on Twitter the city of Idlib has been attacked with chemical weapon barrel bombs early Monday morning local time. The reports from various sources have not as yet been confirmed by the mainstream media.

Reports: Chemical Weapon Bombs Air Dropped on Syria City Captured by Anti-Assad Forces

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Women's Liberation, Muslim Style

Shoot 'em between the eyes.
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Muslim Judge Finds Christian Guilty (of quoting Leviticus) in Britain

The first is that the judge who found Mr Overd guilty is a Muslim by the name of Shamim Qureshi who also presides over Sharia courts in England. Now, no matter how unpleasant the Leviticus quote might be, the idea that a Muslim activist can find a Christian guilty of quoting the Bible in Christian Britain must surely set some alarm bells ringing, one would have thought. 
But apparently not. This outrage was reported by Christian Today several days ago and has been completely ignored by the mainstream media, which no doubt agree that prosecuting Christians is quite right if they dare to question the Holy Grail of progressive liberal orthodoxy. Clearly PC Plod thought the same thing too, as did the Crown Prosecution Service, which as an institution has not so much been long marched through than steam-rollered into a Soviet-style apparatus redolent of Stalin’s Show Trial era.

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Chad Sullins and Last Call Coalition
Only Girl

What's Left Of Me

Couple 1000 Miles

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chainsaw Massacre: Boko Haram Islamists Behead 40 Villagers With Chainsaws

What Muslims Are Good At

Religion of Peace:

Militants from extremist group Boko Haram attacked several Nigerian towns, torching houses and fatally shooting those who fled before reportedly beheading some of the bodies with chainsaws. The string of terror attacks comes amid the presidential vote.

At least 25 people were killed and more than 30 injured in the village of Buratai in Borno state, local officials confirmed. 
Surviving witnesses described gruesome scenes of murder, saying that not only did the extremists set homes on fire and shoot those trying to escape, but also decapitated the bodies. 
Local politician Ibrahim Adamu, who fled the scene, told CNN that Boko Haram “slaughtered their victims like rams and decapitated them,” adding that “they burned a large part of the village and we are afraid some residents were burnt in the homes because most people had gone to bed when the gunmen struck.”
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Obama Allies, Including David Axelrod Firm, Have Been Working To Elect Sharia-Favoring Presidential Candidate In Nigeria

From the Commentator:
On Saturday, Nigerians will go to the polls to choose their president. The race pits an incumbent with an imperfect record against a former military dictator who has flirted with Islamism. 
As with the recent election in Israel, alumni of Obama are aiding the challenger — and not because he would make the region safer. The decision Nigerians will make this weekend matters greatly, both for themselves and the West. 
Nigeria has Africa’s largest economy, with a gross domestic product of about $500 billion. It is a major energy producer and exporter, but also a political and cultural bellwether: the nation of 177 million is divided almost equally between Christians and Muslims. 
Nigeria’s problems are serious, ranging from endemic corruption to a spiraling jihadist insurgency. The economy is growing but the unemployment rate exceeds 20 percent. 
Transparency International, which ranks nations by the absence of corruption, places Nigeria at an undesirable 136th out of 175. Far more concerning, Boko Haram, the foremost jihadist group in Nigeria, has waged a bloody Islamist insurgency. 
This month, the group’s leader pledged allegiance to ISIS, whose own reach now includes parts of North Africa. The challenger in Saturday’s election, Muhammadu Buhari, blames incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan for these problems. 
Buhari recently remarked, “if Nigeria does not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria.” That sounds appealing: corruption repels foreign capital and creates misery for those without privilege. But Buhari’s medicine may be worse than the disease. 
His prescriptions range from the facile, like passing a whistleblower law, to the dangerous, like expanding the use of sharia — Islamic law that is enacted and enforced by clerics rather than democratic institutions.
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Iran's Proxy Army

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Netanyahu: Iranian Nuclear Deal Even Worse Than We Thought

Reuters reported:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned on Sunday the framework Iranian nuclear agreement being sought by international negotiators, saying it was even worse than his country had feared. 
Israel has mounted what it terms an “uphill battle” against an agreement that might ease sanctions on the Iranians while leaving them with a nuclear infrastructure with bomb-making potential. Tehran says its nuclear program is peaceful. 
“This deal, as it appears to be emerging, bears out all of our fears, and even more than that,” Netanyahu told his cabinet in Jerusalem as the United States, five other world powers and Iran worked toward a March 31 deadline in Lausanne, Switzerland. 
Noting advances made by Iranian-allied forces in Yemen and other Arab countries, Netanyahu accused the Islamic republic of trying to “conquer the entire Middle East” while moving toward nuclearization. 
“The Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis is very dangerous to humanity, and must be stopped,” he said. 
Netanyahu’s campaigning against the nuclear negotiations crested on March 3 with his speech to the U.S. Congress at the invitation of its Republican speaker, John Boehner, that angered President Barack Obama and many fellow Democrats.
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